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Watanabe Chiyoko

"Love is just another level of friendship."

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a character in “The Resurrection Game”, as played by Miss Nomer


{"What you didn't know, is that we can go on forever if we want to."}

Watanabe Chiyoko


Sixteen [16]



50% Japanese, 50% Dutch-Caucasian

Human Three

Face Claim
Asako Natsume [Tonari No Kaibutsu-kun]

Opinion about love
"I've never experienced it before, romantically speaking, so I can't really speak for sure, I guess. I mean, you see it on tv and in books all the time, but everyone knows that those things are just exaggerations or unlikely situations. And I'm fine with that --I don't need something over the top and sudden. I want a best friend that I can kiss and cuddle and the like. So, yeah, I'm in favor of finding love, definitely. It's like finding a new friend. A special one."

{"We can live inside of a moment that we own."}

ImageEye color

Hair color

5'4" [1.625m]

Skin complexion
Relatively Pale and Clear


Distinguishing marks
Tattoo of a colorful fish on the base of the back of left shoulder. She got it after seeing the fish while snorkeling.

{"You and me, we got this. You and me, we're beautiful."}

Gymnastics || In the Watanabe family, it is expected that one will excel in at least one field. As her mother was a gymnast, Chiyoko's mother thought that it would be a good idea to put her daughter into gymnastics as a child. Having been in regular gymnastics class since a young age, Chiyoko has become physically fit and flexible, with a nice balance of strength. At the prodding of her family, she also competes in competitions, and is part of the school's gymnastics team. Chiyoko doesn't mind, because it is something she enjoys.

Extroversion || While it might not seem like one right away, Chiyoko's cheerful and extroverted nature is a skill within itself. She has no trouble going up and speaking to strangers if she needs to, and rarely feels very uncomfortable in crowds of people. This ability to get along with others has been useful in various situations, and has allowed her to make friends with people she might not have thought to before.

Academics || Studies are not something that comes easily to Chiyoko, much to the dismay of her parents. She has often found herself struggling in classes and on tests, perhaps because of the difficulty she has absorbing knowledge through lectures and notes. To learn something, the young woman needs to experience it --this isn't something that is easily found in a classroom setting. Thus, her grades often suffer. She doesn't much like discussing such things.

Internalizes Strong Emotions || In a family so influential that the spotlight often falls upon it, outbreaks and scandals are deadly. Chiyoko lives in a sort of glass house, and this has taught her to internalize the emotions that aren't very fun. Because she rarely so much as acknowledges her own negative feelings, they fester and snowball within her. Even she might fail to notice this, smiling so hard that even she believes that nothing really bothers her.

• Hugs Knees To Chest When Nervous
• Plays With Her Hair A Lot
•Seems To Carry An Infinite Supply of Peppermints [Offers them to people who seem sad]
•Strikes Gymnastics End Pose When She's Succeeded At Something

Gymnastics || PE || Sweet Foods || Peppermints || Being Around People || Seeing People Laugh/Smile || Cheesy Jokes & Corny Pick Up Lines || Warm People || Contests/Matches With Stakes [Loser buys food, etc] || Jungle Gyms & Swingsets || Dancing || Funny Faces || Unique Flavors || Juice || Fish || Festivals

Isolation || Midterms & Finals || Being Asked About Grades || Disappointing Her Parents || Seeing People Cry || Being a Bystander || Really Spicy Foods || Cold Showers || Sore Losers || Misanthropes || The Dark || Tense Atmospheres || Anti-Jokes || Sad Movies || Long Lectures || Being Scolded || Puppets || Small Dogs

{"We all, we're gonna be alright. We got, we always got the fight in us."}

Extroverted || Cheerful || Competitive || Insecure || Loyal
Since childhood, Chiyoko-chan has been surrounded by other people, whether it be her relatives, the business associates of her family, or other children whom she befriended. This has made her comfortable with other people, and usually relatively confident in her interactions with them, though of course exceptions exist. She is someone who will contribute to a conversation, and speak up when she sees something that she disagrees with, whether it be bullying or shoplifting in a store. When it comes to her peers, she is not one who is easily pushed around, but she fears isolation all the same. A crowd of people or a group of friends represent her comfort zone --it is around others that Chiyoko feels relaxed and at home. When on her own, she often becomes somewhat nervous and tired, a testament to the belief that humans are social animals. She is the sort of person who easily initiates conversations with others, and generally gets along well with others. Her cheerful disposition aid her in the forming of friendships, which she values highly, and in the maintaining of said ties. The girl is known for her cheery air, and for the fact that the smile on her face seems to rarely falter. It is in her nature, one might suppose, to see the best in things and use that to light up any situation. She is more inclined towards contentment than unhappiness, this is true, and that is perhaps due to a strong aversion towards tense situations. Besides, she was raised to ignore despair or hatred, and tends to squash those emotions until they are hidden even from her own view, allowing her to smile brightly around others. If she does express grief or insecurity, she keeps it to herself, and it is not frequent.

Perhaps one of Chiyoko's favorite things to do with friends is have little matches or games with dares. She can be very competitive when placed in the correct setting, and seems eager to prove herself through the winning or completing dares and the like. In fact, she will randomly dare people to do things, even if she knows that they won't do it. This is sometimes just a way for her to try and nudge things along --like daring a person to eat ice cream with her if she wants to go eat ice cream. They take the place of invitations and questions for the young woman. She views every dare as a one sided competition, where she either wins or loses, and therefore the easiest way to manipulate the young woman is probably through dares, because very rarely will she turn one down. That being said, she expects that a completed dare on her part will earn the right to dare the other person to something. Her favorite competitions often have some sort of stakes --the loser buys food or something like that. She finds them an excellent means to make decisions and the like, and fun as well.

It is perhaps partially due to her competitive spirit that she has become so insecure over certain things. She will never be considered more intelligent, or even as intelligent, as her half-sister, for one thing. Every time her parents ask about school and grade, she mentally flinches, because she so hates to disappoint them, and yet continues to do so without fail. As a child, she used to study until her vision blurred and her hands hurt, but even when only just managed to do well. It drained her, and she has since become resigned about academics. It doesn't make it hurt less when her parents sigh and tell her to try harder --as if she hadn't already gone that route and found herself faced with a giant wall that everyone else seems to start ontop of. She can be uncharacteristically touchy about grades and academics and the like, as well as about her parents, because of this. She gets so nervous every time an exam comes up that it messes with her stomach and she feels sick or vomits, even. She loathes it.

However, it does not hold a place of hatred as high as that reserved for those who betray friends. In Chiyoko's eyes, friendships are the strongest bonds that can exist, or they ought to be. She treats every close friendship as a promise, a vow to support them whenever possible. Perhaps she takes these things too seriously, but the family that one chooses to have is the one that she views as the most precious. If she calls you her friend, then you have her loyalty unless you betray her. She will stick up for you even when you are in the wrong, because she puts friendship on a pedestal. To betray a friend is the most heinous sin one can commit, and she can never look at someone in a positive light if they have done such a thing, no matter how otherwise saintly they may be.

{"We're gonna live tonight like there's no tomorrow, 'cause we're the afterlife."}

So begins...

Watanabe Chiyoko's Story


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It is early September.
Summer break ended recently and the second term has started few days ago.
Autumn is the season in japan currently. Climate is confortable.

The farmers are busy harvesting rice, vegetable and fruits.
The maple and ginkgo leaves gradually turn red and yellow.
Beautiful red dragonfly is circling in the sky.
Crickets and bell crickets are chirping instead of cicadas.

A lot of sport festivals are organized in September and October.

Spehn was Takagi Anohana. The infirmary teacher. It was quite the pain in the ass to manipulate the memories of all in the school but he finally accomplished the job. With that, the most troublesome part was done, he supposed. Not to mention he met that Earth Demon that settled him down. In particular very relieved because she did not show any intentions -- at least for now -- to mess with his targets. Instead she showed an amusement. That however, was not to Spehn or I am sorry; Takagi's worry. The very fact she seemed trustworthy enough was acceptable. That did not meant he completely trust her however.

She'll be within his observation for sure.

"They're in your care." He told her back then with a gentle smile before the classroom teacher took them with her, off to the classroom where they'll be introduced as transfer students. All with a background they thought of themselves, of course. He did say they should prepare themselves for questions, but he wondered whether they pull it off right and won't get regarded suspiciously on the first day of school. He shrugged the thought off however, uncaring about it. They'll somehow succeed, it's their game after all.

He stepped in the opposite direction to the infirmary. He had done his work, pretty much. Told them the names along with the background information of every target of the Ghost. Check. Said that he was in the infirmary for any questions and concerns. Check. Advised them to not leave the school ground as it is an effort-wasting action to do. Check. Warn them from common ghosts appearing from no where at times. There, he wondered. Had he told them that? Takagi was unsure. Didn't really was an important thing to know though, as they were harmless. At least the most. Hopefully they just don't get too surprised by the sight of it, as normal humans won't see them in day time. Well whatever. Takagi leaned back but not before opening the window widely to allow the comfortable breeze inside.

The Resurrection Game may begin.