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Yasuna Ueda

"If you need anything at all just ask, alright?"

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a character in “The Resurrection Game”, as played by Keen



Yasuna Ueda

Yasu-chan, Prez





Human 1, student council president

Face Claim
Yukari Takeba || Persona 3

Opinion about love
"From my perspective... I think love is kind of like a fairy tale. It's something that makes for a good story and that seems unreal to those looking at it from the outside. We can't all be the princess or the heroine who finds the love of her life and lives happily ever after... Reality has to balance that out with people who will never find that kind of person or that kind of happiness... And I guess I'm starting to believe I'm one of those people."

ImageEye color
A light, hazel brown

Hair color
Light brown


Skin complexion
Not too pale but certainly not tan

Lithe and healthy, Yasu is a fairly active girl who eats healthily

Distinguishing marks
Nothing of particular note aside from her pierced left ear.

Tennis || Yasu has been playing tennis from quite a young age and has found some rather impressive success in solo matches. She is regarded as one of the best players on the school's team, though as of late her commitment to the student council has taken up much more of her time.
Drawing || A hobby that's mostly kept a secret and something she only does in the privacy of her own room, drawing has always been something of an interest and hobby for Yasuna. Tucked away in her closet are notebooks full of various characters and scenes in a manga style and an assortment of outfit and costume designs.
Working || Possessing quite an impeccable work ethic, Yasu is always quite the capable and hard worker. Seemingly a perfect fit for student council president, Yasu is an ever efficient worker and an excellent planner and negotiator.

Work obsessed || Yasu often finds herself becoming uncomfortable or nervous when idle and with nothing to do, she always needs to keep herself busy with something even if it's not anything really productive.
Independent || Always one to rarely ask others for help or assistance, Yasu prefers to be the one others rely on, not the other way around. This can sometimes however result in her becoming overworked and fatigued.
Image || Thanks to her role as president and as a bit of a tennis ace, Yasu often finds herself in the limelight of the student body. As such she is often mindful of how others might perceive her which sometimes results in her not being able to always be true to herself and honest with her opinions and actions.

• Adjusting small bits of her clothing and accessories
• Singing to herself and listening to music while working

♥ Working
♥ Warm colors
♥ Glasses
♥ Fashion
♥ Manga

x Having nothing to do
x Tennis
x The heat
x Gossips and bullies
x Sour foods

ImageLoyal || Passionate || Hard-working || Lonely || Caring

Yasuna quite accurately portrays many of the traits one might imagine when they think of a student council president. A diligent and seemingly unphasable worker, Yasu is well-respected by the staff and teachers who often depend on her for various tasks. She's even well-liked by most of the student body as a rather friendly individual who's quite down to Earth despite her position and who seems to really care for the well being of the students she represents. And this is all quite genuine. Yasu truly does enjoy her work as the student council president and as with everything else in her life, always puts 100% of her effort into it as she refuses to do anything half-heartedly.

When among others or at school Yasu is often the picture of a happy and bright young woman, when she's on her own or has nothing to do however she becomes glum quickly thus resulting in her desire to be working and keep her mind occupied. In truth she's quite a lonely girl who despite all of her friendly acquaintances at school has few people she could call close or a friend, this goes hand in hand with her dislike of relying on others and trying to everything on her own. Like many girls her age she dreams of love but often finds herself pessimistic and depressed over the thought, preferring to simply push such feelings and thoughts aside and to distract herself with whatever work happens to be at hand.

In the end, Yasu is a caring young woman who puts other's needs before her own. You won't find a more reliable or loyal girl around, and if you have a favor to ask or a secret to share you can rest assured in trusting it with her. Yasu hates to let others down and will push herself to her limits to follow through on a promise and is someone who won't ask to be paid back for anything she does.


So begins...

Yasuna Ueda's Story


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It is early September.
Summer break ended recently and the second term has started few days ago.
Autumn is the season in japan currently. Climate is confortable.

The farmers are busy harvesting rice, vegetable and fruits.
The maple and ginkgo leaves gradually turn red and yellow.
Beautiful red dragonfly is circling in the sky.
Crickets and bell crickets are chirping instead of cicadas.

A lot of sport festivals are organized in September and October.

Spehn was Takagi Anohana. The infirmary teacher. It was quite the pain in the ass to manipulate the memories of all in the school but he finally accomplished the job. With that, the most troublesome part was done, he supposed. Not to mention he met that Earth Demon that settled him down. In particular very relieved because she did not show any intentions -- at least for now -- to mess with his targets. Instead she showed an amusement. That however, was not to Spehn or I am sorry; Takagi's worry. The very fact she seemed trustworthy enough was acceptable. That did not meant he completely trust her however.

She'll be within his observation for sure.

"They're in your care." He told her back then with a gentle smile before the classroom teacher took them with her, off to the classroom where they'll be introduced as transfer students. All with a background they thought of themselves, of course. He did say they should prepare themselves for questions, but he wondered whether they pull it off right and won't get regarded suspiciously on the first day of school. He shrugged the thought off however, uncaring about it. They'll somehow succeed, it's their game after all.

He stepped in the opposite direction to the infirmary. He had done his work, pretty much. Told them the names along with the background information of every target of the Ghost. Check. Said that he was in the infirmary for any questions and concerns. Check. Advised them to not leave the school ground as it is an effort-wasting action to do. Check. Warn them from common ghosts appearing from no where at times. There, he wondered. Had he told them that? Takagi was unsure. Didn't really was an important thing to know though, as they were harmless. At least the most. Hopefully they just don't get too surprised by the sight of it, as normal humans won't see them in day time. Well whatever. Takagi leaned back but not before opening the window widely to allow the comfortable breeze inside.

The Resurrection Game may begin.