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Acheron Everhart

"Don't piss me off, and I'll try not to wipe the floor with your face."

0 · 437 views · located in The Island

a character in “The Resurrection of Magic”, as played by Mela


Ace Everhart


My name is... Acheron (A-Cue-Run) Zachary Everhart

But people call me... Ace.

I am... 25 years old.

And was born on the... 13th of December

My special power is... the ability to freeze a person or object in time with only a glance. So yes, I can stop a knife going for my throat, in midair, or I could just simply stop you from throwing it in the first place. People I freeze will feel like they've awoken from sleep once I "thaw" them, and will merely pick up where everyone around them is. It's like a black-out; you miss all of what's been going on while you were frozen. Depending on how much energy I have on a given day, and how big the objects of my freeze-vision are, I can keep a lot of a few things frozen at once. As I'm 25, one might say I've had time enough to polish my abilities, and yeah, I have. Downside to my power? When my eyes are closed or covered, I literally cannot use it, because my power is based in my eyes, and on my ability to see my target.

When I perform magic... my skin grows cold and frost will start spreading. I don't feel the cold, but to the touch of others, I am freezing. Once I no longer utilize my magic, my temperature goes back to normal within seconds.

I quite like...
- Food
- Sex
- Shapely women
- Intelligence
- Humor

I don't much care for...
- Bad treatment of women
- People judging me purely based on my anger-issues. They're not all I am
- Energy drinks
- b-rated movies
- Small dogs. They're just annoying

My biggest fears are... soteriophobia, which is the fear of depending on others, and then, well, it's not exactly a fear per se that's very unusual, but I am terrified of losing the people I love and/or care about.

Don't tell anyone, but... I'm a bit of a romantic. I love spoiling my girlfriend, I like spending time on a surprise for her... and I don't do it just because I get sex out of it. I do it because I like making her smile.

People say I'm... honest, which is accurate. I don't see the point in lying and deceit; it's just not worth it. Besides, I'd suck at lying either way. I'm more or less an open book. You never have to wonder what I'm thinking because 98% of the time, I'll tell you if you ask me. I'm also extremely passionate. In fact, I'm ruled by my wants and emotions at all times. When I fall in love, I really fall in love, when I get angry, I get pissed. Any strong emotions tend to be magnified with me because they're such a big part of who I am. I'm a pretty primal guy; I value the basic things in life; food, sex, sleep. Not necessarily in that order.

On top of that, I am extremely possessive. What's mine is mine, especially when it comes to women. So yes, I am the type to get jealous over nothing, and it can drive into one of my famous temper tantrums. At the same time, I am also a very protective kind of guy. If I were a dad, I'd probably be the kind to never let my teenage daughter out of the house, or to sit on the porch with a rifle in hand when a guy came to pick her up for prom. It sounds really bad, I know, but it has its charms. People I care about can always count on me for help. Without fail. I'm the guy who will stand up for my friends any time of day.

As for the infamous Everhart temper, I definitely have it. In fact, it's very... lively. It doesn't take much to stir it, put it takes a lot for it to hit that bright red, so I guess that's always something. It's the most control I've been able to gain so far, anyway. And yeah, things have a tendency to get a little violent, although I have never, and will never, hit a woman or child. However, this inability to keep my fists from hitting faces brought me to realize, at a very early age, that I needed to figure out a way not to have it kick me back in the face. So since I was 10, I have been taking various different martial art classes, and I keep fit at all times. If I didn't, I'd be a physical wreck most of the time.

Before the island, I... lived with my girlfriend, Liza in a flat not far from my family's main house, working as a... well, let's say I worked as a gun for hire. Gotta work with what you're good at, right? Of course, I am terrible with following orders, so I didn't work for an agency. The job could get a little messy, though, and I was often away from home for weeks at a time to complete a job, or working as a temporary bodyguard for some hotshot. However, it pays well. Very well, and I can't say I don't like money, because it sure makes life comfortable. Generally, life was really good. I adore Liza, she's amazing; beautiful, fun, compassionate and so earthly she manages to balance out my own temperamental tendencies. Not a lot of people can calm me as quickly as Liza.

As for my family, I have a pretty good relationship with everyone. We're pretty tightly knit, albeit family gatherings can get a little intense at times. My mother, Freya Everhart is 50 years old - yes I know she doesn't look it - and has always been the steady hand to keep the family in check. She's had to since my father left us when I was only 7. I have to younger sisters, Penelope who's 20 years old, and Josephine who's almost 18. I've always been very protective of both of them. Even when I was only a kid. The only thing that sometimes break the harmony, is when my sisters want to talk about my father. For some reason, they want to find and see him. I can so clearly tell how much talking about him hurts my mother, even now, so I tend to cut off those conversations half way in, which in turn bothers my sisters. And, I mean, I get it... kind of, but if they really want to find him, they can hire a private investigator. Not grill our mother. Personally I've never wanted to find him. Mostly because I know I would beat the living shit out of him. No reason to tempt fate.

I was in bed with Liza, fortunately still dressed in my jeans, when I felt this tingling gust of wind, and then everything went black.

Also... I have a tattoo covering half my back and one of my arms.

So begins...

Acheron Everhart's Story