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Daniela Shevlin

"I don't seem scary, no, but I can make you madder than a hatter."

0 · 435 views · located in The Island

a character in “The Resurrection of Magic”, as played by Mela


Danii Shevlin


My name is... Daniela Ignea Shevlin

But people call me... Danii, or Red... but usually Danii. In fact, don't call me Red.

I am... 21 years old.

And was born on the... 7th of July.

My special power is... that I am able to create illusions. I'd say I've gotten pretty damn good at it, which makes sense considering my very extensive training. I've got sound, scent, sight, and feel down, but sometimes I still have issues amalgamating them into one illusion. I'm working on it, though, and I'm getting gradually better. Also, I cannot keep an illusion going for days on end. The furthest I've kept a full illusion going, is 4 hours, which is still pretty good, if I do say so myself, but not good enough.

When I perform magic... my eyes sparkle. Not just in the way eyes sometimes do when light hits them in a certain way. I mean, sparkle. As if a thousand stars decided to descend and insert themselves in my eyes.

I quite like...
- Magic
- The night sky
- Flowers
- Tigers
- Cherries

I don't much care for...
- Dark chocolate
- Getting the sun in my eyes
- Jealousy
- Snakes and bugs
- Feeling powerless

My biggest fears are... aichmophobia, which is fear of needles, and kakorrhaphiophobia, which is the fear of failure. More specifically, I am terrified of disappointing my father.

Don't tell anyone, but... I act all tough, right? Well, secretly I like to read romance novels, and I'm sort of longing for that special guy, too. Just like all other women. Except, what people wouldn't suspect, is that I actually want a guy to take charge. I want the kind of man who's going to practically throw me around in bed, the kind who will give my mind some challenge. I want a man. I like dominant men. Seriously... and I like them rough. I haven't told anyone this, and I'm not going to. Ever. Could you imagine? I'm a Shevlin. Dirty secrets like that aren't supposed to exist in my family.

People say I'm... a very prideful girl, and they're right. I don't take crap form others, I don't bow down to anyone who's not my father, and I can be incredibly stubborn. And yes, true to the Shevlin name, I can be a bit arrogant, but my arrogance is usually only there when it comes to magic, because let's face it, I'm a freaking genius with this stuff. I'm almost as good at my father, who's got quite a few years on me. So you see, I do have reason to be a little proud of myself. At the same time, however, I know I can always improve and I strive to do exactly that. When I want something, I go for it with single-minded determination, and I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I more or less live under the saying; "If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself."

Other than that, I'm pretty down to earth. I'm a clever girl who likes to have fun and be social. I'm also very sarcastic and dirty-minded, and I can be a bit of a flirt, but I am by no means an easy lay. If you think that, you are sorely mistaken and will most likely be going home disappointed. I have never been a girly-girl. Firstly, I'm not among the kind of girls who go to school in heels and a little tight dress. That stuff belongs at the club, thank you. Me? I'm a converse, jeans and top kind of girl. I don't wear make up aside from the occasional eyeliner and mascara. As a child, I was the girl who hung around with the guys, climbed trees and got scrapes on my knees. Now? Well, I'm still the girl who has way more to do with the opposite gender. I just feel more comfortable with guys.

At the same time, however, maybe I shouldn't have hung around guys so much, because they've rubbed off on me quite a bit - no innuendo intended. Seems I've adopted the male "don't talk about your feelings - it shows weakness"-aspect of their general persona. So yeah, emotionally I guess I'm a tad distant. I don't cry to anyone, I don't like talking about things that bother me. I'm the kind of person who would much rather deal with my own troubles. Why involve anyone else? My problems are mine to take care of - no reason to burden others.

Before the island, I... was still living at home. I know, pathetic; 21 years old and still living at home, but c'mon, I'm spoiled rotten. My life is quite simply as good as it gets. Being a Shevlin is generally rewarding in itself, and it's no different with me. Financially I got whatever I figured I needed or wanted, whatever I pointed at, and yes, I know people usually associate being spoiled with being obnoxious, snobbish and well, one of those cheerleader-barbie-doll-types you see in American teen movies or series all the time, but I'm not like that. I mean, I know it's affected me, and I don't deny that my relationship with money is quite fucked up. When I was only 4, my gift started showing itself. This was the time my mother died, and I guess I was missing the lullabies she always sang to me when I needed to go to sleep, so subconsciously I made an illusion of her singing that song whenever I had trouble falling asleep. It soothed the sting of loosing her somehow and kept me from reacting too violently to the loss. She wasn't there in form, but whenever I closed my eyes, I could hear her sing.

One night, not long after it started, my father was walking past my room and heard the singing. I don't recall his reaction clearly, but it I remember that he wasn't happy. In fact, it was like the song that soothed me, had the opposite effect on him; it made him sad. So, though my father found out bout my abilities that evening, it was no happy event. My training began the next day as soon as my father came home from work. My relationship with him built and I began relishing his praise, but also dreading his disappointment whenever I had trouble learning something. So I worked harder to become the greatest I could, never resting. Even when I started school, my main focus was magic - making my father proud. I was closer to him than anyone else. When I was 12, I began seeing changes in him. Somehow he seemed happier, almost as if something was slowly filling up the void my mother had left behind. I figured it was merely my amazing progress during the last couple of months. Well, until I met her. Megan. He'd met her through work, and she was making him happy again. Truly happy. Teenage me? I thought she was there to steal my father and replace my mother. Of course I hated her.

My brother and I had had our dad to ourselves since our mother died, and now some woman was trying to take him away. I don't know, something about her just seemed off right from the start; she was too fake, and too much greedy light lit in her eyes whenever dad brought her a present. But she made him happy. So I bit my tongue and suffered through it, hoping he would find something better soon, at least, but that wasn't how things happened. Soon, she was moving in, and shortly after, they were engaged. Now they're actually married and, being only 30, she's started begging my father for a child of her own. He's almost 50! Just... ew. Too old. Besides, I could be that kid's mother. All this time, I've pretended to like her. Pretended that I didn't mind having her around. Just to keep my dad happy, but tension is definitely rising at the moment. I might have to move out before I bite her head off. Or, I guess, now I've been evicted instead.

I was in my office (I have a bedroom, a livingroom, an office and a bathroom), sketching when feeling of active magic had me looking around. My senses keep my tuned in on that stuff at all times, so I instinctively reacted, my mind already going over defensive spells. Then a gust of wind caressed my cheek, and before I could do anything - not like I had anyone to fight - everything went black.

Also... I love drawing and painting. I always have pencils, rubbers and paper in my bag, and I always have my bag with me. I'm quite good, if I say so myself, but I'm not professional. It's not something I usually show to people. It's more like a guilty pleasure, since I know I should be studying magic, honing my skills, instead. I also have both my ears pierced in the lobe, this daith piercing in my right ear, and both my cartilages are pierced as well. On top of that, I have this tattoo on my left side, this on my right ankle, and this on my right wrist.

So begins...

Daniela Shevlin's Story