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Juliette Aubony

Looks can be deceiving.

0 · 616 views · located in The Island

a character in “The Resurrection of Magic”, as played by Korrye


Juliette Aubony


My name is... Juliette Anna Aubony

But people call me... Jules for short. They seem to catch on that I'm not too fond of my name and it's association to that lovestruck girl who killed herself for the man she loved. You know, feuding families and all.

I am... twenty-three years of age. Can't change that. The grey hairs are coming....much to my mother's chagrin.

And was born on the... fourteenth of February. Adds to the name now doesn't it? Romance? The day of love? Soooo original.

My special power is... that I can hover up to two and a half meters off of the ground. It's akin to flight only I'm not going to be like superman and fly around the world any time soon. If it's windy, it's easier to do. If it's chaotic like a tornado then it's close to impossible though. That and it's extremely tiring.

When I perform magic... it's like bliss. I don't know how to describe it. The frustration I feel with my family and myself just melts away. I feel like I'm surrounded by warmth and I've been told that when I am making a potion or conjuring a spell, I have a captivating aura. My hair turns slightly more golden blond and my skin bronzes with a subtle glimmer. And my eyes become brighter and captivating. My body turns graceful, my movements more fluid. My sister claims that I'm like a Veela from Harry Potter but I beg to differ. I feel like my personality and energy becomes magnetic and people see what they want to see. My magic effectively puts a spotlight on me, much to my chagrin.

I quite like... the colour pink for starters. I know it sounds incredibly girly but I find solace in it. It's childish and perfectly innocent. I also like flowers, receiving them or arranging them. Nothing smells better than a fresh cut bunch of roses. I also adore animals, namely cats because they're independent and self-sufficient. They're also cuddly and I don't get much of that from my mother. Horse-back riding is also a favorite past time of mine. It feels freeing to be able to ride through the wilderness and to trust in an animal so wholly. I do enjoy a day at the spa, a good manicure and hair cut. It's refreshing. I enjoy soft silk fabrics, warm slippers. I love to watch movies, whether classic or current, with a warm mug of tea or hot chocolate. And I love chocolate - but don't tell my mother. She firmly hates anything fattening. And on the subject of eating, I love food even though my diet has been incredibly restricted since birth. I love to cook and I believe in healthy eating habits, sure, but I also believe that indulging in frozen yogurt or cake is not to be frowned upon. It's good for the soul. You'll win me over with a red velvet cupcake in a heart beat. Trust me.

That said, I also enjoy reading. Romance novels have recently been my proscribed reading, if only because all I hear about from my mother is that I need to be married sooner rather than later. I love the idea of a love for life. I enjoy sex (and believe me, I'm no virgin). Would be nice if it was a little more frequent and with a man I trust. I prefer fantasy novels and the classics but that said I read a lot of fiction, anything from Sophie Kinsella and Emily Giffen to James Patterson or Robert Ludlum. A good story interests me. I guess that's why I like so many movies. I also like autumn of all the seasons, simply because it's cuddle weather and nature reflects my other favorite colors - red, orange, yellow and brown. I love the crisp quality to air on a fall or winter day. Snow is also a favorite thing of mine. It brings another side out of nature, however cold. Plus, nothing beats a snowball fight or a day of tobogganing down a hill. A good blanket and a comfy night in with good food, a movie, a glass of wine and some cheese, is heaven on earth to me. I much prefer quiet living and the country to urban cities. The hustle and bustle of so many people disturbs me. Then again, a lot of things irritate me.

I don't much care for... my mother for one. She's incredibly vain. Once she told me she wouldn't mind if I had an eating disorder or ever asked for diet pills. Ever since I remember she's always harassed me about my weight and appearance. When I was little I was always dressed in the finest. While I like fashion and fine clothes, I didn't like dressing in labels just to look rich and well put together. I was thirteen when I started shopping for myself. Of course, the outfits I picked weren't always up to my mother's desired look but it was a start. I hate how concerned she is with appearances, in looking the best. I was blessed with her genetics and beautiful features, yes, but superficial beauty is insanity. Narcissism and vanity are two qualities that I hate in people quite simply because of my mother, and for that matter my older sister who both fret about age spots, stretch marks and grey hairs. Their concern is my own, of course. I was raised to look for wrinkles and to avoid pinching my nose or knitting my eyebrows together. I believe that a good outfit will get you a long way. Like I said earlier, I do enjoy a spa treatment, manicure, pedicure and a day at the hair salon but only so far as I need it. I believe that beauty is something to be found on the inside as well. Not everyone is blessed with healthy skin. A beautiful person can be truly rotten on the inside. That much is well known.

Aside from my distaste for my family's values, I'm not a huge fan of mice or small rodents. They scare me and I don't much like that they can multiple exponentially in a matter of days. I don't care for coffee either. It tastes bitter. The only good tasting coffee is coffee cake, and no more than that. I don't like reading on a laptop - hurts my eyes. I don't like driving - I have a hard time trusting that I won't be in an accident or something like that. I don't like the sound of dripping faucets. I'm also a light sleeper so major noises at night tend to keep me awake. I'm not a fan of sirens or high pitched noises. I value my hearing so loud and obscene music only angers me. I don't like pastels or messes. I could clean for hours if a person leaves a disaster behind. I much prefer order to chaos and quiet to noise. I prefer intimate gatherings over ornate galas. I prefer formal fashion to sweat pants but there is a time for yoga pants. I also don't like to exercise aggressively or count calories - unlike speculation. I prefer yoga and outdoor activities to a night at the gym. I like comedy to romance, and romance to horror films. I don't like to feel intimidated or scared but I also don't like confrontation. I also don't like beef or heavy meats simply because I do (believe it or not) have a sensitive stomach. I'm a vegetarian because my body disagrees with it. I am far from one of those moral vegans who'll harp on you for eating animals. I could care less about what you eat, it's how it's prepared and the portion size that matters. Oh dear. I'm sounding like my mother...

My biggest fears are... truly disappointing my family. I know this sounds ironic but I do value my parents' presence in my life. I don't like the idea of living a life without them. I live my life the way I do and I don't fight back against much of what my mother does because I am afraid to lose them. That said I don't agree with the negative things my mother tries to impose on me - unnecessary diets, tanning and ideas of what I need to look like. That said, I feel like if I don't impress them, then I have failed in doing something important. I have a legacy to uphold. If I don't continue the line, I've failed in continuing the presence of magic. I also fear fire, the ideas of burns and permanent scars.

Don't tell anyone, but... I have a tattoo on my hip. I only got it recently and I know that come bathing suit season it won't be hide-able. But it felt like one way of rebelling against my Mom. I'll admit that getting it was spur of the moment but the idea behind it has been a long time coming. I also have a secret stash of chocolate bars in a panel under my bed in my bedroom - including macaroons and imported chocolate from the finest chocolatiers in France. That needs to be a secret, trust me.

People say I'm... vain, like most everyone in the Aubony family. I will not lie - my mother raised me to believe that looking beautiful was the key to success in life and in witchcraft. Superficiality, of course, has nothing to do with who I am as a person. I do believe in looking well put together. But I also believe that an ugly person can be more beautiful than the world's top model because beauty is far more than skin deep. A lot of people don't take the time to know this about me. And there is a lot more to me than meets the eye. For starters, I love to laugh. I've been told that my giggle is sweet. My sister even claims that I still have the same affect as a child's when I laugh. I love to experience joy. For that reason I'm quite the optimist. It takes a lot for me to be negative but my mother has that affect on me. I can be fairly self-deprecating the moment I'm given a poor compliment, especially when it comes from family or those within our circle of friends. I also have a habit of blaming myself for things that aren't my fault. I say sorry a lot, for that reason, even for the simple things.

I'm an artistic being but not necessarily in a fine arts way. I prefer to organize and arrange flowers and cook over drawing and painting. I love the outdoors. I don't do well when I'm cooped up inside for a long time. I love fresh air, as I've said. I can become a little neurotic if I feel confined and grow bored. It gets worse if I'm in the presence of feuding people. I tend to over compensate for the fact that they're angry and I become too happy and perky. It's weird. I don't like confrontation - as I've said - and I'm more of an introvert than anything.

I am a highly organized individual. On top of my mother's imposed need to look proper at all times, I'm a bit of a neat freak. I like control and an organized schedule. I can become frazzled if things don't go as planned. I'm working on becoming more of a 'go with the flow' type but it's hard. My ex-boyfriends all claim I'm a prude and too type A for them though I'm far from conservative. I like a good fuck and I'm adventurous if I'm with the right guy. That said, he has yet to be found. I can be a handful because of my idiosyncrasies. I don't take to lies well and you'll be hard pressed to regain my trust if you ever cross me. I hold grudges longer than an Everhart which says something.

Before the island, I... lived at home with my family which consists of my mother Anna-Lynne and older (by four years) sister Gabriella. My biological father divorced my mother shortly after I was born. While my mother always received alimony from him, he's never been a figure in our life. He was a human and apparently upon learning of my mother's magical heritage fled. Life was quiet in my youth as it was just the three of us in upstate New York. I was six when we moved to London, however, and everything changed shortly after.

For nine years I would live in the UK. My mother remarried shortly after we moved to my step-father Caden Walsh, a doctor of all things. My mother worked in fashion and he in medicine but somehow the two of them worked things out. Caden became more present in my life while we lived in London, a guiding figure and very much able to see past my mother's vain tendencies. He was welcoming of magic and understanding. He accepted us all into his life. He was as virtuous a father you could imagine, teaching us sports and above all, healthy living. He was a profound cook. It was from him that my mother learned that carbohydrates weren't the demons she always thought they were.

I was sixteen when we moved back to the United States, settling this time in Manhattan so that my mother could help launch an American fashion career. She settled in with a position in Vogue and my step-father in New York–Presbyterian Hospital. Gabriella remained in the UK to continue her college degree at the University of London. Within two years she would return to start working as a model.

When I graduated high school I was a little unsure of what I wanted to do. I had spent a lot of time working in a small flower shop downtown, dealing with arrangements and a more artistic side of life. It wasn't enough for my mother though, to just work at something so simple. I was pressured into applying to college. I chose a culinary program instead. My mother thought it was useless and she was rather hateful of my passion. She would rather I worked in fashion but the idea didn't go over well. I found that I enjoyed cooking and baking so much more than anything else. I also wanted nothing to do with the industry that had my mom so convinced that anything bigger than a 00 waist line was obese. I've taken classes under Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver. I was going to work with Oliver Stone when my Mother returned home in a flurry. And suddenly I was uprooted from my life, forced to quit my program and any job I had and return home. I never understood why until now.

Also... I have a white mixed breed cat named Thomas. He showed up on the doorstep of our apartment five years ago and adopted us as his family. We don't know exactly what kind of cat he is because, well, he was a stray. But I love him to pieces.

So begins...

Juliette Aubony's Story