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The Return

The Return


In a world overrun by zombies, some were lucky enough to scape via the spacecraft Genesis. But with supplies running low, the crew has no choice but to return to Earth and face those they left behind (MORE PLAYERS NEEDED!!!)

1,415 readers have visited The Return since Luv-is-a-Bug created it.





Three years ago, a deadly virus swept the Earth. Its origin is uncertain; though some scientists hypothesize it began in South America, after a strain of flu virus mutated into something far more deadly. The spread was rapid, the effects drastic. It was three weeks until the sickness was deemed an epidemic in the United States, and only a month before it became a global crisis. The effects of the virus were something people had only seen in movies and on T.V. Roughly 24 hours after dying from extreme fever, the dead were reanimating. The virus, dubbed Z1-01, took over the brain, transforming the deceased into walking, groaning, flesh-craving corpses. Fun stuff, right?
A year passed. The virus left no part of Earth untouched, and millions fell victim to what could only be called a zombie apocalypse. It seemed for Earth all hope was lost, but some believed a solution lay far beyond the little blue planet. If the apocalypse could not be ended, perhaps it could be escaped. Scientists of the LSP (Lunar Space Project) had spent years developing a spacecraft capable of supporting large groups of people for extended periods of time. Originally the spaceship had been designed as a sort of luxury hotel, a cosmic vacation for the rich and famous. With minor adjustments, LSP believed they could convert the spacecraft to a survival vessel, an intergalactic Noah’s Ark. And thus T.E.R.M, the Temporary Evacuation and Relocation Mission, was born.
Within a year, preparations were complete. All that was needed was passengers, the select few who would find an escape from the living hell Earth had become. LSP scientists sold tickets to the highest bidders. In the end, 300 people bought themselves a seat aboard Genesis, a space station LSP scientists dubbed “the ship that would save the human race”. The plan was simple: evacuate as many people from Earth as Genesis could accommodate, then wait out the zombie apocalypse in the safety of barren, empty space. Genesis launched on December 1st, 2099, and its passengers never looked back.
What was left of the U.S. military was charged with the responsibility of ridding the continent of zombies within a year. Their mission was to eliminate the walking dead by any means necessary, and to notify LSP scientists as soon as the country was deemed habitable once more. Genesis was only stocked with enough supplies to support its privileged passengers for one year, but LSP scientists failed disclose this information. Sometime during Genesis' sixth month in space, the Genesis crew lost contact with the US military base. The state of Earth is now uncertain, and those aboard Genesis have no way of knowing if Earth is any closer to being habitable than it was when they departed. With only a month of supplies left, Genesis survivors are left with two choices: remain prisoner aboard their refuge, or return to Earth and face those they left to die.
But what of those not wealthy or fortunate enough to buy themselves a golden ticket onto scientists’ last hope for humanity? They were left behind. To struggle. To fight. To survive. In the year Genesis spent drifting through space, thousands of people on Earth fell prey to the zombies, adding to the number of undead roaming the Earth. Resources were few and dangers were many. Only the strong survived.
Some banded together, others chose to go it alone. They wandered, colonized, came together and broke apart. Everyone knew that zombies were the enemies of humanity, but no one expected humans to become the enemies of other humans. Those left behind have survived unimaginable horrors, and they bear the physical and emotional scars of a hostile and unforgiving world. One rag-tag band of individuals has been brought together by these extreme and unnatural circumstances. Personalities clash and tempers flare, but at the end of the day, they share a common goal: survival. This group is currently making its way across Virginia, attempting to reach Washington D.C., where there are rumors of a cure.


With only a month of supplies left, tensions aboard Genesis are running high. Up until this point, only the crew has known of Genesis's situation, but now passengers are beginning to suspect something is amiss on the floating fortress. Mortimer Graves, Genesis's captain (and the lead scientist of the LSP team), has selected a team of 6 elite crew members to send back to Earth. He has framed the journey as a "great honor", but personally believes the mission is suicide, a fool's errand. The crew's task is to reach Washington D.C., where LSP scientists received their last transmission from those on Earth. They have reason to believe cure may have been under development, but there is no hard evidence to support this. The Genesis crew is not optimistic about its mission, but their options or limited. Either they die of starvation aboard Genesis, or they die fighting for a cure on Earth.
The story begins when the Genesis crew lands on Earth, somewhere in the Virginia countryside. Ill-equipped to handle a world overrun by zombies, the team must fight their way to Washington D.C., facing untold dangers along the way. The Genesis crew believe the human race has been completely eradicated, until they cross paths with the band of survivors. The two groups soon learn they share a common goal, but will it be enough to unite them? One thing is for certain: two very different worlds are about to collide.



Note: More roles may be added if I manage to fill these 12 spots. I am not going to dictate whether a character must be male or female, but please try to keep a balance between the 2.



The Leader - Note: Whoever fills this role will need to communicate with me via PM to discuss plot development, story, etc. Please only apply for this role if you are confident in your writing ability and you are able to dedicate a fair amount of time to the RP. Thanks!
The Second in Command - Crew leader's right hand man (...or woman)
The Scientist - Has the greatest working knowledge of zombies and the virus. Has potentially considered a cure for the Z1-01 Virus
The Doctor - James Minton. Played Zux
The Technical Specialist - Good with machines, gadgets, etc
The Weapons Specialist - Appointed for the team's defense. Possible military background


Leader – Silas Henderson. Played by Luv-is-a-Bug
The Second in Command - Reserved - SadLittleKing
The Scout - Leads supply runs, searches new areas
The Peacemaker - Most likely to keep a cool head. Diffuses tension within the group and is the one most likely to suggest alliances
The Rogue - Colin James Lu. Played by RCJJ23
The Jack-of-All-Trades - Bronislav Anisimov. Played by Durandal


1. This is an advanced RP. Proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are a MUST. Minimum of 400 words per post.
2. Only apply if you intend to remain active. Life happens, but no one likes a stagnant RP. Be prepared to post 2-3 times a week.
3. No Mary Sues, please. Think about your characters flaws and fears. What do they dislike about themselves? What makes them tick? Along this same line, please be aware that I do not take kindly to writers who romanticize serious issues like domestic violence, self harm, etc.
4. No god modding/power play. I feel like this is a pretty standard rule. PM if you have questions/concerns
5. To indicate you have read these rules, please post your favorite quote in OoC.


Customize this skelly as you see fit. Go nuts. I'm too lazy for fancy formatting.

Name and/or Nickname:
Group: (Genesis or Survivor?)
Role: (What is your position within the group?)
Personality: (Detail, people, detail! Complete sentences, please, not lists)
History: (What was your character doing before this whole apocalypse thing?)
Weapon of choice:
Habits/Vices: (Everybody has them)
Are people basically good, or basically evil?: (What are your characters’ views on humanity?)
Physical Description: (You may post a picture in addition to a physical description, but not as a substitute)
Writing Sample: 2-3 well-constructed paragraphs. You may delete this upon acceptance to the RP


Happy zombie-slaying!

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The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors


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Character Portrait: Silas Henderson
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Silas hated June. To be fair, he hated every month spent in the zombie-infested hell Earth had become, but he hated June in particular. June marked the beginning of summer in Virginia, and summer meant trouble. The heat, humidity, and bugs Virginian summers brought were less than desirable on their own, but add reanimated corpses to the mix and summers became a new kind of misery. Warmer weather meant more zombie activity; the z's tended to become more active in the summer months and slow down in the winter. The biting insects and sweltering heat that made travel so difficult for humans had no effect on zombies, and many exhausted survivors fell victim to the undead under the baking heat of the summer sun. Vigilance was more important now more than ever, but Silas knew the group was on its last leg. Rations were low, and just a few short weeks ago the group had lost one of its own to a vicious zombie attack. The remaining survivors were strong- Earth's extreme conditions left no room for the week- but still, there was only so much a group could take...

The sun was already up by the time Silas awoke, and it took him a minute to adjust to the bright light of its rays. The group had pitched camp in a thickly wooded area, but the unrelenting sun had somehow managed to find it's way through the dense foliage, dappling the forest floor with golden light. Silas looked around at the other survivors, making out the indistinct lumps of sleeping figures through his bleary eyes. It didn't seem anyone else was awake yet (save for the survivor on watch), but in his groggy state he couldn't be certain. Rising from his bedraggled mat, Silas stood and stretched, listening to his bones pop and crack as they adjusted after yet another long night spent on hard ground. If there was one thing that struck him about the whole zombie apocalypse thing (aside from how quickly humanity had fallen apart), it was how old he felt. Though in his mid twenties, Silas often felt like a much older man, both physically and mentally. The only person who seemed immune to the exhaustion the apocalypse brought was Boris, who had the energy of a man half his age (and a brain twice the size of anyone Silas had ever met).

A quick pass of his hands over his body confirmed all his weapons were in their proper places, which was at least some comfort. He drew his knife and walked the camp's perimeter, ready for any starved z's that might come stumbling out of the forest. They'd set up tin cans on a string as a makeshift alarm, but still, you could never be too prepared. After he was satisfied the surrounding forest was clear and the group faced no immediate danger, he returned to his mat and grabbed his canteen, taking a few moments to quench his first and splash water onto his tired face. Just another day in the apocalypse. Fucking brilliant. Today they were headed Northwest, which was the general direction they'd been traveling for most of their journey. The plan was simple: walk as far and as long as they could without getting killed. When it got dark, they would set up camp and go to sleep so that they could wake up and do it all again the next day. Sure it was monotonous, but it was as close to a plan as they were going to get. For weeks they'd been making their way towards Washington D.C., and now they were finally getting close. On that note, Silas decided he had better wake the others. They weren't doing themselves any favors wasting daylight, and it would be good to get the group moving before it became unpleasantly warm. "Rise and shine," he called out, his voice carrying across the camp of sleeping survivors. "It's another beautiful day in the apocalypse." Deadpan humor was Silas' preferred coping mechanism, and it was how he got his kicks in a world otherwise devoid of any sense of fun. He began packing up his things as the others slowly roused themselves, listening to the disgruntled protests from the tired survivors. He already had a feeling today wasn't going to be easy...but then again, things in the apocalypse rarely were.


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Character Portrait: Silas Henderson Character Portrait: Colin James Lu Character Portrait: James Minton Character Portrait: Bronislav Anisimov Character Portrait: Amy Prior
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(Mis-tagged James)

As of now, it was still cool. The lack of direct sunlight into the area and whatever coolness the ground retained kept the warmth away for the moment, and the insects with it. Boris didn't like the insects. They were always there during the day, biting exposed flesh to sake their hunger without any consideration for what the humans felt. Quite rude of them, he thought. Thinking about it, he decided the zombies were rude as well seeing as how they took no consideration of what humans felt either. Why were they so rude to people? Everything was always better if you helped and respected those around you. Maybe they had some grudge. He hadn't exactly been kind to them either. He felt sorry for them. Almost. For some reason, they always tried to grab him and take Natalya without permission. That was enough reason for anyone to be hurt. Nobody touched Natalya if he didn't say so.

Turning back to the piece of wood he was working, he strained to make sense of what he was carving. There was no discernible shape, nothing that he had seen before. Lucidity slowly seeped in through the shroud of insanity, granting him realization of what he had just been saying to himself. Laughing, he reflected on the absurdity of considering zombies as rude. He was crazy, but sometimes it could be fun. Other times it wasn't. Grimacing as he thought back to the fellow survivor that had died a few weeks ago, he berated himself. He was destined to save humanity. The spirits had told him so. Yet he couldn't save one person. Had he done something to displease the spirits? Maybe this figurine he was making would work to appease them. Examining it closer, he saw it was a fairy of some sorts. Yes, the spirits would like it.

As Silas began to wake up, Boris was reminded that he was supposed to be keeping watch, not talking with himself. But as long as nothing got through, everything was fine. No sense in saying anything. What never happened could not hurt you. Picking up Natalya- a spiked bat with electrical wiring running along the body- he nodded to Silas in greeting. Despite his young age, the man had led the group well throughout the apocalypse. There was something in him that lent itself to leadership. What hardships had he experienced in these past three years? Worse than his? It was only due to his currently lucid state that he remembered what had made him go insane at all.

Returning to where his bedroll lay packed, Boris finished storing the rest of what equipment he had left. Leaving it there until they were actually leaving, he returned to where he had been sitting for watch. There was something special about that place. Looking to the wooden figure in his hand, he lay it at the base of the tree and said a brief blessing over it. Rotating to face the group again, he asked, "Where do we hope to end up today, Silas?"


4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Silas Henderson Character Portrait: Colin James Lu Character Portrait: Bronislav Anisimov Character Portrait: Amy Prior
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#, as written by RCJJ23
Colin had taken up watch for the past few hours along with Boris though he didn't tell Silas that, on alert for any sound out of place and any movement not meant to be. By now he'd already gone through his daily ritual, caring for his rifle that had served him well for the past couple of years. Even though he hadn't heard or seen anything for a while he was still on high alert, so when he heard the sound of something getting up behind him, he spun on his heel, bringing up the Sako whilst doing so. He tensed for a few brief moments before recognizing that it was Silas that was getting up. Colin lowered his rifle and went about his rounds once more before settling down to a more relaxed state. He settled down next to his pack, opening it up to get the half full bottle of water that was inside. He pushed his clothes aside and took it out from the bottom of the pack. Already it was starting to get hot, and he didn't want to survive for this long to die of dehydration. When he looked up again, Silas had gone.

Probably to go do the rounds. Silas always did like to make sure.

Colin looked over the ragtag bunch of survivors that he'd joined for a long time now. One less face then he was used to seeing, another dead body that he blamed himself for. Too slow to pull the trigger, too late to save a friend. He shook off the memory. Amy Prior, probably the youngest of them all. She was quick on her feet and served as the group's scout. Only female in the group. Bronislav Anisimov, probably the oldest of them all. Short, insane, but brilliant. That baseball bat had saved their lives more than once. Pretty good at everything really, even gave him a small wood carving. Got used for firewood, though he'd never tell Boris that. Silas, though he was gone for the moment. Older than Amy, but younger than both himself and Boris. He was one of the first people Colin had met when he went away from Norfolk. Had his crosshairs over his head when he didn't know it, but decided not to shoot. He hadn't told Silas about thinking to shoot him, since he didn't know how he'd react. He took up the role as leader and he made most of the decisions, like now, where they were heading up to D.C. Colin was broken out of his thoughts when he saw Silas coming back in to the clearing.

"Rise and Shine; It's another beautiful day in the apocalypse."

Colin raised an eyebrow, getting up and shouldering his pack. The weight of the steel plate was noticeable, but comfortable.

"The smell of rot is in the air! The sounds of death fill our ears! Oh what a wonderful day!"

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Character Portrait: Silas Henderson
Character Portrait: James Minton


Character Portrait: James Minton
James Minton

The doctor of Genesis, most known for his common intellect in the medicinal field.

Character Portrait: Silas Henderson
Silas Henderson

"Well, we're not dead yet. That's something."


Character Portrait: James Minton
James Minton

The doctor of Genesis, most known for his common intellect in the medicinal field.

Character Portrait: Silas Henderson
Silas Henderson

"Well, we're not dead yet. That's something."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Silas Henderson
Silas Henderson

"Well, we're not dead yet. That's something."

Character Portrait: James Minton
James Minton

The doctor of Genesis, most known for his common intellect in the medicinal field.

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Re: The Return

Don't know what happened to Mei. :/ I sent a PM, but if I don't hear back I guess we'll just assume she dropped out. Another one bites the dust...

Re: The Return

Where did Mei's character go?

Re: The Return

First post is finally up. Apologies for the delay. I may type up something for the Genesis storyline tomorrow if I get the chance, but for now at least the survivors will be able to post. Have at it, guys

Re: The Return

Any more news on the starting post yet?

Re: The Return

Alright, so I'm headed off to work right now, but when I get home tonight I'll type up a post and we'll get started.

I might make the leader of Genesis a NPC so Zux doesn't have to wait around to post. Sorry it's taken us so long to get underway!

Re: The Return

RCJJ23, your character has been accepted. Between our Jack-of-All-Trades, our Scout, and our Rogue, it's looking like the survivors might just make it to D.C. Hurray for apocalypse skills

Was hoping to have filled up a few more spots on Genesis by now, but I don't want to wait too long to start, so I'm going to hold out until SadLittleKing submits their character and then we'll get underway. Hopefully we can add people as we go :)

Re: The Return

Thank you. :P I've always wanted to play a crazy old man. No better place to do so than during a zombie apocalypse

Re: The Return

Submitted my Character. I don't know whether its up to snuff but I'm happy to change things as needed.

Re: The Return

Both roles are reserved. :)

Durandal, Zux, and Mei, your characters have been accepted. I particularly enjoyed Boris' character sheet

Re: The Return

I'd like to reserve the second in command for the survivors.

"And you're what? A petty thief with delusions standing? Sad little king of a sad little hill?"

Re: The Return

May I reserve the Rogue?

"It doesn't have to make sense. It's faith, it's faith. It's the flower of light in the field of darkness that's giving me the strength to carry on. You understand?"
"Is that from your book?"
"No, it's, uh, Johnny Cash, Live at Folsom Prison."

Added more than one quote, cause you wouldn't get the last line without the context.
(My favorite quote is the last line.)

Re: The Return

Anything you like, really. You can type up a first post for your character and use that as your sample, or recycle a post from another RP. Choose whatever you feel best reflects your style of writing. It's just a way for me to gauge whether applicants can write with proper spelling, grammar, etc.

Re: The Return

What would you like for the writing sample?

Re: The Return

Can I reserve the rouge, simply for the role of the sniper

Disregard that, plans have changed

Re: The Return

Can I reserve the rouge, simply for the role of the sniper.

Re: The Return

Sure thing.

I dig your quote, by the way.


Re: The Return

May I reserve the doctor?

"You are a human with one life and it is up to you to make it the best you can."

Re: The Return

Absolutely. :) Thank you for your interest

Re: The Return

Hello there! I was wondering if I could reserve the Jack-of-all-Trades. Thanks.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” -Thomas Edison

Re: The Return

You may. :)

Human face claims are preferred. Thank you for asking!