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Hazel Crown

"I could settle for less than perfect, if only I could be honest"

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a character in “The Return of Gossip Girl: A New Era.”, as played by Arrow-



”I could settle for less than perfect, if only I could be honest…"



{ Name }
Hazel Crown

{ Nicknames/Alias }
Zel, but most people just call her Hazel.

{ Age }

{ Gender }

{ Sexuality }

{ Date/Place of Birth }
Born October 10th in Seoul, Korea

{ Nationality }
100% Korean

{ Label }
The Compulsive Liar



{ Childhood/Family Life }
Hazel was born in Seoul, Korea but was put up for adoption by her single mother. She was adopted into a rich family in New York when she was one years old due to her adoptive mother being infertile. Due to this, she grew up an only child.

Whenever she asked who her parents were, her mother and father would only say, “They didn’t want you dear, don’t worry about them.” In fact, almost every part of Hazel that was connected to Korea was wiped away from her by her parents. She was not allowed to celebrate Korean holidays, talk about Korean culture, or even learn the Korean Language. Because of such strict parents, Hazel likes to rebel.

{ High School Career }
Dating Sebastian Jardine. Never involved in any sports due to her frail body.

In freshmen year Hazel had been a shy girl, always hiding in the libraries and classrooms, but as she made more friends, she became more bold and was ready to face the world. Of course, in her third year of high school now, she if much more bold, likes to hang out with friends, likes to sneak off to parties and gatherings and finds she has a lot more freedom with herself when she isn't as concerned about needing to hide.



{ Good personality traits }
A good listener. Caring. Graceful. Supportive. Intellectual.

{ Bad personality traits }
A compulsive liar. Perfectionist. Atychiphobic (Fear of failure). Frail. Tolerant.

{ Personality }
Hazel grew up wanting to be the opposite of her adoptive parents who are fickle, stubborn, rude and judgmental. So she raised herself to be nice, supportive and kind. She thinks that everyone deserves fair judgment, that just because you aren’t rich doesn’t mean you are worth nothing. She is loyal to her friends and is there to be a shoulder to cry on.

On the other hand, because of all the constant pressure and strictness her parents lay on to her, Hazel likes to rebel against them. Even thought she does want to impress them, she isn’t opposed to sneaking out, drinking under age, partying and dressing a bit provocatively.

Being a compulsive liar is something she is unfortunately aware of. She knows she has a problem, but could she really get help for these problems? It has become second nature to her to lie about things, small or big. If its lying about grades, where she had been, how happy she was with her boyfriend, it wouldn’t matter. Of course she feels guilty about the lies, but it is the fear of being found out that drives her to do more. So she is constantly spinning more and more webs of lies, like a spider.

{ Greatest joys in life }
Friends. Making her parents proud. Being in love. Relaxing and reading books.

{ Greatest fears }
Judgment. Imperfections. Heart Break. Disappointment.

{ Life philosophy }
Hazel believes that everyone should be judged fairly and given equal treatment of kindness and caring until that person proves they aren’t worth caring for anymore.


Reading - whether it is literature or gossip
Partying with friends
Listening to music
Going behind her parents back
Honesty (if only she, herself, could follow by this)
Korean culture
Being judged
Taking medicine
Heart Break
Family dinners
Her friends being upset
Being ignored



{ Parents }
Hazel was adopted by her American parents when she was one, from Korea. As she was growing up, she was under very strict rules and under pressure to be perfect. Because of this she grew up with a rocky relationship with her Mother and Father. Though they believe their darling daughter loves them very much, she is unhappy with their rules, their pressure and their rudeness.

{ Siblings }
Hazel has no siblings, due to her mothers lack of fertility. She was the only child adopted into the Crown family.



{ Build }
Hazel is 5’4” (165 cm) which is tall for her gender and race. Her weight usually stays around 100 - 105 pounds because of her Korean genes and her frail body. Even if she eats as much food as she can, she will barely gain weight. And if she is successful in gaining weight, it is often slimmed back to her regular weight. Because of this she is slim, though she does have slight curves and average chest size. Even if some girls think she is lucky to be born with such a thin body, she is nit-picky about it and feels she may look a little unhealthy.

{ Hair Colour }
Her hair is naturally black, but near the summer time she likes to brighten herself up by dying it brown. So it shouldn’t be a surprise if you see Hazel with black or brown hair.

{ Eye Colour }
Hazel’s eye colour is just that: hazel.

{ Distinguishable Markings }
As an act of rebellion, Hazel went and got her belly button pierced, but she also has her ears pierced, and a small birthmark on her shoulder.

{ Personal Style }
Normally Hazel likes to wear big, comfy (yet stylish) tops or sweaters, tucked into skirts, shorts or with skinny jeans. She also likes to wear sun dresses with blazers when its warmer. She likes to wear simple jewellery and a multitude of coloured pumps to make herself look taller. She prefers across body purses that she doesn't have to worry about carrying.
When dressing to impress, going to a party or a fancy event, Hazel likes to wear knee length dresses with longer sleeves or thicker stapes, accompanied by simple jewellery and smokey eyes with a darker lipstick. Sometimes though, when she's feeling especially good about herself, she will dress in shorter, more revealing dresses with more dramatic makeup and flashy jewellery.

{ Clothing Links }

Casual: {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6}
Formal: {1}{2} {3}
Kiss On The Lips Party: {1}

So begins...

Hazel Crown's Story


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| Good morning Upper East Siders, it's Gossip Goddess, logging on |
It's the first day back after Summer break, and we all know what that means, start sharpening those pencils - Or should I say, start sharpening those claws and get ready for some major cat fights. School is rife with drama here at Saint Judes boy's and Constance Billard girl's school. Only the wealthiest and most beautiful people will survive, nobody cares if you've got an IQ higher than Einstein if you're not filthy rich, you're irrelevant.

The back-to-school mixer should prove interesting, let's see which of you is lucky enough to get on my radar,
Let's have some fun this year, shall we?

See you soon,
Gossip Goddess xo


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Vincent didn't even hear Colin question why he was so sure that Jane would want him. Normally he would have had an egotistical response about how there wasn't a girl on the planet who could resist him, but he was preoccupied with watching Sienna. They had both hooked up with other people since their breakup a few years ago and Vincent knew that he couldn't commit to a real relationship, but he still hated seeing her flirt with other guys. He wanted her to be happy and knew that he couldn't give that to her if he wanted to keep his reputation intact, but he didn't want her to be happy with some other guy either.

The speak of this year's teachers brought him back to reality and he ran a hand through his hair, trying to hide the fact that he had just been drooling of his ex. After making fun of Colin for obsessing over Jane for three years, Vincent didn't have much of an excuse to be doing the same thing with Sienna, but their situation was different. There was history there and it was complicated- too complicated for anyone besides him and Sienna to really understand.

"Yeah, I have him for physics too. That guy's a dick," Vincent agreed as he stepped away from the wall he had been leaning on. "We might as well just go in now. The sooner we finish this, the sooner we can get out of here," he said, not waiting for Colin to respond as he headed into the school. Although he didn't attend Constance, he had been there before for co-ed school events and knew his way to the gym where the back to school mixer was being held.

As the entered the school, Vincent greeted a few girls. He didn't know most of their names but that didn't matter. He would get their attention with a, "hey beautiful," or "I missed you this summer", and almost always, the girls would turn back to their group of friends and whisper excitedly to each other. It usually worked better with the underclassmen but there were still girls his age or a year younger who still had hopes that if they hooked up with him, they would magically be accepted into the "cool crowd". It was false hope though, because if that was true, nearly half of the girls in his grade would be popular.

While he didn't care enough about most of the people he passed by in the hallways, he did make out the faces of a few acquaintances. Hazel Crown, who he only knew as Sebastian Jardine's girlfriend, was standing alone by a locker, and as he and Colin entered the gym, they passed by Brody Wade. Vincent wasn't a fan of the class president. He was the biggest teacher's pet, perfectionist and goody two-shoes around. He did well in school, socially, and with girls and Vincent saw him as being one of the only guys who would actually be competition for him. However, they had a fairly civil relationship, even if it did border being sarcastic and fake.

"Glad to see ya, Wade," Vincent said as he walked by. When he was a few feet past him, he turned back and said, "I hope you kept Sydney occupied for the summer, but now that I'm back in Manhattan full time, you can back off". With a smirk, he continued walking towards the section of Saint Jude's professor stalls.


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Sienna positively beamed when Carter actually promised her a dance and with a rather triumphant dance in her head.

"Can't wait," she told him and returned her attention to the group just as Jane managed to separate herself. She was with another group, one that included the guy from earlier. She tilted her head curiously, he really should have been familiar, especially if he hung out with Sebastian Arendale. Not that she hung out with Sebastian often or anything, but she didn't recall seeing this guy much before. Shrugging, she returned her gaze to the others.

Jake was too busy checking his phone. His Dad had started sending him more texts this summer, oftentimes wanting to hang out more than they typically did. He raised an eyebrow at Bastion's apparent friendship with Jane, who really wasn't that bad but it always surprised him how close the two were. Connections or no, the relationship was puzzling because they seemed like two very different people. People like Jane didn't hang out with people like them and well, Bastion...just didn't seem like her type. Not that Jake really knew what her type was or even cared.

He chuckled at Daphne's expression and followed Persephone and Daphne inside the school, ready to get the day over with. He hated being a bore, really, but he wasn't a fan of these unnecessary school mixers. All they did was tell them rules, classes, and all this other information that could have been sent via email. Then again, he had been excited to see his friends, so there's that. Just as they came inside, Sephy was gone and he smirked at her excitement at seeing Brody. It was obvious that the relationship was definitely closer than what Sephy originally transcribed, though Jake would have never been known as someone who delved too deep into unwanted territory. In fact, all he cared about was that Brody did right by Persephone. He grinned subtly at Daphne.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Daphne," he replied just as his phone buzzed in his pocket. Curiously, Jake pulled it out and smirked. It was a text from Vivienne, which surprised him because he thought he saw her outside along with Sydney and Sienna. Thinking back, Jake remembered having the biggest crush on Vivienne, not that he ever told her. It had never been in his character to make a move like that, especially moving in on a girl like her. Vivienne was one of the hottest girls in school and actually nice to him, which surprised him when they first met. It was more surprising when Sydney actually wasn't as bitchy, but still. He hadn't had feelings for Sydney; it had always been Vivienne. However, the crush wasn't as huge as it was before, not as all-consuming and nerve-wracking. Now, he was better with having a conversation with her. He sent a quick text.

To: Vivienne
Yeah, w/ friends. U?

Jake glanced at Bastion just as he came over and his brow furrowed curiously. Sebastian didn't have this face typically and he was just happy hugging his friend Jane. So, what the hell happened in two seconds?

"Hey, are you alright?"

Sienna considered Sydney's inquiry about her guest for the night. Surprisingly enough, she had thought of inviting the guy she sung to at the iHeart radio concert; he was the ultimate cutie patootie. Even her mom approved. At the same time, she didn't really feel like bringing a date. Truthfully, the idea of arriving single appealed more than being seen with a guy. Especially after the questions about who some of her songs were dedicated to, which was a very easy question if she actually chose to answer it. She shrugged at Sydney, smiling at a few classmates she remembered from last year. She peeked at Sebastian's girlfriend, still trying to figure out what the girl saw in him in any way, shape, or form.

"Didn't think I was bringing anyone," she replied honestly. "I might be able to bring Lyric, just because my publicist thought it would be good to keep up images since people know that we're good friends and I've worked with his band. Hmm, speaking of..." Sienna whipped her cell phone out, looking for a hint that Lyric was even here yet. She had told him she didn't need a ride, but his drive shouldn't have been that long. She was aware that he wasn't exactly the biggest fan of her friends; he found them all fake, which would have been true if Sienna didn't know them. Sure, she didn't always favor Sydney, but the girl was a lot better than some of these wanna-be mean girls.

To: Lyric
Hey! In school. Where r u? I didn't get a hug yet D: