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Jacob Desai

"You're not no one until you're talked about." {WIP}

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a character in “The Return of Gossip Girl: A New Era.”, originally authored by Girl2Fine2, as played by RolePlayGateway

So begins...

Jacob Desai's Story


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Viv shook her head causing her light blonde tresses to fan around her honey hued face. "That boy is a mess "She concluded, placing her perfectly manicured hand on her hip.

She turned to her friend who was gushing about her dress and smiled. She was excited to show her fiends her outfit. She had snagged a white bandage dress straight off the runway that looked crazy sexy against her dark tanned skin and light blonde hair. She also caught Jane's little distraction. Truth was Viv was a bit suspicious about Jane's summer story but she found that when it came to her friends less was more. If Jane wanted her to know she would tell her but for now it was none of her business.

Viv rolled her piercing blue eyes as Sydney began to chastise Jane for giving her party "bad vibes". I mean yeah Jane may not be the smartest or the most responsible but jeez she was allowed to have bad days. But she had to admit Syd had a point. If anything went wrong gossip goddess would know and none of them could take that hit right now. I mean between Maddy and gossip goddess's incessant reminders that she couldn't "keep a man" Viv really didn't need any more drama.

Viv started to space out and go into her own world but quickly pulled herself back into the conversation. At the mention of heels she scoffed, " Just so we're clear you know I'm wearing them right?" She almost laughed. She winked conspiratorially at Sienna. Viv loved shoes with a passion. But her true love was heels. She loved how powerful she felt in them and she loved how sexy they made you feel.

She, however could not hold back a grin when Syd mentioned not going over the top. In her head she couldn't help but think Good Luck

She pulled out her phone and opened a new message.
Hey are you here?

I hope you aren't here because I haven't a hug


Carter was started to space out as the girls gushed about their outfits. I mean he always appreciated a pretty woman but a man had his limits. But one thing was sure, he was glad Seb was gone.

Carter and Seb used to be friends until he became the douche he is now. It annoyed him even more that Viv had felt the need to save him. He didn't like the situation at all. He meant to bring it up to Viv but he could tell it was important so he couldn't bring himself to do it. Plus Viv was so stubborn, he didn't want to put her in a bad mood for no reason either. "You're coming tonight, right babe?" At that Carter snapped back into attention. " Of course I wouldn't miss the kick off party of the year" He said with a dimpled grin.

Carter liked Sydney. She was fun and loyal and protective. But it made him a bit uncomfortable when she did it in front of his ex. He cocked his head to the side as he listened to the girls talk. He had to admit he was lucky. Not many people can say they are friends with the hottest girls at the most exclusive prep schools in New York. "Yeah, you should come tonight. wouldn't be a party without that handsome face." He smiled at her but felt a flush of heat from inside him when her pretty plump lips turned it a grin We'll have you home before the clock strikes midnight, pinky promise."

He laughed off the sudden feeling by saying " Make you a deal darlin' save me a dance and I'll stay till' 12:30" He grinned wickedly at Sienna.

At the mention of going inside Carter glanced at his watch "You ladies just about ready to head in? " He asked easing away from the girls and making his way to the steps.


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Brody let out a small, almost genuine, laugh in response to Vincent's comment. Because he was focused on texting Sephy, he hadn't noticed his classmate approaching so although his presence was surprising, his words were not. Vincent Mast was undoubtedly the biggest narcissist that Brody had ever met, which said a lot, considering that Vincent wasn't someone who one would expect to be so conceited compared to everyone else. His family wasn't excessively wealthy and unlike most of his friends and the girls he got with, Vincent was actually attending Saint Jude's on a scholarship. This was something that would normally put any student at the bottom of the social totem pole but Vincent's womanizing ways seemed to bring him respect from his fellow male classmates. While this wasn't shocking to Brody, he didn't understand why a countless number of girls allowed Vincent's appearance and reputation to overshadow his terribly flawed personality.

"It's nice to see you too, Vincent," was all that Brody responded with. He wanted to ask Vince why he was so sure that Sydney would want to hookup with him this year when she hadn't for the past three years, but he wasn't going to feed into Vincent's negativity. It was unnecessary, childish and a waste of energy, and after his response, Vincent continued into the gym. Brody assumed that he would probably spend the next few minutes boasting to Colin about how clever his stupid remark was. Like most people, Brody found Colin to be amusing, but he didn't always appreciate the disturbances that he liked to cause in class. Similarly to Vincent, Colin was also a scholarship student and although Brody would never say it out loud, he sometimes felt like it was easier for Colin to joke around and waste time during class because he wasn't actually paying to attend the school. Although Brody wasn't extremely close to either of them, he sometimes actually preferred Vincent to Colin. At least Vincent had the audacity to speak his mind, despite how arrogant his thoughts may be, while Brody felt like Colin was sometimes passive to what others wanted him to do.

When his phone buzzed again, he expected it to be Sephy but was equally pleased to see that this text was from Vivienne. Although she and Sydney were good friends, he hadn't seen her at all over the summer when he hung out with Sydney. He had heard about her numerous vacations over social media and text, and it wasn't surprising. Vivienne was a jetsetter. She was well connected and especially on school breaks, it wasn't unusual for her to travel around the world to attend exclusive parties and events. Brody really enjoyed her. She was fun but not too crazy, worldly and confident, and probably one of the hottest girls at Constance. Even though he and Sydney weren't dating or really even exclusive, he still felt like it wasn't right being anything more than friends with Vivienne while he was hooking up with her though.

To: Vivienne Hudson
I got here early so I'm already in the gym lol. Come find me ;).

Just as soon as he sent the text, Sephy appeared. She didn't waste a moment before embracing him in a hug, which Brody reciprocated. "Yeah, it really has been. I haven't seen you since what... July?" he asked, surprised that it really had been that long. The few other times that he had flown into New York from California, where he spent most of the summer, Sephy either already had plans involving her internship or a family affair, or Brody was scheduled to go something with Sydney. He texted Persephone often but it was still unusual for him to realize that it had been a while since he had actually seen and spoken to her in person. "How did your internship go? I'm pretty sure that we have twenty copies of your article floating around our apartment," he added with a laugh. His mother had always taken a liking to Sephy, partly because she was one of her close friends' children and Brody's close friend, but also because she thought she was a good influence for his younger sister, Ella.

After she responded, Brody looked past her, surprised that Bastion, Daphne and Jake hadn't shown up with her. Although Brody was friends with many people from various social groups, he was closest with those four. "Where's everyone else? Don't tell me that Daphne's already in the library," he said with a grin, focusing back on Persephone. He was glad that the school year was starting. It would bring regularity and routine, and although he was sure that senior year was destined to be more drama-filled than the last three, it seemed to be beginning without a flaw.


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Sienna positively beamed when Carter actually promised her a dance and with a rather triumphant dance in her head.

"Can't wait," she told him and returned her attention to the group just as Jane managed to separate herself. She was with another group, one that included the guy from earlier. She tilted her head curiously, he really should have been familiar, especially if he hung out with Sebastian Arendale. Not that she hung out with Sebastian often or anything, but she didn't recall seeing this guy much before. Shrugging, she returned her gaze to the others.

Jake was too busy checking his phone. His Dad had started sending him more texts this summer, oftentimes wanting to hang out more than they typically did. He raised an eyebrow at Bastion's apparent friendship with Jane, who really wasn't that bad but it always surprised him how close the two were. Connections or no, the relationship was puzzling because they seemed like two very different people. People like Jane didn't hang out with people like them and well, Bastion...just didn't seem like her type. Not that Jake really knew what her type was or even cared.

He chuckled at Daphne's expression and followed Persephone and Daphne inside the school, ready to get the day over with. He hated being a bore, really, but he wasn't a fan of these unnecessary school mixers. All they did was tell them rules, classes, and all this other information that could have been sent via email. Then again, he had been excited to see his friends, so there's that. Just as they came inside, Sephy was gone and he smirked at her excitement at seeing Brody. It was obvious that the relationship was definitely closer than what Sephy originally transcribed, though Jake would have never been known as someone who delved too deep into unwanted territory. In fact, all he cared about was that Brody did right by Persephone. He grinned subtly at Daphne.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Daphne," he replied just as his phone buzzed in his pocket. Curiously, Jake pulled it out and smirked. It was a text from Vivienne, which surprised him because he thought he saw her outside along with Sydney and Sienna. Thinking back, Jake remembered having the biggest crush on Vivienne, not that he ever told her. It had never been in his character to make a move like that, especially moving in on a girl like her. Vivienne was one of the hottest girls in school and actually nice to him, which surprised him when they first met. It was more surprising when Sydney actually wasn't as bitchy, but still. He hadn't had feelings for Sydney; it had always been Vivienne. However, the crush wasn't as huge as it was before, not as all-consuming and nerve-wracking. Now, he was better with having a conversation with her. He sent a quick text.

To: Vivienne
Yeah, w/ friends. U?

Jake glanced at Bastion just as he came over and his brow furrowed curiously. Sebastian didn't have this face typically and he was just happy hugging his friend Jane. So, what the hell happened in two seconds?

"Hey, are you alright?"

Sienna considered Sydney's inquiry about her guest for the night. Surprisingly enough, she had thought of inviting the guy she sung to at the iHeart radio concert; he was the ultimate cutie patootie. Even her mom approved. At the same time, she didn't really feel like bringing a date. Truthfully, the idea of arriving single appealed more than being seen with a guy. Especially after the questions about who some of her songs were dedicated to, which was a very easy question if she actually chose to answer it. She shrugged at Sydney, smiling at a few classmates she remembered from last year. She peeked at Sebastian's girlfriend, still trying to figure out what the girl saw in him in any way, shape, or form.

"Didn't think I was bringing anyone," she replied honestly. "I might be able to bring Lyric, just because my publicist thought it would be good to keep up images since people know that we're good friends and I've worked with his band. Hmm, speaking of..." Sienna whipped her cell phone out, looking for a hint that Lyric was even here yet. She had told him she didn't need a ride, but his drive shouldn't have been that long. She was aware that he wasn't exactly the biggest fan of her friends; he found them all fake, which would have been true if Sienna didn't know them. Sure, she didn't always favor Sydney, but the girl was a lot better than some of these wanna-be mean girls.

To: Lyric
Hey! In school. Where r u? I didn't get a hug yet D: