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Good? Evil? They do not exist. There are only the powerful and the weak.

0 · 233 views · located in Medieval Fantasy

a character in “The Return of Netharzeem”, as played by Irish Wolf


Standing as tall as his brother but thinner and more attractive in his looks, Alexander is unlike his brother, as his entire body seems to belong in the same age. He looks to be a man in his early thirties, with odd purple eyes and hair the color of a raven's wing, cut to shoulder length and allowed to hang loose. Neatly trimmed and carefully maintained on his chin, is a short, squarish goatee of black hair. Those eyes seem to always bore into whom or what he looks at, with a terrible hunger. Like his brother, long slander fingers, a slight slant to his eyes, finer then normal facial bones and a tiny tip to his ears, might hint at an elven ancestor. His skin has known the kiss of the sun and has tanned but only slightly. He normally dresses in tight black trousers, supple leather half boots, a red silk shirt, tight black leather vest, with silver fastenings and a black coat, which reaches to his calves and is lined with many many many hidden pockets.


Alex has put a single, driving goal in life, to gain as much power as he can, in any form he can. He coverts spell books, hoards wealth, collects magical babbles. He is also arrogant to the marrow. He is no king's court wizard or bumbling apprentice, he is the master of a wizarding tower and will be treated so. If you have a request and it best be a request, he will entertain the idea of for filling it, only if it's worth his valuable time and only if you can stroke his ego. A streak of vanity is in his blood as well, causing the wizard to preserve his looks for the past fifty odd years with magical spells and potions.

His price, should he attempt to open the portal for Netharzeem, will be power that no mortal could ever hope to measure.


A wizarding tower, complete with laboratories, a liberty filled with spell books, scrolls and other sorts of writing and treasure rooms with various magical items and riches. However, this is mostly storage, as he cannot possible carry all of this things around. He mostly carries a number of spell components, potions, a small hand written book and a dagger within his coat.

Alex is an eighty-odd year old wizard, so he possess an arsenal of spells in his mind but he is fond of using blasts of pure energy or lightning.


Alexander and his older brother Theodoric, were both sons of a very minor baron, born within a year of each other but were never close. Both were relatively normal until their tenth years, when their dormant magical powers began to develop, They had been taught to read and write, ride horses and had just been leaning the sword, when odd fires and other strange things began to happen around them. A wizard was summoned to their father's keep and took both of the boys away, to train them. It would be five years before they returned home for a visit and that was to meet their brand new younger brother. When they had been trained in the basics, both boys were sent to different masters, studying under them and placing them on often conflicting paths.

Alex would take the lessens his master taught him to heart and would later murder the man and take over his tower. Power hungry from the start (knowing he would not be his father's heir and would have take what he wanted), he set off to amass as much wealth and magical items as he possibly could. He could never rule a nation as a wizard but he could be the puppet master behind a few thrones but first, his own power needed to be greater then any other wizard, especially his brother.

So begins...

Alexander's Story