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Milo Collins

"You ain't no sweet sixteen, just a veteran of this scene"

0 · 135 views · located in Ayden, North Carolina

a character in “The Reunion: We Are Still Young”, as played by Phoeni




” Death is a very dull, dreary affair, and my advice to you is to have nothing whatsoever to do with it.”

The Basics



Role:Indie rocker/talent agent



Hair Color:Brown

Eye Color:Brown

Skin Tone: Fair

Height: 6 foot

Brief Description: Milo is a looming presence above most, standing at approximately six feet tall. His eyes are small and what he calls a ‘boring’ color, consisting of mostly one shade of nut brown. Milo’s hair is wavy, short in length, a light brown color and usually worn scruffy. Facial wise, he has a heart shaped face- with sharp angular cheekbones and a prominent chin, graced with a mouth that is perpetually smiling, giving him an air of happiness.

Past and present


Love Interest: Girl Six


Emotions. Emotions. Emotions

From infancy, Milo has always been the labelled Nice guy. He’s the seemingly perfect friend. Milo is truly ‘One of the boys’ and up for a great laugh, in fact he is usually [b]the
laugh. With a dynamic personality and a vibrant sense of humour, Milo has gone through life as his own social hub, attracting friends to him rather than needing to actively seek them out himself. Charismatic and confident, authority figures in the past have dealt lightly with him, owing largely to his ability to talk himself out of trouble and work hard. He is always, however, closely watched. Lacking the cockiness of some class clowns, Milo has been taught a strong work ethic through the example of his father and mother. However, he has chosen to view life and its responsibilities as a . . . flexible contract. Nevertheless, he takes his job responsibilities very seriously, often going to extreme measures to accomplish the tasks set out. Milo is a very independent person. He is able to take care of himself in almost every situation. He learned at a young age to be self sufficient and has all the skills necessary to provide for himself in a standard situation. But what goes on inside the young man’s head?

Let’s just say, it’s not pretty.

Milo feels that everyone is talking about him behind his back, and no one really likes him but are pretending to. He feels that everyone is looking at him and thinking bad thoughts, and that people hate him in general. He fears that people that say they care for him are saying it as a joke for others that he is not in on. Milo thinks everyone is lying to him and they don't ever tell him how they really feel about him in general. He used to as a child fear that there was going to be a fire in his house every night. He'd worry about going near rivers incase someone fell in and drowned. He’d worry about going too fast in cars incase he crashed. Milo would sometimes feel in public places that a bomb would go off. He also feared that someone was hiding in the dark waiting to stab him. Milo has recurring insomnia, and sometimes goes days without sleep. This causes him to hallucinate about ghosts. He firmly believes ghosts are real.

But when he begins to sing, Milo shows his real self and stops thinking about all the bad in his life. All the funniness is just an act, an act that has been put up so long it has melted through his skin and like candle wax- hardened over his soul. Even he sometimes believed all he was, was the joker. But when he hit puberty, he began to think different. He was still the joker, but created less pranks and more sarcastic comments. His humor matured, and was wittier. But music was his true passion, and all he would do was sing for hours on end. He was happy. But then it ended, and the paranoia came over him again. [/b]


[b]Stuff. Stuff. Stuff.

Milo Collins was born to wealthy parents who knew from the moment they met that they shared the same ideas and principles that they would later raise a family with. These ideas were simple, it was a civic responsibility to win everything. Their method improved over the years of trial and error. Now they are sure that they are raising perfect children that should be the model of any person to follow. Milo was born strong and was expected to be what he has become. His mother and father would never dare say he was their favorite child outside of the bedroom but they knew it to be true. Milo didn’t try to understand his countless siblings and had none he would call himself close with. Her lesser education that included nonsense such as mathematics, literature, and sciences were easy for her but she was never encouraged to really care for any of it. Milo has always lived a normal life, boring most of the time.

An event should have happened that would explain why his mother felt it best he be raised in different household when he hit middle school – though the young man often wonders if maybe his mother wasn’t just sick of being a mother. His Uncle seemed far better suited to motherhood than his actual mother ever was. In some ways things didn’t really change at all; she saw her parents as much as she ever had when she lived with them. And his uncle still preened him to be perfect. But in a nicer way. He took up music when he was five, starting guitar at that age. He began taking it seriously, creating songs at the age of eleven. Throughout the years he was known as one thing: the rock star.. He started college out of uncertainty, as the music business can be a wild place. The young man found a new passion for creating music, as he loved the association with music and wanted to do better than all those shitheads talent agents out there. He considers himself to be successful in life with an exception of one thing- his love life. Milo Collins has never been lucky in love, having a few short relationships and one night stands from high school to his current point. He remembers a girl he used to like in high school, her name was Aria, if he remembers rightly. He felt too intimidated to talk to the girl, as he thought he’d say something wrong and come across as an arrogant prick. It’s been ten years. Will he be able to muster up the courage to talk to her?

So begins...

Milo Collins's Story