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Marissa Renker

"We are unlucky by the millions."

0 · 512 views · located in Panem

a character in “The Revived Quarter”, as played by thehalfbreed443


N a m eImage
Marissa Lynn Renker

N i c k n a m e
Lynn || For whatever reason, most people call her by her middle name.

A g e

G e n d e r

S e x u a l i t y

D i s t r i c t


H e i g h tImage

W e i g h t
130 lbs

H a i r
Marissa's hair is wavy, kind of the best of both worlds in her opinion. It's slightly curly but still straight at the same time. It's grown to her mid back and she plans on continuing to grow it longer. She's a brunette which she hates, her mother is blonde as is her sister, not by nature of course, and she's always found their hair more beautiful than hers, but she got stuck with her dads brunette.

E y e s
ImageHer eyesImage she got from her mother, hazel but more green than anything else. It is a rare combination, brown hair and hazel-green eyes but she loves it. There are times when the brown and gold in her eyes completely disappear but they always come back.

A p p e a r a n c e
Marissa can be looked at as pretty and if you tell her she isn't she'll probably punch you. No girl doesn't like to be called pretty. She has an athletic type body, more than most girls in her district. She doesn't know where it came from. She's pretty average in height and weight. She dresses like any other mechanic in district 6 but when she has a chance to wear something girly she will jump at it. Even though she has long beautiful hair she normally keeps in in a messy braid to keep it out of the way of her work.


P e r s o n a l i t yImage
Quirky || Intelligent || Friendly || Trustworthy
Marissa is quirky in a good way. She isn't annoying but she does some weird things that can be considered cute. She doesn't mind the label only if she is actually trying to be serious but no one takes her that way, then it becomes a problem. She is very knowledgeable in the world of mechanics and machines but she's also knowledgeable in lots of other things that most wouldn't expect her to know. She likes to surprise people with what she knows especially when they act like they know more than her and she proves them wrong. Even in a world like hers she can't help but be friendly to people. It is very rare for her to hate someone or ignore them completely like they aren't there and she often finds it hard for her to do even if she's angry at them or just generally hates the person.

S t r e n g t h s
+ Mechanics || She's been learning about it since she was a young girl. By now it comes naturally.
+ Physical strength || She's much stronger than most girls her age and older.
+ Quick witted || She always had a comeback at the tip of her tongue but she is also quick to come with a solution to problems.

ImageW e a k n e s s e sImage
- Friendliness || Though she makes friends easily she sometimes makes the wrong friends.
- Weapons || She has no knowledge of weapons.
- Swimming She was never the best swimmer and never found it useful to be honest.
- Family Especially her twin sister. They are so deeply connected it's scary.

L i k e s
+Mechanics || Duh.
+ Banter || Friendly banter never hurt anyone, plus anyone she did this with has known her too long for her to take anything seriously.
+ Animals || Who doesn't, honestly. She finds it hard to believe that anyone can hate animals.
Image+ Being surrounded by friends ||Image Her friends are from all ages and it's because of them that she's as smart as she is.

D i s l i k e s
- Lies || It's a betrayal to her.
- Bugs || They are everywhere and there's no escape of their annoyance.
- Arrogant jerks || You know those people who act like they are better than they are.
- the Capitol || For obvious reasons.

F e a r s
Losing Family || Her family is the one thing she'd sacrifice everything for.
Electric shock || As a mechanic it's a constant thing to worry about but she worries a little too much.
Heights ||
The fear of falling to her death is too much to think about.


H i s t o r y

Marissa was born to two happy parents, Mr. & Mrs. Renker, followed shortly after by her twin sister Evelyn. Most twins are born minutes apart but it didn't take even a second for Marissa's mother to have another contraction after Marissa was born. The couple were happy but it was short lived when later that night they realized the possibility of their princesses being in the dreaded games.

Their life was as normal as it could get in district 6, they were part of the lower class of the district but they didn't seem bothered by it. For the first 7 years of Marissa's life she hand Evelyn were inseparable. They played childish games and tricks on everyone. Being identical was always fun, no one knew which was which until they began to dress differently but even then all they had to do was change into each other's clothes. Once they turned 7 they were put to work, Marissa chose to work with her father as a mechanic and her sister worked with her mother as a baggage handler. Marissa soon gained more and more interest in mechanics but her father refused to allow her to touch anything other than to hand him tools until she was at least 10.

So she waited and learned until finally she was allowed to get her hands dirty. From then on she helped her father and came home just as dirty as he did. She loved every second of her work day and she often brought her work home. Even then she and Evelyn were hard to separate. Evelyn would sit and watch Marissa build or fix something, often helping by handing her tools.

Then the reaping came, it wasn't their first reaping but it was always a stressful time for everyone in the districts. This time everything changed for Marissa and her family.

So begins...

Marissa Renker's Story


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#02629b || District 6 || Status: Reflective

ImageHe took a fancy to sitting outside the great mansion, where all tributes were kept. The sun was out, it was a clear blue sky, one could almost forget they were reaped to begin with. Almost. Nothing was ever really able to slash the deep dread of a tribute for an upcoming game of killing. Still he found it slightly more liberating to be outside and bask up that sun.

Derek hadn't figured where the cameras were yet either so he tried not to look as troubled. If they were allowed a large yard as a play pen, surely some would be pointing out in all directions as well. The capitol wasn't fond of privacy. And that was another tough thing to lose that tributes often forgot about or thought less of. But Derek's mind was trained to stay aware always. 24/7 acting career.

He should've really introduced himself in person to the others so they didn't go off his first interview for the games where he naturally resorted to a confident and tortured soul but maintained some charm for a redo. Everything that made him look like a total capitol kiss ass, and that others couldn’t wait to have a literal stab at. But it worked for him. And no one really looked appealing doing what they had to do to survive anyway. So he tried to relax. They were all on the same boat in some way.

Image The reaping was always the worse. Leaving everything and everyone that you know behind. Derek's head was always due for the chopping block though since he had slipped
the games 2 years ago. But they had always repressed it. When his name was called again he didn't feel as sorry for himself as for his sister. They had lost their parents and younger brother within the roughest 2 years and now she was losing him again. She had no one left.

Before he left, the siblings embraced tightly and didn't want to let go. But reality was reality. Harsh and cold. "Take care of yourself. You hear me? I'll try come back for you. I love you. But no matter what happens, you've got to look after yourself. Be the survivor of the family." He smiled faintly planting a kiss on her head. She was so much tougher and more capable than she knew. His t-shirt was damp where his sister had been crying into and then he was pulled away from her.

Thrown onto a train to the capitol, ordered by his mentor to keep up the charisma, interview then here. With a potential 23 enemies.

#d48e08 || District 5 || Status: Well & Analytical

Image Charlie was quick to make his analysis of the circumstances, its purpose and potential outcomes. And that in itself was unlikably unpredictable and varying. But Charlie was always ready to stay sharp and work his quirky calculations into the scenario.
"Hi there," he greeted with a stiff wave and smile to the young man that had spun around quickly to sight him. "You're off to a good start. Resting by fallen leaves so you can hear the scuttling of approachers. Or should I say predators? Very clever." Charlie commented and walked to stand in front of Derek. A far less threatening position for the male in district 6.

"Uh, did you know that our environment.... Oh, so, sorry. Our-our living place can change to a one man tent if the capitol wishes it. The games have already begun. We're in the arena now." He spread his arms in grand gesture to the place.

Slowly Derek settled back. "I didn't know that," he murmured. He eyed the odd individual head to toe. This guy was a stick. Sure he seemed to hold the brain power but how far could that really carry a physical game? You clearly needed both but...Derek didn't continue to think like that. He couldn't begin to calculate each tributes odds of survival. "So where's the forcefield?" He asked to keep conversation rolling.
"Ah now that would be best discovered through trial and error. I dare say there is a boundary though."

Dark clouds moved across the sky. There was only a deep rumble in warning then a sheet of lighting, followed by rapid strikes that touched down to the ground and shook the earth. Charlie already begun to back away while Derek climbed to his feet watching the forks light up the arena. The outskirts of it and slowly working in. "I think that's our cue."
"I think you may be right."

In sync they both broke into a run for the mansion.


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#, as written by mjolnir


[ Hexcode: #2cc6c4 ] [ District 7 ] [ Outfit ]


No one liked the Reaping or looked forward to it. It was Reagan's last year in the pool for the drawing of possible tributes. She'd had always thought about volunteering. Not because she had some hidden desire to slaughter people, but more of just to give her something more to life than fishing every single day. It was hard for her living day to day with no one... Well no one other than Adrian and his family. But it was always a fleeting thought that she often joked about, never something serious. Or so she thought.

She was hardly paying any attention when the announcer took to the podium and spouted the usual 'odds being in our favor' bit. Once their hand dipped into the bowl for the boys was when Reagan actually glanced up. The piece of paper looked like every other piece in the glass container, but she never expected to hear the name that broke the silence of the crown... "Adrian Murphy."

Reagan held her breath, staring blankly before her. The closest thing she had to a brother was chosen. She never felt so helpless as she did watching him take the stage. In her mind she kept begging for anyone to volunteer for him. But of course they weren't so lucky.

Her mind was buzzing so much she didn't hear the name called for the girls. It didn't even hit her until she heard the whispers going throughout the crowd. Reagan broke her trance when she heard whispers speaking the girl's name, "Audrey Murphy...?" She had just turned 12, still a child and her name was drawn... She would be forced to go into that arena against her brother. The girl could barely reel in a fish and now she wasn't expected to fight for her life.

Reagan didn't even notice she was moving at first, just naturally drawn to the young girl who looked up to her like a big sister. She saw the little one's eyes filling with tears and without another thought the words escaped Reagan's lips in a soft whisper, "... I volunteer." Only the few people around her heard what she said. They all grew quieter looking towards her. She took another deep breath and said it again, "I volunteer!"

She hurdled over the barriers that kept the different children separated, pushing between Peace Keepers to kneel before Audrey. "It's ok sweetie." Her thumb wiped away the Audrey's tears. "You won't lose your brother. I'll make sure he gets back to you.... I promise." Before she could say anything else the Peace Keepers pulled her away and started dragging her towards the stage.

The girl reached her hand out towards Reagan as she was pulled away. She watched as the Audrey's dad appeared behind his daughter and held her, sending her a sad but also thankful look. Reagan shoved the Peace Keepers' arms away, "I know where the stage is."

She did her duty as a tribute while absent minded as she answered the stupid questions and let them present her to the rest of the District. Once they were lead to the train she didn't wave to the crowd or anything. She found the first vacant room, locking the door before allowing herself to break down. It was in that moment that everything could truly sink in... She made a promise to a little girl that she would help her brother come return. She had just promised away her life.

This was torture... Forcing them all to get close to each other, form bonds and relationships before having to slaughter each other for Capitol amusement. She wanted no part in their games. Her plan was to remain as distant as possible from everyone there. She didn't need another friend in that arena. Reagan was already being forced to go in their with her best friend. She couldn't allow herself to get close to anyone else just to lose them. So instead of befriending anyone, she was going to train and hopefully with some luck... When she dies it'll be what Adrian needs to win and get back to his family.

Reagan stepped out of the vehicle with an exasperated sigh looking over the mansion. She had no doubt that just her room inside there would be bigger than anything she's ever lived in. It every ounce of strength she had not to break down in tears again. She didn't want to wait around for Adrian, she honestly didn't know if she could bear to look at his face. Instead she shoved her hands into her pockets while ascending the steps up to the entrance.

She roamed about the house until she somehow managed to find the rooms. Reagan walked down the hall until she saw two identical doors across the hall from each other both with a number 7 on them. She opened the door of the room to her right, not bothering to close it as she went over to the bed and fell back on it. When her hand brushed a piece of paper, she grabbed it and read over the overly cheerful message about how she is lucky to be there and blah blah blah.

After lying there for a long moment, she sat up right and grabbed the remote on the nightstand. Reagan clicked it causing the entire wall across from her to turn into a large television. She kept clicking until she got an option to watch a recap of all the reapings. Reagan decided now would be as best of a time as ever to figure out what she got herself into.



[ Hexcode: #827B00 ] [ District 12 ] [ Outfit ]

Xander was nearly late to the Reaping. He always seemed to lose track of time when he was down in the mines. He had absolutely no desire to even go to this stupid ritual of 'sacrificing children for the greater good.' He couldn't even count on his fingers... Or toes how many times his name is in that blasted bowl. Family's gotta eat. Plus he was the only one young enough to still put his name in the drawing to get more rations.

He thought he was almost clear to escape being drawn... But no such luck. And in 12 no one volunteers. Well unless you're Katniss Everdeen of course. Once his name was called, his brother punched 3 Peace Keepers just to get within 10 feet of him. Xander could see in his eyes, the desire to volunteer for his younger brother. But he couldn't. Landon was 20... To old to be a tribute. So no matter how much he fought and begged, all he could get was a bullet between the eyes if he didn't cooperate.

"Landon stop!" He said, trying to remain calm for his brothers sake as the Peace Keepers start to lead him to the stage.

When he got his chance to say good bye, Landon practically broke down the door to reach him. "You stay alive!! You fight and you survive!!"

Landon was always such an optimist while Xander was more of a realist. He knew his chances of winning were little to none, especially if he ends up getting close to any of the other tributes. He grabbed his brother by bother shoulders, holding his gaze. "Please behave.... Don't get yourself killed." He then brought him in for a hug, his voice cracking as he spoke softly, "I don't want to see you in the afterlife until you're old and grey... With enough grandchildren to drive you crazy."

Before his brother could respond, the Peace Keepers returned to drag him away. He wanted to fight, Xander could see it in his eyes. But he cooperated to please his brother. Fighting wasn't going to get him out safely, that was all up to him now.

Xander arrived after a few of the others. He stood back, he didn't know if he should enter the mansion or wait. No doubt they were already being broadcast all across Panem. The soap opera before the arena no doubt.

His attention was drawn towards a tribute from 5 who was talking to another from 6, "Uh, did you know that our environment.... Oh, so, sorry. Our-our living place can change to a one man tent if the capitol wishes it. The games have already begun. We're in the arena now." Xander scoffed to himself. That was most definitely the truth.

He decided not to stand around and butt in on their conversation, and instead make his way into the pre-arena. Xander was barely through the door when he heard lightning. He glanced over his shoulder out the entrance just in time to see the two guys burst through the door nearly knocking him over. "Scared of lightning?" He raised his brows, "Do you really think the Capitol would risk killing us before the games?"


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{Hex Code-#A1A33F}{District-3}

The trip from her home in District 3 to the Capitol then to this place where she was apparently supposed to be living among the other tributes was nothing short of mind numbing. Thankfully the boy who had been chosen as the male tribute from her district wasn't much for conversation, which made the trip that much easier to bare, however insignificantly. She spent most of the trip in quiet contemplation, opening her mouth only when she had to answer petty questions from the capitols many excited viewers. She smiled when necessary, and treated everyone she had to interact with as if they were a long lost friend who she'd been just now re acquainted with. Deep down she felt nothing for any of the people she happened across, but since this was a game of popularity, she wasn't about to go hungry or cold because she couldn't be bothered to half ass a smile. She was used to it by now, she had had many years to prepare herself for this occasion.

The living arrangements however, were not only upsetting, but unexpected. She knew there would have been something to expect when it came to the quarter quell, but she had imagined it would be something that would make the games more difficult for the participants, not be paraded around as if they were living the life of luxury at some getaway before shit hit the fan. It made no sense to her, no matter how much time she spent with the others beforehand, when it came down to the games, nobody would think of her as anything more than an obstacle in their way to get home.

Though she had to admit, the home in which they had provided was far more luxurious than anything she had ever known. Currently she sat on a two person couch perched lazily in the hallway above the main staircase. It offered a nice view of the ceiling and the foyer below, as well as echoing the conversations of the tributes who spoke at more than a whisper. Not too loud, but enough so she could occasionally pick up on something that was being said. For the better part of her time she remained silent, her legs crossed with one arm draped over the edge couch, casting her gaze through the space in the railing to the tributes below. None of them had stayed in the main hall for very long, wandering off to their various rooms, some of them opting to spend more time outdoors.

Before much time had passed, a brilliant flash of light from the window caught her attention. She looked up to see what appeared to be a curtain of lightning, sprawling out over the land, moving in a circular shape as if to create a barrier around the mansion. Suddenly she tensed, was this the capitol's way of starting the games? Or was it just a warning for those that had begun to explore the grounds. She decided it was the latter, there was no way they would have started the games so soon, they had hardly enough time to have exchanged introductions, let alone give the viewers something to get invested in. She allowed herself to relax, sighing a low shallow breath as her attention was caught by several boys bursting into the mansion from outside. One of them appeared to be in less of a hurry than the others, those two must have gotten the warning from the lightning.

The first gentleman as the others if they were afraid of a little lightning, but surely it was obvious the lightning that had just been displayed was no actual force of nature, rather a conjured method of destruction for the capitol to use to better eliminate them should they have a hard time doing it themselves.


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{Hex Code: #8B0A50 ┃District 3 ┃Status: Content}

When Katsu went to the Reaping he hadn't expect the events that took place. He hadn't wanted to go but of course he went and accompanied his family who all pretended to be a happy and lovey. He knew it was all a lie. The only person he felt any sort of closeness with was his friend and he was there more to support her than anything else. He didn't want her to be taken and he knew there wasn't much he could do if her name was actually called. He wasn't a girl so he couldn't volunteer for her, could he? Well if her name was called he would try and see what would happen. Getting a punch in the face was a very small price to pay.

Thankfully, her name wasn't called. Sadly, his was. He should have been surprised that his name was called and perhaps turn to his family for support and a hug and kiss but that didn't happen. Maybe he was still far more worried about his friend who had start crying beside him. She was holding his arm so tightly, her nails were leaving dents in his skin. Katsu was in a surreal fog at that point and just stood there even as the Peace Keepers strode towards him in the party crowd of sheep. He wasn't afraid. No, not afraid and not sad about it either. He didn't find pleasure in the idea of the games and he definitely did not want to kill or maim other people and he didn't want to die but... there was a sense of freedom in this new cage. He turned to his friend then and gave her a hug before the Peace Keepers grabbed at him, pulling him forward towards the stage.

Katsu happened a glance at his family then. They were staring at him surprise but there was no real horror or sadness in their faces. At least from what he could see. He and his family weren't really all that close so for him to go the games... well that meant their black sheep was gone. Either he'd die and they wouldn't have to worry about him or he would escape and be famous. 'May the odds ever be in his favor' or so they said. To Katsu however, this meant that he could get away from his family and their desires. He could focus on his own desires. Sort of. He wondered how the games would change him. He was confident in his abilities and dying didn't scare him. This and death were all new experiences

He knew a lot of this was a popularity contest. You needed to look good so the higher ups gave you things to help you in the games and stack your deck against the other tributes. Katsu wasn't interested in playing nice and he sure as hell wasn't going to live up to their expectations. He had enough of that from his own parents so now it was time to do things on his terms. If some of the higher ups liked him, that was great and he'd get some thing. If not... well he'd live with it. Well... die with it more like.

And today was no different. Katsu didn't care much what the other tributes thought about him and he didn't want friends or enemies. They were all tasked to kill each other so what was the point? You made a friend and then you had to back stab each other to win the title. 'There can only be one' sang in his head. So no, he did not want to play nice and make friends with all of the other tributes. Yet, here he was, making lunch for everyone. It wasn't that he was trying to be charming and get people to like him, but he liked cooking. He didn't often get a chance to cook for anyone but himself so he was doing it because he wanted to more than anything. They were all in a shitty situation and many of them were going to die so why waste the time that they did have moping around? The best policy was to take life by the horns and do what you enjoyed before things really got out of hand.

Katsu had already set the table and set out hand made garlic-bread and put those in a lovely basket he found in the very well stocked kitchen. He wished this was his kitchen. They had professional chef pans, fryers, pots, everything. And the fridge was fully stocked with anything and everything they could ever want. Considering the circumstances that they found themselves in, Katsu was actually having a field day. His pasta was just about done boiling and he had already cleaned out the jumbo scampi shrimp he found in the freezer and seasoned that with Cajun spices while he fried those suckers up. When they were beautiful, he poured the pasta in the pan and mixed it all up to make shrimp linguine before he set the large bowl down on the table.

And that wasn't the only thing he cooked up though it was his current favorite. He also set out a fresh salad with sliced tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and shredded cheese. In the oven, classic cookies were a-backing. Chocolate chip to be exact. Just about everyone loved chocolate chip cookies. Katsu was just turning off the oven when lighting sounded outside. He froze a moment as he listened. What exactly was that lightning signifying? He peeked out of the kitchen to see two of the tributes running indoors followed by a third. So it seemed they had to be in the house or at least around each other for now. Perfect timing. He'd call it a coincidence but he didn't believe in that garbage. Those who ran the show probably did it on purpose. 'Bonding meal' or whatever.

He gave a loud whistle then to get everyone attention. "Lunch is ready if you want it," he announced before he returned to his cookies and set those nicely on the table as well. Then he sat himself down and started to gather food on his own plate without waiting. People would come if they wanted to and if no one really wanted to eat, that was fine to. More food for later.


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Hex Code:# 9 9 0 0 6 6 || District 6

The reaping seemed surreal to her, even now as she sat in the room provided for her by the Capitol. When her name was called it seemed that everything stood still.The only thing that moved was Evelyn and herself. Her sister took her hand and squeezed before standing but Marissa pulled her back down. She then stood and took her place trying to ignore the pleads and crying of her family. She didn't want to leave her sister just as much as she was glad Evelyn wasn't called. When it was time to say goodbye her parents along with a couple of Peacekeepers had to pry the two from each other. The train ride was quiet.

Normally Marissa would be out trying to make friends and being who she was but she couldn't get herself out of her room. She didn't want to leave her room. Before she had left she had promised Evelyn that she would try as many of the tributes probably told their loved ones but they all knew...there was only one winner.

She still hadn't officially met the male tribute from her district thought they rode the same train. She had seen him around at home but not enough to say she knew him. The interview seemed easy for him, much easier than it was for her. She didn't know nor did she care if the interview went well for her, her mentor didn't seem upset about it so she assumed it went well. From there they were sent to the mansion where they resided now, where she hid in her sorrows. Of course she should be out trying to make allies but that could be done another day.

Hex Code: # 0 0 2 6 9 9 || District 8

Her goodbyes were short but meaningful, her parents knew how things worked and weren't going to be stubborn. If they had been no one could predict how things would turn out for their Kat. The train ride was silent, Kat spent most of her time there drawing outfits or dresses and whatnot. She didn't care much for her district's male tribute, he was an enemy as well as the rest of them.

When her parents told her about the Capitol she didn't believe them until she got there. It seemed like their words had come to life. She had never seen anything like it. She couldn't spend a lot of time admiring the scenery and clothes. Her interview went well...she acted like herself which she hoped would help her in the games. It wasn't much time from the interview to now. Now she explored the large yard that was provided to them at the mansion. She wasn't the type to stay inside worrying about her family. She knew they would be ok, for now but that was the same for the other 24 families that were effected by this. Only one family would be lucky to get their child/sister/brother to return to them.

Suddenly a flash of light caught her attention. It came from the Capitol she was sure of it. She stood watching until she noticed it was getting closer. She turned and made a run for it towards the mansion.