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The Revolution


The world is torn apart by a violent revolution. It doesn't matter what your standings are: you're in it, regardless.

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[i]For years, we've all been nothing but cattle.

The government thinks that it has a right to control us. To limit what we do, where we go, and who we talk to. They want to limit us because they know the danger behind an educated people. They know that if we were aware of
half the crimes they've done against us that we wouldn't tolerate them. We would rise up as a collective body to eliminate the corrupt regime that currently heads this sick excuse of a government. So they've kept us all in the dark about what goes on behind our backs. The secret camps hidden in the Dead Zones, the secret police watching for any "unpatriotic" behavior amongst the citizens, and the countless deaths that go on behind the scenes every day are just a small number of the things that they've done to us without us knowing.

So they've been lucky.

Most of us just sit around our homes, sipping our low-fat soy lattes, working our boring-as-hell 9-to-5 jobs, and going home to a cardboard cut-out of a family. Those people aren't even humans anymore. They're just animals: all being herded in to a style of living that was deemed "ideal" years ago by some know-it-all pencil pusher sitting behind a desk, with a government badge, and no
clue about what it is to be free! As long as these sheeple go on happily oblivious to the crimes going on in the shadows behind their backs: the people in government don't care. Ignorance is bliss, right?

Not anymore.

We don't care if the minority is perfectly content with what's going on. We're not, and we're going to do something about it. Most of the "peaceful protests" that occur don't work. They all happen inside sanctioned zones, with guards watching to make sure that nobody does anything they don't like, and then afterwards the leaders are either paid off or killed. Well, we're not going to let that happen! We're going to take to the streets: hit 'em where it hurts! We're going to storm the police stations, we're going to storm those cushy little offices owned by over-paid SECURITY-OPERATIONS officials, and so help me: we're going to pry their grubby little fingers off every last part of this society whether they like it or not!

Which brings me to you.

The listener.

I don't know who you are, where you're from, or what you're thinking right now.

What I do know is that if you have any love for your fellow man: you're just as mad and fuming as I am. Mad enough to take up a weapon and take this fight to the streets.

If you're not, though: then listen carefully.

To all you SECURITY-OPERATIONS officers, corrupt government officials, and lazy do-nothings who are just fine with how things are now as long as the status-quo remains. . .

. . . welcome to the war . . .

. . . welcome to the revolution.



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The city metro system.

Back before the bombs dropped, causing the city to be walled off from the "Dead Zones", the metro system was massive, and went through several different cities. Now, while it still did connect some cities, what few active tunnels there were had been under the constant observation of SEC-OPS officers for years, and so that meant it might be a bit difficult for a revolution to have it's base of operations there. However, there were still many tunnels that the officers didn't monitor. These were old tunnels, abandoned over the years, and some almost completely forgotten after having them sealed off past the city walls. Since nobody ever came down in to these tunnels, they had been the perfect place to hide once Jon had found himself being sought out by fellow revolutionaries. They had headed in to the tunnels and had made the place their home. It wasn't even that cramped: they had many tunnels to choose from, and there weren't that many people (Loafers included) so it was still rather comfortable (for living underground in an old tunnel). Sleeping bags had been set up on the platforms and walkways, along with small fires for cooking and light, and glow-sticks were scattered about on the actual tracks for illumination. So overall, it was an okay living.

Jon looked over the small encampment, leaning against a damp cement wall, and took a drag on a freshly lit cigarette.

His eyes scanned the camp.

He needed some fighters.

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Central Park

There was a "Peaceful Protest" going on in the park today. Those were not any true protests, they never lead to any change. But, today's was going to be a little different. You see the hacker extraordinaire (self-proclaimed), Cracker Special, decided today that he would practice a little healthy "civil disobedience." He managed to hack into the parks irrigation system, and now all the fountain and sprinklers are under his control and it looks like the secret police officers look a little thirst, oppressing freedom makes a man thirsty. So, it only seems right that they get a drink. The secret police maybe good at hiding amongst normal citizens but if one takes time to look they're not that hard to point out. They are normally the ones who will sometimes speak into their wrists.

Oh, speaking of which the targets are about to enter "the war zone." That was the name of the area around the fountain. It also had many sprinklers on the outside in order to water the vegetation that goes outwards towards it. But lucky for Cracker Special the sprinklers still have 360 degrees of movement which will make this soooo much easier.

3..... 2...... 1.... CLICK!

And just like that 3 men were struck by torrents of water. They were all so surprised that they all backtracked straight into the fountain. He almost couldn't contain his laughter but now was not the time for that he had to get out of there, but nonchalantly. Just stand up.... cross the street.... walk into the alley....

"Bwuahahahahahaha.... oh that was great.... operation "All Wet" complete." He says with a sinister smile.

But, this is only the beginning.

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Kaia observed all the motionless protestors sitting in the grass nonchalantly while the picket signs in their hands and laps did all the talking. Angry phrases denouncing their loyalty to the government and pleas for the release of family members were scrawled across neon red signs. People passing by the park took little notice to the protestors, talking with one of them could lead to trouble with the undercover police watching over them. She glanced back and forth from her netbook laptop to the protestors behind her dark shades, taking notes from a safe distance on a bench across the street. These were definitely not the Anarchists committing all the terrorist acts, but she was sure at least a few had connections and knew where they could be found. The undercover police(the obvious ones talking into their wrists) were starting to get antsy and frustrated watching the protestors. They were ordered to stay until the crowd of protestors dispersed and then make arrests, but the protestors often held out for days. It was day three for this particular group. Protestors were hesitant to leave the park by themselves because they could be arrested by the police they knew were there but could not see amongst them. It was safer to leave when everyone else left so that you might be lost in th crowd and forgotten. But it seemed this time the police had had enough of waiting for the protestors to give up and leave the park. They circled the crowd and then met by the water fountain where a few whispers were exchanged, and then started walking back towards the crowd.
Kaia stopped typing and watched the police tensely as the got closer to the other protestors and reached into their jackets. She saw a glint of metal as they began to pull out their hands from their jacket, but before they could draw whatever it was from their jacket, the sprinklers in the park went off. The police fell backwards into the fountain and the protestors shrieked and scrambled away from the sprinklers.
"How peculiar.. It seems late in the day to have sprinklers go off." Kaia thought to herself. The policemen got out of the fountain and quickly concealed their weapons back in their jackets and blended back in with the protestors. She lost track of the police and scanned the crowd and saw one man casually leave the protest and cross the street towards her. He had a big grin on his face and looked close to laughing. He must've been one of the protestors taking the opportunity to leave in the chaos.
"This is my chance.. It's now or never McGuire. Don't be a chicken." Kaia closed her laptop and shoved into her shoulder bag quickly and put her sunglasses in as well. She had worn her street clothes today and her hair back in a ponytail to appear more casual and less official. She was not used to going undercover or trying to trick anyone. Although she had the perfect appearance to do so with her innocent face and unintimidating size.
"Excuse me!" Kaia called after the man as he turned into the alley. She got up from her bench and pursued him down the alley, "Excuse me! Wait!"

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"Excuse me! Wait!" Someone yelled to Donald interrupting his laughter.

'Oh shit, was I made!' He thought. He had to act fast he couldn't be caught, not now, not when there was so much more to do. He decided the first thing he needed to do was destroy any evidence that might link him to what just happened so he threw his PDA to the ground and stomped it into oblivion. Even the greatest technician wouldn't be able to get any data off of it.

Then he looked up at the person coming after him. He saw a petite red headed woman. She didn't seem to be part of the secret police but he couldn't be sure, so he put on the most innocent face he could and...

"Yes? How can I help you?" He asked the woman.

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Kaia put her hands on her knees and took a moment to catch her breath when she stopped and planned snappily what to do next. She had never actually planned this far in getting someone to actually stop and talk to her.
"I saw you walk out of the protest back there, I also thought I might get out while the time was right." Kaia said, once she caught her breath, "Would you mind if I walked with you? I've never really gone to a protest but I hear it's best to have another person with you when you leave to be safe."
She smiled a convincing smile at him, "Please?"

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The sprinklers had been distracting enough for the six officers monitoring the protestors.

Thankfully, they hadn't been picked out by the protestors. Many thought that it was actually the doing of the police in an attempt to break up the riots. However, unfortunately for Donald: he had not done his crime entirely unnoticed, nor had Kaia gone about without being watched. His heading to an alley, combined with her observing the park, and leaving not long after set off alarm bells in the heads of the officers. Radioing in, one of the officers drifted out of the park rather casually and made to blend in with the crowds on the sidewalks. Well trained, he disappeared amongst the citizens on the street until he was near the mouth of the alley, and then emerged once more. As he did so, he reached under his coat, and withdrew a 9mm pistol he had kept in a shoulder holster. He held it down, not aiming it just yet, and called out to the two.

"Police: freeze!"

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"Police Freeze!"


Were the thoughts screaming in Donald's mind. He was going to go to jail and die there. And even worst he was still a virgin... hell he had never even kissed a girl in his life. That was not going to happen.

'Well might as well go for it.'

He grabbed the red headed woman who came chasing after him and just decided to lay a big sloppy kiss on her.

He was probably gonna go to hell for this but right now he didn't care.

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Character Portrait: Shadow (Elise) Walker
Character Portrait: Jon "Tomb Stone" Hale


Character Portrait: Jon "Tomb Stone" Hale
Jon "Tomb Stone" Hale

The harder you make it to protest peacefully, the easier it is to protest violently. Wise words spoken by a man now long dead. He has no idea how right he was, I bet.

Character Portrait: Shadow (Elise) Walker
Shadow (Elise) Walker

I walked in the shadows then. I do so now so they will know who I am.


Character Portrait: Jon "Tomb Stone" Hale
Jon "Tomb Stone" Hale

The harder you make it to protest peacefully, the easier it is to protest violently. Wise words spoken by a man now long dead. He has no idea how right he was, I bet.

Character Portrait: Shadow (Elise) Walker
Shadow (Elise) Walker

I walked in the shadows then. I do so now so they will know who I am.

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Character Portrait: Jon "Tomb Stone" Hale
Jon "Tomb Stone" Hale

The harder you make it to protest peacefully, the easier it is to protest violently. Wise words spoken by a man now long dead. He has no idea how right he was, I bet.

Character Portrait: Shadow (Elise) Walker
Shadow (Elise) Walker

I walked in the shadows then. I do so now so they will know who I am.

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