The Dog

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a character in “The Rich and The Dog”, as played by Ken Shiro


Master/Dog; Dog
True Name; Unknown
Dog Name; Lazarus
Gender; Male
Age; 19


Height; 5'10"
Weight; 179lb
Eye colour; Pale blue
Hair colour; Black
Description; Scrawny with small but defined muscle build, shoulder length pitch black hair. Eyes of pale blue that looked near white, his skin of a similar paleness, looking as if he had never seen the sun. Dark rings around his eyes like he had never slept, his movements are wiry and sharp as if everything was a reflex.

History/Background; Nothing is know of his birth or his youngest years. Was found by a masters dog trainer and instead of being taken to the masters kennel, was taken to the trainers own personal grounds. The trainer treated him worse than most masters, bending the child's body and mind to learn capoeira, feeding him only to stave of death and starvation. The boys achievements at learning the difficult martial art were met only with a lack of punishment rather than reward. The boys small frame a quick movements aided in his learning but made it all no easier to handle, years were spent breaking and re-breaking bones, dislodges limbs to allow impossible movements and angles. What he lacked in raw strength was made up in speed and technique, and it was proven efficient in his first fight. His opponent a large and much stronger child never laid a hand on his as dodge each attack and danced around the pit delivering devastating blows to the bodies weak and vital areas. The trainer profited greatly from each win and soon was able to set into the light and become a master himself, but his treatment and training to the boy never stopped being less cruel and vicious. Years past as his master grew more powerful and richer and in the process made many enemies, one of which eventually killed the former trainer in his home. The child left locked in his kennel with his collar still around his neck, awaiting his masters call.


So begins...

Lazarus's Story