Ryan Masington III


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a character in “The Rich and The Dog”, as played by Ken Shiro



Name: Ryan Masington III
Gender: Male
Age: 30 yrs
Height: 6'
Weight: 179lbs
Eye Color: Blue

Personality & Background: Ryan was born into the world of old money, his family a long line of wall street billionaires. His father and grandfather were among the first to become masters of dogs, since he was old enough to walk his father showed him the ways of making money and training dogs. Tho his own method of training was considered brutal by even the most harshest of trainers it seemed to work. He considers himself the first in the new breed of masters, where he saw dogs as nothing but tools. He had killed several of his dogs for merely looking him in the eye. After his fathers untimely death he felt freed from his shadow and in only a few short years he had begun building a new empire. One based in the pits. He believed dogs could be more than simple entertainment but a much more valued commodity. He is intelligent and ruthless in his ambitions known only to himself, his empire within the pits was growing in tune with his empire above ground. Slowly claiming as many dogs he could find, caring for quantity over quality and ensuring they are all trained in the most horrific of fashion.

Dogs owned: Unknown

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