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Seths Animal Companion

0 · 307 views · located in Hüngarth

a character in “The Riders' Ascension”, as played by ElMystery


Name: Hark
Spiecies: Hawk
History: Hark used to sneak into Seths place when Seth wasn't there. One day Seth caught him red handed, with a trap. Seth figured if the bird was smart enough to sneak in, he could be useful with other things. They created an alliance.

So begins...

Hark's Story


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Seth creeped from atop a blacksmith building. The sky was just the way he liked it, blood red. It reminded him of death. Death of dragons. Seth chuckled with a sinister grin. Then he turned his head to the village bank. A huge carraige rode into the bank. Seth leaped off the blacksmith and dived on another building, tummbiling forth and landing in a squat posistion. Knights were dragging the carraige. Something inside it mustve been valuable inside it.. he thought. Seth grasped his bow. He pulled back the string, grabbing an arrow from the sheth on his back. He attached the arrow, and released. The arrow landed straight in the wheel. It stopped the carraige.

The knights looked confused, trying to drag the carraige. Seth tried to imagine what they were saying. A knight walked over to the stuck wheel. He saw the arrow. Seth quickly ducked down. The knights drew out their swords and walked cautiously around the carraige. Seth whistled. His animal henchman, Hark, flew down. Hark was a hawk. "Hark, go distract those dumbasses.." mummbled Seth, pointing at the knights. Hark flew down. He flew in the knights faces and irritated them. The knights chased after Hark, while Hark flew down the market square. Meanwhile, Seth leaped off the building, right behind the carraige. He peered inside; 5 pounds of silver gleaming. Seth snatched it, and dashed out. He also retrieved his arrow.

Seth whistled Hark back over. The two ran into a dark alley. The knights lost them. Seth climbed into a hole in the side of an abandoned warehouse. This was Seth and Harks hideout. Seth layed out the silver. Hark flew on his shoulder as Seth counted the silver. "We'll be rich... cackled Seth. He stroked Hark.