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Kenitsu Llyod

"Dragon Riding is like an art, it shouldnt be tooken away because of some bastards. Like example, in kindergarten, if some kid spilled the paint, we couldnt do paint, so if someone kills all the dragons... no more dragon riding..

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a character in “The Riders' Ascension”, as played by ElMystery


Name: Kenny Llyod Image
Age: 29
Posistion: Dragon Rider
Spiecies: Human
History: Kenny was a dragon fan and an artist ever since he was 2. He drew dragons and watched them every night from his window. One night... they weren't there. The next morning his parents told him the truth.. they were dead. Kenny was devistated.
Weapon: Dagger
Dragon Companion: Sveri

So begins...

Kenitsu Llyod's Story


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Kenitsu headed to the desert to sketch and paint a desert still-life. As soon as he dipped his brush in the sand-colored paint, he heard whimpering. "What the.." mummbled Kenny. He walked towards the noise. When he took a step forward, he herd a crack from below. Ken looked down; the sand was scaley. "Wait a sec..." stuttered Ken. He started to wipe all the sand off. 2 giant wings rose up, they were bony and weak. Then he saw; a 12 foot dragon rise up.

This dragon was bony and limp. "Are you ok..?" stuttered Ken. The dragon looked at him with terror. It tried to fly away, but it was too weak. Ken sat next to its muzzle and started stroking it. "I wont hurt you, its ok.." he cooed. Ken contorted the dragon. He was surprised there was a dragon... that was still alive! Ken examined him, he had scars and bruises. Ken walked the dragon home to his family barn. The dragon layed on the barn floor. "Thanks for saving me.." mummbled the dragon.

"You can talk?" stuttered Kenny. "Yeah.. I was a bit - cough - too weak.." "Are you ok?" "Yeah, what is your name?" "Kenitsu, or you can just call me Kenny." "Ok, my name is Sveri." "Oh cool.." Kenny pressed an ice pack on Sveris bruises. Sveri moaned.