Goron Greene

"Without chivalry and honor, what is to separate a warrior from a murderer? For a knight, these principles are of greater importance than all of his martial prowess."

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Goron Greene

Twenty-seven years of age, by Her Majesty's calender.


Having long sworn his life in fealty and homage to the Lord and Queen years ago, he is, and shall remain, their loyal vassal. He may have his doubts about some of their colder or more sadistic attributes or mannerisms, but he follows the code of chivalry with borderline fanaticism, and will follow their orders to the end.

Washed, polished, and otherwise maintained by his hand alone, Sir Goron in full armor is truly a sight to behold, the light shining off of him at the slightest provocation. Standing at an even six feet tall, with even with his impeccable posture, he not the tallest of the Queen's knights, but he is also not the shortest. He is about average in terms of build, at least for a man of his height, though he is obviously quite fit due to the physically strenuous life of a knight, not to mention the strain of lugging around seventy-plus pounds of armor all the time.

Though he rarely removes his armor, aside from when it becomes necessary to maintain it, sleep, or bathe, after all, it is his formal as well as battle attire, he will occasionally remove his helmet. Underneath, he is a man of fair skin and hair, the former perhaps related to how often the sunlight shines upon him directly. Goron's eyes, while a rather dull shade of blue, often gleam with a righteous conviction. Seeing as he rarely removes his helmet in battle, he hasn't the need to keep his hair short, but it has yet to reach his shoulders. Finally, it has been said by some that he has a surprisingly boyish face, and there are those who speculate that this is why he rarely removes his helmet unless asked.


Honorable before reasonable, and chivalrous to the end, Sir Goron is in many ways the ultimate example of knighthood. He is kind, respectful, gallant, polite, and humble, quick to leap to aid those who cannot protect themselves, and never letting injustice go unpunished. Unfortunately, he is also, in many ways, the oaths of fealty and homage taken to their logical extremes. Under a perfect monarchy, a knight that adheres precisely to the vows he has taken need never concern himself with such matters as the inherent conflict that can arise in the knights' code when a King decides that his castle is more worthy of protection than his countrymen. But, as it is however, no thinking creature on this world is perfect, and the man and woman to whom Goron gives his life are no exception to this rule, and occasionally their orders do conflict with what he himself believes to be right.

Despite his position and combat ability, Goron is very much an idealist at heart, and, while he no longer views himself, the other knights, and the kingdom in quite the same the magical fairytale way he used to, he is still much like a wide-eyed child in many respects. It is still his belief that the Queen and Lord are doing right in the end, and that it his duty, as it is that of all knights, to stand by them no matter what may come. He rarely even has much, if any, animosity towards those he fights to this end.

That is not, however, to say he is a fool. Being the Queen's general, Sir Goron has lead troops many times before, from both on and off the front lines, though he prefers the former to the latter, and he understands battlefield tactics from experience. From this same experience, he has gained a keen eye for potential, and simply cannot stand to see it squandered. Not everyone is blessed with the makings of a knight, and to waste such an opportunity that others would do anything for is almost unimaginable to him. As a final note, as part of his vows of knighthood, Goron is honest to a fault, and absolutely refuses to lie unless directly ordered to do so. He may withhold information, but will do so by openly stating that he will not share it.

+ Battle fought with glory and just cause
+ Tales of old
+ His horse, Tempest
+ Leading his fellow knights
+ The occasional cup of ale, preferably with the company of his brothers in arms

- The more dubious orders he is sometimes given
- Contradictions between his Lord or Lady and the codes of chivalry
- Rudeness
- People who prey upon those who can't defend themselves
- When knights disobey the code

Goron's hobbies relate primarily to his knightly duties, or those as general: cleaning and maintaining his equipment, studying battlefield reports, training, training others or training with them, et cetera. He also enjoys taking Tempest for rides around the city when he has the time, during which he almost invariably ends up giving an orphan food, defending the honor of some waitress, or preforming some other act of do-goodery.

His largest fear would definitely be losing his place as a knight, or, to a slightly lesser extent, dishonoring it.

Nope. Mr. Clean here actually is pretty much an open book. It is true that he sometimes has doubts about how good a knight he'd be without his sword, but he'd tell that to anyone who asked.


Draíochtagarda: The Mythslayer
Found by Goron as a boy, it is arguably this sword alone that propelled him to the position he now occupies. While it is extraordinarily sharp, enough so to cut granite if enough force is applied, the weapon is not magic in the traditional sense. Quite the opposite actually; the blade and its sheath are possessed of what some call anti-magic, in that it negates other forms of magic. To be more specific about its qualities, the longsword and its scabbard protect its wielder from magic, whether offensive or for his benefit seems not to matter to it, by reducing or even eliminating their effects entirely. A stream of fire is unable to pass the blade, mental communications are heard only as faint whispers, and the magically concealed is suddenly revealed.

In addition to its defensive capabilities, Draíochtagarda is of great value when fighting mystical entities for offensive reasons as well. Magical protections usually dissipate instantly upon making contact with the blade, and any wound inflicted by it cannot be healed any faster through magical means, making it to de facto weapon against a foe with a regenerative ability, like those possessed by some trolls, though the effectiveness of proper medical attention will be unaffected. The blade can even do harm to incorporeal beings, although usually not much, seeing as the metal does no damage, and any harm inflicted comes exclusively from the anti-magic burning their essence.

In addition to his legendary sword, Sir Goron is known to use a lance for mounted combat, and he keeps a long dagger at his belt, in case his sword is lost.

Aside from his armor and his weaponry, Sir Goron carries little on his person aside from the supplies he may need for any given situation. That is, he is unlikely to have anything additional while walking around the castle, but he carries the same supplies as any other knight onto the field, such as a shield. The mare he rides into combat, Tempest, may also count.

As a human, Goron possesses no supernatural abilities, beside which his sword would negate them even if he did. He does, however, possess strengths fully achievable by the rest of mankind, should they take the time to practice them. He is firstly stronger than your average person, and far fasted and more graceful in his armor than one would initially think possible. That said, he is still an human being wearing full-plate, so he still isn't as fast as the quicker of the lightly armored rogues, and he isn't going to be doing back-flips, at least not deliberately. He's also an astonishingly durable guy, again though, for a human. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, he has years of combat experience, filling a number of roles, both leading and following.

Goron Greene was born with no chance of becoming a knight. He did not come from a noble family, nor even a moderately successful merchant one. His father, and his father, and his father before him, were farmers, and so too was young Goron to be, or so said his mother. Goron's father, however, had, at one point in his youth, desperately wanted to escape his lot in life, and now, having failed that, tried his very best to provide that opportunity to his son.

He told Goron tales of wondrous things, of castles and kings, princesses and the trails men faced to win their hand, heroic knights and solemn vows of loyalty, and told the boy that, while he lacked the birth of a knight, and their situation looked a stagnant and unchangeable one, he had faith that Goron could achieve whatever he set out to. He taught the boy to read, showed him with knives how to keep a blade sharp and durable, as well as told him in as much detail as he could how to maintain armor, and entertained the child's imagination, sparing with him with sticks and helping him conquer the insidious wheat wizard. So charming and jovial was Daniel Greene that even his doubting, though ever-loving, don't misunderstand, wife joined them.

But it was not to last. When he was seven years old, a nearby battle spilled over into their farm. The side of Purplexia won, as it always seems to do, but the losses were heavy, both for the Purplexian military and for the Greene family. The farm had been reduced by flaming arrows to little more than a collapsed farmhouse and a burning scarecrow. Goron's parents did not survive.

In a horribly ironic twist of fate, he was taken under the wing of Sir Graham, one of the knights as a page. after around a year had passed, and, perhaps more importantly, after revealing his knowledge of caring for weapons and armor, his position was instead changed to squire. Ordinarily, there would have been some dispute over this, but, with many squires lost in the battle from which Goron was found, and the leader of this particular field army stated that they needed competent squires more than they needed to adhere to tradition. And so, Goron, despite being of common birth, was able to become a squire, also known as an apprentice knight. Of course, the general assumption at the time was that he wouldn't survive long enough for his possible ascension into knighthood to be an issue.

This assumption, while not accurate, did not turn out to be entirely unjustified, as, after only five years of working as a squire, their company was sent to kill a beast that had been stealing large animals from a rural village. Unfortunately, what had been thought of as a pack of wolves or at most a massive serpent by those who'd collected the eyewitness accounts, ended up being a fully-grown dragon. Unprepared for a fight with a creature thought not to exist outside children's stories, they had no strategy for combat, and their ranks were quickly thrown into chaos and disorder. In the confusion Goron was accidentally pushed into a nearby well, unnoticed by either man or beast. While wells weren't ordinarily too deep in this area, water often being close to the surface, it was still surprising that Goron landed not only alive but relatively unharmed.

Looking back on that day, the one that truly set his path, it seems fate truly was on his side, not only because the well had been fortuitously shallow, but also for the sheathed sword leaning inconspicuously against the lower wall of the well, only a few inches to his left, not that there was much room for it to have been farther. Overlooking the sword's decorativeness, the teenage Goron thought the weapon his own, grabbing it and affixing it to his belt, before climbing out of the well.

He arrived at the surface just in time to witness the beast lunging at an injured Sir Graham. To the man's eternal credit, he was holding out quite well all things considered, and had even dealt a number of scratches to the dragon's snout. Goron, seeing his mentor and surrogate father in danger, fulfilled his duty as squire in what was quite possibly the stupidest things he has done before or since: he ran screaming forward and thrust his newly acquired weapon through the flesh in front of the dragon's back leg. To Goron's surprise as much as the dragon's, the blade did not scrape against the scale, leaving a mild slash that could easily be shrugged off. Instead, with his full force of momentum behind it, the blade had pierced through almost to the hilt.

What happened next went by very quickly, only taking a little over ten seconds in all. The creature spun very quickly to face him, ramming its shoulder, or hip or whatever it had into him in the process, sending Goron flying a few feet onto his back. Luckily for him, he managed to keep hold of the sword, which slid out of the beast's side haphazardly as a result, enlarging the wound further, and causing something to pop painfully in his chest. He had no time to worry about that, however, as the thing was now upon him, snapping him, and being held back only by fear of the sword that was swung at it when it tried. Changing tactics, the dragon first reared back, then snapping forward to breathe forth an infernal stream of flame. While the grass on either side of him withered in the blaze, the flames seemed unable to touch the blade, moving in other directions instead as if repelled by an invisible force. Were the concept ever taught to him, Goron would compare it to magnetism. Seeing as the dragon had already been so obliging as to move its snout so close to him, while keeping it open mo less, Goron did what he saw as the logical thing to do, by stabbing blindly into the mouth from which the fire was coming. He burnt himself of course. There are still scars on his forearms to this day. The dragon, however, came out of it a bit worse than that. Heavily injured and possibly blinded in one eye, it reared back one final time, allowing Goron to spring to his feet and run it through

What happened after that took fourteen years, but feels in retrospect to Sir Goron to be such a short time. For slaying the dragon and finding a legendary sword, identified by its markings as Draíochtagarda, he was hailed as a hero. The nobility loved him for his deeds, the common folk loved him for his origins as one of them, and his single-handed rescue of an entire company even earned him a royal commendation. He maintains to this day that anyone with as little brains as he had at the time and access to magical (anti-magical, whatever) weaponry could have done the same.

In light of this, he took the injured Sir Graham's place in their squadron of knights, and showed great promise in subsequent battles and formal occasions alike, and, after a several years, he had become the most valuable knight at his lord's disposal. Finally, when he was twenty, his lord, an elderly man now not far from death, gifted the royal family with his service in an attempt to earn some influence for the family he would leave behind.

Over time, Sir Goron grew and learned, while proving his worth time and again, until eventually he was given the position of general, where he now remains. While he was and is admittedly disappointed at the marked reduction in the frequency of quests he has time for, he does enjoy the involvement he can have in training the newer knights. In recent times there have been some concerning developments, that much cannot be denied by even the most unwilling to see it, but Sir Goron Greene is certain that so long as he continues to abide by the oaths of fealty homage and chivalry that he holds so dear and have taken hims so far, all will end well, just as they always would in those stories his father told so long ago.

So begins...

Goron Greene's Story


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#, as written by ABC

The carriage bumped along as it rolled down the cobblestone streets of Omega towards the castle, passing numerous citizens who didn't give it a second glance. They were not entirely unjustified in shrugging it off either. For a royal carriage, it was exceedingly plain; taken care of, but unadorned. It wasn't even purple. There was, essentially, no reason for anyone who was unfamiliar with this carriage to think that it would be in any way associated with the royal family.

Which was, of course, precisely the point. The reason that the Queen, and by extension, her acting bodyguard for the moment, were in this carriage on this specific occasion, was that they were returning from a fortress on the outskirts of the city, to the castle proper. The reason for this being the little assassination attempt of last night. Since someone had been so kind as to warn them ahead of time about their uninvited guests, Queen Violet had been removed from the building hours before the attackers had even arrived. She'd had faith that Phoenix could handle the situation well enough, but it was better to be cautious. Speaking of which, she fully intended to find out where exactly this "anonymous tip" had come from. Anyone who knew when assassins were going to appear on the Queen's doorstep had some questions to answer.

The young monarch glanced over at the knight across from her. Despite the fact that he was sitting upright, she honestly couldn't tell if Sir Goron was actually awake. Well, intellectually she knew he was alert and prepared for just about anything, but, seeing as he had failed to so much as remove his visor, and he was sitting completely motionless, she had no way of visually confirming it. Not that there was any need to, but it was still something that Violet kept in mind.

Goron was, as it turned out, not sleeping, but going over recent events in his head. He was not particularly pleased with the way that this whole situation had worked out. Oh, he understood the need to ensure the Queen's safety, as well as the fact that Kota was... otherwise occupied, and unable to preform her usual duties. He took no issue with any of that. What did not sit well with him was the way in which the assassins had been dealt with. Rather than facing them directly, the plan had, the last he had heard before leaving with the Queen, been to allow them to get into the castle, lure them into a trap, and then kill them. And while it was a decent strategy, and killing one's enemies was often necessary, the idea of engaging a foe who was not aware of your presence without announcing yourself and giving them time to defend themselves just seemed... wrong. He understood that it was how Phoenix did things, and he bore the man no ill will for it, he even fully understood the tactical advantage behind it, but it was far too dishonorable a tactic for him or one of his knights to employ.

But, of course, the vows of loyalty came before those of chivalry, and he would have done the same thing if ordered to, That is not to say that he would by any means be happy about it, but he'd do as commanded.

When the carriage ride was finally over, delivering them as close to the inside of the building as it possibly could, Sir Goron stepped out, his armor immediately bursting into light as it moved into the sun. Taking the Queen's hand when she extended it, he helped her down. "To where shall we go first, Your Majesty?" It was the first he had spoken since they had set out, so Violet knew that this matter must be concerning him more than he showed. Well, in so far as one shows anything with their entire body encased in steel. "We'll retrieve Kota first. Alterez can wait. Once Kota has again taken her place as my guard, you are temporarily dismissed. Find your men, tend to any dead you may have, but do not go far. I shall need you again shortly." "Yes, Your Highness."

So the two proceeded into the dungeon, down a number of flights of stairs and winding passageways designed specifically to confuse anyone attempting to make sense of them, and finally arrived outside the door, behind which the Queen's true bodyguard waited. With a nod from Violet, Goron opened the door, and stepped inside. The cell had been carefully constructed, silver lining the walls, regardless of the unclarity of its effect on werewolves, and that of the occupant's relation to the mysterious beasts. Stepping forward, metal boots scraping softly over damp stone, the knight lightly tapped the girl's shoulder to wake her.


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Kota Pierce

The last thing Kota remembered was walking through the great halls of the castle. Guards on standby, more than usual, and the fact that she had been feeling weird all day long. Her senses were heightened even more than before, scent, strength, speed, touch, and taste were enhanced beyond the mere mortals knowledge. Even her anger and attitude was different, she couldn't control her thoughts, actions, and wants. And all of that was due to a full moon coming that night.

She remembered how she always hated this, even though she would be handcuffed, shackled to the floor, and locked up in a cell, to keep her from escaping. Kota still felt like a monster that couldn't be stopped, and have only carnage, destruction, death, blood, flesh, and violence. And she hated herself for it, even though everyone knew that she wasn't in control it still made her feel like a freak. And if you think her being the Queen's royal body guard made things better and made her untouchable and not hated by the people.....well, you're wrong.

Yes, she was higher in the social class than most other females in the kingdom, besides those that were servants or maids for the Queen, Kota was still a victim of hate, scorn, laughter, anger, envy for her looks and power over the people, as well as people hating her for having killed some of the towns people on her first full moon transformation.

Ever since that night that she snuck out of the castle to see one of her ''friends,'' she's been locked up in a cell, far away from the town, and castle......in a vase system of tunnels that are underground. And each night, before the full moon would rise, she would be blind folded, cuffed, and brought down into the tunnels and led to her cell. If she knew the way out, even if she ever broke out while she was on her full wolf state, she could escape and possibly kill people because she knew how to get out.

Kota had been put into her cell, locked up with cuffs, and shackles, even though when she fully shifts, the only thing that stays on her is her neck shackle that they put on for restriction purposes. And thankfully for her, and everyone else that the myth of when were wolves/lycans transform that they're naked afterwards, that little myth is false. She was dressed in her usual uniform but was lacking her robe, she had everything else. Her vest, shirt, pants, and boots.

Kota had been asleep for hours after her transformation had finally ended as the hour hit mid-morning. And the transformation on a full moon is painful beyond belief. Her bones break and snap into place, her canine teeth elongate and only get sharper, her once smooth human skin, becomes a soft, thick, and silver colored fur that goes and encompases all of her body, from head to toe. Her eyes go from a brilliant and vibrant dusky, light purple, to a bright, piercing green, that even glows in the dark. And the beautiful, young, and vulnerable looking teen age girl that was there s gone, and the only thing left in her place is a huge, almost seven foot tall, light silver colored, green eyed, fierce and powerful were wolf.

Kota had been asleep for at least seven hours after the full moon was down and no longer could cast it's deadly, and evil spell upon the poor soul who it would capture every month, and make her it's own. She was in the corner of her cell, still with the neck shackle around her smooth, thin, and fair skin toned neck. She had been howling, clawing, barking, growling, snapping her fangs at the guards who would mock and throw jests at her while she was in this state. Even though they were told under strict order from the Queen to never taunt Kota while in this state, the guards wanted to have some fun, and didn't think anything would happen while she was in the cell.

Kota's hair was still in it's usual back, trailing down fro her locks, to the middle of her back. Her skin was as smooth as ever, but a little cold from sleeping on cold, damp cobble stone. As the Queen and Captain Goron unlocked the door, a guard walked in with Goron and unlocked the neck shackle after Goron had made contact by ever so slightly tapping her on the right shoulder blade.
As Kota was lightly tapped on her arm, and as she heard the shackles being unlocked and hitting the floor with a metalic thud, Kota's eyes jerked open, her mouth went ajar, and she stretched as she sat up. She yawned and stretched her arms and legs, and still sat there without making any eye contact with the people who had awoken her.

Kota yawned one more time, and her eyes were drowsy with sleep still, and she sat there, slumped over in the corner, with her arms by her sides. Kota just sat there, silent....then her wolf ears perked up and swept up every little sound, whether it was from down the echoing hall, or even in the room with her, she could hear it without having to turn around. She could hear breathing, and both of the sounds were all to familiar and even comforting to the young teen. A smile crept on her lips and she stood up, and cracked her back before turning around.

She gave her Queen and her tutor Goron a respectable bow and said, '' Forgive me for not taking your presence into account, as quickly as I should have, m'lady. That will never happen again.'' She said as she rose from her bow and looked back up. She could hear the extra guards leaving the tunnels and going back to their more respectable posts. She looked back at her Queen and gave her a kind and ever so quick smile and then looked at Goron and said, '' It's alright, Goron. You can go about your respectable duties, and I will take back my place at her majesty's side. You may go now, and don't forget to let Phoenix out for the day. He worked all night since the raid, and will need the day of, understood?''

Kota looked back at her Queen and ever so slightly blushed, then mentally kicked herself for doing that. It was not appropriate for her to be blushing at her Majesty the Queen, but Kota couldn't help it. It was only her that could make Kota blush, and not from liking the Queen more than she should, which, Kota never had a bad thought about the Queen. She only blushed from her outmost respect, and also for telling Goron what to do instead of the Queen who was right there. Kota smiled and said, '' I apologize, dear Violet. I shouldn't have ordered Goron without your order to do so, forgive my arrogance and error, t'will not happen again I reassure you.'' Even tho Queen Violet Flame was by far more mercifull than her twin sister, she still had her right to give someone the flogging they deserved if they so did anything to go against the Queen's orders.


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#, as written by ABC

Goron was faintly surprised by Kota's words. He was, after all, one of the kingdom's two generals. As such, he reported to, and received orders only from the crown, the only military rank higher than his own. It was true that he still deferred to Lord Alterez and such when not on the Queen's orders, but, were she technically a part of the Purplexian military force, Goron would be considered of a higher rank than the girl currently commanding him. As it was, neither was really in a position to order anyone.

Being the amiable fellow he was though, this didn't bother him at all. Indeed, he actually lifted a hand to conceal his amused smile, although in retrospect that was the only evidence that it was even there. With a joking little bow and a perhaps slightly too-serious voice he answered "Right away, milady." With that, and a nod from the Queen indicating that he was indeed dismissed, Goron left the cell and made his way out of the catacombs beneath the palace.

He didn't try to find Phoenix though, partly because he was quite possibly the most difficult person to find in the entire kingdom, and Goron had no authority over him anyway. That said, he would give the assassin a reminder to get some rest, if only because Kota had asked. For the moment however, the knight made his way out into the courtyard. Hopefully someone there would know where he might find General Poliferus.


Queen Violet nodded in acknowledgement. Were she a less serious person, she might have teased Kota for her blushing. Then again, were she a person who took the crown lightly, it would likely be on her sister's head this very moment, and the kingdom in shambles. So instead, she merely answered the apologies with her usual response. "So long as there is no ill will incurred, and no-one harmed, it's a learning experience."

Perhaps not the most reassuring response she could possibly have given, but it was more than most would have gotten. That being said, the young monarch turned on her heel, nodded for the lycanthropic bodyguard to follow, and left the small room, heavy cape flowing behind her.

"We're going to see Alterez first. If fortune permits Phoenix will be there as well. While it's unlikely, considering his usual methods, I'd like to see if he managed to get anything out of the assassins before they died. Alterez meanwhile, will probably try to do something about this, and, while I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think he and I will have the same course of action in mind." Violet walked briskly as she brought her companion up to date on the situation, making her way up to the throne room, where Alterez would hopefully still be.