Violet Flame

"Regardless of the cost, this kingdom shall not fall."

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Violet Flame



Loyalist, obviously. Her true loyalty, however, lies not with other the loyalists who support her, but with Purplexia itself.

Queen Violet is as beautiful as she is often described, perhaps even more so. She is not, however, what people often expect after hearing the description. While her shortness and slight build are often a surprise, they are overshadowed by her short hair and the severity of her bearing, as well as her choice of ceremonial garb.

Her eyes and expression make her nobility and dignity clear to any who stand before her, and they, as well as her posture, aptly convey the innate determination and certainty of one who was born and raised to wear the crown.

That being said, she rarely wears the actual crown anywhere aside from the throne room, preferring instead a purple ribbon to tie back her hair. For this, as well as her decision to wear armor rather than a more courtly gown, she has received some grumblings and raised brows, all of which she has dismissed sharply. Regardless of what many might think of the royalty's position and duties, it is foremost in Violet's mind that it is her place to ensure the security of her kingdom, and that, as monarch, she is the highest-ranking member of the military. She's actually not the first Purplexian monarch by a long shot to favor armor over robes, but she is the first Queen to do so.

Some also take issue with the relative lack of purple in her garments. She points out however that they are not blue, but indigo, a shade of purple.

Queen Violet Flame is possibly the best living argument for rule through divine right. Not in terms of success of course, but rather as a result of how she arrives at her success or failure. While she may be physically small, her personality is a powerful one, a weapon she uses as a knight might his sword. She has, on a few rare occasions, silenced uproarious aristocrats with nothing more than a stern glance in their direction. Noble, austere, clever, and commanding, these are the defining traits she is known for. For better or worse however, they are not the only ones.

Whatever might be said for the Queen or how she may choose to do things, Violet truly does love her kingdom and its people. Indeed, it might very well be safer for them were this less the case, as she is willing to do whatever is necessary to preserve Purplexia in all its glory, and protect its subjects against any harm, even if it is thus themselves who she must guard it and them against. As a result, she can't help but feel offended, even hurt, though she'd never openly admit the latter, by the mere existence of the so-called "Independents". After all the work she puts into keeping the nation powerful and affluent, after her father, and his father, and his father before him, spent their entire lives building Purplexia into what it is, these few short-sighted individuals were fooled by her sister into thinking it righteous to ruin it for everyone? Mind you, she's fairly certain that most of them are just sell-swords, looking to make some coin, but even so, these actions are, in her mind, misguided, and nigh unforgivable.

While her brilliance and devotion to her country are admirable, Her Majesty tends to be a bit... removed. Sometimes accused, behind her back of course, of being emotionless entirely, Violet always was the calmer and more level-headed of the sisters, and this trait seems only to have taken greater hold once her father died and she took the throne. Or at least, she took the title of monarch. With Alterez attempting to run the military, handle diplomacy, and make laws, she isn't entirely certain what he thinks that she'll be doing, but she finds his acting almost as regent, helpful though he may mean to be, a little more than presumptuous. Back on track however, Violet's typical attitude is objectively analytical at best, and chillingly cold at worst.

+ The Kingdom of Purplexia
+ Her loyal subjects
+ Her knights
+ Alterez
+ Her sister, to a certain extent

- Her sister, to a currently greater extent
- The so-called "Independents"
- A very large portion of the aristocracy, interactions with whom being one field she's more than happy to let Alterez have
- Traitors
- Disorder

Queen Violet has little time for such things, occupying the majority of her time with her duties as monarch.

To be honest, Violet can't think of anything offhand that she would genuinely be afraid of, it simply isn't in her nature. The closest thing would be her desire not to fail her father.

Violet is planning, among other things, the assassination of Lord Alterez. She has no intention of actually following through without ample reason, he is one of her oldest (and only, for that matter) friends after all, but he's been presuming a bit much since the King died, and she is not one to not take proper precautions.

Much like the ceremonial armor she dons, Her Majesty carries a sword at her side at all times, gifted to her by the church on her sixteenth birthday. While the sword's primary color is blue, the one given to her sister is red, together being the component colors for the royal purple. The blade bears the inscription "Flamma Aurora Violet". Finally, despite being a sword designed for ceremonial purposes, knighting and other such things, the blade is perfectly serviceable, and, while it is not even slightly magical, it is of superior craftsmanship.

Violet rarely carries much on her person, aside from her sword, cape, and armor. Rare is the occasion for her to do so, as her duties rarely require any kind of equipment, and even less often is one where the necessities are not provided. That said, while she rarely wears it outside the throne room, she keeps her crown with her at all times.

Compared to those she surrounds herself with, Queen Violet's combat ability is fairly low. She is well trained in the art of dueling, but has never truly participated in battle before, aside from a few brief instances, not lengthy enough to count as an actual fight. Of course, this is neither where Her Majesty's strengths lie, nor where they are meant to. Coldly brilliant by nature, she has also received the education and upbringing of one who may inherit the throne, which in of itself is a massive intellectual advantage. In the courts, when she does see fit to speak, her wit is unparalleled, and her strategic knowledge is on par with even her two generals, both of whom are masters in the field. Her education also extends to lawmaking, and otherwise running a kingdom as well. In truth, her primary source of trouble with ruling, aside obviously from her sister leading an armed revolt, is appeasing the church and nobility, so as not to lose their support. Finally, while not exactly an ability so much as an inherent personality trait, Violet seems to handle stress extraordinarily well, keeping a level head even during attempts on her life.

Violet Flame was born as the second in a pair of twins, the first being her, ever so slightly, older sister, Rosa Dream. The infants were beautiful and healthy, and the royals rejoiced at finally having not one, but two applicable heirs to the throne, though it might perhaps been preferred by some that one of them had been a boy. The King and Queen of the time had been trying many years to produce a successor, and it was thought that it would soon be impossible for them. Regardless, as it was, the rejoicing was short lived, as, it seemed, was the Queen at the time, and she fell ill and passed away, not long after the girls' birth, leaving them to be raised by their father and the castle servants.

While it might be a surprise to learn, considering their current situation, the sisters actually got along quite well, the personality and talents of one a compliment to the other. Violet being quiet, intellectual, and reserved, perhaps even a bit shy, seemingly possessing an instinctive understanding of economy and foreign relations, and Rosa being effortlessly charming, adventurous, clever, and perfectly at ease amongst the aristocracy. Both were gifted tactically, as well as in the art of swordplay, so much so that their sparring had to be done separately from their actual fencing lessons, so long would it end up taking one to score a point against the other. The King and his advisers were pleased in the assuredness that, no matter who was chosen to succeed him, she would be an excellent Queen, with an equally great Princess at her side. Rosa, being the older of the two, even if only by a minute or two, was the most likely choice for the role at the time.

Their friendship lasted well into their teens, though their interactions were fewer, with Rosa attending functions held by nobles and dragging Violet around less, while Violet spent more and more of her time around the castle, reading into Purplexian history, observing how the soldiers were trained, and watching from their father's side as he served his role as King. The differences between the two increased, as Violet grew more focused and restrained, and her sister grew more worldly and impulsive. Despite this though, the two still got along, though perhaps not quite as well as they used to.

That was of course, until the incident. Violet never found out exactly what it was, other than that it had had to do with Rosa's increasingly emotional attitude, and that the church was upset. In the end though whatever happened succeeded in convincing the King, already on his deathbed, that Rosa was to easily swayed by her emotions to safely be entrusted the crown, and decided that Violet would inherit it when he died, which he did barely a week after deciding this, making the new Queen promise to look after her subjects as a kind and benevolent ruler. Somewhere during this week was the last time she saw Rosa as well, though that particular period of time is hazy in her memory, and not one she especially enjoys thinking about anyway.

Lord Alterez, a friend and member of the aristocracy, was of great help during this time of grief, organizing the funeral, coronation, and anything else that needed to be done immediately, while Violet composed herself. Over the years that followed, Queen Violet has faced down other nations, cemented the growth of Purplexia, and gathered quite the collection of oddballs and misfits within her inner circle. An assassin, a peasant knight, a wolf, and a gymnastic spy. Hardly a courtly group, but she loves them as she does all of her subjects. Her sister has recently returned, leading a gang of marauders and malcontents with the goal of overthrowing her and taking the throne she claims is rightfully hers.


So begins...

Violet Flame's Story


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#, as written by ABC

The carriage bumped along as it rolled down the cobblestone streets of Omega towards the castle, passing numerous citizens who didn't give it a second glance. They were not entirely unjustified in shrugging it off either. For a royal carriage, it was exceedingly plain; taken care of, but unadorned. It wasn't even purple. There was, essentially, no reason for anyone who was unfamiliar with this carriage to think that it would be in any way associated with the royal family.

Which was, of course, precisely the point. The reason that the Queen, and by extension, her acting bodyguard for the moment, were in this carriage on this specific occasion, was that they were returning from a fortress on the outskirts of the city, to the castle proper. The reason for this being the little assassination attempt of last night. Since someone had been so kind as to warn them ahead of time about their uninvited guests, Queen Violet had been removed from the building hours before the attackers had even arrived. She'd had faith that Phoenix could handle the situation well enough, but it was better to be cautious. Speaking of which, she fully intended to find out where exactly this "anonymous tip" had come from. Anyone who knew when assassins were going to appear on the Queen's doorstep had some questions to answer.

The young monarch glanced over at the knight across from her. Despite the fact that he was sitting upright, she honestly couldn't tell if Sir Goron was actually awake. Well, intellectually she knew he was alert and prepared for just about anything, but, seeing as he had failed to so much as remove his visor, and he was sitting completely motionless, she had no way of visually confirming it. Not that there was any need to, but it was still something that Violet kept in mind.

Goron was, as it turned out, not sleeping, but going over recent events in his head. He was not particularly pleased with the way that this whole situation had worked out. Oh, he understood the need to ensure the Queen's safety, as well as the fact that Kota was... otherwise occupied, and unable to preform her usual duties. He took no issue with any of that. What did not sit well with him was the way in which the assassins had been dealt with. Rather than facing them directly, the plan had, the last he had heard before leaving with the Queen, been to allow them to get into the castle, lure them into a trap, and then kill them. And while it was a decent strategy, and killing one's enemies was often necessary, the idea of engaging a foe who was not aware of your presence without announcing yourself and giving them time to defend themselves just seemed... wrong. He understood that it was how Phoenix did things, and he bore the man no ill will for it, he even fully understood the tactical advantage behind it, but it was far too dishonorable a tactic for him or one of his knights to employ.

But, of course, the vows of loyalty came before those of chivalry, and he would have done the same thing if ordered to, That is not to say that he would by any means be happy about it, but he'd do as commanded.

When the carriage ride was finally over, delivering them as close to the inside of the building as it possibly could, Sir Goron stepped out, his armor immediately bursting into light as it moved into the sun. Taking the Queen's hand when she extended it, he helped her down. "To where shall we go first, Your Majesty?" It was the first he had spoken since they had set out, so Violet knew that this matter must be concerning him more than he showed. Well, in so far as one shows anything with their entire body encased in steel. "We'll retrieve Kota first. Alterez can wait. Once Kota has again taken her place as my guard, you are temporarily dismissed. Find your men, tend to any dead you may have, but do not go far. I shall need you again shortly." "Yes, Your Highness."

So the two proceeded into the dungeon, down a number of flights of stairs and winding passageways designed specifically to confuse anyone attempting to make sense of them, and finally arrived outside the door, behind which the Queen's true bodyguard waited. With a nod from Violet, Goron opened the door, and stepped inside. The cell had been carefully constructed, silver lining the walls, regardless of the unclarity of its effect on werewolves, and that of the occupant's relation to the mysterious beasts. Stepping forward, metal boots scraping softly over damp stone, the knight lightly tapped the girl's shoulder to wake her.


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Kota Pierce

The last thing Kota remembered was walking through the great halls of the castle. Guards on standby, more than usual, and the fact that she had been feeling weird all day long. Her senses were heightened even more than before, scent, strength, speed, touch, and taste were enhanced beyond the mere mortals knowledge. Even her anger and attitude was different, she couldn't control her thoughts, actions, and wants. And all of that was due to a full moon coming that night.

She remembered how she always hated this, even though she would be handcuffed, shackled to the floor, and locked up in a cell, to keep her from escaping. Kota still felt like a monster that couldn't be stopped, and have only carnage, destruction, death, blood, flesh, and violence. And she hated herself for it, even though everyone knew that she wasn't in control it still made her feel like a freak. And if you think her being the Queen's royal body guard made things better and made her untouchable and not hated by the people.....well, you're wrong.

Yes, she was higher in the social class than most other females in the kingdom, besides those that were servants or maids for the Queen, Kota was still a victim of hate, scorn, laughter, anger, envy for her looks and power over the people, as well as people hating her for having killed some of the towns people on her first full moon transformation.

Ever since that night that she snuck out of the castle to see one of her ''friends,'' she's been locked up in a cell, far away from the town, and castle......in a vase system of tunnels that are underground. And each night, before the full moon would rise, she would be blind folded, cuffed, and brought down into the tunnels and led to her cell. If she knew the way out, even if she ever broke out while she was on her full wolf state, she could escape and possibly kill people because she knew how to get out.

Kota had been put into her cell, locked up with cuffs, and shackles, even though when she fully shifts, the only thing that stays on her is her neck shackle that they put on for restriction purposes. And thankfully for her, and everyone else that the myth of when were wolves/lycans transform that they're naked afterwards, that little myth is false. She was dressed in her usual uniform but was lacking her robe, she had everything else. Her vest, shirt, pants, and boots.

Kota had been asleep for hours after her transformation had finally ended as the hour hit mid-morning. And the transformation on a full moon is painful beyond belief. Her bones break and snap into place, her canine teeth elongate and only get sharper, her once smooth human skin, becomes a soft, thick, and silver colored fur that goes and encompases all of her body, from head to toe. Her eyes go from a brilliant and vibrant dusky, light purple, to a bright, piercing green, that even glows in the dark. And the beautiful, young, and vulnerable looking teen age girl that was there s gone, and the only thing left in her place is a huge, almost seven foot tall, light silver colored, green eyed, fierce and powerful were wolf.

Kota had been asleep for at least seven hours after the full moon was down and no longer could cast it's deadly, and evil spell upon the poor soul who it would capture every month, and make her it's own. She was in the corner of her cell, still with the neck shackle around her smooth, thin, and fair skin toned neck. She had been howling, clawing, barking, growling, snapping her fangs at the guards who would mock and throw jests at her while she was in this state. Even though they were told under strict order from the Queen to never taunt Kota while in this state, the guards wanted to have some fun, and didn't think anything would happen while she was in the cell.

Kota's hair was still in it's usual back, trailing down fro her locks, to the middle of her back. Her skin was as smooth as ever, but a little cold from sleeping on cold, damp cobble stone. As the Queen and Captain Goron unlocked the door, a guard walked in with Goron and unlocked the neck shackle after Goron had made contact by ever so slightly tapping her on the right shoulder blade.
As Kota was lightly tapped on her arm, and as she heard the shackles being unlocked and hitting the floor with a metalic thud, Kota's eyes jerked open, her mouth went ajar, and she stretched as she sat up. She yawned and stretched her arms and legs, and still sat there without making any eye contact with the people who had awoken her.

Kota yawned one more time, and her eyes were drowsy with sleep still, and she sat there, slumped over in the corner, with her arms by her sides. Kota just sat there, silent....then her wolf ears perked up and swept up every little sound, whether it was from down the echoing hall, or even in the room with her, she could hear it without having to turn around. She could hear breathing, and both of the sounds were all to familiar and even comforting to the young teen. A smile crept on her lips and she stood up, and cracked her back before turning around.

She gave her Queen and her tutor Goron a respectable bow and said, '' Forgive me for not taking your presence into account, as quickly as I should have, m'lady. That will never happen again.'' She said as she rose from her bow and looked back up. She could hear the extra guards leaving the tunnels and going back to their more respectable posts. She looked back at her Queen and gave her a kind and ever so quick smile and then looked at Goron and said, '' It's alright, Goron. You can go about your respectable duties, and I will take back my place at her majesty's side. You may go now, and don't forget to let Phoenix out for the day. He worked all night since the raid, and will need the day of, understood?''

Kota looked back at her Queen and ever so slightly blushed, then mentally kicked herself for doing that. It was not appropriate for her to be blushing at her Majesty the Queen, but Kota couldn't help it. It was only her that could make Kota blush, and not from liking the Queen more than she should, which, Kota never had a bad thought about the Queen. She only blushed from her outmost respect, and also for telling Goron what to do instead of the Queen who was right there. Kota smiled and said, '' I apologize, dear Violet. I shouldn't have ordered Goron without your order to do so, forgive my arrogance and error, t'will not happen again I reassure you.'' Even tho Queen Violet Flame was by far more mercifull than her twin sister, she still had her right to give someone the flogging they deserved if they so did anything to go against the Queen's orders.


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#, as written by ABC

Goron was faintly surprised by Kota's words. He was, after all, one of the kingdom's two generals. As such, he reported to, and received orders only from the crown, the only military rank higher than his own. It was true that he still deferred to Lord Alterez and such when not on the Queen's orders, but, were she technically a part of the Purplexian military force, Goron would be considered of a higher rank than the girl currently commanding him. As it was, neither was really in a position to order anyone.

Being the amiable fellow he was though, this didn't bother him at all. Indeed, he actually lifted a hand to conceal his amused smile, although in retrospect that was the only evidence that it was even there. With a joking little bow and a perhaps slightly too-serious voice he answered "Right away, milady." With that, and a nod from the Queen indicating that he was indeed dismissed, Goron left the cell and made his way out of the catacombs beneath the palace.

He didn't try to find Phoenix though, partly because he was quite possibly the most difficult person to find in the entire kingdom, and Goron had no authority over him anyway. That said, he would give the assassin a reminder to get some rest, if only because Kota had asked. For the moment however, the knight made his way out into the courtyard. Hopefully someone there would know where he might find General Poliferus.


Queen Violet nodded in acknowledgement. Were she a less serious person, she might have teased Kota for her blushing. Then again, were she a person who took the crown lightly, it would likely be on her sister's head this very moment, and the kingdom in shambles. So instead, she merely answered the apologies with her usual response. "So long as there is no ill will incurred, and no-one harmed, it's a learning experience."

Perhaps not the most reassuring response she could possibly have given, but it was more than most would have gotten. That being said, the young monarch turned on her heel, nodded for the lycanthropic bodyguard to follow, and left the small room, heavy cape flowing behind her.

"We're going to see Alterez first. If fortune permits Phoenix will be there as well. While it's unlikely, considering his usual methods, I'd like to see if he managed to get anything out of the assassins before they died. Alterez meanwhile, will probably try to do something about this, and, while I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think he and I will have the same course of action in mind." Violet walked briskly as she brought her companion up to date on the situation, making her way up to the throne room, where Alterez would hopefully still be.