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Artemis Vetter [6] '' If over throwing the throne is what we're gonna do, then count me in. As long as I get the money that I was offered, I'll stand by Captain Rubber.''
Starlight [6] "You can try to run, but you'll only die tired."
Kota Pierce [3] '' I will stand by my queen, even until my last dying breath.''
Violet Flame [3] "Regardless of the cost, this kingdom shall not fall."
Goron Greene [3] "Without chivalry and honor, what is to separate a warrior from a murderer? For a knight, these principles are of greater importance than all of his martial prowess."
Captain Val [2] "Blood and Gold, that's what makes the world tick! The more of one you have, the less of the other. And I mean to get me some gold!"
Syther 'Rubber' Roark [2] "The high seas be my domain. Ye best not venture there."
Lhaindes Arcamenel [1] "Better a witty fool then a foolish wit."
Rosa Dream [0] "This will prove as good evidence as any of who should rule this country. I just regret that it is necessary."

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The outer rim of Omege, capital of Purplexia: Phoenix and the soldiers

Nighttime came like some foul beast, looming hideously over the horizon until the sun was adequately dispelled from sight. Lurking cautiously forward, it rose as one massive blanket of cloud coverage that was destined to fully envelop and devour the world beneath it. Obscuring the stars above, it dropped an impregnable and discomforting veil of shadows over anything that lay below. Looking out, one would generally expect rain, but none came. A near deathly silence accompanied this grim twilight, a plague which seemed to have spread to almost every living being.

A full moon served as the only source of comfort this night. Peering through the single break in the perpetuating overhang, the large luminescent orb sat high atop her throne overhead, pregnant with powers beyond human comprehension; powers waiting to be distributed to its children on earth. With the beautiful Lunar Goddess casting down a brilliant spotlight of heavenly rays, Omega took center stage in a play overseen by the immortals themselves. Saturated by the divine light from above, and positioned as the epicenter in a large field, its stone walls seemed to radiate their own personal glow. Reaching an intimidating forty feet, and with a girth of ten, this mighty structure serves to represent the enduring strength of the people of Purplexia, employing a plethora of armor-clad guardians. The bane of any cynical crusader, this fortification stands strong and proud, ready to thwart any nefarious endeavors of those who would oppose the monarchy housed within. Tonight, however, the battlements were devoid of life; the towers and defense platforms sat empty. It would be here that a select few dared disrupt the ominous calm which had befallen the lands, and they moved with deadly intentions, ghosting through the darkness like phantoms, ready for the kill.


The halls of the castle were decorated lavishly, and possibly even overwhelmingly. Made to accommodate the whimsey of the occupants from generations ago, the ceilings were created with high arches that very much resembled a cathedral of sorts, and from which hung large chandeliers. Most were plain with only a ring of candles, while others, like the one in the foyer, utilized a collection of expensive crystals to capture and refract the light out in beautiful patterns across the marble floor. Several hand-carved oak beams served as columns along the walls, the tops of which arched out overhead in the forms of many different creatures, from dragons and lions, to hawks and bears. From these, a series of intricately designed purple banners, decorated exquisitely with golden designs of vines and leaves, as well as with hanging laces, were strung. Other expensive furnishings, such as pictures and coats of arms, adorned the walls between these wooden supports, just over the many small pedestals and stands which were set at short intervals to support beautifully tended potted plants, or busts of past nobility. The inside corners of each hall housed a single armor set, the shining steel polished to the point that one could clearly see their reflection. On either side of these silent warriors, short pillar stood guard at shoulder-height, the tops of which were concaved to form a bowl from which purple flames would continuously burn. Guards monitored these halls with a vigilance unmatched, but even they missed the smaller details every now and again, having grown far too accustomed to a tediously boring routine of pacing back and forth.

Phoenix was one of few on duty this night. In fact, he alone, along with only a platoon of the Lord's finest men, were charged with the task of receiving the guests that were expected to arrive at any moment. All others were given a single twelve hour leave; a great risk, but indeed a necessary one. Not an hour ago, Phoenix had verified the arrival of several combatants over the northern wall, seen by means of an astronomy tower at the top of the castle itself. Two guards had been placed there to stand watch, easily identifiable and traceable by the glint of their steel in the moonlight. The man had watched as both collapsed, disappearing beneath the parapets to be replaced by a series of silhouettes which rose only to strike, before diving back into the cover of the night. So far the anonymous tip had proven correct, but to what extent would it hold true? Looking into the sky, Phoenix felt as if the atmosphere was far too fitting of the situation.

The main hall was the single stretch left leading to a large set of decorative double doors. Beyond that point, only a short distance remained to be navigated before reaching the royal chambers. A small, dead-end hallway on both sides intersected the main hall at its midpoint of fifty feet, harboring a collection of rooms that were either empty, or housing an army of brooms and other less than important objects. Phoenix stood along this intersection, at the corner to ones right as they would be approaching the guarded gates. Hidden within the shadow of a support beam, the man's dark clothing allowed him to simply melt into the small alcove and disappear.

A master of concealment, Phoenix knew that movement was the key to detection. With the eyes having only a small focal point, things could easily remain hidden in plain sight, even without entirely matching their backdrop. Thusly, the peripheral vision was utilized to capture movement, and would draw attention towards anything that broke the stillness. Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart, and with his hands folded neatly behind his back, gripping a loaded crossbow, the man waited in silence for the arrival of the intruders.

Five minutes passed like five hours, and to anyone, even a master like Phoenix, it was enough to set one on edge, with tension running high. Nevertheless, the man forced himself into a sort of self-induced state of rest, one that he'd perfected that would allow his body to relax, without losing his keen senses as a hunter; he heard it a moment later.

Only the barely audible whistling foreshadowed the imminent death of the guards just down the hall. There was a pop as steel was punctured, followed by a loud crashing of armor plates against the hard floor. Without so much as a cry or plea for help, the two men fell, relieved of duty. Phoenix remained unmoving in his place, simply waiting as the footsteps advanced. The situation was a delicate one, as the infiltrators were no doubt wary of a trap in place for them due to the absence of more guards. On top of that, because this was the last boundary to be passed, their adrenaline would be running overtime, as well as their nerves. Having begun with a more subtle approach over an hour ago, the men were running out of time and had apparently dismissed their original game plan, believing that they were in now the clear. Racing against the clock, and with no knowledge as to whether or not their presence was known, now, if ever, would be the time for mistakes.

The first three passed quickly, not even bothering to glance down the hall which bisected the one they were traveling. Why? Because no doubt they had gathered enough intelligence to inform them about the frivolous adjoining path. It held nothing of importance, and lead nowhere, and thus the guards would not traverse it. Secondly, if one had a map of the plotted areas designated to each guard, they would know that this crossroads was maintained by only the two eliminated just seconds ago. Phoenix, however, wasn't a guard; mistake number one.

The last two of the group lagged behind, made up of a ranged combatant and a sweeper. If sources proved worth the money it cost to gain the information, then Phoenix was already acquainted with several of these men, and in fact knew both of the two he was about to engage. Fellow mercenaries who held no sense of morality with the missions they accepted, the man had no quarrel with dispatching them from this world. On multiple occasions he'd considered it before, but he wouldn't waste his time or effort on them unless it were necessary. The fourth passed.

Seconds turned to tedious hours in Phoenix's head as he worked through the situation. He heard the last man's approach, a mere meter behind the other, prepared himself to move, adjusted for any calculation flaws, and finally stepped around the corner. Throwing out a steel-plated left arm, Phoenix caught the fifth infiltrator hard in the bridge of his nose. A sickening crunch emanated from the cartilage and bone behind it as both splintered, followed by another gruesome crack as the man's head jerked violently back, leaving his body to continue forward. The man landed, sprawled on his back with a thud, his bow skidding onward to the feet of his subordinates.

Simultaneously, Phoenix's right arm came up, crossbow in hand. Hardly having to apply any pressure to the trigger, the man released the catch on the string and sent the deadly bolt whizzing towards its target. The fourth intruder, who had just turned to investigate what had happened behind him, collapsed next, the deadly projectile embedding itself and penetrating easily through the soft flesh of his neck. The man simply spun and rolled awkwardly onto one side, his scream turning into an incoherent, frothy gurgling as blood poured into and down his throat. A pool accumulated quickly beneath the fountain of crimson, and the man simply lay idle in it, his mouth gaping silent curses from beneath the now red-stained clothe mask, while his eyes stared ahead, a look of uncomprehending shock locked in them.

Phoenix dropped the crossbow and turned now to fully face the three remaining assassins. All of them wore the same black uniforms with thin masks and hoods; all of them returned his calm gaze with a combination of newly-found hatred, bewilderment, fear, and the intent to kill.

The Throne Room of Omega - The following morning: Alterez

A single purple carpet outlined in gold lacing cut a swath through the center of the room, from the grand mahogany doors, to the raised section of flooring where the thrones sit. On either side of this carpet, the same decorative wooden support beams found in the halls would stand, reaching up into the high-arched ceiling and rafters, nearly thirty feet above. Banners and flags hung delicately from these heights, along with a grand chandelier in the center of the room. With a diameter of six feet, and total height of ten, the ornate piece of decor was one of the many prized artifacts of the monarchy. Struck from a single vein of precious gems found at the construction site of the castle generations ago, it has adorned the throne room ever since.

The room itself expanded beyond the boundaries of the carved wooden beams. In the vacancy between these and the far walls which were governed by thick, stone columns, a series of long tables were set, covered in similar purple cloths to those that hung from the ceiling, as well as an infinite amount of silverware that would go unused. As with the rest of the castle, the throne room spared no expense in finding the rarest of luxuries. Shields and crests hung off the wooden supports, while pictures were placed in their respective positions on the walls. Guards were set in front of every stone column, next to dozens of potted plants, busts, other statues and even various weapons racks. Often though, the guards would go unnoticed, overlooked as merely another piece of interior design.

The most stunning part of the throne room, however, was the far back wall which loomed over the heads of those in power. Inset with a beautifully decorated stain-glass window that rose to a grand twenty feet, it faced the East, allowing the sunrise to cast into the castle a harmonious collection of colors which melded and blended together in order to form a detailed image of the first great war, from which Purplexia was forged. The image would be sprawled across the floor in front of the thrones in a sort of sparkling, shining wonder, projected by a heavenly might as a reminder to those enemies vanquished ages ago, and to those who would threaten the kingdom today.

Alterez always found himself enticed by this mystifying wonder. Whoever had designed it definitely had an eye for detail, and knew exactly how to harness every aspect of it. As it was now, the self-proclaimed Lord had allowed himself to fall into a daze, his mind wandering to great reaches far beyond the extent of the problems at hand. Problems which unfortunately refused to wait.

"Sire?" a man's voice called.

Alterez suddenly sat up, blinking. It took him a moment to acclimate himself back into the real world, but finally he found his voice. "[maroon]Ah, oh, yes... Right. Uh, continue,[/color]" the man said, straightening himself in his seat. The throne was made almost entirely of gold, with purple cushions and designs detailing it, as well as with a sort of cape draped over the back. His own and the Queen's were nearly identical, however his was indeed slightly taller, though neither was set in the center. Her throne sat to his immediate right, with the illusive assassin Phoenix standing to his left.

"Problem, sire?" the man asked, a hint of worry creeping into his voice. It was General Poliferus, a great man with a spectacular battle record. He stood with an intimidating aura and spoke with a confident, commanding tone. His face showed signs of a veteran combatant, and his deep sunken blue eye held in it a strong unwavering stare. A thin scar ran down one side of his face, passing over the other empty socket. Easily able to outsmart and outmaneuver any enemy formation, even with all odds against him, his mind was sharp, and not one to be trifled with. With such an impressive history below his belt, Alterez could overlook the inflated self-reverence the man possessed.

Alterez shook his head, waving a dismissive hand. "No no, please continue, General."

The man gave a brisk nod, folding the papers he was holding behind his back as he fell into a sort of parade-rest. "Apologies, sire, but I had just finished," said Poliferus. Alterez raised a curious eyebrow to the man, but said nothing, as if contemplating his words. "To recap, however, the matter still stands. The rebels, despite all failed attempts, are still getting support. Five of the most notorious assassins means that the support includes a great deal of sponsors. From where, we are unsure as of now, but it can b-"

"General," a man cut in. Poliferus turned to face the lead adviser, a rather plump man dressed with more decorations than the entire palace itself. Poliferus didn't need to say anything, but simply nodded for the other to speak. "It is a simple solution," the adviser continued, almost as if the words he was about to say were far too obvious for the General to realize. "Reinforce all troops in the surrounding Barons castles, and tighten security, as well as law enforcement. We'll then gather a list of anyone suspected of treason, arrest them and have them tried."

"And how do you suggest we go about compiling a list of everyone who has aligned themselves with the rebels?" Poliferus retorted evenly. "They may be numerous, but of the population, they are a small majority spread far too thin throughout the kingdom. You'd have better luck trying to to enlist yourself in basic training."

The man gave the General a rather indignant look at his comment, but then simply brushed it off, rolling his eyes. Sticking out his face and placing his hands on his hips like some toddler with a point to prove, his jowls jiggled as his shook his head. The man sighed then spoke slowly this time, the condescension in his words palpable. "General... If you enforce the laws enacting better curfews and restricting movement from people in and out of these cities, you simply look for those who would disobey... The ones who are with the rebels are the ones sneaking around at night, and moving around this or that... And please, if I wished to partake in the barbaric trade that you call a profession, I would have. That is below me, however."

"Suggesting we turn the people against us by trying to cram more laws down their throats?" Poliferus asked, somewhat astounded by the man's less than reasonable solution to the problem. "Sire?" The General turned to Alterez, looking for some input.

"Sire," another adviser broke in, "I think if we promise it is only long enough to capture these rebels, they would understand. They don't like them any more than we do, and besides, we've already got people throwing around the names of people acting suspiciously. This would only make it easier! It won't do harm if only temporary..."

"Indeed!" responded the first adviser again.

Alterez simply heaved a deep sigh and sunk back into his seat, looking bored and beyond annoyed with his cast of advisers as they then took it upon themselves to begin throwing out new laws and ways to employ and enforce them. Poliferus lost himself in attempting to point out each and every flaw, however it seemed not many were giving him support, though some were. The voices of the supposed esteemed Council were steadily rising, trying to overpower the other in an attempt to get their ideas out, all the while creating an incessant drone of indecipherable words. Alterez leaned over, putting his face in the palm of his hand while his elbow rested on the cushioned arm rest of his throne. The man was becoming extremely aggravated with the lack of intelligence within the group, as well as their inability to compromise on anything. All their ideas seemed to benefit themselves in one way or another, or simply just deteriorate the loyalty within the people to them. The man let out another exasperated sigh, finally standing.

"Meeting adjourned!" he called loudly. And with that, the man turned and strode from the room, exiting through one of the side doors. Phoenix followed several paces behind, with two guards falling into step immediately after him.

The room fell silent for a moment as everyone paused, exchanging uncertain looks or shrugs of indifference. Finally a man spoke. "Very well, we shall compile a list of new laws and regulations for the kingdom and present them to his Lordship come the assembly later today!" announced the lead adviser. There was a mixed response, but no one argued anymore, simply dispersing to go about whatever business they had to attend to.

Poliferus closed his eyes for a moment, then nodded to his men who followed him through the open double doors. In two hours the palace was expecting the arrivals of a new battalion from Ravensgard, as well as a congregation of people expecting an announcement from their Lord or Queen. Poliferus had to accept these troops and ensure the area was secure before then. He also had to send out a letter to his dear friend, Wolfe. If security and laws were tightened, that would make his tasks that much harder to accomplish. Perhaps later he'll also find a way to dispose of those mercenaries the Lord had hired. His own had failed... Wolfe needed to know everything.


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Clunk, click, clunk, click.

The sound of heavy leather boots hitting a dirt road echoed throughout the silence that surrounded Starlight. With her hood down and her hair tucked into the cape, her white locks and pointed ears were rather prominent. The dark fabric of the cape moved in the wind behind her, her white shirt and leather tunic showing. Her black trousers matched her black leather boots.

As Starlight strutted her way down the local marketplace, people would stop and stare, perhaps cower away or lock their doors. Starlight herself could only smirk and continue walking, staring at the little shops around her. She knew that she was a symbol, the “White Shadow” of Omega, who had been gone for so long to only make a fateful return. Those who weren’t hiding their possessions were standing up a bit straighter. Since the deal they made with Lady Dream, Captain Rubber and Starlight had become the new faces of the rebellion.

Starlight paused in her step, her nose twitching as she caught the strong scent of fish on display in a local stand. She turned on her heel and walked closer so she was standing directly in front of it. The man behind it shuffled back. The scent of his fear practically over powered the smell of the fish before her.

“From this morning’s catch, I presume?” Starlight asked with a pleasant hum, her ears twitching in delight.

“Y… yes.”

“Yes ma’am.” She cast him a steely glance, her eyes narrowing.

“Y-yes ma’am! They don’t come any fresher than this unless you pulled them right off the hooks yourself!”

“Hmm…” For a moment, Starlight seriously considered buying some. Her stomach growled, seemingly annoyed by the fact that she had darted off the ship the moment they had docked this morning and hasn’t eaten since.

“Excuse me, ma’am?” A heavy hand landed on her shoulder, gripping it rather harshly.

“Excuse you, if you wish to keep that hand, I recommend you-” Before Starlight could even finish her sentence, the hand spun her around so she was facing the man behind her.

Starlight let out an aggravated sigh as she saw the standard issue armor for Queen “Violent”’s soldiers. She quickly assessed the situation as two other men moved in beside her, grabbing both of her arms and lifting her off a few inches of the ground for good measure. The first man held up a piece of parchment beside her head, her image drawn on it. “Yup, this looks to be her.” He nodded, putting the scroll away. He took a step towards her, pressing his face closer to hers. Their gazes locked, his stern and hard. Starlight had to resist a snide smirk.

He’s trying to intimidate me…

“So you’re the one causing all of the trouble around here, eh?” His grin turned wicked. Starlight couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. “Get her cloak off.” She grimaced as someone practically tore it off, thanking the gods that they didn’t actually tear it. Her tail, now free, swayed back and forth behind her, displaying her irritation. “Cuff her.” The heavy iron cuffs were placed around her wrists, keeping them trapped behind her back. The two soldiers then allowed her to actually stand on her feet, however they kept their grip on her arms.

The man pulled out his dagger, stepping forward and pressing the blade over her throat. “Perhaps I should just kill you now? The kingdom could do without scum like you and your kind.”

Starlight curled her lip up in a silent snark, her pupils slitting and her ears flattening to her head.

“What’s wrong? The kitty-cat doesn’t like being teased?” He trailed the large knife across her skin almost delicately, not breaking skin but drawing a shudder from the Neko. “Oh, what’s this?” He moved the blade of the dagger underneath the silver chain of her necklace. Her breath caught in her throat slightly as he tugged experimentally. “This is rather pretty. It would make a nice gift for my wife… and your hide would make a nicer gift to my queen.”

“I pity any woman that has to deal with the likes of you.” Starlight spat, her eyes flashing with anger.

The man narrowed his eyes, and with the flick of his wrist, the silver chain snapped, the necklace clattering to the ground.

“You should not have done that.” She snarled lowly, her hands clenching into tight fists.

“What are you going to do about it?” He asked, stepping forward, his blade at the ready.

Starlight then began to strain against the cuffs, creating a loud groaning sound as the metal strained along with her. She knew she probably couldn’t snap them, but that wasn’t what she was looking for. One of the men gripping her arm paused to glance behind her. He released her arm and made a move toward the cuffs. Bingo.

As soon as one side was free, Starlight threw all of her body weight against the other man gripping her arm, catching him off guard. He stumbled and let her go. Before anyone else had a chance to grab her again, she rolled forward away from them, hastily leaping back to her feet without the use of her hand. She jumped upwards and scrunched her knees to her chest, swinging her linked wrists underneath her so that her hands were in front of her instead.

By then, the three men had already began their charge towards her once more. The one man who had released her arm prematurely swung his longsword high in the air, most likely aiming to bury it into her skull. But instead, she raised her hands, and the weight of the mighty sword crashed into the cuffs, breaking the chain holding them together. “Thanks.” She said with a smirk, her hands now free.

The fight had barely even started and Starlight could tell these men were most likely new to their little squad. Another few swings of his sword were easily dodged. She threw a few quick blows on her own, before a roundhouse kick to the side of his head made him drop. The second man took a bit longer to knock down, his rapier was much lighter and quicker than the man who held a longsword. But Starlight was the epitome of speed, so he didn’t even stand a chance. Her claws tore through his thin chestplate like a knife through butter, his crimson blood dripping from the tips of her claws.

“Coward!” Starlight growled at the last man, the one wielding the dagger. “You allowed your men to fall before you, while you stood and watched! Its because of people like you this kingdom will fall!”

He simply clenched his jaw and darted forward. Their scuffle was much longer than the other two. His jabs were planned and quick, a very choice one scoring down her arm, eliciting a painful yowl from the Neko. She felt her own blood pouring from the new gash on her arm. She muttered a silent curse before ending the man’s life in one swift slice, her claws once again tearing through the weak armor on his neck.

Starlight’s ears twitched with the sound of more approaching soldiers. She quickly snatched up her cloak and tied it back on. Before she disappeared into the shadows, she paused in front of the fish vendor. She picked up a nice looking bass, a smirk returning to her lips. “I hope you don’t mind.” The man responded with the shaking of his head. Starlight slipped it into her cape, it disappearing from thin air.

And with that she was gone. She put her hood up, her hand gripping her arm under the cloak, trying to stop the bleeding. After she was absolutely sure no one was following her, she made her way back to the ship. As soon as her feet were planted on the deck, she did her best to act normal. She made her way over to the cabins, pausing in front of Artemis’ door. Her ears flicked, detecting movement inside.

Starlight took a deep breath and simply walked inside, closing the door behind her. “Good morning, Artemis.” She said nonchalantly. “Do you mind… er… giving me a hand dressing this?” She asked, pushing her cloak away to expose the long, bloody cut starting from the middle of her upper arm and ending just above her elbow. Her sleeve was soaked a dark red with her own blood. “Also… could you, maybe, keep this between us. Roa-, er, Rubber, doesn’t need to know about this.”


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Artemis had been up for hours, trying to figure out what she wanted to do that day. She could go horse riding in the valleys outside of Purplexia, or she could go to one of the local bars and or pubs and have a few drinks and gamble a bit. She sat down in her cabin's room, and sighed to herself. Ever since she joined Captain Rubber's crew, life had been better for her. She could go anywhere and do anything she wanted....but the one thing she really wanted, and what no one knew what freedom.

She sat there in her room, dressed in her maroon, and dark emerald colored uniform that hugged tightly to her bodest.
Her golden detailed wrist guards were tightened against her wrist, and her emerald, gold, and maroon detailed and colored leather boots were tied tightly around her legs and shins. She sighed again to herself as she slowly started to fall asleep again, but when she heard a knock on her door, she jumped and stood to her feet.

As she heard, '' “Good morning, Artemis. ” She watched as Star came into her cabin room and closed the door softly behind her. It wasn't anything special that Starlight would come into her room every now and then to talk or something. The odd pair got along well. Artemis nodded to her neko friend and offered her a seat at her table. “Do you mind… er… giving me a hand dressing this?” Artemis watched as she asked, and pushed her cloak away to expose the long, bloody cut starting from the middle of her upper arm and ending just above her elbow. Her sleeve was soaked a dark red with her own blood. “Also… could you, maybe, keep this between us. Roa-, er, Rubber, doesn’t need to know about this.” Artemis took a deep breath as she saw the wound.

It wasn't too bad, but she did hate to see any of her fellow crew members with a wound, and not from battle or raids. She sighed and grabbed a bowl of warm water and a piece of spar cloth and attended to her friend's wound. She looked at Star and said, '' You really shouldn't be stealing. I could always give you money to buy food...I wouldn't mind doing that actually.'' Her face gave off a slight pink hue as she looked up at her friend, and then back down, to carefully clean the wound, and tried not to harm or cause more pain to her fellow crew member.


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The sharp inhale of her shipmate made Starlight flash her million-dollar smile. “‘t's just a scratch.” She shrugged, visibly wincing due to the movement of her arm.

Starlight already knew the drill. It wasn’t… uncommon for her to come to Artemis, asking for help with strange wounds. It seemed that the younger girl already knew where most of them came from anyways. Starlight flopped into a chair, letting out a relieved sigh. Her tail flicked behind her as she rested her elbow on the table, pulling up her sleeve to expose the wound completely. Just another “prize” to add to my collection…

The neko grimaced, clenching her jaw as the cold cloth came in contact with her arm. Her ears twitched in response, flattening to her head soon after. Before her body language could gauge a response from the other girl, she spoke. “Just stings a bit. Nothing I can’t handle.”

''You really shouldn't be stealing. I could always give you money to buy food… I wouldn't mind doing that actually.''

Starlight glanced up at Artemis, fighting down the smirk creeping up on her lips. Is she flustered?

… well, I do have that effect on people.

Starlight’s ears flicked on her head once more, a slight frown forming on her face. “I wasn’t…! Er… I hadn’t planned on stealing anything. Some goons from Queen Violent’s squad of jesters caught up with me. We had a bit of a scrap. It was three against one, which isn’t very fair in my opinion. Well, the queen has never been very fair, has she…” Starlight sighed as she trailed off.

“Don’t worry about me though. I’ve got the money to buy food… usually. That’s not really the problem with me though. I never seem to be able to keep my nose out of trouble, eh?” She chuckled softly, flinching again. “Thanks for the help.” She smiled widely, letting out a pleasant purr from deep in her throat.


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As she was cleaning Starlight's wound she noticed Star looked up at her and fought a smile that was everso slightly forming on her lips. As she was cleaning her friend's wound, her hearing other people's ability kicked in, even tho she couldn't always control it, she hated it sometimes....and in this circumstance, she hated it even more. Is she flustered? Is what she first heard from Star's mind....she blushed even more, but kept herself calm.

… well, I do have that effect on people. And then that....that part.....Artemis only took a deep breath again, and tried to not focus on what her friend was thinking.

As Starlight spoke up after Artemis said she would pay for anything she needed, she grabbed another clean piece of cloth and continued to clean up the blood. “I wasn’t…! Er… I hadn’t planned on stealing anything. Some goons from Queen Violent’s squad of jesters caught up with me. We had a bit of a scrap. It was three against one, which isn’t very fair in my opinion. Well, the queen has never been very fair, has she…” Starlight sighed as she trailed off. Artemis smiled at that and said, '' Well, I never really did care for royalty, so I wouldn't know about the Queen's rule....''

Don’t worry about me though. I’ve got the money to buy food… usually. That’s not really the problem with me though. I never seem to be able to keep my nose out of trouble, eh?” She chuckled softly, flinching again. Artemis smiled and said, '' You're right about that. But I tend to be more trouble when I'm drunk, so we both need to look out for each other, right?'' She said with a smile as she finished up with the wound, and wrapped it up carefully with a new set of cloth. “Thanks for the help.” Artemis noticed that she smiled widely at her and then let out a pleasant purr from deep in her throat.

She smiled and rubbed the back of her neck as she stood up and said, '' Of course. I'm always happy to help clean up anyone's wounds they get....even if they're not from battle. '' She smiled at her friend as she cleaned up, then she looked at Star one more time and said, '' And please, keep those thoughts to yourself. Remember, I can't always control what I hear.'' She gave her friend a smile and a slight laugh as she washed her hands and then went over to the other side of the cabin's wall to grab her double knives, and her long bow and quiver full of sharp, iron headed arrows. She looked at Star and said, '' Do you want to stay here, or join me on a little hunting trip for breakfast?''


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Character Portrait: Lhaindes Arcamenel

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#, as written by KOKIA

Time | Morning
Location | Marketplace

|| Outfit ||

~ Flashback ~

"Fifteen coins! That's outrageous! Just for that small thing! Oh, please! That should not be so expensive!"

"S-Sorry, ma'am. That's just the way--"

"Do not 'sorry, ma'am" me! Half the people in this bloody village can't even afford that! No wonder you have no one--"

"Ma'am, you are going to have to come with me." A young man said in shiny armor as he gripped onto the young flustered blondes elbow. The woman was staring at the old man behind the counter with large, angry blue eyes as her gaze kept falling over to a small, silver knife that was sitting on the counter. That knife was fifteen coins. Fifteen coins too much. The female elf only had nine coins in her pocket. Coins that she had earned from hunting and bringing her game in and selling it each day for about three coins each. Coins that she had earned just to buy the stupid knife. That's all she wanted and the damned man wouldn't accept six coins short of its price.

The woman had been arguing with the man for just a little over a half an hour now. The line had increased and slowly decreased from the lack of patience from some customers. Some were still there, either for the entertainment the elf was bringing them or that they just wanted to buy what they came for and leave. The blonde wouldn't stop putting up a fight though, for she wanted her knife.

"Sir, I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding. Will you not take nine coins for the knife?" The guard asked the older man, still having a firm grip on girls elbow... just in case she were to get violent, as she did look like she had the urge for scratching this mans face up written all over her own face. The guard towered over her in height and doubled her own weight in muscle, and she and the man both knew if she were to get violent he would easily be able to pull her back without even trying. The woman stared at the older man in question, almost daring him with her eyes to say he will give the knife to her.

"I am afraid not. My wife and I have decided on fifteen coins for the--"

"Fifteen coins, my ass!" The blonde yelled at him. A mother in line covered her younger sons ears to block out the curses the blonde was now screaming loud enough for everyone to stop and turn around. The guard then began to drag her away as she continued screaming and yelling things. She tried to fight him off, but her attempts failed as he continued to drag her away and apologize over and over for her behavior to everyone.

"What are you thinking, Lhaindes!?" The guard whispered to the woman, Lhaindes, as he kept his grip on her and got far away enough for no one to hear except for the woman herself. The two did, in fact, know each other. One of Queen Violets guards and Queen Violets spy. They knew each other very well, and he especially knew of her stubborn personality and ways.

"Minding my own business, you idiot! Now let go of me!" Lhaindes said as she kept on squirming and trying to get out of his firm grip. He kept his hand on her though, not allowing her to get away. Lhaindes then turned her head around and opened her mouth, showing her white teeth and trying to bite his arm in order for her to get free.

"You cannot bite through armor, you dumb girl." The man sighed as he continued to watch her struggle to bite him. Lhaindes stopped and glared up at him, closing her mouth. "Shut up, Adan! I can bite your nose off!" She said as she reached up on her tippy-toes and tried to bite his nose. The guard, Adan, could only chuckle at her efforts and let go of her arm. Lhaindes snapped her arm back at her side, finally released.

"We need to be quiet or else the people here will suspect something of us."

"I need to be quiet!? What about you--"

"Shut up! You are the one that had to get all up in my business!

"Well, you were creating a scene!"

"You were creating one dragging me away like that, dumbass."

They both paused and fell silent, now realizing that they were acting like a couple of children in the middle of the marketplace. They both turned their heads around to see if anyone was listening or looking. They both sighed in relief. Everyone was continuing on walking around and no one even paid attention to them. Actually, all the villagers preferred not to get near a guard, finding them quite frightening.

"I need to go. Hopefully we didn't make a scene standing right here ourselves. I do not have any new information regarding Lady Rosa and her plans." Lhaindes said quietly to Adan. She was in fact, telling the truth. Nothing new had happened that she knows of that she needs to report back to Queen Violet. She looked up at Adan with a blank expression while rubbing her arm. He nodded, telling her that he understood. She then turned around on her heel, beginning to walk away and get on with her day. Adan watched her walk off, his arms at his sides.

"Oh!" Lhaindes exclaimed as she turned around on her heel again to face Adan, who was now a few feet away from her. "And I will get that knife." She said with determination in her voice as she pointed at Adan with her index finger and had a slight smirk on her face. Adan only chuckled again at her stubborn ways and shook his head, watching her walk off again.

~ End of Flashback ~

The next morning, Lhaindes walked again through the busy crowds of the marketplace, her blonde hair tucked into the hood of her black cloak and the leaves of her skirts slightly moving along with the gentle wind of the early morning. She was carrying three large birds that she had hunted down and killed even earlier this morning, just to sell them and get a few extra coins. She hid her face behind her hood as she walked around, not wanting to get burned from the warm morning sun.

She headed over to the small market where she could sell her game for coins. There was no line-up, seeing as most of the people were still in sleep at their homes. The crunches from under her boats were quiet as she stepped onto some sort of sandy gravel as she walked up to the man behind the desk at the market.

"Guess what I got, Chad! Three big old birds for ya'!" She said, excitement in her voice as she laid out her game on the table. She smiled as he examined the birds, looking at the clean shots she had made with her arrow right through each of the birds chests.

"Well I must say, Miss Arcamenel, I am impressed! It's more then you have ever brought in before!" The man said as he reached down and grabbed the coins he owed the elf. Lhaindes smiled happily and nodded, impressed in herself as well. It had taken herself twice as longer though to get the three birds, but it was sure worth it.

"That will be seven coins for you--"

"Seven coins! My heavens! Thank you so much!" Lhaindes exclaimed as she took the gold coins out of the mans calloused hands and began to run over to... you guessed it... the weapon market she had been at yesterday.

"I will see you around!" She waved back at the man as she headed over to the other market. The man smiled and waved back and returned to his business and Lhaindes returned to hers.

Lhaindes ran up to the weapon market, putting down her hood and waiting for the man in front of her to be finished buying his own weapon before she could buy hers. Once the man in line in front of her left, she headed up and smirked at the same man she had been arguing with yesterday. The man rolled his eyes, preparing himself for another show as Lhaindes reached in her pocket to gather up all the coins she had.

Once she had all the coins in her hand, she laid them down on the table... all sixteen coins that she had. More then enough to buy that special knife that she had bee eyeing for over a week now. "Keep the change." She said as she didn't even wait for the man to reply and grabbed the knife on the table. It shimmered in the sunlight, and looked extra shiny and sharp now that Lhaindes could actually pick it up and look at it.

She smiled as she walked away from the market, now admiring the new weapon that she had bought. Sure, it wasn't much, but Lhaindes always had a thing for knives. She twirled it around between in fingers as she wondered where everyone else might have gone...

Time | Morning
Location | Marketplace


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Character Portrait: Captain Val

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The sun was shining brightly, oblivious to the carnage going on beneath its golden rays. While the wind blew, birds chirped, and the sun shined, the children of Man were engaged in the bloody business of killing one another. It was in a decent sized clearing, where a village had once been. There were about five scores of men all together, but 3 scores were on one side, the Battlebloods, and the 2score on the other side, the Silverblades. The Battlebloods had been hired by a certain Lord Varys to destroy this particular village to make an example, while the Silverblades had been hired by the surviving village elder to get vengeance on the mercenary company that had done so.

The Captain of the Silverblades, a certain Valeryn Shaetue, had engaged two Battlebloods at once. And he was winning. The foe on the left was a brutish looking fellow with a voulge, and crude leather armor, while the man on the right was a somewhat more respectable looking lad with rusty chainmail and a longsword. But they both looked like rogues in comparison to the Captain, for he was resplendent in his noble armor, though it had stopped shining from the blood that had splattered onto it. In his right hand he carried his family sword Shaetue, a exquisitely crafted longsword with a sapphire hilt, and on his left arm was a steel shield with the Silverblades' sigil of a silver sword emblazoned upon it. In combination, he had used them to kill 3 men so far, and he decided that these two grunts would be no different. So when the voulgeman thrust his long weapon at him he deflected it with his shield and swung his sword in a mighty overhead swing directed at the man's arm, and scored a direct hit. Blood fountained from the wound and the man's snarl of anger was replaced with a scrunched up face of agony. With that man incapacitated for the time being, Val advanced upon the swordsman, who was a bit better with a blade than the other fellow was with the voulge. He made a series of jabs and slashes, all deflected by the great shield, and then it was Val's turn to go on the offensive. He swung his blade from the right, and then quickly swung his wrist to make it an overhead chop that slammed between the man's neck and shoulder. The rusted chain links dulled the blow, making it a minor wound, and now Val was exposed. The swordsman, with a grunt of effort, stabbed his sword at Val's heart, but the poorly made blade only bounced off the well crafted breastplate. And now it was the swordsman who was exposed. Val crushed the man's arm with his shield, and then rammed his blade into the man's throat, from which blood came cascading down. The corpse fell backwards, and Val moved on. All around him, his men were fighting, dying, and killing, to the point of where there was only about sixty men left in the clearing. Val saw one of his men, a man by the name of Jorvik, barely fending off a great brute of a Battleblood, and he moved into help. He came up behind the brute, and hamstrung him with a quick slash, and then quickly turned to fend off a yelling Battleblood with a quick shieldbash followed by a thrust to the heart. For another thirty minutes the skirmish raged on, until there was a good twenty five effective Silverblades facing a handful of Battlebloods. Val's head pounded from where he had received a blow to the head, and his arms were exhausted from the constant fighting. But he still ordered the charge, and in five minutes it was finally over. The Battleblood Mercenary company had been wiped out, and the contract was fufilled. He gave his men three hours to loot the dead, get some food in them, and rest a bit, and then they marched on. They came to their base camp which had another ten men guarding it, along with the two medics that had been bullied into serving in the company. Twelve men had been killed in the scrap, and another 4 were injured. Thus, later that night, Valeryn read the words of serve over their bloody corpses, and then gave them to the great fire that had been built for this purpose..


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#, as written by ABC

The carriage bumped along as it rolled down the cobblestone streets of Omega towards the castle, passing numerous citizens who didn't give it a second glance. They were not entirely unjustified in shrugging it off either. For a royal carriage, it was exceedingly plain; taken care of, but unadorned. It wasn't even purple. There was, essentially, no reason for anyone who was unfamiliar with this carriage to think that it would be in any way associated with the royal family.

Which was, of course, precisely the point. The reason that the Queen, and by extension, her acting bodyguard for the moment, were in this carriage on this specific occasion, was that they were returning from a fortress on the outskirts of the city, to the castle proper. The reason for this being the little assassination attempt of last night. Since someone had been so kind as to warn them ahead of time about their uninvited guests, Queen Violet had been removed from the building hours before the attackers had even arrived. She'd had faith that Phoenix could handle the situation well enough, but it was better to be cautious. Speaking of which, she fully intended to find out where exactly this "anonymous tip" had come from. Anyone who knew when assassins were going to appear on the Queen's doorstep had some questions to answer.

The young monarch glanced over at the knight across from her. Despite the fact that he was sitting upright, she honestly couldn't tell if Sir Goron was actually awake. Well, intellectually she knew he was alert and prepared for just about anything, but, seeing as he had failed to so much as remove his visor, and he was sitting completely motionless, she had no way of visually confirming it. Not that there was any need to, but it was still something that Violet kept in mind.

Goron was, as it turned out, not sleeping, but going over recent events in his head. He was not particularly pleased with the way that this whole situation had worked out. Oh, he understood the need to ensure the Queen's safety, as well as the fact that Kota was... otherwise occupied, and unable to preform her usual duties. He took no issue with any of that. What did not sit well with him was the way in which the assassins had been dealt with. Rather than facing them directly, the plan had, the last he had heard before leaving with the Queen, been to allow them to get into the castle, lure them into a trap, and then kill them. And while it was a decent strategy, and killing one's enemies was often necessary, the idea of engaging a foe who was not aware of your presence without announcing yourself and giving them time to defend themselves just seemed... wrong. He understood that it was how Phoenix did things, and he bore the man no ill will for it, he even fully understood the tactical advantage behind it, but it was far too dishonorable a tactic for him or one of his knights to employ.

But, of course, the vows of loyalty came before those of chivalry, and he would have done the same thing if ordered to, That is not to say that he would by any means be happy about it, but he'd do as commanded.

When the carriage ride was finally over, delivering them as close to the inside of the building as it possibly could, Sir Goron stepped out, his armor immediately bursting into light as it moved into the sun. Taking the Queen's hand when she extended it, he helped her down. "To where shall we go first, Your Majesty?" It was the first he had spoken since they had set out, so Violet knew that this matter must be concerning him more than he showed. Well, in so far as one shows anything with their entire body encased in steel. "We'll retrieve Kota first. Alterez can wait. Once Kota has again taken her place as my guard, you are temporarily dismissed. Find your men, tend to any dead you may have, but do not go far. I shall need you again shortly." "Yes, Your Highness."

So the two proceeded into the dungeon, down a number of flights of stairs and winding passageways designed specifically to confuse anyone attempting to make sense of them, and finally arrived outside the door, behind which the Queen's true bodyguard waited. With a nod from Violet, Goron opened the door, and stepped inside. The cell had been carefully constructed, silver lining the walls, regardless of the unclarity of its effect on werewolves, and that of the occupant's relation to the mysterious beasts. Stepping forward, metal boots scraping softly over damp stone, the knight lightly tapped the girl's shoulder to wake her.


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Kota Pierce

The last thing Kota remembered was walking through the great halls of the castle. Guards on standby, more than usual, and the fact that she had been feeling weird all day long. Her senses were heightened even more than before, scent, strength, speed, touch, and taste were enhanced beyond the mere mortals knowledge. Even her anger and attitude was different, she couldn't control her thoughts, actions, and wants. And all of that was due to a full moon coming that night.

She remembered how she always hated this, even though she would be handcuffed, shackled to the floor, and locked up in a cell, to keep her from escaping. Kota still felt like a monster that couldn't be stopped, and have only carnage, destruction, death, blood, flesh, and violence. And she hated herself for it, even though everyone knew that she wasn't in control it still made her feel like a freak. And if you think her being the Queen's royal body guard made things better and made her untouchable and not hated by the people.....well, you're wrong.

Yes, she was higher in the social class than most other females in the kingdom, besides those that were servants or maids for the Queen, Kota was still a victim of hate, scorn, laughter, anger, envy for her looks and power over the people, as well as people hating her for having killed some of the towns people on her first full moon transformation.

Ever since that night that she snuck out of the castle to see one of her ''friends,'' she's been locked up in a cell, far away from the town, and a vase system of tunnels that are underground. And each night, before the full moon would rise, she would be blind folded, cuffed, and brought down into the tunnels and led to her cell. If she knew the way out, even if she ever broke out while she was on her full wolf state, she could escape and possibly kill people because she knew how to get out.

Kota had been put into her cell, locked up with cuffs, and shackles, even though when she fully shifts, the only thing that stays on her is her neck shackle that they put on for restriction purposes. And thankfully for her, and everyone else that the myth of when were wolves/lycans transform that they're naked afterwards, that little myth is false. She was dressed in her usual uniform but was lacking her robe, she had everything else. Her vest, shirt, pants, and boots.

Kota had been asleep for hours after her transformation had finally ended as the hour hit mid-morning. And the transformation on a full moon is painful beyond belief. Her bones break and snap into place, her canine teeth elongate and only get sharper, her once smooth human skin, becomes a soft, thick, and silver colored fur that goes and encompases all of her body, from head to toe. Her eyes go from a brilliant and vibrant dusky, light purple, to a bright, piercing green, that even glows in the dark. And the beautiful, young, and vulnerable looking teen age girl that was there s gone, and the only thing left in her place is a huge, almost seven foot tall, light silver colored, green eyed, fierce and powerful were wolf.

Kota had been asleep for at least seven hours after the full moon was down and no longer could cast it's deadly, and evil spell upon the poor soul who it would capture every month, and make her it's own. She was in the corner of her cell, still with the neck shackle around her smooth, thin, and fair skin toned neck. She had been howling, clawing, barking, growling, snapping her fangs at the guards who would mock and throw jests at her while she was in this state. Even though they were told under strict order from the Queen to never taunt Kota while in this state, the guards wanted to have some fun, and didn't think anything would happen while she was in the cell.

Kota's hair was still in it's usual back, trailing down fro her locks, to the middle of her back. Her skin was as smooth as ever, but a little cold from sleeping on cold, damp cobble stone. As the Queen and Captain Goron unlocked the door, a guard walked in with Goron and unlocked the neck shackle after Goron had made contact by ever so slightly tapping her on the right shoulder blade.
As Kota was lightly tapped on her arm, and as she heard the shackles being unlocked and hitting the floor with a metalic thud, Kota's eyes jerked open, her mouth went ajar, and she stretched as she sat up. She yawned and stretched her arms and legs, and still sat there without making any eye contact with the people who had awoken her.

Kota yawned one more time, and her eyes were drowsy with sleep still, and she sat there, slumped over in the corner, with her arms by her sides. Kota just sat there, silent....then her wolf ears perked up and swept up every little sound, whether it was from down the echoing hall, or even in the room with her, she could hear it without having to turn around. She could hear breathing, and both of the sounds were all to familiar and even comforting to the young teen. A smile crept on her lips and she stood up, and cracked her back before turning around.

She gave her Queen and her tutor Goron a respectable bow and said, '' Forgive me for not taking your presence into account, as quickly as I should have, m'lady. That will never happen again.'' She said as she rose from her bow and looked back up. She could hear the extra guards leaving the tunnels and going back to their more respectable posts. She looked back at her Queen and gave her a kind and ever so quick smile and then looked at Goron and said, '' It's alright, Goron. You can go about your respectable duties, and I will take back my place at her majesty's side. You may go now, and don't forget to let Phoenix out for the day. He worked all night since the raid, and will need the day of, understood?''

Kota looked back at her Queen and ever so slightly blushed, then mentally kicked herself for doing that. It was not appropriate for her to be blushing at her Majesty the Queen, but Kota couldn't help it. It was only her that could make Kota blush, and not from liking the Queen more than she should, which, Kota never had a bad thought about the Queen. She only blushed from her outmost respect, and also for telling Goron what to do instead of the Queen who was right there. Kota smiled and said, '' I apologize, dear Violet. I shouldn't have ordered Goron without your order to do so, forgive my arrogance and error, t'will not happen again I reassure you.'' Even tho Queen Violet Flame was by far more mercifull than her twin sister, she still had her right to give someone the flogging they deserved if they so did anything to go against the Queen's orders.


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#, as written by claw
The crew of the Black-Tide were idling, playing card games or drinking, as were their lot whilst in port. For these pirates the moments in port, even one that did not openly welcome their kind, this was the time for running freely, fornicating or spending their unrighteously earned plunder as they so wished. The spell of calm was violently broken however when one of the crew noticed the door to the captains cabin was thrown open "Captain on deck!" was called out across the ship, with much a stamping of feet and snapping up straight of the crewmen.

Out of the dark doorway stepped the infamous pirate lord- Captain Syther Roark, scourge of the seas, he took a moment to breath in the air and looked around at the crew before affixing to the top of his head a tri-corner hat with a large peacock feather sticking out of one edge, he pushed it back a little so it did not cover his forehead and stepped forwards with his hands on his hips.

"What the devil do you men think you are doing?" He twisted around to look at his crewmen a stern look on his face, just before it broke into a cocky grin. "You should all be drunk by now! Drink up lads!" Though the crew had been expecting a light hearted speech from their captain they cheered all the same, what pirate wouldn't when given the invitation to drink their black guts out?

The brightly dressed pirate twisted on his heel, red greatcoat flying wildly out behind him in response to his sudden movements as he made his way bellow deck, heading to Artemis's quarters, he had no real idea that she or indeed his first mate would even be there, having woken up only a few moments earlier, but it was generally a pretty good start. For those on the inside of the cabin it would appear as if the door had opened of it own accord, unless of course they were aware of his gift. Seeing that he actually guessed right on the location of his crewmen he sought a small smile broke across his face.

"Ah good there you two are! You know its always a good day when you can find what you're looking for before either you or it knows its looked for. Now then ladies, step lively if you will and kindly separate. The rumours that you two will cause." He paused like a disappointed parent, then gestured for the door. "We had best be getting a move on as it is, our latest benefactor wants us to pay her a visit and who am I to say no when a lady wants me to call? Come on then lass an' lass" just as turned to walk out of the cabin he gave Starlight a I'll be seeing you tonight wink, one of which he was well known for, nobody said that pirates didn't get their fair share of... Booty.

Stepping back out into the sunlight he stretched as he made his way over to the gangplank and began to walk backwards. "Can someone tell me why he haven't slung the black flag up around this town yet?" He was of course referring to the pirate empire he had forged, the villainous nation used the colour black as its signifying colour, even the Black-Tides flag was black for the most part, with a purple hand wreathed in a halo of white fire emblazened on the front. He turned around as he reached dry land and jumped back in surprise, stood in front of him was a captain in the queens guard, with a few of his men arrayed in formation behind him, upon seeing the Neko behind the captain he pointed up at her.

"You there halt! You are a wanted fugitive and will be coming along with us!" The captain twisted at the hip to look back at his first mate and gestured with the back of his head whilst maintaining a quizzical expression.

"Now look here." He said to the guard captain, raising a hand as he talked. "This can easily be sorted out no?" With that Roark unleashed a burst of his power, in an book one might say it was the equivalent of a stampede being funnelled into a tube the size of someone's head, in practice in meant that the unfortunate guardsman was sent flying backwards at such a speed that he had impacted with the stonework of the building across the harbour before spear that he had clutched had managed to stop clattering on the ground. The other guardsmen yelled in shock and raised their own weapons, pointing them at the pirate captain, he in response rose both hands in front of him and just to the sides, he hands made an unclenched fists as his fingers relaxed. "Well I did say it could be easily sorted. So can this." Here he splayed his fingers and a shock-wave emanated out from him, invisible and soundless until it made contact with the guardsmen, sending them- and one unfortunate fisherman trying to move to the other end of his stall- sprawling backwards like toys kicked over by an angered child, the fortunate ones were simply unconscious, the unlucky ones had broken bones or had been impaled by their comrades flying weapons in their short and ultimately doomed time in the air. Turning around Roark extended a hand and with a sound not too unlike wood striking leather an apple was suddenly propelled from a cart into his hand, he took a quick bite before gesturing down the street with it. "Shall we ladies?" He said amidst chunks of the red fruit.


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“Of course. I'm always happy to help clean up anyone's wounds they get....even if they're not from battle.”

Starlight narrowed her eyes. “A battle is a battle, big or small.”

''And please, keep those thoughts to yourself. Remember, I can't always control what I hear. Do you want to stay here, or join me on a little hunting trip for breakfast?''

The neko’s smile turned into a smirk. “Perhaps you should learn to keep that blushing under check then, sweetcheeks.” She snickered, her tail swishing with amusement back and forth behind her. “As for that trip of yours… I guess I could-”

Before she could finish her sentence, the door clattered open. Starlight jumped to her feet in surprise, the fur on her tail bristling and standing on end.

“Ah good there you two are! You know its always a good day when you can find what you're looking for before either you or it knows its looked for.”

“Oh… Its just you, Captain. You gave me a heart attack…” Star collapsed back into her seat, but she discreetly tugged her shirt back down, covering up the wound on her arm. Grasping one edge of her cape, she pulled it over the partially bloody fabric of her sleeve. She prayed that he wouldn’t notice and ask questions.

“Now then ladies, step lively if you will and kindly separate. The rumours that you two will cause.”

Starlight’s grin quickly returned. “Please, my dear Captain, I believe we cause enough rumors for the ship to be entertained.” Her tone carried a bit of mischief, the rumbling purr at the end sealing the deal.

"We had best be getting a move on as it is, our latest benefactor wants us to pay her a visit and who am I to say no when a lady wants me to call? Come on then lass an' lass."

“Alrighty then. Yes sir.” Starlight hopped out of her chair, ready to march out the door, when Rubber turned around, flashing a wink in her direction that she was all too familiar with. Oh really? She thought quietly to herself, smirking.

Starlight silently walked behind him down the gangplank. Suddenly, her entire being grew tense. Her ears flattened to her pure white hair. Her lip curled up, flashing her fangs.

"You there halt! You are a wanted fugitive and will be coming along with us!"

Starlight scoffed, crossing her arms. She ignored the throbbing pain in her right arm and glanced over at Rubber. “Wow, I didn’t know I was that popular.”

"Now look here." He said to the guard captain, raising a hand as he talked. "This can easily be sorted out no?"

Starlight’s lips curled into a cruel grin. They’re so going to get it. She watched with both amazement and amusement as Rubber literally wiped the floor with the petty guards. Starlight had always found Rubber’s powers absolutely amazing despite the fact that he usually kept it to himself. Rubber was also one of the few people alive that knew of Starlight’s power over the element of light.

"Shall we ladies?"

“I think we shall.” Star hummed pleasantly, stepping off of the gangplank onto the dock. She made sure not to trip over any bodies as the trio made their way towards dry land. Star walked behind her captain, staring down at the ground.

"You know…" She started, biting down on her bottom lip. “You don’t have to be so discreet about… it.” Starlight spoke rather softly, feeling a warmth spreading through her cheeks until she was blush inf thuroughly. “I… You of all people should know that I like them bold.”

“S… so! Where are we headed?” Starlight asked, tilting her head to the side.


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What should have been a lovely forest path, inhabited only by beasts of air and land with the occasional lone traveler was instead choked by the dust of steel shod boots hitting the ground in a uniform tramp tramp tramp, in beat to the booming of a bass drum and the skirl of a set of bagpipes. This column of sixty men was formed in 3 lines of twenty, with the front three men being the drummer, a man in a noble's fine armor, and the piper, respectively. This band of men looked and sounded disciplined from a distance, but on closer inspection you could see men talking animatedly to each other and passing waterskins around. For this was no company of Queen's soldiers, for as the Silverblades said, "What passes for pretty on the parade ground passes for dead in a real fight". The men were heading back towards the Capitol city of Omega, where they would drink and whore their way through their entire paycheck. Valeryn chuckled at these thoughts, and gave it about a week before he would need to have another contract ready. His chuckles were quickly dispelled by the realization that he would need to hire more men to reach the full complement of a hundred men, for they had suffered fairly high casualties in the last fight. A bloody fight it had been, and thus the purse of gold must pay for more purses of blood. Cynical thoughts for so young one must think, but truth is often hard.. Thus did Val's thoughts go on this sunny forest path while the men chatted and talked without a care in the world, all the while to the booming of the drum and the skirl of the pipes.


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Goron was faintly surprised by Kota's words. He was, after all, one of the kingdom's two generals. As such, he reported to, and received orders only from the crown, the only military rank higher than his own. It was true that he still deferred to Lord Alterez and such when not on the Queen's orders, but, were she technically a part of the Purplexian military force, Goron would be considered of a higher rank than the girl currently commanding him. As it was, neither was really in a position to order anyone.

Being the amiable fellow he was though, this didn't bother him at all. Indeed, he actually lifted a hand to conceal his amused smile, although in retrospect that was the only evidence that it was even there. With a joking little bow and a perhaps slightly too-serious voice he answered "Right away, milady." With that, and a nod from the Queen indicating that he was indeed dismissed, Goron left the cell and made his way out of the catacombs beneath the palace.

He didn't try to find Phoenix though, partly because he was quite possibly the most difficult person to find in the entire kingdom, and Goron had no authority over him anyway. That said, he would give the assassin a reminder to get some rest, if only because Kota had asked. For the moment however, the knight made his way out into the courtyard. Hopefully someone there would know where he might find General Poliferus.


Queen Violet nodded in acknowledgement. Were she a less serious person, she might have teased Kota for her blushing. Then again, were she a person who took the crown lightly, it would likely be on her sister's head this very moment, and the kingdom in shambles. So instead, she merely answered the apologies with her usual response. "So long as there is no ill will incurred, and no-one harmed, it's a learning experience."

Perhaps not the most reassuring response she could possibly have given, but it was more than most would have gotten. That being said, the young monarch turned on her heel, nodded for the lycanthropic bodyguard to follow, and left the small room, heavy cape flowing behind her.

"We're going to see Alterez first. If fortune permits Phoenix will be there as well. While it's unlikely, considering his usual methods, I'd like to see if he managed to get anything out of the assassins before they died. Alterez meanwhile, will probably try to do something about this, and, while I appreciate the sentiment, I don't think he and I will have the same course of action in mind." Violet walked briskly as she brought her companion up to date on the situation, making her way up to the throne room, where Alterez would hopefully still be.