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Lord Alterez

"Worry not. It's unbecoming for royalty to mingle with the trivial affairs of the common rabble."

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a character in “The Right to Rule”, as played by Centi85


Name: Lord Alterez

Age: 32

Race: Human

Affiliation: Lord of Purplexia

Alterez stands just beneath six feet, with long, straight brown hair combed back in the front, but which cascades down either side of his bearded face, falling into neat bundles just on his shoulders. His eyes are blue, and seem to be either calm and compassionate, or cold and condescending. Dressed in a delicate and stylish collection of velvet and other expensive fabrics, he wears a combination of crimsons, gold, black and purple. His polished golden crown is decorated extensively in purple insets, with silver outlining them to better distinguish them. Although he is royalty, his attire is mostly plain as far as not having in it any elaborate designs, for instance on his cape or lapels, or any fur like many other lords would possess. Despite this seemingly humble appearance, however, Alterez can be anything but. Holding himself high, he can be egotistical at times, demanding respect from anyone in his presence. He walks with an air of confidence and radiates power and authority over anyone except the Queen.

Personality: Since the beginning, Alterez has been a soft, gentle and compassionate man. Easy going, calm and relaxed, he has a great deal of charisma which he can employ, but yet rarely does. When addressing others, he will act superior at times, but will still silence himself in order to listen, for he knows that as a good leader, it is necessary to fully comprehend the entirety of the situation, not just a single, possibly biased side. Fairly commanding and yet still understanding, he leads with a graceful dignity and is well liked by many. Accommodating his people's needs whenever possible, he strives to ensure his position by bettering his kingdom to the wishes of his subjects. Unfortunately, though, his one flaw is that he is in fact royalty. Harboring within him a flip-side that shows itself on occasion due to exposure to other self-righteous politicians, Alterez can become very self-centered and begin manipulating others, possessing a deadly silver tongue. Although rare, he can become a very controlling person, and anyone showing even the slightest sign of insubordination is in danger of being beheaded. As of late, and with the tension of the threat of attack, he has become extremely introvert. Although he is confident that he can thwart this rebellion, he is worried that Lady Dream will gain sympathy for being the older of the sisters, or perhaps that the people won't respect him due to his self-proclaimed title as Lord. Whatever the case, he assures the safety of his people so long as he is present. Inadvertently, he has developed a great deal of vanity and over-confidence in order to gain acceptance. In a way he is afraid, and at the same time he is using the rebellion to secure his position, hoping to 'flex his muscles,' so to speak, and crush it once and for all and become the best ruler possible. Whether this will act in his favor or not is still uncertain, but most people do still support him and his Queen. Overall, Alterez can be two-faced, as many politicians and world leaders are. How he acts depends mostly on the situation, and whom he is with.

Weapons: Alterez carries a single straight-sword at his waist, along with a small dagger. Both are plain in decoration.

Abilities: Being royalty and able to afford the best of instructors, Alterez has had extensive swordsmanship training. Holding dear and reveling in his skills, he relieves stress or simply boredom by practicing in his private training room on straw dummies or with his guards. He is a powerful duelist, but often he can allow his anger to hinder his true potential, fighting with the use of emotion, rather than without it.
When not in combat, Alterez has a brilliant mind for tactics and politics. So long as he maintains his level head, he can quickly and easily take in all aspects of a situation and effectively plot out the best course of retaliation. This includes on the battlefield, and in the Court rooms. He is an expert at leading, inspiring awe with his fearlessness, or simply with his ability to solve a crisis under tension.

Bio: Born to rich nobility, Alterez wasn't part of the immediate royal family. As a young man, his father was the late King's adviser, and so Alterez grew up always in the castle. With this life, he was left to his own devices, as his father rarely had any time to spare on him. Left to wander and with everyone ready to wait on him hand-and-foot, Alterez spent much of his time watching the troops drill in the courtyards, at first aspiring to become a soldier. It wasn't until he was a teen that he was allowed to begin training, and it was about that time too that he had begun to take notice of the two sisters, one of whom would be Queen. Both stunning, Alterez was hellbent on becoming noticed by one of them, the need for attention in part due to his father never being around. He figured that the best way to become noticed would be a display of his skills. Of course, swordsmanship was one thing, and at first he considered becoming a knight to save one of them like in the many stories he'd read, but the sisters were destined to be a ruler. If he could not match that, he would have no chance.
Taking an interest in politics, Alterez found that this was also a way he could spend time with his father. Learning by spending time in the throne room and attending all the royal meetings, he found this was an excellent way to also be be in the presence of Lady Violet and Dream. In the following years, Alterez became thoroughly versed in combat and leadership, finally content with the attention from his father, but still seeking it from one of the two sisters. Five years ago, when the King finally passed and Violet was named Queen, Alterez stepped forward to self-proclaim his position as Lord of Purplexia. Much to his disappointment, Lady Dream had abandoned her sister for treachery. Having been influenced so much by the Court systems, however, Alterez quickly set aside any latent feelings in order to better his position as ruler. At first a pleasant man, Alterez' time spent amongst the nobility who looked down over everyone else, and with the presence of rebels, he soon took on the demeanor of most Lords, rising to near godliness in order to crush those who oppose him.
This in mind, he looks to his best warriors, and the most prominent of mercenaries that he knows of. The rebels have attempted several strikes so far, but all have failed. With most of the support on his side, and with the morale of his troops nearly reaching a zenith, he readies himself for a final strike from his side, if not the other. In the end, he is confident that he will succeed in his endeavors, securing his position as a ruler both in the eyes of his subjects, and Queen Violet.

So begins...

Lord Alterez's Story


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#, as written by Centi85
Omega, Capitol of Purplexia - Midnight: Phoenix

Nighttime came like some foul beast, looming hideously over the horizon until the sun was adequately dispelled from sight. Lurking cautiously forward, it rose as one massive blanket of cloud coverage that was destined to fully envelop and devour the world beneath it. Obscuring the stars above, it dropped an impregnable and discomforting veil of shadows over anything that lay below. Looking out, one would generally expect rain, but none came. A near deathly silence accompanied this grim twilight, a plague which seemed to have spread to almost every living being.

A full moon served as the only source of comfort this night. Peering through the single break in the perpetuating overhang, the large luminescent orb sat high atop her throne overhead, pregnant with powers beyond human comprehension; powers waiting to be distributed to its children on earth. With the beautiful Lunar Goddess casting down a brilliant spotlight of heavenly rays, Omega took center stage in a play overseen by the immortals themselves. Saturated by the divine light from above, and positioned as the epicenter in a large field, its stone walls seemed to radiate their own personal glow. Reaching an intimidating forty feet, and with a girth of ten, this mighty structure serves to represent the enduring strength of the people of Purplexia, employing a plethora of armor-clad guardians. The bane of any cynical crusader, this fortification stands strong and proud, ready to thwart any nefarious endeavors of those who would oppose the monarchy housed within. Tonight, however, the battlements were devoid of life; the towers and defense platforms sat empty. It would be here that a select few dared disrupt the ominous calm which had befallen the lands, and they moved with deadly intentions, ghosting through the darkness like phantoms, ready for the kill.


The halls of the castle were decorated lavishly, and possibly even overwhelmingly. Made to accommodate the whimsey of the occupants from generations ago, the ceilings were created with high arches that very much resembled a cathedral of sorts, and from which hung large chandeliers. Most were plain with only a ring of candles, while others, like the one in the foyer, utilized a collection of expensive crystals to capture and refract the light out in beautiful patterns across the marble floor. Several hand-carved oak beams served as columns along the walls, the tops of which arched out overhead in the forms of many different creatures, from dragons and lions, to hawks and bears. From these, a series of intricately designed purple banners, decorated exquisitely with golden designs of vines and leaves, as well as with hanging laces, were strung. Other expensive furnishings, such as pictures and coats of arms, adorned the walls between these wooden supports, just over the many small pedestals and stands which were set at short intervals to support beautifully tended potted plants, or busts of past nobility. The inside corners of each hall housed a single armor set, the shining steel polished to the point that one could clearly see their reflection. On either side of these silent warriors, short pillar stood guard at shoulder-height, the tops of which were concaved to form a bowl from which purple flames would continuously burn. Guards monitored these halls with a vigilance unmatched, but even they missed the smaller details every now and again, having grown far too accustomed to a tediously boring routine of pacing back and forth.

Phoenix was one of few on duty this night. In fact, he alone, along with only a platoon of the Lord's finest men, were charged with the task of receiving the guests that were expected to arrive at any moment. All others were given a single twelve hour leave; a great risk, but indeed a necessary one. Not an hour ago, Phoenix had verified the arrival of several combatants over the northern wall, seen by means of an astronomy tower at the top of the castle itself. Two guards had been placed there to stand watch, easily identifiable and traceable by the glint of their steel in the moonlight. The man had watched as both collapsed, disappearing beneath the parapets to be replaced by a series of silhouettes which rose only to strike, before diving back into the cover of the night. So far the anonymous tip had proven correct, but to what extent would it hold true? Looking into the sky, Phoenix felt as if the atmosphere was far too fitting of the situation.

The main hall was the single stretch left leading to a large set of decorative double doors. Beyond that point, only a short distance remained to be navigated before reaching the royal chambers. A small, dead-end hallway on both sides intersected the main hall at its midpoint of fifty feet, harboring a collection of rooms that were either empty, or housing an army of brooms and other less than important objects. Phoenix stood along this intersection, at the corner to ones right as they would be approaching the guarded gates. Hidden within the shadow of a support beam, the man's dark clothing allowed him to simply melt into the small alcove and disappear.

A master of concealment, Phoenix knew that movement was the key to detection. With the eyes having only a small focal point, things could easily remain hidden in plain sight, even without entirely matching their backdrop. Thusly, the peripheral vision was utilized to capture movement, and would draw attention towards anything that broke the stillness. Standing with his feet shoulder-width apart, and with his hands folded neatly behind his back, gripping a loaded crossbow, the man waited in silence for the arrival of the intruders.

Five minutes passed like five hours, and to anyone, even a master like Phoenix, it was enough to set one on edge, with tension running high. Nevertheless, the man forced himself into a sort of self-induced state of rest, one that he'd perfected that would allow his body to relax, without losing his keen senses as a hunter; he heard it a moment later.

Only the barely audible whistling foreshadowed the imminent death of the guards just down the hall. There was a pop as steel was punctured, followed by a loud crashing of armor plates against the hard floor. Without so much as a cry or plea for help, the two men fell, relieved of duty. Phoenix remained unmoving in his place, simply waiting as the footsteps advanced. The situation was a delicate one, as the infiltrators were no doubt wary of a trap in place for them due to the absence of more guards. On top of that, because this was the last boundary to be passed, their adrenaline would be running overtime, as well as their nerves. Having begun with a more subtle approach over an hour ago, the men were running out of time and had apparently dismissed their original game plan, believing that they were in now the clear. Racing against the clock, and with no knowledge as to whether or not their presence was known, now, if ever, would be the time for mistakes.

The first three passed quickly, not even bothering to glance down the hall which bisected the one they were traveling. Why? Because no doubt they had gathered enough intelligence to inform them about the frivolous adjoining path. It held nothing of importance, and lead nowhere, and thus the guards would not traverse it. Secondly, if one had a map of the plotted areas designated to each guard, they would know that this crossroads was maintained by only the two eliminated just seconds ago. Phoenix, however, wasn't a guard; mistake number one.

The last two of the group lagged behind, made up of a ranged combatant and a sweeper. If sources proved worth the money it cost to gain the information, then Phoenix was already acquainted with several of these men, and in fact knew both of the two he was about to engage. Fellow mercenaries who held no sense of morality with the missions they accepted, the man had no quarrel with dispatching them from this world. On multiple occasions he'd considered it before, but he wouldn't waste his time or effort on them unless it were necessary. The fourth passed.

Seconds turned to tedious hours in Phoenix's head as he worked through the situation. He heard the last man's approach, a mere meter behind the other, prepared himself to move, adjusted for any calculation flaws, and finally stepped around the corner. Throwing out a steel-plated left arm, Phoenix caught the fifth infiltrator hard in the bridge of his nose. A sickening crunch emanated from the cartilage and bone behind it as both splintered, followed by another gruesome crack as the man's head jerked violently back, leaving his body to continue forward. The man landed, sprawled on his back with a thud, his bow skidding onward to the feet of his subordinates.

Simultaneously, Phoenix's right arm came up, crossbow in hand. Hardly having to apply any pressure to the trigger, the man released the catch on the string and sent the deadly bolt whizzing towards its target. The fourth intruder, who had just turned to investigate what had happened behind him, collapsed next, the deadly projectile embedding itself and penetrating easily through the soft flesh of his neck. The man simply spun and rolled awkwardly onto one side, his scream turning into an incoherent, frothy gurgling as blood poured into and down his throat. A pool accumulated quickly beneath the fountain of crimson, and the man simply lay idle in it, his mouth gaping silent curses from beneath the now red-stained clothe mask, while his eyes stared ahead, a look of uncomprehending shock locked in them.

Phoenix dropped the crossbow and turned now to fully face the three remaining assassins. All of them wore the same black uniforms with thin masks and hoods; all of them returned his calm gaze with a combination of newly-found hatred, bewilderment, fear, and the intent to kill.

The Throne Room of Omega - The following morning: Alterez

A single purple carpet outlined in gold lacing cut a swath through the center of the room, from the grand mahogany doors, to the raised section of flooring where the thrones sit. On either side of this carpet, the same decorative wooden support beams found in the halls would stand, reaching up into the high-arched ceiling and rafters, nearly thirty feet above. Banners and flags hung delicately from these heights, along with a grand chandelier in the center of the room. With a diameter of six feet, and total height of ten, the ornate piece of decor was one of the many prized artifacts of the monarchy. Struck from a single vein of precious gems found at the construction site of the castle generations ago, it has adorned the throne room ever since.

The room itself expanded beyond the boundaries of the carved wooden beams. In the vacancy between these and the far walls which were governed by thick, stone columns, a series of long tables were set, covered in similar purple cloths to those that hung from the ceiling, as well as an infinite amount of silverware that would go unused. As with the rest of the castle, the throne room spared no expense in finding the rarest of luxuries. Shields and crests hung off the wooden supports, while pictures were placed in their respective positions on the walls. Guards were set in front of every stone column, next to dozens of potted plants, busts, other statues and even various weapons racks. Often though, the guards would go unnoticed, overlooked as merely another piece of interior design.

The most stunning part of the throne room, however, was the far back wall which loomed over the heads of those in power. Inset with a beautifully decorated stain-glass window that rose to a grand twenty feet, it faced the East, allowing the sunrise to cast into the castle a harmonious collection of colors which melded and blended together in order to form a detailed image of the first great war, from which Purplexia was forged. The image would be sprawled across the floor in front of the thrones in a sort of sparkling, shining wonder, projected by a heavenly might as a reminder to those enemies vanquished ages ago, and to those who would threaten the kingdom today.

Alterez always found himself enticed by this mystifying wonder. Whoever had designed it definitely had an eye for detail, and knew exactly how to harness every aspect of it. As it was now, the self-proclaimed Lord had allowed himself to fall into a daze, his mind wandering to great reaches far beyond the extent of the problems at hand. Problems which unfortunately refused to wait.

"Sire?" a man's voice called.

Alterez suddenly sat up, blinking. It took him a moment to acclimate himself back into the real world, but finally he found his voice. "Ah, oh, yes... Right. Uh, continue," the man said, straightening himself in his seat. The throne was made almost entirely of gold, with purple cushions and designs detailing it, as well as with a sort of cape draped over the back. His own and the Queen's were nearly identical, however his was indeed slightly taller, though neither was set in the center. Her throne sat to his immediate right, with the illusive assassin Phoenix standing to his left.

"Problem, sire?" the man asked, a hint of worry creeping into his voice. It was General Poliferus, a great man with a spectacular battle record. He stood with an intimidating aura and spoke with a confident, commanding tone. His face showed signs of a veteran combatant, and his deep sunken blue eye held in it a strong unwavering stare. A thin scar ran down one side of his face, passing over the other empty socket. Easily able to outsmart and outmaneuver any enemy formation, even with all odds against him, his mind was sharp, and not one to be trifled with. With such an impressive history below his belt, Alterez could overlook the inflated self-reverence the man possessed.

Alterez shook his head, waving a dismissive hand. "No no, please continue, General."

The man gave a brisk nod, folding the papers he was holding behind his back as he fell into a sort of parade-rest. "Apologies, sire, but I had just finished," said Poliferus. Alterez raised a curious eyebrow to the man, but said nothing, as if contemplating his words. "To recap, however, the matter still stands. The rebels, despite all failed attempts, are still getting support. Five of the most notorious assassins means that the support includes a great deal of sponsors. From where, we are unsure as of now, but it can b-"

"General," a man cut in. Poliferus turned to face the lead adviser, a rather plump man dressed with more decorations than the entire palace itself. Poliferus didn't need to say anything, but simply nodded for the other to speak. "It is a simple solution," the adviser continued, almost as if the words he was about to say were far too obvious for the General to realize. "Reinforce all troops in the surrounding Barons castles, and tighten security, as well as law enforcement. We'll then gather a list of anyone suspected of treason, arrest them and have them tried."

"And how do you suggest we go about compiling a list of everyone who has aligned themselves with the rebels?" Poliferus retorted evenly. "They may be numerous, but of the population, they are a small majority spread far too thin throughout the kingdom. You'd have better luck trying to to enlist yourself in basic training."

The man gave the General a rather indignant look at his comment, but then simply brushed it off, rolling his eyes. Sticking out his face and placing his hands on his hips like some toddler with a point to prove, his jowls jiggled as his shook his head. The man sighed then spoke slowly this time, the condescension in his words palpable. "General... If you enforce the laws enacting better curfews and restricting movement from people in and out of these cities, you simply look for those who would disobey... The ones who are with the rebels are the ones sneaking around at night, and moving around this or that... And please, if I wished to partake in the barbaric trade that you call a profession, I would have. That is below me, however."

"Suggesting we turn the people against us by trying to cram more laws down their throats?" Poliferus asked, somewhat astounded by the man's less than reasonable solution to the problem. "Sire?" The General turned to Alterez, looking for some input.

"Sire," another adviser broke in, "I think if we promise it is only long enough to capture these rebels, they would understand. They don't like them any more than we do, and besides, we've already got people throwing around the names of people acting suspiciously. This would only make it easier! It won't do harm if only temporary..."

"Indeed!" responded the first adviser again.

Alterez simply heaved a deep sigh and sunk back into his seat, looking bored and beyond annoyed with his cast of advisers as they then took it upon themselves to begin throwing out new laws and ways to employ and enforce them. Poliferus lost himself in attempting to point out each and every flaw, however it seemed not many were giving him support, though some were. The voices of the supposed esteemed Council were steadily rising, trying to overpower the other in an attempt to get their ideas out, all the while creating an incessant drone of indecipherable words. Alterez leaned over, putting his face in the palm of his hand while his elbow rested on the cushioned arm rest of his throne. The man was becoming extremely aggravated with the lack of intelligence within the group, as well as their inability to compromise on anything. All their ideas seemed to benefit themselves in one way or another, or simply just deteriorate the loyalty within the people to them. The man let out another exasperated sigh, finally standing.

"Meeting adjourned!" he called loudly. And with that, the man turned and strode from the room, exiting through one of the side doors. Phoenix followed several paces behind, with two guards falling into step immediately after him.

The room fell silent for a moment as everyone paused, exchanging uncertain looks or shrugs of indifference. Finally a man spoke. "Very well, we shall compile a list of new laws and regulations for the kingdom and present them to his Lordship come the assembly later today!" announced the lead adviser. There was a mixed response, but no one argued anymore, simply dispersing to go about whatever business they had to attend to.

Poliferus closed his eyes for a moment, then nodded to his men who followed him through the open double doors. In two hours the palace was expecting the arrivals of a new battalion from Ravensgard, as well as a congregation of people expecting an announcement from their Lord or Queen. Poliferus had to accept these troops and ensure the area was secure before then. He also had to send out a letter to his dear friend, Wolfe. If security and laws were tightened, that would make his tasks that much harder to accomplish. Perhaps later he'll also find a way to dispose of those mercenaries the Lord had hired. His own had failed... Wolfe needed to know everything.


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Queen Violet

Violet walked down the long hallway, with confidence in her step. Her outfit Consisted of, a purple gown that hugged her body in all the right places. Small gem earrings that were also purple. Her shoes were a simple purple flats since you couldn't see her feet. Her hair was curled and put in a complicated style. Eye shadow was placed as well, adding onto her natural beauty. Violet stopped at the throne room and the guards instantly opened the doors for their Queen.

Violet smiled at Alterez. He was with her from the beginning. She sat upon her throne that was placed next to his. They were equal in her eyes. No one was above the other. Some called them King and Queen, which was fine for Violet but Alterez title was Lord. To be King means they have to get married. And if he was King, all her power would go to him, making her below him. Something they both didn't want.

Violet noticed that she walked into a meeting with the advisers. But it ended when Alterez dismissed them. He was obviously bored and annoyed with them. The advisers bowed at her before making there exit out the throne room. Before the Queen could attempt to speak to her friend, Kota came bursting through the doors in panic. Violet was a little worried. Kota came right up to her and bowed. '' Your Highness. I dearly apologize for myself being late. I over slept again, and I do wish that you can forgive me for being late." Violet smiled down at the Kota, a quite laugh escaping her lips. "Why are you bowing? I have told you time and time again not to. Friends are equal in this kingdom." A hint of playfulness in the Queen's voice.

(please don't mind the woman wearing the dress. You obviously know it's not my character XP)


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Queen Violet

Violet nodded at Kota as she suggested to leave to eat. "You don't need permission Kota. Go as you please." One less guard wouldn't be a problem seeing as Violet had many others in and out the castle. If Kota left it didn't make it tragic. When Kota left Violet turned to Altarez, her companion and friend. "What did the General say in the meeting?" Unfortunately Violet wasn't there because there was a perimeter break in. Someone was climbing over the castle walls. Guessing it was another spy. They're locked in know and Violet has to go talk to them before choosing a punishment that's appropriate enough.


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#, as written by Centi85
Omega - Poliferus & Sierra

“Sierra darling, good morning.” Poliferus said happily, his earlier feelings of annoyance, worry and whatever else seeming to melt away. The man gave the young lady a pleasant smile, relieved that she had arrived, but more so happy about her impeccable timing. The advisers could be so sour and thick-headed sometimes, he definitely would not want that rubbing off on her, and yet, despite whatever attitude they would grace upon the General, he found it always dispelled by the innocent, sweet demeanor of the girl he’d come to know as his own.

"I trust your meeting with the Lord and Queen went well? What news do you have of the assailants of last night?" she inquired.

Poliferus took his hand away and stepped back, allowing Sierra the not required but still deserved bow of respect he addressed everyone with. Standing tall again, he strode half past her and put one large hand gently behind her to guide her with him. “Please, follow me. We can discuss it on the way down to the Courtyard.”


“You slept well then?” Poliferus said finally, after they’d walked a good distance from the throne room and out of earshot of the self-concerned politicians. The only sounds now were that of the outside world coming in through the windows on their left, and the heavy footsteps of his guards that marched otherwise silently behind him. “It’s sometimes so difficult considering all that’s happening, but then again, with the King having hired so many other precautions alongside his Guardsmen, I suppose it can be achieved.”

Poliferus sighed deeply, a bit of worry troubling him again. “Alterez is so young… I fear that he may not know what to do, and that all this time around these pompous fools has tainted his mind. Be wary, being at such the age he was when he began, many things can be so.. influencial…” Poliferus spoke gently, a rare side seen by few. “As for the happenings of everything, they aren’t good. The mercenaries last night, confirmed by Phoenix himself on account of having worked alongside several, were indeed professionals… This is deeply concerning, as it means whoever is sponsoring Lady Dream has some sort of power, or at least money. Personally to me, they go hand in hand, but I won’t jump to conclusions.”

Poliferus stopped, turning down the hall and proceeding down a flight of steps. “Luckily we do have our own sources, and we’re just fortunate that they served true. I felt so ineasy having most of my men take the night off, but if they’d been there, they would’ve been killed alongside those few that were present.” The General was frowning now, considering this. Although he did care for the lives of his men, it wasn’t only because he was ensuring they weren’t killed. Having only a small platoon on standby, that meant that the only real threat was the mercenary Phoenix. He’d underestimated the man despite his renown reputation; a mistake he won’t make twice.

“Nevertheless," he continued, "we’re receiving reinforcements from Baron Vreakalks. I trust you remember him? I have to meet his men when they arrive, and then we have to ready the castle for the Royal Address.

Approaching a large balcony overlooking the North side of the Castle, Poliferus strode into the open, his gaze drifting down to the barracks below, stationed around a large field nearly overflowing with the King’s finest, training, moving in units, tending to equipment or armor, or simply lounging. Poliferus placed his hands on the edge of the delicately carved marble railing, his thumb tracing the purple painted fire. "I just hope Lord Alterez and Queen Violet are ready for this task…” he said after a short time.

A cool breeze tugged on the man’s cape that hung over both his shoulders, ruffling the Purple fabric while making the gold sparkle in the morning sun. Poliferus sighed resignedly again, then turned to Sierra. “Anyway, enough about all this… What sorts of things have you been up to? Heard you were on a mission as of late. How did that go?”

The Tavern -- Captain Rubber, Lady Dream, Star & Wolfe

Sergeant Antorak strode confidently down the street, followed closely by at least a dozen men. Armor-clad and battle-tested, they moved with a purpose through the thick throngs of people that governed the streets, vying for whatever baubles they wished to waste their money on. Ignoring entirely any and all social graces that an exalted member of the Royal Military was supposed to exude, the man pushed aside anyone that got in his way. Toppling a woman carrying fruits, or an elderly veteran who possessed far too many scars that would hinder his ability to move, Antorak remained indifferent. Cold green eyes scanned the area menacingly. The man was on a mission, and his target was directly ahead. With a short nod, his he and his men continued on, their armor and weapons clanking with each step, steel boots kicking up patches of dirt.


“Hey there buddy,” a man said suddenly. He’d been positioned near the back of the bar for some time now, but finally he felt as if he should make an appearance. Having grown tired of watching the Queen simply lounge around in public, no doubt at this very moment gathering people for her vanity cause, this man, being a self-respecting loyal citizen, knew that it was merely his civic duty to turn her and her subordinates in. Deciding that this man who had gone through so much trouble to put on a well played act was the more dangerous threat to be engaged, he allowed himself to take a seat next to him. “Name’s Gregora,” he said in a gruff voice as he looked up to the shaggy haired traitor.

While Gregora himself was a rather small, stocky man, he could handle himself just fine against whatever brute dared threaten his Kingdom. Already he’d sent word of this meeting with one of his men to fetch the guards, so now all he had to do was stall until they arrived. After that he could collect his pay, one hell of a bounty that could buy him and his accomplices’ drinks for a lifetime, and continue on his merry way as the man who captured the runaway Queen with family problems. He gave a toothless grin to the man. “So what brings you here today, kind gentleman?”

Gregora’s presence was enough to send those few wenches and barmaids which had accumulated around the man to scatter. His reputation wasn’t the best, but sometimes it helped. He looked to the older gentleman, holding up a half-drained pitcher. “If you’re trying to drown the sorrows of your recent losses against the Kingdom, this ain’t the place.” His gaze shifted back to the Queen, finding that another had joined the group. He shook his head disapprovingly, as if amused, then leaned forward and whispered almost maliciously, “It’s a crime to be in league with pirates, you know. It’s a crime to be against the kingdom.” A blade appeared in his hand as his smile widened. “Treacherous bastard.”

It was just then that the door to the tavern was thrown from its hinges. The kick came from two steel-plated Knights, and the force sent the large wooden object careening into the table directly in front of it. The occupants collapsed, cries suddenly emanating from most present. Bottles and glasses were spilled, but no matter how much people wanted to panic, the commanding voice which bellowed out a moment later ensured that didn’t happen.

“Alright, I hear there’s a little rat in town?” Antorak’s reputation was well known around the few blocks that he was tasked with patrolling and enforcing. Using pain as means of intimidation, he demanded not respect, but fear. His Purple cape, draped over one side of his decorative steel armor, marked him as not just authority, but a man who commanded the authority. The rank of sergeant was low, but it still meant that he had at his disposal a platoon of soldiers, and a plethora of weapons to employ. Of course, if the top brass was aware of what occurred below their noses, Antorak would no doubt have been thrown from his high horse. Unfortunately however, it takes only a few falsified reports and documents, as well as a great deal of inspired awe, to ensure that nobody need know about the dealings the man dabbles in.

Striding in, his eyes took a quick sweep of all present, his men forming up in a rough semi-circular formation behind him, shields raised, swords brandished. A smirk formed on his lips, visible only because officers rarely wore helmets. The Queen wasn’t at all difficult to spot, and so the man nodded, heaving a sigh of satisfaction. His content grew even more so as he recognized the infamous Captain Rubber. He'd surely get a promotion for this lovely catch.

“Everyone present that doesn’t align themselves rightfully at this very moment is under arrest, your renounced majesty.” The man spat the last word as if it were some rotten peace of mutton, speaking directly to Dream, then continued hideously. “Anyone dares try to run, they should ensure they be ready to spill themselves before the might of Purplexia.”

By now several people had regained themselves from the shock of the Sergeant's entrance. A few stood, facing the Queen with looks of disapproval or satisfaction, while others remained uncertain, sitting in their neutrality. Weapons were now appearing in the hands of many.

“Get ‘em," Antorak finally sneered.

Omega – Kota & Lucie

A knock came from the door of the little cottage known to belong to Lucie. Without waiting for an answer, the door was then thrown open, allowing for three men to enter. All were dressed in a simple chainmail shirt accompanied by a few steel plates, as well as a surcoat with the Crest of Purplexia on it, but none held position within the military. These men were simply the police force that monitored civilian matters, rather than diplomatic ones that would escalate to war. Perhaps it was because of their humble yet still respectable positions that kept them from being as easily tainted as those with the true power, or perhaps it was simply because they lived amongst the people they monitored. Whatever the case, they were willing to look past some petty things, but after enough complaints, they were required to take action.

A young man, well groomed, probably mid twenties took the stage, unfolding a piece of paper. “Lucie Mauvais, you have hereby been charged with crimes of theft amongst the citizens of Omega within the great land of Purplexia. You are from henceforth to be apprehended for said violations of the law, and are to be brought in for questioning and trial. If found guilty, the consequences include but are not restricted to monetary fees, servitude to those to whom the acts were committed, or a sentence for up to but not limited to, sixty days.”

The man looked down from the paper towards the young lady, but then stopped short as he became aware of the other presence in the room. Dropping his head almost immediately, and snapping his feet together while putting his arms against his sides, he gave a brisk bow to Kota.

Looking up, his face was flustered, embarrassed due to missing the presence of someone aligned personally to the Queen. “Apologies, Lady Kota. I did not see you there. Please, excuse the interruption, but by law we are to take young Lucie in for questioning.” The two other officers behind the man had stiffened as well, and now all looked expectantly to Kota. She had authority, and so they were to await her response before taking further action.

Omega – Alterez, Violet & Phoenix

Alterez adjusted the lapels on his decorative, sleeveless overcoat, brushing them down and plucking off a single piece of his long, brown hair. The man inspected it thoughtfully, then simply threw it aside. Admiring himself in the mirror for a moment, he disliked having the silent shadow Phoenix with him at all times, but knew it was a necessary precaution. The man was standing in the far corner, head down, but Alterez knew that he was present in every way possible. Turning now away from his reflection, the Lord of Purplexia sighed.

“Am I doing this right?” he asked to nobody in particular. “The late King, Violet’s father… He ruled with so much certainty and dignity… And my father knew the answers to anything he didn’t… Violet and I… Ugh..” The man sighed again, dropping his head. Of course Phoenix didn’t respond, he didn’t expect him to, but he still wished he had some input. He probably did, but then again, it wasn’t in the man’s job description to act as councilor.

Alterez bit his tongue, thinking, before finally he moved towards the great doors of the Royal Chambers and strode back into the throne room.

"What did the General say in the meeting?"

Queen Violent, whom he hadn’t even acknowledged her for he was too annoyed earlier, was sitting in her place at his side. The man was grateful, and watched as her own right hand dismissed herself in search of food, if he had heard correctly. Smiling at the woman, she never ceased to amaze him with her radiate beauty. The elegance she possessed, as well as her father’s strong will. Alterez took a moment to admire her, standing silently to one side before moving to take his seat by her side. He was lucky to have her, he knew, and one day he did plan to marry… But not yet. Things were far too troubling, and besides, they’d agreed on sharing the power if ever possible. It seemed the only way was to remain separate, as dictated by the laws of Purplexia. Maybe one day he’d change that. Yes, that would be lovely… Just another thing he could be known for, another way to better himself and gain complete acceptance. The man smiled, finally deciding to answer his beloved Violet’s earlier question. Leaning back in his cushioned throne, Alterez hated to break the all too welcomed silence of his throne room, but he wouldn’t leave his Queen without an answer.

“Poliferus is simply searching for a way to weed out all traitors and finally put a stop to this rebellion. It seems nobody has any surefire ways to do that… Always holes.” Alterez huffed, a hint of annoyance returning in his voice at simply the thought. “Anyway, he’s off doing his General thing, and the advisers are all off plotting some total domination plan in order to enforce stricter laws, and I’m here without any idea at all.. Supposed to address the people in an hour? Yeah, that’ll be lovely.”

Alterez fell silent for a moment, brooding. His temper was one of his flaws, and it had only gotten worse due to the stress of recent events. “Why is it worth my time anyway? Your sister, without offense, renounced herself. She’s not worth the color she wears. If we could just crush this damned thing now without a problem, I’d love that… It’s just too tedious.” Sighing, the man dropped his face into his palms again, leaning forward in his chair.

“Our dads would know what to do… Hell, I may just let them enact these new laws. Only option that’s actually presented itself! If she weren’t royalty it would just be dismissed like everything else. We’ve had rebellions, but they were all just common rabble, not worth our time. Give the problem to the nearest Baron and his forces, and boom, done…” Alterez was rubbing his temples, growing more and more aggravated the more he thought and talked about it. “Whatever happened between you two anyway? I don’t remember that much fighting amongst you guys, and we all practically grew up together. When did all this happen?”

Looking to his Queen now, Alterez waited expectantly. It was true, despite all the time he’d spent watching them trying to get one of them to notice him, he’d never seen them fight. Albeit he was probably too worried about making himself look good to notice any real bickering about who would be heir, but he surely would’ve noticed the two most beautiful girls he’d ever seen clawing at each other for the throne. Heck, if he had, he could’ve stepped in and given compromise. He was almost literally trained to do that… Alterez tilted his head now, waiting patiently.


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Queen Violet

(sorry i haven't posted in awhile! I'm more busy than i thought. And i have been watching manga XP)

Violet frowned as Alterez explained the meeting to her in his point of view. He seemed highly annoyed and tired of the situation Violet has brought him in. She wanted to ask more questions but by the look in his eyes, she didn't want to push the subject any further to irritate him. “Our dads would know what to do… Hell, I may just let them enact these new laws. Only option that’s actually presented itself! If she weren’t royalty it would just be dismissed like everything else. We’ve had rebellions, but they were all just common rabble, not worth our time. Give the problem to the nearest Baron and his forces, and boom, done…” He stated and Violet sighed. If only that was so easy. This is another Kingdom they were talking about. Yes, it's not quite as big as Purplexia but it was still causing major problems.

“Whatever happened between you two anyway? I don’t remember that much fighting amongst you guys, and we all practically grew up together. When did all this happen?” This is the time it was the Queen rubbing hr temple. Such a long story. She decided to cut it short. "It was more health and personality based than who was the oldest to run the kingdom." Violet said. It was a secret only Violet knew. And now her dear friend Alterez. "My sister's emotions were crazy and out of control. Only when she was calm and happy is when we let her out in public.Violet remembered walking down the streets of the kingdom with her sister. Dream and Violet had to know the kingdom inside out. When they got back to the castle brought them news. They were choosing a Queen early. It was the day they choose Violet over her. Chaos is only one word to put it.


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Queen Violet

(sorry i haven't posted in awhile! I'm more busy than i thought. And i have been watching manga XP)

Violet frowned as Alterez explained the meeting to her in his point of view. He seemed highly annoyed and tired of the situation Violet has brought him in. She wanted to ask more questions but by the look in his eyes, she didn't want to push the subject any further to irritate him. “Our dads would know what to do… Hell, I may just let them enact these new laws. Only option that’s actually presented itself! If she weren’t royalty it would just be dismissed like everything else. We’ve had rebellions, but they were all just common rabble, not worth our time. Give the problem to the nearest Baron and his forces, and boom, done…” He stated and Violet sighed. If only that was so easy. This is another Kingdom they were talking about. Yes, it's not quite as big as Purplexia but it was still causing major problems.

“Whatever happened between you two anyway? I don’t remember that much fighting amongst you guys, and we all practically grew up together. When did all this happen?” This is the time it was the Queen rubbing hr temple. Such a long story. She decided to cut it short. "It was more health and personality based than who was the oldest to run the kingdom." Violet said. It was a secret only Violet knew. And now her dear friend Alterez. "My sister's emotions were crazy and out of control. Only when she was calm and happy is when we let her out in public.Violet remembered walking down the streets of the kingdom with her sister. Dream and Violet had to know the kingdom inside out. When they got back to the castle brought them news. They were choosing a Queen early. It was the day they choose Violet over her. Chaos is only one word to put it.


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#, as written by Centi85
Phoenix, Lord Alterez & Queen Violet

Alterez listened intently to his Queen talk. It wasn't the most full picture she could have painted, but he assumed that any elaboration would come in time. He wouldn't press her over such delicate matters, especially concerning family, but he still wouldn't say he was entirely pleased. The less than satisfactory answer helped in some ways, but it was still rather ambiguous. Albeit it made sense in that that he'd never seen any of what Violet was claiming only considering Lady Dream acted out only when not in public, but even so, Alterez was still curious as to the why and how. Seeing as he wasn't King until after one of the sisters had been proclaimed Queen, he didn't have the authority at the time to be amongst the Court when they made their decision. Obviously they knew whatever he didn't, but then it wasn't until now that such thoughts had ever occurred to him.

Considering this, Alterez thought that perhaps he should simply let the topic slide. The latent ideas birthed by such notions merely aided in his worry over his leadership abilities. He wondered how what else his Court knew of, or anyone within his ranks for that matter. It was no secret to him that many high-powered people were tainted in one way or another, but only now did he realize too how difficult it was to spot, especially with so many other duties weighing him down. It was nearly impossible to fully grasp a situation such as this war and contain it while pleasing everyone, and with the stress one had to deal with, it did a good job of obscuring the silver-tongued politicians that thrived in his midst, those who wished to only please themselves.

"Well," sigh Alterez finally, "hopefully we can use that to our advantage then... If she was not fit for leadership of a nation, she definitely won't last long with even a small band of misfits. She's merely demoted herself even more..." Nodding to himself, as if using that answer to validate some reasoning of his own that he refused to share, Alterez continued. "That in mind, perhaps we can wait it out for your sister to merely crash and burn on her own? It's far too much trouble, the time and effort we've put into this, when in reality it's such a small matter. If your sister is as you say, then she will not make it. She has no chance. That said, she isn't even a real threat..."

Looking to Phoenix now, Alterez stood fully to face the mercenary. "Go fetch General Poliferus. Have him report to me. I must converse with him over the military affairs surrounding the recent attacks and the tracking of Lady Dream."

With a nod, Phoenix turned and moved silently from the room. That task complete, and with his mind seemingly made up, Alterez turned now to his Queen, already looking less stressed than he had a mere moments before. "Come," he said, holding out a hand to her, "let us get ready for the Royal Address."

General Poliferus & Synclair

Poliferus stood silently, arms folded behind his back, still as a rock, as he listened to his Captain’s reports concerning the recent deaths of his men. It was unfair to the man that he had to commit such a heinous deed as lying about the honorable sacrifices of such valiant troops, but the General knew it was necessary as well. The politicians needed to make sure they didn’t look bad with their guards having been eradicated by a mere five renegade assassins, and although Poliferus disliked them and would love to see a new chapter installed into order, he wouldn’t isolate himself as a traitor to their whim. To Synclair, however, a man who had not but a few hours ago come out of mourning, this was probably unbearable. Poliferus understood entirely, but he could do nothing about it as of now.

"Reports regarding the events of the previous night indicate that the man known as Phoenix dispatched the enemy targets only after our guards were killed. I intend to make a formal complaint against this man and his reckless disregard for the lives of those who serve the Queen."

It was to this statement that Poliferus allowed himself to break his otherwise flawless poker-face. Raising a curious eyebrow, the General considered this, nodding in acknowledgement and agreement.

"Lastly, I must report an object of discomfort."

Poliferus looked down now to Synclair’s extended hand, taking the paper and scanning it, replacing now his stoic demeanor.

"This map was found on the bodies of the dead assassins. It is a detailed map of the inside of the castle, marked with the altered schedule of the guards. While other maps and schedules were recovered from the bodies, it is assumed those were taken from our guards as they were killed. This map, however, is a compilation of all the maps issued to our guards on a single sheet. No lone guard would be privy to this information, General. Someone who knew the schedules of every guard that night leaked this to the assassins. Which means at the very least, it is likely one of our sergeants has betrayed the Queen. Or worse still, it could have been a captain."

Poliferus frowned deeply, thinking on this. Of all the things that could have gone wrong, and all the scenarios that could have played out, the most inconvenient one was chosen. It was actually somewhat ironic the way Phoenix worked. If Poliferus had hired the man before Alterez, then the mission would have been successful without even a single casualty; that is if his record was true. As it was, however, these five assassins who had guaranteed their stealth and discretion could not infiltrate a castle and palace without leaving a line of bloodied corpses in their wake.

The General had specifically tried to avoid this dilemma by giving most of his men a well deserved night off, as well as altering the guard routes so that if need be, the assassins could move in and out without ever being detected. There were plenty of openings in their patterns, and yet they still had to be dispatched. Moreover was the fact that after all that unnecessary action, they were toppled by a single man. Phoenix was indeed a problem, and as much as Poliferus wished he could blame him, he couldn’t. He himself was to blame for attempting this course of action in the first place, but he knew better than to dwell too much on one mistake, lest he make several others while distracted.

With a sigh, Poliferus finally spoke, though his words echoed his thoughtfulness and worry, despite how much he tried to hide it. “Thank you, Captain,” he said simply. “I too am greatly disappointed in Phoenix’s methods of engagement pertaining to the infiltrators last night, but considering the circumstances, it may have been easiest to encounter them all in one area rather than trying to stalk them through the entire city. While I share your sentiments, we must also look at both sides of the situation… It may have been the right choice, it may not have, we’ll never know for sure, but that’s just how life is.”

Turning now and beginning to pace, Poliferus’ gaze drifting far into the sky as he contemplated how to best put what he wanted to say next. “As far as the map, I will have an investigation begin as soon as possible. I don’t want you to worry too much on it, however. You’ve got enough to deal with. As of now, I just want you to focus on ensuring we keep things in order around the city. We’ll—“

Stopping short, Poliferus was now looking over Synclair’s shoulder to the figure which had just seemed to appear out of nowhere. Clad in a heavy set of fabrics decorated extensively in fire patterns, Phoenix’s appearance had nearly caused Poliferus to draw his sword, half expecting a blade or some sort of attack to have been launched by now. The man was terribly unsettling, and though his loyalty was legend as much as his skill, Poliferus still expected a knife in the back the moment he, or anyone, wasn’t looking.

Regaining his composure quickly, the General cleared his throat, stepping past Synclair now. “Can I help you, assassin?”

Phoenix remained unmoving for a moment, giving Poliferus pause. He was terrifying in the way he stood; his easy, relaxed and yet perfectly situated stance allowing for fast movements, speaking greatly of his abilities. The man seemed to exude confidence, power and authority, and that in itself demanded a great deal of respect and caution when in his presence. Poliferus especially couldn’t stand that the shadows of his hood kept the man’s eyes from view, but yet still allowed him to see and assess everything around him. Perhaps it was fear of the unknown, or perhaps Poliferus was trained to combat these assassins with the expectation of being betrayed, but whatever it was, the man could never feel right when in his presence.

“Alterez requests your presence,” Phoenix said simply, his voice devoid of any emotion. Even the in the man’s speech, the author in his voice was palpable, but yet it wasn’t as if he were speaking on a level any higher than the General. Poliferus nodded to the man who responded in kind, and then watched as the assassin turned on his heels and disappeared from the archway to the balcony. His footsteps never even made a sound on the hard marble floor.

“Well...” Poliferus said finally, turning back to Synclair. “It appears as if we must cut this conversation short. I do sincerely apologize, but I’m sure you understand. Please, don’t do anything rash just yet, and don’t burden yourself with any of this. When I return I will give whatever counsel you need, but until then, do try and tend to whatever may need it. Yes? Check on dear Sierra, perhaps. Just make sure you’re ready during the Royal Address”

With that, Poliferus offered a smile, nod, and then strode from the balcony, the echo of his steel-clad boots slowly disappearing down the hall.