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"While I stand, no harm shall come to the monarchy."

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a character in “The Right to Rule”, as played by Centi85


Name: "Phoenix" - Real name unknown

Age: Unknown - Around 30

Race: Presumed Human

Affiliation: Loyalist - Hired Assassin to head Royal Purple Guardsmen (Monarchy's personal bodyguards)

Standing just at six feet, Phoenix's attire is almost entirely black, and for the most part, conceals well his fighter's physique. The flame patterns which emblazon the edgings of his uniform are purple, outlined in gold. The steel plates on his wrist and shoulders are a polished silver, along with the buckles under his forearms which secure them. His eyes, if one can see them beneath the shadow of his hood, are a striking metallic purple, suggesting he isn't entirely human in species. Remaining constantly vigilant, the man's eyes rarely stop moving, always taking in and assessing the situation down to every detail, compiling any and all threats or points of interest into a mental list. If one does manage to lock gazes with him, however, they will find themselves entranced by an unwavering, confident stare which has become accustomed to fast profiling in tense situations. Hidden beneath a shroud of thick fabrics, Phoenix also harbors neat black hair which is pulled back into a ponytail at the base of his skull. He stands with an authoritative, powerful manner, and is always ready to act at a moments notice. One should be wary, however, for the man has perfected an uncanny ability to remain absolutely still, causing him to be overlooked in many situations, a flaw not many get a second chance at making.

Personality: Little is known about the mysterious assassin Phoenix. He maintains a low-profile, staying aloof to others and rarely speaking except when absolutely necessary. When he does talk, his voice maintains a neutral, apathetic yet respective tone. When interacting with others, he appears to be no higher nor any lower than they are, but instead stands on equal ground. Murderer as he may be, he has powerful set of personal morals which he will not waver from. Deciding on his own who he will work for due to not belonging to any specific mercenary group or crime ring, when he is administered a request for a job, he thoroughly investigates all that it may entail. If the man deems it not worthy of his time for whatever reason, be it killing a young boy in order for someone to gain power, or some other heinous crime of vanity that no self-respecting man would do, he will not accept it. Often this becomes a problem to anyone who would hire him, especially when his skills and records are so sought after, but Phoenix refuses to demote himself at the cost of spilling unnecessary blood.
If one does manage to merit his attention, however, the man will remain loyal to whomever he has put his allegiance to until the job is completed, or until discharged by said buyer. Gold only goes so far to the man, especially one who works in order to better the world in order to eradicate greed and any other such sinful action. He never speaks of those he has killed, nor those who hire him, but simply takes a job and sees it fulfilled. Radiating a great deal power, the man will always show respect to anyone around him, including those unfortunate enough to meet his steel. Once he has his payment, he disappears without a trace, waiting in the shadows and silently observing until another would call upon him.

Weapons: The weapons and/or equipment utilized by this man vary depending entirely on the mission he accepts. With an arsenal ranging from grappling hooks and a scythe, to throwing knives or a bow, one never truly knows what he'll draw in order to engage his target. Under most normal circumstances, however, he always wears two katanas on his person at either hip. Plain wood hilts stained blank with a white strip on either side, they conform perfectly to their scabbards of the same design. When his weapons are sheathed, he looks only as if he is carrying two curved sticks, the seam at which the hilt is separate from the scabbard being almost invisible. This is preferable in order to keep a low profile, and because he cannot easily conceal two swords, he must ensure they are inconspicuous.

Abilities: Due to his stealthy movements allowing him to remain undetected for the majority of his time, not many know how he fights. What has been gathered is that Phoenix is an exceptional combatant versed in almost every known fighting style. Though the training may not be extensive, the common knowledge has come in handy on multiple occasions. Despite this, his personal preference is that of a dual-swordsman style. With his advanced aptitude for swordsmanship, many a foe has fallen to his steel, which is supposedly unmatched throughout the kingdom. He is extremely agile, calm and calculating as a duelist, and as a mercenary can infiltrate an establishment no matter how heavily guarded, do what needs to be done, and be out before anyone can retaliate. His melee capabilities and vast knowledge ensure that no one stand in his way, and anyone that does is quickly disposed of without warning.

Bio: The man's history is almost entirely unknown. Having come from some far off town near the outskirts of the kingdom's sphere of influence, a string of deaths simply carved a path in his wake. A silhouette cut an inconsistent swath through the lands, coming from politicians and civilians alike. Eventually a name and face began to take shape. Starting simply as an ambiguous term to describe the untimely death of a disliked person, followed by the rejoicing of whomever that person was harassing, be it a small group or whole town, it took five years until a complete image was struck.
After some time, several people seeking to make public their good fortune began stepping forward, gloating to the world about the man's abilities, and the gossip spread like wildfire. With a nearly flawless record, the man is tracked only by the series of clean kills he leaves behind him. Never would there be any collateral, nor would anyone see anything until it was too late.
It took Lord Alterez almost a year to finally locate the man, but in the end his pleas were answered. Phoenix had accepted the mission to protect his kingdom for no payment, and now acts as the Lord and Queen's shadow amongst other bodyguards. Even though one doesn't see him, that does not mean he isn't present, waiting to strike.

So begins...

"Phoenix"'s Story