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Benjy Riley

Tarantulas are a lot more friendly than humans.

0 · 534 views · located in The Ranch, England

a character in “The Rileys' Ranch”, as played by Boomerang



stand by me ▲ ben e. king // once upon a dream ▲ lana del rey // i see fire ▲ ed sheeran

( a group of former childhood friends band together to protect their town and themselves from a number of evils )












[center]G A M E M A K E R ; Boomerang

C O - G A M E M A K E R ; Girl2Fine2

C R E D I T S ; Graphics are primarily made by me. Gifs are not. Based on:

  • Stand By Me/The Body
  • American Horror Story
  • Supernatural
  • Welcome to Night Vale

R O L E P L A Y ; A small-to-medium sized roleplay
looking for a group of small, committed roleplayers,willing to make
two characters if possible. I really like this idea and spent
lots of time on the graphics & do not want to see it die.



Hello, dear readers. This is as good a time as any to embark on a journey through the gothic mystery of a town so sinister that it has been struck from all such maps. For you see, in the bitterest most coldest places of the country there is a town; a town called Batteridge (a little north-west of Denver, follow the maze-like suburbs). It is a town that seems clean but really is as blood stained and dirty as a Quentin Tarantino movie mucked through the muddy swamps of the saccharine forests.

Things in Batteridge have been a bit peculiar since people started really moving here in the wake of the Industrial Revolution. It seems every day a new unexpected and surreal situation pops up to try and throw the townsfolk off. Whether it’s the long, reptilian tale an eager teenager snapped down by Loch Pine or the large, table sized footprint in the Fairfax woods. Close to nobody in the town really notices or cares of these things, they’re wrapped up in their lives of gossip and scandal, of school or of work. To them, Batteridge is just a normal town, with normal people who live their normal lives and then die. What they don’t understand is that some of Batteridge’s residents were dead a long time ago.

We begun our tale in a cul-de-sac of colonial houses along the very outer edges of the town- this street- Fairfax Close, was home to ten children; ten children who then thought their world could never hold the evil they were about to experience. These ten children held a bond as deep and as strong as a human can hold. It wouldn't even be correct to describe them as friends, they were family. They'd known each other since they were able to comprehend the world around them, and they had grown up together, experiencing the world as a group. Sure, they fought and disagreed once in a while, but instead of breaking apart, they always came back to one another, for these ten people were family, even though most were not blood-related.

However, one thing in this Earth was strong enough to keep them apart- but even they don't fully remember it. You see, readers, it was a real coincidence these children lived in Batteridge, one of the few places on Earth to have a thin veil from one world to another. What caused the thinning of the veil is even a mystery to me, however time may tell.

It was an average day in Batteridge when they found it- not too hot nor too cold - they had decided to spend a night in one of their various tree houses, one of which was in the Fairfax Woods- adjacent to their houses. They were walking through the ground, ignoring the table sized footprint which they assumed was just a crater of some sort, when one- the leader, perhaps, tripped over something. That something was a book.

You wouldn't imagine an ordinary book to be the key to unlocking the horrors of Batteridge, but no, readers, this was no ordinary book.

It was real leather, scuffed and ripped in various places. The pages were yellowing and full of things the owner had placed in the book. Its title was simply 'A History of Batteridge'. The children, being children, were curious of this dusty old book that was just left in the depths of the forest. They made the mistake of opening the first page, as what followed that was of indescribable horror. This book told tales of a Batteridge than they didn't know, a Batteridge that maybe they didn't want to know. All the urban legends told at school or passed around campfires were true- about the vampires that could poison you in a single bite- if they didn't drink you dry that is-, the spirits and ghosts that haunted the town that came in all different shapes and sizes, shapeshifters and cannibals and demons- but this wasn't the most frightening thing, no- the evil beings were just the epidermis of the messed up town of Batteridge. There was something... else.

They made the second mistake of stepping foot into the Old Town. For the folks not from around these parts- I'll try my best to describe being the Old Town. It's eerie quiet, even if you and your friends are talking. There's this twisting sensation deep in your stomach, like it's warning you of imminent danger. However, you don't listen. But as you approach the abandoned mental asylum, you get this even weirder feeling, like whispering all around you- but you don't actually hear anything. It's how you feel when all the lights are off, you're pretending to sleep and you hear footsteps come up the stairs- all your family is in bed. It's how you feel when you look down the stairs and realize that no one is there. So after reading something about the mental asylum, the kids decided to venture there that night. Now, they were pretty brave, but as soon as they approached the peeling pastel paint of St. Bernadette's the windows as black as the sky above- none of them was feeling very brave.

None of them remember what happened that night, but disturbing the peace of the asylum angered something. When they went to bed all they would dream about was flashing lights, soft humming songs from a language long gone, crimson blood dripping, dripping...

That was when they decided to bury the book, deep underneath the ground of the Fairfax woods. It was one of those painfully average days again, not too hot nor too cool. But they swore between them to never speak of or think of the book again- which eventually led to them not speaking to each other. This timed up perfectly with them entering middle school and splitting apart, which drove them further apart again. By the time they were in eighth grade and nearly entering high school, they all had different friends, different lives, and had forgot that the town they were living in was filled with things deemed unimaginable.

However, each one of these children has developed some sort of problem from their middle school years to their high school years- for some it was mental- maybe the bullying and torment that is rampant at Batteridge got to them, or maybe they're just a bit too fascinated with flames. For others: family, relationship or other kinds of issues. However, these issues, along with one incident that will be elaborated on later- brought them to the school psychiatrist for group counselling. Realizing that the people in the group counselling were the old ten, it brought them back together. What they didn't realize is that years apart didn't hurt their friendship, but it hurt each one of them. Emotions were left to fester- whether love, hate, friendship or all of the above - and that's never good for a person.

What I didn't tell you earlier is that two of the ten were siblings- a brother and his younger sister. These two obviously could not avoid each other and so, did not completely forget the gang. In fact, the Day of the Beginning (as I like to call it) they were feeling nostalgic about their childhood and dug up the book from it's resting place in the abscesses of the woods. They took it home, but didn't read it, placing it in the sister's room. However, this time was different. When they were walking to school they saw people they knew, civilians, shopkeepers, anyone, really... change. For only a few seconds at a time, some townspeople would change into monsters- it was like they were seeing them in their true form. What they didn't know at that time was that every single one of the ten could see the monsters too.

The night before, a kid went missing and was found outside the asylum, eyes gouged and hands tied behind her back. When the ten found out this news in the middle of school, they realized that they had to do something. People kept going missing and they were the only people who could do something about it. And so, B. A. T. S was formed.

Be prepared readers, for a tale of love, friendship, evil beyond all recognition, death... and the undead. And, most of all, welcome to Batteridge- a friendly mountain community where beings not from this earth roam the streets while we all pretend to sleep.



C H A R L I E F I N C H || the outcast || faceclaim; landon liboiron || problem; isolation, loneliness || taken by GM (Boomerang)


|| faceclaim: sasha pieterse || problem; || taken by GM (Girl2Fine2)

M A L E T W O || the golden boy || faceclaim; none || problem; dealing with a family of perfectionists, was once a nerd but his family forced him into something he's not by joining him into sports etc. || open


B O N N I E F I N C H || the figure skater || faceclaim; liana liberato || problem; anxiety, panic attacks || taken by GM (Boomerang)

M A L E T H R E E || the comic relief || faceclaim; none || problem; parents divorced || open

F E M A L E F O U R|| the hippie || faceclaim; none || problem; drug/alcohol abuse || open

M A L E F O U R || the bad boy/fighter || faceclaim; none || problem; depression || open

F E M A L E F I V E || the fan girl || faceclaim; none || problem; coping with the loss of a brother || open

M A L E F I V E || the youtube star || faceclaim; none || problem; struggling with his sexuality || open

F E M A L E S I X || the girl who gets around || faceclam; none || problem; eating disorder || open

M A L E S I X || the geek || faceclaim; || problem; sister dying of leukemia || open


Okay, please jazz this up with pictures, colours etc. I know its super long, but answers don’t have to be paragraphs. This will give everyone a better understanding of your character as a person, not a caricature.

Code: Select all

[center][font=Garamond]Full Name: (Self explanatory)
Pronunciation: (Self explanatory)
Nickname/Alias: (Does your character have a pet name, fake identity, or any other thing they like to go by? Put it here.)
Meaning: ([Ex: Emily means "admiring" and William means "protector"] If you aren't sure your character's name has a meaning look it up, I'm sure you'll find something. If it's a fantasy name you made yourself, give it a meaning.)

Gender: (Self explanatory)
Orientation: (Ex: Straight, Bisexual, Homosexual)
Age: (How old your character is in years)
Birthday: (Self explanatory)
Birthplace: (Where was your character born?)
Astrological Sign: (Western)
Zodiac Sign: (Eastern)

Immediate Family: (Who was your character raised by?)
Parenting: (Were their parents strict or fun-loving?)
Ethnicity: (Self Explanatory)
Brief History: (A paragraph or two)
Blood Type: (Self explanatory)

Facial Type: (Ex: Oval, heart, square, round, )
Eye Color: (Self explanatory)
Hair Color (Self Explanatory)
Hairstyle: (Self explanatory)
Skin Tone: (Self Explanatory)
Complexion: (Self explanatory)
Makeup: (If any)
Body Type: (Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or somewhere in between?)
Build: (Long legs, chubby cheeks, or muscular arms?)
Height: (In inches)
Weight: (In pounds)
Shoe Size: (Self Explanatory)
Distinguishing Features: (Something unique that stands out)

Energy: (How much energy does your character have on a daily basis?)
Memory: (How well does your character remember things, and what do they remember?)
Allergies: (Self Explanatory. May be optional.)
Handicaps: ([Ex: A limp, deafness, missing an eye] May be optional.)
Medication: (What meds do your character take, if any?)
Phobias: (Things that simply terrify your character. May be trivial or debilitating. Try to have at least one.)
Addictions: (Drugs, alcohol, gambling, tumblr, or bad teen romance)

Style: (The overall style your character shows, not just limited to clothing. Ex: Punk, Goth, Nerd)
Grooming: (Well-kept or messy?)
Posture: (How does your character present themselves? Ex: Stiff, slouchy, suggestive)
Gait: (The speed and style which how your character moves)
Habits and Mannerisms: (Any nervous ticks or unconscious habits your character might have. Ex: Nail biting, crosses arms, or twirls hair)
Scent: (What does your character smell like? Good or bad? How strong?)


Family: ([Ex: Parents, children, siblings] Include stepfamilies if it applies, and label as such.)
Pets/Familiars: (Describe a pet your character owns, real or fantasy and give it a name.)

Home: (What is your character's house like? Describe it's overall appearance, [Ex: Shabby, fancy] type of house, [Trailer, mansion] and describe things such as the yard, wallpaper, or any other information. Things like bedrooms count as your character's home.)
Transportation: (How does your character get around? [Ex: Car, bus, bike])
Most valuable possession: (In money)
Prized Possession: (What object does your character value above all else?)

Marital Status: (Ex: Single, Taken, Dating, Available)
Turn-Ons: (What does your character want to see in their ideal mate?)
Turn Offs: (What tends to make them back off)

Occupation: (Self explanatory)
Work Ethnic: (How hard does your character work? How do they feel about their job?)

Education: (How good is their education?)
Grade: (What grades do they get?)
Special Education: (Did they ever get held back or get honor role?)
Social Stereotype: (ex: nerd, goth, punk)

Religion: (Self Explanatory)
Morals: (What does your character find morally right or wrong?)
Crime Record: (Relationship with authority, laws broken, and crimes committed.)
Political Party: (Ex: Democrat, Republican, Liberal, or Conservative)

Main Goal: (Driving force in the story. May be subject to change.)
Accomplishments: (Did they succeed in any goals?)
Greatest Achievement: (Self Explanatory)
Biggest Failure: (Self Explanatory)
Secrets: (Everyone has at least one)
Regrets: (Self Explanatory)
Worries: (What do they worry about?)
Best Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])
Worst Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])

Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character like to do for fun?)
Likes: (What does your character like?)
Dislikes: (What can't they stand?)
Sense of Humor: (Dark/dry/witty/sarcastic/dirty/childish/sophisticated/ironic)
Superstitions/Beliefs: (Does your character believe in conspiracy theories or aliens? Do they throw salt over their shoulder or knock on wood?)
Dreams/Nightmares: (What do they dream about? [at night])
Quirks: (The strange little things that your character does to make them unique. Ex: Sleeps with their feet on the pillow or runs their hand along a pole as they walk beside it.)
Guilty Pleasure: (You know...)

Favorite Colors:
Favorite Animals:
Favorite Places: (Ex: Fav City, State, or Country)
Favorite Foods:
Favorite Drinks:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Movies: 
Favorite Shows:
Favorite Music:

Least Favorite Colors:
Least Favorite Animals:
Least Favorite Places:
Least Favorite Foods:
Least Favorite Drinks:
Least Favorite Books:
Least Favorite Movies: 
Least Favorite Shows:
Least Favorite Music:

Reputation: (What does the general population think of your character?)
Compliments: (What are some good things other people would say of your character? [heroic, good listener])
Insults: (Would anyone like to call your character a whore, jerk, or stupid?)
Self-Impression: (What does your character really think of themselves deep down?)

MBTI Personality Type: [Ex: ENTP, ISTJ] (,  you can take the test or just click on the personality you think fits your character best)
Personality description: (one or two paragraphs)
Song: (A song you think best suits your character)[/font][/center]


R E S E R V A T I O N :

Reservations last 3 days. I plan to enforce this rule very strictly, and will be PMing/IMing you to see if you are still interested if a character is not sent in. WIPs should not be WIPs for more than 2 days after the 3 day rule- this is more than enough time and I expect everyone to finish their characters in this time. However if you simply cannot do it, message one of the GMs for an extension. If possible, you could make two characters (they can't both be female, but can both be male. However if you reserve 3, you can make 2 females and a male.) Diversity is greatly encouraged in this RP! The first part of the password is: have you ever had a paranormal experience?

C H A R A C T E R S :

Characters should be realistic- with motivations, thoughts, memories and histories. Try and make your character as unique as possible compared to other characters you see, as we don't want a bunch of clones. You can expand on their problem, but try not to stray from the original idea. Faceclaims must look 16-17 years old. For example; Lily Collins (25) could look that age range but Jamie Chung (31) could not. The number of characters can/will be reduced or increased depending on the interest.

H O L I D A Y S :

Taking breaks is acceptable in this roleplay. Believe me when I say I get that life happens and gets in the way. School and life outside this roleplay are more important. Please send one of the GMs a message and let us know when you will be back from your hiatus.

S U B - P L O T S :

Most plots don’t really need our approval, but I like to know what’s going on in this roleplay so drop us a message whenever from time to time so neither of us are confused. Major plots like: kidnapping, character death (includes npcs), suicide, drug use, crime, etc must be approved by myself or Girl2Fine2 before any of those plots can actually commence. This is just a courtesy thing and it makes sure that there’s diversity in plots and not the same one done three different ways going on.

P O S T S ;

Posts should be at least 300 words plus. This roleplay is literate, meaning we want roleplayers to have a proficient grasp of the english language. You can collaborate on posts with others, do a solo post, or any combination of the two. No godmodding while posting; i.e taking control of other player's characters without their permission.

Q U E S T I O N S :

If you have any other questions/concerns, refer to the OOC. There will be extra info about the town, the folklore, the people, the school and much more.

N O- NOs ;

- Rape. Don't talk about it, mention or allude to it
- Mary-sues/Gary-stus
- 1 dimensional characters

F U N :

Seriously! Despite the seriousness of these rules, that’s why I made this roleplay was so that you all could have fun and escape reality for a little while. The second part of the password is: If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
"Pez, cherry flavor pez. No doubt about it" ;)

So begins...

Benjy Riley's Story