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The Ring: sev7enth

Atlanta, Georgia USA.


a part of The Ring: sev7enth, by WadeJackel.


WadeJackel holds sovereignty over Atlanta, Georgia USA., giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

japanese horror novel "ringu" by koji suzuki, published 1991:


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Atlanta, Georgia USA. is a part of The Ring: sev7enth.

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Oliver Raine [0] Student training to become a detective.
Evelyne Black [0] Private Detective with a shady past
Nevada Jansen [0] An innocent college student, strangely interested in this haunted tape.
Leonard Dalton [0] Well known Connecticut cop with a horrifying new case.
The Curse [0]

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Chief Kaden was now leaning back in his office chair with his legs splayed open and his feet planted firmly on the floor. Bringing his hands together into a clasped gesture with forefingers and thumbs pressed against one another in an L configuration; thumbs under chin and forefingers pressed to the tip of his nose, he continued with the story of Jonathan Carter and his love triangle. "I am trying my best with extradition to get Tomonasuke into the United States and here to Connecticut so that you might interview him. As I understand it, he will have an interpreter with him as he does not speak English very well. But until that time you'll have to focus your attentions on Carter. I believe that the woman interviewed by your new partner Frank will be staying here in Connecticut for another month or so, I'd like for you to also question her in regards to the disappearance of the Maryland girl."

Everyone on duty that day had been surprised by the relative calmness of the station, for the officers use to the turmoil and everyday hustle and bustle associated with protecting the public from the criminal element of society, the quietness of this day was well welcomed. Kaden's office was viewed as a sanctuary for the officers fortunate enough to have the need of visiting their captain, the solid walls and thick clouded glass which separated his office from the rest of the station acted as a buffer to the noise without. As Kaden told Leonard the tales associated with the accursed videotape he had been watching the various distorted and barely visible shadows of those passing by his office window. The stories that Kaden had been telling to his subordinate were certainly filled with disturbing imagery, but it was shadowed figures gliding across his office window which filled him with horror. After a succession of normal, shadowed human figures there came a most disturbing formation of what appeared to be a young female with unusually long straight hair. It was at the point when Kaden was discussing the case of Jonathan Carter that he began to see the strange shadowed reflections.

After one particularly beefy officer cast his shadow upon the clouded glass the shape of a dark-haired woman once again appeared within the glass. Stopping at the midpoint the shadow turned to face the glass, its head which was tilted toward the floor suddenly looked up and then in a flash the shadow cast itself against the window as if the person on the other side had intended to ram their head through the reflective surface. It wasn't so much this action which disturbed Kaden, but the fact that the shadowy figure had suddenly vanished at the point where its head should have come into contact with the glass. The calm demeanor in which Kaden had discussed the three tales suddenly shifted to out right hysteria as the terrifying events played out before him, jumping up from his chair he nervously excused himself and walked out of the office, leaving Leonard still sitting in his chair on the opposite side of the desk.

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The girl who tried to avoid the advances of an employer, Japanese business partners in a struggle for wealth, and a limo-driver who ended up as an unwilling top of a love triangle. It was odd to find how these particular stories were supposed to be the origin of the tape, but all appeared to come down to the same situation. All three seemed to contain jealous lovers who placed their own personal wants over others and even that of their would-be partners. He would have to try and boil down things in a way that coincided with the origins of the tape.

Thankfully, he was going to find out something in regards to the Japanese business partner Tomonosuke. Until then, he would have to find out if there was anything on the part of Mr. Carter’s part. It was something to go off of and he could see himself getting a few more steps closer to solving the case of where the tape came from and what causes people to become subject to the killers.

His mind began to only deteriorate as soon as soon as during the story of Mr. Carter, he saw a few shadows dancing across the windows of Mr. Kaden’s office and just assumed it had to be his eyes playing tricks on him. It wasn’t until Harold crossed the room that he began to recognize the black mass appear once more. This time, he was finally able to see the mass for what it truly was and began to see into the eyes of the creature. A girl with bulging eyes and almost no facial expressions began to form and saw the woman rushing towards the window. The movement was so sudden and frighteningly choppy that Leonard by reflex reached for his pistol until the woman “crashed” against the window.

Taking a quick glance at Kaden, Leonard saw none of the calmness from the explanations before and saw him rather quickly leave the office. Still sitting for a moment, Leonard rubbed his head temples and tried to see if his vision was still correct. If it wasn’t clear enough he would have his work cut out for him on this case, Leonard could feel it with this moment.

Leaving the office a few seconds after Mr. Kaden, Leonard took out his cell phone and began dialling for Frank’s number with the new request.

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After a few moments Leonard exited Kaden's office only to find his superior leaning against the wall of his office, having gathered his strength by the time he was approached. Kaden had gone unnoticed by Leonard until he placed his hand on his shoulder and stopped him, "Leonard I can tell you that the first story concerning Abigail from Maryland is the most doubtful of of the three tales, linked to the videotape only due to the association of the 'seven day' curse limit of the tape and the violent action of the crime." Giving Leonard much to think about, Kaden let the detective return to his duties.