Allelujah Gabrielle Constantine

"Do not touch the needles master. They are very dangerous... and sharp."

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Allelujah Gabrielle Constantine

Full Name~ Allelujah Orion Gabrielle Icarus Constantine is his full name given to him from four different village elders. The two names that he's called by most of the time are Allelujah and Icarus.

Age~Roughly 600 though appears 22

Animal~ Porcupine



1~Regular Form appears like a mortal human

2~ Allelujah's hair grows longer and wilder, while his teeth grow sharper.

3~ The hair that is directly above his head changes color and becomes as hard as rock. This becomes his main head spike which he uses to throw things away that are in his way. His white hair now begins to slowly grow on his forearms.

4~ His body gets longer( 2 meters) as well as taller( 12 ft). His hair is now grow from every part of his body, effectively covering it in a prickly shield. His teeth also get much bigger, and sharper.

5~ Allelujah can no longer be recognized as a human. His body is adorn with vast quantity of fur, showing no skin. Some of the fur becomes large stonelike structures that can cause a large amount of damage if he were to attack with it. His body also triples, to some extent, becoming 7 meters wide while he grows to about 35 ft tall.



Main Ability~ Hair Manipulation if it may. Allelujah is able to use his long hair as a sort of jabbing instrument, often times having float around him before sending toward his opponents like a spear or lance. He is also able to shoot his hair at his opponents if he wants to.

Minor Ability~ Most bladed weapons don't work against Allelujah as his hair is incredibly thick and sharp preventing a sword, or blade, from reaching him. He's also able to make his hair group around his large body, curling himself into a protective ball that stops projectiles but impedes his movement.

Minor Ability~ As he uses his spikes for shooting or stabbing, Allelujah also uses his large size to knock anything out of his way.

Minor Ability~ Allelujah is a definite sadist. He loves it when people are suffering from being pricked with his needles. You can say his cold demeanor toward killing people may be leading him to become psychotic.


Allelujah is what might be called an “oddball”, though he would never describe himself that way. He is more likely to call himself “interesting”. Forever level-headed and soft-spoken, anyone who does not know him would think him cold, but he isn’t really. He is just easily overwhelmed by social interaction – lots of emotions weaving around him all the time puts him off. He is polite and reserved and tends to avoid large crowds of people, but if you can catch him alone is quite the conversationalist. More than anything, he is loyal, and he is friendly. Once you earn his attention, he would protect you with his life, no matter the situation, and more than likely he would wait on you hand-and-foot. He has a tendency towards undying obedience. Naturally, he is not all friendliness, warmth, and peace. Underneath it all, he is as corrupt as any other human, perhaps moreso, due to his constant exposure to the feelings of others. He seems immune to the guilt that generally comes with lying, deceit and killing. As long as he believes the cause is good, he can lie, cheat, and kill without a second thought.

Bio~ The earliest memories that Allelujah can remember is of when he was six, founded by a band of villagers that had entered the forest he was seemingly staying at. He has no memory of his life before that, nor does he have one of his parents, to him his family was the whole village that took turns raising. The village he grew up in was a rather big and friendly, everyone there taught him something different. The women taught him how to cook and clean while the men taught him carpentry, farming, hunting, and even sword fighting. He never had a big problem in the village, sure he did get into a few scraps with a couple of different kids, but they were easy to handle as he was an accomplish fighter.

Later on as he neared the age of sixteen Allelujah departed the village in search of one thing and one thing only, a purpose. It was strange reason to leave a life of comfort, but was a enough of a reason for him. His journey for a purpose took him to all kinds of lands and exotic places, meeting new and strange people. Though his adventure was a long and harsh one, where he nearly died multiple times. (This part will be added onto as the rp progress (sry))

When he heard of the Alchemist's message Allelujah genuinely believed that was his purpose, and set off for the mans castle prepared to risk his life for whatever he would do there.

Posting Example~
Icy, cold winds hit the side of the castle, spreading a blanket of white over it; the cool air would've frozen a man in place. A man would've stood frozen yet a cyborg wouldn't. They could withstand the harsh environment while toiling away, excavating the item that their lord needed. This item was one thing that their lord barely knew about, he only relied on what his sword said about it and yet he didn't trust it. The sword was taking his soul while the man knew about it, and the worst part was that he couldn't do a thing about it. A life of emptiness he would lead the sword had told him, and so he has. Breaking the ties with his friends, and severing his love with his beloved Ramona.

Now as the cyborgs worked, he watched. It had taken him some time to get out of bed; he wasn't as strong as he used to be. It was the sword's work, it had weakened Aleron quite a bit, and actually, he needed to use a cane for the very movement of walking. Ahhh.... Such a pitiful sight was he, barely even to do the simple act of walking; he could almost hear their laughs. The laughs that he thought he heard were cut off, cut off by the rhythmic sound of a clock going tick... tock... tick... tock...

This wasn't the first time heard the clock, it had occasionally made the tick, tock, sound now a days, but this time it drowned all the sounds around him. It seemed to obscure his thoughts, preventing him from thinking straight, so as not to prevent any injuries Aleron sat on his bed. He was silent and did not call for anyone's help, he didn't need it, and no one could possibly help him out. Aleron reached the point of no return a while ago, his sword was consuming him and he couldn't do anything about it. So, as he waited for the tick tock of the clock to stop, Aleron began to write something, his elegant writing style flourished on the parchment.

Now as he finished up, he heard a crumpling sound and soon he was plunged into his own world. This world was one of the things that he only visited in times of extreme stress, but now as he looked around, Aleron was shocked. The tall tower that had once been a gate to him was falling apart, the legs that it stood on broke under the massive haul of pressure. The tall point of the tower literally imploded, sending pieces down toward the lake that, now, was filled with blood, but that wasn't the worst part to come. He heard screams, screams of all the people’s souls that he had taken, their voices echoed in his head, becoming louder and louder, until the point where he could've just killed himself. It was the worst thing that he had experienced, sure he did get hurt and there were scars and wounds over his body, but what he heard now, nothing could compare to it. It took some time for the noise to disappear, he took allot of his concentration to make it go away.

Looking around his little world Aleron noticed something, his clock was still standing. It stood right in front of him, sending its ticks, and tocks, directly at him, promoting him to destroy it. Destroying it would have been the easiest option, all he had to do was raise his hand and it would disappear, but then again, he couldn't afford to use any more of his powers, so Aleron stood there watching it. He knew what the clock represented, his death, he now knew the date but at the boat he didn't know how. The how was always the trickiest part in, nearly, everything. He always assumed that he would get shot or stabbed, but now he did, Oba was the one that would kill him. Kill him indeed the sword would, but that was not why he was here. It was due to the fact that his element, which was abused by Oba, was showing him what was happening. It wasn't good but he couldn't do anything about it. The only thing he could do was wake up and makes the final preparations before he lost.

Taking only a couple seconds, his eyes flooded with life, the golden green eyes were the result of Oba's influence. Now as Aleron stood up, he walked toward his desk. The desk was average height, with everything being wood. As he sat down on the cushion seat Aleron eyes scanned the pages of the book, he studied it all the time often writing out anything that might help him, and gathering supplies. He was now going to see if something from the book would truly work. Carefully, as not harm it; flipping toward the page he sought, Aleron noticed that he seemed to have felt colder than before. He could see his own breath in front of him, not a strange sight, but a worry some. It only meant one thing, Oba was nearly done. His fingers began to flip through the pages faster and faster until he found the correct page.

A few things fell down, clattering on impact, these things were nothing but notes he had taken a few days back. They weren't needed so he left them alone and looked at the page. His could easily read the words yet; his eyes were playing tricks on him. On the very corners Aleron saw them dim. He whispered a short chant, which could have been heard as a moan or groan. Now as the final words left his mouth Aleron smiled, "I've set the pieces on the board but now you have to play. Let's hope I return before tea time." Soon he swayed back and forth until his body hit the floor with a nasty "thud."

A Few Minutes later.....

Slowly, as a newborn fawn getting up for the first time, he stood, an aura of pure power radiated from him. This man now that stood was not Aleron, he never could have been. He looked the same but there was something majorly different about him, that was the faint glow of power and the smell of blood and roses that arose from him. It was not Aleron's natural scent; his was that of vanilla ice cream that was what some said he naturally smelled of. Taking an inhale of this wonderful scent, Aleron turned around and walked out the door, entering a large corridor.

(I'll write something original for Allelujah later)
Theme Songs ~

For The Master Theme Song ~ Shinedown - I'll Follow You

Personal Shinedown - Miracle


Hair ~ Whitish Blue

Eyes ~ Light Blue

Height ~ 6'3"

Weight ~ 184 lbs

Handed ~ Ambidextrous

Relationship status ~ Single but he has been married before.

Scarring ~

Ethnicity ~ Speculated to be English or French, maybe both.

Special items ~ One necklace that seems to hold a great number of rings.

Rivals ~ Among the members of his group Allelujah only sees Arron as a rival, often feeling the need to argue with man, though this doesn't mean he doesn't like, Allelujah loves Arron as much as he does his other brothers.

So begins...

Allelujah Gabrielle Constantine's Story