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Innes Ross

"What idiot bought fish for dinner?"

0 · 338 views · located in Wurgo, Iowa

a character in “The RingBoys”, as played by Forensic_Anthro


Name~ Innes Haru Ross

Age~ Roughly 600 though appears 19

Animal~ Fish

Human Form~

Monster Form~


1~ Regular Form; appears like a mortal human.

2~ Gills form on the sides of his neck and hard, armor-like scales creep down his arms from his shoulders.

3~ Fins appear on the back of his forearms and his teeth sharpen. His fingers and toes also become slightly webbed.

4~ His hair turns silvery-white and although he doesn't gain anything in height, hard, silver scales cover most of his body much like armor. His teeth also sharpen and elongate slightly, much like a piranhas.

5~ Full on Monster


Main Ability~ Breathing underwater and swimming faster than most boats can go. Also, his teeth aren't just for show, though his scales are definitely his strong point.

Minor Ability~ His scales are ridiculously hard and able to withstand most attacks.

Minor Ability~ Not only are his teeth extremely sharp, but he is also stronger than the average human and seems to favor using baseball bats when he fights.

Minor Ability~ He actually isn't a bad strategist when he wants to be. He seems to enjoy playing around with the fight than actually coming up with a strategy, though.

Personality~ Innes is really active, though not overly social. Unless he's comfortable being around someone, he's generally pretty quiet. Innes is actually quite artistic and all of his notebooks have some rough sketches and doodles in and on them. Where his father taught him how to fight, his mother instructed him in other things such as how to cook and play guitar and piano. Due to his father's influence, he's always been very fit and active. He's bounced from sport to sport throughout the years, but has always loved rock climbing, or more specifically, bouldering. He was raised to be loyal and patient, though he can have moments, like everyone else, where he loses all that and can be rather short-tempered. He's also rather sarcastic when he finds an opportunity to be, but since most people don't seem to appreciate this, he's found himself toning it down quite a bit more than he used to. He seems to be very protective over women and believes that they ought to be protected and treated with care. He's often found himself going out of his way to help girls and women, even if it gets him in trouble at times. He seems to get angry especially easily when someone's being rude to or annoying/harming a woman. On the other hand, he's willing to be rough towards other men so long as he knows that they can look after themselves.

Bio~ Innes was born in America to Ian Ross, a rather renown fighter that had immigrated from Scotland, and Amu Ross, a Japanese girl that had moved there with her family. He grew up in a village where his father decided to teach people how to defend themselves. Learning the tricks of fighting all while he was growing up, Innes quickly became a regular in fights among the village children, though is was usually instigated by them teasing him about his foreign roots. In an attempt to keep him from fighting so much, his mother taught him how to play guitar and piano as well as cook and draw. Being taught "women's' work" of course only got the boy into more fights. This went on until Innes' late teen years.

Although nothing was wrong in the village or with Innes' family when he received the Alchemist's message, he still resolved to go. Staying meant following in his father's footsteps and being trapped inside the walls of the village. Going meant adventure and potential fame and fortune; it was only natural that he decide to go. What he found when he got there definitely wasn't what he was expecting.

Posting Example~
(This is an excerpt from a Vampire Knight roleplay I was in, where Innes was a prefect.)
"Didn't I just go to bed a minute ago?" a vague grumble could be heard from beneath a mass of blankets as the alarm clock situated beside the form blared its morning tune.

After several half-hearted attempts at hitting the snooze button through the comforter, another less-intelligible grumble could be heard before the body beneath the blankets struggled to free himself from their entanglement. After a minute, a body that could be vaguely recognized as Innes Ross, one of the school prefects, was released. Yanking the alarm clock's plug out of the wall, Innes grinned triumphantly.

"Take that, you noisy bugger." it wasn't that he minded mornings, but the moments of waking up and escaping bed always seemed like too much effort to Innes.

Within fifteen minutes he was showered and dressed, his uniform put on neatly. His only quarrel with the outfit was that due to school regulations, and him being a prefect, he wasn't allowed to wear his beanie with his uniform. After roughly running a brush through his unruly brown hair, Innes pulled on his prefect armband and headed out toward the cafeteria.

After a quick breakfast, he was surprised to see that Hikari had left without him. Jogging outside, he did his rounds, taking care of the odd lost student or troublemaker. It almost startled him, how quickly it seemed to get dark. With a sigh, he made his way toward the Night Class dorms.

A large swarm of Day Class students had already gathered around the dorm door, though more were continuing to gather. He was about to make his way to the front when he spotted a girl getting hit by the crowd. Taking off in a sprint, he ducked and wove through the crowd and barely made it in time to catch the rather bodacious blonde before she hit the ground.

"Aha! Just in time!" he grinned as he helped the girl back up to her feet.

He recognized the girl as the Day Class student, Loreley von Engel. The blonde seemed to hold a special hatred for Innes, which he presently assumed was because he had her beat in height by a meager inch. He was sure there was something else, but that was what immediately came to mind. Personally, he was actually quite fond of her, seeing as how she reminded him of one of his best friends from back in Scotland.

Smiling, he released his light hold on her arm. "You should try to be a bit more careful. It gets pretty rough over here about this time."

Other~ Innes is likely going to be very protective over his ring bearer, mostly since she's a girl, but also because she seems especially delicate to him.

Theme Song~Lonely Boy by The Black Keys



Extra useless information that you don't need to read about if you don't want to.


Handedness: Right

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 116 lbs.

Eye color: Hazel

Hair color: Brown

Distinguishing marks: He has a light dusting of freckles across his nose, courtesy of his Scottish heritage. He also has his family's crest tattooed in red over his heart.


Parents: Amu Ross and Ian Ross

Siblings: None

Relationship status: Single

Friends: Melia and his brothers.

Enemies: TBA

Ethnicity: Scottish-Japanese

Religion: Agnostic


Fears: Falling, abandonment, being disabled, getting lost, crowds, speaking in front of crowds or large groups, and dying.

Eating habits: Innes is a surprisingly neat eater, which is more out of habit than actual neatness.

Food preferences: He'll eat anything that gets put in front of him so long as he knows it's safe to eat.

Sleeping habits: He's an extremely light sleeper and often doesn't get enough sleep because of it.

Book preferences: He'll read anything except biographies.

Music preferences: He's not entirely familiar with current music, but he seems to enjoy rock bands such as The Black Keys and The White Stripes.

Groups or alone?: He likes small groups.

Leader or follower: Follower, though he can pull off being a leader sometimes.

Planned out or spontaneous: A bit of both.

Hobbies: Cooking, playing piano, playing guitar, and fighting.

How do they relax: Cooking, playing guitar or piano, and fighting.

What excites them: Winning a fight and making new friends.

Stressors: Too much responsibility, crowds, and deadlines.

Obsessions: Fighting and food.

Ambitions: To protect his ring-bearer.


Birth date: January 1st

Time of birth: 12:01 am

Western astrological sign: Capricorn

Chinese zodiac: Snake

Handwriting: Very neat and simple.

General health: Very healthy. He rarely gets sick.


Drugs/alcohol: He doesn't really care, so long as no one gets hurt.

Prized possessions: A silver ring with his family's crest on it. He wears it on a silver chain around his neck.





And finally, Innes without his beanie!

So begins...

Innes Ross's Story


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Mikan Hinata

Mikan shifted groggily in her sleep as her bangs tickled her forehead. It had been a long time since anyone had done that to her; not since she was young, she thought. Cracking open her eyes with a grumble to find out who had come into her room, she vaguely saw a figure shutting the door and struggled into something vaguely resembling a sitting position. That was way too tall to be Melia, Calantha, or Nadine. Struggling out of her tangle of blankets, she utilized her already conveniently-freed right hand to untangle herself.

Shivering as her feet hit the floor, she glanced at the clock; 3:15am. Silently cursing whoever had disturbed her sleep, she stumbled sleepily towards her desk. It wasn't that she felt like she'd just gone to sleep, but that she had just gone to sleep fifteen minutes prior. Snatching up the aluminum baseball bat that was tucked behind a stack of books, she shook herself as awake as she could as she headed for the door. Her pajama pants swished as she made her way through the house, poking her head into what rooms she passed on her way to the living room.

As she entered the main room, she froze. Was there someone in the house or was it just one of her friends sitting in the chair? She couldn't tell with the back of the plush seat facing her.

"Hello? Mel, Cal, Nadi, is that one of you?" the bat ring scraped noisily against the handle of the baseball bat as she shifted to hold it at the ready, just in case.

Innes Ross

Innes yawned. "Well it's about damn time. Are all the people in this world so incompetent that they couldn't open a simple little puzzle box?" he chuckled to himself as he stood.

Observing his surroundings, the first thing he noticed was that there were numbers of small, strange, blinking lights in an array of colors throughout the room. Raising an eyebrow at that, he shook his head. A stirring brought his attention to a small form. Approaching the girl quietly, he searched her hand for the ring. It was there. A small smile was brought to his face that his new master would be a girl; he just hoped that she didn't turn out to be brash.

Exiting the room, he continued to be amazed all the way downstairs. The sounds and smells in the residence were so different from what he had been used to, even having lived with an alchemist. At least he was still wearing the blue tunic and black pants and boots that he had been wearing that day so long ago. Brushing his hand over the silver lining and stitching of the tunic, Innes smiled and continued down the stairs. Halting at the bottom step, he was surprised to see a girl holding some sort of weapon standing in the next entryway. Thinking it best not to disturb her in his quite unarmed state, he ducked into the next doorway he saw, which led to what he surmised was a kitchen.


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Innes Ross

As he'd entered the kitchen, of course he had to pause for a moment in wonder about all the little unfamiliar noises. The humming of the refrigerator and the sloshing of the dishwasher were loud and foreign to his ears. Turning to the stove, he was startled by the florescent digital clock that was lit up boldly on it. Approaching the oven, he prodded it a bit and jumped as he touched one of the buttons and it beeped. It wasn't long before he discovered the dials to turn on the flame.

"They certainly didn't have this magic in my day." he chuckled. "I sound like some old codger."

Turning to the fridge, he opened the freezer, "What is this? Some magic chest?" poking his head into the freezer to get a better look at one of the boxes within, he yelped. "Damn, that's cold! Isn't there anything normal in this time?"

Mikan Hinata

Mikan flinched as the figure that had been in the chair stood and turned. She wasn't able to see him very clearly, but as he started speaking she was glad to confirm that her suspicions had been right. He definitely sounded like a creeper. What had he been saying? 'Hello mistress' or something? Then he'd acted like he was in pain for some reason?

"Eh? Do what?" she blinked, and then it hit her. He was actually in pain. "Shit! Are you alright? I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry!"

Rushing to his side, she heard Melia call to her from her room. "It's fine, Mel. I just thought I heard something. Can you go check on the others?" she called back before lowering her voice and turning back to the boy in front of her.
"Are you alright? Where are you hurt? Is there anything I can do?" she didn't even realize that her hand was on his back, almost to try and reassure him.
It finally hit her why the boy had freaked out. "Uh. By any chance... Are you from the ring?" her eyes were wide as her right hand went to cover the ring on her left ring finger. She hadn't even realized that she was wearing it like an engagement ring instead of a regular one, as she noticed now with a slight blush.

Hearing a yelp from the kitchen, her eyes widened. "Mel!" she opened her mouth to tell the girl to go back to her room, but shut it again as she glanced at the boy that was presumably from the ring.
Clenching her teeth, she sighed and called out to her friend once more. "Mel, take the bat and go poke your head into the kitchen; I thought I heard something in there and I'm taking care of something in here, so I can't go. If you need me, just call and I swear I will be there in a heartbeat."