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Mikan Hinata

"Roses are red, violets are blue. Call me short, and I'll kill you."

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a character in “The RingBoys”, as played by Forensic_Anthro


Name~ Mikan Ren Hinata

Age~ 20


Personality~ Mikan is very outgoing and quite motherly at times. She's very protective over her friends, being the eldest, even though she doesn't look it. Even though she tries to protect the other girls, she cries surprisingly easily, though it's mostly when someone yells at her. She's very forgiving to people she trusts, but can be quick to mistrust people she's not familiar with. If someone unfamiliar crosses her, she's likely to be cold with them until they prove that they can be trusted. She has a very short temper and has been known to toss out a threat here and there, though she usually just becomes extremely sarcastic. On the other hand, she's quite scholarly and particularly enjoys reading. Although she's not the best at solving puzzles, she's read quite a bit about them over the years and, with that accumulated knowledge, has become quite good at them.

Bio~ Mikan Ren Hinata, known to most simply as "Ren," was born in Idaho 20 years ago to Yukiko and Kise Hinata, a couple that had been set to marry from childhood. Her family had a story that was passed down from parent to child; it had been said that they were descendants of an ancient wizard that had lived hundreds of years ago. Of course, no one really seemed to believe that it was true, but the children at her school, who had heard about the story, though it was the best way to pass the time. Mikan was often teased that she was a witch and before long she'd become less of a target because they thought she was descended from an ancient wizard and more because she always seemed to cry whenever someone started making fun of her. She was thankful when her family finally moved to Iowa and she made three friends. Since they were all outcasts from the group, they decided that they ought to just be outcasts together. Past experience taught her not to tell anyone about her family's story anymore, but she'd forged some trust in her three friends, so she allowed herself to tell them. Being the eldest of the group, she decided that she ought to try and protect the other three and she upheld that throughout the years.

Once they were old enough, each of them pooled together what money they had to buy a moderately sized house for them to live in. Whilst they were working to clean up the place, Mikan being thankful that she didn't have to go into the attic, it wasn't long before she heard Melia calling for them to come look. The little blonde had found a puzzle box. Not being much help with those, she left it to the others and, being the one that didn't help, got to choose her ring second to last when the box was finally opened. She would have gone last, but Nadine seemed to be quite nervous about the whole situation. Naturally, Melia chose hers first and each of them ended up wearing them to bed; perhaps without realizing it or maybe just from curiosity, wondering if the inscription spoke the truth or not. Truthfully, she wasn't a fan of how gaudy the rings seemed to her, but the bat ring was tiny and cute in comparison to some of the others, and she did like bats, after all. With a shrug, she'd put it on and carried on her merry way. Little did she realize what would be waiting for her in the morning.

Posting Example~ (see Innes' character profile, since I don't feel like searching for another of my posts.)

Other~ She doesn't have much of an opinion on him as of yet, but she probably won't appreciate his smooth talking.

Theme Song~ K Project OST - "Circle of Friends"



Extra useless information that you don't need to read about if you don't want to.


Handedness: Left

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 109 lbs.

Eye color: Green

Hair color: Brown

Distinguishing marks: She has a yin-yang symbol tattooed just above her right hip.


Parents: Yukiko Hinata and Kise Hinata.

Siblings: Tora (14, Male), Chizu (12, Female), and Ami (7, Female) Hinata.

Relationship status: Single

Friends: Mainly her childhood friends.

Enemies: She doesn't have many enemies, but she does have a couple people she isn't fond of.

Ethnicity: Japanese

Religion: Agnostic


Education: High school graduate. Community college student, though she's taking the semester off due to her relocation.

Degrees: N/a

Vocation/occupation: Unemployed at the moment.

Employment history: Before she moved in with her childhood friends, she worked at the library.

Own or rent: She's living in the house with her friends.

Living space: Her room is rather messy, despite the fact that she's rarely in it. The walls are covered from floor to ceiling with scraps of paper with quotes from various works of poetry and other writing. A couple of drawings have made their way up there over the years, though Mikan insists that they're terrible.

Main transport: She has a sea-foam green 2004 Prius.


Fears: Being hated, death, her friends being injured, and falling.

Eating habits: Mikan is a neat eater in front of others, though she can be a little messier when she's by herself.

Food preferences: She doesn't like sushi, seafood, or overly spicy foods.

Sleeping habits: She's a very, very deep sleeper.

Book preferences: She reads anything and everything that can capture her attention.

Music preferences: She's fond of too many bands to count. She doesn't particularly hate any particular genres, but she loves old rock bands like ACDC and Aerosmith.

Groups or alone?: She doesn't mind being alone, but other people aren't bad either.

Leader or follower: Follower.

Planned out or spontaneous: A bit of both.

Hobbies: Cooking, doodling, listening to music, and reading.

How do they relax: Cooking, listening to music, and reading.

What excites them: Making friends, making a new recipe, starting a new book, and finishing a book.

Stressors: Too much responsibility, her heritage, people, and deadlines.

Ambitions: To figure out what in the world she's going to do with her life. Also, a boyfriend wouldn't be too bad. She certainly wouldn't mind that.


Birth date: February 22nd

Time of birth: 12:31 AM

Western astrological sign: Pisces

Chinese zodiac: Dog

Handwriting: She considers it to be little more than chicken scratch.

General health: She has average health, but sickness hits her hard.

Objects kept in:

Pocket: Money, ID, and cell phone.


Drugs/alcohol: She doesn't really care, so long as no one gets hurt.
Prized possessions: Her goggles. They were a present from someone she considered a close friend back in Idaho. She's also quite fond of her red fingerless gloves.



So begins...

Mikan Hinata's Story


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#, as written by ceh12

"Eight hundred twenty-one years, forty-three days, seven hours, two minutes." Arron muttered to himself as he was released from his Jeweled imprisonment and was cast onto the floor. He looked himself over and smirked, his body felt unsteady and throat felt groggy and sickening. He tried to stand off his three point stance of a position and looked forward to see a mirror on the wall.

He looked himself over better in the mirror to see he was still the same as he remembered himself. His bodysuit still clinging to his body with it surrounded by his coat, black bear fur coating the majority and arctic fox fur being the trim. His eyes glinted in the darkness of the mirror and in the corner of the glass he noticed the small girl asleep in her bed. He stopped all motion and slowly turned and walked over.

He knelt down beside her bed and pulled out her hand to see that she, infact had his ring. He sighed and kissed her hand softly as he spoke softly. "My new mistress, I shall protect and serve you for as long as you remain on this Earth." he said softly and brushed her bangs from her eyes. "I pray that you are a gentle soul." he said in a quite sober voice as he left the room.

He guessed that his brothers would be downstairs and wished to see them again. As he exited he saw a distinct lack of lamps and torches. It was confusing and as was the main room as he sat in there with a large chair which he sat in then sank into the plush fabric. "What is this?" he said to himself but tried to focus as he looked around. There were many strange objects and he figured that this was the cause of the long time lapse. He smirked wondering of the new ways to fight and kill the evils that periled his mistress in this world.


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Mikan Hinata

Mikan shifted groggily in her sleep as her bangs tickled her forehead. It had been a long time since anyone had done that to her; not since she was young, she thought. Cracking open her eyes with a grumble to find out who had come into her room, she vaguely saw a figure shutting the door and struggled into something vaguely resembling a sitting position. That was way too tall to be Melia, Calantha, or Nadine. Struggling out of her tangle of blankets, she utilized her already conveniently-freed right hand to untangle herself.

Shivering as her feet hit the floor, she glanced at the clock; 3:15am. Silently cursing whoever had disturbed her sleep, she stumbled sleepily towards her desk. It wasn't that she felt like she'd just gone to sleep, but that she had just gone to sleep fifteen minutes prior. Snatching up the aluminum baseball bat that was tucked behind a stack of books, she shook herself as awake as she could as she headed for the door. Her pajama pants swished as she made her way through the house, poking her head into what rooms she passed on her way to the living room.

As she entered the main room, she froze. Was there someone in the house or was it just one of her friends sitting in the chair? She couldn't tell with the back of the plush seat facing her.

"Hello? Mel, Cal, Nadi, is that one of you?" the bat ring scraped noisily against the handle of the baseball bat as she shifted to hold it at the ready, just in case.

Innes Ross

Innes yawned. "Well it's about damn time. Are all the people in this world so incompetent that they couldn't open a simple little puzzle box?" he chuckled to himself as he stood.

Observing his surroundings, the first thing he noticed was that there were numbers of small, strange, blinking lights in an array of colors throughout the room. Raising an eyebrow at that, he shook his head. A stirring brought his attention to a small form. Approaching the girl quietly, he searched her hand for the ring. It was there. A small smile was brought to his face that his new master would be a girl; he just hoped that she didn't turn out to be brash.

Exiting the room, he continued to be amazed all the way downstairs. The sounds and smells in the residence were so different from what he had been used to, even having lived with an alchemist. At least he was still wearing the blue tunic and black pants and boots that he had been wearing that day so long ago. Brushing his hand over the silver lining and stitching of the tunic, Innes smiled and continued down the stairs. Halting at the bottom step, he was surprised to see a girl holding some sort of weapon standing in the next entryway. Thinking it best not to disturb her in his quite unarmed state, he ducked into the next doorway he saw, which led to what he surmised was a kitchen.


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Melia awoke suddenly and sat up with a small gasp. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes and trying to clear her head, Melia could see nothing but darkness. 'What time is it?' Melia thought and glanced at her alarm clock. It was blinking, meaning that the power had gone out at some point in the night and had reset the time. 'That's odd,' Melia thought vaguely. The house was a bit run down but they had never had any trouble with the power before. Instanty her mind jumped to a book series where magic-electricity interaction caused power failures but she brushed that thought aside.

Reaching across her bed to the table that stood beside it she turned the clock off, making a metal note to correct the time at some later point. Beside where the electronic clock had stood was Melia's little cell phone. Lightly brushing her fingers over the table top, since she was not wearing her glasses and the room was pitch black (making it hard to see anything), Melia picked up the phone. It was one of those dinosaur phones that old people used. She picked up her cell phone and turned it on, looking for the time as the light temporarly blinded her.

3:15 AM.

Melia groaned softly, tossing the phone back onto the bedside table and covering her eyes with her arm, wishing that she were still asleep. She hated when this happened. Melia would wake up in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun had cast even the smallest ray over the land, and was unable to fall asleep again. It was better some nights than others. Sometimes she wasn't able to go to sleep again, other times she was asleep in a matter of minutes. On the rare occasion she slept through the whole night without a hitch; but that obviously wasn't tonight.

Why she did this though was always a mystery. She had no sleep disorders and could never recall any nightmares which may have woken her up. Plus, as a teenager, she ought to be able to sleep until mid-afternoon. All of these shallow excuses were in a mind set of good humor as Melia always liked to put a positive or comical spin on things. But in the back of her mind there was a small voice she couldn't get rid of. A nagging, whisper of a voice in the back of her head she could never quite silence, which told her;

β€˜It’s because you were left on the door step right about now. Seventeen years has passed and you're still troubled by it. This is why you continue to wake up at this time, because you are hoping that somehow your mother has decided not to set you down.’

Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes behind her arm, which was draped limply over her face. Maybe this little voice was speaking the truth. Maybe all these years later, seventeen whole years, she still felt the heart-wretching abandonment a child of any age feels when they know their own mother doesn't love them. Even so long after, maybe Melia still woke up the moment her biological mother set her down, hoping beyond time and space these weak hopes that her mother would change her mind and keep the baby she left behind so long ago. As the tears spilt past the lids of her closed flower pink eyes and trickled down her temples, leaving trails of salt before they vanished into her soft pinkish-blonde hair, Melia silently cried. Normally, with the help of these troubled thoughts who visited her in the night, she would cry herself back to sleep like she had so many times before.

But little did Melia know, tonight was the first of many nights that would be "abnormal".

From down the hall she heard noises and the soft calling of her good friend Mikan. "Hello? Mel, Cal, Nadi, is that one of you?" she called uncertainly and Melia sat up, confused. "I'm in my room Mika. Is something wrong?" she called back in reply, pushing the covering back and slidding out of her warm bed, her toesies hitting the carpeted floor of her bedroom. Her nightgown swished from side to side (it was one of those nice, silky ones Melia adored, although this one was hugging her large breasts rather uncomfortably and was a touch, well, see through) as she opened her door and peeked her head out, looking down the hallway where she say Mikan... with a baseball bat? She was about to ask her friend why she was weilding a bat when suddenly she heard sounds. She felt a chill run down her spine. 'There's an intruder in the house!' she thought, alarmed, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what do we do?'


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#, as written by ceh12

For nearly three minutes minutes, Arron had sat like an obedient puppy told to sit. He didn't mind the silence and darkness (though it didn't seem dark to him) and was actually quite happy about it. Although he did crave the attention of another human being, he decided to push his feelings back into his soul like he always did.

His mind went back to his home where he wondered what had changed in the past five centuries. It was strange but he thought he could possibly see his sister again, or at least his mild insanity brought in by the time spent inside a ring. His eyes went to the window and he instantly knew it wasn't Wales, probably not even Europe as he started to question his head to try and figure out a location.

His peace didn't last long though as he was confronted with a nervous voice and the sight of a small girl in the hall with a club as he looked behind the chair. A smirk appeared on his face as he stood up and turned around to see it was his own mistress. "Hello mistr..." he shuddered as the ring scraped against the club. "C-Can you please not do that?" he said in a pain filled voice as he fell to his knees. He felt the pain through the ring as if he was having a cold slab rub harshly against his back.


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Innes Ross

As he'd entered the kitchen, of course he had to pause for a moment in wonder about all the little unfamiliar noises. The humming of the refrigerator and the sloshing of the dishwasher were loud and foreign to his ears. Turning to the stove, he was startled by the florescent digital clock that was lit up boldly on it. Approaching the oven, he prodded it a bit and jumped as he touched one of the buttons and it beeped. It wasn't long before he discovered the dials to turn on the flame.

"They certainly didn't have this magic in my day." he chuckled. "I sound like some old codger."

Turning to the fridge, he opened the freezer, "What is this? Some magic chest?" poking his head into the freezer to get a better look at one of the boxes within, he yelped. "Damn, that's cold! Isn't there anything normal in this time?"

Mikan Hinata

Mikan flinched as the figure that had been in the chair stood and turned. She wasn't able to see him very clearly, but as he started speaking she was glad to confirm that her suspicions had been right. He definitely sounded like a creeper. What had he been saying? 'Hello mistress' or something? Then he'd acted like he was in pain for some reason?

"Eh? Do what?" she blinked, and then it hit her. He was actually in pain. "Shit! Are you alright? I don't know what I did, but I'm sorry!"

Rushing to his side, she heard Melia call to her from her room. "It's fine, Mel. I just thought I heard something. Can you go check on the others?" she called back before lowering her voice and turning back to the boy in front of her.
"Are you alright? Where are you hurt? Is there anything I can do?" she didn't even realize that her hand was on his back, almost to try and reassure him.
It finally hit her why the boy had freaked out. "Uh. By any chance... Are you from the ring?" her eyes were wide as her right hand went to cover the ring on her left ring finger. She hadn't even realized that she was wearing it like an engagement ring instead of a regular one, as she noticed now with a slight blush.

Hearing a yelp from the kitchen, her eyes widened. "Mel!" she opened her mouth to tell the girl to go back to her room, but shut it again as she glanced at the boy that was presumably from the ring.
Clenching her teeth, she sighed and called out to her friend once more. "Mel, take the bat and go poke your head into the kitchen; I thought I heard something in there and I'm taking care of something in here, so I can't go. If you need me, just call and I swear I will be there in a heartbeat."