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Melia Clarissa

"There isn't a a flower in this world that looks exactly like another. There's not another human like you, either."

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a character in “The Rings”, as played by CrimsonFox


Name: Melia Clarissa

Meaning: Water Princess / Brilliant Pink Flower

Appearance: Image

Her eyes are light pink because of a genetic error in her DNA. This strange sight put off most everyone upon meeting her and she hates her eyes. She’s purchased special colour contacts that let her see and make her eyes greenish blue, although they are very uncomfortable to wear. Her hair is very long and wavy. It is also tinted pink, so she calls herself a strawberry blonde. Often she’ll put it up into a ponytail or braids instead of letting it down, but when she’s does it’s quite pretty. Few are aware, but she loves it when people play with her hair. In a more general despcription, Melia has D cups (but wears bras that make them look smaller because she hates the jealous looks she gets from small chested girls). She is rather short for her age, only about 5' 3", and quite thin (weighing about 103 lbs) with the minimal amount of muscles.


Melia is as her name suggests: delicately flower-like. Though nice to look at and wonderful to be around, she isn’t very athletic or strong. She always loved to be active, which means she’s often unfocused, dazed or distracted. If she’s not doing something or the something doesn’t hold her attention she’s likely to go off and find something more interesting to do. Specifically she loves to do puzzles and anything that will exercise the mind. She’s wickedly brilliant, like a computer, and can figure out riddles and math equations in at least half the time most can.

Melia is also very open minded and kind, leading her to try many new things and make many new friends. Totally non-judgmental, Melia accepts what is and makes the best of it, making her a very good friend to come to, especially when you have problems you want to talk about. She gives good advice (though it's sometimes cryptic because of the innumerable books she reads) and is usually more than happy to help you when you need help. Melia has always been the first to extend a warm hand and open heart to those who need it and she’s easily able to guess what someone is feeling at that moment. Rarely does she hang back or second guess herself, making her quite confident and encouraging, though not arrogant.

Melia’s favourite pass times are reading, being outside, talking to herself (yes, she does that) and photography. Her camera is very precious to her as it has taken many of the pictures she’s hung on her walls (some of which are very good). Her life dream is to become a professional photographer and she rarely leaves her camera behind. When it comes to naughty or questionable things, Melia becomes a little lost and confused, but usually goes along with it though she doesn’t understand. In this aspect she’s very innocent and flower-like, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel sad. Though she hides it well, the fact that she was orphaned kills her inside.

Melia was born and abandoned, left on the doormat of a Fire Station and found the next morning. Under weight and malnourished, Melia was send to the hospital which nursed her to health again and sent her to an orphanage. She grew up there and was adopted by a nice family when she was almost two and a half. She doesn’t remember much of before she was adopted, and tries not to let it bother her. Even so, she doesn’t like to talk about it and only her adopted parents know. She’s always felt a pain in her heart from knowing that somewhere in the world her actual mother and father did not love her as parents should, and gave her up to the world.

Growing up was a pleasure for Melia, nicknamed Mel by her older brother, and she was glad that despite previous circumstances she wound up here. Her Mom was infertile and the birth of her older brother, Mark, had been a long trail for the married couple. Eventually, after years of treatment and expenses, Mark was born and they were a happy family of three. Three years later her Dad wanted a bigger family then three, as he’d grown up in a family of eight, but didn’t want to make is wife suffer. So they agreed to adopt and fell in love with the two year old Melia, adopting her half a year later.

A happy family of four, they all lived in a fairly average house in a fairly average neighbourhood. They were walking distance from the park and Melia and Mark often went to play. Melia would never forget the joy of being in nature or playing with her brother on the playground equipment. Four years later, when Mark was seven and Melia was about six, Melia discovered a love for pictures. She would draw them, paint them and talk about their beauty every waking moment. For her birthday her parents got her a little camera for children and her brother made her a picture frame. This started her lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer.

But about three years later, things began to go downhill. Kids at school began to avoid her, having lost the open mindedness they’d had when they were all younger. Her braided, pinkish blonde hair was “weird” and her thick glasses were not “cool” and her light pink eyes were not normal, therefore making them “uncool” and “creepy”. Melia lost the friends she thought she’d have forever, and accidentally let it slip she was adopted. She was teased, ridiculed, mocked and isolated by her peers.

This hurt her deeply and she became cold to everyone, even her family. The camera was even let to collect dust on her bookshelf. All she did was read books; at home, in class, and even into the wee hours of the morning. These books she found were her only escape, serving as a portal into a new and fantastic world, far from the one she was trapped in. Her parents became concerned for their daughter’s health as depression took its toll, stealing her enthusiasm for life and everything it had to offer. They looked into the problem and started to home school their daughter and then their son, who was being teased because of his sister.

Eventually they moved and settled in another state, signing their children up for school there. Having been scarred by her ex-peer’s treatment, Melia vowed to never let silly things get in the way of her being a good friend to someone who needed a friend. She also vowed that if something like in her books came to life, she would not run in fear but open-mindedly embrace it like the characters she’d read about did so often. This showed her how to be accepting and to take everything in stride; and that’s just what she did.

In her new school, Melia was very friendly and kind, and though people still thought she was odd, they didn’t mind her presence. Melia decided this was better than nothing and went on like this for a few years. Then one day she discovered a little trio of girls who were slightly too strange to be accepted into the crowd, very much like her, and began to hang with them. Since that time their bond of friendship has only become stronger and after a few years they decided to become roommates. Her parents, happy she’d found such steadfast friends, agreed to let her go.

Gathering up the money, Melia and her friends purchased a nice little house in a small little town on a little plot of land. It wasn’t a mansion of course but it was considerably big (at least in comparison to what Melia had lived in before). It was a nice new home and the four set to take care of it. Unfortunately this meant cleaning it (which Melia wasn’t particularly fond of). But while cleaning the attic (she had drawn the short straw) Melia discovered something: a box sealed shut with a puzzle. She took it downstairs to show her friends, and having always loved puzzles, Melia openned the box in a manner of minutes. Inside was an old note that read:

“Inside here are four rings. Each possesses a spirit who will protect you and serve you until death. All you have to do is keep the ring on at all times and you will control the beast inside of the ring. Do not let it fall into the wrong hands...”

Intrigued and having found and opened the box, Melia got to choose her ring first. All of them looked nice, but she was particularly drawn to the fish ring. She didn’t know why, as she’d never been fond of jewellery (not even her ears are pierced), but she loved the delicate fins of the fish and the fine details it was composed of, and as she slipped it onto her finger she found it was a perfect fit. In the back of her mind she wondered if it was too perfect, and what all of this could mean. But having vowed man years ago that she would be open minded, Melia did what had gotten her this far in life and decided to take it all in stride. If this did end up to be something like her books had always told her could happen, then Melia wanted to be right here for it.


Other: After moving in her parents sent her a gift: the expensive camera she’d been wanting for almost four years. It’s digital and water proof and was about $3500 dollars. She treasures it and uses it whenever she takes most all her pictures, although she has a spare which was only about $200 that she carries with her constantly in case she sees something she wants to photograph. Melia has told her best friends nothing about her being adopted because she still stings from the ridicule she’d gotten when she was still a child. Anytime she leaves the house Melia puts in her bothersome colored contacts, although when at home she wears her glasses. Melia has a particular fondness of flowers, probably because of the beautiful and soothing image they create in pictures, but also because of their significance in her name and the uniqueness each one possesses.

Theme Song: “Broken” by: Seether featuring Amy Lee

*Later on she may get a tattoo of a fish and a pink flower to represent her and her "fish boy"*

So begins...

Melia Clarissa's Story