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Offender #20139432

0 · 94 views · located in The Ruins of America; 2115

a character in “The Rise of the Exiled”, as played by Saint Crash


O f f e n d e r # 8904148


This information was destroyed in an arson attack on Society data storage center.

This information was destroyed in an arson attack on Society data storage center. The Offender is estimated to be in her early twenties.


Presumed heterosexual.

Offender is roughly 178 cm [Five feet, 10 inches] in height.

Unknown. Offender is possibly slightly underweight due to circumstances, but appears to be healthy and functioning fully.

Offender 8904148 is in peak physical condition, easily identified by her lean musculature, as well as her flexibility, strength and stamina in combat. This said and despite being a rebel figurehead, she has still retained a feminine figure. The offender has been described as pretty, by both Offender and Officer, but not in typical Society fashion. The Offender's hair is black in color, and she never has it far below her jawline for her own ease in day-to-day activities. Even so, the Offender is known to wear clips or hair ties when fighting so her field of vision is not obscured. Her eyes have been reported as being dark green and color, and she is said to be slightly long-sighted. She is most often seen covered in a variety of cuts and bruises, and she is reported to have a small tattoo of a pair of wings under her left collarbone.

Arson [Multiple Counts]
Assault on Police Officers [Multiple Counts]
Disorderly Conduct [Multiple Counts]
Inciting riots [Multiple Counts]
Organizing Unlawful Gatherings [Multiple Counts]
Murder of Police Officers [Multiple Counts]
Possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply [Multiple Counts]
Possession of Class B drugs with intent to sell and supply [Multiple Counts]
Possession of Class C drugs with intent to sell and supply [Multiple Counts]
Possession of Class C drugs for personal usage. [Multiple Counts]
Possession of Unauthorized Firearms [Multiple Counts]
Sexual assault on a police officer

High. Offender is armed, dangerous and rarely alone.

Intel suggests that the offender originated from within Society. There is no record of any female matching offender's description being removed by force during the time-frame we believe that she left. It is also believed that 'Angel' was in contact with another Offender, possibly the main rebel figurehead, during this time.

New intel has confirmed that this story is true. 'Angel' was the niece of Offender #20139430, who was associating and aiding Exiled, including the Offender known as 'Saint'. It is believed that 'Angel' was aware of her uncle's activities, and after encountering Saint, brought him to her uncle for treatment. The girl interrupted the execution of Offender #20139430, and stumbled across his body. Knowing that she would be brought to justice for aiding and sheltering terrorists, she fled.

'Angel' went briefly under the radar, before launching an attack on two police officers along with a small gang, killing one of them, and seriously injuring the second. From this date onwards, the offender known as 'Angel' has engaged in many illegal activities since, and is suspected of spearheading a small group of troublemakers.

Offender 8904148 has displayed open signs of affection towards other offenders, an unusual trait in an Offender of her threat rating and reputation.

Offender 8904148 is able to use bullet-firing guns as well as laser weapons, and is renowned for having a good aim and steady hand.

Offender 8904148 also has basic medical knowledge. It is suspected known that a relative of hers may have been a medical professional in Society.

So begins...

Angel's Story