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The Rise of the Palatinate Order

The Rise of the Palatinate Order


You, promising citizen, are soon to discover the extent of your potential. Rise, young one, and join the Palatinate Order.

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The Rise of the Palatinate Order

"Oh..uhm..excuse me...Yes, i'm the appointed courier for the City of Nirameth. I have a letter here for you. It's urgent..."

Greetings, citizen.

By now you must be aware of the recent and unfortunate events concerning our Honourable King Andrew. God rest his soul. As stated in the decree concerning the death of our kind ruler, the Palatinate Order must come to the light. The Palatinate Order, as you may know, is an elite group of warriors, mages and hunters, who will be trained with our most highest and esteemed Royal Appointed Armsmaster Richard III, until they are ready to take on the role of Guardians of Nirameth.

You must have come to the realisation that you, dear child, are to become a member of The Palatinate Order. You will report to the castle gates at 8:30am sharp, tomorrow morning. There you will be greeted by myself, your Highest Queen Alice, and welcomed into my home. I must warn you child, that the path you are about to take on is both legally required and extremely taxing. Your body will be tired. Your mind will be stretched, but you must serve your people.

With all due respect and appreciation,

Highest Queen Alice

The City of Nirameth

Nirameth is in mourning. Ten days ago, their Honourable King Andrew was found dead in his chambers. Although the circumstances have proven to be somewhat suspicious, the city's justice system is not pursuing the matter. The city holds a sense of outrage at this, as they want their King's death avenged and the murder punished.

Nirameth is a fairly bustling city residing in rolling, snowy hills. The streets are cobblestone and the buildings are white wall and old wood. Nirameth only ever succumbs to two of the four seasons; autumn and winter, with winter being far longer. Autumn ranges from July-November, and winter rolls from December-June. Nothing ever seems to flourish, and plants, trees and crops are only farmed for the last month of winter and the first few of autumn, before the leaves turn brown and the air turns cold. Agricultural life is tough and hard labour, with crops being few and far between. The farms are mainly used for rearing cattle and chicken, as well as normally housing some heavy horses for ploughing and grazing.

The city is divided into several small districts. These include; The Thread, Trade, Mage, Court, Residential and Royal.

The Thread is the local name for the slums. The houses here are old and crumbling, the streets pitted with holes, the lamps put out. The people that live here are typically the old and sick who can no longer work and afford the housing in the Residential District. The Thread is at the very southern outskirts of the city, tucked around the back of the Trade District. The Thread is also home to the Black Market. Here, illegal, cheap and just up to standard items can be bought or traded for. Some of the city's guards also visit as regular customers, but others pretend not to know about it. The King and Queen are not aware of the market.

The Trade district is the life of the city. Tens of small shops and stall litter the streets edges, full of smiling and chatting citizens and shopkeepers. The most notable shops are the Arm and Hammer Blacksmiths, Lucy's Grocery, Petals (the florist), Arrow's General Store, Sturdy Seam Tailors, The Doctors, Amy's Companion Supply (Pet store) and Toil and Trouble Apothecary and Mage Supply.

The Court district is the smallest and quietest. It's more of a square, with the large and very regal court forming one end, with the Guard's office to it's left, the Jury's Quarters to the right, and the stockades, guillotine and the gibbet in the center. The place has an eery feel about it. There are always three nooses waiting on the gibbet, and the guillotine is never wiped clean. Blood and muck cakes the blade and the chin rest, and just looking at it can give you a sense of the terror that the accused face when they are laid there for the final cut.

Moving on from the desolate Court district, the Mage's is a beautiful area. Full of magically sustained flora, beautiful glittering, flowing rivers, and buildings with purple slate roofs. The Mage's tower is where the city's mages are typically trained. However the Palatinate Order will be trained in royal grounds. There are several supply buildings here, as well as the one in Trade District, and the houses of the most well-to-do mages.

The residential area is where the rest of the city live. The houses are well maintained and the cobble streets are full and fresh. Nothing important is here.

The final District, the Royal District, is anything inside the royal grounds boundary. From the protective radius around the castle walls and inwards is guarded heavily by the city's well trained Guard Force. The Queen is the only remaining royal.

Honourable King Andrew


Found dead ten days ago, King Andrew was the young age of forty three. (The average life span in Nirameth is 68-74 years)He had been ruling the city since he turned twenty. He and Alice were married 8 years later, when he was twenty eight and Alice was twenty.

King Andrew was fierce and loyal to his city and his queen. He had a reputation for being most respectable and a talented warrior. King Andrew often fought for the city atop his faithful white stallion, Eowynn. However, after a particularly gruelling war against Overlord Azareoth and his War Drake Iiran, Eowynn was killed and King Andrew was never quite the same. His long flowing golden hair had turned a brittle, pale grey. His shocking blue eyes lost their shine and their life. His heart was no longer bright. Living with King Andrew had become somewhat difficult for the Queen, and the city, and his 'antics' soon became tiresome.

He began to send the city into pointless battles. Several times they had become close to being overtaken, but the Queen's air and grace calmed opposing parties. King Andrew had become something of a sexual predator. He committed and was omitted of several rapes and attacks on young females, and had a constant stream of one-night love affairs. The Queen and her King grew apart until eventually, the man was found in a sorry state in The Thread, having been rejected by a recent young woman.

A few years later, and we arrive at the present. The King had since been buried in the Royal Botanical Gardens at the rear of the castle grounds, next to his Eowynn.

Highest Queen Alice


Queen Alice...the gem of the City of Nirameth. Alice is the image of beauty and grace, with her porcelain skin and her petite figure. She is gentle, kind and everything a queen should be. She is very young, only thirty five years of age, but is a talented mage and dragon trainer. She will be teaching the Riding classes to the Order when the time comes. Queen Alice is known for her tailoring skills, and her ability to make her own dresses. She never wears one that she has bought, only made.

The Queen is suffering terribly after her King's death, despite his many flaws and misfortunes. She loved him. She still loves him. Every day she visits the graves of her husband and his horse, and talks to them both. She assures them that she is okay, but she is unfortunately spiralling into a deep depression. The Queen has called the order to light to protect herself and the city from harm. She is our Highest Queen Alice.

The Palatinate Order

The Armor
The Palatinate Order a group of 6 young citizens who have been monitored for a short while. They have shown outstanding ability in at least two desirable areas, and show promise for training. The have each received a letter inviting them to the Castle, and whether they know what the Palatinate Order even is is up to you!

The Order are the warriors and defenders of Nirameth. They will attend quests and carry out bounties, hunts and guard duties for the city to defend her and her people. They will be issued an armor specifically for duty only. (See the link) The fabric (skirt and cape) are Palatinate blue, and there are minor adjustments for gender specific purposes (Stronger groin plate for males, no skirt for males, slender shape for females). The Palatinate are issued a mount and weaponry for their cause, and may choose so depending on their class and ability.

The Classes

The Order may chose their class when they start training.

-- Mage
Specialise in magic and spells. They may choose to use shadow magic, holy magic or undead magic. Weapon of choice: Staff or Enchanted Weapons. Mount; Shadow Stalker, Nirameth Drake, Wyverian Draft Horse or Eastern Firebird. Mages can use both attack and defensive spells.

Specialise in hand to hand combat. They do not use magic. Weapon of choice; Mace, Axe, Sword and Shield, Longsword or Broadsword. Mount; Shadow Stalker, Nirameth Drake, Ember Drake. Warriors are strictly attack only.

Specialise in first aid skills, magic and minimal hand to hand. They use holy and light magic to heal. Weapon of choice: Staff and Apothecary Supplies. Mount; Eastern Firebird, Frostwing, Gryphon, Hippogriff.

Specialise in beast taming, damage and minimal magic. They can use a variety of basic spells, and hunt animals for food. Weapon of choice: All ranged weapons - Bow and Arrow, crossbow, spear, trident. Mount; All equine/wyverian/drake mounts.

The Training

The Palatinate Order will be undergoing constant training with different members of the Royal Appointed Armsmasters and mistresses. They will also receive training from Highest Queen Alice, who will train them in riding and caring for their mounts. This is the list of training and who they will be receiving it from;

Weapons - Royal Appointed Armsmaster Richard III
Mounts - Highest Queen Alice
Role/Duty - Highest Queen Alice
Mage Training - Wizard Rupert
Warrior Training (More in depth weapons training) - Royal Appointed Armsmaster Richard III
Medic Training - Doctor George II
Hunter - Royal Appointed Gamekeeper Anna IV

The Mounts

The mounts are kept in stables scattered around the outskirts of the city, in between the farms and agricultural areas. Each mount will be fitted with class and gender specific armor and tack (gender specific to the rider) in the same style/colour of the Palatinate Order's armor. (Ignore any armour in the pictures unless I say otherwise) All mounts are capable of attacking, and once bonded with the rider, can communicate through thoughts. To make this bond, the rider has to earn the trust of the mount, and when the bond is made, a small tattoo of a simple 'X' appears behind the left ear. It is not known the exact point in which this bond is made, but the mark itself burns it's way into the flesh so it's noticeable when it happens.

Shadow Stalker - This large wolf like beast is fast and stealthy. It's heavy build means that is suited to living up to it's name and stalking in the shadows. It lopes on all fours and can climb using it's front paws similar to hands, but when not mounted, it is capable of putting more weight on it's hind legs to stand a little more upright. (Similar to how a monkey walks around) In the wild it lives in the surrounding forests and woodland. The Shadow Stalker stables are similar to that of a kennels, with larger pens.

The Shadow Stalker

Nirameth Drake - The Nirameth Drake is a large, silver scaled dragon. Primarily walking on all fours, it is also capable of using it's front talons as hands. The Nirameth is the slower of it's type, having a rather hefty bone structure. However, this extra weight means it's attack power is increased. In the wild it lives in the mountains. The Drakes share the same stables, and live in a large building similar to a horse stables, with an aviary like dome attached to the back. Seen in various shades of black/grey/white.

The Nirameth Drake

Ember Drake - Smaller in comparison to the Nirameth, the Ember is capable of setting it's talons and it's breath on fire. It moves in the same way to the other drake, but it's smaller frame means it's more agile on the ground and in the air. Seen in a variety of reds/oranges/yellows/golds.

The Ember Drake

Wyverian Draft Horse - Similar in size to a clydesdale horse, the Wyverian is the smaller of the two equine mounts. Both horses are fierce and can easily attack and potentially kill any other mount. They are aggressive and hard to handle creatures, more so the Nirameth, but the Wyverian is the more unusual looking. With it's reptilian features, the Wyv is a head turner. The Wyv comes in a variety of colours. In the wild, The Wyv move in herds on wide open spaces near water. Both horses are capable of specialised magic; the Wyv possess similar skills to it's Drake cousins.

The Wyverian Draft Horse

Nirameth Heavy Horse - Surprisingly large, the Heavy Horse is more than capable to taking care of itself. It's jet black coat is patterned with faintly glowing marks that come in a variety of colours. Heavy's are larger, more aggressive and nastier than Wyverians, and tend to be harder to tame. They have thick, long mane and tails and their hooves are large and strong. They are heavily muscled, haughty and erratic...good luck! Oh, and they can cast a select few mage spells from their spiralled horns. They roam solitarily among the trees.

The Nirameth Heavy Horse

Eastern Firebird - Essentially a dragon sized phoenix, the Eastern Firebird is a very loyal and trustworthy mount. The bond is made quickly with both birds, and both are calm and balanced...until they are commanded to strike. Both are lightning fast and perhaps the only match for any other mount besides the horses. They are light, agile and easy to work with. Both birds are solitary and found dotted all around the wilds. Shades of red only.

The Eastern Firebird

Frostwing - The frost counterpart to the Eastern Firebird, the Frostwing is similar. It's calm, loyal and trustworthy and will carry out any orders. The frostbird has a similar form to the phoenix's fire form, in that it's whole body can become ice cold and it's wings covered with shards of ice, and around the bird floats a cold mist similar to liquid nitrogen. Shades of blue only.

The Frostwing

Gryphon - The powerful creature of legend, the Gryphon is the typical beast we all know of. Fast, high flying and loud, the Gryphon can perform and ear splitting shriek. In the wild, they are found in pairs living in the mountains. 'Classic' golden.

The Gryphon

Hippogriff - Hippogriffs are elegant and deadly. They are very very proud, and as a result it takes a long time for each of them to make their bond with each other and the rider. They too, like the Gryphon, are fast and agile in flight. However they are commonly found in pairs in the wild. Any normal 'horse/bird' colours.

The Hippogriff

Your Role
Hello!! Mocki <3 here! This is the section where we start sorting out what YOU will be doing :) As a member of the order, we will go through the training, and then eventually be assigned quests. This is pretty much free form as long as you stick with the general plot. As well as playing a member, I will take the role of the Queen in order to keep the story moving forward and not becoming stagnant. There are 5 members, so only 4 other RPers will be accepted. I have been in larger groups and found that a lot of people end up waiting on one person :( I won't make a posting order, but, if you don't post for 3 days (without prior notice or a quick message to me or the OOC to let everyone know) you will be given a warning. You only get 2 warnings at one time, and if I find i'm always reminding you, i'll replace you. Sorry! But i've been a lot of dead RPs because people just don't post. If you want to leave, just let me know! No hard feelings!! Also I want literate people only. So i'm looking for at least 3 decent paragraphs. Anything less won't get the story moving. For the first post, to set the scene and let us know about your character, I'm asking for the best post you've got!! :D Show your fellow RPers what you can do :P

Okay, so, 4 spots to fill!!

Highest Queen Alice - TAKEN - Mocki
Palatinate Order Member #1 - TAKEN - Mocki - Elsa Marie Swan
Palatinate Order Member #2 - TAKEN - Temperance - Aurora Mae Karrington
Palatinate Order Member #3 - TAKEN - Meow Meow - Alionna Hawklight
Palatinate Order Member #4 - TAKEN - Emmie_Hoeller - Alessia Valiente
Palatinate Order Member #5 - TAKEN - Miyer - Scarlet Moon
Palatinate Order Member #6 - RESERVED - Ragnarok
Palatinate Order Member #7 - TAKEN - XShishioX - Casadel Siegrist

The Character Sheet
I was going to use a sheet, but, I want to see what you can do. Show me what you're made of ;) I need to at least see the following;
Name, Class, Mount, Weapon, 2 known skills, a picture. Try to stick with the 'painted' style i've used up here.
You add the rest, you know what it needs. If I like it but it's missing something, I'll let you know so you can make changes. Using BBcode. Make it look good. Colour, font, size, alignment :) Be inventive :) P.S I won't be making a sheet for the queen as she's more of a guidance/NPC-ish character.
You can message me or use the OOC if you need anything!

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Highest Queen Alice

"Oh my dearest Andrew...I'm afraid the time has come. I know you never liked the idea of having to organise the Palatinate Order, nor my desire to become involved in the training. But...i'm frightened. The eastern kingdoms are threatening to begin a second war with the City of Nirameth if I do not remarry. I cannot condone the thought of become separated from you...Oh Andrew, what am I going to do?"

Things had become tougher since King Andrew had passed away, and as Queen Alice lay the lilies delicately on top of her king's tombstone, Alice felt the weight of the kingdom's safety pressing on her shoulders. She had received scrolls from several of the nearby kingdoms from the east, promising riches if she married into their family and surrendered Nirameth to become part of their rule. And if she did not remarry? War. Terrible War. Alice buried her face in her hands and wept...again. This was the third time today. So much pressure on her. So many lives at stake. "How am I going to do this without you, Andrew?" Alice sobbed gently and quietly into her palms, wetting them with her tears. How ladylike... she told herself, and breathed a deep lungful of crisp air. "Excuse me your highness...but the Palatinate Order will be here within the hour madam..." Alice lifted her head, but dared not look at the messenger. "Yes, you're right. Thank you John. You may take your leave now, I will see you in the morning" Alice dabbed her cheeks with her handkerchief and turned to face the messenger, John. She smiled her trademark beaming smile that lifted her eyes, tilted her head gently and reminded most of an excited child. "Y-yes madam. Th-thank you, your highness," John stammered, offering the city's bow with the left arm extended to the side, and the right tucked into the stomach, eyes down. Ultimate respect. "You're welcome."

Alice waited for John to scurry away before gathering her hefty skirts in one hand and her shoes in the other and drawing herself to her feet. She smiled longingly and with an air of sadness at the two pristine marble tombstones side by side. On the left, it read;

'Honourable King Andrew. Taken from us too soon.
May Heaven celebrate this angel

And on the right one it read;

'◊ Eowynn ◊
Protector and right hand stallion to our most Honourable King Andrew.
May you forever gallop free'.

A lone, glittering tear rolled down Alice's cheek. She let go of her skirts, touched her fingertips to her lips, then gently touched them to Andrew's tombstone. "I will always love you..." Turning away, Alice dabbed her cheeks again and straightened her hair and clothes. It wouldn't do to let her City know that she was crumbling. Her heavy, frilled skirts brushed against the short, lush grass and her bare feet revelled in the soft feel of it underfoot. When she reached the path back into the castle, she put her silver sandals on the ground and slipped her feet into them. Making her way through the grand hall of the castle, Alice smiled softly to herself. The Palatinate Order would be here in less than half an hour. The city would finally be protected again. She had sent out the letters to the individuals yesterday, and remembered that there was a few more than normal. No problem. The City needed as much protection as it could get.

Alice had finally reached the castle gates, and took a deep breath. Her headdress glimmered in the early morning sun, and her skin was smooth and radiant. Several tiny diamonds bounced light from all over her dress and clothes, and created a faint aura around her as she signalled to the gatemaster to open the immense wooden doors. Alice stood a little ways back, at the top of the wide staircase, and waved tenderly to her people.

"Welcome, Palatinate Order!"

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Character Portrait: Elsa Swan
Character Portrait: Casadel Siegrist
Character Portrait: Alionna Hawklight


Character Portrait: Alionna Hawklight
Alionna Hawklight

"Unless you want a sword in your stomach, I suggest you stay away from me."

Character Portrait: Casadel Siegrist
Casadel Siegrist

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Character Portrait: Elsa Swan
Elsa Swan

"Yes, my Highest Queen. I promise to serve and protect you and your city..."


Character Portrait: Elsa Swan
Elsa Swan

"Yes, my Highest Queen. I promise to serve and protect you and your city..."

Character Portrait: Casadel Siegrist
Casadel Siegrist

(WIP Pending Character Quotes)

Character Portrait: Alionna Hawklight
Alionna Hawklight

"Unless you want a sword in your stomach, I suggest you stay away from me."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Elsa Swan
Elsa Swan

"Yes, my Highest Queen. I promise to serve and protect you and your city..."

Character Portrait: Alionna Hawklight
Alionna Hawklight

"Unless you want a sword in your stomach, I suggest you stay away from me."

Character Portrait: Casadel Siegrist
Casadel Siegrist

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Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Hi there!

We have one spot open at the moment; silent hill has not posted and I have not heard from Ragnarok.

Just take a look over the rules and info and you can post a character :D

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

This roleplay looks really well-made. It seems like most of the spots are taken, though...

If there is any room, then I'd love to join! I have no problem with playing males. Thanks!

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Rag if you are still interested, I would welcome you to take silenthill's place :) Sorry for the delay everyone!!

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

I only play males, so that would be a yes!

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Can you play a male lol?
They are all females?! ARG lol
Just waiting for silenthill...

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Do you have room for one by any chance?

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Silenthill brought to light that there was no outline of the basic religions. Here's a quick idea that I will flesh out at some point;

In the centre of the city, south of the castle, there is an impressive temple. Stained glass windows depict battles from ancient, long forgotten times. Before the pues towers an impressive marble statue. The statue shows The King of Kings, Archaeus The Great, battling his slayer (The long since extinct Draconus Collosus. Archaeus is said to be the father of all royal males, and each King can be traced back through eons of time to see Archaeus at the start of their bloodline.

There is also one for the Queens. The Queen of Queens, Liliatha The Noble. Liliatha's temple lies in the southwest corner of the city, and is something more gentle and loving than Archaeus'. Liliatha's marble statue portrays her addressing a crowd of young children. As with Archaeus, Liliatha can be seen to have given birth to the first Queens.

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Totally just realized that Cas is the only boy among an army of Female Soldiers.

Either we have an atypical Harem-situation forthcoming, or Cas is about to be EVERYBODY'S little bro. Poor kid's going trough puberty too. He's only fourteen. The stimulation might kill him.

Should be fun, eh?

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Guys your characters are looking so good!!


Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

I don't know how long these reservations last, but I can have a character in to you by the end of the day if I get the go ahead (end of the day my time, it's roughly noon for me now, EST).

Would be a male warrior.

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

I'm sorry. I'm having a hard time finding a good picture in the painted style. The process is even slower going when I don't have my own computer. I'm currently operating from my phone.

I don't mean to complain, or sound whiny, but my character's appearance is super important to his persona as a whole. It's through the way that he looks that I'll be able to draw out the more subtle aspects of his personality. I build a basic structure in my head, and then the art helps me bring it to life.

If anyone knows of some good painted pictures of a little boy, preferably between 11-14 years old, they would be much appreciated. The appearance is unimportant. As long as it's a he and it's young, I can work with it. Obviously, I'll keep looking, but any help would be stupendously appreciated.

Once again, I'm very sorry for the delay. I will try to accelerate my creation process as much as possible.

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Sorry I took so long Mocki~! I guess the time got the better of me. -3- I hope you like my character! <3

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Hiya people,

Can we start posting your characters soon pwease? ^^; I'd like to get this started soon :3

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

@Shishio Hahaha how adorbs <3 You my friend, are totally right. I'd say I'd be the shy one perhaps but then it would be all fun and giggles \(^____^)/

Awww I know, I'm still a bit disappointed at that :( they were truly adorable.

@Mockingjay thanks a lot for answering my questions <3 :DD I truly appreciate it, I will begin working on my character today~

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

If a spot opens up please let me know I'm very interested

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

I'll be posting a first post as Alice, just to get the day started, but I don't want anyone to post yet. Will let you all know when to start :)

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

Oh a quick thing about currency;

It's called Shen. Operates much like the £, the symbol for Shen is ₰. Shen (sh-eh-n) is the pound, the penny is the 'Soh' (so)

So, ₰1 is £1.
50p is 50soh.
So £1.50 is ₰1-50

There are 100soh in ₰1.

Any other questions let me know :)

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

I'm thrilled about all this interest haaha :3 Your characters are looking fab!

As to answer your questions, Emmie;

1) I wasn't going to have any with mounts, but I pictured it as what you desire. So some of them do, some might not have ever met any of the breeds before.

2)Nope, not necessarily. But you have to put in the character profile what class and mount you desire. Just note that they have not started training/chosen that mount yet.

3) As it stands, the P.Order have never been needed since both Queen Alice and King Andrew were alive. Any prior members from before their rule have since passed on :)

Any more questions anyone, you know where I am :)

Re: The Rise of the Palatinate Order

@Shisho- I noticed on your form so far that you have your character, Cas, as a Hunter/Mage. But you say you were planning on making their skills a bit more Hunter/Medic.
Just wanted to tell you that I was planning on making my character almost a full-fledged Medic, so if you're doing that just out of trying to balance it out, then you don't have to.

However, if you're doing it just because you want to, then go right ahead. I just wanted to let you know so that you don't feel like you have to change your initial thought for the character in order to balance things out amongst the character classes. (Because I've definitely been forced to play something I don't want to for the sake of having a more even set of characters)