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The Rise of the Palatinate Order

City of Nirameth


a part of The Rise of the Palatinate Order, by Mockingjay4793.


Mockingjay4793 holds sovereignty over City of Nirameth, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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City of Nirameth is a part of The Rise of the Palatinate Order.

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Highest Queen Alice

"Oh my dearest Andrew...I'm afraid the time has come. I know you never liked the idea of having to organise the Palatinate Order, nor my desire to become involved in the training. But...i'm frightened. The eastern kingdoms are threatening to begin a second war with the City of Nirameth if I do not remarry. I cannot condone the thought of become separated from you...Oh Andrew, what am I going to do?"

Things had become tougher since King Andrew had passed away, and as Queen Alice lay the lilies delicately on top of her king's tombstone, Alice felt the weight of the kingdom's safety pressing on her shoulders. She had received scrolls from several of the nearby kingdoms from the east, promising riches if she married into their family and surrendered Nirameth to become part of their rule. And if she did not remarry? War. Terrible War. Alice buried her face in her hands and wept...again. This was the third time today. So much pressure on her. So many lives at stake. "How am I going to do this without you, Andrew?" Alice sobbed gently and quietly into her palms, wetting them with her tears. How ladylike... she told herself, and breathed a deep lungful of crisp air. "Excuse me your highness...but the Palatinate Order will be here within the hour madam..." Alice lifted her head, but dared not look at the messenger. "Yes, you're right. Thank you John. You may take your leave now, I will see you in the morning" Alice dabbed her cheeks with her handkerchief and turned to face the messenger, John. She smiled her trademark beaming smile that lifted her eyes, tilted her head gently and reminded most of an excited child. "Y-yes madam. Th-thank you, your highness," John stammered, offering the city's bow with the left arm extended to the side, and the right tucked into the stomach, eyes down. Ultimate respect. "You're welcome."

Alice waited for John to scurry away before gathering her hefty skirts in one hand and her shoes in the other and drawing herself to her feet. She smiled longingly and with an air of sadness at the two pristine marble tombstones side by side. On the left, it read;

'Honourable King Andrew. Taken from us too soon.
May Heaven celebrate this angel

And on the right one it read;

'β—Š Eowynn β—Š
Protector and right hand stallion to our most Honourable King Andrew.
May you forever gallop free'.

A lone, glittering tear rolled down Alice's cheek. She let go of her skirts, touched her fingertips to her lips, then gently touched them to Andrew's tombstone. "I will always love you..." Turning away, Alice dabbed her cheeks again and straightened her hair and clothes. It wouldn't do to let her City know that she was crumbling. Her heavy, frilled skirts brushed against the short, lush grass and her bare feet revelled in the soft feel of it underfoot. When she reached the path back into the castle, she put her silver sandals on the ground and slipped her feet into them. Making her way through the grand hall of the castle, Alice smiled softly to herself. The Palatinate Order would be here in less than half an hour. The city would finally be protected again. She had sent out the letters to the individuals yesterday, and remembered that there was a few more than normal. No problem. The City needed as much protection as it could get.

Alice had finally reached the castle gates, and took a deep breath. Her headdress glimmered in the early morning sun, and her skin was smooth and radiant. Several tiny diamonds bounced light from all over her dress and clothes, and created a faint aura around her as she signalled to the gatemaster to open the immense wooden doors. Alice stood a little ways back, at the top of the wide staircase, and waved tenderly to her people.

"Welcome, Palatinate Order!"