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A Tarian apprentice smith.

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a character in “The Rise of the Tari”, originally authored by VindicatedPurpose, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name: Fi’irios (Fi-Ir-Rios)
Race: Human/Tarian
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Weight: 182 lbs.
Occupation: Apprentice Bronzesmith

Appearance: Fi’irios stands at exactly six feet tall, with grey eyes and ruffled, unkempt, and spiky blond hair covering his head. To the back of his head, his hair is plaited in thin braids adorned by beads. He also has a thin beard growing on his chin and several pieces of thin bronze decorating the helix of his ears. His skin is a lightly dark tan with several tribal markings and tattoos covering his body. He has one sharp, thin marking starting beneath his jaw reaching upwards to the side of his cheek, on both sides of his face. He normally wears a light garment or tunic with short leggings, or a two piece toga separated at the waist, with the bottom reaching his knees. He prefers to wear open-toed sandals, but would rather walk barefoot, granted that the streets of Tarin aren’t rocky.

Personality: Fi’irios is a laid back and calm individual. He rarely gets angry, but when he does he’s very quick to calm. He enjoys laughter and making others laugh. However, he knows that there is a time and place for laughter and a time and place for seriousness. He is a hard working individual, whenever he’s at the forge, but that isn’t often since he has just started learning the craft. Thus he’s more likely to hang out and have a laugh with friends. He has a few dislikes including traditional Tarian dishes, as well as dancing, which is perhaps why he has chosen to stave off marriage.

Equipment: Aside from a smith’s most important equipment, their hands, important tools include anvils, hammers, fire tongs, and an intense flame. He also carries a flask of water.

So begins...

Fi'irios's Story


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Tonight was perhaps the only night that the children would ever remain so still, pausing their play and jest, to observe the funeral of a man who they didn't know much. They only knew him by his name, the King, but he lived on within their hearts for his deeds. At this age, they weren't fully aware of what that single man did for them, but perhaps once they arose to adulthood would they dwell upon all that he had done and given. For now, the white stone seemed as dark as ever, as the spirit of King Vaylen I, the guiding light of the Tari people, departed from the city, and the world itself.

The little ones tugged at Fi'irios as he stood alongside his mother, his father, his friends, and his tribesmen while they watched the funeral pyre with dry and wet eyes alike. Some tears fell, some tears stood. Many mourned the loss of their King, some of whom knew him simply as a man who had a vision. Fi'irios was merely four when King Vaylen led his people to these lands and proposed his plan for a city of white stone upon grasslands north of the Ankerean Dunes.

The loss of the King, and Prince Tenszar's ascent to the throne, were rife with anxiety and uncertainty regarding the future. The young prince was barely twenty, but when he assumed his position and spoke before the crowd, there was a certain dignity and maturity in his words that assured the people. Fi'irios could feel it as he stood there among the other denizens of Tarin. Then, light drizzle began to shower the city, perhaps tears from the Goddess Pere.

The children buried their faces in Fi'irios leg, shying away from the flames that took away the King, at the same time covering their heads from the rain.

"Why are they burning him...?" a child asked, fearful of the answer.

"They're not burning him," Fi'irios paused, "he's riding those flames to the gates of heaven. The flame burns high into the sky, so he can reach the heavens, because the heavens cry for him like we do," he looked on into the endless night.

The setting changes from The Temples to Residential District

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After passing through many of the white stone dwellings that were masterfully crafted in the early days, Fi’irios and his family finally reached their home. One of the many nondescript abodes that dotted the residential nodes of the city, but they were a feat in their own right. Considering that perhaps over half of the city was finished in the first fifteen years of King Vaylen’s reign, not to mention the beautiful temples, and shrines. The palace itself was a work of art, waiting for more expansion.

Construction, however, was far from done, as work focused on the wall that encircled Tarin. The beautiful white stones that adorned the structures and streets of the city were remarkably beautiful, perhaps unique not for its color, but the fact that the Tarians had managed to build a city of stone. Perhaps the first city of stone the Cradle had known, perhaps not though, for cities in the past may have been buried in the sand. As for the color itself, it was merely an add-on that aided the pose struck by the city.

As they entered the stone house, Fi’irios’s mother walked Lanea his sister, and Yralc his brother, off to bed, for it was very late now. Fi’irios, however, crossed his arms and leaned against the wall watching them off.

“Fi’irios, aye you should get to sleep now,” his father bade him.

“I…um…don’t really want to go to yet,” Fi’irios turned to his father, who returned him a raised eyebrow.

“Hmm, well we’ll start early tomorrow, but you’re a grown man by now. Just don’t stay out too late,” his father scratched his chin before turning in for the night.

“I won’t,” Fi’irios turned away as he left the house.

He sauntered with his arms relaxed, guided only by the light of the moon, down the streets of Tarin. Those streets were bare now, with small rocks littering the unpaved paths. The stands and bazaars were closed for the night, perhaps in homage of the King. The former King now, Fi’irios realized that Prince Tenszar had, by right of blood, become the new King of Tarin.

He heard several footsteps around the corner, which prompted him to glimpse in the direction of the sound. To no avail did he spot a person, perhaps they were just apparitions in the shadows. Then he heard more footsteps, this time it seemed like more than a pair of steps. Fi’irios turned around, only to be flanked by three soldiers of the Guard Corps. They were armed with their characteristic spears of bronze, of which his father helped to craft.

“What be yeh reasonin’ to be out so late at night, lad?” the guard was perhaps drunk, or his speech was normally slurred.

“Eh…heheh,” Fi’irios chuckled, “I was just going out for the air.”

“Mmh, so you are” the second guard spoke, “On the night of the King’s funeral.”

“I’m not sure I follow…” Fi’irios looked to the guard, perplexed by his odd thought. The guards gazed at the moon, then back at the young man.

“What is your reasoning to be out here!” the first guard burst, almost in Fi’irios’s face had it not been for his compatriots holding him back.

“Easy Asdru,” the second guard turned to Fi’irios, “You should go on back. The dawn is nigh,” the guards left him on his own, continuing their night patrols. He watched them off before turning back the way he went, the empty streets of Tarin.

The setting changes from Residential District to Market District


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It was a new day, perhaps not as bleak as the funeral night before, for the gods had bestowed a shining sun and light winds that danced along the rooftops of the houses. The streets were busy, as merchants and tradesmen laid out their goods. Workers and guards were carting stones to the walls. Children were mingling in the streets, running around with their little games, and occasionally causing grief to the food vendors by knocking over some fresh produce.

Fi’irios was perched along some steps in the market district, gazing at the temples, particularly the white stone steps of the shrine of Ahar, the Goddess of the Sun. He was spying on several robed people walking up the steps, they were priests and priestesses, doing their daily rituals and work at the holy altars of their chosen deity. He was focused on a single person though, a women, a priestess, walking alongside her fellow contemporaries.

Her hair was partially covered by a loose white colored cloth head wrap, but he could still see the long locks of brown hair hanging down the sides of her face. Her face itself had smooth features, with a gently curved nose, and soft lips adorning her peach complexion. That was all he could acquire, for she turned away and disappeared through the winding halls of Ahar’s temple.

The mere glimpse sent blood rushing, and he smiled a bit, before running off towards the residences. He felt rather weightless, yet his feet were still on the ground. For a moment he almost forgot his destination, but he was quick to resume his train of thought. He was unaware of someone heading in his direction though, and immediately collided with the other denizen. As he stood up to regain his senses, so did the other person, who was dressed in a formal toga. One could assume it was someone of dignity, perhaps a priest, but they had head wraps. No, this was a politician, a respected lawmaker of the Tarin people. He looked very young though, with barely a wrinkle, unlike most Senators.

“Oh, sorry sir…I uh…didn’t see you there,” Fi’irios scratched the back of his head as the other man stood up slowly. His leg was slightly bruised from the crash and it was tingling slightly.


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"Hey, Myr, over here!" a merchant waved at her with a fruit, and gestured she should come closer. After she did, he leaned towards her and spoke quietly. "That bastard over there is asking much too low prices again, could you make his dog vomit in front of his stall again?"

Myr smirked. "Why would I do that? It doesn't look like it has worms right now so it doesn't need that medicine..."

"I'll give you three of these" he suggested as a reason.

"People would start asking themselves questions. I'll let you know when I think of something else." Behind the merchant she saw two men bump into each other and fall over. "Excuse me..." She ran over to Fi'irios and Horus. "Sirs! Are you alright? I'm a healer. Did you hurt anything?"

The setting changes from Market District to Ammisar


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Horus had been daydreaming as we walked along the crowded streets, so he didn't see the other man headed straight in his direction. Horus let out a groan as the two collided and fell to the ground. Horus coughed as he slowly stood up out of the dirt.

The other man issued an apology as he stood himself up. At first glance he seemed an ordinary citizen. "That's quite alright," Horus said brushing the dirt off his robes and body, "No harm done." Before he could gather his thoughts, another newcomer joined the commotion, asking if the two needed medical attention. Horus blinked twice and checked himself over. There was a gash on his arm, but nothing too serious.

"Thank you," He said to the girl without looking up from his wound, "It's just a nick, really." He held his hand tightly over the cut.

The setting changes from Ammisar to Market District


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#, as written by Nevan
Imes raised a black eyebrow before chuckling. “Poe and I do not share the same language anymore then you share the language of that of a common dog. However, even animals have emotions, and if you are observaint enough you can guess what they are thinking. It isn't sharing a language though.” She said, petting the ravens black feathers. She was used to this question, the people that saw her talking to her companion always seemed to jump to the conculsion that she was a witch. Which was slightly true but they were wrong on the language account.

The woman gave the man a small bow, her wild black hair covering her face as she got permission to leave. “Thank you prince, and I, like the many citizens here, hope that your father's murder is found. And thank you for not arresting me either.”

She straightened herself up, pushing some stray hair behind her head before grinning at him, and slowly turning around, walking away as her head was cast upwards towards the night sky.


The morning had arrived. Tenszar had spent the early hours of it roaming the quiet halls of the palace in deep thought; what should his next move be? What should he do to keep the city moving? How should he handle the delicate matter of his father's murder? The one thing he wanted more than anything else was justice - or was it revenge? Did it matter? A man somewhere out in the white-stone confines of their great city would pay dearly for what he had taken from them.

It wouldn't be a simple death, however, it would be a public execution. He would be forced into confession of details and motive and then his head kicked around like how children would play with a ball!
He quickly shook his head, forcing himself out of such violent thoughts of anger and hatred. He needed to be calm and collected... Most of all, he needed someone he could trust.

In his father's study, Tenszar scoured journals and papers of politics; records of wealth and organization. His father had written an awful lot over the years and he was probably one of the first true scholars of the Tari's written language. This pleased the new King, for it was immediately apparent to him that some words could be said better through ink than they could through voice.

Among such written words, he found the Senate listings... And came upon the name of Horus. A few months ago, his Father had once spoken to him about Horus and privately confided in him how he was one of the few Senators he felt he could truly trust. Although Tenszar had never personally met the man, he knew then that he would trust his father's judgement and seek advice.


He had a short description of the man memorised. Long brown hair, brown eyes, around Tenszar's own age, quite tall and prone to be wearing a white toga in similar fashion to the other Senators. He asked the people he saw as he roamed the street if they had spotted such a man, or if they knew him by name and could direct him in the man's location.

He had at first tried the Senate building, but in such early hours very few were there and though they seemed desperate to begin work under Tenszar's reign and "wisdom", he realized quickly that Horus was not among them and so left them to their debating.

His searching felt rather frivolous after a while; after all, how was he to find on man among thousands? In a city of stone buildings and streets and alleyways, where never before had such a maze been built? It was only when he passed into the Market district that he finally found the man he had been searching for, together with another he didn't recognize and the beggar girl from the night before.

It seemed like some sort of small accident had just happened, as Myr was quick to offer her help, but no-one seemed hurt and so the young King had no restraint in making his way there to introduce himself.

"Are you Senator Horus?" He asked the man, stopping a meter or so away from the group. "I could use your advice on certain... Sensitive matters."


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Horus squinted his eyes and turned to face the new voice calling to him. "Yes. How can I help-"

Now facing the man, he realized it was none other than the newly crowned King Tenszar. He stood on the edge of the commotion, an unsure but confidant expression on his face.

"My King!" Horus blurted out, stepping towards his leader. "Please excuse me, sire. I was not expecting you here." He made a slight bow, "How can I be of service? Shall we move to the Senate?" Perhaps he was talking too much, but he felt eager to please his new King.


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"Sirs! Are you alright? I'm a healer. Did you hurt anything?"

Fi’irios was quite surprised when a young lady had come up them, for she noticed the accident and was ready to deliver aid. She had short blond hair, most women fashioned their hair this way, with the exception of priestesses and women of the court. Her eyes were a sapphire blue, but the striking characteristic of hers were the two tattoos that stretched down her arms. Before Fi’irios could observe her markings in detail, however, some people gathered and pointed in his direction. The girl was the least of the surprises, for Fi’irios thought he had committed some crime, until he turned to see the Prince…King Tenszar now.

His approach was most unexpected, especially in broad daylight the morning after the King’s funeral. Some thought he would be mourning privately behind the closed doors of the palace with his family. His presence raised some eyebrows, and prompted some bows. Although, bows weren’t very common, considering that many people didn’t bow to King Vaylen either. It seemed like the practice was out of place, everyone seemed to know each other, and such prostrations were very formal. Meanwhile, the man Fi’irios had ran into, stood up and dusted off his toga,

"That’s quite alright. No harm done,”

"Thank you," the Senator turned to the girl, "It's just a nick, really." He held his hand tightly over the cut.

King Tenszar by now had grabbed the man’s attention, and the Senator returned the young King with a bow before they went on discussing, perhaps matters of the political kind. They strode away, leaving Fi’irios to wonder at the turn of events, but he decided he would continue on. It was just another accident, not the kind that would warrant the intrusion of the Guard Corps, who kept the peace in the city.

He had spent the morning working with his father; today he had successfully used the hammer to flatten a spear tip, before his father soaked it within water. Now, he was perhaps done for the day, but his father would say otherwise. Fi’irios intended to meet Kadhek, a teacher, and his childhood friend.

Both were born in the same tribe, and grew up together right when King Vaylen unified them. Ever since then they've kept a close friendship, with their homes only a block apart. Fi’irios finally reached the school, or rather House of Learning, as Kadhek put it. The building was located in between the residential and market districts, at the city's center. The children were dispersing from the room; their learning had ended for the day. They would resume it once more the next day, but after school they would return to their homes to help their parents around the house. The children were fairly younger than Fi’irios, perhaps six to eight years younger.

Soon, the hall was empty, and Fi'irios stepped inside, away from the bustling activities of the streets. A single person was attending to his belongings on a raised stone. Kadhek lifted his head and smiled to see friend, "Fi'irios!"


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"Just a nick?" Although accidents could always go much more wrong, a scratch was indeed the usual damage from a fall like that. And these were grown men, not children with worried mothers, so Myr's services weren't needed. "Well then. Clean it as soon as you can, then clean it again with a clean piece of cloth soaked in the strongest drink you can find. It will sting when you do, but that should make it heal quickly. And remember me if you're ever ill or have a worse wound."

A crowd was gathering around them. Why? She looked around and with a shock noticed that it probably was because king Tenszar was right behind her! No guards were grabbing her, so it would seem he was not too offended by her outburst last night. Relief and some pride about having spoken out for true justice filled her with euphoria. "King Tenszar" she greeted him with a nod. Grinning, she added "You seem to be interrupting my leaving again." Maybe that was too presumptuous, one should be modest when speaking to a king. Avoiding further eye contact by looking down, she shyly added "I hope you took my words last night for what they're worth."


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“My friend, what brings you here?” Kadhek gathered his belongings into a bag composed of animal hide.

“What do you mean ‘what brings you here?’ I always come and meet my teacher after finishing my work,” Fi’irios laughed.

“Mmh, perhaps right after gazing at your beloved priestess…hmm?”

Fi’irios’ ears reddened as a sign of embarrassment.

“And I’m not your teacher,” Kadhek chuckled as he closed up for the day, heading towards the exit after Fi’irios.

“She’s not my beloved,” Fi’irios scoffed. The two passed by several pots on display at one of the many bazaars.

“Are you sure? You’ve spied on her, for say…the last five years?” Kadhek grinned.

“Three! It’s three years!”

"Bah!" Kadhek dismissed that with a wave following several chortles.

“Whatever, she’s a priestess…and you’re…you’re…you’re Fi’irios,” Kadhek ambled alongside Fi'irios.

“She’s beautiful…besides…why are you such a..uh…a um…,”

“A skeptic?” Kadhek interrupted, “Well,” he paused.

“It is a school of thought, one of the many I teach.”

“Why exactly do you have to teach that particular one?”

“Well…would you rather I taught nothing then?”

Fi’irios chuckled, “That’s not what I meant.”

“So, how goes your apprenticeship? I trust you haven’t forged any tools of destruction yet?”

“Those would be weapons, not tools. No I haven’t forged any of those tools yet.”

There was a slight lull in the conversation as they walked down the crowded streets before noon.

“I still can’t believe he was murdered…” Kadhek spoke.

“Quiet! Don’t say that out loud," Fi'irios searched for anyone who heard Kadhek's thought.

“I did not,” Kadhek lowered his voice. Such talk was bound to arouse suspicion where none should be.

“I…can’t believe it either. In the middle of the night…why would anyone desire the death of such a great man?”

“Perhaps he had devils of his own…”


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“Enough of that affair, let’s get back to you,” Kadhek turned to his friend, “You should marry her.”

“What? I’m not ready…” Fi’irios protested weakly. He didn’t have any real reasons, excuses rather, to stave off marriage.

“’Not ready?’ You’re five years too old to say you aren’t ready, at the age of fourteen a Tarian has come to the appropriate age to marry,” Kadhek paused and smiled at Fi’irios, “I think you’re more than ready.”

“But..” Fi’irios mumbled.

“’But’ what? Ah, I forgot …you can’t dance,” Kadhek chuckled. Fi’irios was about to open his mouth, but he was cut off by Kadhek, “My apologies, everyone can dance, but you in particular, don’t like to dance. How awkward.”

“I can dance just fine, it’s just I find the idea of cavorting about the ground. I’d look very…”

“Awkward?” Kadhek inputted.

“Awk..ward? Is that another school of thought?” Fi’irios turned a glance at his old friend, perplexed at the word.

“Great Goddess Fertilia, I hope not. I teach wise men not dancers.” Kadhek chuckled before roughly cradling Fi’irios under his arm.

“You two were practically meant for each other,” Kadhek was barely holding on, he felt like he could burst out laughing before the crowded streets, but as a teacher he had a bit more decency to hold it in.

“Funny,” Fi’irios narrowed his eyes directly at Kadhek; he knew it was a shot. “I’m sure if anybody knew, it would be you,” Fi’irios arched his eyebrows in a sardonic manner. Kadhek simply replied with a smile before he continued on.

“You’d better start liking the dance now, or you’ll end up growing grey alone,” Kadhek warned him comically as they passed by some produce stands.

“Dancing beyond nightfall…” Fi’irios groaned, “How tiring would that be?” the thought of dancing long past the moonlight did not disgust Fi’irios, but it did make him feel sore.

“Very tiring indeed,” Kadhek shook his head with a wide grin of mockery.

“It makes me grow weary, but at this age, I’m surprised she hasn’t been betrothed yet,”

Kadhek raised his eyebrows. “Hmm, perhaps she has been spying on you as well?”

Fi’irios scoffed at the notion and pushed him aside in a flippant manner while they continued walking.

“If only one could express love and receive the blessing of the Gods in a different way,” Fi’irios mused to himself.

“Hmm, if there was a different way, perhaps you’ll find it. Run along good man, run along to your forge!” Kadhek smiled slyly as he continued on his own path.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Kadhek,” Fi’irios turned a corner and slipped through the crowds, on his way back to his father’s forge.