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The Rise of the Tari

Senate Chambers


a part of The Rise of the Tari, by Nevan.

A vast meeting hall where Senators and advisers go to advise the young King.

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It's seen more use than normal lately... Perhaps the only building in the city that's 100% completed.
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Senate Chambers

A vast meeting hall where Senators and advisers go to advise the young King.


Senate Chambers is a part of Tarin.

4 Characters Here

Tenszar [2] Eldest son of King Vaylen; now his successor.
Horus [2] A loyal adviser and friend
Myr [1] A foreigner, a healer
Alberto Cossini (a.k.a. Scumbag) [0] I be t' captain o' t' "Le Meridian"! Fear me!

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Character Portrait: Horus
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The Senate Chambers were empty that day, obviously because of the funeral. The silence of the halls seemed to echo the passed King's spirit, mind, and body. Horus stared into the darkness of the chambers, a feeling of defeat washing over him. Clenching his fists, Horus screamed out in the hollow building; the cry trailed out across the room. He took a deep breath and regained his composure as he made his way to the front of the hall.

King Vaylen had been a mentor to him, having made Horus an adviser at a young age. Through Vaylen, Horus learned what being a leader meant. He deliberately skipped the funeral, as he wanted to pay his respects to the late King in the Senate Chambers, their former meeting hall.

Horus had not met or spoken with the new King since before the funeral, nor was he in a hurry to. He assumed that Tenszar would not wish to see any advisors at the time; but Horus felt safe in the comfort of the hall, and decided to wait in the Senate until the time that the young King would wish to meet him.


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Horus nodded as the King elaborated on his thoughts and emotions. He felt inspired by Tenszar's rumination on the rise of the Tari; it seemed somehow fitting as they strode through the open air of the streets. Horus watched as men and women of all ages moved through the streets, going about their daily lives.

"It truly is amazing, sire," Horus admired softly, "The progress, that is."

The pair reached the base of the Senate and began ascending up the staircase of the building, the crowd from the street seemed to grow thicker as they did. The open air buzzed with excitement as the citizens of Tarin milled around the public forum. There is nothing quite like it. Horus thought to himself as he trailed the King up the stairs. The commotion of the area was surprisingly natural.

And yet, something was wrong. Glancing around the mass, Horus could see anxiety on the face of several bystanders. He scanned the stairs, searching for the cause of the suspicion. "Sire, I-"

It was too late. A strange masked man pounced on the King and sent them both barreling to the street below. As they fell down the steps, Horus saw the glint of a blade in the hand of the assailant.

Horus ran down the steps after Tenszar, a pack of senators, guards, and common citizens surrounding him. "Stop him!" Horus exclaimed over the screams of the crowd. His view of the King and attacker was obstructed by the wall of men flocking to the King's aid. By the time he pushed through the group to Tenszar, the assassin had sprinted away, dozens of guards chasing after him.

Horus dropped down to his knees at the fallen King's side. Blood dripped from his badly slashed left hand to the dirty ground below. The King screamed for a healer, his cry echoed across the plaza.

"Remain calm, sire," Horus glanced around, desperately searching for help, "Just stay still."


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Character Portrait: Tenszar Character Portrait: Myr
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A young boy watched the fight with wide eyes. His mother tried to turn him away so he wouldn’t see, but he didn’t let her. When the king yelled “Healer!!!”, the boy wrestled away from his mom and ran to the market.

The crowd that had gathered around Myr was dispersing and going back to their shopping. Her examining a badly sunburned young hunter wasn’t as interesting her acting like a fool. Out of nowhere, a boy grabbed her arm. “Myr! Myr! The prince... the king... somebody cut the king...” the child was out of breath.

She grabbed him by the shoulders. “Where?”

“The senai... the seni... where the toga people are.”

Myr got the idea. She grabbed her bag and ran as fast as she could. It wasn’t very far, and she knew some shortcuts.

“Healer coming through! Make room!” she yelled at the back of the crowd she saw. People got out of the way, first slowly, then faster when a guard joined Myr and started pushing them aside. Without asking, she started working. She bound his arm to stop the worst of the bleeding. “On your side, this arm up” she ordered. “Stay awake.” She began cleaning and treating the wounds, the liquid she used felt worse to Tenszar than the knife had.

The cut in Tenszar’s wrist could be bandaged, the one in his hand was a bigger problem. “Does anyone have a thin needle? And fire. Give me fire.” Myr only owned a bone needle, it wasn’t very suitable for stitching a hand. A woman handed her a bronze needle, a moment later someone brought a torch. Myr held the needle in the flame until the metal burned her finger, threaded it with a long hair, and stitched the cut. “If you have something important to say, do it now. I’m going to give you something against the pain, it will confuse you a bit while it works.” After wrapping a tight bandage around his hand and lower arm, she removed the first one around his upper arm. “Let’s hope it doesn’t start bleeding again.”