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Ares, God of War

The God of War

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a character in “The Rise of the Titans: Crimson Age”, as played by Sonata




God of War

Aliases: Ares; God of War; and Mars.

Basic Appearance: The god seen by mortal eyes is a breath-taking sight. He is a warrior clad in gleaming Spartan armor that is bronze in appearance with a cape of blood from the countless amounts he's spilled. His hair is brown like the earth and can vary in length, and his eyes are blue like the sky. His skin is olive in color and the muscles packed upon his bones are nearly as indestructible as the armor that guards his body. He is the epitome of stamina, fear, and most of all, war.

Background: Ares is the son of Zeus and Hera. His siblings are Hebe, Hephaestus, Enyo, and Eilethyia. His half-sisters are: Artemis, Athena, Aphrodite (depending on the myth), and Helen of Troy. His half-brothers: Heracles, Apollo, Dionysus, Hephaestus (depending on the myth), Perseus, and Minos. He is the most loathed son of Zeus, but when it comes to war, he is acknowledged as its epitome. There are many stories that follow Ares, but if you asked him about them that's all they are: "stories."

Personality: Ares is very arrogant, brash, intimidating, courageous, and fearless to overestimating extents. There is no enemy too great and no war too difficult. He loves bloodshed and exacting destruction on his foes. He loves fighting, conflict, combat, and cares not for its devastating outcome. Once on the battlefield, the god cannot be withdrawn so easily. It is an addiction; war is who he is, and she is his true lover. He isn't afraid to challenge anyone who dare offend him, and like his father, the god can be prone to sexual promiscuity.

Symbols: Spear, helm, dog, and vulture.

Weapons: Anything and everything; he can summon any weapon to his hands. His main preference are the divine weapons from Hephaestus's forge. The god himself can be considered a weapon for he is a master of combat and weaponry.

Rage Ares's rage is a numbing phenomena that increases his tolerance to pain to no bounds. He can be wounded, and wouldn't flinch or even blink an eye. Once enthralled, the war god becomes an unstoppable berserker.
War Cry The cry of Ares is petrifying and devastating in magnitude.
God Wheel It is the wheel Ares summons in which he draws his divine weapons from. The god wheel turns, giving him a limitless supply of tools to murder with.
Godly Stamina Ares can fight a battle without rest. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, or drink; war is his fuel. War is what keeps him going until a conclusion is met.

Disclaimer: Artwork on the right by GENZOMAN from DeviantArt. Top artwork unknown and I do not claim it as my own. I simply have these pictures to portray what I envision.


Human Form
Name: Caeleb "Cael" Hennings
Role: Freelance assassin, mercenary, hitman and bounty hunter for a secret agency known as the ACA.
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 225 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Physique: Lean
Status: Seeing Aphrodite
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: As a mortal, Cael enjoys dark colors and loose and airy clothes that give him room or comfort: Muscle shirts, denim, buttoned-shirts, basketball shorts, and tanks. As a government dog, he maintains a low and casual profile. When on the job, the mercenary can be found decked out in tactical armor and weaponry. He sometimes neglects to shave, and so his facial hair can get pretty grizzly.
Human personality: His mortal personality is similar to his personality as a god, but much more controlled. As a mortal, he can feel things that he can't feel as Ares, and he can make wise or reckless judgments. He is a listener; being a god, he is used to listening to the needs of his servants. The one thing you wouldn't want to do with him is get in his face or insult him because if you can't back it up, chances are, you have just made the biggest mistake in your life. Cael will hunt you down to the ends of the earth - don't get this guy riled up. One of his most disliked characteristics is his big mouth.

There is no job too difficult. Every now and then, he'll get non-government contracts in the form of hits requested by either his father or his uncle Hades. Whenever there's someone that tries to cheat either in their businesses, Cael often gets a call to either: A) put the scumbag in his place, or B) dust him. Don't mess with his family, or you'll have to mess with the ruthless son.

His relationship with Aphrodite is quite interesting. The mercenary has been with several women - not all entirely human - and the love goddess so far has been his longest relationship. He feels that she understands him better than the other gods, ie. his addiction to conflict and bloodshed. When they're together she excites in him emotions unlike that he's ever felt with his past lays. Is this love? Cael is unsure and doesn't care to try and decipher it. Whatever it is, he knows is that he's going to keep seeing her despite her commitment with his brother Hephaestus. Hey, someone has to give the gal what she wants.

There are a few stereotypes that follow Cael and the biggest one is that people tend to think he's all brawn and no brains. On the contrary, the mercenary is very cunning. He tends to leap before he looks, and improvises at an extraordinary level. If there's an obstacle keeping him from killing person A and B, give him a few seconds, or in rare cases, minutes, and he'll have persons A and B ready for wake. He is quite creative.

Weapons: Whatever he's equipped with. Weapons that are always on his person are boot knives, a six-inch hunting knife, and a concealed 9mm.

Theme Songs

You're Going Down - Sick Puppies

So begins...

Ares, God of War's Story


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The hand on her hip stopped Aphrodite in her tracks, turning back to face Ares, one of her perfectly shaped brows risen in curiosity, his expression was positively ravenous and it was hard to contain her smirk of satisfaction, yet she knew the god of war wouldn't have taken to kindly to that so she kept it at bay, this was not a time to gloat. They couldn't be late for fathers 'family meal' yet she knew once Ares let lust take over his senses it was hard for him to stop; he was as passionate in the bedroom as he was on the battlefield. Feeling his hand leave her hip, she wasted no time in walking away 'always leave them wanting more.'

"Take your time" Ares grunted behind her, Damn right I will take my time. Entering her bedroom, the goddess breathed a sigh of relief as she closed the door behind her, it was good to be home in her very own fortress of solitude, where she hadn't a care in the world, although one could argue that her one and only care in the world was sitting on the other side of the door, but if she beckoned him in now, they would never make it to dinner and she would rather not feel the wrath of Zeus. Surprisingly it didn't take her too long to get ready, after a quick shower, she dried and curled her golden tresses, not having to apply makeup saved her time, why cover up already flawless skin? Next she got dresses, nothing too extravagant just a simple black shift dress with matching black stiletto heels. Glancing over to the mirror she quickly placed the diamond stud earrings on her lobes and took in her appearance with a satisfied smile.

"Ares" she called lightly for the god, a light snoring caught her attention as she walked towards to couch, she had to admit it was a little surprise to see him passed out asleep on her couch, she had thought he would have had better stamina than to resort to Nana naps. Although he did look dreadfully cute asleep, god he would kill me if he heard what I just said. Perching lightly on his lap, Aphrodite smiled as she place a trail of feather light kisses along his jawline "wake up my love" she whispered delicately in his ear, running her fingers down his face smoothly as she waited for him to rise from his slumber. It was moments like these that all other worries fled the blondes mind, she was too caught up in Ares allure to give them a second thought, the tender moments were rare between the two Olympians but Aphrodite relished in the few she given, now she could have happily sat and watched her lover sleep for hours, watching the gentle rise of his muscular chest, smiling deeply as he would utter her name in his dreams, for a split second she almost felt...normal.


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Ares, Zeus, Hades & Hephaestus

Outside Zeus's Mansion


The motorcycle hummed as the god sped through the city. The speedometer was between 65-100mph as the orange light of the streetlamps passed over his helmet and exposed arms. He had put his hoodie away, preferring the wind darting coolly through his sleeveless, black-T. His shirt rippled like a flag; parked cars and pedestrians were but smears to his left and right. As he weaved between moving vehicles, drivers glanced out their windows at the motorcyclist breaking the law and the beauty clinging to his waist. To gawking men, her hair was a banner of champagne locks, waving extravagantly in the wind. With how reckless Caeleb drove, she might have thought that he had forgotten all about her. He was prone to get lost in the adrenaline. The slightest error could have him in a car crash and that was the challenge he always fancied.

As the bike neared an intersection, the traffic light flashed red, but the signal wasn't about to stop the war god. None of the lights had stopped him previously and the one before him wasn't getting any special treatment. A bus tore through the intersection and the passengers gazed in fright out their windows as a motorcycle made a relentless approach. Caeleb reached back with his right arm to hold Aphrodite against his back protectively before he slammed his left foot upon the asphalt. The strength behind the kick caused the bike to leap into the air and soar in an arch over the bus. The roof of the lengthy vehicle hissed beneath them before the motorcycle cleared it and landed hard on the other side. With a few recovering bobs, it continued on its path towards Zeus's mansion and Caeleb couldn't resist an arrogant grin. Releasing Aphrodite, he was curious if she would ever ride with him again. Of course, he would probably have a different ride. His occupation often required him to hijack numerous vehicles.

The ride was near conclusion when they left the city into a forested area. They rode down a gravel path and up a hill that was nowhere near as steep as Mt. Olympus, but Zeus's love of elevation and being close to the sky was seen. The gravel became solid as a black paved road appeared beneath them. In the circular driveway were vehicles from several gods Caeleb immediately recognized; and for the first time since he left the apartment, he slowed down.

The mercenary glided up to the walkway before he lowered his booted feet and glanced out of the corners of his eyes at the black Ford with thuggish gentlemen standing around it. Removing the bike helmet in one motion, Caeleb leaned back as Aphrodite dismounted with a dangerously-excited grin.

"Hades is here. It seems we're just in time. I hope I didn't miss too much. You survive all right, Princess?" he questioned, not too concerned for her health. He was certain she handled the ride just fine.

Setting his helmet on the seat, the war god set the stand, removed his keys, and dismounted next as his vixen started for the doors. "Hold on a second, let me put on a better shirt."

Caeleb crouched next to one of the bike compartments and opened it to start rummaging through several shirts. Some could use a wash, having been used for countless covers in the past. Drawing his shirt up and over his head, he set it on the seat as he continued his search for a descent shirt to wear for the occasion. Pulling out a plain-old, solid-black button up, he stood and turned to follow after Aphrodite as he slipped his arms through the sleeves. He walked until he was next to her, his fingers busy buttoning the shirt from his navel to his sternum, when a sudden aura caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise.

Caeleb froze and stared at the door. He then followed with his eyes along the wall to the god signature he was sensing. The aura was unbelievably hot like a forge, like Hephaestus. As Aphrodite reached out to take a hold of his wrist, Caeleb lowered his hands and snorted like an affronted bull.

"Your husband is here," he informed with a scowl. The fuck, he doin' here? Shit...

Cael yanked his wrist from her clutches as he turned from the mansion in a low simmer. He didn't want to be seen with Aphrodite when the smith was around, it was a good way to get on his bad side. He didn't give too shits about his brother in all honesty. It was the weapons he cared about. Grasping his jaw in thought, he stared absently at the Underworld thugs as they smoked and conversed amongst themselves. The day just fucking sucked. He had planned to have Aphrodite all to himself and nothing so far had gone as planned. He would have her by the end of the night, and he would make sure of it.

Lowering his head, Cael dropped his hand and closed his eyes. He was in no mood for drama--at least not the non-violent kind. "You go in first. He probably doesn't even know we're here."

I think Ares is here guys.

Anton's focus broke from the TV as he abruptly rose from the couch. He walked over to the nearest window and twisted the blinds until he could see Caeleb standing outside with his wife. The smith lightly frowned. The sight of his brother made him sick.

Cael sighed in defeat. There was no use fuming about it. It was only for an hour. The dinner wouldn't take any longer with how dysfunctional his family was. He faced Aphrodite again and walked over to take her delicate hands within his rough ones. He rubbed his thumbs against the back of her knuckles and looked into her eyes.

"Just give me another kiss. Just one more before I'm forced to hear my retarded sister preach to me about how weak and dumb she is. I don't think I could survive this dinner without it, but you better bet your ass I'm gonna have you tonight. I hope you've been practicin' your yoga 'cause I'm gonna have you sore in the morning."

It bothered him how the moment felt like he was saying goodbye to her. She wasn't going anywhere and neither was he, but they were going to be rather distant the whole night and it was probably wise. They were interrupted, and if he found the love goddess sashaying anywhere near a closet, he would snatch her into any room he could find.

The war god grasped her hips and tugged her close until there weren't even inches between them. He gazed into her sea foam eyes. He smiled softly at her as he teased her lips with the brush of his own before spreading them apart to envelope them. His fingers gripped and stroked her hips as he sank into the oozing vat that was his lust.

Anton's lips rolled back to bear his teeth in anger as his uncle's words passed through his mind again:

Those two would fuck on your damn desk if you gave them the chance and they wouldn’t give two shits if you were watching, you know why? It’s because they both know that you’re not going to do shit about it.

Oh, he was going to do something about it this time. Anxiety nested in his chest just thinking about it, but he had to do something. This had to stop. Slamming his fist against the wall, Anton turned from the window and started for the foyer.

Cael suspiciously broke the kiss when he heard a dull thud and watched as pieces of paint crumbled from the wall where the imprint of a fist protruded.

Zeus and Hades.

Brandon stepped from the kitchen to watch Anton leave the living room to cross the foyer swifter than he would expect a gimp to move. Following that spectacle, his brother Hades returned to Persephone, and his daughter was looking like a boxer fresh from a match. He saw her hiding her wrists that were pink and covered with welts and the red, irritated mark of what could only be a slap against her cheek. Did she really think she could hide such marks from his brother? The dinner hadn't even begun and the reunion was becoming a time bomb that would go off in seconds if he didn't find the right wire.

Seeing as his brother's situation was the most dangerous, Brandon approached the four of them, and stood next to Demeter in case he needed to protect her. He gently took her by the arm and attempted to lead her to the living room until he could rally his family about the banquet table.

"You really did it this time. You know she's not a child anymore and that Hades is absolutely nuts about her. Did you have to be so rough?" Brandon grumbled. "If we're both lucky, he might overlook it. If not, then this one will be on me."

Brandon had a solemn expression on his face unlike his usual merry one. All he could imagine was Hera saying, "I told you so," and he was in no mood to hear it. He was not expecting the Persephone situation to be this bad. It was only one night damn it!

Bernard was wearing a poker face when Dmitri came before him and Persephone. Deep down, he was extremely apprehensive to the point that he didn't know what to say. He had kept the young goddess company and yet her mother managed to lay one on her face in his presence. He was just a minion and crossing Demeter was suicide. Already he was contemplating on whether or not he should have died trying to protect Persephone from her mother's strikes for here now his lord stood before him, and there was no use hoping that he wouldn't find out. Hades ALWAYS found out.

Dmitri smiled when he saw Persephone do what he thought was shy away. Her hands went behind her back, and he didn't think too much of it until when he neared her the faint scent of copper touched his nostrils. The dark god stopped. He knew that smell almost better than Ares. His caramel eyes peered at Persephone from over the rims of his glasses. No words were necessary for the look he had given her spoke clearly.

Bernard's jaw tightened as he found it difficult to retain his stoicism. Just as he had predicted, from his look alone, Hades knew something was up.

Dmitri reached out to snatch Persephone's wrists from behind her back. With firm and controlling strength, he held her arms out and stared at her one wrist that portrayed her marred flesh. The mafia boss's eyes widened before they darted to the young goddess's face. He tilted his head to see her red cheek and the fury that surged through him could have been seen and felt from his tightening grip on her and his shaking hands.

"Who did this to you?" he demanded on a quivering voice. He was trying to keep his cool for he had let his temper already slip once in the evening. But wait, he already had an idea who. Dmitri turned a feral eye over his shoulder to see Zeus walking away with his sister.

Brandon stopped when he felt the icy eye of the god of the dead on his back. Dmitri hadn't been as angry as he could have been until that moment. The last time he had seen that look in his eye was in the Titanomachy, and it was reserved for his enemies. The lamps around Dmitri were already beginning to flicker the deeper he sank into that mood and the marble floor was softening into powder beneath his feet as his body began absorbing the nutrients, life, and energy from the objects around him. His skin became as pale as a sheet as Dis Pater near spawned from his mortal shell.

Standing before Demeter protectively, Brandon growled, "Look the other way, Hades. Just let it go. Whatever happened happened. If you harm our sister, I won't be able to forgive you; and I don't think Persephone will be able to either. Just take my daughter and enjoy the dinner. I promise Demeter won't bother the two of you until it's over."

"If she bothers us again or even harms Persephone again, I will kill her and drag her soul to the deepest depths of the Styx. I swear it!" Hades hissed. He pointed a long and hooked condemning finger in Demeter's direction. His whole form had turned as black as a shadow. His eyes were white, his irises outlined in black and his blazer rippled as ominous beings shifted beneath his clothing, whispering devious plots amongst themselves. The dark face of an infant peeked from his coat. It's blood-red eyes gazed at Persephone and Bernard, its tiny horns protruding from its forehead. Winding along Hades's arm was a black serpent. When it reached his hand, it hung its bulbous head. The numerous spikes upon its skull formed a crown and from its mouth extended a hint of a sickle-like weapon. The blade was a brilliant silver that reflected the god's grinning face and Brandon's fearless scowl. It was a fragment of the scythe of Thanatos.

"Don't play with me, Demeter. Persephone is no longer yours. She is mine, and as soon as you acknowledge that the longer you have to live. Please, try to keep her longer than six months. Try please. I need to practice my swing."

Dropping his arm, the shadows melted as the lamp light caused the nightmares to disintegrate around the mafia boss. He regarded Demeter and Brandon for a few seconds longer, smiling at his brother and how suddenly protective he was over her. He should have known that if he didn't have control over his visitations with Persephone that he wouldn't be able to stop him from killing her mother. Persephone would get over it. Her mother was second to him after all--so he believed. Dmitri gazed sternly at his wife.

"No one will lay a hand on you again. God or mortal; family or stranger; I will kill them. No one has the right to mar your beauty," Dmitri declared.

Brandon breathed a large and deep sigh. He was afraid that he would have had to fight his own brother. He hated altercations and tried to use reasoning to ease them. He turned to Demeter and smiled reassuringly at her.

"He's just mad, but you must leave them alone for the rest of the dinner. You will have Persephone back soon enough," said Brandon. He rested a warm hand against her back and rubbed it soothingly. Like his relationship with Hera, he sometimes wondered how he had loved this woman once. Demeter was indeed beautiful, but she was a rose with thorns that gave birth to a lily. Maybe one day, Persephone will learn how to defend herself and not have to rely on Hades too much.

That altercation had been the first he managed to stop. Unfortunately, he had forgotten the issue in the driveway.

Ares and Hephaestus.

The mansion doors abruptly opened and Anton emerged behind Aphrodite. He saw Cael's hands at her hips and he thrust his palm against the war god's chest to separate them.

"Get your hands off my wife!" Anton growled.

Caeleb staggered back and spread his arms to catch his balance. "Who the fu..."

The mercenary stared at the giant standing before his girlfriend. There was something familiar about him, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He looked the giant up and down until he noticed the iron cast about his leg. His brows rose with recognition immediately. The god signature had been radiating from the mysterious gentleman before him.

Grinning, Cael laughed, "You almost fooled me. You must have worked pretty hard on that body. Touch me like that again, and I'll fuck it up!"

Anton frowned, but didn't once doubt Cael's threat. However, he wasn't there to deal with him. Now that he and Aphrodite were somewhat alone, he had to talk to her.

"Aphrodite; we must talk. I know that you've been seeing Ares behind my back. Why? I have given you everything. There isn't a jewel on this earth that he could give you that would ever be as immaculate as the ones that come from my forge," Anton explained.

Caeleb grinned impishly and grasped his crotch. "That's because I give her a different kind of jewel."

Anton growled and held his hands out to her. "There is nothing beautiful about him. While I create, he destroys. He takes women, children, fathers, and heroes without discrimination..."

Caeleb shook his head. The conversation no longer amused him. "Tell her somethin' that she doesn't know about me. Hey," he called to Aphrodite. He pointed with his thumb over to Hades's Ford that had the minions around it. "I'm goin' over there for awhile. I'll see you later."

"You will not!"

"Huh; stop me mother fucker."

Anton felt powerless, and it was mostly Caeleb making him feel that way. Aphrodite was in love with the killer and as much as he wanted to be and act like a husband, his role depended entirely on her. Would he have to fight him? As the war god sauntered over to the Ford, Anton sized him up and silently weighed his chances. He had heard stories of Ares's ferocity. Even Athena spoke about him, but in their rivalry it was never too highly. If Ares was as savage as the legends told, to challenge him at that moment would not be wise, but he was certain that he could craft a device that would rival even his might.

Anton scowled at the floor in defeat. He had every desire to call out Ares and challenge him as he imagined himself being stronger than his handicap permitted, but it was a dream. He would have to change his tact.

Cael had asked one of the minions for a cigarette. He wasn't a habitual smoker, but tonight, he was going to need something.


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Hera attempted to mask her amusement while watching Demeter and Persephone's scuffle. A few pathetic smacks and fistfuls of hair summed up the majority of the brawl. This was the perfect opportunity for either side to get all their anger out on one another, but they both threw the chance away.

She lingered near the front door, her slender body leaning against the door frame. The door was wide open and she could see the long awaiting confrontation between her sons. Hephaestus's anger with the God of War was justified, and for once she planned to stand behind her child. How could she be the Goddess of Marriage if she allowed the illicit relationship between her two sons?
She stepped from the shadows, the bright porch light illuminating her hard features. "Boys," she began, her voice as chill as the evening air, "the meal is about to begin so it's best to get inside soon." It was more of a command than suggestion, and there was the slightest hint of anger behind her words, even though she did her best to forth a charming smile. When her sharp eyes locked onto the blonde's, her charismatic grin became less inviting and more deadly. "If you're done toying with my children's affections, perhaps you'd like to join us as well Aphrodite?"

She looked the blonde harlot up and down before giving an audible sniff and turning on her heel, walking briskly back into the mansion and leaving the door open behind her.Not long after she could feel Apollo's presence It was not long before the raven haired goddess had found her way to her husbands side once more. Demeter was with her husband as well, with Zeus's hands on her back. Hera bristled, but contained her sudden anger at seeing her husbands hands.

"Darling," she purred, walking up behind him and running a hand down his own back, "I think everyone's arrived. Perhaps we should have everyone seated?" She maneuvered her body so that she was now standing beside him ,with her right hip pressed against his own and her hands roaming still from his upper back to lower waist.

"I'll go get the staff ready to start the first course." She murmured sweetly, right before her hand wandered down to his left buttock and gave it a playful pinch. She shot Demeter a look that needed no words to accompany it. Fuck off.

Hera ventured back into the kitchens and her sweet facade began to evaporate as she began barking orders to the chefs and staff fumbling around her. "What are you standing around for? Go out there and set up the first course!" She commanded, while most of the staff mumbled a series of "yes ma'ams " as they took turns exiting the kitchen and heading out into the dining room.


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Aphrodite reached for the door handle, about to walk into their fathers mansion when she felt Ares freeze beside her, turning her head slightly the blonde gave him a confused look as a rather unflattering sound escaped the god of wars lips "your husband is here" he scowled, face glowing with fury.

The blondes lips curled up into an amused smirk as a raspy laugh escape her throat "Don't be ridiculous" she dismissed with a wave of her hand, Hephaestus never left his workshop, why would he start now? Although something on Ares face cause her smirk to falter, watching after him as he stalked back down the stairs. She followed, concerned. "You go in first. He probably doesn't even know we're here." Aphrodite sighed, running a frustrated hand through her blonde locks, she hated having to hide their relationship, well not that they needed to, everyone and their mothers knew her and Ares were lovers, they had been for centuries. Whatever emotions she felt towards her 'husband' he didn't deserve her and Ares relationship flaunted in front of him; in defeat the goddess nodded with a sigh "Okay" she uttered on a breath, turning back to go into the house.

Hearing heavy footsteps behind her, Aphrodite turned back around, just in time for Ares to take her hands in his; something in the way his thumbs gently rubbed over knuckles calmed her immediately. "Just give me another kiss. Just one more before I'm forced to hear my retarded sister preach to me about how weak and dumb she is. I don't think I could survive this dinner without it, but you better bet your ass I'm gonna have you tonight. I hope you've been practicin' your yoga 'cause I'm gonna have you sore in the morning."

"So vulgar" the blonde rolled her eyes in mock disgust before a smile crept onto her lips "but I'll hold you to that promise" Aphrodite whispered into his ear whilst wrapping her arms around his neck in time with his hands coming to rest on her hips, his lips lightly playing against hers "and you call me a tease" she managed to groan before his lips attacked her with much more ferocity, Fuck the meal.

She was lost in the moment until she felt Ares lips retract from her "What?" She asked breathlessly "Get your hands of my wife!" came a loud roar, that immediately answered her question, Hephaestus. A large hand collided with Ares chest, breaking the lovers apart with force.

Aphrodite finally turned to face her husband, shock etched on her beautiful face, he was definitely not as she remembered, infact if it hadn't of been for the iron leg she probably wouldn't have recognised him. In too much of a daze, the goddess only snapped back into reality when Hephaestus spoke to her directly "Aphrodite; we must talk. I know that you've been seeing Ares behind my back. Why? I have given you everything. There isn't a jewel on this earth that he could give you that would ever be as immaculate as the ones that come from my forge."

For a moment she was speechless, he almost looked like a love sick puppy, she pitied him "That's because I give her a different kind of jewel." Came Ares reply, causing her head to snap round in his direction "Ares please!" She snapped at his childish comeback before turning back towards the smithing god, although the arguing between brothers did not stop; watching impatiently as insults were exchanged between the two until the small thread holding back her temper finally snapped "Enough! Both of you!" She snapped loudly placing herself in front of both men "This is neither the time or the place for such conversations..."

"Boys" A cool voice echoed out over the crisp night sky, Hera,Aphrodite immediately stiffened, her featured hardening "the meal is about to begin so it's best to get inside soon." Hera continued before turning her attention onto the blonde "If you're done toying with my children's affections, perhaps you'd like to join us as well Aphrodite?"

Anger welled up immediately, her top lip curling into a scowl, eyes narrowing "Now you play the dutiful mother" she retorted, turning back to the brothers although she could still feel Hera's eyes running over her, judging her "We should go inside" she spoke softly; not directed to a certain person as she turned quickly on her heel, definitely should have stayed in Figi.


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus, Hades, Hephaestus, & Ares


Yes dear.

Dmitri raised his hand and pinched the corners of his eyes. Persephone’s sweet voice was a melody that often extinguished the flames of his temper and brought him to ease. He loved her so much. Before he ever learned of her existence, Hades always doubted that he could ever love a goddess so fiercely. He didn’t believe in such emotions and before, he didn’t know such emotions existed within him.

Her petal-soft lips touched his jaw and Dmitri lowered his hand to gaze at his queen.

That’s a thank you for the gifts…the rest of my thank you will have to wait until we’re not surrounded by the rest of our family.

Her façade of innocence was so deceptive that it often drove him mad. Dmitri smirked and crept close to her ear and whispered mischievously, “I tend not to be a patient man.” He didn’t think he needed to remind her of how they first met. It had been an impulse he had reacted on. His breath tickled her ear before he kissed the shell of it and snaked his arm about her offered one.

“Sociable? That’s not exactly my thing. I won’t stop you, however. If you have a desire to mingle with your old girlfriends, then do so. I have a table for us, and I hope you don’t mind Italian with a glass of ambrosia.”

There was no wine that he could buy finer than the wine brewed in the heavens. His unexpected reunion with his wife was beyond special. He led her into the dining room where a long table adorned with silver platters and dishes sat on a tablecloth so thin and silky, it may have been woven from undulatus cloud—it was very much like his brother after all. To the left of the table, was a black glass table carved from obsidian. He had refrained from using wooden furniture in his wife’s presence. He didn’t think that the idea that a tree was butchered for their comfort would settle well with her, but obsidian had been a mineral of The Underworld. It would possibly remind her of home. A plain-white table cloth was draped over the table and two minions stood nearby guarding his wife’s gifts, and the other holding two wine glasses and the tall and dangerously potent bottle of ambrosia in a bag.

Lifting her hand, he brought the backs of Persephone’s fingers to his lips and tenderly kissed them. He gazed from behind his shades into her eyes that allured him like precious jewels.

“Do as you like, my dear, but I shall have you for dinner…” He paused on the innuendo and smiled impishly. “Interpret that any way you want.”

He released her.

Hephaestus & Ares.


Hephaestus’s attention snapped to his mother who had appeared in the doorway. Ares turned a honeyed eye over his shoulder to regard the woman with one of his uncle’s cigars clenched between his teeth.

The meal is about to begin so it’s best to get inside soon.

“Hmph,” Ares grunted. Yes, Mom, he thought sarcastically. He couldn’t believe that after all these years she still felt like his mother. Like Zeus, he wouldn’t dare disobey her either—especially, her. He had heard stories of her revenge games, and as much as he would like to see what kind of monster or devil she would summon to try and kill him, the game may not go as he envisioned. He imagined an opponent but she may put him through a bitch of a task. She was the Goddess of Bitches after all.

Hephaestus said nothing. When his mother vanished back into the house leaving behind her plume of distasteful words, the smith had followed his wife inside. She still hadn’t answered him, and he had every intention to sit next to her until she did. He was tired of being in the dark about their relationship.

For being so determined, the god remained silent as he followed the goddess still fearful of what she might say about him. There were many who saw Aphrodite as they did Persephone and Hestia—goddesses not made for combat and were as vulnerable as shallow water. Hephaestus wouldn’t class Aphrodite amongst the latter for she may not be as strong to wound a god physically, she could emotionally destroy him. What drove her to love an animal like the God of War? Did she desire protection? Did she purposefully seek out the affections of the most dangerous god to guard her? Surely she was using him for the smith couldn’t imagine there being a characteristic in him that she fancied. He was a pet—a guard dog.

Ares took a final, deep drag from the cigar and allowed the smoke to stream out from his nostrils and the cracks of his teeth in a relaxed sigh.

“I can see why he smokes that shit,” Ares muttered. He handed the cigar to one of the minions and turned to follow Aphrodite and her lost puppy of a husband inside. He didn’t feel a drop of worry about her relationship with Hephaestus. He knew he had her just as she had him, and it hadn’t required her magic. Her charm craft didn’t work on him, but her natural foreplay could drive him crazy. He was already feeling crazy. The magnitude of his frustration was taking all of his energy and every ounce of his patience to keep him from transforming from man to sex-craving beast.

Cael hadn’t even been thinking about his brother. All right, I’m goin’ to eat the damn dinner, and then were goin’ to get the hell out, drive to the nearest hotel, alley, tree, bush…

The god stopped before the door and hung his head. This was bad…he wasn’t going to make it if he kept thinking like that. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he sighed deeply and stepped into the foyer before closing the doors behind him. It may have actually been a good idea that Aphrodite remained with his weakling of a brother for majority of the night. If Cael got any closer, he would attack.

The war god was looking sick and obviously bothered by something, and he tried to hide his emotions behind one of his stay-the-fuck-away-from-me expressions. Perhaps if he mingled a little, then it would take his mind off his carnal desires; and who the better to mingle with than his darling sister?

Cael caught sight of Athena sitting at a chess table with Hermes—oh the irony. The war god couldn’t hide the wicked smirk that slowly sliced across his lips as he approached their game and stopped beside Hermes. Resting a hand on his chin, he scanned the pieces in play and how they were set up before he grasped one of Hermes’s knights and unceremoniously knocked several of Athena’s random pieces off the board, making more moves than allowed, and not abiding by the knight’s L motions before finally sending her king clattering upon the floor. Slamming the knight down in the king’s spot, Cael threw up his fists and cheered, “HA! CHECKMATE BITCH!”

Cael then threw his head back as he roared with obnoxious laughter. Resting a hand on the edge of the chess table, he supported his form as he grew weak with mirth. With a recuperating sigh, the war god straightened and decided to shed some of his wisdom upon his siblings, “There are no rules in war. So if you want to win the game, then you just need to win it.”


Brandon was pleased to see that his sister’s temper was subsiding from his touch. She was a good mother deeply concerned about her daughter.

Darling… Hera’s voice made Brandon freeze as though ice had taken hold of him. I think everyone’s arrived. Perhaps we should have everyone seated?

As her hand passed down his upper back to his lower, he felt a chill following. She might as well have slid a knife down his spine for the touch was similar. Lifting his hand from Demeter’s back, Brandon sheepishly replied, “That’s not a bad idea.” The sooner we get this show on the road, the sooner I can be off on my date.

I’ll go get the staff ready to start the first course.

“Great, then I’ll go ahead and have-!” Brandon suddenly jumped when he felt a sudden pinch to his rear. He tried to play it off behind a large, all-is-well grin as his train of thought was suddenly derailed. He couldn’t remember what he had been about to say before. All he could do was watch Hera out of his peripherals prowl off into the kitchen.

Why did you do that? he found himself mentally screaming in his embarrassment. He had forgotten how much of a bad girl she was, and it had aroused him a little; but he had played that game once. Hera’s mood swings were too unpredictable.

I’ll go wait in the dining room.

“See you there,” Brandon quickly replied. When Demeter sauntered into the dining room, Brandon sighed in relief before he regarded the remaining gods and goddesses in the foyer.

“Everyone, go ahead and seat yourselves in the dining room so we can go ahead and get started on dinner. There is a lot that I must discuss with you all, so the sooner I can speak to you all at once, the sooner we all can return to our mortal lives.”

Without another word, Brandon started into the dining room with every intention to police where each god and goddess sat. He wanted to separate the ones that would cause the most commotion, and he quickly noticed that he wouldn’t have to worry about Hades for he still had his own table set up to the side. Brandon scowled at his brother’s back, but he didn’t bother him. It had been in their agreement that he would leave him alone. Bastard.

As soon as everyone was seated, Brandon didn’t jump directly into the main point of discussion as Apollo may have liked. He instead wanted to hear about his family’s well-being.

“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”


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The doors to the room had opened to admit her fathers wife, Hera being trailed by Ares; looking like a child ready to throw a tantrum and the lame Hephaestus with his wife in tow, and as always Aphrodite's gaze was more surely aimed towards the god of war, however subtly it was plain to see if you knew what to look for. As she awaited her brothers turn on the table she noticed the glint of a plan flicker to life in the eyes of the newly arrived 'Cael' as he preferred to be called these days and she had to force down her instinct to roll her eyes at his obvious intent to show his superiority over her and all of their kin, as per usual. The smirk that had broken out across his face all too blatant to her tastes.

Athena tried to ignore her sibling as he approached, hoping that he would instead acknowledge their fathers call for dinner to be taken in the dining room and be diverted. But that was just wishful thinking talking and she knew better than to expect such a simple conclusion to this, as she saw him stand behind hermes his vile noxious laughter filled her senses as she watched him take the figure of himself and use it to scatter the board before placing it in place of her king, causing the titan lord to clatter onto the floor. Her eyes flared a dark crimson for a fraction of a second before returning to deep blue, as he spoke; taunting her as he attempted in vain to assert his superiority.

"There are no rules in war. So if you want to win the game, then you just need to win it.”

Athena sighs softly before speaking "Always such a simple mind, childlike really. It is not about war having rules, brother, but in understanding how your opponent thinks in their approach to the conflict. But alas the concept is something you would be unable to grasp. All you do is act and thrive on the conflict it causes to those around you, but for you it is the conflict, win or lose that boils your blood and sets your passion alight." she shakes her head "You and her have always had a connection with that have you not? She enjoys your primal nature and you enjoy the conquest and apparent victory over our smith."

She smiles and leans back in her chair, her fingers lightly caressing the king that was thrown to the floor as the other pieces retake their places upon the board, a faint aura of pale light covering each.

"I do tire of your vain hope to prove yourself better; oh yes you've had your fair share of victory, but your flaw is that you see one won battle as the victory to end the war and become complacent in your won laurels."

Athena stands slowly before placing the king as the final piece upon the freshly set board, then walks towards the dining room leaning close to Ares as she passes, whispering softly for his ears alone.

"A word of caution brother, you've had your conquest, and you've tasted the spoils but beware that your foe is not beaten and simply bides his time. I don't doubt you'll ignore me, but don't say I didn't try." she shakes her head as she walks away, to take her seat at the table.

“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”

Athena sighs at her fathers words, clearly this night in intended to drag on more than it should. Whatever is praying on his thoughts, the reason for tonight, must be serious indeed for the shear amount of stalling before details are revealed. Their appeared to be some unease shown by Apollo on arrival which spoke to the Grey Goddess that he knew what tonight was about, and their fathers stalling was not to his liking.


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#, as written by Odinson

She gave him confirmation of everyone’s presence within the mansion, even noting some of the typical interactions of his kin to which Apollo resisted rolling his eyes. He saw a concern grow within her however and she expressed this saying "Apollo, what's wrong? Has something happened?"

Has something happened?

At first he was confused as to why she would ask such a question, after all didn’t Zeus... The Far-darter’s eyes shown realization, near disbelief in them. He said almost more to himself than to his twin, “He hasn’t told you.” A moment passed in complete silence, this new information taking its toll to the point where he paid no heed to what else transpired in the foyer. When the moment ended, his bared a deeply frowning brow and barred teeth in the direction of the dining hall.

Ignoring his sister Apollo strode into the dining hall and was set to bombard his father with questions. What was there to gain from not telling his children and siblings? What purpose was therein failing to warn them immediately what was happening, what was at stake? How could put on that stupid grin and pretend all was well, when of all people in the entire cosmos he should be the most troubled, having faced these monsters before? But Apollo had the wit to calm himself, for now Zeus would address them, Apollo resolving to sit at the obsidian table awaiting for his father to break the news. To Apollo’s great disappointment however he merely mentioned that there would bad news, and decided to yet again stall what would be the most important council in millennia.


The Far-darter wouldn’t have it, in his mind there was had no time to waste, he’d done enough of that taking his sweet time in arriving, though at the time he thought they’d be discussing this already. He rose out of his seat, and faced his father with a face of disappointment and contempt, and perhaps he would be thought insolent by all others within the hall but he spoke anyway, “Feel like a family? You want us to feel like a family? Please don’t even try to pretend that we have any semblance of that word, at least not until each of us can openly acknowledge our failings and vices, myself included. But more than that, wouldn’t it be far more prudent to address imminent threat to us, and all six billion men women and children on this earth?” his voice was rising and growing ever more irritable.

“That perhaps you of all people would understand what’s happening? What do you want? For us cease this infighting? To act unified and ignoring the discrepancies and grievances between us? They’ll never do it, they’ve had thousands of years to do it, why would they start now when they feel nothing to gain? Well now I say to all of you, that were in not that our very survival hinges within the choices made in this hour I would not care if you bashed in each other’s brains to your hearts content, but it seems even some part of me long dormant and diminished still loves as kin.

“But please father, do continue, see how far they go to please you without compromising their egos.” When he was finished his body seemed to relax, and rested his hands upon the table supporting himself, and sighed deeply, “I’m sorry,” he apologized. He then he looked to his father apologetically, “I’m not known for my temper, but even you don’t know what I saw, and I shouldn’t blame you. Nonetheless this can’t be put off for another minute.”

He rose again and addressed them, “Let me tell of my visions. Think of them as the sense of hearing, you don’t typically choose what you hear though you can tune yourselves the sound around you to detect what is near. Normally what I see is far off, distorted, subject to change. But earlier today the vision I had was the equivalent to putting ear to a jet engine, it is something that is just short of being inevitable.”

And so it was that the Far-darter sate them down, recounting the events concerning the return of the Titans who visited Persephone’s shop, and foretold in explicit detail the world he saw. Of the earth caked in the ash of mortals, of the fall of Olympus and detailed descriptions of the corpses of the Olympians not even omitting the fate of his dear sister. Of and age in which all would be laid to ruin under a red sky and sea, of a Crimson Age yet to come.

He finished and regarded them grimly, “You know me not to be an exaggerator, nor paranoid nor deceitful. But this will happen if we do not act, and sooner than any of us would like. What say you, my kin?”


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Aphrodite turned on her heels and stalked into the mansion, the smile which usually sat upon her lips was swapped with a frown at the current predicament she had been put in. The blonde could feel Hephaestus close on her heels, his minions not far behind him, she highly doubted she could shake the smith that evening. Once entering the foyer she shrugged off her coat handing it to one of the many servants working for her father, looking around she noted Hades, Persephone and Demeter no doubt arguing again, not that she could judge after the blow up which had just happened outside. Deciding to skip the pleasantries with her siblings, the goddess walked straight towards the dinning room, taking a seat at the elaborately decorated table, she immediately reached for her wine, waiting patiently for her family to join her.

Already she began to feel the affects of the tediously long day take its toll on her form and the wine in her hand certainly wasn't going to help her stay awake. Placing the glass down she instead opted for water; Aphrodite knew Hephaestus was close by, she could feel him, he use to make her skin crawl and although she had to admit this version was a whole lot better, it still didn't do anything for her. How many times would she have to explain to the smith that true love was not something that came with materialistic items, no matter how breathtakingly beautiful they may be, if she had been as shallow as a mortal then perhaps the diamonds and jewels and the new meat suit would have been enough for her to forget about Ares, yet she was not, despite people's conceptions of her. Her love for Ares was too strong.

Perhaps the inevitable talk between the trio would finally make Hephaestus see sense and release her from the shackles of marriage, but then that posed the question as too if Ares love was passionate enough to claim her as his own bride, a part of her doubted this, but this was not a thought for today. No, now her mind was focused solely on how to get Hephaestus to see sense. “HA! CHECKMATE BITCH!” Ares roar echoed throughout the mansion, with a shake of her head she hid her smirk from behind her glass, her eyes drifting towards her 'husband.'

It wasn't long until everyone joined her at the table, once everyone was seated Zeus rose, standing at the head of the table a rather welcoming smile plastered across his face, something was definitely wrong. [i]“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”
Oh she just couldn't resist the urge to roll her eyes at that one, family, when had they ever been like a real family? Even when they sat high above on Mt Olympus they still weren't a family.

Apollos words spoke for everybody, well certainly for herself. Hera spoke and for once she found herself agreeing with the Queen of the Gods, something she never thought would occur in her life time "I agree with Hera, although I fear I will not be of much help, I will do what is asked of me." Aphrodite spoke up softly looking between Zeus and Apollo "but what is it you propose we do to prevent these premonition's?"


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"He hasn't told you."

It was a statement her twin spoke, not a question and Artemis could hear the utter disbelief in his voice. She was confused though and watched him expectantly to continue on and tell her just what was so important. "Apollo, who didn't tell me what?" The huntress was in the dark as to what information should have been passed on from her brother and she certainly didn't know that it pertained to all of her kin and not just herself.

Artemis was a bit startled as Apollo, abruptly in her opinion, left her and marched his way towards the dining room where the others were gathering. She sighed rather loudly and brushed a hand through her hair before following after him. The Huntress was certain that things were about to become so much worse in the following hours. As customary she took the seat beside Apollo, watching out of the corner of her eye and all but ignoring the complete bullshit spewing from Zues' mouth.

Artemis could see the tension in her twin, the tightness of his jaw and the glare in his eyes. She knew that something was terribly wrong, especially because Apollo was usually one of the calmer of the Olympians. She was actually fairly surprised as he stood from his seat, her head turning fully towards him in response.

“Feel like a family? You want us to feel like a family? Please don’t even try to pretend that we have any semblance of that word, at least not until each of us can openly acknowledge our failings and vices, myself included. But more than that, wouldn’t it be far more prudent to address imminent threat to us, and all six billion men women and children on this earth?”

The goddess bit her bottom lip in nervousness. No one really ever spoke against Zues' words of 'family', it just wasn't done. This was a group of beings who almost prided themselves to see how they could keep up appearances and backstab the most unsuspecting relative at the same time. Apollo's words were true none-the-less and Artemis felt her heart swell in pride for her brother having the balls to speak the truth in front of everyone else.

She listened intently as he recounted his vision and the near destruction the future held for the mortals and their own kind. The only knowledge that Artemis had of the Titans was her own mother, sweet and gentle Leto who had given everything to raise her and Apollo into who they were today. The rest had all been locked away in Tartarus long before her time, but as her brother spoke of each death, Artemis could honestly say she feared for what could become of them.

Artemis was actually surprised to hear Hera speak first, then again the elder goddess never missed a chance to talk. Alas the words the queen spoke were true and honest to the best of her abilities. Hera may have been jealous and power hungry at times but she would do all she could to keep the very few she cared about safe and the balance of power in check. Even Aphrodite, with no power, skill, or knowledge to truly help in battle offered to do what she could to aid the impending situation.

Taking a deep breath the huntress took her brother's hand in her own, giving it a squeeze in reassurance. "You know I am always with you brother." There were few whom the goddess truly loved but her brother was certainly one of them. Their existence had been intertwined since the moment they had been conceived and Artemis would always do what she could to protect him.


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#, as written by Sonata

Cael stared at Athena and slowly blinked his eyes as she went on to explain to him about conflict. He raised his hand as he yawned deeply, and then blurted, "Blah, blah, blah, your incessant prattle is like a fly to bullshit. You and the fly are both drawn to it."

He wrinkled his nose when his sister drew close to his side and whispered in his ear:

A word of caution brother, you've had your conquest, and you've tasted the spoils but beware that your foe is not beaten and simply bides his time. I don't doubt you'll ignore me, but don't say I didn't try.

Grinning arrogantly, Cael whirled as his eyes followed his sister into the banquet room. "Let my foes plot and strategize against me. They will build armies and I will crush them and their dreams of toppling me."

The war god grunted and glanced back to the foyer, realizing that he was the only one standing in it. Frowning and feeling pains of reluctance, Cael sighed irritably and followed the gods into the banquet room to take his seat across and three chairs down from his beloved.


Brandon's brows rose when Apollo stepped forward and angrily dove into a rant of rage and disgust. He, however, listened to his son's feelings while discreetly glancing at his watch every now and then.

Cael sat back in his chair with eyes half-lidded and looking as though he would keel over and die any second. His golden eyes rolled over to the enchanting Aphrodite, throwing himself into his own trap. He had been trying to avoid the goddess all night until then with Apollo's speech setting the uneventful mood. He made faces at the goddess, his eyes rolled back into his head and he slowly sank in his chair as though he had taken a knife to the chest. This dinner was torturous and Apollo's rant just made it worse. Sitting up, his lips stretched into a naughty smile. Who knew the thoughts that were occurring in his mind and putting that look on his face?

Anton only glared at his brother who obviously paid him no mind. Aphrodite hadn't seemed to care for his existence either. It was the last straw. Heeding his uncle's advice, if he had to beat Ares to win back his wife, then he would come up with a device so powerful that Ares would have to submit. The smith, thus zoned out through Apollo's spiel as plans for a super golem began to sketch themselves upon his conscience. It was all he would be able to think about for the entire night and once the dinner was over, he would get to work with his golems and build it.

Dmitri's chin was resting in his palm as he actually listened to Apollo's whining and then finally, the prophecy that had put him into such a tantrum. As he described in explicit detail how each of them would die, the mafia boss's brows rose with intrigue when he explained how he would die with his wife in his arms. Unlike the other gods who were disturbed and snorting their disbelief, Dmitri proudly smiled. It was how he would have hoped to die with his spring flower cradled protectively in his arms. The image was beautiful.

Hardly disturbed by the premonition as the godlings were, Dmitri said, "Your prophecy is interesting. It implies the Titans are stronger now than they were in the last war, but how is unexplained. If they are as they were before, then they stand no match as they did centuries ago. Even more so with my brother's offspring."

Brandon glanced to his older brother. "Hades, you must have known the Titans were missing from Tartarus. Why didn't you alert me?"

Sitting up, Dmitri sat comfortably back in his seat and Bernard set upon his table a plate with a fancy lid on it. He removed the lid as a plume of white steam arose revealing the shrimp linguini with garlic crumbs beneath. Picking up his silver fork, Dmitri calmly answered his brother, "The matters of The Underworld are only of my concern. No one can escape my Underworld of their own free will, so I am curious, which one of us helped them escape."

Brandon frowned in offense and suspicion. "What makes you think one of the gods would free such beasts?"

Slurping a few noodles into his mouth, he lifted his napkin and wiped the sauce from his lips. Smirking, Dmitri replied, "Let's say I've been running my own investigations."

Throwing out his right arm, from his sleeve expelled a plume of black smoke that swirled and billowed into a circle. The smoke then dissolved, revealing its pitch-black center, and from it escaped a chilling breeze--a hole to The Underworld. From the hole, the gods could see the one Titan Hades had imprisoned. The colossal creature wore chains like a straight jacket as it sat on its nubs, missing arms and legs, and wiggling in pain like a worm. The creature sat on the edge of the massive chasm that led to Tartarus and the sight of his brother's sadistic work disturbed Zeus greatly.

"Is that Crius?" Brandon asked in awe.

"Was," Dmitri said simply with a sinister smile. "He had refused to tell me who had set the Titans free, but he did make one mistake. He slipped and said, 'You are a fool to not see the betrayal of your own kin.'"

The dark god turned an eye to the hole and black, gnarled hands rose from the pit of Tartarus to snag Crius's screaming and writhing body to yank it down into a seven day plunge into a belly of eternal nothing.

Brandon's skin crawled. Never would he ever wish to be banished or even visit Tartarus. He stared at his brother wide-eyed as though the man seated at his own table was a stranger. Had The Underworld really warped his brother? He was thankful not to have pulled the wrong straw. Freeing himself from his chilling thoughts, Brandon's expression hardened.

"No doubt Crius's plummet will reach the ears of his brethren. I want for my sons and daughters unacquainted with battle to stay here. I cannot permit you to return to your mortal homes. As Apollo explained this is-"

Brandon's eyes happened to trail over to his son Ares who was practically drooling at the news.


Brandon scowled irritably at his son's boisterous boasting. "You will make no moves until I command it or I will bind you until the war is over."

Cael wrinkled his nose at his father and his upper lip turned upward cockily. "Huh, then you might as well admit defeat."

A clash of lightning tore loudly through the sky outside and the rumbling thunder that followed shook the mansion's foundations. The lights flickered and Brandon's eyes flickered wildly with electricity and in white chains, it coursed up and down his arms.

Cael held up his hands in surrender and nonchalantly didn't look his pissed off father in the eyes. "As long as I get to cleave a Titan a new ass to kick, then I will only engage when commanded."

The lightning fizzled out and Brandon sighed in exasperation. Children were sometimes a pain in the ass.

"Athena, I want for you to run an investigation on all of our kin. If you discover who the traitor is, then you have my permission to apprehend god or goddess. You bring them straight to me and do not let him or her escape. Is that clear?"


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#, as written by Sonata
After receiving Athena's response, Brandon's eyes swept the table one final time and he concluded, "I want for all of my daughters, but Athena, to remain here and as for my sons, I am sorry, but I can only permit Ares and Hephaestus permission to leave."

Cael threw up his fists and cheered, "Hell yes!" Before he realized that his father had said that ALL of his daughters must remain, which meant Aphrodite. "Wait, what?" Where were they supposed to romp if everyone was home the entire time? Cael rose from his chair and slammed his palms down upon the table. "Why..." He wanted to defend that he could protect Aphrodite himself, but she wasn't his wife and complaining about not being able to find enough privacy to fuck didn't sound like a legitimate argument, especially not in front of the Goddess of Marriage or his brother. Biting back his words, Cael bowed his head and shook in his anger and sexual frustration, "Damn it!"

Furiously, the war god stormed from the table and Brandon called after, "I didn't say this meeting is over!"

"There ain't nothin' else to talk about!"

Brandon scowled at his son's fleeting back and glanced at his wristwatch. It was about time he went on his date any way. He glanced to his brothers and sisters, "We must act carefully. We don't know how powerful the Titans have become since we last encountered them. If you see a Titan, then let fighting be your last option. Try to get as much information from them about what Cronus may be planning."

It disgusted him how he had nearly called the beast his father. What father devoured his own children?

"He's obviously planning revenge," Dmitri said. He gazed across the table at his lovely wife and inquired, "If you wish for me to give a damn about this war and not turn neutral, then you must permit me to see my wife whenever I may please until its end. If not, then I will only destroy those who get in my way, and I won't give two shits about this family."

Demeter immediately objected, "This was not the agreement!"

Dmitri smiled condescendingly at his sister, "I know that. Thus, I am making a new one. Shit, you're stupid."

"Stop right there!" Brandon interjected. "I don't have time to hear anymore of your arguments. Deal."

Dmitri smirked proudly at his sister as Demeter glared at Zeus, "I won't forgive you for doing this."

Brandon nodded in his frustration. It bothered him to have to choose between Hades and Demeter, but his brother and his Underworld army was a crucial ally.

Poseidon sat there patiently through the bickering and drama that surrounded him. The god's mortal form was that of a simple fisherman. His arms were crossed before his chest and his brown eyes gazing back into his thoughts on the matter at hand. had been so long. The Titan had withdrew from the war centuries ago to be with his wife Tethys, had they been converted to Cronus's side? The god had actually respected the man, and though he highly doubted that Cronus could sway the ocean that was Oceanus, he frighteningly experienced doubt.

I must speak with him, Poseidon decided. The Titan would make a powerful ally if he joined their cause.

"So, I believe we are finished here. If anything happens, then I rely on Hermes to keep everyone informed," said Brandon.

Hermes smiled boyishly, "Will do."

Dionysus moaned and sank back in his chair, feeling like Ares except he wasn't upset about being cock blocked. "Man, and I was going to this rave tonight. Shit..." He felt like he died on the inside.

"I'm sorry, but if any of my children were killed in this conflict, I don't think I could forgive myself. Artemis and Apollo; I leave you both to guard this house. No strangers are permitted here."

The twins nodded.

"With everything said, this meeting is adjourned. You are free to enjoy the dinner Hermaine has prepared. There is plenty for you to do here."

Hephaestus silently stood and didn't once gaze at his wife as he left the table. He strode out of the banquet room with purpose, his fists still clenched in the anger that he was suppressing. He would need to hold onto it in order to imbue the new golem with it. As he entered the foyer, he saw Ares standing by the door, looking like he couldn't decide whether to stay or leave. As the smith passed him, he turned his head to look the god directly in the eyes, and Cael returned the sharp expression.

"You got some balls," Cael growled.

Anton closed the door behind him as he refrained from replying to his hotheaded brother. He would get his soon enough.

Seeing as everyone was slowly dispersing, Poseidon being one of the few who remained to actually sample his chef's cooking, Brandon smiled in relief and started behind his wife's chair with every intention of heading for the door when Hera's hand shot out to snag his wrist.

"And where are you going in such a hurry?" she asked.

Brandon glanced at the hand coiled about his wrist and tugged a bit. She was pretty strong. Smiling innocently, he replied, "I'm going to do some research. I need to learn more about this situation."

Hera gazed up at him with calm and disbelieving eyes. Her grip tightened on his wrist, making Zeus tense uncomfortably.

"Wear a condom," was her only response before she released him.

Brandon's brows shot upwards in shock. "What? You would actually think that I..."

Hera shot him another cutting look. She wasn't an imbecile. Faltering under her gaze, Brandon fled his wife's presence and thought, Damn, she's good.