God of the Underworld

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God of the Underworld

Aliases: Hades, Pluto (The Rich One), Dis Pater, Orcus, and Aidoneus (The Ruler of Many or The Unseen One), Clymenus (Notorious), Polydegmon (Who Receives Many), Chthonian Zeus, The Silent One and Eubuleus (Good Counsel/Well-intentioned). Besides his renown names: Hades and Pluto, his other names are epithets for most feared to even speak his true names.

Basic Appearance: The god seen by mortal eyes is a very frightful sight. He dons wicked and sharp armor of ebony with a dark mantle where a cape of black flames drapes down his back. When wearing his helm, his eyes burn a sulfurous white, and his complexion is devoid of the colors granted by the light, making his flesh grey and at times also pitch. The length of his mane varies, often seen long to his shoulder-blades or cropped short in bladed layers. His arrival is marked by an aura of darkness that surrounds him and blots out the light of the sky and casts the area around him in black and white. He tends to get around in his dark chariot if not manifesting and leaving by choice. His infamous Helm of Darkness is different from the helm he normally wears. When necessary, he summons it into existence, its shape forming from the shadows, and its wispy formation is placed over his head to veil the god in nothingness. Without his armor, the god is handsome in the most darkest of ways. His being retains the black and white monochromatia that surrounds the bleak world of the dead.

Background: Hades is the oldest brother of Zeus and Poseidon and the brother of three sisters: Demeter, Hestia, and Hera. He is the son of Cronus and Rhea, and after defeating the titans and drawing lots with his brothers, became God of the Underworld. There are many epic stories that follow after this god such as his frightening feats in the Titanomachy (divine war), the rape of Persephone, and other stories concerning Theseus and Pirithous, Heracles, Orpheous and Eurydice, and Minthe and Leuce.

Personality: Hades carries a dark and morbid personality. He is also known for being stern, cruel, narcissistic and unyielding—his wrath known best by those who dare attempt to leave his Underworld or trick Thanatos. He is a lonely god, ruling the Underworld alone until Persephone returns to grace him once more with her colorful presence. In result, he is antisocial and disliked by several of the gods of Olympus. He is a regulator of balance amongst the living and the dead. He is greedy and selfish, always interested in expanding his dominion of ruin. He carries a dark sense of humor, and though bearing such high and fearsome revere, he is a dealer in persuasion. He is deceitful and can always be expected to have a catch for every deal or favor granted by him. He has a thing for gorgeous women, particularly, nymphs or women of high regard but 'lo any woman that seduces the god and encounters the wrath of his wife Persephone.

Because his relationship with other gods isn't mentioned in documents, for this RP, I have made his relationship based on his current personality and some articles I have read. Thus, his relationship follows: Hades's relationship with his siblings and other gods is rather antisocial. He rarely attends their events unless they be mandatory to spare himself later rebuke. He tends to attend them off to the side and where he hopes not to be bothered noticed by anyone. He dislikes attending events for ruling the Underworld is a full-time job, and thus he sees them only as distractions and a waste of time. Respecting his brother Zeus's position of King of the Gods, he doesn't believe that his brothers are stronger nor better than him for their roles were decided by chance with the pulling of straws.

Most Prized Possessions: Helm of Darkness, The Key to the Underworld, Persephone, the mortal flesh of Hercules, and Achilles.
Pet: Cerberus
Possessions: Ebony throne and a black chariot pulled by four equines of death.
Symbols: Narcissus and Cyprus plants, Scepter, and Cornucopia.
Domain Description: Ψ
Weapon(s): Thanatos's Scythe & Black Scepter (Mace)
Battle Dress: When in battle, Hades will seem like a black knight, donning thick armor with a six-foot scythe with a four-foot curved blade in hand. The scythe is the weapon of Thanatos, god of death, and the scepter at his right hip is an ebony mace, which amplifies the god's magic as well as makes a dangerous blunt weapon to get struck by. He wears a flowing cape of black flames and usually wears a standard helm different from the Helm of Darkness.
  • Deception To appear as someone he isn't; to fool the enemy with illusions; not completely a power as it is a skill to use his silver-tongue to manipulate whomever he pleases.
  • Drain The draining of vitae; stamina; a case of vampirism without the desire for blood, without the need to feed, but the god can shorten a beings life, causing them or it to shrivel like a flower as his presence saps not only the courage and will, but life itself.
  • Fear There is nothing more frightening than standing before the God of the Dead. He tends to carry a chilling aura that grips you though the icy grip you feel upon your soul is not physical as it is emotional, it is fear. His presence can sap the courage of most warriors.
  • Horrific Creation He is a god after all as creatures are often birthed from him on a daily basis, cruel just like the god they bud from, forming from his breath, sweat, thoughts, tears, etc. No creature that forms from the god is ever good.
  • Inferno Calling upon the hellish fires of the Underworld, the god can cast an area into fiery ruin.
  • Invisibility An ability granted by the Helm of Darkness to go completely invisible. Once wearing the helm, he cannot be seen nor sensed. This is the god's most dangerous ability for the helm hides him from detection.
  • Shadow Manipulation He can manipulate the shadows, casting the area into darkness. He can move in an out of the shadows and use the shadows as lethal weapons to slice or crush his enemies as though they were corporeal.
  • Summon Cerberus When Hades calls upon the guardian of the gates to fight alongside him in battle.
  • Summon Minions He can summon the servants of the Underworld to assist him in obliterating an area or enemy, summoning monsters from demons, imps, wicked spirits, devils, and behemoths.

Author's Note: I tend to play Hades very macabre when he is in his god form. It may not be a constant thing, and I'll keep it PG-13 or walk along the borders of explicit without crossing over. So just understand, that's just how I play him because that's how I envision him.



Mortal Form
Name: Dmitri Ruslan
Role: Mafia Boss & Owner of several businesses in his syndicate's territory.
Age: 34
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Physique: Chiseled
Status: Married to Persephone [as a god]. As a human, he's single, and if Persephone actually exists then, well, he's married to her or she's his girlfriend.
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Dmitri's hair is black and cut into short, feathery layers. It is always well-groomed without a cowlick or receding hairline. He can be often seen wearing crisp, fancy suits with polished shoes, expensive watches, the whole nine-yards--he's rich enough. He is surrounded by bodyguards and associates, and his presence is very dominating, inflicting on the mind that this man is powerful (not as in power but status and money). When he isn't at work, his casual fashion has hardly stooped from it's high class. He'll wear robes, silks, cotton, and all sorts of pricey abstracts.
Human Personality: Dmitri has high expectations when it comes to running his organization. He expects everyone to serve him and follow through with his orders almost flawlessly and failure is not an option. He is self-absorbed and has a superiority complex that constantly reminds him how invincible he and his business is. He feeds the sins of the people, providing for their dark desires through his businesses, and he makes money off of it as well in some cases--lives. Dmitri is cold, often soft-spoken unless enraged and one would see a temper unlike anyone they'd ever seen. He is antisocial, isn't afraid to let his opinions be known whether it be positive or negative, and has a very dark sense of humor. He also won't hesitate to hit on a pretty face. He isn't open with his intentions when he's making his move. He's just smooth and slick like the clever man he is.
Weapons: Dmitri often carries one black 9mm within his coat-simple, precise, but just as deadly as a normal handgun. Up his sleeve he carries a deranger if ever he runs out of ammo for his gun. Within the soles of most of his shoes is a small knife that can be released, and he carries a throwing knife in a sheath on his back.


  • The Desert Sphyinx [casino]
  • Underground Brothel called "Madame's" which poses as a strip bar.
  • Black Diamond Hotel
  • La nourriture de la France [Classy Restaurant]
  • The Vineyard [Winery]

Besides those places he has several contacts with other mortal mafias and some not-so mortal.

Theme Songs
  • (s)Aint - Marilyn Manson


So begins...

Hades's Story


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“Like the generations of leaves, the lives of mortal men. Now the wind scatters the old leaves across the earth, now the living timber bursts with the new buds and spring comes round again. And so with men: as one generation comes to life, another dies away.”.
― Homer, The Iliad


The city of New York bustled around the raven haired goddess in it's usual hectic fashion. She watched as the sea of faces bustled around her, even taking the occasionally elbow to her shoulder whenever someone stumbled too close to her. The Titans would likely be in the home she had purchased for them, taking the majority of the money out of her mortal bank account to pay for it. While Cronus had been grateful to her and even went as far as to offer her a place at his side in the upcoming battles; Eris much preferred to watch her schemes from behind the lines.

Her thoughts were briefly interrupted as the gentle ringing of her Blackberry began.

"Hello?" She answered sweetly. The voice on the other side cleared their throat before replying.

"Eris?" The hearty and almost uncertain tone behind Deimos's voice made Eris roll her eyes. "Who else would it be idiot. Did you think Aphrodite would pick up my phone?" There was several moments of silence before her brother responded once more.

"Geez, I can tell you're in a bitchy mood this morning." Eris's left eye twitched but she let the comment pass with a sigh. "What do you want Deimos?"

Another pause, though this one was quickly accompanied by a nervous laugh."Actually, I just figured I'd tell you Epimetheus wrecked another car.

"WHAT? I told you to watch them you fucking imbecile!" She screeched. This made several mortals around her give her a second glance, but the looks never lasting longer than a few seconds.

As she made her way further into hustle and bustle of the city, her voice soon became droned out by the sound of buses screeching to a halt, angry patrons displeased with their meal, and those hollering at a taxi to stop.


The men and women who wandered into Ambrosia were as engrossed in her bouquets as much as Persephone herself. Near the large glass show window where several of her favorite floral designs sat, Persephone herself held up a single white tulip in hand and offered it to a young male customer. "These are our best sellers. Tulips are the the text messages of the flower world. Simple enough to send to friends,but they can be misinterpreted if you don't know the meaning behind the colors."This made the girl laugh. "Well I just need a flower to send to my girlfriend to apologize." He admitted sheepishly, turning his gaze away from Persephone's pale blue.

"This is the flower for you then. White tulips symbolizes forgiveness. Though I doubt sending her just one of these will be enough. It depends on what you did actually, though I wouldn't dare wish to intrude on a customers privacy." A shimmering smile emerged from her full pink lips and the boy all but melted on the spot.

"Ah, I...I told her we would go out but I ended up playing Call of Duty all night and I forgot to call her." She blinked rapidly before letting a tiny chuckle escape her lips. "You're going to need a full twelve bouquet for that then. You're the fifth boy to come in because of that video game."

She lead him to where the register was, and knelt behind it to grab the wrapping as well as the other eleven flowers for his gift, as he stuck a hand in his pocket in order procure his wallet. "That will be twelve fifty." She placed they finished creation gently onto the counter. The subtle smell of the wandered through her olfactory senses and left her breathless. Every creation of hers left their own mark on the shop and she was proud of each and every single one.

While the boy handed her the money, Persephone's eye wandered outside of the stores window and into the crowd of people outside the shop. Her heart skipped a single beat as she spotted a tanned dark haired individual through the window with a striking resemblance to someone dear to her heart. "Hades?" She whispered, before putting a hand up to her mouth to catch the words that had escaped. Of course it wasn't him, but the similarities between them was enough to cause her heart to stir.

"Mother? Can you come out and help me with the last few customers ?" Persephone's harmonius voice rang out, hopefully reaching the ears of her mother.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hades - Dmitri Ruslan

The basement of Madame’s



The underground basement of Madame’s was dark. A sole bulb hung in the concrete chamber, illuminating in a cone of white light a porcelain bathtub where a man donned in plastic stood. Standing around the man were men in various suits. Some faced the staircase to the upper floor, while others watched the one exit. Within the tub that was filled halfway with water was a man dressed in a black T-shirt and khakis, floundering in a pool that was quickly turning sanguine. As he choked on blood and water, the plastic man would lower the chainsaw in his black rubber-gloved hands and slice through his limbs. The man’s thigh parted in a spray of blood that splattered his apron. Strips of khaki, flesh, and human gum leapt onto his splash mask and pelted his shoulders, adding more meat to his suit.

The plastic man had already cut slits into the man’s biceps, and he had removed his left forearm when he made an attempt to pathetically reach out and beg for mercy. The bloody man screamed and flailed about like a panicked fish, splashing red water across the floor. His cries were drowned out by a mouth-full of water that would rush down his throat, water which swiftly mixed with white and pink chum as he coughed and spewed his guts.

The chainsaw hummed, purring in the plastic man’s hands as he watched the suffering victim from behind the dark, rectangular lens of his mask. That was enough. The plastic man held the chainsaw to his left, and one of the suited thugs promptly stepped forward to take it from him. He then held the same hand out and one of the thugs deposited in it a cell phone. Grasping the phone in his glistening, rubber fingers, the plastic man lifted his mask with his free hand, revealing the face of a fatigued mafioso.

How long has it been since he last seen his spring flower? She had once filled his being with a warmth foreign to those of The Underworld, and like a fire having dimmed, the spark had fizzled out the night he gazed upon his bed. His bed had been empty, and therefore, it was unfit for him to sleep in. Since Persephone left his company, Dmitri had been working tirelessly. Every now and then he would nod off during transportation between hits and collections; and even when lounging in Madame’s, the mafia boss could be found slumped comfortably in a chair asleep. Without Persephone, his heart was black and his mood so bitter that even his henchmen were affected. The work became harder, the boss became difficult to please, and his victims found no mercy.

Dmitri’s eyelids were dark and his lower lids fat from lack of sleep. His half-lidded eyes stared across the room into the darkness while the dial tones chirped in his ear. The blood that coated his gloves and the phone found the side of his face, hair, and ear. The blood rolled in thin streams down his neck as his lips carelessly remained unturned. The other end picked up.

“Hey Freddy where are you? You was supposed t’ah be back by nowz! What the hell are ya doin’?”

Dmitri’s raven brows pinched a little as a clever glimmer appeared in his honeyed eyes.

“Taking a bath,” he answered.

“What? Who the fuck is this? Your fuckin’ dead whoever ya arez!”

Dmitri said nothing more. He held the mobile phone out to the paddling Fred as his shrill screams passed like ice into the receiver to chill the man on the other side.

“Oh god; Freddy; oh god; fuck; okay seriously, who is this?”

Returning the phone to his ear, pleasure tugged at the corners of Dmitri’s lips. “’I’ am a man not to be fucked with. You, however, sent one of your thugs into my lovely establishment and tried to steal my girls by promising them better pay. I will admit that I was expecting more from the Galeti family; instead, I find them always pawing at my door.”

Drawing the phone inches away from his lips, Dmitri irritably muttered, “I can’t hear myself.”

He held out his right hand as one of his thugs placed a pistol into it.

“Is it cocked?” Dmitri asked on an unenthusiastic tone.

“Yes Boss,” the thug promptly replied.

Freddy’s eyes swelled from his sockets when he saw the mafia boss direct the gun at him. Through sputters, the man’s screams rose in hysterical octave until three, loud pops silenced him. Quiet descended upon the basement in a veil and Dmitri eased his head back, closing his eyes, and sighing in relief. He basked in the serenity for five seconds before he turned from the tub and in his plastic suit crackled in the direction of a bathroom.

“Clean it up,” he ordered over his shoulder.

The tainted water was streaming through the bullet holes in the tub and Freddy’s legs could be seen kicking in their death throes. The phone was returned to Dmitri’s ear and he could hear the man sobbing discreetly on the other end.

“If he means that much to you, you can personally come and get him. Bring me 50,000 dollars and I’ll give you the body in a fancy bag free of charge. If you come sooner, I’ll throw in the chainsaw and gun I killed him with. They have his DNA all over them, so what would I need with them?”


Dmitri stopped before the bathroom as two suited thugs stepped behind him, and with latex gloves, began removing his apron and splash mask. The mafia boss tossed his head back as laughter flooded from his throat to resonate deeply throughout the chamber. He bit his remaining chuckles behind amused rows of perfect teeth as he continued, “My, my; don’t you ever learn? You already tried to fuck with me. Why would you do it again? I know; why don’t you round up your whole spaghetti-munching family and meet me on the outskirts of Jersey City, Hackensack River Waterfront, at midnight to end it all? Let’s just get it fucking over with because if your god damn family keeps sending rats my way, I’m gonna come over there and then ‘I’ will fuck your lives up. I won’t even take your fucking Chef Boyardee of a restaurant when you’re gone. I’m gonna burn it down and piss out the mother fucking flames. How about it Galeti? Am I gonna see your goons around here again? I’m running out of patience, and I’m running out of bath tubs. Give me your answer.”

There was a long silence on the other end. Dmitri had been scowling deeply, his temper having briefly taken hold of him; but with the silence, he forced a twitching smile. “Take your time. You’ve already taken five hours of mine.”

As Dmitri was stepping out of the plastic suit, the Galeti boss reluctantly spoke, “You’ll have your money.”


Wearing a long and proud smile, Dmitri lowered the phone from his ear and held his hands out as the gloves and phone were removed from them. He stepped into the bathroom and closed the door behind him as he prepared for his shower. Outside the bathroom, holding a freshly-pressed suit was Bernard, Dmitri’s right hand. His phone sang in his pocket, ringing like a bell before he dunked his hand into it and retrieved it. He brought it up to his ear and calmly said, “Yeah?”

“Hey, Demeter’s at it again. She got another guy for Persephone,” the thug reported.

Bernard’s eyes widened with dread upon hearing the news. The drama the boss faced with his business was nothing compared to what would happen if he caught wind of pretty boys talking to his dame.

“I’m not going to tell him. He’s already in a bad mood. Shit, who am I kidding? He’s been a bad mood since she left. Just get rid of him as soon as you can,” Bernard nervously instructed.

Tell me what?

Cold, icy fear shot down Bernard’s spine and made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. He swore he heard the shower water running, and it was still running except that Dmitri was no longer in it. The mafia boss stood in the doorway. The bathroom door was agape and his form was nude and dripping. Hot water drops dripped from the black, bladed ends of his hair to collect like crystals against the chiseled wall of his abdomen and the thin trail of hair that divided it.

A thug walked over and handed the boss a towel and Dmitri ruffled his mane with it. Bernard timidly faced him and ran a hand back through his hair.

Shit! he thought. Now he had to tell him. “It’s Demeter. She’s found another one.” He refrained from saying “for who” knowing full-well that Dmitri was capable of correct assumption. He also didn’t feel comfortable saying Persephone’s name in front of him. The boss’s love for that woman was a sickness.

Dmitri lowered the white towel before his eyes as they stared sharply like amber daggers at Bernard. Bernard tensed as those beady eyes seemed to rip through him like spears. It was never safe to be the bearer of bad news, especially when any day could be your day when you worked with such a high-risk individual. Persephone wasn’t here to quell his temper either and she wouldn’t be here for several months.

“Get rid of him!” Dmitri snapped. He then reached out to snatch the phone from Bernard and without bringing it into his ear, he roared into the receiver, “KILL HIM! NO; BRING HIM TO ME! I want to know what son of a bitch had the iron fucking balls to cross me again today!”

The thug on the other end jumped in startle when he heard the boss’s voice explode from the phone. It should have been expected.

“Y-yes, Sir!” the thug replied.

He slapped his hand on top of the roof of the black Ford and three other thugs stepped out to cross the street to Ambrosia. They passed through the shop on an unrelenting pace and two of them looped their arms with Robert’s. The young man glanced at the strangers in fright.

“Hey! What the hell’s going on?” he cried.

The thugs didn’t say a word to Persephone or to their hostage as they hauled him effortlessly out the back door and into an alley. The black Ford screeched to a halt before them, and a black bag was drawn over Robert’s head before he was shoved into the backseat. The vehicle then left as quickly as it came.

Dmitri had looped the towel about his waist and was leaning against the doorframe. His anger was running hotly through his veins, exciting him to rap impatiently against the wall with the backs of his fingers. The phone was against his ear and he was calling his sweet sister. When she would answer, he wouldn’t even greet her. Instead, he got straight to the point.

“You fucking bitch; if you hadn’t been blessed by The Fates to give birth to the love of my life, and if said love didn’t give two shits about your existence, I would have had your ass rotting in a garden somewhere long ago. You keep finding men for her, and I’ll keep dusting them. She won’t blame me. She’ll blame you. After all, she knows me quite well. She knows that I’ll fuck up any asshole that dare touches, looks, or even speaks her name. You’re killing them not me. Don’t think that you’re safe behind your fucking ward. I may not be able to see her, touch her, talk to her, and hear her sweet, sexy-fucking-voice, but I can see, touch, and talk to YOU bitch! You know what I’m gonna do? Let me tell you what I’m gonna do when she comes back here since I know that you’re always interested in what goes down in The Underground. When it’s my turn to have her, I’m gonna strip her naked—literally rip her fucking clothes off like an excited boy does a Christmas gift, and I’m going to bend her over and…”

Dmitri went onto explain his dirty intentions with a heated smile. “I’m thinking about it right now. In fact, I’m whacking off right now as I envision it. It’s going to be suh-weet!”


The mafia boss hung up just like that. He wasn’t interested in arguing with his sister. The man was busy and he didn’t like his time wasted. Hearing Demeter’s voice was a waste of time. He handed the phone back to Bernard and snatched up his suit.

“Get me another suit,” he told his right hand. He was going to need another one after dealing with Robert.


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The fur was soft underneath her the pads of her fingers. The poor creature was caught was in pain, her labor having lasted longer than usual. Artemis pat the doe gently, trying to reassure her though touch that everything would be fine. Considering the time of year, it wasn't strange for the goddess to have encounters like this when she was doing research in the area. She found the miracle of life to be fascinating, one of natures great gifts.

"Shh," She whispered soothingly, her hand still moving against the deer's fur. "Almost there." And the doe was, just a few moments later and the final push gave way to the release of the fawn. It was a male, one who would hopefully grow strong in the next year and have children of its own by the following spring. Quietly saying a prayer for both mother and child of her patron animal, Artemis watched quietly as the pair left.

Still despite the joy of the day Artemis felt as though something was…off. Uneasiness sat in the pit of her stomach, she couldn't place her finger on anything for certain though. A soft beeping erupted from the watch she used to keep track of her schedule; her shift was over for the day. Pushing the feeling to the fringes of her mind, just to keep it as a reminder to be prepared for anything, Artemis ran.

It didn't take long before she made it to a building located on the far outskirts of the city. She gracefully made her way though the doors and into the office. "Well, hello there Em, find anything interesting out there?" One of the men in her office called as she passed his desk to her own. She shook her head; though her tolerance for men had increased greatly over the years, this particular coworker was rather flirtatious so she tried to keep her interaction with him to a minimum. With a few more minutes to finish up the last of her work she clocked out.

Her thoughts lead her into the city, she wanted to visit Persephone and see if her cousin would like to grab some food with her. It didn't take her long before she found herself walking down the street where Ambrosia was located. Artemis honestly hated the city, the smog filled air smelled terrible to her and the gigantic metal buildings made her feel claustrophobic. Even still she tolerated it every once in a while.

Opening the doors to the flower shop, she was almost knocked over by two men dragging a third between then. Judging by the car and the look of two bigger men, Artemis could only guess that Hades had something to do with this particular incident. The brunette woman just shook her head and ignored the incident, it wasn't her concern after all. Artemis purposefully made her way over to the counter, hopping up to sit on it once she saw Persephone behind it.

"Surprise dear cousin, I have decided to grace you with me presence this lovely afternoon." She announced, rather teasingly. Artemis noticed Demeter out of the corner of her eye, sending a respectful "hello" over to her aunt as an afterthought.


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Collab post between vinyl and Madmoiselle

Persephone& Demeter

So much had managed to happen in only a few minutes that Persephone could feel her head spinning. Firstly, her mother had decided to play Cupid again in introducing her to another mortal man. The poor fellow named Robert tried to speak to Persephone, but she shook her head and tried her best to get the poor fool to leave before anything happened to him.

Of course it didn't go as planned.

One moment Persephone was begging for the young man to leave and the next ; men in black suits were sauntering in as if they owned the place and locked arms with Robert. "Oh please, you don't have to take him! Think of his family!" She pleaded frantically to no avail as the men ignored her and walked back out of the shop with the young man in tow. The few customers who were left in the shop quickly left in that instant and Persephone did not hesitate to switch the green open sign on the window to closed. She turned on her heel and her pale face became flushed with blood and rage. "This is your fault! She hissed, pointing a finger at her mother. "That man is going to end up dead mother. Your senseless matchmaking that you feel compelled to do every time I come to Earth to spend time with you has caused another mortal man to lose his life."

Demeter had watched the proceedings with a cool and collected expression on her face. Only when her daughter dared turn to her in rage did her expression change to one of surprise. "You're blaming me for this? Do not forget that I am the one who bore you and cared for you centuries before that man even entered your life girl! Her tone was laced with both frustration and anger . The tree's outside the shops began to shake and the wind picked up to sudden gusts each time her voice rose. "Am I the one with such possessiveness over someone that I would kill another person simply for speaking to her? No! That is your husband Persephone, not I . He's a monster."

Persephone's eyes widened and she could feel the anger intensify and beg for release from her tiny body. "He isn't a monster, he's a man. Any man would dislike his wife speaking to other men in such a way."

The sound of a bell twinkling to signal a customer made Persephone jump , but it was only beloved cousin. She forced herself to smile and nod her head in greeting to her cousin before mouthing "sorry" for the argument she was about to hear.

A snort of derision escaped Demeter. "The fact you believe that so easily shows how much he's changed you. Normal relationships don't work like that my dear. Normal men who have enough confidence in themselves don't feel the need to act like such " The beeping of her phone briefly halted her criticism of Hades. "Speak of the Devil and he shall appear" She murmured as she glanced at the red flashing name written in Greek across her phone. She answered the phone by pushing both the answer button and the speaker button so Persephone could listen as well.

“You fucking bitch; if you hadn’t been blessed by The Fates to give birth to the love of my life, and if said love didn’t give two shits about your existence, I would have had your ass rotting in a garden somewhere long ago. You keep finding men for her, and I’ll keep dusting them. She won’t blame me. She’ll blame you. After all, she knows me quite well. She knows that I’ll fuck up any asshole that dare touches, looks, or even speaks her name. You’re killing them not me. Don’t think that you’re safe behind your fucking ward. I may not be able to see her, touch her, talk to her, and hear her sweet, sexy-fucking-voice, but I can see, touch, and talk to YOU bitch! You know what I’m gonna do? Let me tell you what I’m gonna do when she comes back here since I know that you’re always interested in what goes down in The Underground. When it’s my turn to have her, I’m gonna strip her naked—literally rip her fucking clothes off like an excited boy does a Christmas gift, and I’m going to bend her over and…”

Persephone had the grace to look embarrassed by her husbands words in the presence of her cousin and mother, even if a pleasant warmth ran it's way from her head to her toes from her hearing them. "I suppose I shouldn't buy a new outfit if it's just going to get ripped off anyways" The flush in her cheeks only grew brighter as her husband went on to explain exactly what he was going to do after her ripped her clothes off, which she might add was not something she wanted her Mother to hear.

“I’m thinking about it right now. In fact, I’m whacking off right now as I envision it. It’s going to be suh-weet!”

Though Persephone should have been used to her husbands uncensored way of speaking, she still let a nervous giggle escape from her lips before she quickly slapped her palm over her mouth.

Demeter didn't bother replying to the vulgar words her brother was spewing. Instead, she threw the phone against the wall and used her now free hand to grab on to her daughter's thin arm. "You are NEVER to see him again. Do you understand me?I will... I will petition your father to take back his command. We can find away around this somehow. We have months before you even have to return to the Underworld." Demeter's heart fluttered at the prospect of keeping her daughter with her for an eternity. Maybe some day she would allow her to marry again, someone with a gentle heart and who would treasure her as she deserved.

She yanked her arm out of her mothers hold and took several steps back. "Are you mentally deficient? She shrieked, shaking her head in disbelief at her mother brief loss with sanity.

Demeter blinked. "Mentally deficient? Persephone this is what we've been waiting for! All we have to do is give our case to Zeus and this time he'll have to agree to our terms."

"Our? OUR? This is all you. Unlike father, you, and most of the Immortals besides Hera I have a strong belief in my vows and love for Hades. Maybe Hades was right. Perhaps years without being with a man has left you bitter." Her anger and sadness overwhelmed her, but she instantly regretted the words as soon as she said them.


The harvest goddess's hand swept across her daughter face so fast that Demeter herself was shocked. A redness where she had struck immediately lit itself across her face like wild fire. "I...." She was at a loss for words and her hands trembled as they hung beside her waist.

Physical pain was not something Persephone was used to, especially in her mortal form. She cried out in both surprise and pain before she backed away from her mother ; her cool hand pressed against her now warm cheek. "I think...I need to spend some time by myself for a change. I need time to think." The springtime goddess did not look into her mothers matching blue eyes as she moved towards the door. "Artemis, will you join me?"

For once Demeter had no words to give and would only stoically watch as still as a statue as her daughter and niece left her alone in her shop.


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The moments that Artemis read Persephone's reply of 'sorry' she knew she may have just walked into some kind of trouble. A moment later, Demeter confirmed it with voicing her complete dislike towards Hades. Artemis knew who her aunt was talking about even without the mentioning of his name. Hades had always been a sore topic for the elder god, in fact in all her years Artemis had never heard Demeter udder a single kind, or even neutral, sentiment about the god of the Underworld. Artemis understood of course, who would like the man that took away their precious daughter, but one would think that her hatred would lessen over the millennia that had passed. Then again, Artemis wasn't one to criticize when it came to holding grudges.

She noticed Demeter take out her phone and flip it open. All but two-seconds later, the angry voice of Hades was put on speakerphone. “You fucking bitch; if you hadn’t been blessed by The Fates to give birth to the love of my life, and if said love didn’t give two shits about your existence, I would have had your ass rotting in a garden somewhere long ago. You keep finding men for her, and I’ll keep dusting them. She won’t blame me. She’ll blame you. After all, she knows me quite well. She knows that I’ll fuck up any asshole that dare touches, looks, or even speaks her name. You’re killing them not me. Don’t think that you’re safe behind your fucking ward. I may not be able to see her, touch her, talk to her, and hear her sweet, sexy-fucking-voice, but I can see, touch, and talk to YOU bitch! You know what I’m gonna do? Let me tell you what I’m gonna do when she comes back here since I know that you’re always interested in what goes down in The Underground. When it’s my turn to have her, I’m gonna strip her naked—literally rip her fucking clothes off like an excited boy does a Christmas gift, and I’m going to bend her over and…”

Artemis tried to keep a straight face, but despite her best efforts she could do nothing except close her eyes and shake her head slightly. Her face, by now, was completely red. By the end of Hades rant, Artemis was soundly mortified. Being a virgin goddess, Artemis had never been…intimate with a man. Well, besides Orion and that hadn't gone very far before his untimely death.

The smack that seemed to echo throughout the small shop caused the young goddess to look up. It was quite evident by the look of things that Demeter had just hit her daughter. Artemis still remained quiet, but she felt very awkward to be there at that point.

"I think...I need to spend some time by myself for a change. I need time to think. Artemis, will you join me?" Eagerly the brunette hopped off the counter and followed her cousin out of the shop. Before exiting she gave her aunt a departing nod, her face straight and not showing any really emotion.

They walked for a while in silence. Artemis had never had a fight with her own mother and wasn't sure what she could, or rather should, say to ease Persephone. "So…" She said as she moved closer to the blonde woman. "Are you really flexible enough to do all those things Hades mentioned?" Defaulting to teasing was always a distraction and hopefully the subject change would get a laugh out of Persephone, take her mind away from the fight for just a little while.


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Artemis felt accomplished after seeing Persephone loosen up considerably. She was glad to be rid of the tenseness in the atmosphere, even for just a little while. "I'd never thought the Goddess of the Hunt and virginity would ask me such a question." Artemis laughed a little, a bashful expression making its way onto her features. Her eyes looked up demurely at Persephone as the continued on down the street and into the cafe "The Hole in the Wall".

The brunette was quiet as they sat down. "It's my treat of course. Consider it an apology for having to endure such an embarrassing conversation." Persephone insisted and Artemis was never one to turn down the kind gesture, or rather talk her cousin out of paying. They didn't have to wait long before the waitress arrived to take their order. "Coffee with a splash of cream, no sugar for me. Nothing else for me."

Artemis didn't bother to look over the menu, most cafes had the same things anyway. "I think I'll get a hot chocolate and a slice of apple pie, I've heard it's delicious." She smiled charmingly up at the waitress as she handed over her menu. Two-seconds later the mortal was off to fulfill their requests.

"By the way…" She said slyly, moving her attention back towards her kin. "Just because I'm a patron of virginity doesn't mean I'm a prude…or not curious." A large grin broke out onto her lips by the end of her statement as she continued to happily tease Persephone.

The feeling she had gotten early that morning returned to her stomach. Her smile diminished as she bit her bottom lip. "Perse, have you felt anything strange lately?" Artemis looked out the window to her left, the sky was effectively blocked by the towering skyscrapers but just looking in that direction helped her think. "I mean, it's just this uneasiness I'm getting. Something just feels off, it's like the energy isn't flowing the same." Her conclusions were strange and she wasn't sure if she was expressing herself properly, but if there truly was anything off about then Persephone would probably be able to sense it as well.

Then again it could have just been Artemis' paranoia. Maybe it was just that time of year where Hera would plot some kind of long and slow revenge for the betrayal she believed Leto, Artemis' mother, had done against her. Her father's wife was still bitter about his affairs and having to deal with the offspring of his infidelities at every Olympian meeting couldn't have been doing wonders for her sparkling personality.

Their waitress returned, two cups and a slice of pie neatly placed onto the tray in her hands. After setting the dishes down the mortal gave a polite "Enjoy your meal" and left them to their discussion. Still not content with much of anything, Artemis all but stabbed her fork into the baked good rather angrily. Everything about this feeling just irked her. Even still, she stuck the removed a piece of the pie and stuck it in her mouth. Persephone wasn't lying when she said the confection was to die for. To be honest, if there was one thing that Artemis enjoyed about the mortal world, it would have to be the food.


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#, as written by Endgame
Hyperion walked down the hallway from where he had been thinking, these however were not idle thoughts one thinks when bored, and these were the thoughts of war. Eris had brought his brothers and sisters back from their slumbers, but for what reason? He continued to walk at quickened pace and out of the house and onto the wet grass the sun shining brighter with every step he took. Hyperion didn't want war and to be honest could care who was in charge, he looked around slowly before changing into his human form, Cronus would go into one of his rages if he saw him "lower himself by being a human."

He wondered quietly why his brother wanted to know where the Gods where, at first he thought it was for a treaty of peace, but now it seemed different like Cronus was preparing for war. He walked down the street without fear of being attacked, none of the Gods and Titians other than Cronus knew he was still kicking, he had just disappeared and for a while, he liked it that way for a while before coming out of hiding only to find this... he shook it out of his mind, he had other thing to plan and thought a good book and some flowers might cheer Cronus and his wife up.

He slowly made his way down the street and stopped at a book store and then stopped in front of a bookshelf holding a face reference dictionary and flipped through the pages then something caught his eye and he smiled and walked over to were the cashier was and handed her the money for the book, he had found Zeus. Hyperion walked out onto the cold street, he shivered before making his way down the street and he quickly counted the mortal money he had been given by Cronus for the time being, one thousand mortal dollars, not much in human terms.

He quickly moved down the street while looking for a flower shop to buy some flowers for his wife and Rhea once he met up with Cronus again he give them to her, it would cheer her up. He finally made his way down the street towards the business end of New York hoping to find some flowers and he finally stopped in front of the most little likely place, the words on the sign read clearly and Hyperion was glad no one knew he was still alive, the letter on the shop spelled out very neatly, Ambrosia.

He was silent and was about to walk away when he saw the Gods inside, well check another one of the big three of my shopping list he thought and walked away quickly and got some flowers from another store and moved of back to Cronus. He burst through the door of the house moving with purpose before knocking rapidly on Cronus is door, and then saying quietly “I’ve found them” he waited for Cronus to answer while holding the flowers tightly, my you will look like such a great warrior to Cronus he chuckled to himself waiting.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hephaestus – Anton Gallagher

Anton’s workshop.

The weapon shop was dark, illuminated by a fire along the back wall and the small lamp that sat on Anton’s work desk. The smith had just finished his uncle’s order for a new Glock. With the parts scattered across his desk, he carefully picked up each piece and rubbed them down with lubricant. He took his time with the process while his uncle slept in a nearby chair. His men were seated and leaning upon surrounding tables. The atmosphere of the shop was so warm and comfy that even Bernard found himself dozing. It was the most peace they would ever know in a day.

“Uncle,” Anton called. His eyes never lifted from the barrel he was polishing.

Dmitri was still asleep, slumped back in the chair with his head hanging over the back. His lips were slightly parted and the black shades he wore to hide his sleep-deprived eyelids had offered more shade in the dim shop than he needed. Bernard’s eyes widened with alertness and he raised his head to glance at Anton as though to make sure it had been him who had spoken. The smith hadn’t said much for the past minutes they had been there, and so his voice had caught him off guard. Glancing to Dmitri, Bernard reached out to touch his shoulder and lightly shake him awake.

“Boss,” Bernard called.

“Hm?” Dmitri uttered groggily. His eyes opened, his amber orbs regarding Bernard with the aggression of a serpent. Bernard pointed in Anton’s direction and Dmitri sat up in his chair, tilting his head left and then right as his neck emitted quiet pops.

With a soft, lazy groan, Dmitri sat back in his seat with his weight mostly slumped upon the right armrest. He grasped his sunglasses between his left thumb and index finger and raised them to sit atop his head.

“Yes?” he questioned.

Anton lowered the barrel and stared at it within his hands. “I wanted to ask you for advice since our domains are similar. I feel that this workshop is like your Underworld. I am always here and you are always there. We reside outside Olympus.”

Dmitri blinked slowly, his lids growing heavy as the conversation continued. He raised his hand to support his head as he regarded the smith through slit eyes.


“I want to ask, Uncle, how did you win Persephone’s love? As Hephaestus, I am ugly and my wife as we both know is the embodiment of beauty. She loves and desires only beautiful things. I could never get her to love me for me. I tried to amaze her with the things I create, but she takes no notice. I have made many beautiful things for her, and she has used them to win the hearts of other men. I don’t know what to do.

You are a horrifying god. You dabble in dark and wicked things. You stole Persephone from her mother, and after all that you’ve done to her, she is infatuated with you. She looks beyond your gruesome activities and still manages to love you. Your relationship is fascinating and yet puzzles me.”

Dmitri sat in silence for a moment. Was his nephew asking him for advice? No one had ever asked him for advice on anything. The mafia boss sat up in his chair and foured his left leg overtop of his right. With his hands tucked comfortably in the pockets of his long coat, he gave his nephew his full attention. Anton, likewise, set down the pistol and gave his uncle his full attention.

“When I first laid eyes on Persephone, I knew I wanted her. She was so sweet and innocent, everything I wasn’t. I had to have her. So I took her and fucked her lights out. Oooh~ it was so delicious…” He held his hands up with his shoulders raised in a shrug. “She cried afterwards, but what can you do? She hated my guts for a whole month and hated everything I did. She even tried to escape my Underworld once and I dragged her back, screaming and clawing. I told her, ‘Bitch, I’ll never let you leave because you’re mine!’ She still hated me. I lavished my dove in gifts that she refused to accept. But eventually she gave me a chance. She eventually saw the magnitude of my love for her; she eventually understood that I wasn’t going to let anyone touch her or wrong her in any way; and that the only person she had to fear was me. I made her a strong and independent woman so she didn’t have to rely on her bitch of mother to wipe her ass every day. Because I made her into a better woman, she loves me; and, of course, because I’m her fucking-awesome husband.”

Bernard’s brows were raised in shock at his boss’s spiel and the proud smile he wore afterwards.

Anton stared uncomfortably at his desktop. “So…I need to kidnap her?”

Bernard slapped his forehead.

“Have you slept with her yet?”


“Then you need to snatch her up and fuck her until it hurts. You want to leave an impression that when she’s out there being a slut, when she’s fucking other men, she’ll be thinking of you. You’re a big guy, and I’m sure you’re packin’…” Dmitri arched a suspicious brow. “You are packin’ right?”

Anton tried to hide the blush that burned at his cheeks at that question. He combed his fingers back through his brown hair and sheepishly answered with a hard scowl, “I guess I am.”

Bernard’s brows twitched in disbelief. Was he really hearing this conversation right? How did this even happen? When did they get here?

“Modesty gets you nowhere,” Dmitri enlightened. “If you’re packing, then you got to act like it. You need to act like you got something to offer. But let’s be real…”

Dmitri dropped his leg and sat forward in his seat. “Aphrodite isn’t Persephone, and if she was, that bitch would be dead if I caught her fucking anyone else but me!” Shaking his head to clear his angry thoughts and put his mind back on track, Dmitri continued, “We both know that she’s been fucking Ares. Shit, who am I kidding, EVERYONE knows that. Those two would fuck on your damn desk if you gave them the chance and they wouldn’t give two shits if you were watching, you know why? It’s because they both know that you’re not going to do shit about it. You need to man the hell up and tell that bitch that she can’t go sleeping with whoever she wants!”

Anton frowned in thought. It felt outside his character. He feared Aphrodite hating him, but what was there to fear? He never saw her. She never visited him. He practically didn’t exist. “I will talk to her about it. What if Ares gets in the way?”

“Kill him! No; wait.” Dmitri blushed in embarrassment and laughed. “That’s what I would do, if I were you. You killing Ares? Ha, ha, ha, ahem, seriously…your leg could be a problem and the fact that you have zero combat experience. If you wanted to kill him, then I would make something to go kill him. But, ahah, yeah, I shouldn’t be telling you this. I’m not exactly a good role model for advice. But uh…yeah, try talking to Aphrodite when Ares isn’t around. Try to get her alone. Yeah that sounds like the right thing to do.”

Bernard smiled and the henchmen clapped in light applause. Dmitri proudly grinned and held up his hands. “Thank you; thank you; now how about that gun? As much as I’d love to hang around and fill your head with my infinite wisdom, I’m a busy man.”

Anton assembled the pistol and handed it to Dmitri when he walked over. “Thank you, Uncle. I found your advice somewhat helpful.”

Holding his hand out for a clip, Bernard removed from his coat a magazine that he placed in Dmitri’s hand. The mafia boss then loaded the weapon and pulled back on the slide.

“No problem. Just be glad that you’re one of the few nephews that don’t piss me off.”

Dmitri stretched out his arm, aiming the weapon downrange at a log in the fireplace. He flipped the safety switch and squeezed the trigger as a thunderous clap escaped the muzzle on a bright flash. A hole didn’t appear in the log, the whole thing exploded like fireworks as burning splinters rained upon the floor. The grin on Dmitri’s face was large, sick, and twisted. Instead of a log, he was trying to imagine what a human head would look like after being struck by the enchanted power imbued in his new Glock. There wouldn’t be one.

Dmitri chuckled darkly from behind his grin. “I like it. Barely any recoil and very accurate. I can’t wait to pop some dirt bag heads. I must be off now.”

The mafia boss tucked the pistol away within his coat as he started for the door. “Remember nephew, show some backbone, huh? Fuck, your father’s a successful man whore. This shouldn’t be a challenge for you.”

Anton silently watched his uncle take his leave as he mused over what they had discussed. He only hoped that he would get a chance to talk to his wife. She never really visited him and so to talk to her would require him to leave his shop. The smith glanced around his comfortable home and sighed hopelessly. He didn’t want to leave.


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] "Just because I'm a patron of virginity doesn't mean I'm a prude…or not curious."

Persephone raised a thin sculpted eyebrow up before giggling quietly. "Well, you know the old saying; curiosity killed the cat , but satisfaction brought it back don't you? Perhaps you should be a bit more curious cousin. You might like where it leads you." She replied, a naughty expression appearing over her delicate angelic features.

While their waitress returned with Persephone's coffee and Artemis's cocoa and pie, a thought crossed her mind and her fingers snapped together suddenly. "Excuse me, do you think you I could have a piece of your apple pie to go? " Her mind flashed to Hephaestus, deep in thought and in his shop working his long hours as usual. The poor dear probably not eating a thing throughout the day. At least she could get him something sweet to eat as a snack, even if it was only dessert.

"No problem miss, I'll have it ready for you to take when you're finished."
The waitress replied before leaving the two ladies once more to themselves. Persephone took a sip of the soothing caffeinated beverage the waitress set in front of her and smiled as the hot liquid made it's way down her throat.

"Perse, have you felt anything strange lately?"Artemis asked her, as the young Huntress glanced out one of the many windows in the cafe. "I mean, it's just this uneasiness I'm getting. Something just feels off, it's like the energy isn't flowing the same." She took a minute to consider this as she stared back into her sisters crystal blue eyes.

"The energy ?" She asked thoughtfully, taking another small sip before speaking . "I can't say I'd be a good judge of it at the moment Art. Every time I leave the Underworld I feel a bit off. Whether it's because I'm used to be with Hades or having to get used to breathing the smog called air here." She chuckled, leaning back into her chair and crossing her right leg over the other in a single smooth motion. "I wouldn't worry too much about it hun. It's probably not anything worth worrying about. " Even as she reassured her, Persephone couldn't help but to scan thorough her own thoughts and memories to see if anything was out of place. Besides the argument with her mother, things had been as normal as Immortality would allow.

The shrill beep of her phone alarm made Persephone jump in her chair. Patting down her dress pocket, she pulled her phone out and checked the time. Twenty minutes before she was set to visit Heph. "Artemis, thank you for coming with me here. It brought me clarity believe it or not. You should come by the shop more often and keep me company. I'm not into the idea of spending five more months with my mother." The thought of it made her let out a tired sigh.

"Keep in touch alright?" She scooted her chair back and stood, fishing into her pocket for her wallet and pulling out a crisp hundred dollar bill. She enjoyed tipping well here, and the staff knew it. She wouldn't be surprised if the servers had argued over who was take her table today. "Take care hun." She said with a small wink before walking back towards the entrance and picking up a simple white box with a pink bow on the hostess's stand meant for Heph.

Even as she made her way back onto the busy streets, she clutched the simple white box close to her waist as if it held something of high value. "Taxi!" She called out, waving a delicate manicured hand into the air to wave one of the many yellow cabs to the curb. She could have called for a limo, but she enjoyed the inconspicuousness of taxi's. Made her feel less Godly and more human when she was riding in them, despite the slight odor many of them held.

When one finally stopped for her, she bounced inside until she found a comfortable position to sit . Walking would have taken her a good half hour before she reached the Master Smith's home, but with taxi she would arrive ten to fifteen minutes depending on traffic.

"Thank you." She murmured as she climbed out the back of the taxi, dusting her dress off in order to look a bit more presentable before she walked into brother's work shop. She paid the driver his fare and watched as he started off without another word. She couldn't blame him for taking off so quickly. They were in a less than desirable area, known for the majority of New York's high profile crimes. Persephone watched as a scantily clad women in fish nets walked across the street where Persephone stood. Knocking on the drivers side window of an old blue van, she watched as she woman waited for the man inside to open the door and invite her in.

The man inside was portly. Inflamed acne covered the majority of his otherwise pale face. Persephone held eye contact for a few seconds before she spun on her heel in the opposite direction. Maybe Hades was right. I should just take the limo... When she made it towards the warehouse Heph worked in, she knocked on the large door before speaking. "Heph? I'm a little early, but I'm coming in." The small keypad on the side of the door which required a four digit code was swiftly taken care of as Persephone pounded the numbers in, waiting for the click of the door before pushing it back and allowing herself inside.

The room was ominously dark until she walked further towards Heph's studio and felt the warmth of his fire caress her skin. Schematics,maps, directions, and diagrams littered the workshop. Drawings of new and old designs her half-brother had created filled the room, and Persephone could practically feel the creativity pulse around her. How could his wife not see how incredible her brother was? To choose someone like the vicious God of War over Heph's kind and gentle heart? The only conclusion she could ever come to was that Aphrodite had a case of Bad Boy Syndrome. She preferred the excitement and passion over the pure love Heph could give her and that thought saddened the Springtime Goddess. Life, even an Immortal life, was simply not fair.

When she finally spotted her brother, a peaceful smile broke out across her face . "There's the man I've been searching for! How have you been dear?" She questioned softly. While she waited for his reply, she spotted a vase full of limp daisies she had left there almost two weeks ago during her last visit. Barely clinging to life,they clung to the vase and drooped over the edge. She pressed her fingertip to one of the stems of the flowers and felt her power leave her body and enter the tiny body of the plant before her. A few seconds passed and the drooping daises were dying no longer; now standing straight and tall as the day Persephone had brought them to him.

"They would live longer if you stayed somewhere with a bit of sunlight Hephy."
She sat on a small stool near one of his workshop benches, and stared curiously at several of his plans. When her eyes glanced over a single sheet of paper, they caught sight of a single signature she knew by heart. "Was he here? Oh he was, wasn't he? I can sense it, is he alright Heph? He isn't too grumpy is he?" She realized she was practically throwing questions at him every second but she couldn't help herself. Anything involved with her husband made her speak a mile a minute.



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#, as written by Odinson

A solid baritone voice attempted to make light of his ailment, Apollo recognized it as his own uncle, a fact confirmed when he mustered the strength to gaze upon his bemused face. The Far-darter did not think it jovial, and rewarded Poseidon with a light scoff in contempt having only added to the irritability if anything. All the while the pulse in his brain did not recede by any amount.

Another voice reached his ears which he knew to be another elder kin. Truthfully he had no intention of entering the shop, but the offer was made face to face and though he cared little for interacting with his kin, he should at least feign politeness. That, and in his current state it would at least be better to rest where he was welcome. By now the migraine finally began to recede, so straightening himself as best he could and lightly nodded.

Once inside Apollo found the nearest chair and plopped in it, then resumed rubbing his temples. “Sorry about intruding, I’m usually never this piqued. I swear there something in here splitting my brain open like a fault line making a magnitude seventeen.”

He waited patiently for his tea to arrive paying little head to what else was being said in the room by whoever as his symptom began to grow again, and his temples were massaged more feverously still in vain. Soon enough however the beverage was before him and he accepted it from Demeter, and thanked her.

He must have gulped it all down in one go and placed the cup on the nearby coffee table, and waited longer still at rest, again paying no heed to whatever conversation that might have been taking place.

Then all at once, as if the final strike of a hammer and chisel were made against the dam of his mind, agony soared through all of its recesses. Apollo found himself clutching the arms of the chair in a death grip, his entire body flexed and frozen as he bit back his tongue. His eyes became wider than dinner plates, and all color including that of his pupils vanished, replaced by an intense white light shown out in beams. Anyone who knew of Apollo’s “gift” of prophesies would recognize a vision by him, and as he was the only one experiencing it, all one could do was wait until it was finished.

The heavens were ablaze! Mangled corpses littered a ruin world as spires of earth erected themselves splitting open mountain and skyscraper. The seas boiled in furious hatred as the blue was drowned in the blood of man and beast alike. Fire rained down upon the damned though all innocent of the crime they were accused. But this was not the realm of Hades; no, a few diminishing landmarks were recognizable as that of this very city that the gods made their residence.

And from the sky fell a great ball of fire, and as it approached the earth Apollo found that it too was a familiar shape. It was the palace of Olympus itself! Architecture of Old buckled and crumbled becoming as burning ash, immolating the multitudes of those who were unfortunate as to survive this long in this new dying world as it met its fate with the earth tearing it asunder.

Apollo could also see in the remains of the streets among the bodies strewn indiscriminately the forms of his brethren, ripped and torn as to be almost be unrecognizable, but he knew. His father and king who’s hide was now tanned and split, the lord of the seas emaciated and bone dry as if the life were taken from his body literally, and even Hades, who now was no more than a statue of ash could be seen curling himself around another, in vain protecting his fair wife and love now a shadow of Creation same as he.

They were not alone, all of them were there, the Far-darter himself counted among them. But the sight that truly horrified him, the image that would forever burn within his immortal soul was that of his dear sister, impaled on a pike as beast, vermin and maggot betrayed her pure flesh consuming her with greed and malice, hunger never to be sated.

He wailed in furious agony at the sight coupled with the splitting of his brain and the splitting of the world around him, “NO!” It was a roar and a cry that reverberated throughout the humble shop splitting the ears, and curdling the blood of all who dwelled within. The Far-darter writhed in the chair as he wailed, clutching the armrests so tightly that the wood began to splinter under his fingers and would eventually be broken.

This lasted for about a minute or so, until the light from his eyes dimmed and color returned to it was well, his mouth falling deathly silent and ajar. His gaze was no where for a small moment, and his body was completely unmoving, one could almost swear that death embraced him in that moment, even his skin was a sickly white. But after a while his fingers lightly twitched, followed by a shaky hand and soon the quaking spread all through out his body. Apollo gazed at his hand, observing the shaking with utmost fascination, until the thought occurred that he must steel his own nerves. He clutched his wrist with his other hand, though still quaked.

When the quaking died down and his skin flushed back with color. He then suddenly remembered that he was not alone in the room, and knew that they would be starving for an explanation. He tried to let loose his tongue, but at first nothing could escape, as if there were some invisible barrier. Eventually however he gradually managed to make speech. “I,” he fell silent again briefly before he continued in the softest voice though clearly audible for the rest of the room lied mute, “This…has never happened to me. My visions, they always happen when I command it, always, but this…”

He took another moment to collect himself, then managed to say, “Everything, everyone…everything was eviscerated, everywhere.”

He leaned forward as if they had not heard him an reiterated in the voice of a tortured phantom whispering from the bowels of Tartarus, and in this voice his statement was absolute and directed to the well being of his brethren in the meaning, “Everything.”


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#, as written by Endgame
Hyperion stood up straighter "I found Zeus working at a human company, his name now is Brandon Powers... he wasn't hard to find." Hyperion gestured at a human newspaper with Zeus's face on it and in bold lettering it said "Brandon Powers does it again" Hyperion smirked "Zeus has been busy in social light lately. While you were sleeping I was watching the Gods and I've lost track of how many humans Zeus has slept with."

"Now finding Hades was a bit trickier, but like his brother they both have egos the size of Mount Olympus, I've tracked him down to some recent gang sighting’s around this area...." he said calmly like an assassin pointing out his targets on a map he had placed on the table.

"Also Hades owns a nice restaurant and a human strip club" Hyperion sighed, his nephew had turned out edgy and maybe it was time for a face to face talk though Cronus would like to have one at the edge of a blade instead of peace. "I also have tracked down his wife and Demeter, Athena, Artemis and Apollo and... Poseidon at a flower shop downtown, if we act now we could catch four of them right now...." he said before silencing himself, he wanted peace now war but he was born a soldier and would die a soldier he guessed.

Hyperion walked away from the table for a minute and looked at his brother "must this end in blood brother?" he said looking at Cronus with a faraway look in his eyes as he paced back and forth. He stood still looking out a window out into the world around him "If we are to stand against the Gods brother we must stand as one..." He said turning to face Cronus before sitting in a chair to the side of the room "but I must ask you brother is this war necessary?" He had just done somthing no Titian had done before, questioned Cronus, but still he wasn't going to back down from this topic "yes they wronged you but then again you tried to eat them... you tried having revenge once brother and it failed because we could not stand together, revenge does not work! you need to rally the others with the strength to go on and fire their spirts with the true justace not petty revenge..." he said in a almost pleading voice


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“He was here to pick up a gun I had made for him. He didn’t seem grumpy as he did extremely tired. I notice that when it is spring and he is unable to be with you that he doesn’t get much sleep. When you’re both together, Hades is livelier and happy. He gave me advice today, and as he explained your relationship, I could see that his love for you has no bounds. You are truly blessed by The Fates or…”

Persephone smiled gently as she let her brother speak. His voice and manner was gruff, but his honesty and sweetness was refreshing among the Immortals.

She watched him walk towards the fireplace and gaze into the flames. Persephone dangled her feet off the metal chair and swung them like a child, back and forth as simply as a metronome. Her gentle blue orbs fluctuated between staring at Anton and at the crimson embers burning brightly in the hearth. The fire flickered wickedly every once in awhile; the flames crackling to make the only sound in the room until Heph began to speak again.

"I will never know love like that because I refuse to fight for it. Outside my shop, I tend to find only sadness. My mother abhors me, my wife doesn’t love me, and the other gods don’t see me as their brother or nephew. I am their blacksmith and they only visit me when they need something made. Hades told me that if I ever hope to change my situation then I need to be willing to fight or leave my shop. My wife has not seen me since I made this mortal form for myself. She hasn’t even seen it. Perhaps she hasn’t visited me because she still sees me as the monster she left behind? Here, I am lost in my assumptions, but I am happy, and it is peaceful.”

Before she could mutter even the tiniest words of comfort to her gentle giant, a voice called out from behind the shelves. The large golem emerged from his work, and stood before both Heph and Persephone. “Hey girlfriend, slap me some skin!” Brontos greeted, and Persephone swatted her own tinyhand against the metal golems own. Two more greetings from Anton's other colorful creations, and Persephone raised a hand to greet them as well. "Brontos, Steropes, and...wait where is..?" “PERSEPHONE!” The sound of her name roared throughout Heph's workshop; the source of the sudden outburst coming from the final golem, Pyracmon. While the golem bounced enthusiastically before her, she giggled.

"It's nice to see you again." Pyracmon said in his usual friendly manner. "It's nice to see all of you again as well." She chirped, shooting all three a smile; even the shy Steropes who hid behind the shelves.

She watched the four banter, and the golems all voice their agreement about Anton's recent depression. Persephone clucked her tongue and lifted her petite body off the metal chair.

Her legs moved her towards where the mortal Heph stood before the fire, a grease stained hand covering his face from her view. She gently reached forward to remove the hand from his face and her lips spread thinly into a smile. " Your friends are right Heph. You aren't happy, and there's no reason to reassure yourself or anyone around you that you are. Especially me. You should know by now I can see right through you." With the last few words, she gently prodded his chest with her pointer finger, her smile still resting on her face.

“I am no Athena” she told him, “but I think I could spare some wisdom for my favorite brother." Her hand moved up towards his face, inches from touching it. Her hand hovered over the Smith Gods face as if she was casting a spell on him. His mortal form was handsome, but it did not suit his current attitude. "You must have confidence my brother. If you don't believe enough in your own self, Aphrodite will continue to walk all over you."

Persephone wrinkled her nose at her half-sisters name in habit. Though she may have played some role in her eternal love for Hades, the mere passing of the woman's name over her tongue still left a bitter taste in her mouth after the many years of watching both her and Ares make a mockery of her brother.

"First, don't be anyone but yourself, because you are truly a gift brother."She held up a single finger and quickly took a breathe before continuing. "Secondly, have the confidence that no matter what your mortal or Immortal form may look like, you are a talented craftsman and an excellent man. Those who can't see past your looks don't deserve the gift of being your friend.A second finger rose and Persephone's smile widened." Thirdly, don't give a single fuck about what your mother or any of our kin say." A third and final finger stood with the others, and Persephone giggled. "Oh, I don't usually curse. That made me feel a bit naughty." She admitted, turning towards the three golems and shrugging her sharp shoulders back.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hades – Dmitri Ruslan

The boat bobbed as Bernard manned the oars. Dmitri was standing with his hands tucked comfortably into the deep pockets of his black coat. Before him was a man with his feet in a bucket of cement and his arms bound behind his back by what appeared to be ropes, but to the gifted eye they were actually snakes. The snakes’ fangs had sunk into the hostage’s wrists and they had no intention of releasing him. Two more henchmen sat next to the hostage, while the remaining thugs stayed on the shore to guard the vehicles.

Dmitri and his men rowed out to the center of the Long Island Sound. The mafia boss drew his hands from his pockets and in his right was a mini humidor. He popped it open and removed a cigar. With clippers, he clipped the end over the side of the boat before he returned it to the box and tucked it away. Dmitri then snapped his fingers and the friction between his thumb and index finger lit the tip of his thumb on fire. He waved his burning digit beneath the end of the cigar and puffed gradually before he shook his hand and extinguished the flame.

Grasping the cigar, he held it away from his lips and sighed pleasantly. “Aah~, I just needed something for this glorious occasion. Remove the bag.”

One of the henchmen sitting next to the captive snatched the black bag from his head. The captive was an older man about in his fifties with a bristly chin and thinning, blond hair. His outfit described an editor or journalist that worked in an office somewhere: his outfit being comprised of a white dress shirt and slate-grey khaki pants that was held by black suspenders. After his mild startle, he lowered his gaze to the boat floor as a long, stubborn frown tugged at the corners of his lips.

“Hello Uncle,” Dmitri greeted. “I’m actually surprised to see you here. I thought for sure that the Titans weren’t stupid enough to think that they could sneak out of Tartarus without my knowing. Now, how you did it, is what I’d love to hear.”

“Go fuck yourself. If you think I would sell out my family, then you’re the fool!” Crius growled.

“Hold that thought…” Dmitri slid the cigar into the corner of his mouth and he reached into his inner-coat pocket to remove his new pistol. He glanced over it briefly, recalling if he had cocked it. Usually, he always had his weapon ready to fire. Directing it at Crius’s left shoulder, he switched the safety off and squeezed the trigger as a thunderous bang resounded. The titan’s arm popped like a blood balloon, completely disintegrated.

Crius shrieked in agony and wildly began thrashing about as the blood-drenched thugs restrained him.

Woo! Holy shit; there’s blood fucking everywhere!” Dmitri exclaimed in excitement. Some had sprinkled his face, coat, and sunglasses, but the thug that had been sitting to the Titan’s left was the most drenched. Grasping his cigar before it fell from his lips in his laughter, Dmitri bent over in his mirth and said, “You’re fucking soaked!”

The thug smiled despite his face being red and dripping with human syrup. “It was a nice shot, Sir.”

“Of course it was. Cauterize his wound before he bleeds to death. I’m not finished with him.”

The blood-covered thug breathed in deeply. His chest expanded and his cheeks billowed with a fire that glinted from his nostrils. Parting his lips, he spewed a hot stream against Crius’s shoulder. The other thug slung his arm beneath the titan’s throat to hold him still as he convulsed and kicked. The tissue and blood curdled and hardened in a black, smoking cast. Crius was sweating beads and panting heavily while Dmitri straightened and observed the smoking crater in Crius’s side.

Parting his lips to speak, the mafia boss was interrupted by the sound of a random duck.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

Dmitri’s eyes narrowed as he returned the cigar to his mouth and reached into his coat pocket to remove his cell phone. It was the ringtone he had set for Hermes since he found his nephew to be unbearably annoying. Tapping and sliding his finger across his touch screen, he gazed at the text message that came up and scowled.

Zeus wants us all at the manor for dinner. No exception guys. Don’t ask me what the hell for because I don’t know and I don’t care, just be there.

The tip of his cigar gleamed, bathing his face in orange, and reflecting in his black shades. Smoke escaped from his nostrils and the corner of his mouth in a breath before he returned it to his pocket.

“Don’t command me you little shit,” Dmitri grumbled.

Drawing his hand from his pocket, Dmitri returned to business. “So…where were we?”

A scream of bloody murder was next to interrupt the mafia boss and its random resonation startled Bernard. He glanced at Dmitri curiously to see his boss reaching into his pocket to once again retrieve his phone. That ringtone was the one he set for Zeus because sometimes his brother made him want to fucking scream. With unenthusiastic eyes, Dmitri regarded the text:

Are you coming to dinner?

Dmitri’s right eye twitched at the emoticon. He tapped in a response.

I’m busy.

You’re always busy.

I’ll go whenever I’m not busy.

So never?


Dmitri glared up at the sky as he noticed black clouds gathering overhead. Baring his teeth angrily, he bit down hard on his cigar and angrily replied:

Look, asshole, I’m busy with something important and I don’t have time for your stupid dinner!

The clouds dispersed.

Persephone will be there.

So what?

I’ll remove the ward until midnight, but you and her must stay at the mansion.

Dmitri lowered the phone and stared off into the fog. His brows knitted in thought as he contemplated the deal his brother was making. It annoyed him that he couldn’t steal her away for the night and take her to a restaurant that would purvey food more worthy of her palette, but he hasn’t seen his spring flower in awhile and this may have been his only chance.

What time again?


I’ll be there.

Sliding his phone back into his pocket, Dmitri removed the cigar from his mouth and smashed it out against the side of the boat.

“Change of plans gentlemen. I don’t have time for this interrogation. I have a dinner date with my wife,” Dmitri announced on a proud smile.

The henchmen applauded.

“Bernard, I’m sure you can deal with this scumbag. Torture him until he squeals, and if he never does, throw him over the side. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his slow, seven-day drowning descent back to Tartarus.”

Bernard released the oars and replied, “Yes, Sir. Enjoy your evening, Sir.”

Dmitri smirked and stepped into Bernard’s shadow. The mafia boss began sinking into the boat floor with the ease of an elevator. The thugs watched their boss’s descent until he was no more.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hades - Dmitri Ruslan

Zeus's Mansion.

Speak of the devil. Literally. The mansion doors opened and eight men dressed casually in suits and ties crowded the entrance and lined up in fours abreast of each other. The quiet clap of dress shoes trailed across the floor as a man wearing a snow hare fur coat sauntered down the line. The fluffy coat trailed behind him barely brushing the floor as he walked to the end of the line and swept the foyer from behind his black shades. The god resembled a prince. His coat hung from his shoulders like a cape and his hair glistened with light oil from a fresh cut that had his sideburns thin like sickles. His outfit, as usual, always managed to be in good taste. The mafia boss never strayed from his fondness for dark, Underworld colors--as he liked to call them. His wife had tried to bring some spring to his wardrobe, and the only item that he chose to wear at one time was a bold-red dress shirt. It had even been too loud for her tastes.

Beneath his coat, Dmitri sported a white blazer with a black undershirt speckled in tiny white spots. The top button on his shirt was left undone to expose his collar bone and the beginning curves of his solid chest. A polished-leather belt wrapped his waist with a silver buckle and coal-black trousers road down his legs to buffed, dress shoes.

The mafia boss's teeth clenched behind a straight-lipped smile. His welcome had been cold, and the only gods that he could see from his position were Hermes, Artemis, Poseidon and Demeter. Where was his wife as promised? If she had been there, the ward had made it so that he couldn't see her, feel her, or even hear her voice. Zeus wouldn't dare take him for a fool.

Bernard stared past the heads of the henchmen before him at the dark lord's wife held hostage in Demeter's presence. He glanced at the back of Dmitri and felt the anger radiating from his person. It made the minions nervous. The mafia boss's eyes shrank with impatience as he growled, "Why is it that I can only see my ragweed of a sister here?"

In the kitchen, Brandon was tasting a tender piece of medium-rare rib eye when his magnificent wife walked in.

"Mm...that's some good stuff," Brandon uttered with a smile as he chewed the marinated meat. The smoky flavor added a sharp taste that paired well with the mango marinade.

I told you inviting Hades would be a bad idea. Especially with your little Spring Goddess's shop burning down. Did you think after hearing that he's going to still be a tamed lion?

Rolling his eyes, he replied, "Oh come on; he's not anymore as bad as Ares. As long as Persephone's happy, then he's happy. Hephaestus will restore her shop, so there's nothing to worry about."

Beyond the kitchen door, Brandon heard a loud smash of what sounded like pottery. "That's him now!"

Dmitri had been trying to keep his composure, but he hadn't gotten an answer. He had removed his shades and hooked the slender leg upon the neck of his collar before he walked over to a clay vase situated upon a pedestal and kicked the damn thing over.

"Hades!" Brandon greeted happily as he overlooked his brother's destructive anger.

Dmitri leered at the millionaire with eyes black and the size of beads. "Where is my wife?!"

Brandon pointed simply in Demeter's direction, the ward disspelling with his permission. "Over there."

Dmitri's wild eyes followed Brandon's gesture over to the golden-haired beauty at his sister's side. The sight of his beloved extinguished his anger instantly. The mafia boss's murderous glare was replaced with awe and relief. Turning his head, he hid his face from her, not wanting her to see the dark circles that had formed about his eyes. He slid the sunglasses back onto his face and regarded the smashed vase out of the corner of his eyes. Had she seen him do that? Dmitri knew that Persephone was well aware of his temper, but it always bothered him when she was forced to see it. Seeing her standing by her wretched mother got him wondering if she had changed any. Had she missed him as much as he missed her? Even now, his heart was craving her.

"It's been too long," Dmitri forced from his lips. It felt too much like a dream to be true. Never had the dark god got to see his love in the spring. The mere month he had survived without her had felt like ages.


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#, as written by vinyl

Demeter found herself looking at Persephone with a gentle expression after she finished glaring at Zeus. The corners of her mouth lifted and her dimples appeared.

"Persephone.." She started, slipping back into her motherly tone even though the evidence of her anger was still obvious in the way a blue vein in her neck continued throbbing.

"You know how unfair this is don't you? This is supposed to be my time with you. "She complained,pressing her lips into a childish pout. She allowed a small tear to trickle down her cheek in effort to keep up the saddened facade. Her daughter was usually weak to tears, more so her mothers than anyone elses.

It probably would have worked to if her brother hadn't made his extremely inappropriate entrance. She rubbed the tear away and crossed her arms as she looked him over.

His human form was, as usual, as dark and menacing as the place he called home. He wore a fur coat that she could only assume was real (if he could kill a man she was sure he would have no qualms wearing a dead animal.) There was also something annoying to her about the way he held himself. His posture was perfect, but he walked into the building as if he owned the place.

"Cocky bastard." She mumbled under her breathe, making no attempt to hide her dislike for her brother. They both were past the false kindness some in-laws maintained for one another.

She was still staring at his menacing figure when she placed a cool moist hand on her daughters porcealin shoulder. When Hades made no movement, Demeter realized Zeus had not removed the ward that kept the monster from seeing her child.

"Come on dear," She murmured persuasively , her voice as low as possible as she tried not to catch Hades attention as he turned to speak to their younger brother.

Anxiously, she turned and looked at Persephone with her eyes silently pleading. "Quickly child, before your father expels the wards."

"Over there." She cringed the minute her brother lifted the ward. Though Persephone looked no different to her, she knew that her daughter was now exposed to the villain before her. "Keep a five foot distance monster." She snarled, standing in front of her blonde haired angel in a protective stance.


"So then, we took a few containers of gas and burn the place down." Cronus once more let out a victorious laugh as he explained what his brother and sister had accomplished. He clapped a hand over his stomach. He was beginning to have cramps in his abdomen from all the things he had done today and the laughter that followed.

"Brother." Iapetus interrupted, raising a hand as if that made it more polite.

Cronus raised an eyebrow, but his mood was too great to chide his brother.

Iapetus cleared his throat and began. "So now we've alerted them of our presence, burned down a store, and killed a couple of mortals. " Cronus waited for the question that his companions had continually asked him since they were resurrected. "What next?"

Cronus sighed. "Must you all lack vision? Clearly my children will come to us now. No matter how stubborn my children are, they aren't fools. They'll find us." He declared.

Whether his brother found the answer he had been given satisfactory or he was wise enough to remain quiet, the Titan King didn't care. The sound of knocking took his attention away from his elder brother and made himself jump out of his chair. He traveled down through the hallway to where the large front door stood between him and the human world.

Unlike suspicious mortals, Cronus had no problems simply swinging the door open without peeping through the small hole in the middle door. Jerking the door back, he came face to face with a Immortal he had not suspected to see .

"Atlas." He said, running his fingers through his beard as he narrowed his eyes suspiciously towards his nephew. He opened the door enough so that his nephew was free to walk in if that's what he chose to do.


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Persephone eyes lingered on her mother's tear stained face. When she was younger and more gullible, the woman's tantrums had more of an effect on her. Hundreds of years living with the Harvest Goddess had made Persephone more aware of her trickery and almost immune to her charms.

She tilted her head. "Oh stop crying." She chided, though not unkindly. She clucked her tongue and continued listening to her mothers attempts to spirit her away from the mansion and banquet her father had prepared

"You know we can't do that," she began, her flaxen hair swept from her face with a hand "besides, you shouldn't interfere with affairs between husband and wife." She was suddenly surprised by both the bluntness and ferocity in her voice as she spoke to her mother. Normally she was a gentle as kitten when speaking to the stubborn Goddess, but with the burning of her shop and her mother attempting to smother her again, well... even Goddess's had their breaking point.

She may have said more, perhaps even going so far to shoot a few insults her mother's way had it not been for the sudden scent and presence that entered the room.The smell of death and blood had clung to him her husband much like a perfume when she was younger. Especially in the first days of their calamitous marriage. Now he smelled the perfect combination of heaven and sin, rolled into one very attractive man.

Persephone took a step closer; her lips forming his name but no response once she had spoken it . She waved a hand towards him almost frantically, but when he did made no move to take her in his arms, she knew her father had yet to dissolve the wards. Her mother made attempt to whisper into her ear, but she was having none of it. Persephone even went so far as to shake the hand her mother placed on her shoulder off in an annoyed fashion.

Looking past her husband, she saw the small group of companions standing nervously behind him. When Bernard locked eyes with her, she parted her lips in a smile. He was by far her favorite of Hades lackeys, and one of the few people involved in her husbands work she could actually stand to be around.

The sound of pottery smashing distracted her from staring at the henchman, and brought her attention back towards her husband. His temper had managed to get the best of him.

When her father resurfaced once more from the kitchen and began greeting her husband cheerfully, the Spring Goddess began to fidget anxiously. Why didn't her father just take the ward off earlier? Did he enjoy teasing the both of them so much , or was he planning on toying with them for his own amusement. She threw the latter of the two thoughts from her head and shook the blonde curtain of bangs that hung in front of her face.

Her father was many things, but even she knew he wouldn't be that cruel.

"Over there."

Persephone flicked her head up and looked to where her father was pointing a finger directly at her. Blinking rapidly, she took a step forward and could feel her husbands eyes upon her.

"Keep a five foot distance monster."
Her mother threatened, moving in front of Persephone. The tears had disappeared from her eyes and were quickly replaced with rage and disgust. Persephone rolled her blue orbs up towards the ceiling before pushing her mother out of the way in haste to meet with her husband.

Now standing before him, the Springtime Goddess shivered in his presence. The magnitude of their love and meetings had always brought goosebumps across her lithe body, and this meeting was no different. When his warm words met her ears, Persephone lifted the back of her hand to caress his sun kissed face.

She nodded her head in agreement to his soft words. "Very true," she replied, her hand gliding across his jaw line in a rhythmic motion. "Though I have to wonder what Daddy's poor vase ever did to you to make you hate so." She teased, glancing back towards the remnants of the broken vase. While her voice will filled with adoration, she could never miss an opportunity to tease the Lord of the Underworld.

With him so close beside her, she finally felt..



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Hermes' voice drew her attention back to him. "Somebody burned it down with a couple humans inside. Queenie over there, didn't seem to know anything about it. That's all I know about it, but I guess the big question is...who the hell would burn it down?" Artemis gave him a look clearly showing her dislike towards the nickname he used for Persephone. Even still she was shocked.

Ambrosia had been a lovely little shop and many people in the area frequented it. She found herself wondering if maybe Hades had done it. There had been many times when the goddess stopped by her cousin's shop and found lines of men in the waiting area; either to buy flowers because they had done been put in the doghouse by their wives/girlfriends, or just using it as an excuse to be in Persephone's presence. Artemis wouldn't put it passed Hades to burn the shop down in order to keep those men away from his wife.

Artemis closed her eyes, shaking her head quickly in an attempt to clear her mind. She really shouldn't have been thinking about her best friends' husband that way, the brunette knew how much Perse loved him. It was strange really, Artemis had spend the last few centuries trying to dispel her negative feelings towards men but even still, she sometimes found herself thinking nothing but the worst of them.

"Hey Arty, you feel anything weird lately? Like..." She looked back towards the god of messengers, waiting for him to continue on. "It's like a buzzing. I keep hearing it in my ears. First I thought Hades sent his Furies or some shit to annoy me because I flirt too much with Seph, but...I don't know, maybe I'm just tripping out or something."

Her features grew serious at Hermes' observation. So apparently she wasn't the only one who felt something off, it sent a somewhat comforting feeling through her body. Then again it really could have been Hades revenge for Hermes' flirting with his Persephone and Artemis was actually just paranoid. Thinking it over for a few seconds she decided that it would be better if she announced her feelings.

"I was actually just telling Perse this morning about this uneasiness I had been feeling all day. The energy flow is just off to me, like something's changed." Her voice trailed off as she looked to the ground, contemplating what it could possibly mean. "I wonder where my brother is…" Her sight moved to the doorway, where the entry way was located. She'd feel better once her twin made an entrance.


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Sighing to herself she re-enters the house, closing the doors silently behind her; however the commotion coming from beyond the main doors to the room seem to drown out the majority of activity as a voice raised in anger echoed loudly. Hades' entrance was as full of rage as always, looking to Athena as yet another means for him to frighten those before him into submission. And while he could most likely back up the façade he projected, it just felt somewhat forced to her. Rolling her eyes at the way Persephone and Hades almost ran towards each other, into a lustful embrace she turned away from their premature reunion. If I wanted to watch such a display I could quite easily have just put the TV onto any of the drivellous soap operas. Athena thought as she seated herself next to the chess board she had given to her father, smiling as she examined the pieces in an attempt to ignore events. It had been one of the only items she had ever requested from Hephaestus, though followed not long after by the incident over her weapons. Each of the pieces on the white side representing the Gods while the pieces on the black were the Titans. Hades and Poseidon were naturally the bishops and both her and Ares the knights to their father Zeus as king, while her stepmother Hera sat as the queen. Though had she put anyone else in such a role, then the board would have long ago been destroyed. Artemis and Apollo were the rooks and Hermes the pawn. It had been a gift that caused much argument but as far as Athena was concerned it was the game in question that mattered, though the aesthetics were still important. The Titan pieces however were her personal favourite as black was her choice whenever she played with her father.

Athena sighed softly to herself, noting how her siblings were talking animatedly amongst themselves nearby and gathering from the glances Artemis made that she was looking for her twin. Causing her to wonder herself where Apollo could be. She smiled warmly towards Minerva, lightly stroking her neck for a moment before starting a chess game with herself to pass the time.

"I wonder when we shall be graced with my brother's presence, though doubtful till they have finished with each other. Then I surmise that Apollo will most likely be the final arrival." she softly whispered to her owl.


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Hades – Dmitri Ruslan

Zeus’s Mansion.

Keep a five foot distance monster.

Persephone’s beauty became obscured by a gorgon that decided to get in his way. Dmitri stared at Demeter with an empty expression. There had been too many emotions assaulting his mind at once just from the audacity of it all. Anger eventually overwhelmed him and to cure his condition, he reached into his inner jacket pocket and removed his new glock. He pointed it right at Demeter until Persephone stepped into the crossfire. Flipping the pistol’s nose upwards, Dmitri retracted the gun and tucked it away back into his coat. The bitch was lucky.

Dmitri’s heart near swelled out of his chest when Persephone stopped before him. When her hand touched his face, his hand rose to clutch the back of it.

Very true…Though I have to wonder what Daddy’s poor vase ever did to you to make you hate it so.

“It looked like he bought it from Pier 1,” Dmitri answered.

Holding out his free hand, he snapped his fingers and his henchmen marched outside. Dmitri drew from his shoulders the snow hare fur coat and draped it about Persephone’s shoulders. He pulled it snug about her, cradling her in its downy texture. He stepped closer to her; the lust that simmered within him exuded from him in waves. Without a word of delay, Dmitri leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. He took hold of her bottom lip, the tip of his tongue tracing it before his tongue entered her mouth.

Brandon watched the lover’s sensual reunion. His hands were resting comfortably in his pockets and his eyes drifted to his sister, curious as to how upset she was about their meeting. It was only for a night. The thugs returned inside the mansion with gifts wrapped in vanilla and gold wrapping paper. The gifts put a smile on his face, temporarily, that was until they entered with a separate, small, dining table, chairs, and what smelled to be a meal of their own.

Brandon frowned. “Why are they bringing in food? I already have food prepared.”

The fur coat had absorbed the mafia boss. Wrapped in the white coat with his wife, he fondled her bosom and massaged her hip with his hungry fingers. Brandon’s brow twitched in irritation when he saw that he was ignored and the touching reunion was quickly taking a sinful turn with Dmitri’s wandering hands.

“Hades!” Brandon irritably shouted.

Dmitri retracted his lips from his flower’s cloves with a wet and audible smack. He gazed into her lovely blue hues before he turned his head to nonchalantly regard his brother. “Why are you confused? I said I would come, but I didn’t say I would consume your mediocre cooking. Huh, I rather enjoy the healthy state of my mortal. If I’m ever suffering from constipation or self-destructive thoughts due to the separation of me and my deyvooshka (fem. lover Rus.), then I may reconsider.”

Brandon face-palmed and then lowered his hand. He asked in exasperation: “Have you even tried the rib-eye? It’s delicious.”

“I bought some things for you,” Dmitri told Persephone. Bernard and the other thugs approached the lovers, bearing the evident garment boxes. Dmitri turned her around in his arms so that she could watch them unwrap a white winter dress, crocheted in Russia to match the fur coat he got her. The next gifts were a white Cossack hat, fur-lined heels, a purse, and snowflake jewelry. The clothes complimented the winter, the season he anticipated seeing her in.

The mafia boss smiled and lowered his lips to her cheek. “I hope that you find them suit-”

Persephone was gone.

Dmitri’s eyes grew in shock to see that his winter angel was no longer there. Bernard gazed at Dmitri in confusion as he watched him slowly back away from Persephone, but then it hit him. He could no longer see her and that meant…

Brandon rested a hand on his stomach as he laughed insensitively at his brother, “Your expression is priceless!”

Dmitri gazed at Brandon with raised brows. He was so confused.

Quieting his laughter, Brandon wiped a tear from his eye and informed, “Yeah, don’t ignore me. I’m serious about that steak. I won’t let you see her until you’ve tried it.”

The corner of Dmitri’s mouth twitched as though he was having a difficult time choosing between happiness or anger. A harsh snicker left him and he leaned forward, hanging his head in laughter. Brandon absently joined him, the two were engrossed in mirth. As he told Hera, Hades wasn’t as bad as Ares. His brother at least had a sense of humor.

It was when Dmitri straightened to reveal the pistol in his hand that Brandon’s laughter stopped and Dmitri was the only one laughing. The mafia boss’s jaws cracked as his teeth grew gnarled and craggy. His eyes were completely black behind his shades except for the silver rings of his irises. He stretched out his arm and squeezed the trigger on the glock until the magazine was exhausted.

“DIE~!” he roared.

Brandon had held out his hand and from his fingers shot a chain of lightning that caused the rounds to pop like cherry bombs before the end of the electric chain tagged Dmitri’s pistol. The weapon leapt out of his hand, leaving electric snakes to dance down Dmitri’s arm. Dmitri’s arm trembled from the shock. It bothered him to see that he had bought a weapon that was incapable of killing his own brother.

“Not until you try my steak!” Brandon returned with a triumphant smile.

Dmitri charged Brandon, and the father god whirled around. The two brothers commenced chasing each other around the mansion. Anton had been watching television and had been trying to ignore the noises that echoed from the foyer when a loud bang came from the ceiling. The smith glanced up and heard the muffled curses of his uncle.

“Keep laughing you son of a bitch! I got a pit in The Underworld with your fucking name all over it!” Dmitri snarled.

“Hey! She was your mom too. Try my steak!”

“I’ll see you in Hell first!”

A loud smash that shook the mansion’s foundations occurred.

“That was my couch you bastard!”

“Fuck your couch!”

Anton sighed and clapped a hand over his face. He only prayed that his father wouldn’t ask him to repair his mansion when Hades’s tantrum was over. The quarrel lasted for only ten minutes when Brandon was seen panting and exhaustedly descending the staircase back down to the foyer. Dmitri followed him; his shades lopsided on his face and his hair looking as though he made love to a wall socket. When the mafia boss reached the bottom of the stairs, he only had the energy to sit down on the last step and catch his breath. Brandon glanced over his shoulder to see that his brother was just as tired as he was and he stopped to also catch his breath. His hands went to his hips as his face glistened with a light sweat. He was thankful that Hades was tired for if he still had some energy, he might not have been able to dodge him for long.

“Looks like our mortals can’t keep up with us, huh?” Brandon laughed.

Dmitri rested his head against the banister and recollected his decision. He couldn’t believe that he went through all of this trouble over a piece of meat. It was Persephone he wanted and nothing else. He didn’t even care about what his brother planned to talk about over dinner. Adjusting his glasses and running a hand back through his hair, Dmitri stood and grudgingly growled, “I’ll try your damned steak.”


Mansion Kitchen.

Dmitri sat at the counter with a scowl on his face. The whole ordeal was ridiculous and it explained why he never attended Zeus’s banquets in the past. Brandon set on the counter a small saucer with a sliver of the rib eye on it. The pink meat was laying in a shallow puddle of blood, mango, and bouillon. Its edges were a rich, crispy brown and Dmitri had to give his brother some credit, the display was appetizing. When his brother set down an empty wine glass, Dmitri quickly informed, “I’m choosing the wine.”

Brandon returned to the counter with a bottle of white wine. Dmitri’s fists irritably clenched. “You don’t serve white wine with meat!”

Brandon wrinkled his nose at his brother. “Hey, this is my tasting. You taste what I serve you.”

Dmitri bowed his head as his face flushed in his rage. Persephone, Persephone, Persephone, he mentally chanted to himself. It was all for her sake. He massaged his temples as Brandon filled his wine glass.

“There we go. Try it, and I promise I won’t interrupt you and Persephone again,” said Brandon.

It was a worthy vow after all the nonsense he had to endure. Dmitri sighed and sat upwards. He first picked up the fork and knife and cut a small square off the meat slither. He then swirled it around in the marinade before inserting it into his mouth. As was Zeus’s experience, the sweet mango and smoky bitterness struck his tongue with an explosion of flavor. The meat wasn’t fatty nor too tender. Its texture was like rough leather.

Brandon grinned as he watched his brother sample the rib-eye. When Dmitri finished the meat, he picked up the wine glass and swirled it. Bringing it to his nose, he sniffed it deeply before frowning…the wine was going to be the worst thing about the tasting, but he kept his opinions to himself. Sipping it, he swished the liquid in his mouth, coating it in the flavor of lemon grass and other grassy flavors: Sauvignon blanc. Setting the glass down, Dmitri’s hands settled on his thighs as he contemplated the whole meal.

“Well?” Brandon questioned.

“I will admit that the steak was well-prepared, and it may have been better if paired with a red wine. Because its glazed in mango, I recommend a Carmenere. Its fruity and robust flavors will only compliment it,” Dmitri enlightened.

Brandon smiled and nodded. “I’ll take that into consideration. May I ask for your advice in the future?”

“Sure, why not. Can I see my wife now?”

“Be my guest!”

Dmitri wasted no time in exiting the kitchen. He returned to the foyer and was pleased to see his spring rose. Bernard had been keeping her company until his boss’s return. He didn’t know what to say to her: “Sorry I kept you waiting,” didn’t seem to cut it. Shit, why the hell would he need to apologize? It was her damn father that had interrupted them.


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( Mansion)

He listened to his sisters response with a surprisingly serious expression. "Hmph. I knew it couldn't have been just me" he responded, running his fingers through his wild bedhead, "anyways, we should probably tell Dad just in case."

The Messenger God turned his head to catch the lovey-dovey scene unfolding around him. The minute his eyes spotted Hades leaning in towards Persephone, they immediately closed shut, tightly.

"I think I'm gonna to yack." The God muttered, watching as the scene between the two lovers took place before his and the rest of the family's eyes.

Completely disgusting, yet he made him jealous of their passion for one another.

"Get a room already!" He called out in annoyance, though mostly because he was actually becoming a bit queasy from their intimacy. His face transfigured into a scowl and he turned back towards Artemis. "How are we even related to this people?" He asked, party rhetorical and partly seeking an honest answer from his sister.

Hermes shook his untamed mane and snuck a peek to where Athena was sitting along with her owl. He would have tried to strike up a conversation with his elder sister, but they always ended up being the most boring and awkward of conversations. The weather, her owl, random messages, and etc. Still, he should at least make the attempt to be friendly.

Taking leave from Artemis's side, he gave the virgin a small wink before venturing into the unknown and walking over towards where Athena was sitting. He was halfway there when the sudden sound of a bike purring outside made him halt.

Pandemonium started behind him, but he rarely payed much attention. Zeus and Hades bickering was so normal to most of them that their little spats did nothing to deter the other Immortals to continue their conversations.

"I think Ares is here guys. " Aphrodite too, he wanted to add but with the blonde heart throbs crippled husband standing only a few feet away he thought speaking her name might not bode too well for the mood. Now all they needed was Apollo and they could get this family dinner on the road.


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#, as written by vinyl
Demeter & Persephone

A collab between myself and Madmoiselle

Demeter stood slack-jawed, even as her two brothers began to fight with one another. For several minutes she was as still as stone, her mortal heart quickening as fierce rage flooded throughout her body. Had she really just witnessed Hades put his filthy tongue down her innocent daughters throat? Her hands began to quake, and rage was replaced by pure unstoppable fury. While her two siblings sauntered into the kitchen, Demeter took her daughters wrist with a grip as fierce and tight as a bear trap.

Persephone's lips still tingled even after her husbands lips had departed from her own. There they stood against one another; the fur he had placed over her still hanging snug and warm over her skin even as she pressed herself close to his muscular figure. "I've missed you much! I have so much to tell you, did you know that Ambro-." She paused, noticing his hazel eyes were no longer locked with her own, and it took her a few seconds to realize what had happened. Within moments that seemed much longer to her, both her father and husband were fighting and Persephone was left with only Bernard close enough for company.
While she turned in order to greet her husbands main henchman, her mother's sudden grip on her wrist made her blue eyes grow widen.

"What are you doing? Let go of me." She demanded, attempting to pry her mother's fingers off of her. She could feel her wrist beginning to bruise, and the look in her mothers eyes actually frightened her a bit. Normally the Harvest Goddess was gentle, even if she was as stubborn as mule. If she was ever violent, it was never directed at Persephone herself.

She did not relent, and instead pulled her daughter close to her. Her nails dug into her daughters supple skin. "How dare he act so vulgar in front of me! I've had enough of this, we're leaving!"

Persephone finally found enough strength to yank her poor wrist out of manic of a mothers death grip. She emerged victorious, but a small scratch from where her mothers fingernails had dragged against the top layer of Persephone's skin began to bleed. "Mother, stop it." Her voice came out as more of a whine than the strong command she wanted it to be. She was weak against the woman, even after years of her constant complaining.

Her daughters feeble attempt to end the conversation did nothing to diminish Demeter's rage. She could not punish the God of the Dead, so her willful daughter who insisted on protecting him would have to do. " Either you come with me right now, or you'll regret it Persephone. I swear by the River Styx, you will regret it."

As if Hades cockiness had finally rubbed off on the Springtime Goddess, Persephone took a step forward and raised her chin up . "Or what? You'll put me in time out? I'm not a little girl anymore and I'm done with you treating me like one." Her voice wobbled slightly at the end, but the proud look in her eyes never diminished. Her husband would be proud had he not still been in the kitchen along with her father.

See, I can stand up to her, she thought to herself as a brief smile flickered over her face as if she had already won against her mother.

Seeing that triumphant look on her daughters face had been the final straw for her. If Goddess's were able to have mental breakdowns, than this would be it. She had spoiled the girl too much, and perhaps her daughters attitude was due to her bad parenting. The reason why didn't matter as much as the present.
Demeter took a step forward and threw her hand back before letting her palm and fingers hit the side of her daughters face. Unlike this morning, she felt no guilt for the slap.

She shuffled back, nearly toppling into Bernard as she struggled to maintain her standing position. It was deja-vu from this morning all over again, only this time her mother had an almost satisfied expression on her face. The painful throbbing of her arm lessened as a even harsher pain lingered on her face.
Unlike the last time, she did not run away. Her blue orbs stared straight into her overbearing mothers and she charged. She put all her strength into a shove that would hopefully make her mother land on her ass.

Persephone's attempts at violence were similar to a kittens. She rolled her eyes and shoved the girl back. "Oh please. Put your back into it at least, that was pathetic" she taunted, placing her hands on her hips.

She never used violence as the answer for anything. Her husband did, and while she had begrudgingly accepted his way of life, it wasn't something she was fond of. Instead of a shove, Persephone mimicked her mother and laid her hand flat to her side before raising it up towards the sky where only seconds later it would come plummeting down to strike her mother on her left cheek.

Demeter clasped her hand against the burning sensation that flooded through her face. "You hit me," she said surprised, rubbing her hand now against her left cheek. She had never really expected her to retaliate, so the surprise of it all left the woman again as still as a statue.

With Hades return, Persephone attempted to hide the scratch her mother had given her behind her back. The sleeve of her new coat was almost long enough to hide it completely, but the end of it was still exposed; red and raw, despite her best efforts. She shot Bernard a look to not say a word. There was no reason for anyone to interfere between her Mother and herself, and she would have hated if Hades were to threaten her mother.

All she wanted was a simple dinner.


“You know why I am here, you're rather subtle message to the Olympians was clear enough. You wish to start the old war again, and instead of biding your time you've struck the first blow against a single building of little worth for even less gain.”

He slammed the door closed with a bit too much strength. The door hinges loosened and a small bolt fell onto the marble flooring. Cronus cracked his neck and turned to follow his nephew as he walked somberly into the house.

"Nice to see you again as well." Cronus replied, mimicking the same tone his nephew had used with him. He let the strongman ramble on with his questions until silence was finally between them once more.

"Despite what you may think, burning Ambrosia does have a purpose." Cronus answered, walking past his nephew in order to lead the Titan to where his brother and father were sitting along with the others."As for your last question, Iapetus and Epimethius are among us. Your..."other" brother has not yet joined us." He shrugged his shoulders back as if to say the younger Titans whereabouts mattered little to him.

The other Titans rose in their seats as Cronus reappeared along with the younger Titan in tow, back in the dining room. The others only took their seats once Cronus himself had found his own chair at the head of the table and sat down upon it with his usual Kingly grace.

"I have to say, I'm surprised to see you here."He admitted,leaning forward to take a sip of his water he had left while opening the door for Atlas. It had become lukewarm but Cronus drank it anyway, still not taking his eyes off the Sky-Bearer.

It's too bad he isn't still holding the damn thing. At least that would keep him away while his betters go to work.

He waited for the man to rage, complain, or to finally have some sense and listen to his Lord. After all, it was the only sensible option if he planned to survive all this.


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Ares, Zeus, Hades & Hephaestus

Outside Zeus's Mansion


The motorcycle hummed as the god sped through the city. The speedometer was between 65-100mph as the orange light of the streetlamps passed over his helmet and exposed arms. He had put his hoodie away, preferring the wind darting coolly through his sleeveless, black-T. His shirt rippled like a flag; parked cars and pedestrians were but smears to his left and right. As he weaved between moving vehicles, drivers glanced out their windows at the motorcyclist breaking the law and the beauty clinging to his waist. To gawking men, her hair was a banner of champagne locks, waving extravagantly in the wind. With how reckless Caeleb drove, she might have thought that he had forgotten all about her. He was prone to get lost in the adrenaline. The slightest error could have him in a car crash and that was the challenge he always fancied.

As the bike neared an intersection, the traffic light flashed red, but the signal wasn't about to stop the war god. None of the lights had stopped him previously and the one before him wasn't getting any special treatment. A bus tore through the intersection and the passengers gazed in fright out their windows as a motorcycle made a relentless approach. Caeleb reached back with his right arm to hold Aphrodite against his back protectively before he slammed his left foot upon the asphalt. The strength behind the kick caused the bike to leap into the air and soar in an arch over the bus. The roof of the lengthy vehicle hissed beneath them before the motorcycle cleared it and landed hard on the other side. With a few recovering bobs, it continued on its path towards Zeus's mansion and Caeleb couldn't resist an arrogant grin. Releasing Aphrodite, he was curious if she would ever ride with him again. Of course, he would probably have a different ride. His occupation often required him to hijack numerous vehicles.

The ride was near conclusion when they left the city into a forested area. They rode down a gravel path and up a hill that was nowhere near as steep as Mt. Olympus, but Zeus's love of elevation and being close to the sky was seen. The gravel became solid as a black paved road appeared beneath them. In the circular driveway were vehicles from several gods Caeleb immediately recognized; and for the first time since he left the apartment, he slowed down.

The mercenary glided up to the walkway before he lowered his booted feet and glanced out of the corners of his eyes at the black Ford with thuggish gentlemen standing around it. Removing the bike helmet in one motion, Caeleb leaned back as Aphrodite dismounted with a dangerously-excited grin.

"Hades is here. It seems we're just in time. I hope I didn't miss too much. You survive all right, Princess?" he questioned, not too concerned for her health. He was certain she handled the ride just fine.

Setting his helmet on the seat, the war god set the stand, removed his keys, and dismounted next as his vixen started for the doors. "Hold on a second, let me put on a better shirt."

Caeleb crouched next to one of the bike compartments and opened it to start rummaging through several shirts. Some could use a wash, having been used for countless covers in the past. Drawing his shirt up and over his head, he set it on the seat as he continued his search for a descent shirt to wear for the occasion. Pulling out a plain-old, solid-black button up, he stood and turned to follow after Aphrodite as he slipped his arms through the sleeves. He walked until he was next to her, his fingers busy buttoning the shirt from his navel to his sternum, when a sudden aura caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise.

Caeleb froze and stared at the door. He then followed with his eyes along the wall to the god signature he was sensing. The aura was unbelievably hot like a forge, like Hephaestus. As Aphrodite reached out to take a hold of his wrist, Caeleb lowered his hands and snorted like an affronted bull.

"Your husband is here," he informed with a scowl. The fuck, he doin' here? Shit...

Cael yanked his wrist from her clutches as he turned from the mansion in a low simmer. He didn't want to be seen with Aphrodite when the smith was around, it was a good way to get on his bad side. He didn't give too shits about his brother in all honesty. It was the weapons he cared about. Grasping his jaw in thought, he stared absently at the Underworld thugs as they smoked and conversed amongst themselves. The day just fucking sucked. He had planned to have Aphrodite all to himself and nothing so far had gone as planned. He would have her by the end of the night, and he would make sure of it.

Lowering his head, Cael dropped his hand and closed his eyes. He was in no mood for drama--at least not the non-violent kind. "You go in first. He probably doesn't even know we're here."

I think Ares is here guys.

Anton's focus broke from the TV as he abruptly rose from the couch. He walked over to the nearest window and twisted the blinds until he could see Caeleb standing outside with his wife. The smith lightly frowned. The sight of his brother made him sick.

Cael sighed in defeat. There was no use fuming about it. It was only for an hour. The dinner wouldn't take any longer with how dysfunctional his family was. He faced Aphrodite again and walked over to take her delicate hands within his rough ones. He rubbed his thumbs against the back of her knuckles and looked into her eyes.

"Just give me another kiss. Just one more before I'm forced to hear my retarded sister preach to me about how weak and dumb she is. I don't think I could survive this dinner without it, but you better bet your ass I'm gonna have you tonight. I hope you've been practicin' your yoga 'cause I'm gonna have you sore in the morning."

It bothered him how the moment felt like he was saying goodbye to her. She wasn't going anywhere and neither was he, but they were going to be rather distant the whole night and it was probably wise. They were interrupted, and if he found the love goddess sashaying anywhere near a closet, he would snatch her into any room he could find.

The war god grasped her hips and tugged her close until there weren't even inches between them. He gazed into her sea foam eyes. He smiled softly at her as he teased her lips with the brush of his own before spreading them apart to envelope them. His fingers gripped and stroked her hips as he sank into the oozing vat that was his lust.

Anton's lips rolled back to bear his teeth in anger as his uncle's words passed through his mind again:

Those two would fuck on your damn desk if you gave them the chance and they wouldn’t give two shits if you were watching, you know why? It’s because they both know that you’re not going to do shit about it.

Oh, he was going to do something about it this time. Anxiety nested in his chest just thinking about it, but he had to do something. This had to stop. Slamming his fist against the wall, Anton turned from the window and started for the foyer.

Cael suspiciously broke the kiss when he heard a dull thud and watched as pieces of paint crumbled from the wall where the imprint of a fist protruded.

Zeus and Hades.

Brandon stepped from the kitchen to watch Anton leave the living room to cross the foyer swifter than he would expect a gimp to move. Following that spectacle, his brother Hades returned to Persephone, and his daughter was looking like a boxer fresh from a match. He saw her hiding her wrists that were pink and covered with welts and the red, irritated mark of what could only be a slap against her cheek. Did she really think she could hide such marks from his brother? The dinner hadn't even begun and the reunion was becoming a time bomb that would go off in seconds if he didn't find the right wire.

Seeing as his brother's situation was the most dangerous, Brandon approached the four of them, and stood next to Demeter in case he needed to protect her. He gently took her by the arm and attempted to lead her to the living room until he could rally his family about the banquet table.

"You really did it this time. You know she's not a child anymore and that Hades is absolutely nuts about her. Did you have to be so rough?" Brandon grumbled. "If we're both lucky, he might overlook it. If not, then this one will be on me."

Brandon had a solemn expression on his face unlike his usual merry one. All he could imagine was Hera saying, "I told you so," and he was in no mood to hear it. He was not expecting the Persephone situation to be this bad. It was only one night damn it!

Bernard was wearing a poker face when Dmitri came before him and Persephone. Deep down, he was extremely apprehensive to the point that he didn't know what to say. He had kept the young goddess company and yet her mother managed to lay one on her face in his presence. He was just a minion and crossing Demeter was suicide. Already he was contemplating on whether or not he should have died trying to protect Persephone from her mother's strikes for here now his lord stood before him, and there was no use hoping that he wouldn't find out. Hades ALWAYS found out.

Dmitri smiled when he saw Persephone do what he thought was shy away. Her hands went behind her back, and he didn't think too much of it until when he neared her the faint scent of copper touched his nostrils. The dark god stopped. He knew that smell almost better than Ares. His caramel eyes peered at Persephone from over the rims of his glasses. No words were necessary for the look he had given her spoke clearly.

Bernard's jaw tightened as he found it difficult to retain his stoicism. Just as he had predicted, from his look alone, Hades knew something was up.

Dmitri reached out to snatch Persephone's wrists from behind her back. With firm and controlling strength, he held her arms out and stared at her one wrist that portrayed her marred flesh. The mafia boss's eyes widened before they darted to the young goddess's face. He tilted his head to see her red cheek and the fury that surged through him could have been seen and felt from his tightening grip on her and his shaking hands.

"Who did this to you?" he demanded on a quivering voice. He was trying to keep his cool for he had let his temper already slip once in the evening. But wait, he already had an idea who. Dmitri turned a feral eye over his shoulder to see Zeus walking away with his sister.

Brandon stopped when he felt the icy eye of the god of the dead on his back. Dmitri hadn't been as angry as he could have been until that moment. The last time he had seen that look in his eye was in the Titanomachy, and it was reserved for his enemies. The lamps around Dmitri were already beginning to flicker the deeper he sank into that mood and the marble floor was softening into powder beneath his feet as his body began absorbing the nutrients, life, and energy from the objects around him. His skin became as pale as a sheet as Dis Pater near spawned from his mortal shell.

Standing before Demeter protectively, Brandon growled, "Look the other way, Hades. Just let it go. Whatever happened happened. If you harm our sister, I won't be able to forgive you; and I don't think Persephone will be able to either. Just take my daughter and enjoy the dinner. I promise Demeter won't bother the two of you until it's over."

"If she bothers us again or even harms Persephone again, I will kill her and drag her soul to the deepest depths of the Styx. I swear it!" Hades hissed. He pointed a long and hooked condemning finger in Demeter's direction. His whole form had turned as black as a shadow. His eyes were white, his irises outlined in black and his blazer rippled as ominous beings shifted beneath his clothing, whispering devious plots amongst themselves. The dark face of an infant peeked from his coat. It's blood-red eyes gazed at Persephone and Bernard, its tiny horns protruding from its forehead. Winding along Hades's arm was a black serpent. When it reached his hand, it hung its bulbous head. The numerous spikes upon its skull formed a crown and from its mouth extended a hint of a sickle-like weapon. The blade was a brilliant silver that reflected the god's grinning face and Brandon's fearless scowl. It was a fragment of the scythe of Thanatos.

"Don't play with me, Demeter. Persephone is no longer yours. She is mine, and as soon as you acknowledge that the longer you have to live. Please, try to keep her longer than six months. Try please. I need to practice my swing."

Dropping his arm, the shadows melted as the lamp light caused the nightmares to disintegrate around the mafia boss. He regarded Demeter and Brandon for a few seconds longer, smiling at his brother and how suddenly protective he was over her. He should have known that if he didn't have control over his visitations with Persephone that he wouldn't be able to stop him from killing her mother. Persephone would get over it. Her mother was second to him after all--so he believed. Dmitri gazed sternly at his wife.

"No one will lay a hand on you again. God or mortal; family or stranger; I will kill them. No one has the right to mar your beauty," Dmitri declared.

Brandon breathed a large and deep sigh. He was afraid that he would have had to fight his own brother. He hated altercations and tried to use reasoning to ease them. He turned to Demeter and smiled reassuringly at her.

"He's just mad, but you must leave them alone for the rest of the dinner. You will have Persephone back soon enough," said Brandon. He rested a warm hand against her back and rubbed it soothingly. Like his relationship with Hera, he sometimes wondered how he had loved this woman once. Demeter was indeed beautiful, but she was a rose with thorns that gave birth to a lily. Maybe one day, Persephone will learn how to defend herself and not have to rely on Hades too much.

That altercation had been the first he managed to stop. Unfortunately, he had forgotten the issue in the driveway.

Ares and Hephaestus.

The mansion doors abruptly opened and Anton emerged behind Aphrodite. He saw Cael's hands at her hips and he thrust his palm against the war god's chest to separate them.

"Get your hands off my wife!" Anton growled.

Caeleb staggered back and spread his arms to catch his balance. "Who the fu..."

The mercenary stared at the giant standing before his girlfriend. There was something familiar about him, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He looked the giant up and down until he noticed the iron cast about his leg. His brows rose with recognition immediately. The god signature had been radiating from the mysterious gentleman before him.

Grinning, Cael laughed, "You almost fooled me. You must have worked pretty hard on that body. Touch me like that again, and I'll fuck it up!"

Anton frowned, but didn't once doubt Cael's threat. However, he wasn't there to deal with him. Now that he and Aphrodite were somewhat alone, he had to talk to her.

"Aphrodite; we must talk. I know that you've been seeing Ares behind my back. Why? I have given you everything. There isn't a jewel on this earth that he could give you that would ever be as immaculate as the ones that come from my forge," Anton explained.

Caeleb grinned impishly and grasped his crotch. "That's because I give her a different kind of jewel."

Anton growled and held his hands out to her. "There is nothing beautiful about him. While I create, he destroys. He takes women, children, fathers, and heroes without discrimination..."

Caeleb shook his head. The conversation no longer amused him. "Tell her somethin' that she doesn't know about me. Hey," he called to Aphrodite. He pointed with his thumb over to Hades's Ford that had the minions around it. "I'm goin' over there for awhile. I'll see you later."

"You will not!"

"Huh; stop me mother fucker."

Anton felt powerless, and it was mostly Caeleb making him feel that way. Aphrodite was in love with the killer and as much as he wanted to be and act like a husband, his role depended entirely on her. Would he have to fight him? As the war god sauntered over to the Ford, Anton sized him up and silently weighed his chances. He had heard stories of Ares's ferocity. Even Athena spoke about him, but in their rivalry it was never too highly. If Ares was as savage as the legends told, to challenge him at that moment would not be wise, but he was certain that he could craft a device that would rival even his might.

Anton scowled at the floor in defeat. He had every desire to call out Ares and challenge him as he imagined himself being stronger than his handicap permitted, but it was a dream. He would have to change his tact.

Cael had asked one of the minions for a cigarette. He wasn't a habitual smoker, but tonight, he was going to need something.


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus, Hades, Hephaestus, & Ares


Yes dear.

Dmitri raised his hand and pinched the corners of his eyes. Persephone’s sweet voice was a melody that often extinguished the flames of his temper and brought him to ease. He loved her so much. Before he ever learned of her existence, Hades always doubted that he could ever love a goddess so fiercely. He didn’t believe in such emotions and before, he didn’t know such emotions existed within him.

Her petal-soft lips touched his jaw and Dmitri lowered his hand to gaze at his queen.

That’s a thank you for the gifts…the rest of my thank you will have to wait until we’re not surrounded by the rest of our family.

Her façade of innocence was so deceptive that it often drove him mad. Dmitri smirked and crept close to her ear and whispered mischievously, “I tend not to be a patient man.” He didn’t think he needed to remind her of how they first met. It had been an impulse he had reacted on. His breath tickled her ear before he kissed the shell of it and snaked his arm about her offered one.

“Sociable? That’s not exactly my thing. I won’t stop you, however. If you have a desire to mingle with your old girlfriends, then do so. I have a table for us, and I hope you don’t mind Italian with a glass of ambrosia.”

There was no wine that he could buy finer than the wine brewed in the heavens. His unexpected reunion with his wife was beyond special. He led her into the dining room where a long table adorned with silver platters and dishes sat on a tablecloth so thin and silky, it may have been woven from undulatus cloud—it was very much like his brother after all. To the left of the table, was a black glass table carved from obsidian. He had refrained from using wooden furniture in his wife’s presence. He didn’t think that the idea that a tree was butchered for their comfort would settle well with her, but obsidian had been a mineral of The Underworld. It would possibly remind her of home. A plain-white table cloth was draped over the table and two minions stood nearby guarding his wife’s gifts, and the other holding two wine glasses and the tall and dangerously potent bottle of ambrosia in a bag.

Lifting her hand, he brought the backs of Persephone’s fingers to his lips and tenderly kissed them. He gazed from behind his shades into her eyes that allured him like precious jewels.

“Do as you like, my dear, but I shall have you for dinner…” He paused on the innuendo and smiled impishly. “Interpret that any way you want.”

He released her.

Hephaestus & Ares.


Hephaestus’s attention snapped to his mother who had appeared in the doorway. Ares turned a honeyed eye over his shoulder to regard the woman with one of his uncle’s cigars clenched between his teeth.

The meal is about to begin so it’s best to get inside soon.

“Hmph,” Ares grunted. Yes, Mom, he thought sarcastically. He couldn’t believe that after all these years she still felt like his mother. Like Zeus, he wouldn’t dare disobey her either—especially, her. He had heard stories of her revenge games, and as much as he would like to see what kind of monster or devil she would summon to try and kill him, the game may not go as he envisioned. He imagined an opponent but she may put him through a bitch of a task. She was the Goddess of Bitches after all.

Hephaestus said nothing. When his mother vanished back into the house leaving behind her plume of distasteful words, the smith had followed his wife inside. She still hadn’t answered him, and he had every intention to sit next to her until she did. He was tired of being in the dark about their relationship.

For being so determined, the god remained silent as he followed the goddess still fearful of what she might say about him. There were many who saw Aphrodite as they did Persephone and Hestia—goddesses not made for combat and were as vulnerable as shallow water. Hephaestus wouldn’t class Aphrodite amongst the latter for she may not be as strong to wound a god physically, she could emotionally destroy him. What drove her to love an animal like the God of War? Did she desire protection? Did she purposefully seek out the affections of the most dangerous god to guard her? Surely she was using him for the smith couldn’t imagine there being a characteristic in him that she fancied. He was a pet—a guard dog.

Ares took a final, deep drag from the cigar and allowed the smoke to stream out from his nostrils and the cracks of his teeth in a relaxed sigh.

“I can see why he smokes that shit,” Ares muttered. He handed the cigar to one of the minions and turned to follow Aphrodite and her lost puppy of a husband inside. He didn’t feel a drop of worry about her relationship with Hephaestus. He knew he had her just as she had him, and it hadn’t required her magic. Her charm craft didn’t work on him, but her natural foreplay could drive him crazy. He was already feeling crazy. The magnitude of his frustration was taking all of his energy and every ounce of his patience to keep him from transforming from man to sex-craving beast.

Cael hadn’t even been thinking about his brother. All right, I’m goin’ to eat the damn dinner, and then were goin’ to get the hell out, drive to the nearest hotel, alley, tree, bush…

The god stopped before the door and hung his head. This was bad…he wasn’t going to make it if he kept thinking like that. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he sighed deeply and stepped into the foyer before closing the doors behind him. It may have actually been a good idea that Aphrodite remained with his weakling of a brother for majority of the night. If Cael got any closer, he would attack.

The war god was looking sick and obviously bothered by something, and he tried to hide his emotions behind one of his stay-the-fuck-away-from-me expressions. Perhaps if he mingled a little, then it would take his mind off his carnal desires; and who the better to mingle with than his darling sister?

Cael caught sight of Athena sitting at a chess table with Hermes—oh the irony. The war god couldn’t hide the wicked smirk that slowly sliced across his lips as he approached their game and stopped beside Hermes. Resting a hand on his chin, he scanned the pieces in play and how they were set up before he grasped one of Hermes’s knights and unceremoniously knocked several of Athena’s random pieces off the board, making more moves than allowed, and not abiding by the knight’s L motions before finally sending her king clattering upon the floor. Slamming the knight down in the king’s spot, Cael threw up his fists and cheered, “HA! CHECKMATE BITCH!”

Cael then threw his head back as he roared with obnoxious laughter. Resting a hand on the edge of the chess table, he supported his form as he grew weak with mirth. With a recuperating sigh, the war god straightened and decided to shed some of his wisdom upon his siblings, “There are no rules in war. So if you want to win the game, then you just need to win it.”


Brandon was pleased to see that his sister’s temper was subsiding from his touch. She was a good mother deeply concerned about her daughter.

Darling… Hera’s voice made Brandon freeze as though ice had taken hold of him. I think everyone’s arrived. Perhaps we should have everyone seated?

As her hand passed down his upper back to his lower, he felt a chill following. She might as well have slid a knife down his spine for the touch was similar. Lifting his hand from Demeter’s back, Brandon sheepishly replied, “That’s not a bad idea.” The sooner we get this show on the road, the sooner I can be off on my date.

I’ll go get the staff ready to start the first course.

“Great, then I’ll go ahead and have-!” Brandon suddenly jumped when he felt a sudden pinch to his rear. He tried to play it off behind a large, all-is-well grin as his train of thought was suddenly derailed. He couldn’t remember what he had been about to say before. All he could do was watch Hera out of his peripherals prowl off into the kitchen.

Why did you do that? he found himself mentally screaming in his embarrassment. He had forgotten how much of a bad girl she was, and it had aroused him a little; but he had played that game once. Hera’s mood swings were too unpredictable.

I’ll go wait in the dining room.

“See you there,” Brandon quickly replied. When Demeter sauntered into the dining room, Brandon sighed in relief before he regarded the remaining gods and goddesses in the foyer.

“Everyone, go ahead and seat yourselves in the dining room so we can go ahead and get started on dinner. There is a lot that I must discuss with you all, so the sooner I can speak to you all at once, the sooner we all can return to our mortal lives.”

Without another word, Brandon started into the dining room with every intention to police where each god and goddess sat. He wanted to separate the ones that would cause the most commotion, and he quickly noticed that he wouldn’t have to worry about Hades for he still had his own table set up to the side. Brandon scowled at his brother’s back, but he didn’t bother him. It had been in their agreement that he would leave him alone. Bastard.

As soon as everyone was seated, Brandon didn’t jump directly into the main point of discussion as Apollo may have liked. He instead wanted to hear about his family’s well-being.

“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”


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The doors to the room had opened to admit her fathers wife, Hera being trailed by Ares; looking like a child ready to throw a tantrum and the lame Hephaestus with his wife in tow, and as always Aphrodite's gaze was more surely aimed towards the god of war, however subtly it was plain to see if you knew what to look for. As she awaited her brothers turn on the table she noticed the glint of a plan flicker to life in the eyes of the newly arrived 'Cael' as he preferred to be called these days and she had to force down her instinct to roll her eyes at his obvious intent to show his superiority over her and all of their kin, as per usual. The smirk that had broken out across his face all too blatant to her tastes.

Athena tried to ignore her sibling as he approached, hoping that he would instead acknowledge their fathers call for dinner to be taken in the dining room and be diverted. But that was just wishful thinking talking and she knew better than to expect such a simple conclusion to this, as she saw him stand behind hermes his vile noxious laughter filled her senses as she watched him take the figure of himself and use it to scatter the board before placing it in place of her king, causing the titan lord to clatter onto the floor. Her eyes flared a dark crimson for a fraction of a second before returning to deep blue, as he spoke; taunting her as he attempted in vain to assert his superiority.

"There are no rules in war. So if you want to win the game, then you just need to win it.”

Athena sighs softly before speaking "Always such a simple mind, childlike really. It is not about war having rules, brother, but in understanding how your opponent thinks in their approach to the conflict. But alas the concept is something you would be unable to grasp. All you do is act and thrive on the conflict it causes to those around you, but for you it is the conflict, win or lose that boils your blood and sets your passion alight." she shakes her head "You and her have always had a connection with that have you not? She enjoys your primal nature and you enjoy the conquest and apparent victory over our smith."

She smiles and leans back in her chair, her fingers lightly caressing the king that was thrown to the floor as the other pieces retake their places upon the board, a faint aura of pale light covering each.

"I do tire of your vain hope to prove yourself better; oh yes you've had your fair share of victory, but your flaw is that you see one won battle as the victory to end the war and become complacent in your won laurels."

Athena stands slowly before placing the king as the final piece upon the freshly set board, then walks towards the dining room leaning close to Ares as she passes, whispering softly for his ears alone.

"A word of caution brother, you've had your conquest, and you've tasted the spoils but beware that your foe is not beaten and simply bides his time. I don't doubt you'll ignore me, but don't say I didn't try." she shakes her head as she walks away, to take her seat at the table.

“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”

Athena sighs at her fathers words, clearly this night in intended to drag on more than it should. Whatever is praying on his thoughts, the reason for tonight, must be serious indeed for the shear amount of stalling before details are revealed. Their appeared to be some unease shown by Apollo on arrival which spoke to the Grey Goddess that he knew what tonight was about, and their fathers stalling was not to his liking.


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#, as written by Odinson

She gave him confirmation of everyone’s presence within the mansion, even noting some of the typical interactions of his kin to which Apollo resisted rolling his eyes. He saw a concern grow within her however and she expressed this saying "Apollo, what's wrong? Has something happened?"

Has something happened?

At first he was confused as to why she would ask such a question, after all didn’t Zeus... The Far-darter’s eyes shown realization, near disbelief in them. He said almost more to himself than to his twin, “He hasn’t told you.” A moment passed in complete silence, this new information taking its toll to the point where he paid no heed to what else transpired in the foyer. When the moment ended, his bared a deeply frowning brow and barred teeth in the direction of the dining hall.

Ignoring his sister Apollo strode into the dining hall and was set to bombard his father with questions. What was there to gain from not telling his children and siblings? What purpose was therein failing to warn them immediately what was happening, what was at stake? How could put on that stupid grin and pretend all was well, when of all people in the entire cosmos he should be the most troubled, having faced these monsters before? But Apollo had the wit to calm himself, for now Zeus would address them, Apollo resolving to sit at the obsidian table awaiting for his father to break the news. To Apollo’s great disappointment however he merely mentioned that there would bad news, and decided to yet again stall what would be the most important council in millennia.


The Far-darter wouldn’t have it, in his mind there was had no time to waste, he’d done enough of that taking his sweet time in arriving, though at the time he thought they’d be discussing this already. He rose out of his seat, and faced his father with a face of disappointment and contempt, and perhaps he would be thought insolent by all others within the hall but he spoke anyway, “Feel like a family? You want us to feel like a family? Please don’t even try to pretend that we have any semblance of that word, at least not until each of us can openly acknowledge our failings and vices, myself included. But more than that, wouldn’t it be far more prudent to address imminent threat to us, and all six billion men women and children on this earth?” his voice was rising and growing ever more irritable.

“That perhaps you of all people would understand what’s happening? What do you want? For us cease this infighting? To act unified and ignoring the discrepancies and grievances between us? They’ll never do it, they’ve had thousands of years to do it, why would they start now when they feel nothing to gain? Well now I say to all of you, that were in not that our very survival hinges within the choices made in this hour I would not care if you bashed in each other’s brains to your hearts content, but it seems even some part of me long dormant and diminished still loves as kin.

“But please father, do continue, see how far they go to please you without compromising their egos.” When he was finished his body seemed to relax, and rested his hands upon the table supporting himself, and sighed deeply, “I’m sorry,” he apologized. He then he looked to his father apologetically, “I’m not known for my temper, but even you don’t know what I saw, and I shouldn’t blame you. Nonetheless this can’t be put off for another minute.”

He rose again and addressed them, “Let me tell of my visions. Think of them as the sense of hearing, you don’t typically choose what you hear though you can tune yourselves the sound around you to detect what is near. Normally what I see is far off, distorted, subject to change. But earlier today the vision I had was the equivalent to putting ear to a jet engine, it is something that is just short of being inevitable.”

And so it was that the Far-darter sate them down, recounting the events concerning the return of the Titans who visited Persephone’s shop, and foretold in explicit detail the world he saw. Of the earth caked in the ash of mortals, of the fall of Olympus and detailed descriptions of the corpses of the Olympians not even omitting the fate of his dear sister. Of and age in which all would be laid to ruin under a red sky and sea, of a Crimson Age yet to come.

He finished and regarded them grimly, “You know me not to be an exaggerator, nor paranoid nor deceitful. But this will happen if we do not act, and sooner than any of us would like. What say you, my kin?”