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The Smithing God

Aliases: Hephaestus, Vulcan, Amphigueis (The Lame One), Kullopodion (The Halting), Khalkeus (Coppersmith), Klutotekhnes (Renowned Artificer), Polumetis (Shrewd, Crafty, or Of Many Devices), and Aitnaios (Aetnaean).

Basic Appearance: The god’s skin is brown like granite and his hair and beard comprised of fire. His body is packed with muscle, emphasizing his strength over his speed. Hephaestus’s eyes glow like hot coals. His torso is exposed like a solid, rock face and a metal belt wraps his hips. His trousers sink into shin-high boots that are sturdy and reinforced with steel. He is never without his hammer.

Background: Hephaestus is the son of Zeus and Hera. His brother is Ares and his sisters are: Eileithyia, Enyo, and Hebe. On his birthday, he was cast from the mountain by Hera for being born with a deformed leg. While in exile, the god became a master smith, and with his unrivaled talent was able to return to Olympus where Zeus bestowed upon his own workshop. It is in this workshop where Hephaestus forges divine weaponry, machines, automobiles, etc. The artisan can create anything.

Personality: Hephaestus is a quiet god but when he speaks, his voice is like a weight. It weighs down on the listener and can crush those weak of spirit. For being more of a listener than a speaker, the god is very cunning. The smith can always be found in his workshop working tirelessly on projects. He enjoys inventing and finds his shop therapeutic when troubling situations arise. He knows that Aphrodite is disloyal, and after learning of her countless affairs, his heart has grown numb to her. However, he refuses to go to Zeus to take back his proposal. Out of spiteful revenge, he holds onto their marriage. The beautiful goddess will never know a beautiful husband.

The mastersmith takes pride in all of his creations and works diligently to present only the best crafts. An insult to his devices is an insult to him, and in such cases, he will deny his services to that fool.

Hephaestus has always felt like the outcast. Having been cast from a mountain upon birth and exiled until adulthood by his own kin, he has grown detached from his home. He doesn’t directly involve himself in the god’s disputes and wars. He is but a blacksmith and that is his only role. What his customers do with the weapons he creates is their business.

Creations He’s Known For: He designed Hermes' winged helmet and sandals, the Aegis breastplate, Aphrodite's famed girdle, Agamemnon's staff of office, Achilles' armor, Heracles' bronze clappers, Helios' chariot, the shoulder of Pelops, Eros's bow and arrows, and all the thrones in Olympus. His most famous creation was the fire that was stolen from his forge by Prometheus and given to man.

Servants: Hephaestus has three, metal golem apprentices that help him work around the workshop as well as guard it. The three enchanted colossi seem human in personality capable of normal communication and gestures, but they are not to be underestimated. Having been constructed by a mastersmith and god, the golems rival the powers of most of the gods in the pantheon. The servants names are: Brontes, Steropes, and Pyracmon.

Most Prized Possessions: His hammer and iron cast.
Symbols: Hammer, anvil, and tongs.
Domain: Divine Workshop

Weapon: Warhammer, which is also his crafting hammer.
Divine Craft – The master smith can craft any object that manifests within his imagination. He is the god of technology, blacksmithery, craftsmanship, artisanship, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes. Every object the smith makes is imbued with divine magic and is therefore resilient to wear, tear, and rusting. A weapon from Hephaestus is not only deadly but a masterpiece.
Fire – It was from his forge that man gained the power to create. Hephaestus can wield fire to create and destroy. He can inspire hot magma to bubble from the earth and exude fire from his very being.


Mortal Form

Author’s Note: I am still working on this profile. I’ve just been so busy to get this one done, but it shall be completed really soon. In the meantime, it’s safe to put it up for the rest of the information will be filled out tomorrow.

Name: Anton Gallagher
Role: Weaponsmith
Age: 29
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 275 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Physique: Thick and solid
Status: Married to Aphrodite
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Appearance: Anton is tall and muscular, standing with his shoulders high and proud with a defined arch in his back. His jaw is square with stubble that hints at a possible beard. He has brown-sugar eyes and maple hair cropped short in feathery layers. The god’s mortal form was a form he designed himself. He sculpted it and like the hands of Bernini, he constructed a handsome and detailed shell for himself. On his left leg is an iron cast that makes his movements rather audible.
Human Personality: Anton is always locked in concentration when he's in his shop, but when he isn't working, which is rare, he seems distant. He is the kind of man that is easy to forget is still in the room. Outside his shop, the world feels abnormal. He feels like he doesn't belong and will retreat to the solitude of his shop any chance he gets. His relationship with his wife seems nonexistent. He had loved her deeply once. He designed jewelry for her to magnify her beauty and she used his gifts to lure to her bed other men. Their relationship had been difficult - something he didn't anticipate. She is the goddess of beauty and her heart only reached out to men who were just as beautiful. In his god form, he is rather unsightly--The Beast. But he had tried a countless amount of times to show his wife that he can make stunning and beautiful things. To no avail, she never noticed and even though his heart has grown numb to love. As a final attempt, he constructed his own human shell, hoping that its beauty would catch her eye and perhaps she would finally love him.
Weapons: Warhammer - the hammer he uses to forge his devices. The tool is extremely heavy yet Anton wields it with ease.
Business: The Artisan - a codename rather than a business name. He is known as "The Artisan" by thugs, military, and government officials. Whenever a design becomes complicated, they seek him to make it. Anton is filthy rich in result, but he doesn't do much with his money. Whatever his workshop needs is what he'll spend his money on, besides that, if it wasn't for Aphrodite, the money wouldn't go anywhere.
Theme Song: "I'm Still Here" - Goo Goo Dolls

So begins...

Hephaestus's Story


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#, as written by Sonata
Hephaestus – Anton Gallagher

Anton’s workshop.

The weapon shop was dark, illuminated by a fire along the back wall and the small lamp that sat on Anton’s work desk. The smith had just finished his uncle’s order for a new Glock. With the parts scattered across his desk, he carefully picked up each piece and rubbed them down with lubricant. He took his time with the process while his uncle slept in a nearby chair. His men were seated and leaning upon surrounding tables. The atmosphere of the shop was so warm and comfy that even Bernard found himself dozing. It was the most peace they would ever know in a day.

“Uncle,” Anton called. His eyes never lifted from the barrel he was polishing.

Dmitri was still asleep, slumped back in the chair with his head hanging over the back. His lips were slightly parted and the black shades he wore to hide his sleep-deprived eyelids had offered more shade in the dim shop than he needed. Bernard’s eyes widened with alertness and he raised his head to glance at Anton as though to make sure it had been him who had spoken. The smith hadn’t said much for the past minutes they had been there, and so his voice had caught him off guard. Glancing to Dmitri, Bernard reached out to touch his shoulder and lightly shake him awake.

“Boss,” Bernard called.

“Hm?” Dmitri uttered groggily. His eyes opened, his amber orbs regarding Bernard with the aggression of a serpent. Bernard pointed in Anton’s direction and Dmitri sat up in his chair, tilting his head left and then right as his neck emitted quiet pops.

With a soft, lazy groan, Dmitri sat back in his seat with his weight mostly slumped upon the right armrest. He grasped his sunglasses between his left thumb and index finger and raised them to sit atop his head.

“Yes?” he questioned.

Anton lowered the barrel and stared at it within his hands. “I wanted to ask you for advice since our domains are similar. I feel that this workshop is like your Underworld. I am always here and you are always there. We reside outside Olympus.”

Dmitri blinked slowly, his lids growing heavy as the conversation continued. He raised his hand to support his head as he regarded the smith through slit eyes.


“I want to ask, Uncle, how did you win Persephone’s love? As Hephaestus, I am ugly and my wife as we both know is the embodiment of beauty. She loves and desires only beautiful things. I could never get her to love me for me. I tried to amaze her with the things I create, but she takes no notice. I have made many beautiful things for her, and she has used them to win the hearts of other men. I don’t know what to do.

You are a horrifying god. You dabble in dark and wicked things. You stole Persephone from her mother, and after all that you’ve done to her, she is infatuated with you. She looks beyond your gruesome activities and still manages to love you. Your relationship is fascinating and yet puzzles me.”

Dmitri sat in silence for a moment. Was his nephew asking him for advice? No one had ever asked him for advice on anything. The mafia boss sat up in his chair and foured his left leg overtop of his right. With his hands tucked comfortably in the pockets of his long coat, he gave his nephew his full attention. Anton, likewise, set down the pistol and gave his uncle his full attention.

“When I first laid eyes on Persephone, I knew I wanted her. She was so sweet and innocent, everything I wasn’t. I had to have her. So I took her and fucked her lights out. Oooh~ it was so delicious…” He held his hands up with his shoulders raised in a shrug. “She cried afterwards, but what can you do? She hated my guts for a whole month and hated everything I did. She even tried to escape my Underworld once and I dragged her back, screaming and clawing. I told her, ‘Bitch, I’ll never let you leave because you’re mine!’ She still hated me. I lavished my dove in gifts that she refused to accept. But eventually she gave me a chance. She eventually saw the magnitude of my love for her; she eventually understood that I wasn’t going to let anyone touch her or wrong her in any way; and that the only person she had to fear was me. I made her a strong and independent woman so she didn’t have to rely on her bitch of mother to wipe her ass every day. Because I made her into a better woman, she loves me; and, of course, because I’m her fucking-awesome husband.”

Bernard’s brows were raised in shock at his boss’s spiel and the proud smile he wore afterwards.

Anton stared uncomfortably at his desktop. “So…I need to kidnap her?”

Bernard slapped his forehead.

“Have you slept with her yet?”


“Then you need to snatch her up and fuck her until it hurts. You want to leave an impression that when she’s out there being a slut, when she’s fucking other men, she’ll be thinking of you. You’re a big guy, and I’m sure you’re packin’…” Dmitri arched a suspicious brow. “You are packin’ right?”

Anton tried to hide the blush that burned at his cheeks at that question. He combed his fingers back through his brown hair and sheepishly answered with a hard scowl, “I guess I am.”

Bernard’s brows twitched in disbelief. Was he really hearing this conversation right? How did this even happen? When did they get here?

“Modesty gets you nowhere,” Dmitri enlightened. “If you’re packing, then you got to act like it. You need to act like you got something to offer. But let’s be real…”

Dmitri dropped his leg and sat forward in his seat. “Aphrodite isn’t Persephone, and if she was, that bitch would be dead if I caught her fucking anyone else but me!” Shaking his head to clear his angry thoughts and put his mind back on track, Dmitri continued, “We both know that she’s been fucking Ares. Shit, who am I kidding, EVERYONE knows that. Those two would fuck on your damn desk if you gave them the chance and they wouldn’t give two shits if you were watching, you know why? It’s because they both know that you’re not going to do shit about it. You need to man the hell up and tell that bitch that she can’t go sleeping with whoever she wants!”

Anton frowned in thought. It felt outside his character. He feared Aphrodite hating him, but what was there to fear? He never saw her. She never visited him. He practically didn’t exist. “I will talk to her about it. What if Ares gets in the way?”

“Kill him! No; wait.” Dmitri blushed in embarrassment and laughed. “That’s what I would do, if I were you. You killing Ares? Ha, ha, ha, ahem, seriously…your leg could be a problem and the fact that you have zero combat experience. If you wanted to kill him, then I would make something to go kill him. But, ahah, yeah, I shouldn’t be telling you this. I’m not exactly a good role model for advice. But uh…yeah, try talking to Aphrodite when Ares isn’t around. Try to get her alone. Yeah that sounds like the right thing to do.”

Bernard smiled and the henchmen clapped in light applause. Dmitri proudly grinned and held up his hands. “Thank you; thank you; now how about that gun? As much as I’d love to hang around and fill your head with my infinite wisdom, I’m a busy man.”

Anton assembled the pistol and handed it to Dmitri when he walked over. “Thank you, Uncle. I found your advice somewhat helpful.”

Holding his hand out for a clip, Bernard removed from his coat a magazine that he placed in Dmitri’s hand. The mafia boss then loaded the weapon and pulled back on the slide.

“No problem. Just be glad that you’re one of the few nephews that don’t piss me off.”

Dmitri stretched out his arm, aiming the weapon downrange at a log in the fireplace. He flipped the safety switch and squeezed the trigger as a thunderous clap escaped the muzzle on a bright flash. A hole didn’t appear in the log, the whole thing exploded like fireworks as burning splinters rained upon the floor. The grin on Dmitri’s face was large, sick, and twisted. Instead of a log, he was trying to imagine what a human head would look like after being struck by the enchanted power imbued in his new Glock. There wouldn’t be one.

Dmitri chuckled darkly from behind his grin. “I like it. Barely any recoil and very accurate. I can’t wait to pop some dirt bag heads. I must be off now.”

The mafia boss tucked the pistol away within his coat as he started for the door. “Remember nephew, show some backbone, huh? Fuck, your father’s a successful man whore. This shouldn’t be a challenge for you.”

Anton silently watched his uncle take his leave as he mused over what they had discussed. He only hoped that he would get a chance to talk to his wife. She never really visited him and so to talk to her would require him to leave his shop. The smith glanced around his comfortable home and sighed hopelessly. He didn’t want to leave.


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] "Just because I'm a patron of virginity doesn't mean I'm a prude…or not curious."

Persephone raised a thin sculpted eyebrow up before giggling quietly. "Well, you know the old saying; curiosity killed the cat , but satisfaction brought it back don't you? Perhaps you should be a bit more curious cousin. You might like where it leads you." She replied, a naughty expression appearing over her delicate angelic features.

While their waitress returned with Persephone's coffee and Artemis's cocoa and pie, a thought crossed her mind and her fingers snapped together suddenly. "Excuse me, do you think you I could have a piece of your apple pie to go? " Her mind flashed to Hephaestus, deep in thought and in his shop working his long hours as usual. The poor dear probably not eating a thing throughout the day. At least she could get him something sweet to eat as a snack, even if it was only dessert.

"No problem miss, I'll have it ready for you to take when you're finished."
The waitress replied before leaving the two ladies once more to themselves. Persephone took a sip of the soothing caffeinated beverage the waitress set in front of her and smiled as the hot liquid made it's way down her throat.

"Perse, have you felt anything strange lately?"Artemis asked her, as the young Huntress glanced out one of the many windows in the cafe. "I mean, it's just this uneasiness I'm getting. Something just feels off, it's like the energy isn't flowing the same." She took a minute to consider this as she stared back into her sisters crystal blue eyes.

"The energy ?" She asked thoughtfully, taking another small sip before speaking . "I can't say I'd be a good judge of it at the moment Art. Every time I leave the Underworld I feel a bit off. Whether it's because I'm used to be with Hades or having to get used to breathing the smog called air here." She chuckled, leaning back into her chair and crossing her right leg over the other in a single smooth motion. "I wouldn't worry too much about it hun. It's probably not anything worth worrying about. " Even as she reassured her, Persephone couldn't help but to scan thorough her own thoughts and memories to see if anything was out of place. Besides the argument with her mother, things had been as normal as Immortality would allow.

The shrill beep of her phone alarm made Persephone jump in her chair. Patting down her dress pocket, she pulled her phone out and checked the time. Twenty minutes before she was set to visit Heph. "Artemis, thank you for coming with me here. It brought me clarity believe it or not. You should come by the shop more often and keep me company. I'm not into the idea of spending five more months with my mother." The thought of it made her let out a tired sigh.

"Keep in touch alright?" She scooted her chair back and stood, fishing into her pocket for her wallet and pulling out a crisp hundred dollar bill. She enjoyed tipping well here, and the staff knew it. She wouldn't be surprised if the servers had argued over who was take her table today. "Take care hun." She said with a small wink before walking back towards the entrance and picking up a simple white box with a pink bow on the hostess's stand meant for Heph.

Even as she made her way back onto the busy streets, she clutched the simple white box close to her waist as if it held something of high value. "Taxi!" She called out, waving a delicate manicured hand into the air to wave one of the many yellow cabs to the curb. She could have called for a limo, but she enjoyed the inconspicuousness of taxi's. Made her feel less Godly and more human when she was riding in them, despite the slight odor many of them held.

When one finally stopped for her, she bounced inside until she found a comfortable position to sit . Walking would have taken her a good half hour before she reached the Master Smith's home, but with taxi she would arrive ten to fifteen minutes depending on traffic.

"Thank you." She murmured as she climbed out the back of the taxi, dusting her dress off in order to look a bit more presentable before she walked into brother's work shop. She paid the driver his fare and watched as he started off without another word. She couldn't blame him for taking off so quickly. They were in a less than desirable area, known for the majority of New York's high profile crimes. Persephone watched as a scantily clad women in fish nets walked across the street where Persephone stood. Knocking on the drivers side window of an old blue van, she watched as she woman waited for the man inside to open the door and invite her in.

The man inside was portly. Inflamed acne covered the majority of his otherwise pale face. Persephone held eye contact for a few seconds before she spun on her heel in the opposite direction. Maybe Hades was right. I should just take the limo... When she made it towards the warehouse Heph worked in, she knocked on the large door before speaking. "Heph? I'm a little early, but I'm coming in." The small keypad on the side of the door which required a four digit code was swiftly taken care of as Persephone pounded the numbers in, waiting for the click of the door before pushing it back and allowing herself inside.

The room was ominously dark until she walked further towards Heph's studio and felt the warmth of his fire caress her skin. Schematics,maps, directions, and diagrams littered the workshop. Drawings of new and old designs her half-brother had created filled the room, and Persephone could practically feel the creativity pulse around her. How could his wife not see how incredible her brother was? To choose someone like the vicious God of War over Heph's kind and gentle heart? The only conclusion she could ever come to was that Aphrodite had a case of Bad Boy Syndrome. She preferred the excitement and passion over the pure love Heph could give her and that thought saddened the Springtime Goddess. Life, even an Immortal life, was simply not fair.

When she finally spotted her brother, a peaceful smile broke out across her face . "There's the man I've been searching for! How have you been dear?" She questioned softly. While she waited for his reply, she spotted a vase full of limp daisies she had left there almost two weeks ago during her last visit. Barely clinging to life,they clung to the vase and drooped over the edge. She pressed her fingertip to one of the stems of the flowers and felt her power leave her body and enter the tiny body of the plant before her. A few seconds passed and the drooping daises were dying no longer; now standing straight and tall as the day Persephone had brought them to him.

"They would live longer if you stayed somewhere with a bit of sunlight Hephy."
She sat on a small stool near one of his workshop benches, and stared curiously at several of his plans. When her eyes glanced over a single sheet of paper, they caught sight of a single signature she knew by heart. "Was he here? Oh he was, wasn't he? I can sense it, is he alright Heph? He isn't too grumpy is he?" She realized she was practically throwing questions at him every second but she couldn't help herself. Anything involved with her husband made her speak a mile a minute.



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‘Ouranos (the Sky) came, bringing on night and longing for love, and he lay about Gaia (the Earth) spreading himself full upon her. Then the son, Cronus, from his ambush stretched forth his left hand and in his right took the great long sickle with jagged teeth, and swiftly lopped off his own father's members and cast them away to fall behind him . . . and so soon as he had cut off the members with flint and cast them from the land into the surging sea, they were swept away over the main a long time: and a white foam spread around them from the immortal flesh, and in it there grew a maiden. First she drew near holy Kythera, and from there, afterwards, she came to sea-girt Kypros, and came forth an awful and lovely goddess, and grass grew up about her beneath her shapely feet. Her gods and men call Aphrodite…’

The blonde goddess giggled slightly as she read the article; having giving in on the urge to google herself out of pure boredom on a long, tiresome flight; she had found the most glorious stories about her birth; this one was by far her favourite, it was so dramatic and, well, her all over really, she would have loved to of known where the author came up with the idea. In reality, she was merely the daughter of Zeus and Dione; her birth was not so eventful or as wonderful; still it made for a good story. ’Passengers, this is your captain speaking, we will be coming into land in around twenty minutes, please turn off all electrical equipment, thank you.’ Closing the lid to her laptop, she slid it back into the bag before storing it back into the overhead locker. Resting her head against the window, Aphrodite watched as the plane began it decent into JFK; buildings becoming clearer by the second. So here she was, twenty minutes away from being back in New York, back with her fellow gods, well those who were in NY; back with Ares. She had been in Figi for months, she wondered if he realized? Oh how that man infuriated her, would it take away that much of his pride just to admit that he loved her? ‘The man is incapable of love’ they would tell her, but the blonde knew this wasn’t true, everybody could love, she had seen even the brutish of souls travel the long road of love, take Hades for example. Must this be how Hephaestus feels? Groaning lowly, the goddess closed her eyes for a brief moment as a rare shadow of guilt washed over her, before quickly shaking it from thought. Why must she feel guilty about her husband’s incompetence? It’s not as she asked to be married to him, no, it had been forced upon her and although she felt fondness for the smiting god, she could never love him, like she did Ares. ‘Oh damn the both of them’ she grumbled; she should have stayed in Figi.

Tapping her foot impatiently against the hard floor, arms folded across her chest whilst fingers drummed against her forearm, she had been stood in the same spot for over half an hour waiting for her bags. Patience had never been one of her strong points and she could quickly feel herself reaching the end of her tether, until the three large suitcases came through the flap “Finally” she cried out, wanting nothing more than to get back to her apartment to watch an endless line of romantic movies. Some of Aphrodite’s fondest of memories were sitting up in Olympus, looking down on her loyal subjects, watching as their love lives played out before her, some of them happy, some of them tragic but all of them timeless.

These thoughts eased her mood slightly as she travelled out to the taxi rank, only to see the line stretching all the way back, she was a goddess and goddesses do not wait. Waltzing up to the front of the queue, she smiled at the man who was at the front “Mind if I take this one?” she asked.

The man laughed, shaking his head ”I don’t think so sweetheart, I’ve been here for half an hour”he uttered, though his eyes roamed her form.

Aphrodite smiled slightly biting her lip ”lets try this again…” Placing her hand over his, she gazed into his eyes, her blue boring into his brown ”may I take this cab?”

”of course” He spoke quickly, opening the door for her ”Let me get your bags for you”

“Well aren’t you the gentleman” she smirked sliding into the cab, closing the door behind her, she could have laughed at the name the man was being called by the other people in line. Reaching into her bag, Aphrodite pulled out her cell, turning it on for the first time in hours, 1 answer phone message, ”Aphrodite it’s me. You in town? I want to see you.”

The blonde had half a mind just to delete the message and forget he called but her desire to see Ares overpowered her common sense “oh damn him” she mumbled, Just landed. Meet me at my apartment. She quickly sent him a text. Resting her head back against the seat, she couldn’t help but sigh, she should have definitely stayed in Figi.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hephaestus – Anton Gallagher

Anton’s workshop.

Anton was seated at his work desk with a thin pair of glasses on his face. In his one hand was a glass cutter, and in his other was the small sculpture of a woman with no face. The faceless woman had her hand skyward and her leg extended as though she was twirling. Her hair flowed down to her shoulders in thick ripples and her dress flared to her dance. Anton was carving her from black, volcanic glass, and he was focused—as usual. He was immersed in thought, reminiscing over his uncle’s advice.

Those two would fuck on your damn desk if you gave them the chance and they wouldn’t give two shits if you were watching, you know why? It’s because they both know that you’re not going to do shit about it.

The blacksmith scowled and set down the statue he was working on. He removed his glasses and set them upon the desk as he closed his eyes and tried to clear his conscience. If he kept thinking such negative thoughts, then he would make mistakes. He had been working on it as a break from the list of orders he had to fill.

There’s the man I’ve been searching for! How have you been dear?

Anton opened his eyes; his brows rose in surprise as the familiar voice settled on his ears like a breeze. He glanced at her to confirm her presence as she wandered over to a vase of wilted daises that had caught her attention.

“Persephone?” Hephaestus queried. She was always so unexpected, but he could never hide the appreciation that curled at his lips. He enjoyed her visits. She was the only deity that came to visit him without need of his services. When she spoke about the neglected flowers, Anton’s smile became sheepish. “Sorry. Perhaps I’ll make a special lamp for them.”

His sister was immediately side-tracked by a certain signature on a recent receipt on one of his work desks. She bombarded him anxiously with questions about Dmitri, and even through her embarrassment, Anton still smiled. Her love for their uncle was surely amazing if not a miracle.

Anton stood from his chair and walked toward his fireplace to stretch his legs. With the modifications he made to his cast, his left leg was assisted by robotic hinges and sensors that sensed when he was in motion and would mimic the natural movements of a human leg. Wzzz…thump, Wzzz…thump, instead of the usual clap or thud of human footsteps was the sound that followed Anton wherever he went.

He stopped before the fireplace with his hands resting upon his hips. His silhouette cast a long shadow across the floor, emphasizing his height as he stood like a giant before the burning pyre. Its orange glow bathed his skin in bronze and thickly outlined the masculine cuts in his jaw. Upon his chest was a solid-blue T-shirt with torn sleeves. It was stained with streaks of oil from the countless times he had wiped his fingers on it, and clung loosely to his torso, lightly tracing the brick of his abdomen. Black, vintage jeans rode down his long legs to hover above black, steel-toe work boots. His ensemble was rather down-to-earth for being a wealthy blacksmith. It showed his humility.

With the content smile still softly upon his lips, Anton answered Persephone’s inquiries: “He was here to pick up a gun I had made for him. He didn’t seem grumpy as he did extremely tired. I notice that when it is spring and he is unable to be with you that he doesn’t get much sleep. When you’re both together, Hades is livelier and happy. He gave me advice today, and as he explained your relationship, I could see that his love for you has no bounds. You are truly blessed by The Fates or…” Anton’s right brow twitched as he made a disturbed face. He recalled what his uncle did to steal her heart. “Er…never mind.”

He rested a hand on his mantle and leaned upon it as he stared sullenly into the fire. “I will never know love like that because I refuse to fight for it. Outside my shop, I tend to find only sadness. My mother abhors me, my wife doesn’t love me, and the other gods don’t see me as their brother or nephew. I am their blacksmith and they only visit me when they need something made. Hades told me that if I ever hope to change my situation then I need to be willing to fight or leave my shop. My wife has not seen me since I made this mortal form for myself. She hasn’t even seen it. Perhaps she hasn’t visited me because she still sees me as the monster she left behind? Here, I am lost in my assumptions, but I am happy, and it is peaceful.”

You don’t seem happy…

Large, metallic footsteps thumped across the floor as a twelve-foot machine stalked into the firelight. It resembled a Cyclops with its one glowing, green eye darting between Anton and Persephone.

“You sound pretty miserable if you ask me,” said Brontes. The colossus then reached his hand over to Persephone and greeted, “Hey girlfriend, slap me some skin!”

A single, blue eye followed by ten fingers appeared on top of a shelf as Steropes piped, “Hey! Persephone’s here!” He then waved at her from behind the shelf, his eye turning pink as he greeted bashfully, “Hi…”

Anton frowned irritably. “Brontes and Steropes, can you leave us, I’m trying to have a private talk with-”

“PERSEPHONE!” Pyracmon screamed. The golem exuberantly stomped over with his red eye wide and fingers glowing a hot-orange. He jumped up and down twice before the stool she was sitting on, causing the shelves and every un-stationary object in his shop to bounce. “It’s nice to see you again!”

Anton turned from the fireplace to face the bots. He glared at the three of them and ordered, “Go back to your posts!”

Brontes rested his mechanical hands upon his hips and then cocked his hip to the side. “Not until YOU change your attitude. Do you know how much it rains in here? Ugh, the forecast is never sunny just stormy with a cold front called Depression. If you call this happiness, then honey, you need to get out more.”

Pyracmon nodded vigorously, “I agree.”

“Seconded,” said Steropes before he timidly ducked behind the shelf.

Anton clapped a hand over his face in shame. Even his servants saw through him.


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“He was here to pick up a gun I had made for him. He didn’t seem grumpy as he did extremely tired. I notice that when it is spring and he is unable to be with you that he doesn’t get much sleep. When you’re both together, Hades is livelier and happy. He gave me advice today, and as he explained your relationship, I could see that his love for you has no bounds. You are truly blessed by The Fates or…”

Persephone smiled gently as she let her brother speak. His voice and manner was gruff, but his honesty and sweetness was refreshing among the Immortals.

She watched him walk towards the fireplace and gaze into the flames. Persephone dangled her feet off the metal chair and swung them like a child, back and forth as simply as a metronome. Her gentle blue orbs fluctuated between staring at Anton and at the crimson embers burning brightly in the hearth. The fire flickered wickedly every once in awhile; the flames crackling to make the only sound in the room until Heph began to speak again.

"I will never know love like that because I refuse to fight for it. Outside my shop, I tend to find only sadness. My mother abhors me, my wife doesn’t love me, and the other gods don’t see me as their brother or nephew. I am their blacksmith and they only visit me when they need something made. Hades told me that if I ever hope to change my situation then I need to be willing to fight or leave my shop. My wife has not seen me since I made this mortal form for myself. She hasn’t even seen it. Perhaps she hasn’t visited me because she still sees me as the monster she left behind? Here, I am lost in my assumptions, but I am happy, and it is peaceful.”

Before she could mutter even the tiniest words of comfort to her gentle giant, a voice called out from behind the shelves. The large golem emerged from his work, and stood before both Heph and Persephone. “Hey girlfriend, slap me some skin!” Brontos greeted, and Persephone swatted her own tinyhand against the metal golems own. Two more greetings from Anton's other colorful creations, and Persephone raised a hand to greet them as well. "Brontos, Steropes, and...wait where is..?" “PERSEPHONE!” The sound of her name roared throughout Heph's workshop; the source of the sudden outburst coming from the final golem, Pyracmon. While the golem bounced enthusiastically before her, she giggled.

"It's nice to see you again." Pyracmon said in his usual friendly manner. "It's nice to see all of you again as well." She chirped, shooting all three a smile; even the shy Steropes who hid behind the shelves.

She watched the four banter, and the golems all voice their agreement about Anton's recent depression. Persephone clucked her tongue and lifted her petite body off the metal chair.

Her legs moved her towards where the mortal Heph stood before the fire, a grease stained hand covering his face from her view. She gently reached forward to remove the hand from his face and her lips spread thinly into a smile. " Your friends are right Heph. You aren't happy, and there's no reason to reassure yourself or anyone around you that you are. Especially me. You should know by now I can see right through you." With the last few words, she gently prodded his chest with her pointer finger, her smile still resting on her face.

“I am no Athena” she told him, “but I think I could spare some wisdom for my favorite brother." Her hand moved up towards his face, inches from touching it. Her hand hovered over the Smith Gods face as if she was casting a spell on him. His mortal form was handsome, but it did not suit his current attitude. "You must have confidence my brother. If you don't believe enough in your own self, Aphrodite will continue to walk all over you."

Persephone wrinkled her nose at her half-sisters name in habit. Though she may have played some role in her eternal love for Hades, the mere passing of the woman's name over her tongue still left a bitter taste in her mouth after the many years of watching both her and Ares make a mockery of her brother.

"First, don't be anyone but yourself, because you are truly a gift brother."She held up a single finger and quickly took a breathe before continuing. "Secondly, have the confidence that no matter what your mortal or Immortal form may look like, you are a talented craftsman and an excellent man. Those who can't see past your looks don't deserve the gift of being your friend.A second finger rose and Persephone's smile widened." Thirdly, don't give a single fuck about what your mother or any of our kin say." A third and final finger stood with the others, and Persephone giggled. "Oh, I don't usually curse. That made me feel a bit naughty." She admitted, turning towards the three golems and shrugging her sharp shoulders back.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hephaestus – Anton Gallagher

His hand was peeled from his face by Persephone’s warm and delicate little fingers. The smith stared down at his little sister. Her face seemed to glow on its own with her gentle and caring nature. Her smiles, even the slightest ones, always brought warmth to his core like...spring. His gaze only lingered briefly on her face before it fell to the floor beneath his feet and her slender finger that prodded his chest. Anton raised his head when Persephone raised her hand and held her palm before his face.

After Persephone offered her advice, Brontes clapped his metal hands together as they resounded like church bells.

“Mhm, he’s rubbin’ off on you darling,” Brontes noted. “Better be careful, you won’t be innocent for long.” The golem teased with the flick of his wrist.

Anton was silent and musing over all that Persephone had told him. Deep down, he knew he should have heeded her advice, but on the surface he was afraid. No one but Persephone could see through his grotesque immortal form to the god he truly was.

A soft, happy electronic jingle filled the vicinity around Anton. The three golems did a little jig as the smith curiously reached into his jean pocket and removed his cell phone. Steropes was bobbing up and down behind the shelf, Pyracmon was moon-walking in a circle, and Brontes was swinging his hips to and fro. The golems immediately stopped when Anton ended the jingle and regarded the text message from Hermes:

Zeus wants us all at the manor for dinner. No exception guys. Don’t ask me what the hell for because I don’t know and I don’t care, just be there.

The news made Anton pale a little and he turned back toward the fireplace. “Father’s having a dinner. It’s mandatory that we all go it seems.” Anton shook his head, he couldn’t convince himself to go. “I can’t do it. I have too many orders to fill.”

The smith turned around and walked past Persephone, planning to get right back to work. Brontes stretched his leg out and stepped into his master’s path. “We can handle it. We are your apprentices after all.”

Pyracmon walked over to stand next to Brontes, his single, red eye having narrowed coolly. “Didn’t you make us for that reason? We can cover the shop. So go have fun!”

Anton frowned up at the two golems standing in his path. “I won’t say it again.”

Steropes walked out from behind the shelf to stand behind Anton. He gazed down at him with his coy, blue eye.

“If you go to the dinner, you can finally show Aphrodite the new you. You won’t have to talk to her, but she’ll have to notice you,” Steropes encouraged.

Brontes nodded. “Yes; and Persephone will be there. She won’t let anyone ruin your day. Right, girlfriend?” Turning his green eye on the belle, Brontes added, “Maybe you can talk your evil husband into beating the crap out of anyone that dare speak ill of Annie?”

Anton blushed in embarrassment. Annie, really?

“I just want to go back to work,” he said sullenly.


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She winked at Brontes. "I've been stuck with him for centuries. It was only a matter of time before he rubbed off on me."

The brief sound of Anton's cellphone playing a contagious tune made Persephone's ears perk up. “Father’s having a dinner. It’s mandatory that we all go it seems.” Heph said, answering her unspoken questions of who was texting him. "Why did he message you and not-." The chiming of her own phone interrupted her. Clair De Lune played softly before Persephone plucked the phone from the inner pocket of her dress.

"Heya puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurty lady,

Dad wants us all to meet up at the manor for a dinner or something. Be there or be square. If you need someone to escort you, give me a call and I'll fly over ;D.

P.S: No getting out of this either, or Dad will be pissed.

She raised her eyebrow and gave an unladylike snort. She doubted that was the message the Messenger God had sent to everyone, including her husband. He did so like to flirt with her, but he played a dangerous game. She just prayed he had enough sense to keep his little quips to himself while they were at the table. All it would take was another Immortal to report him to Hades, and the poor little God would be sent to Tartauras, with his pretty white winged shoes attached to his feet.

"Idiot." She mumbled before slipping her phone back into her pocket and turning her attention back to her friend. "I suppose I should get going then. Wouldn't want Dad to get his panties in a twist if either of us turned up late." The thought of being surrounded by Immortals left her stomach in twists. Artemis,Apollo, Hermes, Heph, and Poseidon....they were the only Immortals Persephone could handle. Each different but loved the same by the Springtime Goddess. Aphrodite, Ares, Athena, Hera, her father and the rest she preferred in small doses.

When Heph started with his excuses for not going, Persephone stepped up to agree with his golems. "No exceptions means no exceptions big bro. You're coming with me, and that's final." She didn't want to boss him around, but the guy needed to get out. She didn't dare ask him how long he had been cooped up here.

"Oh by the way. I left you a little something to cheer you up in the box over there." She had nearly forgotten the pie she had brought him that sitting all by it's self on his desk. When she went to walk towards where the entrance to his shop was, she stopped in her tracks. Hearing no whizzing or clanking of his leg behind her, she spun on her heel to face the God and cross her arms.

"Heph."She tone growing softer, the look she often saw in her mothers eyes slowly matching her own as she stared toward her sibling. "Aphrodite and your mother will get to see you in your new form. It's the best time for you to show your new form off to everyone." She uncrossed her pale limbs and held a hand out towards him, palm up and waiting for his hand to be placed over her own.

She was sure it would probably take more words of encouragement for him to gather his courage while they were in the car, but they had enough time before they would arrive at the mansion. With any luck Heph might actually have a good time tonight. While waiting for the God to take her hand, her mind wandered and stopped at the thought of her beloved.

Her heart fluttered at the thought of him attending the feast, but she knew it was useless to think about. Likely he would not attend and she would be forced to endure her Mothers pitiful stares and Hermes lurid glances.

Optimism Persephone, optimism! She gently chided herself, still smiling at Heph although it was now becoming more forced with every thought being weighed on her mind.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hephaestus – Anton Gallagher

Anton’s workshop.

No exceptions means no exceptions big bro. You’re coming with me, and that’s final.

Anton’s brows rose at Persephone’s declaration. “What? Weren’t you just leaving on your own accord?”

Oh by the way. I left you a little something to cheer you up in the box over there.

“I got it!” Pyracmon exclaimed. He charged toward the little white box only to be intercepted by Brontes who thrust his hand out against his chest. He had snatched up the box and held it out of the red golem’s reach.

“If you touch this gift with your hot hands, there will be nothing left for master,” Brontes reminded.

Pyracmon gazed at his glowing fingers and replied, “Oh yeah.”

Brontes delivered the box to Anton. He held it carefully pinched between his thumb and index finger. Anton took the gift and pulled the lid off by its pink bow. Inside was a slice of Dutch apple pie topped with a dollop of whip cream.

Ooooo… the golems chorused.

Anton smiled and said, “Thank you, Sis.”


Steropes fled behind Brontes and said, “You better go. She sounds mad.”

Brontes plucked the gift from the smith’s hands and reassured, “I’ll put it in the fridge. You can enjoy it when you get back from your fabulous evening.”

Anton stared at Persephone as though she didn’t know what she was getting him into. He didn’t want to upset her, but he also didn’t want his peaceful night ruined. Anton breathed a sigh of surrender and regrettably walked over to where his sister stood.

Aphrodite and your mother will get to see you in your new form. It’s the best time for you to show your new form off to everyone.

The smith uttered no reply. He had fled deep into his self-conscious as he mentally began building fortifications. Nothing but nightmares of the future were playing over and over in his head. Laughter…that’s all he heard and saw. Everyone was laughing at him. He was making a big mistake. He just knew it.


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#, as written by Sonata
Hephaestus & Persephone

(Written collaboration by Sonata & Mademoiselle.)

The taxi was too fast-paced for Anton’s tastes. The driver drove through the city as though there were no obstacles hindering his chosen path. They ran intersections; came close to swiping other vehicles; and instead of taking fault for being a reckless driver, the driver opted to throw curses out the window. One mortal missed getting hit by the leather of her purse. The side view mirror had ripped the back right off her shoulder. She was on her cell phone and had stepped off the curb seconds late of getting clipped.

Anton watched in wide-eyed horror the young lady’s bag go flipping into the intersecting street. He was gripping the oh-shit bar and clutching the shoulder-strap of his seatbelt in constant reassurance that it was on as the vehicle lurched, swerved, and made abrupt brakes. It was bad enough that he was crammed into the backseat, and he was glad with his decision. With how transportation was going, shotgun was suicide.

“He should slow down,” said Anton uncomfortably.

"It's all right." She chirped cheerfully as she applied her favorite coral lipstick to her smooth plump lips. "It's New York, everyone drives like a maniac." She pursed her lips together as if preparing for a kiss before she slipped her lipstick back into her purse and directed all her attention towards her brother. The poor thing looked ready to fly out of his seat if they hit so much as a pot hole.

"Have you thought of what you might like to say to your wife or mother before we arrive?" Persephone questioned, a lazy smile climbing it's way across her face. "It might do you some good to practice with me, if you'd like." Though I have no idea how to play the part of a whore who cheats on her husband every chance she gets.

At the mention of his wife and mother, Anton’s expression softened with doubt. “I’d rather not. There’s no use rehearsing for something that may never happen. I just want this night to end quickly so that I can return to my shop.”

When the taxi bounced, Anton tensed and his hand gripped the utility bar so tight that he nearly ripped it from the ceiling.

“That is, if we survive the trip,” he added.

"Heph, if you talk to them now you can get it out of the way. Then you can go back to your shop and tinker to your hearts content."She smiled for him, so sweetly. “I won't push you however. Do as you like big brother." You can lead a God to water, but you can't make him drink it She thought to herself, chuckling slightly before turning from her brother and peering out the window.

It was raining again The water was trickling down from the skies to create puddles round the city. People walked and talked around her and Persephone envied them. How simple there lives must be. No jealous mothers, or criminal husbands. She was quiet, even when the vehicle bumped and bounced her around a bit after turning a corner. If one looked close enough into the blue pools of her eyes, they might see a hint of sadness, even as a smile graced her angelic face.

Anton listened but returned no answer. As usual, Persephone offered sensible advice, and surprisingly, Hades had as well, but Anton felt only cowardice. He feared being wronged thrice, and he was bracing himself for not just the could-be car crash, but for an emotionally anguishing night. His worst nightmares were going to be gathered in one place, and he was prepared to put on his best act. The smith’s poker face was at times better than his sculptures’.

It was when he teetered on the edge of sliding into deep meditation that he noticed Persephone had fallen silent. His malt ball eyes rolled over to his half-sister as she stared out the window; and the way she sat a seat away from him, it seemed like there were miles between them as the golden light of the street lamps swept over her. She brought to his mind a princess trapped in a tower. Was she really as miserable as he?

Anton glanced down at his hand on the seatbelt and slowly uncurled his fingers from around it. He reached across the seat and rested his hand upon her soft shoulder in a warm and comforting touch. He didn’t smile much, but the slightest hint touched the corners of his mouth at that moment.

“He’ll be there. Zeus did summon everyone.”

The look Anton gave her, as well as his touch was full of gentleness. She would gladly have hugged him for his tender words, but a part of her could not fully believe him. It was almost too much to hope for. " I hope so, though I'll believe it when I see it." She admitted, crossing her arms over her chest and smiling as she continued to stare out the window.

When she closed her eyes, it was Hades she saw, pacing in the Underworld and ordering Bernard around in his usual bossy manner.
He was always frowning, but his face would give way and turn into a smile when she was around. She wanted to take him in her arms and bury her face in the crook of his neck that she fit so perfectly into. She wanted him to speak with the dark voice she had grown to love; whispering sweet words to her that none but she would ever hear.

She squirmed a bit in her seat and her cheeks grew hot; a pink glow blossoming. She would have asked the driver to hurry up a bit had Heph not been there. He looked ready to jump and she didn't have the heart to make him any more anxious then he already was. "We should be there soon at least. Hopefully Father hasn't gone too overboard with the menu."

Zeus's mansion.

When the taxi pulled to the side, Persephone took a glance at the meter and clicked her purse open to take a few bills out. "Here, though next time you should avoid the pot holes. Some people actually prefer not to bump their head while they're sitting back here." She chided before placing the bills in the drivers hand.

The driver snorted and waved a hand to signal both of them to get out, and Persephone took no time taking her brothers hand and pulling him out with her. He was as solid as stone, and it took all her strength to pull the giant out of the bright yellow car. "Come on Heph, work with me here buddy! It'll be fine."

The taxi drove off, leaving Persephone to continue pleading with her brother. She held tight to his callused hand, wrapping her delicate fingers around his. Her heels clacked against the cement as they took the long route up from the driveway and towards the house, where she saw the flashing lights of the television reflecting off the large bay windows.

She continued dragging her reluctant prisoner along with her, walking up the steps to the front door. She flashed her brother a grin before placing her other hand onto the door handle and twisting it open. The smell of freshly baked bread and other delights the chefs were making hit her immediately. She finally released him, using both of her now free hands to brush the wrinkles out of her dress.

"See, that wasn't so bad was it?" She teased.

After she managed to get him out of the taxi, he dragged along behind, the whirr and thump of his leg trying to keep up with the swift clap of her heels. The closer they came to the house, the colder he felt as fear gripped him and excited an outbreak of goose bumps across his arms. They reached the door and his sister’s reassurance still received no answer. The smith had started autopilot.


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus – Brandon Powers

Zeus’s Mansion.

Right after Athena entered, strolling in was Demeter with panic shining in her bright eyes. Brandon having not noticed the apprehensive state his sister was in, immediately stepped to Athena’s side and threw out his arms to welcome her.


She had dropped her purse and walked past him as though he were but an apparition. Brandon’s welcoming smile was frozen on his face, teeth clenched and equally as brilliant like most of his kin. He lowered his empty arms as soon as they started aching and he followed after Demeter’s worried pacing to inform: “Calm down. She hasn’t arrived yet.” Jesus that woman is crazy…Ha! I said Jesus.

The father god scowled, his brown brows coming together at his forehead when he saw Demeter shaking his son around. He approached the distressed mother and just as his lips parted to confront her, a certain news report slipped into his ear. Brandon’s attention turned to the television set as the news covered the fire that was consuming his sister’s shop.

“What is this?” he growled; his voice rumbling like a nearing storm.

Just in, firefighters have uncovered the bodies of one white male and female. A case of arson has just become a murder investigation…

Brandon was baffled; a male and female victim? Even if gods were caught in the fire, gods couldn’t be burned by normal means. They were more resilient than that. Brandon returned his focus to Hermes and Demeter, his expression showing conversion to Demeter’s chaos.

“Where’s Persephone?” he asked Demeter. Immediately, he remembered the goddess being just as lost as. He turned his frown on Hermes and demanded, “Where’s Persephone?”

Two gods were now on the godling’s case in a manner that he might as well had gone and lit the fire. Brandon’s attention once again snapped over to the front door when he saw it open. He strode briskly toward it, his brows rising in hope that it was Persephone. Upon seeing his brother enter and offer a warm greeting, Brandon latched his hands onto his older brother’s shoulders, and at that moment, the two may have seemed like godlings again.

“Poseidon, have you seen Persephone?” he asked fearfully.

The gods seemed to be pouring in as seconds after Poseidon, the door opened once again, and walking in, besides the stranger that accompanied her, was Persephone.

“There she is!” Brandon exploded, possibly cutting off his brother’s explanation. He patted Poseidon on the shoulder and said quickly, “Glad to have you—Hey! Demeter!”

He turned back to the harvest goddess and yelled, “Persephone’s here!”

Whirling around, he enveloped his other daughter in a warm hug and then held her at a distance with his hands upon her biceps.

“Are you all right? I saw Ambrosia burning on TV. Your mother is worried sick.”

His brown eyes darted to her tall friend, and he slapped on his egotistical grin.

“Hi! I’m Brandon Powers; I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” He then leaned close to Persephone’s ear and whispered out of the corner of his mouth, You better get rid of this guy before Hades’s minions’ see him. They’re not allowed on my property, but they’re like pests. I can’t get rid of them sometimes.

Anton stared at his father with severe disappointment. How did a father not recognize his own son? As Anton frowned softly at the floor, Brandon blushed a little, wondering if Persephone’s friend had overheard him. Laughing in an attempt to lighten the mood, he slapped Anton in the arm and said, “Well, thank you for ensuring my daughter’s safe arrival. I, uh…” What was a nice way to kick someone out? He dunked his hand into his rear pocket and fished out his wallet. Fingering through a few Benjamins, Brandon glanced up at the young man and smiled, “How much do you want?”

Anton’s frown hardened and Brandon laughed, “Don’t be shy! Seriously, this wallet doesn’t even cover 1% of my bank account.”


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Collab post between vinyl and Madmoiselle


She had walked from where Hermes was simpering; telling her to get a drink in order to quell her fears.She shot him an antagonistic glare and turned to her brother. "I don't know where she is, that's why I'm asking!" She shrieked, her hand running across her scalp and taking a few red hairs along with it. She watched her daughters father question first Hermes, and then Poseidon as he made his entrance into the Mansion.

Just in, firefighters have uncovered the bodies of one white male and female. A case of arson has just become a murder investigation…


Her heart began to beat rapidly like the start of a plane. The room seemed to spin then, and Hermes, Zeus, and her brother seemed miles away from the Goddess. Where was she? The female inside could not be her daughter. As much as she loathed Hades, he had always protected her with a ferocity even Demeter could admire time to time.

The sound of glass door opening, the hiss of a iron hinge nearly made Demeter crumple to the ground.

There she was though, as beautiful as ever. Her daughter glided into the room holding the hand of a handsome tall man. Any other day she might have questioned her daughter about who the mysterious man next to her was, but it was last on her list of priorities today.

"Persephone." Demeter said with a relieved sigh, watching as her brother gave their daughter a warm hug in greeting before voicing his own questions to the man near her.

Before Persephone was even able to offer a greeting, Zeus was before her. He threw his arms around her and embraced the woman in way only a father could. She could sense the tension that was around her, and her eyebrows raised in confusion.

“Are you all right? I saw Ambrosia burning on TV. Your mother is worried sick.”
He then leaned in to whisper a warning in regards to her brother beside her, which left her with even more confusion.

"What?" She laughed, a sudden tingle traveled down her spine. "Daddy, what are you talking about? Ambrosia is fine and that's Heph." Her blue orbs traveled to where one of her brothers was standing, the t.v. flashing behind him as an anchorman stood in front of remains of a shop.

Her shop.

Persephone began to shake underneath her fathers gentle touch. The center of her palms began to tingle as well and her knees buckled. She threw a hand to the closest wall near to her in order to keep a standing position.

Demeter promptly took her place near her daughters side the minute Zeus informed her of the fire. Sadness was clear in the crystal blue eyes and she could tell Persephone was undoubtedly troubled by the whole affair. She plucked her daughters hand and rested it in her own, caressing it in a soothing manner as she did when the girl was still a child.

"We can rebuild."
She told her, a finger tracing the inside of her daughters palm.

Persephone stared at her mother with a somber expression. "I only wanted to make people happy. Why would anyone do this?" She asked, turning from her mother to the rest of the Immortals near her.

Because the Titans are cruel. Demeter couldn't say for sure it was her father that had caused the fire, but seeing them in the shop and then having it burn down hours later pretty damn suspicious. "We'll find out who did this and they'll be punished. Won't they, brother?" Demeter asked, her voice asking the question but her eyes demanding Zeus agree with her.

Persephone bit her lip in thought. If Zeus couldn't find out what happened then no doubt Hades would. His way of questioning people; even those who didn't want to talk, always brought better results than her father. "Has my husband arrived?" Persephone asked, as quietly as she could hoping her mother would mimic her own tone once she learned about Hades being invited.

Demeter's eye twitched." Why would Hades arrive? It's still spring dear, I've got you for another five months." Her laugh was bright for a moment before it quickly became hollow once she realized no one was laughing with her. "Zeus....." She began. "What is our daughter talking about? You didn't....invite him did you?"The last few words she spoke were barely understandable as her jaw became clenched so tightly together.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Sonata
Zeus - Brandon Powers

Zeus's Mansion

Daddy, what are you talking about? Ambrosia is fine and that's Heph.

A cold chill of startle shot down his spine when his daughter mentioned the blacksmith's name.

Hephaestus? Zeus thought. He stared at the quiet young man for a good five seconds before he squinted his eyes. While he was examining the thought-to-be mortal before him, he happened to overhear Hermes's quip:

HA-HA! Dad, is old age finally getting to you? You can't even tell who your kids are now?

I should have let Demeter shake the piss out of him, Zeus grumbled in his thoughts. He wasn't old!

His son's fiery aura was very dim, outlining his body in an orange brilliance. It was a god signature he hadn't seen in years, and for a father that bore many sons it was unforgettable for it was Hephaestus who was born from the fires of his and Hera's passions.

Anton raised his eyes to meet the stunned, brown eyes of his father's. The two regarded each other in silence until the corner of Brandon's mouth began to curl with an awkward smile.

"S~o~n..." he greeted roughly. He felt so embarrassed. Shit, he had been trying to play the good father up until this point. He must have hurt the boy's feelings. Thrusting out his arms with rejuvenated exuberance, he continued, "You actually came!"

Anton narrowed his eyes at his goofy father. Had it really been this long? For so many centuries the rumors about his father described a powerful and charismatic leader. They may have been true in some cases, but they obscured that one characteristic and that he was an oddball.

Brandon's smile had widened into a forced grin. "Come hug your father."

When Anton made no attempt to, Brandon stepped forward and wrapped his arms about him. With his cheek smashed against his son's chest, he stared apprehensively across the room as the smell of smoke and oil filled his nostrils.

Bathe much?

Brandon's eyes widened when he felt his son's arms move. Anton couldn't get anymore humiliated. The reunion with his father was so far number one on his list. With an exasperated sigh, the mastersmith raised his arms and wrapped them about his father in a warm hug. What had been a simple return of affection, weighed heavily on the father god's heart.

I won't cry... Brandon thought as he rolled his lips back into his mouth. His eyes glittered as tears threatened to stream from them. For so many years he thought that Hephaestus still held a grudge against him and his mother and that had been the reason why he never came to his gatherings. Yet, his son was here and in his arms.

Brandon stepped back from their embrace and rubbed his sleeve across his eyes. "Man, these contacts..."

Resting his hands on his hips, the millionaire glanced off to the side while he shifted his weight from foot to foot, "Whew; what a night, and it's only just starting."

Catching the end of Demeter's conversation with Persephone, Brandon blurted, "Yes. Hephaestus can rebuild your shop for you."

Anton had been heading for the living room that Hermes and Artemis occupied when he overheard his father's declaration. A shadow of fuming irritation fell over the god's face as he replied without turning his head, "Sure; why not."

He didn't get a chance to offer to fix Persephone's shop before it became his job by his father. The blacksmith whirred past his other siblings to find the couch where he intended to sit for hopefully the whole night, but when it came time for dinner, he dreaded facing his mother and his wife. What would they think of him? His father obviously didn't see him any different.

Brandon dropped a fist into his palm and gave Persephone a reassuring smile.

"No one was hurt, so that's something to be grateful for. As for punishing anyone, we'll discuss that over dinner once everyone is here."
He started in the direction of the kitchen when he heard over his shoulder:

Has my husband arrived?

His pace quickened.

Zeus...what is our daughter talking about? You didn't...invite him did you?

Brandon whirled around, still wearing a pleasant smile as he walked backwards toward the kitchen.

"I told Hermes to invite whomever he felt should come. So..." Brandon tossed his hands up and shrugged absentmindedly. We'll see who has the last laugh. The father god had set the fire back on his joker of a son before he vanished behind the kitchen door.


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Athena had stepped aside when Demeter had stormed past, obviously concerned for her daughter and if their store had been burned to the ground then rightly so. Always feeling uncomfortable at these family gatherings, she had started to examine the room and its occupants, though she had barely began when the double doors to the room burst open and dear sweet Persephone entered, accompanied by what at first glance seemed to be an awkward mortal craftsman.

But oh no. He was more than that she realised. Her jaw tightened slightly and her eyes narrowed. Him, She had dared to bring Him here?! Athena growled slightly to herself as her thoughts threatened to overwhelm her before she turned on her heel and walked towards the glass doors leading onto the patio; sparing a moments amusement at both the fact her father had no idea who the man was and how uncomfortable it made the lame smith.

"I need some air" she muttered under her breath, her voice tinged with fury as her eyes almost visibly burned "I refuse to be near that foul pig, he makes Ares seem mild-mannered." she growled through clenched teeth as she passed near Hermes and Artemis before stepping out into the mild night air.

Standing near the stone wall that encircled the patio she tried to settle herself, breathing deeply as she materialised a long-stemmed glass of rich red wine. "I shouldn't let it get to me, not after all this time." she whispered to herself, before taking a long drink. As her nerves had settled slightly she began to click her tongue several times causing a faint beating of wings to echo from the eaves of the house as a small white feathered owl flew down to perch on her shoulder.

"I'm just going to have to suffer and survive, am I not Minerva?" She whispers, her head turning to look at the owl as she smiles softly.

She sighs to herself again and looks out across the garden at the back of the mansion, her eyes lighting upon a singular tree, planted near the centre of an elaborately designed maze. It was looking well kept, but something about it felt... well, lacking.

"I see he's continuing to try to let it grow. They're a dying breed, you know?" she chuckles before nuzzling Minerva's neck slightly "And without the Hesperides to tend them they will all wilt eventually. I'd say that is one of the last remaining in the world now, if not the very last." shaking her head slightly she refills her glass before turning to examine the rest of the garden, her gaze eventually returning to the room behind her.

How I hate these reunions she thought to herself, draining her drink once more.


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There was nothing quite as satisfying to her as watching drama unfold around here, especially when it didn't involve her.

Hera found herself looking at her family with a curious expression. How have we not killed each other yet? The thought amused her, but it was a serious question to think on. Surely some of her siblings, nephews and nieces wanted to kill one another, so why hadn't they done so already?

When her eyes landed on the unfamiliar hulking figure standing near, and eventually hugging Zeus, her eyebrow raised.

Her sons mortal form was more pleasing to the eye than his godly visage, that was for sure. He was no Adonis, but at least now he was a bit more bearable to look at. Hera took a few steps forward in order to move into the light and announce her presence to the rest of the Immortals. Standing only a couple feet away from her son, she crossed her arms and tilted her head in the way a buyer might in front of a painting they were considering buying.

"Not bad." She replied, the smallest ghost of a smile over her sharp features. Normally she did not praise her children, but she decided a small compliment might do her crippled son some good. Her brief attempt at being motherly was interrupted by Demeter's voice.

"Zeus...what is our daughter talking about? You didn't...invite him did you?

Hera rolled her eyes and wrapped a stray hair around her finger;watching while her sisters face went from calm to enraged in a matter of seconds. Demeter went through several shades of red before the poor thing looked as bright as a tomato. Everyone knew she hated Hades and vice-versa, and while their spats were amusing at times Hera wanted no part in any of it tonight.

"I told Hermes to invite whomever he felt should come. So..." Zeus replied, shrugging his shoulders carelessly.

Figures. Put the blame on your kid. Hera thought. She gave a snort before turning on her heel and turning to follow her husband into the kitchens. She picked at a passing caters silver plate, deciding on a silver green olive before she began to speak.

"I told you inviting Hades would be a bad idea. Especially with your little Spring Goddess's shop burning down. Did you think after hearing that he's going to still be a tamed lion?" She questioned, popping the tiny olive into her mouth and chewing it thoughtfully as she waited for her husband to reply.


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Hades – Dmitri Ruslan

Zeus’s Mansion.

Keep a five foot distance monster.

Persephone’s beauty became obscured by a gorgon that decided to get in his way. Dmitri stared at Demeter with an empty expression. There had been too many emotions assaulting his mind at once just from the audacity of it all. Anger eventually overwhelmed him and to cure his condition, he reached into his inner jacket pocket and removed his new glock. He pointed it right at Demeter until Persephone stepped into the crossfire. Flipping the pistol’s nose upwards, Dmitri retracted the gun and tucked it away back into his coat. The bitch was lucky.

Dmitri’s heart near swelled out of his chest when Persephone stopped before him. When her hand touched his face, his hand rose to clutch the back of it.

Very true…Though I have to wonder what Daddy’s poor vase ever did to you to make you hate it so.

“It looked like he bought it from Pier 1,” Dmitri answered.

Holding out his free hand, he snapped his fingers and his henchmen marched outside. Dmitri drew from his shoulders the snow hare fur coat and draped it about Persephone’s shoulders. He pulled it snug about her, cradling her in its downy texture. He stepped closer to her; the lust that simmered within him exuded from him in waves. Without a word of delay, Dmitri leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. He took hold of her bottom lip, the tip of his tongue tracing it before his tongue entered her mouth.

Brandon watched the lover’s sensual reunion. His hands were resting comfortably in his pockets and his eyes drifted to his sister, curious as to how upset she was about their meeting. It was only for a night. The thugs returned inside the mansion with gifts wrapped in vanilla and gold wrapping paper. The gifts put a smile on his face, temporarily, that was until they entered with a separate, small, dining table, chairs, and what smelled to be a meal of their own.

Brandon frowned. “Why are they bringing in food? I already have food prepared.”

The fur coat had absorbed the mafia boss. Wrapped in the white coat with his wife, he fondled her bosom and massaged her hip with his hungry fingers. Brandon’s brow twitched in irritation when he saw that he was ignored and the touching reunion was quickly taking a sinful turn with Dmitri’s wandering hands.

“Hades!” Brandon irritably shouted.

Dmitri retracted his lips from his flower’s cloves with a wet and audible smack. He gazed into her lovely blue hues before he turned his head to nonchalantly regard his brother. “Why are you confused? I said I would come, but I didn’t say I would consume your mediocre cooking. Huh, I rather enjoy the healthy state of my mortal. If I’m ever suffering from constipation or self-destructive thoughts due to the separation of me and my deyvooshka (fem. lover Rus.), then I may reconsider.”

Brandon face-palmed and then lowered his hand. He asked in exasperation: “Have you even tried the rib-eye? It’s delicious.”

“I bought some things for you,” Dmitri told Persephone. Bernard and the other thugs approached the lovers, bearing the evident garment boxes. Dmitri turned her around in his arms so that she could watch them unwrap a white winter dress, crocheted in Russia to match the fur coat he got her. The next gifts were a white Cossack hat, fur-lined heels, a purse, and snowflake jewelry. The clothes complimented the winter, the season he anticipated seeing her in.

The mafia boss smiled and lowered his lips to her cheek. “I hope that you find them suit-”

Persephone was gone.

Dmitri’s eyes grew in shock to see that his winter angel was no longer there. Bernard gazed at Dmitri in confusion as he watched him slowly back away from Persephone, but then it hit him. He could no longer see her and that meant…

Brandon rested a hand on his stomach as he laughed insensitively at his brother, “Your expression is priceless!”

Dmitri gazed at Brandon with raised brows. He was so confused.

Quieting his laughter, Brandon wiped a tear from his eye and informed, “Yeah, don’t ignore me. I’m serious about that steak. I won’t let you see her until you’ve tried it.”

The corner of Dmitri’s mouth twitched as though he was having a difficult time choosing between happiness or anger. A harsh snicker left him and he leaned forward, hanging his head in laughter. Brandon absently joined him, the two were engrossed in mirth. As he told Hera, Hades wasn’t as bad as Ares. His brother at least had a sense of humor.

It was when Dmitri straightened to reveal the pistol in his hand that Brandon’s laughter stopped and Dmitri was the only one laughing. The mafia boss’s jaws cracked as his teeth grew gnarled and craggy. His eyes were completely black behind his shades except for the silver rings of his irises. He stretched out his arm and squeezed the trigger on the glock until the magazine was exhausted.

“DIE~!” he roared.

Brandon had held out his hand and from his fingers shot a chain of lightning that caused the rounds to pop like cherry bombs before the end of the electric chain tagged Dmitri’s pistol. The weapon leapt out of his hand, leaving electric snakes to dance down Dmitri’s arm. Dmitri’s arm trembled from the shock. It bothered him to see that he had bought a weapon that was incapable of killing his own brother.

“Not until you try my steak!” Brandon returned with a triumphant smile.

Dmitri charged Brandon, and the father god whirled around. The two brothers commenced chasing each other around the mansion. Anton had been watching television and had been trying to ignore the noises that echoed from the foyer when a loud bang came from the ceiling. The smith glanced up and heard the muffled curses of his uncle.

“Keep laughing you son of a bitch! I got a pit in The Underworld with your fucking name all over it!” Dmitri snarled.

“Hey! She was your mom too. Try my steak!”

“I’ll see you in Hell first!”

A loud smash that shook the mansion’s foundations occurred.

“That was my couch you bastard!”

“Fuck your couch!”

Anton sighed and clapped a hand over his face. He only prayed that his father wouldn’t ask him to repair his mansion when Hades’s tantrum was over. The quarrel lasted for only ten minutes when Brandon was seen panting and exhaustedly descending the staircase back down to the foyer. Dmitri followed him; his shades lopsided on his face and his hair looking as though he made love to a wall socket. When the mafia boss reached the bottom of the stairs, he only had the energy to sit down on the last step and catch his breath. Brandon glanced over his shoulder to see that his brother was just as tired as he was and he stopped to also catch his breath. His hands went to his hips as his face glistened with a light sweat. He was thankful that Hades was tired for if he still had some energy, he might not have been able to dodge him for long.

“Looks like our mortals can’t keep up with us, huh?” Brandon laughed.

Dmitri rested his head against the banister and recollected his decision. He couldn’t believe that he went through all of this trouble over a piece of meat. It was Persephone he wanted and nothing else. He didn’t even care about what his brother planned to talk about over dinner. Adjusting his glasses and running a hand back through his hair, Dmitri stood and grudgingly growled, “I’ll try your damned steak.”


Mansion Kitchen.

Dmitri sat at the counter with a scowl on his face. The whole ordeal was ridiculous and it explained why he never attended Zeus’s banquets in the past. Brandon set on the counter a small saucer with a sliver of the rib eye on it. The pink meat was laying in a shallow puddle of blood, mango, and bouillon. Its edges were a rich, crispy brown and Dmitri had to give his brother some credit, the display was appetizing. When his brother set down an empty wine glass, Dmitri quickly informed, “I’m choosing the wine.”

Brandon returned to the counter with a bottle of white wine. Dmitri’s fists irritably clenched. “You don’t serve white wine with meat!”

Brandon wrinkled his nose at his brother. “Hey, this is my tasting. You taste what I serve you.”

Dmitri bowed his head as his face flushed in his rage. Persephone, Persephone, Persephone, he mentally chanted to himself. It was all for her sake. He massaged his temples as Brandon filled his wine glass.

“There we go. Try it, and I promise I won’t interrupt you and Persephone again,” said Brandon.

It was a worthy vow after all the nonsense he had to endure. Dmitri sighed and sat upwards. He first picked up the fork and knife and cut a small square off the meat slither. He then swirled it around in the marinade before inserting it into his mouth. As was Zeus’s experience, the sweet mango and smoky bitterness struck his tongue with an explosion of flavor. The meat wasn’t fatty nor too tender. Its texture was like rough leather.

Brandon grinned as he watched his brother sample the rib-eye. When Dmitri finished the meat, he picked up the wine glass and swirled it. Bringing it to his nose, he sniffed it deeply before frowning…the wine was going to be the worst thing about the tasting, but he kept his opinions to himself. Sipping it, he swished the liquid in his mouth, coating it in the flavor of lemon grass and other grassy flavors: Sauvignon blanc. Setting the glass down, Dmitri’s hands settled on his thighs as he contemplated the whole meal.

“Well?” Brandon questioned.

“I will admit that the steak was well-prepared, and it may have been better if paired with a red wine. Because its glazed in mango, I recommend a Carmenere. Its fruity and robust flavors will only compliment it,” Dmitri enlightened.

Brandon smiled and nodded. “I’ll take that into consideration. May I ask for your advice in the future?”

“Sure, why not. Can I see my wife now?”

“Be my guest!”

Dmitri wasted no time in exiting the kitchen. He returned to the foyer and was pleased to see his spring rose. Bernard had been keeping her company until his boss’s return. He didn’t know what to say to her: “Sorry I kept you waiting,” didn’t seem to cut it. Shit, why the hell would he need to apologize? It was her damn father that had interrupted them.


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Ares, Zeus, Hades & Hephaestus

Outside Zeus's Mansion


The motorcycle hummed as the god sped through the city. The speedometer was between 65-100mph as the orange light of the streetlamps passed over his helmet and exposed arms. He had put his hoodie away, preferring the wind darting coolly through his sleeveless, black-T. His shirt rippled like a flag; parked cars and pedestrians were but smears to his left and right. As he weaved between moving vehicles, drivers glanced out their windows at the motorcyclist breaking the law and the beauty clinging to his waist. To gawking men, her hair was a banner of champagne locks, waving extravagantly in the wind. With how reckless Caeleb drove, she might have thought that he had forgotten all about her. He was prone to get lost in the adrenaline. The slightest error could have him in a car crash and that was the challenge he always fancied.

As the bike neared an intersection, the traffic light flashed red, but the signal wasn't about to stop the war god. None of the lights had stopped him previously and the one before him wasn't getting any special treatment. A bus tore through the intersection and the passengers gazed in fright out their windows as a motorcycle made a relentless approach. Caeleb reached back with his right arm to hold Aphrodite against his back protectively before he slammed his left foot upon the asphalt. The strength behind the kick caused the bike to leap into the air and soar in an arch over the bus. The roof of the lengthy vehicle hissed beneath them before the motorcycle cleared it and landed hard on the other side. With a few recovering bobs, it continued on its path towards Zeus's mansion and Caeleb couldn't resist an arrogant grin. Releasing Aphrodite, he was curious if she would ever ride with him again. Of course, he would probably have a different ride. His occupation often required him to hijack numerous vehicles.

The ride was near conclusion when they left the city into a forested area. They rode down a gravel path and up a hill that was nowhere near as steep as Mt. Olympus, but Zeus's love of elevation and being close to the sky was seen. The gravel became solid as a black paved road appeared beneath them. In the circular driveway were vehicles from several gods Caeleb immediately recognized; and for the first time since he left the apartment, he slowed down.

The mercenary glided up to the walkway before he lowered his booted feet and glanced out of the corners of his eyes at the black Ford with thuggish gentlemen standing around it. Removing the bike helmet in one motion, Caeleb leaned back as Aphrodite dismounted with a dangerously-excited grin.

"Hades is here. It seems we're just in time. I hope I didn't miss too much. You survive all right, Princess?" he questioned, not too concerned for her health. He was certain she handled the ride just fine.

Setting his helmet on the seat, the war god set the stand, removed his keys, and dismounted next as his vixen started for the doors. "Hold on a second, let me put on a better shirt."

Caeleb crouched next to one of the bike compartments and opened it to start rummaging through several shirts. Some could use a wash, having been used for countless covers in the past. Drawing his shirt up and over his head, he set it on the seat as he continued his search for a descent shirt to wear for the occasion. Pulling out a plain-old, solid-black button up, he stood and turned to follow after Aphrodite as he slipped his arms through the sleeves. He walked until he was next to her, his fingers busy buttoning the shirt from his navel to his sternum, when a sudden aura caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise.

Caeleb froze and stared at the door. He then followed with his eyes along the wall to the god signature he was sensing. The aura was unbelievably hot like a forge, like Hephaestus. As Aphrodite reached out to take a hold of his wrist, Caeleb lowered his hands and snorted like an affronted bull.

"Your husband is here," he informed with a scowl. The fuck, he doin' here? Shit...

Cael yanked his wrist from her clutches as he turned from the mansion in a low simmer. He didn't want to be seen with Aphrodite when the smith was around, it was a good way to get on his bad side. He didn't give too shits about his brother in all honesty. It was the weapons he cared about. Grasping his jaw in thought, he stared absently at the Underworld thugs as they smoked and conversed amongst themselves. The day just fucking sucked. He had planned to have Aphrodite all to himself and nothing so far had gone as planned. He would have her by the end of the night, and he would make sure of it.

Lowering his head, Cael dropped his hand and closed his eyes. He was in no mood for drama--at least not the non-violent kind. "You go in first. He probably doesn't even know we're here."

I think Ares is here guys.

Anton's focus broke from the TV as he abruptly rose from the couch. He walked over to the nearest window and twisted the blinds until he could see Caeleb standing outside with his wife. The smith lightly frowned. The sight of his brother made him sick.

Cael sighed in defeat. There was no use fuming about it. It was only for an hour. The dinner wouldn't take any longer with how dysfunctional his family was. He faced Aphrodite again and walked over to take her delicate hands within his rough ones. He rubbed his thumbs against the back of her knuckles and looked into her eyes.

"Just give me another kiss. Just one more before I'm forced to hear my retarded sister preach to me about how weak and dumb she is. I don't think I could survive this dinner without it, but you better bet your ass I'm gonna have you tonight. I hope you've been practicin' your yoga 'cause I'm gonna have you sore in the morning."

It bothered him how the moment felt like he was saying goodbye to her. She wasn't going anywhere and neither was he, but they were going to be rather distant the whole night and it was probably wise. They were interrupted, and if he found the love goddess sashaying anywhere near a closet, he would snatch her into any room he could find.

The war god grasped her hips and tugged her close until there weren't even inches between them. He gazed into her sea foam eyes. He smiled softly at her as he teased her lips with the brush of his own before spreading them apart to envelope them. His fingers gripped and stroked her hips as he sank into the oozing vat that was his lust.

Anton's lips rolled back to bear his teeth in anger as his uncle's words passed through his mind again:

Those two would fuck on your damn desk if you gave them the chance and they wouldn’t give two shits if you were watching, you know why? It’s because they both know that you’re not going to do shit about it.

Oh, he was going to do something about it this time. Anxiety nested in his chest just thinking about it, but he had to do something. This had to stop. Slamming his fist against the wall, Anton turned from the window and started for the foyer.

Cael suspiciously broke the kiss when he heard a dull thud and watched as pieces of paint crumbled from the wall where the imprint of a fist protruded.

Zeus and Hades.

Brandon stepped from the kitchen to watch Anton leave the living room to cross the foyer swifter than he would expect a gimp to move. Following that spectacle, his brother Hades returned to Persephone, and his daughter was looking like a boxer fresh from a match. He saw her hiding her wrists that were pink and covered with welts and the red, irritated mark of what could only be a slap against her cheek. Did she really think she could hide such marks from his brother? The dinner hadn't even begun and the reunion was becoming a time bomb that would go off in seconds if he didn't find the right wire.

Seeing as his brother's situation was the most dangerous, Brandon approached the four of them, and stood next to Demeter in case he needed to protect her. He gently took her by the arm and attempted to lead her to the living room until he could rally his family about the banquet table.

"You really did it this time. You know she's not a child anymore and that Hades is absolutely nuts about her. Did you have to be so rough?" Brandon grumbled. "If we're both lucky, he might overlook it. If not, then this one will be on me."

Brandon had a solemn expression on his face unlike his usual merry one. All he could imagine was Hera saying, "I told you so," and he was in no mood to hear it. He was not expecting the Persephone situation to be this bad. It was only one night damn it!

Bernard was wearing a poker face when Dmitri came before him and Persephone. Deep down, he was extremely apprehensive to the point that he didn't know what to say. He had kept the young goddess company and yet her mother managed to lay one on her face in his presence. He was just a minion and crossing Demeter was suicide. Already he was contemplating on whether or not he should have died trying to protect Persephone from her mother's strikes for here now his lord stood before him, and there was no use hoping that he wouldn't find out. Hades ALWAYS found out.

Dmitri smiled when he saw Persephone do what he thought was shy away. Her hands went behind her back, and he didn't think too much of it until when he neared her the faint scent of copper touched his nostrils. The dark god stopped. He knew that smell almost better than Ares. His caramel eyes peered at Persephone from over the rims of his glasses. No words were necessary for the look he had given her spoke clearly.

Bernard's jaw tightened as he found it difficult to retain his stoicism. Just as he had predicted, from his look alone, Hades knew something was up.

Dmitri reached out to snatch Persephone's wrists from behind her back. With firm and controlling strength, he held her arms out and stared at her one wrist that portrayed her marred flesh. The mafia boss's eyes widened before they darted to the young goddess's face. He tilted his head to see her red cheek and the fury that surged through him could have been seen and felt from his tightening grip on her and his shaking hands.

"Who did this to you?" he demanded on a quivering voice. He was trying to keep his cool for he had let his temper already slip once in the evening. But wait, he already had an idea who. Dmitri turned a feral eye over his shoulder to see Zeus walking away with his sister.

Brandon stopped when he felt the icy eye of the god of the dead on his back. Dmitri hadn't been as angry as he could have been until that moment. The last time he had seen that look in his eye was in the Titanomachy, and it was reserved for his enemies. The lamps around Dmitri were already beginning to flicker the deeper he sank into that mood and the marble floor was softening into powder beneath his feet as his body began absorbing the nutrients, life, and energy from the objects around him. His skin became as pale as a sheet as Dis Pater near spawned from his mortal shell.

Standing before Demeter protectively, Brandon growled, "Look the other way, Hades. Just let it go. Whatever happened happened. If you harm our sister, I won't be able to forgive you; and I don't think Persephone will be able to either. Just take my daughter and enjoy the dinner. I promise Demeter won't bother the two of you until it's over."

"If she bothers us again or even harms Persephone again, I will kill her and drag her soul to the deepest depths of the Styx. I swear it!" Hades hissed. He pointed a long and hooked condemning finger in Demeter's direction. His whole form had turned as black as a shadow. His eyes were white, his irises outlined in black and his blazer rippled as ominous beings shifted beneath his clothing, whispering devious plots amongst themselves. The dark face of an infant peeked from his coat. It's blood-red eyes gazed at Persephone and Bernard, its tiny horns protruding from its forehead. Winding along Hades's arm was a black serpent. When it reached his hand, it hung its bulbous head. The numerous spikes upon its skull formed a crown and from its mouth extended a hint of a sickle-like weapon. The blade was a brilliant silver that reflected the god's grinning face and Brandon's fearless scowl. It was a fragment of the scythe of Thanatos.

"Don't play with me, Demeter. Persephone is no longer yours. She is mine, and as soon as you acknowledge that the longer you have to live. Please, try to keep her longer than six months. Try please. I need to practice my swing."

Dropping his arm, the shadows melted as the lamp light caused the nightmares to disintegrate around the mafia boss. He regarded Demeter and Brandon for a few seconds longer, smiling at his brother and how suddenly protective he was over her. He should have known that if he didn't have control over his visitations with Persephone that he wouldn't be able to stop him from killing her mother. Persephone would get over it. Her mother was second to him after all--so he believed. Dmitri gazed sternly at his wife.

"No one will lay a hand on you again. God or mortal; family or stranger; I will kill them. No one has the right to mar your beauty," Dmitri declared.

Brandon breathed a large and deep sigh. He was afraid that he would have had to fight his own brother. He hated altercations and tried to use reasoning to ease them. He turned to Demeter and smiled reassuringly at her.

"He's just mad, but you must leave them alone for the rest of the dinner. You will have Persephone back soon enough," said Brandon. He rested a warm hand against her back and rubbed it soothingly. Like his relationship with Hera, he sometimes wondered how he had loved this woman once. Demeter was indeed beautiful, but she was a rose with thorns that gave birth to a lily. Maybe one day, Persephone will learn how to defend herself and not have to rely on Hades too much.

That altercation had been the first he managed to stop. Unfortunately, he had forgotten the issue in the driveway.

Ares and Hephaestus.

The mansion doors abruptly opened and Anton emerged behind Aphrodite. He saw Cael's hands at her hips and he thrust his palm against the war god's chest to separate them.

"Get your hands off my wife!" Anton growled.

Caeleb staggered back and spread his arms to catch his balance. "Who the fu..."

The mercenary stared at the giant standing before his girlfriend. There was something familiar about him, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He looked the giant up and down until he noticed the iron cast about his leg. His brows rose with recognition immediately. The god signature had been radiating from the mysterious gentleman before him.

Grinning, Cael laughed, "You almost fooled me. You must have worked pretty hard on that body. Touch me like that again, and I'll fuck it up!"

Anton frowned, but didn't once doubt Cael's threat. However, he wasn't there to deal with him. Now that he and Aphrodite were somewhat alone, he had to talk to her.

"Aphrodite; we must talk. I know that you've been seeing Ares behind my back. Why? I have given you everything. There isn't a jewel on this earth that he could give you that would ever be as immaculate as the ones that come from my forge," Anton explained.

Caeleb grinned impishly and grasped his crotch. "That's because I give her a different kind of jewel."

Anton growled and held his hands out to her. "There is nothing beautiful about him. While I create, he destroys. He takes women, children, fathers, and heroes without discrimination..."

Caeleb shook his head. The conversation no longer amused him. "Tell her somethin' that she doesn't know about me. Hey," he called to Aphrodite. He pointed with his thumb over to Hades's Ford that had the minions around it. "I'm goin' over there for awhile. I'll see you later."

"You will not!"

"Huh; stop me mother fucker."

Anton felt powerless, and it was mostly Caeleb making him feel that way. Aphrodite was in love with the killer and as much as he wanted to be and act like a husband, his role depended entirely on her. Would he have to fight him? As the war god sauntered over to the Ford, Anton sized him up and silently weighed his chances. He had heard stories of Ares's ferocity. Even Athena spoke about him, but in their rivalry it was never too highly. If Ares was as savage as the legends told, to challenge him at that moment would not be wise, but he was certain that he could craft a device that would rival even his might.

Anton scowled at the floor in defeat. He had every desire to call out Ares and challenge him as he imagined himself being stronger than his handicap permitted, but it was a dream. He would have to change his tact.

Cael had asked one of the minions for a cigarette. He wasn't a habitual smoker, but tonight, he was going to need something.


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Hera attempted to mask her amusement while watching Demeter and Persephone's scuffle. A few pathetic smacks and fistfuls of hair summed up the majority of the brawl. This was the perfect opportunity for either side to get all their anger out on one another, but they both threw the chance away.

She lingered near the front door, her slender body leaning against the door frame. The door was wide open and she could see the long awaiting confrontation between her sons. Hephaestus's anger with the God of War was justified, and for once she planned to stand behind her child. How could she be the Goddess of Marriage if she allowed the illicit relationship between her two sons?
She stepped from the shadows, the bright porch light illuminating her hard features. "Boys," she began, her voice as chill as the evening air, "the meal is about to begin so it's best to get inside soon." It was more of a command than suggestion, and there was the slightest hint of anger behind her words, even though she did her best to forth a charming smile. When her sharp eyes locked onto the blonde's, her charismatic grin became less inviting and more deadly. "If you're done toying with my children's affections, perhaps you'd like to join us as well Aphrodite?"

She looked the blonde harlot up and down before giving an audible sniff and turning on her heel, walking briskly back into the mansion and leaving the door open behind her.Not long after she could feel Apollo's presence It was not long before the raven haired goddess had found her way to her husbands side once more. Demeter was with her husband as well, with Zeus's hands on her back. Hera bristled, but contained her sudden anger at seeing her husbands hands.

"Darling," she purred, walking up behind him and running a hand down his own back, "I think everyone's arrived. Perhaps we should have everyone seated?" She maneuvered her body so that she was now standing beside him ,with her right hip pressed against his own and her hands roaming still from his upper back to lower waist.

"I'll go get the staff ready to start the first course." She murmured sweetly, right before her hand wandered down to his left buttock and gave it a playful pinch. She shot Demeter a look that needed no words to accompany it. Fuck off.

Hera ventured back into the kitchens and her sweet facade began to evaporate as she began barking orders to the chefs and staff fumbling around her. "What are you standing around for? Go out there and set up the first course!" She commanded, while most of the staff mumbled a series of "yes ma'ams " as they took turns exiting the kitchen and heading out into the dining room.


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Aphrodite reached for the door handle, about to walk into their fathers mansion when she felt Ares freeze beside her, turning her head slightly the blonde gave him a confused look as a rather unflattering sound escaped the god of wars lips "your husband is here" he scowled, face glowing with fury.

The blondes lips curled up into an amused smirk as a raspy laugh escape her throat "Don't be ridiculous" she dismissed with a wave of her hand, Hephaestus never left his workshop, why would he start now? Although something on Ares face cause her smirk to falter, watching after him as he stalked back down the stairs. She followed, concerned. "You go in first. He probably doesn't even know we're here." Aphrodite sighed, running a frustrated hand through her blonde locks, she hated having to hide their relationship, well not that they needed to, everyone and their mothers knew her and Ares were lovers, they had been for centuries. Whatever emotions she felt towards her 'husband' he didn't deserve her and Ares relationship flaunted in front of him; in defeat the goddess nodded with a sigh "Okay" she uttered on a breath, turning back to go into the house.

Hearing heavy footsteps behind her, Aphrodite turned back around, just in time for Ares to take her hands in his; something in the way his thumbs gently rubbed over knuckles calmed her immediately. "Just give me another kiss. Just one more before I'm forced to hear my retarded sister preach to me about how weak and dumb she is. I don't think I could survive this dinner without it, but you better bet your ass I'm gonna have you tonight. I hope you've been practicin' your yoga 'cause I'm gonna have you sore in the morning."

"So vulgar" the blonde rolled her eyes in mock disgust before a smile crept onto her lips "but I'll hold you to that promise" Aphrodite whispered into his ear whilst wrapping her arms around his neck in time with his hands coming to rest on her hips, his lips lightly playing against hers "and you call me a tease" she managed to groan before his lips attacked her with much more ferocity, Fuck the meal.

She was lost in the moment until she felt Ares lips retract from her "What?" She asked breathlessly "Get your hands of my wife!" came a loud roar, that immediately answered her question, Hephaestus. A large hand collided with Ares chest, breaking the lovers apart with force.

Aphrodite finally turned to face her husband, shock etched on her beautiful face, he was definitely not as she remembered, infact if it hadn't of been for the iron leg she probably wouldn't have recognised him. In too much of a daze, the goddess only snapped back into reality when Hephaestus spoke to her directly "Aphrodite; we must talk. I know that you've been seeing Ares behind my back. Why? I have given you everything. There isn't a jewel on this earth that he could give you that would ever be as immaculate as the ones that come from my forge."

For a moment she was speechless, he almost looked like a love sick puppy, she pitied him "That's because I give her a different kind of jewel." Came Ares reply, causing her head to snap round in his direction "Ares please!" She snapped at his childish comeback before turning back towards the smithing god, although the arguing between brothers did not stop; watching impatiently as insults were exchanged between the two until the small thread holding back her temper finally snapped "Enough! Both of you!" She snapped loudly placing herself in front of both men "This is neither the time or the place for such conversations..."

"Boys" A cool voice echoed out over the crisp night sky, Hera,Aphrodite immediately stiffened, her featured hardening "the meal is about to begin so it's best to get inside soon." Hera continued before turning her attention onto the blonde "If you're done toying with my children's affections, perhaps you'd like to join us as well Aphrodite?"

Anger welled up immediately, her top lip curling into a scowl, eyes narrowing "Now you play the dutiful mother" she retorted, turning back to the brothers although she could still feel Hera's eyes running over her, judging her "We should go inside" she spoke softly; not directed to a certain person as she turned quickly on her heel, definitely should have stayed in Figi.


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus, Hades, Hephaestus, & Ares


Yes dear.

Dmitri raised his hand and pinched the corners of his eyes. Persephone’s sweet voice was a melody that often extinguished the flames of his temper and brought him to ease. He loved her so much. Before he ever learned of her existence, Hades always doubted that he could ever love a goddess so fiercely. He didn’t believe in such emotions and before, he didn’t know such emotions existed within him.

Her petal-soft lips touched his jaw and Dmitri lowered his hand to gaze at his queen.

That’s a thank you for the gifts…the rest of my thank you will have to wait until we’re not surrounded by the rest of our family.

Her façade of innocence was so deceptive that it often drove him mad. Dmitri smirked and crept close to her ear and whispered mischievously, “I tend not to be a patient man.” He didn’t think he needed to remind her of how they first met. It had been an impulse he had reacted on. His breath tickled her ear before he kissed the shell of it and snaked his arm about her offered one.

“Sociable? That’s not exactly my thing. I won’t stop you, however. If you have a desire to mingle with your old girlfriends, then do so. I have a table for us, and I hope you don’t mind Italian with a glass of ambrosia.”

There was no wine that he could buy finer than the wine brewed in the heavens. His unexpected reunion with his wife was beyond special. He led her into the dining room where a long table adorned with silver platters and dishes sat on a tablecloth so thin and silky, it may have been woven from undulatus cloud—it was very much like his brother after all. To the left of the table, was a black glass table carved from obsidian. He had refrained from using wooden furniture in his wife’s presence. He didn’t think that the idea that a tree was butchered for their comfort would settle well with her, but obsidian had been a mineral of The Underworld. It would possibly remind her of home. A plain-white table cloth was draped over the table and two minions stood nearby guarding his wife’s gifts, and the other holding two wine glasses and the tall and dangerously potent bottle of ambrosia in a bag.

Lifting her hand, he brought the backs of Persephone’s fingers to his lips and tenderly kissed them. He gazed from behind his shades into her eyes that allured him like precious jewels.

“Do as you like, my dear, but I shall have you for dinner…” He paused on the innuendo and smiled impishly. “Interpret that any way you want.”

He released her.

Hephaestus & Ares.


Hephaestus’s attention snapped to his mother who had appeared in the doorway. Ares turned a honeyed eye over his shoulder to regard the woman with one of his uncle’s cigars clenched between his teeth.

The meal is about to begin so it’s best to get inside soon.

“Hmph,” Ares grunted. Yes, Mom, he thought sarcastically. He couldn’t believe that after all these years she still felt like his mother. Like Zeus, he wouldn’t dare disobey her either—especially, her. He had heard stories of her revenge games, and as much as he would like to see what kind of monster or devil she would summon to try and kill him, the game may not go as he envisioned. He imagined an opponent but she may put him through a bitch of a task. She was the Goddess of Bitches after all.

Hephaestus said nothing. When his mother vanished back into the house leaving behind her plume of distasteful words, the smith had followed his wife inside. She still hadn’t answered him, and he had every intention to sit next to her until she did. He was tired of being in the dark about their relationship.

For being so determined, the god remained silent as he followed the goddess still fearful of what she might say about him. There were many who saw Aphrodite as they did Persephone and Hestia—goddesses not made for combat and were as vulnerable as shallow water. Hephaestus wouldn’t class Aphrodite amongst the latter for she may not be as strong to wound a god physically, she could emotionally destroy him. What drove her to love an animal like the God of War? Did she desire protection? Did she purposefully seek out the affections of the most dangerous god to guard her? Surely she was using him for the smith couldn’t imagine there being a characteristic in him that she fancied. He was a pet—a guard dog.

Ares took a final, deep drag from the cigar and allowed the smoke to stream out from his nostrils and the cracks of his teeth in a relaxed sigh.

“I can see why he smokes that shit,” Ares muttered. He handed the cigar to one of the minions and turned to follow Aphrodite and her lost puppy of a husband inside. He didn’t feel a drop of worry about her relationship with Hephaestus. He knew he had her just as she had him, and it hadn’t required her magic. Her charm craft didn’t work on him, but her natural foreplay could drive him crazy. He was already feeling crazy. The magnitude of his frustration was taking all of his energy and every ounce of his patience to keep him from transforming from man to sex-craving beast.

Cael hadn’t even been thinking about his brother. All right, I’m goin’ to eat the damn dinner, and then were goin’ to get the hell out, drive to the nearest hotel, alley, tree, bush…

The god stopped before the door and hung his head. This was bad…he wasn’t going to make it if he kept thinking like that. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he sighed deeply and stepped into the foyer before closing the doors behind him. It may have actually been a good idea that Aphrodite remained with his weakling of a brother for majority of the night. If Cael got any closer, he would attack.

The war god was looking sick and obviously bothered by something, and he tried to hide his emotions behind one of his stay-the-fuck-away-from-me expressions. Perhaps if he mingled a little, then it would take his mind off his carnal desires; and who the better to mingle with than his darling sister?

Cael caught sight of Athena sitting at a chess table with Hermes—oh the irony. The war god couldn’t hide the wicked smirk that slowly sliced across his lips as he approached their game and stopped beside Hermes. Resting a hand on his chin, he scanned the pieces in play and how they were set up before he grasped one of Hermes’s knights and unceremoniously knocked several of Athena’s random pieces off the board, making more moves than allowed, and not abiding by the knight’s L motions before finally sending her king clattering upon the floor. Slamming the knight down in the king’s spot, Cael threw up his fists and cheered, “HA! CHECKMATE BITCH!”

Cael then threw his head back as he roared with obnoxious laughter. Resting a hand on the edge of the chess table, he supported his form as he grew weak with mirth. With a recuperating sigh, the war god straightened and decided to shed some of his wisdom upon his siblings, “There are no rules in war. So if you want to win the game, then you just need to win it.”


Brandon was pleased to see that his sister’s temper was subsiding from his touch. She was a good mother deeply concerned about her daughter.

Darling… Hera’s voice made Brandon freeze as though ice had taken hold of him. I think everyone’s arrived. Perhaps we should have everyone seated?

As her hand passed down his upper back to his lower, he felt a chill following. She might as well have slid a knife down his spine for the touch was similar. Lifting his hand from Demeter’s back, Brandon sheepishly replied, “That’s not a bad idea.” The sooner we get this show on the road, the sooner I can be off on my date.

I’ll go get the staff ready to start the first course.

“Great, then I’ll go ahead and have-!” Brandon suddenly jumped when he felt a sudden pinch to his rear. He tried to play it off behind a large, all-is-well grin as his train of thought was suddenly derailed. He couldn’t remember what he had been about to say before. All he could do was watch Hera out of his peripherals prowl off into the kitchen.

Why did you do that? he found himself mentally screaming in his embarrassment. He had forgotten how much of a bad girl she was, and it had aroused him a little; but he had played that game once. Hera’s mood swings were too unpredictable.

I’ll go wait in the dining room.

“See you there,” Brandon quickly replied. When Demeter sauntered into the dining room, Brandon sighed in relief before he regarded the remaining gods and goddesses in the foyer.

“Everyone, go ahead and seat yourselves in the dining room so we can go ahead and get started on dinner. There is a lot that I must discuss with you all, so the sooner I can speak to you all at once, the sooner we all can return to our mortal lives.”

Without another word, Brandon started into the dining room with every intention to police where each god and goddess sat. He wanted to separate the ones that would cause the most commotion, and he quickly noticed that he wouldn’t have to worry about Hades for he still had his own table set up to the side. Brandon scowled at his brother’s back, but he didn’t bother him. It had been in their agreement that he would leave him alone. Bastard.

As soon as everyone was seated, Brandon didn’t jump directly into the main point of discussion as Apollo may have liked. He instead wanted to hear about his family’s well-being.

“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”


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The doors to the room had opened to admit her fathers wife, Hera being trailed by Ares; looking like a child ready to throw a tantrum and the lame Hephaestus with his wife in tow, and as always Aphrodite's gaze was more surely aimed towards the god of war, however subtly it was plain to see if you knew what to look for. As she awaited her brothers turn on the table she noticed the glint of a plan flicker to life in the eyes of the newly arrived 'Cael' as he preferred to be called these days and she had to force down her instinct to roll her eyes at his obvious intent to show his superiority over her and all of their kin, as per usual. The smirk that had broken out across his face all too blatant to her tastes.

Athena tried to ignore her sibling as he approached, hoping that he would instead acknowledge their fathers call for dinner to be taken in the dining room and be diverted. But that was just wishful thinking talking and she knew better than to expect such a simple conclusion to this, as she saw him stand behind hermes his vile noxious laughter filled her senses as she watched him take the figure of himself and use it to scatter the board before placing it in place of her king, causing the titan lord to clatter onto the floor. Her eyes flared a dark crimson for a fraction of a second before returning to deep blue, as he spoke; taunting her as he attempted in vain to assert his superiority.

"There are no rules in war. So if you want to win the game, then you just need to win it.”

Athena sighs softly before speaking "Always such a simple mind, childlike really. It is not about war having rules, brother, but in understanding how your opponent thinks in their approach to the conflict. But alas the concept is something you would be unable to grasp. All you do is act and thrive on the conflict it causes to those around you, but for you it is the conflict, win or lose that boils your blood and sets your passion alight." she shakes her head "You and her have always had a connection with that have you not? She enjoys your primal nature and you enjoy the conquest and apparent victory over our smith."

She smiles and leans back in her chair, her fingers lightly caressing the king that was thrown to the floor as the other pieces retake their places upon the board, a faint aura of pale light covering each.

"I do tire of your vain hope to prove yourself better; oh yes you've had your fair share of victory, but your flaw is that you see one won battle as the victory to end the war and become complacent in your won laurels."

Athena stands slowly before placing the king as the final piece upon the freshly set board, then walks towards the dining room leaning close to Ares as she passes, whispering softly for his ears alone.

"A word of caution brother, you've had your conquest, and you've tasted the spoils but beware that your foe is not beaten and simply bides his time. I don't doubt you'll ignore me, but don't say I didn't try." she shakes her head as she walks away, to take her seat at the table.

“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”

Athena sighs at her fathers words, clearly this night in intended to drag on more than it should. Whatever is praying on his thoughts, the reason for tonight, must be serious indeed for the shear amount of stalling before details are revealed. Their appeared to be some unease shown by Apollo on arrival which spoke to the Grey Goddess that he knew what tonight was about, and their fathers stalling was not to his liking.


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#, as written by Odinson

She gave him confirmation of everyone’s presence within the mansion, even noting some of the typical interactions of his kin to which Apollo resisted rolling his eyes. He saw a concern grow within her however and she expressed this saying "Apollo, what's wrong? Has something happened?"

Has something happened?

At first he was confused as to why she would ask such a question, after all didn’t Zeus... The Far-darter’s eyes shown realization, near disbelief in them. He said almost more to himself than to his twin, “He hasn’t told you.” A moment passed in complete silence, this new information taking its toll to the point where he paid no heed to what else transpired in the foyer. When the moment ended, his bared a deeply frowning brow and barred teeth in the direction of the dining hall.

Ignoring his sister Apollo strode into the dining hall and was set to bombard his father with questions. What was there to gain from not telling his children and siblings? What purpose was therein failing to warn them immediately what was happening, what was at stake? How could put on that stupid grin and pretend all was well, when of all people in the entire cosmos he should be the most troubled, having faced these monsters before? But Apollo had the wit to calm himself, for now Zeus would address them, Apollo resolving to sit at the obsidian table awaiting for his father to break the news. To Apollo’s great disappointment however he merely mentioned that there would bad news, and decided to yet again stall what would be the most important council in millennia.


The Far-darter wouldn’t have it, in his mind there was had no time to waste, he’d done enough of that taking his sweet time in arriving, though at the time he thought they’d be discussing this already. He rose out of his seat, and faced his father with a face of disappointment and contempt, and perhaps he would be thought insolent by all others within the hall but he spoke anyway, “Feel like a family? You want us to feel like a family? Please don’t even try to pretend that we have any semblance of that word, at least not until each of us can openly acknowledge our failings and vices, myself included. But more than that, wouldn’t it be far more prudent to address imminent threat to us, and all six billion men women and children on this earth?” his voice was rising and growing ever more irritable.

“That perhaps you of all people would understand what’s happening? What do you want? For us cease this infighting? To act unified and ignoring the discrepancies and grievances between us? They’ll never do it, they’ve had thousands of years to do it, why would they start now when they feel nothing to gain? Well now I say to all of you, that were in not that our very survival hinges within the choices made in this hour I would not care if you bashed in each other’s brains to your hearts content, but it seems even some part of me long dormant and diminished still loves as kin.

“But please father, do continue, see how far they go to please you without compromising their egos.” When he was finished his body seemed to relax, and rested his hands upon the table supporting himself, and sighed deeply, “I’m sorry,” he apologized. He then he looked to his father apologetically, “I’m not known for my temper, but even you don’t know what I saw, and I shouldn’t blame you. Nonetheless this can’t be put off for another minute.”

He rose again and addressed them, “Let me tell of my visions. Think of them as the sense of hearing, you don’t typically choose what you hear though you can tune yourselves the sound around you to detect what is near. Normally what I see is far off, distorted, subject to change. But earlier today the vision I had was the equivalent to putting ear to a jet engine, it is something that is just short of being inevitable.”

And so it was that the Far-darter sate them down, recounting the events concerning the return of the Titans who visited Persephone’s shop, and foretold in explicit detail the world he saw. Of the earth caked in the ash of mortals, of the fall of Olympus and detailed descriptions of the corpses of the Olympians not even omitting the fate of his dear sister. Of and age in which all would be laid to ruin under a red sky and sea, of a Crimson Age yet to come.

He finished and regarded them grimly, “You know me not to be an exaggerator, nor paranoid nor deceitful. But this will happen if we do not act, and sooner than any of us would like. What say you, my kin?”


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Aphrodite turned on her heels and stalked into the mansion, the smile which usually sat upon her lips was swapped with a frown at the current predicament she had been put in. The blonde could feel Hephaestus close on her heels, his minions not far behind him, she highly doubted she could shake the smith that evening. Once entering the foyer she shrugged off her coat handing it to one of the many servants working for her father, looking around she noted Hades, Persephone and Demeter no doubt arguing again, not that she could judge after the blow up which had just happened outside. Deciding to skip the pleasantries with her siblings, the goddess walked straight towards the dinning room, taking a seat at the elaborately decorated table, she immediately reached for her wine, waiting patiently for her family to join her.

Already she began to feel the affects of the tediously long day take its toll on her form and the wine in her hand certainly wasn't going to help her stay awake. Placing the glass down she instead opted for water; Aphrodite knew Hephaestus was close by, she could feel him, he use to make her skin crawl and although she had to admit this version was a whole lot better, it still didn't do anything for her. How many times would she have to explain to the smith that true love was not something that came with materialistic items, no matter how breathtakingly beautiful they may be, if she had been as shallow as a mortal then perhaps the diamonds and jewels and the new meat suit would have been enough for her to forget about Ares, yet she was not, despite people's conceptions of her. Her love for Ares was too strong.

Perhaps the inevitable talk between the trio would finally make Hephaestus see sense and release her from the shackles of marriage, but then that posed the question as too if Ares love was passionate enough to claim her as his own bride, a part of her doubted this, but this was not a thought for today. No, now her mind was focused solely on how to get Hephaestus to see sense. “HA! CHECKMATE BITCH!” Ares roar echoed throughout the mansion, with a shake of her head she hid her smirk from behind her glass, her eyes drifting towards her 'husband.'

It wasn't long until everyone joined her at the table, once everyone was seated Zeus rose, standing at the head of the table a rather welcoming smile plastered across his face, something was definitely wrong. [i]“My beautiful and handsome children; my beloved sisters and brothers; I am pleased to have us all gathered here today for this harmonious and hopefully peaceful dinner. I haven’t heard much from some of you, so if you would like to share how your mortal life fairs you, then please feel free to share. There is something grave that I must discuss with you all eventually, but before I get to that I would like for us to feel like a family first.”
Oh she just couldn't resist the urge to roll her eyes at that one, family, when had they ever been like a real family? Even when they sat high above on Mt Olympus they still weren't a family.

Apollos words spoke for everybody, well certainly for herself. Hera spoke and for once she found herself agreeing with the Queen of the Gods, something she never thought would occur in her life time "I agree with Hera, although I fear I will not be of much help, I will do what is asked of me." Aphrodite spoke up softly looking between Zeus and Apollo "but what is it you propose we do to prevent these premonition's?"


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"He hasn't told you."

It was a statement her twin spoke, not a question and Artemis could hear the utter disbelief in his voice. She was confused though and watched him expectantly to continue on and tell her just what was so important. "Apollo, who didn't tell me what?" The huntress was in the dark as to what information should have been passed on from her brother and she certainly didn't know that it pertained to all of her kin and not just herself.

Artemis was a bit startled as Apollo, abruptly in her opinion, left her and marched his way towards the dining room where the others were gathering. She sighed rather loudly and brushed a hand through her hair before following after him. The Huntress was certain that things were about to become so much worse in the following hours. As customary she took the seat beside Apollo, watching out of the corner of her eye and all but ignoring the complete bullshit spewing from Zues' mouth.

Artemis could see the tension in her twin, the tightness of his jaw and the glare in his eyes. She knew that something was terribly wrong, especially because Apollo was usually one of the calmer of the Olympians. She was actually fairly surprised as he stood from his seat, her head turning fully towards him in response.

“Feel like a family? You want us to feel like a family? Please don’t even try to pretend that we have any semblance of that word, at least not until each of us can openly acknowledge our failings and vices, myself included. But more than that, wouldn’t it be far more prudent to address imminent threat to us, and all six billion men women and children on this earth?”

The goddess bit her bottom lip in nervousness. No one really ever spoke against Zues' words of 'family', it just wasn't done. This was a group of beings who almost prided themselves to see how they could keep up appearances and backstab the most unsuspecting relative at the same time. Apollo's words were true none-the-less and Artemis felt her heart swell in pride for her brother having the balls to speak the truth in front of everyone else.

She listened intently as he recounted his vision and the near destruction the future held for the mortals and their own kind. The only knowledge that Artemis had of the Titans was her own mother, sweet and gentle Leto who had given everything to raise her and Apollo into who they were today. The rest had all been locked away in Tartarus long before her time, but as her brother spoke of each death, Artemis could honestly say she feared for what could become of them.

Artemis was actually surprised to hear Hera speak first, then again the elder goddess never missed a chance to talk. Alas the words the queen spoke were true and honest to the best of her abilities. Hera may have been jealous and power hungry at times but she would do all she could to keep the very few she cared about safe and the balance of power in check. Even Aphrodite, with no power, skill, or knowledge to truly help in battle offered to do what she could to aid the impending situation.

Taking a deep breath the huntress took her brother's hand in her own, giving it a squeeze in reassurance. "You know I am always with you brother." There were few whom the goddess truly loved but her brother was certainly one of them. Their existence had been intertwined since the moment they had been conceived and Artemis would always do what she could to protect him.


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#, as written by Sonata

Cael stared at Athena and slowly blinked his eyes as she went on to explain to him about conflict. He raised his hand as he yawned deeply, and then blurted, "Blah, blah, blah, your incessant prattle is like a fly to bullshit. You and the fly are both drawn to it."

He wrinkled his nose when his sister drew close to his side and whispered in his ear:

A word of caution brother, you've had your conquest, and you've tasted the spoils but beware that your foe is not beaten and simply bides his time. I don't doubt you'll ignore me, but don't say I didn't try.

Grinning arrogantly, Cael whirled as his eyes followed his sister into the banquet room. "Let my foes plot and strategize against me. They will build armies and I will crush them and their dreams of toppling me."

The war god grunted and glanced back to the foyer, realizing that he was the only one standing in it. Frowning and feeling pains of reluctance, Cael sighed irritably and followed the gods into the banquet room to take his seat across and three chairs down from his beloved.


Brandon's brows rose when Apollo stepped forward and angrily dove into a rant of rage and disgust. He, however, listened to his son's feelings while discreetly glancing at his watch every now and then.

Cael sat back in his chair with eyes half-lidded and looking as though he would keel over and die any second. His golden eyes rolled over to the enchanting Aphrodite, throwing himself into his own trap. He had been trying to avoid the goddess all night until then with Apollo's speech setting the uneventful mood. He made faces at the goddess, his eyes rolled back into his head and he slowly sank in his chair as though he had taken a knife to the chest. This dinner was torturous and Apollo's rant just made it worse. Sitting up, his lips stretched into a naughty smile. Who knew the thoughts that were occurring in his mind and putting that look on his face?

Anton only glared at his brother who obviously paid him no mind. Aphrodite hadn't seemed to care for his existence either. It was the last straw. Heeding his uncle's advice, if he had to beat Ares to win back his wife, then he would come up with a device so powerful that Ares would have to submit. The smith, thus zoned out through Apollo's spiel as plans for a super golem began to sketch themselves upon his conscience. It was all he would be able to think about for the entire night and once the dinner was over, he would get to work with his golems and build it.

Dmitri's chin was resting in his palm as he actually listened to Apollo's whining and then finally, the prophecy that had put him into such a tantrum. As he described in explicit detail how each of them would die, the mafia boss's brows rose with intrigue when he explained how he would die with his wife in his arms. Unlike the other gods who were disturbed and snorting their disbelief, Dmitri proudly smiled. It was how he would have hoped to die with his spring flower cradled protectively in his arms. The image was beautiful.

Hardly disturbed by the premonition as the godlings were, Dmitri said, "Your prophecy is interesting. It implies the Titans are stronger now than they were in the last war, but how is unexplained. If they are as they were before, then they stand no match as they did centuries ago. Even more so with my brother's offspring."

Brandon glanced to his older brother. "Hades, you must have known the Titans were missing from Tartarus. Why didn't you alert me?"

Sitting up, Dmitri sat comfortably back in his seat and Bernard set upon his table a plate with a fancy lid on it. He removed the lid as a plume of white steam arose revealing the shrimp linguini with garlic crumbs beneath. Picking up his silver fork, Dmitri calmly answered his brother, "The matters of The Underworld are only of my concern. No one can escape my Underworld of their own free will, so I am curious, which one of us helped them escape."

Brandon frowned in offense and suspicion. "What makes you think one of the gods would free such beasts?"

Slurping a few noodles into his mouth, he lifted his napkin and wiped the sauce from his lips. Smirking, Dmitri replied, "Let's say I've been running my own investigations."

Throwing out his right arm, from his sleeve expelled a plume of black smoke that swirled and billowed into a circle. The smoke then dissolved, revealing its pitch-black center, and from it escaped a chilling breeze--a hole to The Underworld. From the hole, the gods could see the one Titan Hades had imprisoned. The colossal creature wore chains like a straight jacket as it sat on its nubs, missing arms and legs, and wiggling in pain like a worm. The creature sat on the edge of the massive chasm that led to Tartarus and the sight of his brother's sadistic work disturbed Zeus greatly.

"Is that Crius?" Brandon asked in awe.

"Was," Dmitri said simply with a sinister smile. "He had refused to tell me who had set the Titans free, but he did make one mistake. He slipped and said, 'You are a fool to not see the betrayal of your own kin.'"

The dark god turned an eye to the hole and black, gnarled hands rose from the pit of Tartarus to snag Crius's screaming and writhing body to yank it down into a seven day plunge into a belly of eternal nothing.

Brandon's skin crawled. Never would he ever wish to be banished or even visit Tartarus. He stared at his brother wide-eyed as though the man seated at his own table was a stranger. Had The Underworld really warped his brother? He was thankful not to have pulled the wrong straw. Freeing himself from his chilling thoughts, Brandon's expression hardened.

"No doubt Crius's plummet will reach the ears of his brethren. I want for my sons and daughters unacquainted with battle to stay here. I cannot permit you to return to your mortal homes. As Apollo explained this is-"

Brandon's eyes happened to trail over to his son Ares who was practically drooling at the news.


Brandon scowled irritably at his son's boisterous boasting. "You will make no moves until I command it or I will bind you until the war is over."

Cael wrinkled his nose at his father and his upper lip turned upward cockily. "Huh, then you might as well admit defeat."

A clash of lightning tore loudly through the sky outside and the rumbling thunder that followed shook the mansion's foundations. The lights flickered and Brandon's eyes flickered wildly with electricity and in white chains, it coursed up and down his arms.

Cael held up his hands in surrender and nonchalantly didn't look his pissed off father in the eyes. "As long as I get to cleave a Titan a new ass to kick, then I will only engage when commanded."

The lightning fizzled out and Brandon sighed in exasperation. Children were sometimes a pain in the ass.

"Athena, I want for you to run an investigation on all of our kin. If you discover who the traitor is, then you have my permission to apprehend god or goddess. You bring them straight to me and do not let him or her escape. Is that clear?"


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After receiving Athena's response, Brandon's eyes swept the table one final time and he concluded, "I want for all of my daughters, but Athena, to remain here and as for my sons, I am sorry, but I can only permit Ares and Hephaestus permission to leave."

Cael threw up his fists and cheered, "Hell yes!" Before he realized that his father had said that ALL of his daughters must remain, which meant Aphrodite. "Wait, what?" Where were they supposed to romp if everyone was home the entire time? Cael rose from his chair and slammed his palms down upon the table. "Why..." He wanted to defend that he could protect Aphrodite himself, but she wasn't his wife and complaining about not being able to find enough privacy to fuck didn't sound like a legitimate argument, especially not in front of the Goddess of Marriage or his brother. Biting back his words, Cael bowed his head and shook in his anger and sexual frustration, "Damn it!"

Furiously, the war god stormed from the table and Brandon called after, "I didn't say this meeting is over!"

"There ain't nothin' else to talk about!"

Brandon scowled at his son's fleeting back and glanced at his wristwatch. It was about time he went on his date any way. He glanced to his brothers and sisters, "We must act carefully. We don't know how powerful the Titans have become since we last encountered them. If you see a Titan, then let fighting be your last option. Try to get as much information from them about what Cronus may be planning."

It disgusted him how he had nearly called the beast his father. What father devoured his own children?

"He's obviously planning revenge," Dmitri said. He gazed across the table at his lovely wife and inquired, "If you wish for me to give a damn about this war and not turn neutral, then you must permit me to see my wife whenever I may please until its end. If not, then I will only destroy those who get in my way, and I won't give two shits about this family."

Demeter immediately objected, "This was not the agreement!"

Dmitri smiled condescendingly at his sister, "I know that. Thus, I am making a new one. Shit, you're stupid."

"Stop right there!" Brandon interjected. "I don't have time to hear anymore of your arguments. Deal."

Dmitri smirked proudly at his sister as Demeter glared at Zeus, "I won't forgive you for doing this."

Brandon nodded in his frustration. It bothered him to have to choose between Hades and Demeter, but his brother and his Underworld army was a crucial ally.

Poseidon sat there patiently through the bickering and drama that surrounded him. The god's mortal form was that of a simple fisherman. His arms were crossed before his chest and his brown eyes gazing back into his thoughts on the matter at hand. Oceanus...it had been so long. The Titan had withdrew from the war centuries ago to be with his wife Tethys, had they been converted to Cronus's side? The god had actually respected the man, and though he highly doubted that Cronus could sway the ocean that was Oceanus, he frighteningly experienced doubt.

I must speak with him, Poseidon decided. The Titan would make a powerful ally if he joined their cause.

"So, I believe we are finished here. If anything happens, then I rely on Hermes to keep everyone informed," said Brandon.

Hermes smiled boyishly, "Will do."

Dionysus moaned and sank back in his chair, feeling like Ares except he wasn't upset about being cock blocked. "Man, and I was going to this rave tonight. Shit..." He felt like he died on the inside.

"I'm sorry, but if any of my children were killed in this conflict, I don't think I could forgive myself. Artemis and Apollo; I leave you both to guard this house. No strangers are permitted here."

The twins nodded.

"With everything said, this meeting is adjourned. You are free to enjoy the dinner Hermaine has prepared. There is plenty for you to do here."

Hephaestus silently stood and didn't once gaze at his wife as he left the table. He strode out of the banquet room with purpose, his fists still clenched in the anger that he was suppressing. He would need to hold onto it in order to imbue the new golem with it. As he entered the foyer, he saw Ares standing by the door, looking like he couldn't decide whether to stay or leave. As the smith passed him, he turned his head to look the god directly in the eyes, and Cael returned the sharp expression.

"You got some balls," Cael growled.

Anton closed the door behind him as he refrained from replying to his hotheaded brother. He would get his soon enough.

Seeing as everyone was slowly dispersing, Poseidon being one of the few who remained to actually sample his chef's cooking, Brandon smiled in relief and started behind his wife's chair with every intention of heading for the door when Hera's hand shot out to snag his wrist.

"And where are you going in such a hurry?" she asked.

Brandon glanced at the hand coiled about his wrist and tugged a bit. She was pretty strong. Smiling innocently, he replied, "I'm going to do some research. I need to learn more about this situation."

Hera gazed up at him with calm and disbelieving eyes. Her grip tightened on his wrist, making Zeus tense uncomfortably.

"Wear a condom," was her only response before she released him.

Brandon's brows shot upwards in shock. "What? You would actually think that I..."

Hera shot him another cutting look. She wasn't an imbecile. Faltering under her gaze, Brandon fled his wife's presence and thought, Damn, she's good.