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Markus Light (aKa: Zeus)

The King of the Gods, living the persona of a rockstar.

0 · 551 views · located in New York City

a character in “The Rise of the Titans: Crimson Age”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~



Name: Markus Light

Role: Zeus

God/Titan Symbol: A large beautiful tattoo of a bald Eagle tattooed on his back, and double lighting bolt tattoos on each wrist.


Height: 6'1
Weight: 180lbs
Eyes: Sky-Blue
Hair: Long brown dreads that reach to the end of his back.
Body-Art: 5 lobe piercings and 2 cartilage piercings in both ears, tongue piercing, nose piercing, and the tattoos mentioned above.

Persona: Over the last several years Zeus has begun to endulge in in all the sins mortal life offers up so readily, essentially - the life of a rockstar. He's morphed into an attractive young man who lives quite the carefree lifestyle. He's always the center of the party wherever he goes, and can attract groupieish women to him like it's childsplay. However, unlike those he hangs around, the drugs on Earth have no effect on him unless he lets them. Ex: He can get high, however unlike others he's able to remain completely cognitive while doing so. Ex #2: He can drink 100 beers and stay lucid.

Job?: Markus sings with the house band of one of the hottest & largest clubs in the entire city; Slate.. When he sings with them, they're dubbed "L'arc~En~Ciel" and since the two founding members are Japanese, and Markus just happens to be fluent, they tend to sing a lot of songs in either Japanese or a mixture of English and Japanese. (Yes, i'm hijacking L'arc~En~Ciel for this RP! xD)
No one ever seems to mind that they can't understand the language of the band, because they're utterly captivated by his voice. (Hyde <3)


Powers: Outside of being immortal, and immune to injury(like all the Olympians are):

- Being the king of Gods, Zeus has the ability to completely control the weather/environment he's within.
Ex: If someone in Times Square pisses him off, he can turn a sunny day in NYC until one hell of a windy thunderstorm, and he can control the actual lightening as well.
Ex2: Zeus can let out air-attacks using the wind. Think an airbender on steroids. He can make the air-burst as small as thrusting a car into a building, to as big as thrusting a building into another building. When he lets out the power the ground will shutter as if thunder is running through it, and if the attack is big enough the ground will begin to crack.

- Zeus can also control ones movement. Average humans, or weak foes, can be completed halted and/or physically manipulated, however much stronger foes can only be halted for a few minutes. The stronger the opponent, the shorter the time they'll be stopped and the less likely Zeus will actually be able to manipulate their body. But there's not a single soul who won't be stopped for at least 60 seconds.

- After becoming the King of Gods transparency of his fellow Olympians powers become a power in and of itself. There isn't a skill or power from another God that Zeus isn't familiar with and can't see coming. It doesn't in the least mean that one of his fellow Olympians couldn't ever lay a hand on him, it does however means he can't be tricked by any of their powers. He will always either see or sense it coming, and attempt to deflect it. (Basically, you can't sneak up on him, but Speed and Strength in ones attack determines whether it'll hit or not. Him knowing and seeing all your moves does NOT mean he can't be hit by them if they're powerful enough.)

- Lastly, Zeus has the ability to learn something simply by touching a person who is knowledgeable in it.
Ex: Think Starfire from Teen Titans. She could touch someone who was a boxer, and suddenly have their strength as a boxer. Or she could touch someone who spoke Japanese, and suddenly have their ability to speak Japanese.
He only uses this ability on HUMANS, and NOT other Gods/Goddesses(that wouldn't be fair).

To date, some of the most notable abilities he has learned from touching people are:

- Speaking an obscene amount of languages.
- Being efficient in Krav Maga.
- Being able to sing.
- Being an expert at Guitar.
- Learning to drive - via a race car driver.(which should give you an idea of how he'd drive if given control of someones car! tsk tsk! lol)
- Flying an Airplane.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of this war?: Zeus is the furthest thing from modest when it comes to the Titans. The Olympians beat them once and he has full faith they can be pulverize them again. He's eager to put each and every one of the resurrected Titans in their places so that he can go about with his carefree escapades.

Relations: His fellow Olympians are probably the only lot of beings he puts in the same category as himself. As i mentioned before, he's lacking when it comes to modesty most of the times, and while he might not vocalize it, he mentally views everyone and everything else as beneath him in some form or fashion - EXCEPT his fellow Olympians. He might prefer to not jump into one of their battles simply out of his liking of solitary fighting, however if he is needed by one of them, he'll go - even if he rolls his eyes and curses under his breath the entire way. They are his family, simply put.

So begins...

Markus Light (aKa: Zeus)'s Story


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Zeus usually had little reason to be out and about the city during the day, and instead chose to spend a lot of his time within "Slate". Afternoons were never quite as busy as the evenings, but the luxurious club was always full, and of course - dark, something Zeus enjoyed.

"You smell like flowers dear....sweet succulent flowers. I could just eat you up." he'd whisper into the ear of a giggling woman who was just barely 18, as he ran his fingers through her hair. She sat to his right side, while her friend sat to his left, on a black leather couch mere steps from the music rooms bar. The two of them were both groupies and regularly showed when he'd perform during the evening hours.
"Oh Markus stop!" the girl let out through her giggles, as the lustful God brushed his nose against her neck.
It was like childsplay to him, seducing a mortal woman....especially one so young and clueless. He almost wished it wasn't as easy as it was at times, simply so he could be provided with more of a challenge.
But never the less he was ready and willing to take both the girls to his industrial loft across the way from the club, however just as he stood to tell the girls to follow suit he caught a glimpse of a flaming red-head he had been waiting to see...
"I do apologize, but can you two beautiful ladies excuse me for just one minute. I'll meet you both down in the pool hall in a short while - promise." he said coolly, and the women would look a bit dejected for a few seconds before smiling and nodding their head in agreement.

Once the two rounded the corner of the bar Zeus would stretch his arms above his head for a moment before strolling over to the red head, who looked far too young to be inside such an establishment.
"Are you even old enough to be seated at a bar young lady?" he asked, before taking a seat at the said bar beside her.
"What's it to you!?" the girl spat back, as she fiddled with the strap of her bulging messenger bag. Zeus simply smiled. "A spit-fire attitude with a fiery suiting, for a bird such as yourself."
He'd wave his hand in the air towards a bartender to signal he'd like another drink while the girl stared at him wide-eyed, as if he just threatened her life.

"W-what do you mean, bird....that's such a rude word for a woman, don't you have better manners."
As the drink was placed in front of him the God would only smirk before brushing his hair over his shoulder and staring the young girl directly in the eyes.
"Lets be honest, it's exactly what you are dear. And the body you chose to reside in is far from the body of look no older than sixteen, my dear Phoenix."

If it was physically possible, the girls face would of turned white as a ghost, however the fire running within her veins prevented her highly tanned tone from changing shades.
"H-how....did you know?" she asked as she clenched her bag.
"The King of Gods knows much. How do you think you found your way here? It was my voice that lead you to me, was it not? I could feel your flames from miles away, and the puppy you hold their in your bag - i felt it's ferociousness from cities away....quite the cute disguise for a Chimera - a small beagle pup."
The expression of shock on the mythical beings mortal face only grew once he made mention of what was in her bag. She had failed at hiding not only it, but herself.....and suddenly felt completely vulnerable. However when she caught a glimpse of the lightening bolts he purposely let show for a moment before pulling his sleeve back down, his true identity flooded into her mind.
"Wait, the King of're Z-" Before she could finish her thought, Zeus would put his finger over her full ruby-red lips. "Markus, Markus Light here."

"Well, Markus....i'm Emma, Emma Stone....and perhaps you should be careful about showing those symbols....if you found me, i'm sure others might have too."
The God chuckled a bit before offering her a glass of water. "Indeed others have found you. There were men tailing you on your way here. However i was able to distract them and mask your trail....for now. As for me, i'm always careful my dear, but i do believe it's coming time my fellow immortals learn of where exactly i am."
"So, you've heard the rumors? Of Eris.....and what she did."
"They're not rumors, it's the truth. The daughter of Nyx is quite the mischievous little wench when bored, but yes, i've known since a day after it happened.....even spotted a few of my fathers minions in the beginning as they failed to notice me. However, i'm thinking of letting them approach me next time......should make for some good fun, an i don't wish too get rusty now do i?"
As soon as the words left his mouth a rumble of thunder could be heard in the skies above. Emma simply stared - confused.

"So you mask my trail, and lead me to you......i don't understand, what do you want with me if you already know of Eris and her doings?"
"Well for starters I admire your fire, and i'm also intrigued by the bundle of power you carry in that bag there....."

The young girls expression finally relaxed into a smirk, as it became obvious to her what Zeus was asking.
"A fire bird is never held down, and it's forever immortal.....what makes you think i'd agree to be in your perverted pocket - sir? "
He couldn't help but smile at first, but it wouldn't remain on his face for long.
"My father will hand you the same offer if he or any of his minions catches you, but unlike me, if you refuse he will not simply let you go. He'll extinguish your flames and forcibly take that beast in you bag that i'm assuming you've become fond of, and turn it into the monster it has ever potential to be. True, you're being is immortal, but your soul is not. Your ashes will sprout another one of your kind, but the girl i speak to now will no longer be."
His words were in a whisper meant only for her ears, and her sudden sullen appearance meant she heard every word he spoke.

Emma was not the first immortal being or supposedly-mythical creature to be found by Zeus over the years, and like all the others he has called to himself reticently after an initial push she'd agreed to lend herself to him when needed, and the two would seal the deal with a bonding pendant necklace made from the stone of Mount Olympus. If she was to ever break her commitment to Zeus and his fellow Olympians before he released her from the deal, the pendant itself would swallow her whole - essentially turning her into nothing more than a necklace.

"Where should i go now..." she'd mutter softly, as she reached into her bag to pet the softly whining pup.
"I'm affraid the mortal world is not going to be a safe place for you here shortly, so i can send you to live within my Oak Tree atop Mount of the few places my father can't get to."
The answer was presented to her as an option, but Emma knew it wasn't a choice. Zeus surely wasn't going to babysit her, and had no intent on letting her to wander off on her own with the risk of being found.

"I see....i'm guessing the pendant you wear on your neck can be used as a portal."
"Indeed. No worries though, you won't be alone there."
"W-who all resides where you're sticking me?"
"Oh why ruin the fun - you'll see. I will say though, you'll be surprised at the appearance of the gorgon twins. The mortal world was kind enough to restore thier beauty. Pitty i can't view it in person on an hourly basis."

Emmas eyes went wide, rightfully so, but they'd relax quickly after remembering the twins weren't quite as capable as their sister - however one was far more vicious, making Emma more curious than anything, as to how Zeus actually got the woman to agree to her current situation. But she wouldn't ask, and instead swallowed the last bit of her drink, before the two would walk off together inside of an empty bathroom and lock the door.

"Couldn't pick a nicer place." she'd joke.
"Just be happy i'm not doing to you what i've done to others within these same four walls."
"I can only imagine....."

Emma would place the pendant given to her around her neck, and with a simple touch from Zeus's finger the pendant around his own neck would vanish, an in it's place an open portal.
Once he removed his finger tip from atop the portal the girl and her bag would swiftly be swallowed up into it - leaving nothing behind but the scent of fresh Oak.

Zeus has definitely found an odd comfort within his new persona, but the God hasn't lost his touch. He knows it's only a matter of time before all the Olympians will find one another and a battle will likely to occur with the Titans once such beings as the Phoenix, her Chimera, and the likes of the Gorgon girls, were all lovely ace's up his sleeve....

But for now, it was time to drink enough rounds for an entire football team, with a group of beautiful women surrounding him - all willing to so easily give themselves over to him, of which he'd of course enjoy, until it the clock struck 11pm and it was time for him to grace the stage of Slate with his band, and sing a few of their newest songs....