Father of Gods and Man - God of the Sky, Lightning and Thunder

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Father of Gods and Man - God of the Sky, Lightning and Thunder

"Even the gods who are not his natural children address him as Father, and all the gods rise in his presence" - Walter Burkert (Illiad, book 1.503;533).

Aliases Zeus, King of the Gods, Father of Gods and Men, Jupiter, Tinia, cloud-gatherer, Dios, Zeus Olympios, Zeus Panhellenios, Zeus Xenios, Zeus Horkios, Zeus Agoraeus, Zeus Aegiduchos (Aegiochos), Zeus Meilichios, Zeus Tallaios (Solar Zeus), Zeus Labrandos, Zeus Agamemnon, Zeus Velchanos, Zeus Lykaois, Zeus Meilichios, Zeus Chthonios, Katachthonios, Plousios, Trephonius, Zeus Hospites, Zeus Philoxenon, Olumpios, Astrapios, Bronitos, Kasios, and Ithomatas.

Basic Appearance Zeus tends to dwarf the other gods as he stands like a mountain with flowing hair as white as the clouds and a full stache and beard. He wears no armor but the armguards upon his forearms which assist in his ability to produce lightning from his hands. He wears a flowing battle skirt and sandals that weave up his solid calves. He resembles the father and king he is always portrayed to be, and emanates a presence of power, fear, and divinity. His hair and body bears a gentle celestial glow and his eyes are sky-blue and will often crackle with electricity.

Background: [nutshell] Brother to those above, father to those below, victorious in the Titanomachy and Gigantomachy, slayer of several giants and people, punisher, man whore, and is now King of the Gods because of a pulling of straws. Zeus assigned the various gods their roles.

Personality: Zeus, if ever needing to be in god form is often serious and warm. He is easy to befriend and also easy to offend. He demands respect from everyone and everything, and he always enjoys his women. Whenever important matters need to be discussed, he'll summon all the gods of Olympus to meet with him whether for ceremonies, marriages, or war. When in battle he is ruthless, taking his fights seriously, and vigorous with determination. His relationship with his children goes: He gets along with everyone even though Ares is the oddball and is often disliked. He sympathizes with his son so he can always come talk to "dear old, Dad." The other oddball god, his brother, Hades; he doesn't see him much but when he does, he's always glad to see him despite his cold and reserved attitude. He loves all the gods (especially Aphrodite, ssh.)
Most Prized Possessions: Thunderbolt and the throne of Olympus.
Possessions: Thunderbolt, bronze chariot, throne of Olympus.
Patrons Cronus and Rhea
Other Patrons Amalthea, Adamanthea, Cynosura, Melissa, and a shepherd family.
Wives Aega, Aegina, Ananke, Antiope, Callisto, Carme, Danae, Demeter, etc. TOO DAMN MANY!
Siblings Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia.
Offspring Aphrodite (or in some cases no), Apollo, Ares, Athena, Artemis, Dionysus, Hebe, Helen, Hephaestus, Heracles, Hermes, Minos, the Muses, Persephone and Perseus. Also, TOO DAMN MANY!
Symbols Thunderbolt, eagle, bull, oak, and scepter.
Domain Mt. Olympus

Weapon(s): Thunderbolt and Brute Strength
  • Lightning - he controls anything that has to do with lightning including, electricity, static electricity, electromagnetism, etc. This also include machines and anything electrical.
  • Thunder - pretty much the control of sound, where he can make thunder claps whose waves and vibrations can destroy anything in its path and cause warriors to shit their pants.
  • Strength - He is the epitome of strength. He gave birth to it. His godly prowess is near boundless.
  • Cloud & Wind Manipulation He can draw the clouds together to generate rain, fog, or mist. He can call upon the winds to amplify the ferocity of the storms he brings.


Human Form

Name: Brandon Powers
Role: Head of a Computer Monopoly
Age: 32
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Physique: Athletic
Status: Always married to someone but is still partial to Hera
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Zeus is quite the handsome man when in his human form, which may be why he has had luck in all of his numerous love affairs. He has been in People's magazine a few times as Sexiest Man of the Year, beating numerous stars and models. When on business, he dresses in his business attire: suit, polished shoes, well-groomed hair, etc. Off-duty, he wears down-to-earth attire: jeans, t-shirts, etc. Whatever he can find and likes.
Human Personality: Zeus is a businessman and believes that there should be justice behind everything. He dislikes cheaters, lawbreakers, and criminals, and if they have anything to do with him, his family, or his business, he'll exact justice through someone: either Hades or Ares. He can't afford to have his reputation sullied by such dark things. He is kind, easy to befriend, and has a healthy sense of humor. He wants the other gods to succeed in everything they do and is often times the mediator between certain situations (pretty much the father they all run to when shit hits the fan).

One of Zeus's flaws is that he is sexually promiscuous. He is quite the sex addict, and if he sees a good-looking woman, he will "tap that." This often gets him in trouble with Hera--his scorned wife. He honestly doesn't like when people bring up his past affairs. He finds it embarrassing actually and will often try and make it seem like not so much as a big deal. He seems kind of timid whenever Hera or Demeter are angry with him for he doesn't like to be in the wrong with any of the gods, but ah well, what can he do?

Zeus is the leader of the pack and when something goes down, he'll often call a meeting in his glorious mansion to discuss any important situations. He'll even have them eat in the same banquet room so that they can discuss anything that might have happened to them that day. He is quite the family man, and despite his issues, he knows his god family still loves him and he won't hesitate to back them up.
Weapon(s): Same powers as in his god form just kept low key.


  • Olympia - Computer Company (monopoly)

Theme Songs
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So begins...

Zeus's Story


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus – Brandon Powers

Olympia (Computer Monopoly)

His footsteps clapped rhythmically through the lobby, and upon seeing the man dressed in an earthen-brown suit, the attendant at the front desk stood from his chair and greeted the company head like an enlisted soldier greeted an officer, “Good Morning, Sir! We haven’t seen you in awhile.”

The businessman beamed his pearly-white grin, shining with a joyful radiance. “How are you, Mr. Jung? Did your boy ever get accepted to Berkeley?”

“Yes, he did, Sir. He’s majoring in business,” Jung replied exuberantly.

Brandon arched a dark brow before he pointed at the attendant and spoke, “You tell your boy that when he’s finished, I’ll be reserving him a place here at this company if he succeeds.”

“Yes, yes I will, Sir. Thank you!”

Brandon winked. “No problem.”

Before the company head stepped into the elevator, the steel doors rolled open and a young woman stepped out only to stumble in startle upon seeing the boss before the doors.

“Oh my, Mr. Powers!” she squeaked as the thin stack of papers in her hands went rocking to the floor. “I was just about to meet you at the door.”

The young woman stooped in her burgundy heels as she began picking up memos and letters that needed to be sent out.

“Here, let me help you,” Brandon offered as he set down his black suitcase. As he started to collect papers, he observed the woman curiously. She wasn’t an employee he was familiar with. He handed the stack back to her and rose as she did. “Excuse me, but who are you?”

The secretary blinked her green eyes from behind black-framed glasses before she said quickly, “Oh yes, I am…” She held her hand out to the man as he took it firmly in his own. “Cynthia Nickels.” She shook his hand and averted her eyes from his deep gaze. She felt blood rush to her cheeks as every time her lips curled into a smile, she’d quickly straighten them again. It was so awkward. He was staring so deeply at her.

Brandon’s chocolate eyes rolled over her outfit. She was wearing an ash-grey suit with a burgundy top underneath that matched the color of her heels. He could tell just by her suit size that she was an intern. The jacket was too small, revealing a few inches of her wrists and the buttons looked about ready to burst about those D-cups she tried to squeeze within it. Jesus Christ.

“Mr. Powers?” Cynthia called.

The company head released her hand and turned away from her as he touched the corner of his right eye.

“Ugh, I’m sorry, it’s morning,” he muttered.

The secretary smirked in amusement as she watched him play off checking her out. “I’m your new secretary. You have a few phone calls and emails, but besides that nothing else is new.”

Lowering his hand, Brandon bent over to pick up his suitcase once more and then held it out in the direction of the elevator. “Shall we?”

Cynthia turned away from her boss and quietly stepped into the elevator. As Brandon followed behind, he tilted his head, gazing at the skirt that hugged her round bottom. He didn’t know what was with business skirts, but they always made a woman’s ass seem bigger.

Mr. Jung watched as his boss disappeared into the elevator with Cynthia and shook his head. He already knew how this was going to end. If only he had someone to bet cash with.

Inside the elevator…

I’ve been meaning to tell you…

In the elevator, an old 80s song was playing as the car seemed to slowly elevate up the floors. Brandon was gazing straight ahead while Cynthia stood next to him with her clipboard against her lap.

I got this feelin’ that won’t subside…

Cynthia glanced out of the corners of her eyes at her boss, eying his strong jaw. She could smell his aftershave and the soft spice of his cologne. Her eyes darted back to the doors as she waited patiently for them to open. She felt so naughty for sneaking a peek at him.

I look at you and I…fa~nta~si~ze…You’re mi~ne to~ni~ght.

Out of her peripherals, she saw his head turn and his dark eyes rove over the side of her face. It made her tense. Did he know that she was watching? She swallowed softly, watching as his eyes lowered to stare at her chest. But why? She felt that they were well-tucked away.

Reluctantly, her eyes crept down to see that her collar had sunk too low. Her whole ensemble had been too small to begin with, exposing the round tops of her fleshy hills and the pink lacey hints of lingerie. Her golden necklace, crafted in the shape of a heart, was sitting right above her cleavage, signaling at him.

Now I’ve…go~t you in~my si~ghts.

Cynthia turned her head and felt her heart leap when she met the eyes of the man that had been staring at her. She grasped her shirt collar and pulled it up over the tops of her breasts as she slowly turned her chest away from his sights. He was holding her gaze in those dashing eyes. The way his dark brows furrowed over them made her breathing deepen.

With…these…hun~gry eyes~


The elevator doors rolled open and Brandon stepped out onto his office floor. He had an entire floor to himself at the top of his firm. Cynthia’s desk was outside his large office, waiting for her to take a seat.

Seconds after her employer stepped out, she followed still holding her shirt collar as her cheeks continued to glow in her embarrassment. The whole situation was embarrassing and she didn’t know why it had to happen. Her boss was such a pervert. Silently, she took her seat as Brandon disappeared into his oak-door office. She set down her clipboard and just stared at her desktop. She felt as though her daily routine had been thrown off course. What did she have to do again? She felt so…lost.

Brandon sighed as though expecting work to be uneventful. He hadn’t been in the office for a week. He worked back at the mansion, making sure to check his emails daily. Being the head of a monopoly was too easy when all you had to do was meet with managers from the satellite businesses across the nation, attend conferences, and remind Microsoft and Apple every day how they’ll never be able to keep up with his business. He had to give Hephaestus some credit for being such a brilliant son. Brandon had branches in Europe and was hoping to get some in Asia. For now, he opened his suitcase and pulled out his Vaio laptop. He placed it on his desk and moved his suitcase to the floor.

Maybe I should be thinking about dinner tonight. he mused. He stared at his laptop screen, waiting for the damn thing to load up. Rib eye sounds good. Ares enjoys his protein. I’m sure the chef will provide greens for the girls.

Brandon pressed the button on his intercom that linked him to Cynthia’s desk.

“Cynthia,” he hailed.

Cynthia jumped not expecting to hear his voice so soon. “Yes, Mr. Powers?”

“Please get in contact with Hermaine, and tell her that there will be rib-eye for dinner tonight.”

Hermaine? Who was that? His wife? “Yes, Sir,” Cynthia replied weakly. She stared at the intercom box a little disheartened, and then it hummed on once more.

“She’s not my wife.”

Cynthia blushed again. The bastard! ‘Like she cared if he was married or not. She stroked a cinnamon strand behind her ear and got on the phone to contact this, Hermaine.

Brandon grinned playfully. He felt so clever.


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"Are you really flexible enough to do all those things Hades mentioned?"

The silence between the two young ladies was interrupted with Artemis's interesting question. "Artemis!" Surprise evident in the woman's soprano voice. "I'd never thought the Goddess of the Hunt and virginity would ask me such a question." While Persephone didn't answer her question directly, the corner her mouth twitched and a small smile dance across their features as she lead the young Goddess to a small cafe several blocks from Ambrosia, aptly called " The Hole in the Wall".

It did not take the two long to reach the cafe. It was a simple establishment, and unlike many of the more extravagant buildings in New York it had a more open and family feeling to it. She had known the owners Marcia and Manuel for years, even being invited to their daughter wedding at one point, but since it was a winter wedding she had been unable to attend.

"I have the perfect place for us to talk. Not to mention the apple pie Marcia makes here is to die for." Taking Artemis's hand, she would led her inside the small two story building where her ears would listen to the simple piano Manuel had bought for guests to try their hand at (only if they were decent of course) during their meals. Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 would enter the newly arrived guests ears . Persephone took her normal seat in the left side of the cafe, one that was hidden conveniently behind a large ficus that allowed her some privacy from prying male eyes.

She pulled her chair in and motioned for her half sister to take a seat across from her. "It's my treat of course. Consider it an apology for having to endure such an embarrassing conversation." Her smile lit up across her face as easily as any day, and the thoughts that had pressed her mind minutes ago as well as the stinging of her cheek faded as she conversed with her sister.

A young female waiter with a large beaming smile approached their table, holding up a pen and paper to take their orders. "What can I get for you two?" She questioned cheerfully. "Coffee with a splash of cream, no sugar for me. Nothing else for me." While the waitress nodded and scribbled hastily on her notepad, Persephone cocked her head to the side and motioned towards Artemis to answer next.


"Lenora. We're live in five"

“I can read the timer idiot.” Lenora(Hera), whispered venomously, putting a hand over her mic so that the other crew members wouldn't hear her. She usually made no attempt to mask her malice but a few of the show's main directors were here and she needed to put on a sweet image. It was just business.

"Alright, let's get out there and help some couples guys." Hera's manager rubbed his meaty hands together and smiled. "Help couples? If you're so adamant about helping couples, why are you screwing your secretary instead of your wife you shit head." Her face did not betray her thoughts as she tossed the repugnant man a wink before taking a few steps towards the set.

"We're live in three....two....one"

The sounds of paid audience members clapping met Hera's ears as she stepped confidently onto the set of "Trouble in Paradise", the talk show she had began nearly three years ago to this day. "Hello Neeeew York!" She began, her usual entrance as she waved towards the cameras. She lingered for a moment in the front of the large set before she took a seat on a small black chair. "Today's show features a few couples who are having a problems keeping their romance alive..in the bedroom of course." A few giggles escaped the crowd and Hera kept the shining smile on her face.

"Our first couple of the day hail from the Sunshine state. Let me introduce Sally and Micha Hamilton!" While the crowd began clapping once more, the producer motioned for Hera to wrap up the introductions so they could cut to a commercial break. While the leathery sound tanned couple made their way on stage and Hera shook their hands, she shot the camera her signature smile.

"Right after this brief commercial break, we'll talk about some simple easy ways to spice up your bedroom life and keep the love alive."

The camera briefly switch off and some commercial about laundry detergent would pop on quickly afterwards as Hera walked back behind the set and threw her ear piece onto the ground "Spice your bedroom life up? What kind of shit are you putting on that tele prompter Tom? We're supposed to hip! We're supposed to be cool. Not sound like complete morons. Doesn't anyone have any vision in this place?"

Her temper usually didn't get the better of her, but word of Zeus's latest conquests in the past month had finally reached her earlier that morning. Lilly-Mae, Jamie-Lynn, and some girl named Candy. All girls with floozy names that her husband had slept with in the last few weeks that she had found after informants had sent her text messages. She had the girls taken care of, but the mere thought of her husbands infidelity once again sent her into a rage.

Not even bothering to look back, she pushed her way through the studio . The cries of audio crew members and the producer fell on deaf ears as she pushed the exit doors open and the muggy air of New York met her cold skin.

She ripped the rest of her audio equipment off and let it fall from her hands onto the cement as she walked towards where her limo and driver Edmund was leaning against the black vehicle. "Take me home" She commanded, not bothering to wait for him to open the door for her before she slipped into the car and sat impatiently.

Within thirty or so minutes, she would home and with enough time she should be able to collect her thoughts.


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Artemis felt accomplished after seeing Persephone loosen up considerably. She was glad to be rid of the tenseness in the atmosphere, even for just a little while. "I'd never thought the Goddess of the Hunt and virginity would ask me such a question." Artemis laughed a little, a bashful expression making its way onto her features. Her eyes looked up demurely at Persephone as the continued on down the street and into the cafe "The Hole in the Wall".

The brunette was quiet as they sat down. "It's my treat of course. Consider it an apology for having to endure such an embarrassing conversation." Persephone insisted and Artemis was never one to turn down the kind gesture, or rather talk her cousin out of paying. They didn't have to wait long before the waitress arrived to take their order. "Coffee with a splash of cream, no sugar for me. Nothing else for me."

Artemis didn't bother to look over the menu, most cafes had the same things anyway. "I think I'll get a hot chocolate and a slice of apple pie, I've heard it's delicious." She smiled charmingly up at the waitress as she handed over her menu. Two-seconds later the mortal was off to fulfill their requests.

"By the way…" She said slyly, moving her attention back towards her kin. "Just because I'm a patron of virginity doesn't mean I'm a prude…or not curious." A large grin broke out onto her lips by the end of her statement as she continued to happily tease Persephone.

The feeling she had gotten early that morning returned to her stomach. Her smile diminished as she bit her bottom lip. "Perse, have you felt anything strange lately?" Artemis looked out the window to her left, the sky was effectively blocked by the towering skyscrapers but just looking in that direction helped her think. "I mean, it's just this uneasiness I'm getting. Something just feels off, it's like the energy isn't flowing the same." Her conclusions were strange and she wasn't sure if she was expressing herself properly, but if there truly was anything off about then Persephone would probably be able to sense it as well.

Then again it could have just been Artemis' paranoia. Maybe it was just that time of year where Hera would plot some kind of long and slow revenge for the betrayal she believed Leto, Artemis' mother, had done against her. Her father's wife was still bitter about his affairs and having to deal with the offspring of his infidelities at every Olympian meeting couldn't have been doing wonders for her sparkling personality.

Their waitress returned, two cups and a slice of pie neatly placed onto the tray in her hands. After setting the dishes down the mortal gave a polite "Enjoy your meal" and left them to their discussion. Still not content with much of anything, Artemis all but stabbed her fork into the baked good rather angrily. Everything about this feeling just irked her. Even still, she stuck the removed a piece of the pie and stuck it in her mouth. Persephone wasn't lying when she said the confection was to die for. To be honest, if there was one thing that Artemis enjoyed about the mortal world, it would have to be the food.


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#, as written by Endgame
Hyperion walked down the hallway from where he had been thinking, these however were not idle thoughts one thinks when bored, and these were the thoughts of war. Eris had brought his brothers and sisters back from their slumbers, but for what reason? He continued to walk at quickened pace and out of the house and onto the wet grass the sun shining brighter with every step he took. Hyperion didn't want war and to be honest could care who was in charge, he looked around slowly before changing into his human form, Cronus would go into one of his rages if he saw him "lower himself by being a human."

He wondered quietly why his brother wanted to know where the Gods where, at first he thought it was for a treaty of peace, but now it seemed different like Cronus was preparing for war. He walked down the street without fear of being attacked, none of the Gods and Titians other than Cronus knew he was still kicking, he had just disappeared and for a while, he liked it that way for a while before coming out of hiding only to find this... he shook it out of his mind, he had other thing to plan and thought a good book and some flowers might cheer Cronus and his wife up.

He slowly made his way down the street and stopped at a book store and then stopped in front of a bookshelf holding a face reference dictionary and flipped through the pages then something caught his eye and he smiled and walked over to were the cashier was and handed her the money for the book, he had found Zeus. Hyperion walked out onto the cold street, he shivered before making his way down the street and he quickly counted the mortal money he had been given by Cronus for the time being, one thousand mortal dollars, not much in human terms.

He quickly moved down the street while looking for a flower shop to buy some flowers for his wife and Rhea once he met up with Cronus again he give them to her, it would cheer her up. He finally made his way down the street towards the business end of New York hoping to find some flowers and he finally stopped in front of the most little likely place, the words on the sign read clearly and Hyperion was glad no one knew he was still alive, the letter on the shop spelled out very neatly, Ambrosia.

He was silent and was about to walk away when he saw the Gods inside, well check another one of the big three of my shopping list he thought and walked away quickly and got some flowers from another store and moved of back to Cronus. He burst through the door of the house moving with purpose before knocking rapidly on Cronus is door, and then saying quietly “I’ve found them” he waited for Cronus to answer while holding the flowers tightly, my you will look like such a great warrior to Cronus he chuckled to himself waiting.


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#, as written by Odinson

A solid baritone voice attempted to make light of his ailment, Apollo recognized it as his own uncle, a fact confirmed when he mustered the strength to gaze upon his bemused face. The Far-darter did not think it jovial, and rewarded Poseidon with a light scoff in contempt having only added to the irritability if anything. All the while the pulse in his brain did not recede by any amount.

Another voice reached his ears which he knew to be another elder kin. Truthfully he had no intention of entering the shop, but the offer was made face to face and though he cared little for interacting with his kin, he should at least feign politeness. That, and in his current state it would at least be better to rest where he was welcome. By now the migraine finally began to recede, so straightening himself as best he could and lightly nodded.

Once inside Apollo found the nearest chair and plopped in it, then resumed rubbing his temples. “Sorry about intruding, I’m usually never this piqued. I swear there something in here splitting my brain open like a fault line making a magnitude seventeen.”

He waited patiently for his tea to arrive paying little head to what else was being said in the room by whoever as his symptom began to grow again, and his temples were massaged more feverously still in vain. Soon enough however the beverage was before him and he accepted it from Demeter, and thanked her.

He must have gulped it all down in one go and placed the cup on the nearby coffee table, and waited longer still at rest, again paying no heed to whatever conversation that might have been taking place.

Then all at once, as if the final strike of a hammer and chisel were made against the dam of his mind, agony soared through all of its recesses. Apollo found himself clutching the arms of the chair in a death grip, his entire body flexed and frozen as he bit back his tongue. His eyes became wider than dinner plates, and all color including that of his pupils vanished, replaced by an intense white light shown out in beams. Anyone who knew of Apollo’s “gift” of prophesies would recognize a vision by him, and as he was the only one experiencing it, all one could do was wait until it was finished.

The heavens were ablaze! Mangled corpses littered a ruin world as spires of earth erected themselves splitting open mountain and skyscraper. The seas boiled in furious hatred as the blue was drowned in the blood of man and beast alike. Fire rained down upon the damned though all innocent of the crime they were accused. But this was not the realm of Hades; no, a few diminishing landmarks were recognizable as that of this very city that the gods made their residence.

And from the sky fell a great ball of fire, and as it approached the earth Apollo found that it too was a familiar shape. It was the palace of Olympus itself! Architecture of Old buckled and crumbled becoming as burning ash, immolating the multitudes of those who were unfortunate as to survive this long in this new dying world as it met its fate with the earth tearing it asunder.

Apollo could also see in the remains of the streets among the bodies strewn indiscriminately the forms of his brethren, ripped and torn as to be almost be unrecognizable, but he knew. His father and king who’s hide was now tanned and split, the lord of the seas emaciated and bone dry as if the life were taken from his body literally, and even Hades, who now was no more than a statue of ash could be seen curling himself around another, in vain protecting his fair wife and love now a shadow of Creation same as he.

They were not alone, all of them were there, the Far-darter himself counted among them. But the sight that truly horrified him, the image that would forever burn within his immortal soul was that of his dear sister, impaled on a pike as beast, vermin and maggot betrayed her pure flesh consuming her with greed and malice, hunger never to be sated.

He wailed in furious agony at the sight coupled with the splitting of his brain and the splitting of the world around him, “NO!” It was a roar and a cry that reverberated throughout the humble shop splitting the ears, and curdling the blood of all who dwelled within. The Far-darter writhed in the chair as he wailed, clutching the armrests so tightly that the wood began to splinter under his fingers and would eventually be broken.

This lasted for about a minute or so, until the light from his eyes dimmed and color returned to it was well, his mouth falling deathly silent and ajar. His gaze was no where for a small moment, and his body was completely unmoving, one could almost swear that death embraced him in that moment, even his skin was a sickly white. But after a while his fingers lightly twitched, followed by a shaky hand and soon the quaking spread all through out his body. Apollo gazed at his hand, observing the shaking with utmost fascination, until the thought occurred that he must steel his own nerves. He clutched his wrist with his other hand, though still quaked.

When the quaking died down and his skin flushed back with color. He then suddenly remembered that he was not alone in the room, and knew that they would be starving for an explanation. He tried to let loose his tongue, but at first nothing could escape, as if there were some invisible barrier. Eventually however he gradually managed to make speech. “I,” he fell silent again briefly before he continued in the softest voice though clearly audible for the rest of the room lied mute, “This…has never happened to me. My visions, they always happen when I command it, always, but this…”

He took another moment to collect himself, then managed to say, “Everything, everyone…everything was eviscerated, everywhere.”

He leaned forward as if they had not heard him an reiterated in the voice of a tortured phantom whispering from the bowels of Tartarus, and in this voice his statement was absolute and directed to the well being of his brethren in the meaning, “Everything.”


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#, as written by Endgame
Hyperion stood up straighter "I found Zeus working at a human company, his name now is Brandon Powers... he wasn't hard to find." Hyperion gestured at a human newspaper with Zeus's face on it and in bold lettering it said "Brandon Powers does it again" Hyperion smirked "Zeus has been busy in social light lately. While you were sleeping I was watching the Gods and I've lost track of how many humans Zeus has slept with."

"Now finding Hades was a bit trickier, but like his brother they both have egos the size of Mount Olympus, I've tracked him down to some recent gang sighting’s around this area...." he said calmly like an assassin pointing out his targets on a map he had placed on the table.

"Also Hades owns a nice restaurant and a human strip club" Hyperion sighed, his nephew had turned out edgy and maybe it was time for a face to face talk though Cronus would like to have one at the edge of a blade instead of peace. "I also have tracked down his wife and Demeter, Athena, Artemis and Apollo and... Poseidon at a flower shop downtown, if we act now we could catch four of them right now...." he said before silencing himself, he wanted peace now war but he was born a soldier and would die a soldier he guessed.

Hyperion walked away from the table for a minute and looked at his brother "must this end in blood brother?" he said looking at Cronus with a faraway look in his eyes as he paced back and forth. He stood still looking out a window out into the world around him "If we are to stand against the Gods brother we must stand as one..." He said turning to face Cronus before sitting in a chair to the side of the room "but I must ask you brother is this war necessary?" He had just done somthing no Titian had done before, questioned Cronus, but still he wasn't going to back down from this topic "yes they wronged you but then again you tried to eat them... you tried having revenge once brother and it failed because we could not stand together, revenge does not work! you need to rally the others with the strength to go on and fire their spirts with the true justace not petty revenge..." he said in a almost pleading voice


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Character Portrait: Zeus Character Portrait: Hermes

0.00 INK

#, as written by Sonata
Zeus – Brandon Powers

Olympia (The Electric Company)

Brandon had folded pieces of paper into the shapes of paper llamas and was stacking them in a cheerleading tower before his laptop. He had one more to place on top as he leaned close to the base of the llama pyramid and carefully inched the final llama toward the top. He held his breath. His brows were knitted and his eyes tense with focus. He managed to complete the task and slowly leaned back. Smiling in success, he threw his fists into the air and exclaimed, “Oh yeah!” He was the best.

Sitting back in his office chair, he crossed his arms behind his head and glanced at his laptop. An hour barely crawled by and there was still pages of emails he had yet to read. Glancing back at his llama pyramid, he couldn’t believe that that was the only thing he had accomplished. Frowning, Brandon reached into his trouser pocket and removed his cell phone. He flipped through his contact list to Hermes and tapped in a text:

Inform everyone that dinner will be at my mansion at 8. EVERYONE will be there. I won’t take no as an answer.

Tucking his phone back into his pocket, Brandon sat forward in his chair and clapped his laptop closed. He then picked it up and placed it inside his suitcase. Closing the lid, he slid it off the table as he rose from his chair and headed straight for the door. The llamas remained stacked in their position as he walked out of his office.

Cynthia had called Hermaine and told her of the evening dinner arrangements. She still didn’t know who the girl was, but she sounded too young to be any lover of Mr. Powers’s, unless, he was into young girls. He was a pervert after all. The secretary was on Facebook and scraping a nail filer along her nails when her employer emerged with a stride of purpose.

Lowering her filer, Cynthia sat up in her chair. “Mr. Powers?”

Brandon stopped and faced the voluptuous secretary. “I’m heading out for the rest of the day. I got a family reunion to attend. When can I see you again?”

Cynthia blinked. “Umm, well, I work Mondays through Fridays…”

“I’m not asking about your hours. I’m asking when can I see you again?”

Cynthia stared blankly at her boss until his question finally clicked. Her cheeks glowed and she clutched her nail filer nervously. “Oh my gosh, um, oh my gosh!” She dropped her nail filer and hid her flushed face behind her hands. Her boss was seriously asking her out? It was so unusual.

Brandon rested his hand upon his hip and sealed his grin behind a smile that was so mischievous, naughty, and playful. If she didn’t give in, she would have to upon taking in his panty-soaker 3000. Cynthia parted her fingers a few centimeters and upon taking in the look he was giving her, she closed her fingers and then slid them down her face until they just revealed her green gaze. Lowering her hands, she set them in her lap and tried to squeeze her lips into a straight smile, but could not.

“Aren’t you married, Mr. Powers?”

Brandon arched a brow. “I can’t marry a woman that I feel would try to steal my money.”

“Yet you want to go on a date with me?”

“Maybe I trust you?”

“I just met the boss I’ve only been working for for over three weeks today, and you already trust me?”

“You want to give me a reason to doubt you?”


“What time do you want me to pick you up?”

“Wait, didn’t you ask ‘when you wanted to see me?’”

“Now, I’m asking ‘what time?’”

Cynthia’s hands returned to her face to hide the amused smile that curled on her lips. He was so bold, and she couldn’t believe that she actually liked him already.

It’s only a date, she thought.

“What’s good for you?” she asked him.

Brandon frowned as he grasped his chin in thought. “Hm…the reunion should be over by…9, so how about 9?”

“All right; 9,” Cynthia agreed.

Brandon pumped a fist and pointed a finger at her. “You won’t be disappointed!”

As her boss scurried out the door, Cynthia sat back in her chair and stared at her Facebook page.

“What the hell did I just do?” she muttered softly to herself. A dinner date with Brandon Powers—THE Brandon Powers. It was frightening yet exciting. What was she going to wear?


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Character Portrait: Zeus Character Portrait: Hermes

0.00 INK


(Heading back to the Mansion)

"She [Maia] bare a son [Hermes], of many shifts, blandly cunning, a robber, a cattle rustler, a bringer of dreams, a watcher by night, a thief at the gates."

The Messenger God hummed a harmonious melody as he made his way home.One blue headphone stuck into his left ear and the other bouncing off his chest with every step he took. The small messenger bag that hung across his chest was filled with snack foods for the upcoming football game he would be watching at the mansion. Sixty inches of flat screen was all his for the day and he couldn't have been more excited. Seeing the familiar yellow roof of the mansion he shared with his fellow immortals in the distance, Hermes picked up his pace and he easily passed several humans as he maneuvered along the sidewalk.

He felt the vibration of his phone against his chest as he made it to the front door. He reached a hand into his breast pocket and read the small lettering out loud to himself. "Inform everyone that dinner will be at my mansion at 8. EVERYONE will be there. I won’t take no as an answer." Hermes read. He rolled his eyes the minute he saw where the text had came from. "Well there goes my night." He grumbled.

"Zeus, why the fuck can't you just tell them yourself. You're the billionaire with a fucking 4G plan." The god cursed, not bothering to text a reply back to his father.

As he pushed the stained glass door open into the extravagant manor he called home, he scrambled through his contacts list . Everyone was in there , but one name among the list made his mortal body chilled straight to the bone.

"Sure Dad, lemme just send a text to Uncle Hades . Sorry about your wife having to leave you for six months. Want some steak?" He sighed and continued looking through his contacts. When he spotted the Springtime Goddess's name in the "P" section of his Droid Aria, he began typing the first text for Zeus's summons.

"Heya puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurty lady,

Dad wants us all to meet up at the manor for a dinner or something. Be there or be square. If you need someone to escort you, give me a call and I'll fly over ;D.

P.S: No getting out of this either, or Dad will be pissed.

As he sent the message, a sudden ominous feeling passed over his body. Maybe being so familiar with his uncles wife wasn't the safest of options, but it sure was the most amusing. He clicked the button for a group text message, clicking on Demeter, Poseidon, Ares, Aphrodite, Artemis, Apollo, Hera, Hephaestus, Athena, and finally Hades (after a few minutes of deep breathes and careful rewording ).
Zeus want's us all at the manor for a dinner. No exceptions guys. Don't ask me what the hell for because I don't know and I don't care, just be there.
He clicked the send button and slid his phone back into his pocket. He had expected to be drinking a beer and munching on barbeque chips while he watched his favorite team play and fail miserably. Instead, he was now forced to attend his father's dinner party and pretend to play nice with the rest of the Olympians.

With his task finished, Hermes went to rummage through the kitchen and find something edible and full of fat he could snack on before the dinner.


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Character Portrait: Poseidon Character Portrait: Demeter Character Portrait: Apollo Character Portrait: Hyperion Character Portrait: Zeus

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#, as written by Odinson

She pressed him for answers, understandably with no frugal amount of concern. Had she let him speak however there would be no reward of information, Apollo of course had not seen what triggered the cataclysm. All that he knew was that unlike every other vision he’d experienced, this one wasn’t some distant probability that had a decent chance of never coming to pass, it was all to real as to be imminent if nothing was done. His elders in the room concurred that their king should be informed of this, practically a given course of action considering.

Poseidon tossed his phone at his nephew who reflexively caught it with restored dexterity, the symptom that had been burdening him was now all but erased, no doubt a result of his vision finally breaking out into his consciousness. But before he could speak with his father the device received a text from that very god. “Looks like I owe you twenty then,” Apollo replied to his uncle, permitting a small grin to briefly grace his features.

The Sun god took the time to compose a text directly to Zeus, his thumb was near the send button when two men entered, which he found strange considering Demeter had just completed closing the shop. At the sight of them she became petrified, and Apollo observed that like other immortals they had possessed auras that identified them. However Apollo, though spent little time with his kin in recent times, still knew all of them, these Immortals he didn’t recognize in the slightest.

Demeter seemed to recollect herself however and ushered them out with no frugal amount of distain, the venom in her voice was quite palpable.Hyperion said nothing, but the grin upon his face did not leave even as he motioned Oceanus to follow, the message sent. After they left Apollo had a raised brow, and for the first time since his arrival at the shop stood on his feet questioning, “What was that all about? And why did you call him Hyperion? Hyperion’s gone like all the other Ti- “The chill returned to his blood, the sentence need not be finished. There was a mystery to his vision that his elder queried him not a few minutes ago, now the answer was self evident.

The Old Ones had returned.

“Uranus have mercy,” he uttered. And for a moment a great sense of despair was welling within him, but as it neared to illicit a scream akin to what he’d let loose previously it halted. The feeling not only receded but was being replaced by another. His gaze became steeled and his free hand collapsed into a tightly held fist. An aggression was welling up to the surface now, the fear transformed.

Before he knew not that enemy, what circumstance brought upon the ruin he saw and his brethren slain. Now however there was a face, there was an enemy to fight, and enemy that his elders had defeated once before. The Far-darter would be damned if he let his kin fall prey to them.
He’d be damned if he let Artemis be feasted upon and violated.

The Far-darter made a few additions to his text, and pressed send. He spoke aloud to his elders in the grimmest of tones, “Lets go, we’ve got a lot of things to discuss.”

When “Brandon Powers” received the message, it would say the following. "This is Apollo, I received a vision that under no exaggeration concerns the fate of us all, mortal and otherwise, and I know why.

The Old Ones are on Earth again.

This is no prank, no jest, when we all meet for dinner, it will be to discuss preparations for war make no mistake.

I hope you’ll have a plan Dad.”

It wasn’t long before returned to his leader, and bore the news, “Our little message has been sent, to say they were surprised to see me would be an understatement,” he chided, a little proud of himself for exacting the results desired. His face transitioned into a frown however, what would transpire next was still something he didn’t want.

“Sir, I will only ask this once more, but are you sure you want this?”


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Sonata
Hades – Dmitri Ruslan

The boat bobbed as Bernard manned the oars. Dmitri was standing with his hands tucked comfortably into the deep pockets of his black coat. Before him was a man with his feet in a bucket of cement and his arms bound behind his back by what appeared to be ropes, but to the gifted eye they were actually snakes. The snakes’ fangs had sunk into the hostage’s wrists and they had no intention of releasing him. Two more henchmen sat next to the hostage, while the remaining thugs stayed on the shore to guard the vehicles.

Dmitri and his men rowed out to the center of the Long Island Sound. The mafia boss drew his hands from his pockets and in his right was a mini humidor. He popped it open and removed a cigar. With clippers, he clipped the end over the side of the boat before he returned it to the box and tucked it away. Dmitri then snapped his fingers and the friction between his thumb and index finger lit the tip of his thumb on fire. He waved his burning digit beneath the end of the cigar and puffed gradually before he shook his hand and extinguished the flame.

Grasping the cigar, he held it away from his lips and sighed pleasantly. “Aah~, I just needed something for this glorious occasion. Remove the bag.”

One of the henchmen sitting next to the captive snatched the black bag from his head. The captive was an older man about in his fifties with a bristly chin and thinning, blond hair. His outfit described an editor or journalist that worked in an office somewhere: his outfit being comprised of a white dress shirt and slate-grey khaki pants that was held by black suspenders. After his mild startle, he lowered his gaze to the boat floor as a long, stubborn frown tugged at the corners of his lips.

“Hello Uncle,” Dmitri greeted. “I’m actually surprised to see you here. I thought for sure that the Titans weren’t stupid enough to think that they could sneak out of Tartarus without my knowing. Now, how you did it, is what I’d love to hear.”

“Go fuck yourself. If you think I would sell out my family, then you’re the fool!” Crius growled.

“Hold that thought…” Dmitri slid the cigar into the corner of his mouth and he reached into his inner-coat pocket to remove his new pistol. He glanced over it briefly, recalling if he had cocked it. Usually, he always had his weapon ready to fire. Directing it at Crius’s left shoulder, he switched the safety off and squeezed the trigger as a thunderous bang resounded. The titan’s arm popped like a blood balloon, completely disintegrated.

Crius shrieked in agony and wildly began thrashing about as the blood-drenched thugs restrained him.

Woo! Holy shit; there’s blood fucking everywhere!” Dmitri exclaimed in excitement. Some had sprinkled his face, coat, and sunglasses, but the thug that had been sitting to the Titan’s left was the most drenched. Grasping his cigar before it fell from his lips in his laughter, Dmitri bent over in his mirth and said, “You’re fucking soaked!”

The thug smiled despite his face being red and dripping with human syrup. “It was a nice shot, Sir.”

“Of course it was. Cauterize his wound before he bleeds to death. I’m not finished with him.”

The blood-covered thug breathed in deeply. His chest expanded and his cheeks billowed with a fire that glinted from his nostrils. Parting his lips, he spewed a hot stream against Crius’s shoulder. The other thug slung his arm beneath the titan’s throat to hold him still as he convulsed and kicked. The tissue and blood curdled and hardened in a black, smoking cast. Crius was sweating beads and panting heavily while Dmitri straightened and observed the smoking crater in Crius’s side.

Parting his lips to speak, the mafia boss was interrupted by the sound of a random duck.

Quack! Quack! Quack!

Dmitri’s eyes narrowed as he returned the cigar to his mouth and reached into his coat pocket to remove his cell phone. It was the ringtone he had set for Hermes since he found his nephew to be unbearably annoying. Tapping and sliding his finger across his touch screen, he gazed at the text message that came up and scowled.

Zeus wants us all at the manor for dinner. No exception guys. Don’t ask me what the hell for because I don’t know and I don’t care, just be there.

The tip of his cigar gleamed, bathing his face in orange, and reflecting in his black shades. Smoke escaped from his nostrils and the corner of his mouth in a breath before he returned it to his pocket.

“Don’t command me you little shit,” Dmitri grumbled.

Drawing his hand from his pocket, Dmitri returned to business. “So…where were we?”

A scream of bloody murder was next to interrupt the mafia boss and its random resonation startled Bernard. He glanced at Dmitri curiously to see his boss reaching into his pocket to once again retrieve his phone. That ringtone was the one he set for Zeus because sometimes his brother made him want to fucking scream. With unenthusiastic eyes, Dmitri regarded the text:

Are you coming to dinner?

Dmitri’s right eye twitched at the emoticon. He tapped in a response.

I’m busy.

You’re always busy.

I’ll go whenever I’m not busy.

So never?


Dmitri glared up at the sky as he noticed black clouds gathering overhead. Baring his teeth angrily, he bit down hard on his cigar and angrily replied:

Look, asshole, I’m busy with something important and I don’t have time for your stupid dinner!

The clouds dispersed.

Persephone will be there.

So what?

I’ll remove the ward until midnight, but you and her must stay at the mansion.

Dmitri lowered the phone and stared off into the fog. His brows knitted in thought as he contemplated the deal his brother was making. It annoyed him that he couldn’t steal her away for the night and take her to a restaurant that would purvey food more worthy of her palette, but he hasn’t seen his spring flower in awhile and this may have been his only chance.

What time again?


I’ll be there.

Sliding his phone back into his pocket, Dmitri removed the cigar from his mouth and smashed it out against the side of the boat.

“Change of plans gentlemen. I don’t have time for this interrogation. I have a dinner date with my wife,” Dmitri announced on a proud smile.

The henchmen applauded.

“Bernard, I’m sure you can deal with this scumbag. Torture him until he squeals, and if he never does, throw him over the side. I’m sure he’ll enjoy his slow, seven-day drowning descent back to Tartarus.”

Bernard released the oars and replied, “Yes, Sir. Enjoy your evening, Sir.”

Dmitri smirked and stepped into Bernard’s shadow. The mafia boss began sinking into the boat floor with the ease of an elevator. The thugs watched their boss’s descent until he was no more.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Endgame
Hyperion smiled at Apollo, and looked at the sun "your doing a good job kid, I really d..." he said sadly before saking his head but as he did he caught a glance at Apollo's phone and then looked at them with a forlorn look, he had the look of a a man that was trapped by honor and you could see he hated what he was doing.

Then he quickly moved outside and away from that damn flower shop Oceanus following quickly behind him. He waited until Oceanus had goten far ahead of him before punching into a brick wall and backing up tense, why? the question echoed in his head slightly before he kept moving, Cronus was after all a impatieant man. Hyperion sighed to himself, he felt like he was working for the mob, with his brother ruling over him like Hades would his henchmen.

Hyperion reached the gate of the house the titians were living in before pushing in the door and making his way inside and through the front door, before presenting himself before Cronus "well brother I have delivered your message to the Gods and I come with news... Zeus is bringing the Gods under one roof for a dinner they will be going to Brandon Poweres Mansion to do it."

Hyperion stood up beffore pacing " I don't know the exsact time of this dinner but it will be happening" he looked around at the other titians who were talking amongst themselves "tonight Zeus will call his court together and they will eat, Brandon Powers has many butler's and maids, I am sure we could sneak in if needed we'd just need to hide are aura long enough to do it" he looked at his brother " as a soldier and a genral of an army and bound by honor to you, this would be the perfect time to strike."


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Character Portrait: Athena Character Portrait: Zeus Character Portrait: Hera

0.00 INK

#, as written by Sonata
Zeus & Hera

(Written collaboration by Sonata and Mademoiselle)

Zeus's Mansion.

Brandon stood before the mirror on his dresser drawer sliding on a tight, grey long shirt over his defined torso. He had black dress pants at his hips and matching, leather shoes. A thick, silver neck lace hung about his neck, only adding more style to the already stylish god. Afterwards, he turned his head left and right, inspecting his jaw for blemishes or razor bumps. He had to look nice for his date dinner.

“Won’t this be exciting? The family’s finally coming together after so many years. I get to see how they’ve all grown,” said Brandon to his lovely wife.

Hera leaned against frame of the doorway that connected her bathroom to their bedroom.Her eyes dimmed as she watched her husband primp in front of his mirror with a cool expression carved onto her face. He looked as flawless and arrogant as always, though he masked it with such a cheerful disposition that even Hera was fooled at times.

She did not share her husbands excitement for the dinner he had planned. It was just another meeting that flaunted his children before her. The products of his many indiscretions.

"Oh yes, I'm sure it'll be quite lovely. I'm positively giddy." She replied, feigning excitement and tossing her husband a tight lipped smile.

Brandon glanced at Hera from the corners of his eyes while he sprayed himself with cologne. He wasn’t as dumb as she may have thought. He knew how much she disliked his other children. Hell, she had made it a point that he would never forget it when the affair happened. How was he supposed to know that all of his lays would secretly get pregnant and bestow upon him beautiful children?

“Hephaestus and Ares will be there,” Brandon informed, trying to mention only her children. Although, he was forgetting one on purpose.

“Our crippled child and the God of War? You say these names as if it will bring me comfort.” Hera replied. A shadow fell across her face. He can bear such beautiful children and yet the only children he grants me are cripples and fools. Such a burden the wife must carry. She thought bitterly, turning her face away from her husbands figure.

She straightened up and walked delicately towards the vanity of her own close to Zeus's dresser, sitting gently on the small stool and staring deeply into her own reflection.

"Will all our brothers be joining us this evening, or will it be the just the Sea God who graces us with his presence." She questioned.

She was making things difficult as usual. The way she spoke about Ares and Hephaestus wounded him a little. “Ares is an excellent warrior and Hephaestus an amazing inventor. Look what he did for Olympia. Business is booming! We’re number one in the consumer report.” Brandon clenched his fist and little tails of electricity flicked between the cracks of his fingers. A competitive grin was fixed on his face as he growled, “Take that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs! Take it right up the ass!”

Resting his hands on his hips, Brandon threw his head back and filled their bedroom with his triumphant laughter. Quieting his self-celebration, he answered Hera with a long smile. “I managed to get Hades to come. I said he could be with Persephone for this one night, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Of course Demeter may be sore about it, but hey, she has five months still to go.”

She loathed and loved that smile. " I'm aware of their abilities." She answered, brushing her ebony hair with long strokes, occasionally reaching a tangle and digging the brush into her scalp to fix it . She lifted a strand and twirled it between her fingers as she spoke. "You invited Hades as well?" Surprise overlapping her usual bored tone. " Are you sure that's wise ? What if he makes a scene?"

She dropped the hair she was holding and twisted her head away from the mirror to stare directly towards her husband. His laughter still echoed throughout the room, which only made the Goddess roll her green orbs up towards the ceiling and round before bringing them back to her husbands freshly shaved face.

"I'm sure Demeter is going to enjoy listening to your explanation on why her daughters kidnapper is among us." She would enjoy listening to it as well. She liked neither Hades nor Persephone, but his possessiveness over the girl annoyed her to no end.

Brandon forced a grin—and he had loved this woman once? He fanned at her pessimism dismissively.

“Everything will be fine. It’s not Hades I’m worried about, but Demeter. My brother wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize his night with Persephone. I’m sure he’ll be like a tamed lion.”

He stepped behind Hera and intimately rested his hands upon her shoulders. “You worry too much.”

His assurance would do little to contain her worry. " A lion is still a lion, no matter how tame it might be for a moment. Whatever you say though dear." She mumbled, putting her brush down and puckering her lips before her mirror. Was she not beautiful enough for him? Once there had been a time she even rivaled Aphrodite's beauty but it seemed not even her looks were enough to keep her husband faithful.

His warm hands pressed against the cool flesh that covered her delicate shoulders. She allowed him to linger for a moment, savoring his touch before she brushed his hands off and stood once more.

She sniffed the air. "You smell musky. You must be having quite the night if you put that much cologne on. Lucky girl." Her smile was a mixture of venom and honey, and before her husband could reply she brushed past him and made her way towards her closet to find an outfit to wear for the evening.

Her words rendered a crippling blow to his ego. She put up such a front that their bed may forever be cold. Brandon had quickly retracted his hands and held them up in surrender when his first wife brushed past him. His smile became sheepish as he watched her glide over to her closet.

“What are you talking about?” Shaking his head, Brandon strolled over to the door, trying to make his getaway seem as normal as possible. “I’m going to go check on the dinner preparations.”

Slipping outside, he closed the door behind him and frowned. His eyes narrowed irritably as he thought, And she wonders why I look at other woman…She’s already kicked me to the curb.

Hera watched as her husband walked off, leaving her to go handle the party preparations. The moment his figure vanished from the room, she allowed herself a small sigh before falling to her knees in their closet. Shoes, coats, and dresses were all organized neatly around her yet she was still a mess. I love him and I hate him. May the goddess of love burn in the fiery hells for the days she's put me through with that man. She cursed before bringing herself to a standing position.

It was easy to be a frigid bitch to him. It was harder to show her softer side, especially when he continually made the same mistake over and over again. Shaking her head, she pushed several dresses aside and peered into her closet, rejecting everything she saw without even bothering to try it on.

She already wanted the stupid affair over with.

The door was opened for Athena by a being that materialized from water vapor. A man as white as a cement statue and comprised entirely of cloud smiled briefly at the young goddess before he evaporated on the air. Brandon was descending the marble staircase when he saw one of his beautiful daughters, punctual and hopefully ready for the occasion.

“Athena!” Brandon greeted. He approached his…daughter. She was rather a conundrum. She hadn’t been born by normal means but yes, she was still of his creation. He stepped toward her with the intention of embracing her in a welcoming hug. “I was just about to check on dinner. You’re early.”

Brandon's phone hummed in his pocket. He had set it on vibrate in the case that he needed to secretly take a peek at it during dinner. After breaking his embrace with Athena [if it happened], Brandon reached into his pocket and removed his cell phone to see a message not from Cynthia, but Apollo.

Really? he thought. This was why he told his children to go directly through Hermes, so they wouldn't get in the way of his mortal business. I'm changing my number.

Pulling up the text, Brandon frowned as he read to the bottom.

The Titans? he pondered in silence. But Hades would have told us...

Brandon turned away from Athena to hide the disturbed look that had ruined his joyful mood. The idea that his father was free again spooked him. How many of his children would he try to gobble up this time? They weren't even born when the Titanomachy occurred. To them, it's a mere war story. Preparations for war...no. No war. The boy was overreacting. He would need however to talk to his brothers and sisters in secret when they arrive. This matter shouldn't concern his children.

Closing his eyes, Brandon pulled himself back into the mood of things and sighed his concerns aloud. He faced his clever daughter and graced her with a pleasant smile. “Sorry about that. Make yourself at home. Hermes is here somewhere if you need company. The others, I’m sure, will be along soon.”


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#, as written by Kasani

“I’ll meet you guys there,” Poseidon said, taking his phone back off his nephew and heading out of the little store with a little wave of his hand.

Something worried him about this, but moreso than just a little vision fit from Apollo. What bothered the Sea God was how little he could remember about the Titans. Seeing Hyperion was like seeing a very, very old acquaintance; one whom which you could not remember the origin of your meeting. This lax recognition was causing another frown to furrow his brow, and a cloudy expression to mist over his eyes, changing their colour from a deep blue to a stormy gray. As he paced down the increasingly busy New York sidewalk, he tried time after time to picture the last time the Titans had been around and each time met a stone wall of resistance that baffled him. Perhaps it was because he had cast it out of his mind for so long, and so many, many things had occurred in the meantime. How was he supposed to remember a millennia’s worth of cataclysmic events when the monotony of human life had crept over him like a lazy blanket? With this in mind, it was little surprise that Poseidon found himself walking past a dozen or so taxis and into a dingy little bar by the name of O’Malley’s.

Without paying much heed to the other inhabitants, all who seemed to be nursing pints and keeping to themselves by trying to seek some solace in the amber liquid. He sat down at the bar, called a pretty blonde bartender over and pointed at a bottle of dark liquid on the back shelf. “I’ll have some of that, please. Keep the change.” He pulled the first note out of his pocket that he could find, ignoring the denomination and giving the liquid a sniff as she placed a glass down in front of him.

“You picked the worst one,” she said, smiling as he recoiled from the overpowering aniseed smell.

“Thank you for telling me that before,” he said, shaking his head.

“Tough day?”

“I’m going to a family meeting. It helps to have the edge taken off, my dear.”

Half an hour or so later, Poseidon watched out of the window of the taxi as it rolled up to Zeus’ mansion. Despite himself, he grinned. Most of the other Gods lived in relative modesty, doing anything but draw attention to themselves. Not the King of the Gods, however. It was just preposterous to thing of such a thing. “Here will do, driver,” he called through the glass window, shoving a collection of notes through into the man’s hand.

Making his way towards the mansion, he spotted his brother and Athena talking somewhat near the entrance. Taking a moment to smooth down his clothes, he gave a lazy wave of his hand and a lop-sided grin. “Better late than never. Has Hades turned up yet? I could do with a laugh or two.”


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus – Brandon Powers

Zeus’s Mansion.

Right after Athena entered, strolling in was Demeter with panic shining in her bright eyes. Brandon having not noticed the apprehensive state his sister was in, immediately stepped to Athena’s side and threw out his arms to welcome her.


She had dropped her purse and walked past him as though he were but an apparition. Brandon’s welcoming smile was frozen on his face, teeth clenched and equally as brilliant like most of his kin. He lowered his empty arms as soon as they started aching and he followed after Demeter’s worried pacing to inform: “Calm down. She hasn’t arrived yet.” Jesus that woman is crazy…Ha! I said Jesus.

The father god scowled, his brown brows coming together at his forehead when he saw Demeter shaking his son around. He approached the distressed mother and just as his lips parted to confront her, a certain news report slipped into his ear. Brandon’s attention turned to the television set as the news covered the fire that was consuming his sister’s shop.

“What is this?” he growled; his voice rumbling like a nearing storm.

Just in, firefighters have uncovered the bodies of one white male and female. A case of arson has just become a murder investigation…

Brandon was baffled; a male and female victim? Even if gods were caught in the fire, gods couldn’t be burned by normal means. They were more resilient than that. Brandon returned his focus to Hermes and Demeter, his expression showing conversion to Demeter’s chaos.

“Where’s Persephone?” he asked Demeter. Immediately, he remembered the goddess being just as lost as. He turned his frown on Hermes and demanded, “Where’s Persephone?”

Two gods were now on the godling’s case in a manner that he might as well had gone and lit the fire. Brandon’s attention once again snapped over to the front door when he saw it open. He strode briskly toward it, his brows rising in hope that it was Persephone. Upon seeing his brother enter and offer a warm greeting, Brandon latched his hands onto his older brother’s shoulders, and at that moment, the two may have seemed like godlings again.

“Poseidon, have you seen Persephone?” he asked fearfully.

The gods seemed to be pouring in as seconds after Poseidon, the door opened once again, and walking in, besides the stranger that accompanied her, was Persephone.

“There she is!” Brandon exploded, possibly cutting off his brother’s explanation. He patted Poseidon on the shoulder and said quickly, “Glad to have you—Hey! Demeter!”

He turned back to the harvest goddess and yelled, “Persephone’s here!”

Whirling around, he enveloped his other daughter in a warm hug and then held her at a distance with his hands upon her biceps.

“Are you all right? I saw Ambrosia burning on TV. Your mother is worried sick.”

His brown eyes darted to her tall friend, and he slapped on his egotistical grin.

“Hi! I’m Brandon Powers; I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” He then leaned close to Persephone’s ear and whispered out of the corner of his mouth, You better get rid of this guy before Hades’s minions’ see him. They’re not allowed on my property, but they’re like pests. I can’t get rid of them sometimes.

Anton stared at his father with severe disappointment. How did a father not recognize his own son? As Anton frowned softly at the floor, Brandon blushed a little, wondering if Persephone’s friend had overheard him. Laughing in an attempt to lighten the mood, he slapped Anton in the arm and said, “Well, thank you for ensuring my daughter’s safe arrival. I, uh…” What was a nice way to kick someone out? He dunked his hand into his rear pocket and fished out his wallet. Fingering through a few Benjamins, Brandon glanced up at the young man and smiled, “How much do you want?”

Anton’s frown hardened and Brandon laughed, “Don’t be shy! Seriously, this wallet doesn’t even cover 1% of my bank account.”


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Collab post between vinyl and Madmoiselle


She had walked from where Hermes was simpering; telling her to get a drink in order to quell her fears.She shot him an antagonistic glare and turned to her brother. "I don't know where she is, that's why I'm asking!" She shrieked, her hand running across her scalp and taking a few red hairs along with it. She watched her daughters father question first Hermes, and then Poseidon as he made his entrance into the Mansion.

Just in, firefighters have uncovered the bodies of one white male and female. A case of arson has just become a murder investigation…


Her heart began to beat rapidly like the start of a plane. The room seemed to spin then, and Hermes, Zeus, and her brother seemed miles away from the Goddess. Where was she? The female inside could not be her daughter. As much as she loathed Hades, he had always protected her with a ferocity even Demeter could admire time to time.

The sound of glass door opening, the hiss of a iron hinge nearly made Demeter crumple to the ground.

There she was though, as beautiful as ever. Her daughter glided into the room holding the hand of a handsome tall man. Any other day she might have questioned her daughter about who the mysterious man next to her was, but it was last on her list of priorities today.

"Persephone." Demeter said with a relieved sigh, watching as her brother gave their daughter a warm hug in greeting before voicing his own questions to the man near her.

Before Persephone was even able to offer a greeting, Zeus was before her. He threw his arms around her and embraced the woman in way only a father could. She could sense the tension that was around her, and her eyebrows raised in confusion.

“Are you all right? I saw Ambrosia burning on TV. Your mother is worried sick.”
He then leaned in to whisper a warning in regards to her brother beside her, which left her with even more confusion.

"What?" She laughed, a sudden tingle traveled down her spine. "Daddy, what are you talking about? Ambrosia is fine and that's Heph." Her blue orbs traveled to where one of her brothers was standing, the t.v. flashing behind him as an anchorman stood in front of remains of a shop.

Her shop.

Persephone began to shake underneath her fathers gentle touch. The center of her palms began to tingle as well and her knees buckled. She threw a hand to the closest wall near to her in order to keep a standing position.

Demeter promptly took her place near her daughters side the minute Zeus informed her of the fire. Sadness was clear in the crystal blue eyes and she could tell Persephone was undoubtedly troubled by the whole affair. She plucked her daughters hand and rested it in her own, caressing it in a soothing manner as she did when the girl was still a child.

"We can rebuild."
She told her, a finger tracing the inside of her daughters palm.

Persephone stared at her mother with a somber expression. "I only wanted to make people happy. Why would anyone do this?" She asked, turning from her mother to the rest of the Immortals near her.

Because the Titans are cruel. Demeter couldn't say for sure it was her father that had caused the fire, but seeing them in the shop and then having it burn down hours later pretty damn suspicious. "We'll find out who did this and they'll be punished. Won't they, brother?" Demeter asked, her voice asking the question but her eyes demanding Zeus agree with her.

Persephone bit her lip in thought. If Zeus couldn't find out what happened then no doubt Hades would. His way of questioning people; even those who didn't want to talk, always brought better results than her father. "Has my husband arrived?" Persephone asked, as quietly as she could hoping her mother would mimic her own tone once she learned about Hades being invited.

Demeter's eye twitched." Why would Hades arrive? It's still spring dear, I've got you for another five months." Her laugh was bright for a moment before it quickly became hollow once she realized no one was laughing with her. "Zeus....." She began. "What is our daughter talking about? You didn't....invite him did you?"The last few words she spoke were barely understandable as her jaw became clenched so tightly together.


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The moon was high and bright, capturing the attention of the goddess. Despite it being one of her symbols, Artemis had always been enamored by the thing. It felt comforting in a way to have the light, the energy, on her skin. The moon always made the world look different compared to how it was during the day. It made it her own domain at this time.

Her attention was diverted as she watched her brethren arrive one by one. Zeus, Hera, Athena, Hermes was probably inside as well. She thought before continuing on with the count. Demeter, Poseidon, Persephone and… is that Hephaestus with her? That actually shocked the goddess a bit, getting the god out of his workshop and to one of these family meetings was almost impossible. Artemis of course, could understand why Heph wouldn't come; the relationship between him and both of his parents wasn't exactly strong. The relationship between Artemis and Zeus was nothing to really brag about but at least her relationship with both her mother and Apollo kept her feeling loved.

Just a few more left then…Aphrodite, Ares, and Apollo. She contemplated waiting for her brother's arrival but after a few moments of waiting she decided that time would pass more quickly inside where there were things to entertain her.

Making her way through the doors of the mansion, it wasn't hard to hear where everyone was staying. Needless to say, she walked into the usual chaos. The brunette tried to stay quiet as to not draw a great deal of attention to herself, she disliked these gatherings anyway. She was only listening half-heartedly to the conversations that were going on as she made her way away from the 'loud' area and walked next to Hermes. "What happened to Ambrosia?" She asked, looking curiously at the other god.

"Has my husband arrived?" She heard Persephone ask Zeus. All Artemis could really think was a stream of obscenities. This was definitely going to be a rather interesting reunion.


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#, as written by Sonata
Zeus - Brandon Powers

Zeus's Mansion

Daddy, what are you talking about? Ambrosia is fine and that's Heph.

A cold chill of startle shot down his spine when his daughter mentioned the blacksmith's name.

Hephaestus? Zeus thought. He stared at the quiet young man for a good five seconds before he squinted his eyes. While he was examining the thought-to-be mortal before him, he happened to overhear Hermes's quip:

HA-HA! Dad, is old age finally getting to you? You can't even tell who your kids are now?

I should have let Demeter shake the piss out of him, Zeus grumbled in his thoughts. He wasn't old!

His son's fiery aura was very dim, outlining his body in an orange brilliance. It was a god signature he hadn't seen in years, and for a father that bore many sons it was unforgettable for it was Hephaestus who was born from the fires of his and Hera's passions.

Anton raised his eyes to meet the stunned, brown eyes of his father's. The two regarded each other in silence until the corner of Brandon's mouth began to curl with an awkward smile.

"S~o~n..." he greeted roughly. He felt so embarrassed. Shit, he had been trying to play the good father up until this point. He must have hurt the boy's feelings. Thrusting out his arms with rejuvenated exuberance, he continued, "You actually came!"

Anton narrowed his eyes at his goofy father. Had it really been this long? For so many centuries the rumors about his father described a powerful and charismatic leader. They may have been true in some cases, but they obscured that one characteristic and that he was an oddball.

Brandon's smile had widened into a forced grin. "Come hug your father."

When Anton made no attempt to, Brandon stepped forward and wrapped his arms about him. With his cheek smashed against his son's chest, he stared apprehensively across the room as the smell of smoke and oil filled his nostrils.

Bathe much?

Brandon's eyes widened when he felt his son's arms move. Anton couldn't get anymore humiliated. The reunion with his father was so far number one on his list. With an exasperated sigh, the mastersmith raised his arms and wrapped them about his father in a warm hug. What had been a simple return of affection, weighed heavily on the father god's heart.

I won't cry... Brandon thought as he rolled his lips back into his mouth. His eyes glittered as tears threatened to stream from them. For so many years he thought that Hephaestus still held a grudge against him and his mother and that had been the reason why he never came to his gatherings. Yet, his son was here and in his arms.

Brandon stepped back from their embrace and rubbed his sleeve across his eyes. "Man, these contacts..."

Resting his hands on his hips, the millionaire glanced off to the side while he shifted his weight from foot to foot, "Whew; what a night, and it's only just starting."

Catching the end of Demeter's conversation with Persephone, Brandon blurted, "Yes. Hephaestus can rebuild your shop for you."

Anton had been heading for the living room that Hermes and Artemis occupied when he overheard his father's declaration. A shadow of fuming irritation fell over the god's face as he replied without turning his head, "Sure; why not."

He didn't get a chance to offer to fix Persephone's shop before it became his job by his father. The blacksmith whirred past his other siblings to find the couch where he intended to sit for hopefully the whole night, but when it came time for dinner, he dreaded facing his mother and his wife. What would they think of him? His father obviously didn't see him any different.

Brandon dropped a fist into his palm and gave Persephone a reassuring smile.

"No one was hurt, so that's something to be grateful for. As for punishing anyone, we'll discuss that over dinner once everyone is here."
He started in the direction of the kitchen when he heard over his shoulder:

Has my husband arrived?

His pace quickened.

Zeus...what is our daughter talking about? You didn't...invite him did you?

Brandon whirled around, still wearing a pleasant smile as he walked backwards toward the kitchen.

"I told Hermes to invite whomever he felt should come. So..." Brandon tossed his hands up and shrugged absentmindedly. We'll see who has the last laugh. The father god had set the fire back on his joker of a son before he vanished behind the kitchen door.


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Athena had stepped aside when Demeter had stormed past, obviously concerned for her daughter and if their store had been burned to the ground then rightly so. Always feeling uncomfortable at these family gatherings, she had started to examine the room and its occupants, though she had barely began when the double doors to the room burst open and dear sweet Persephone entered, accompanied by what at first glance seemed to be an awkward mortal craftsman.

But oh no. He was more than that she realised. Her jaw tightened slightly and her eyes narrowed. Him, She had dared to bring Him here?! Athena growled slightly to herself as her thoughts threatened to overwhelm her before she turned on her heel and walked towards the glass doors leading onto the patio; sparing a moments amusement at both the fact her father had no idea who the man was and how uncomfortable it made the lame smith.

"I need some air" she muttered under her breath, her voice tinged with fury as her eyes almost visibly burned "I refuse to be near that foul pig, he makes Ares seem mild-mannered." she growled through clenched teeth as she passed near Hermes and Artemis before stepping out into the mild night air.

Standing near the stone wall that encircled the patio she tried to settle herself, breathing deeply as she materialised a long-stemmed glass of rich red wine. "I shouldn't let it get to me, not after all this time." she whispered to herself, before taking a long drink. As her nerves had settled slightly she began to click her tongue several times causing a faint beating of wings to echo from the eaves of the house as a small white feathered owl flew down to perch on her shoulder.

"I'm just going to have to suffer and survive, am I not Minerva?" She whispers, her head turning to look at the owl as she smiles softly.

She sighs to herself again and looks out across the garden at the back of the mansion, her eyes lighting upon a singular tree, planted near the centre of an elaborately designed maze. It was looking well kept, but something about it felt... well, lacking.

"I see he's continuing to try to let it grow. They're a dying breed, you know?" she chuckles before nuzzling Minerva's neck slightly "And without the Hesperides to tend them they will all wilt eventually. I'd say that is one of the last remaining in the world now, if not the very last." shaking her head slightly she refills her glass before turning to examine the rest of the garden, her gaze eventually returning to the room behind her.

How I hate these reunions she thought to herself, draining her drink once more.


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There was nothing quite as satisfying to her as watching drama unfold around here, especially when it didn't involve her.

Hera found herself looking at her family with a curious expression. How have we not killed each other yet? The thought amused her, but it was a serious question to think on. Surely some of her siblings, nephews and nieces wanted to kill one another, so why hadn't they done so already?

When her eyes landed on the unfamiliar hulking figure standing near, and eventually hugging Zeus, her eyebrow raised.

Her sons mortal form was more pleasing to the eye than his godly visage, that was for sure. He was no Adonis, but at least now he was a bit more bearable to look at. Hera took a few steps forward in order to move into the light and announce her presence to the rest of the Immortals. Standing only a couple feet away from her son, she crossed her arms and tilted her head in the way a buyer might in front of a painting they were considering buying.

"Not bad." She replied, the smallest ghost of a smile over her sharp features. Normally she did not praise her children, but she decided a small compliment might do her crippled son some good. Her brief attempt at being motherly was interrupted by Demeter's voice.

"Zeus...what is our daughter talking about? You didn't...invite him did you?

Hera rolled her eyes and wrapped a stray hair around her finger;watching while her sisters face went from calm to enraged in a matter of seconds. Demeter went through several shades of red before the poor thing looked as bright as a tomato. Everyone knew she hated Hades and vice-versa, and while their spats were amusing at times Hera wanted no part in any of it tonight.

"I told Hermes to invite whomever he felt should come. So..." Zeus replied, shrugging his shoulders carelessly.

Figures. Put the blame on your kid. Hera thought. She gave a snort before turning on her heel and turning to follow her husband into the kitchens. She picked at a passing caters silver plate, deciding on a silver green olive before she began to speak.

"I told you inviting Hades would be a bad idea. Especially with your little Spring Goddess's shop burning down. Did you think after hearing that he's going to still be a tamed lion?" She questioned, popping the tiny olive into her mouth and chewing it thoughtfully as she waited for her husband to reply.


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Sighing to herself she re-enters the house, closing the doors silently behind her; however the commotion coming from beyond the main doors to the room seem to drown out the majority of activity as a voice raised in anger echoed loudly. Hades' entrance was as full of rage as always, looking to Athena as yet another means for him to frighten those before him into submission. And while he could most likely back up the façade he projected, it just felt somewhat forced to her. Rolling her eyes at the way Persephone and Hades almost ran towards each other, into a lustful embrace she turned away from their premature reunion. If I wanted to watch such a display I could quite easily have just put the TV onto any of the drivellous soap operas. Athena thought as she seated herself next to the chess board she had given to her father, smiling as she examined the pieces in an attempt to ignore events. It had been one of the only items she had ever requested from Hephaestus, though followed not long after by the incident over her weapons. Each of the pieces on the white side representing the Gods while the pieces on the black were the Titans. Hades and Poseidon were naturally the bishops and both her and Ares the knights to their father Zeus as king, while her stepmother Hera sat as the queen. Though had she put anyone else in such a role, then the board would have long ago been destroyed. Artemis and Apollo were the rooks and Hermes the pawn. It had been a gift that caused much argument but as far as Athena was concerned it was the game in question that mattered, though the aesthetics were still important. The Titan pieces however were her personal favourite as black was her choice whenever she played with her father.

Athena sighed softly to herself, noting how her siblings were talking animatedly amongst themselves nearby and gathering from the glances Artemis made that she was looking for her twin. Causing her to wonder herself where Apollo could be. She smiled warmly towards Minerva, lightly stroking her neck for a moment before starting a chess game with herself to pass the time.

"I wonder when we shall be graced with my brother's presence, though doubtful till they have finished with each other. Then I surmise that Apollo will most likely be the final arrival." she softly whispered to her owl.


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Hades – Dmitri Ruslan

Zeus’s Mansion.

Keep a five foot distance monster.

Persephone’s beauty became obscured by a gorgon that decided to get in his way. Dmitri stared at Demeter with an empty expression. There had been too many emotions assaulting his mind at once just from the audacity of it all. Anger eventually overwhelmed him and to cure his condition, he reached into his inner jacket pocket and removed his new glock. He pointed it right at Demeter until Persephone stepped into the crossfire. Flipping the pistol’s nose upwards, Dmitri retracted the gun and tucked it away back into his coat. The bitch was lucky.

Dmitri’s heart near swelled out of his chest when Persephone stopped before him. When her hand touched his face, his hand rose to clutch the back of it.

Very true…Though I have to wonder what Daddy’s poor vase ever did to you to make you hate it so.

“It looked like he bought it from Pier 1,” Dmitri answered.

Holding out his free hand, he snapped his fingers and his henchmen marched outside. Dmitri drew from his shoulders the snow hare fur coat and draped it about Persephone’s shoulders. He pulled it snug about her, cradling her in its downy texture. He stepped closer to her; the lust that simmered within him exuded from him in waves. Without a word of delay, Dmitri leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers. He took hold of her bottom lip, the tip of his tongue tracing it before his tongue entered her mouth.

Brandon watched the lover’s sensual reunion. His hands were resting comfortably in his pockets and his eyes drifted to his sister, curious as to how upset she was about their meeting. It was only for a night. The thugs returned inside the mansion with gifts wrapped in vanilla and gold wrapping paper. The gifts put a smile on his face, temporarily, that was until they entered with a separate, small, dining table, chairs, and what smelled to be a meal of their own.

Brandon frowned. “Why are they bringing in food? I already have food prepared.”

The fur coat had absorbed the mafia boss. Wrapped in the white coat with his wife, he fondled her bosom and massaged her hip with his hungry fingers. Brandon’s brow twitched in irritation when he saw that he was ignored and the touching reunion was quickly taking a sinful turn with Dmitri’s wandering hands.

“Hades!” Brandon irritably shouted.

Dmitri retracted his lips from his flower’s cloves with a wet and audible smack. He gazed into her lovely blue hues before he turned his head to nonchalantly regard his brother. “Why are you confused? I said I would come, but I didn’t say I would consume your mediocre cooking. Huh, I rather enjoy the healthy state of my mortal. If I’m ever suffering from constipation or self-destructive thoughts due to the separation of me and my deyvooshka (fem. lover Rus.), then I may reconsider.”

Brandon face-palmed and then lowered his hand. He asked in exasperation: “Have you even tried the rib-eye? It’s delicious.”

“I bought some things for you,” Dmitri told Persephone. Bernard and the other thugs approached the lovers, bearing the evident garment boxes. Dmitri turned her around in his arms so that she could watch them unwrap a white winter dress, crocheted in Russia to match the fur coat he got her. The next gifts were a white Cossack hat, fur-lined heels, a purse, and snowflake jewelry. The clothes complimented the winter, the season he anticipated seeing her in.

The mafia boss smiled and lowered his lips to her cheek. “I hope that you find them suit-”

Persephone was gone.

Dmitri’s eyes grew in shock to see that his winter angel was no longer there. Bernard gazed at Dmitri in confusion as he watched him slowly back away from Persephone, but then it hit him. He could no longer see her and that meant…

Brandon rested a hand on his stomach as he laughed insensitively at his brother, “Your expression is priceless!”

Dmitri gazed at Brandon with raised brows. He was so confused.

Quieting his laughter, Brandon wiped a tear from his eye and informed, “Yeah, don’t ignore me. I’m serious about that steak. I won’t let you see her until you’ve tried it.”

The corner of Dmitri’s mouth twitched as though he was having a difficult time choosing between happiness or anger. A harsh snicker left him and he leaned forward, hanging his head in laughter. Brandon absently joined him, the two were engrossed in mirth. As he told Hera, Hades wasn’t as bad as Ares. His brother at least had a sense of humor.

It was when Dmitri straightened to reveal the pistol in his hand that Brandon’s laughter stopped and Dmitri was the only one laughing. The mafia boss’s jaws cracked as his teeth grew gnarled and craggy. His eyes were completely black behind his shades except for the silver rings of his irises. He stretched out his arm and squeezed the trigger on the glock until the magazine was exhausted.

“DIE~!” he roared.

Brandon had held out his hand and from his fingers shot a chain of lightning that caused the rounds to pop like cherry bombs before the end of the electric chain tagged Dmitri’s pistol. The weapon leapt out of his hand, leaving electric snakes to dance down Dmitri’s arm. Dmitri’s arm trembled from the shock. It bothered him to see that he had bought a weapon that was incapable of killing his own brother.

“Not until you try my steak!” Brandon returned with a triumphant smile.

Dmitri charged Brandon, and the father god whirled around. The two brothers commenced chasing each other around the mansion. Anton had been watching television and had been trying to ignore the noises that echoed from the foyer when a loud bang came from the ceiling. The smith glanced up and heard the muffled curses of his uncle.

“Keep laughing you son of a bitch! I got a pit in The Underworld with your fucking name all over it!” Dmitri snarled.

“Hey! She was your mom too. Try my steak!”

“I’ll see you in Hell first!”

A loud smash that shook the mansion’s foundations occurred.

“That was my couch you bastard!”

“Fuck your couch!”

Anton sighed and clapped a hand over his face. He only prayed that his father wouldn’t ask him to repair his mansion when Hades’s tantrum was over. The quarrel lasted for only ten minutes when Brandon was seen panting and exhaustedly descending the staircase back down to the foyer. Dmitri followed him; his shades lopsided on his face and his hair looking as though he made love to a wall socket. When the mafia boss reached the bottom of the stairs, he only had the energy to sit down on the last step and catch his breath. Brandon glanced over his shoulder to see that his brother was just as tired as he was and he stopped to also catch his breath. His hands went to his hips as his face glistened with a light sweat. He was thankful that Hades was tired for if he still had some energy, he might not have been able to dodge him for long.

“Looks like our mortals can’t keep up with us, huh?” Brandon laughed.

Dmitri rested his head against the banister and recollected his decision. He couldn’t believe that he went through all of this trouble over a piece of meat. It was Persephone he wanted and nothing else. He didn’t even care about what his brother planned to talk about over dinner. Adjusting his glasses and running a hand back through his hair, Dmitri stood and grudgingly growled, “I’ll try your damned steak.”


Mansion Kitchen.

Dmitri sat at the counter with a scowl on his face. The whole ordeal was ridiculous and it explained why he never attended Zeus’s banquets in the past. Brandon set on the counter a small saucer with a sliver of the rib eye on it. The pink meat was laying in a shallow puddle of blood, mango, and bouillon. Its edges were a rich, crispy brown and Dmitri had to give his brother some credit, the display was appetizing. When his brother set down an empty wine glass, Dmitri quickly informed, “I’m choosing the wine.”

Brandon returned to the counter with a bottle of white wine. Dmitri’s fists irritably clenched. “You don’t serve white wine with meat!”

Brandon wrinkled his nose at his brother. “Hey, this is my tasting. You taste what I serve you.”

Dmitri bowed his head as his face flushed in his rage. Persephone, Persephone, Persephone, he mentally chanted to himself. It was all for her sake. He massaged his temples as Brandon filled his wine glass.

“There we go. Try it, and I promise I won’t interrupt you and Persephone again,” said Brandon.

It was a worthy vow after all the nonsense he had to endure. Dmitri sighed and sat upwards. He first picked up the fork and knife and cut a small square off the meat slither. He then swirled it around in the marinade before inserting it into his mouth. As was Zeus’s experience, the sweet mango and smoky bitterness struck his tongue with an explosion of flavor. The meat wasn’t fatty nor too tender. Its texture was like rough leather.

Brandon grinned as he watched his brother sample the rib-eye. When Dmitri finished the meat, he picked up the wine glass and swirled it. Bringing it to his nose, he sniffed it deeply before frowning…the wine was going to be the worst thing about the tasting, but he kept his opinions to himself. Sipping it, he swished the liquid in his mouth, coating it in the flavor of lemon grass and other grassy flavors: Sauvignon blanc. Setting the glass down, Dmitri’s hands settled on his thighs as he contemplated the whole meal.

“Well?” Brandon questioned.

“I will admit that the steak was well-prepared, and it may have been better if paired with a red wine. Because its glazed in mango, I recommend a Carmenere. Its fruity and robust flavors will only compliment it,” Dmitri enlightened.

Brandon smiled and nodded. “I’ll take that into consideration. May I ask for your advice in the future?”

“Sure, why not. Can I see my wife now?”

“Be my guest!”

Dmitri wasted no time in exiting the kitchen. He returned to the foyer and was pleased to see his spring rose. Bernard had been keeping her company until his boss’s return. He didn’t know what to say to her: “Sorry I kept you waiting,” didn’t seem to cut it. Shit, why the hell would he need to apologize? It was her damn father that had interrupted them.


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#, as written by vinyl
Demeter & Persephone

A collab between myself and Madmoiselle

Demeter stood slack-jawed, even as her two brothers began to fight with one another. For several minutes she was as still as stone, her mortal heart quickening as fierce rage flooded throughout her body. Had she really just witnessed Hades put his filthy tongue down her innocent daughters throat? Her hands began to quake, and rage was replaced by pure unstoppable fury. While her two siblings sauntered into the kitchen, Demeter took her daughters wrist with a grip as fierce and tight as a bear trap.

Persephone's lips still tingled even after her husbands lips had departed from her own. There they stood against one another; the fur he had placed over her still hanging snug and warm over her skin even as she pressed herself close to his muscular figure. "I've missed you much! I have so much to tell you, did you know that Ambro-." She paused, noticing his hazel eyes were no longer locked with her own, and it took her a few seconds to realize what had happened. Within moments that seemed much longer to her, both her father and husband were fighting and Persephone was left with only Bernard close enough for company.
While she turned in order to greet her husbands main henchman, her mother's sudden grip on her wrist made her blue eyes grow widen.

"What are you doing? Let go of me." She demanded, attempting to pry her mother's fingers off of her. She could feel her wrist beginning to bruise, and the look in her mothers eyes actually frightened her a bit. Normally the Harvest Goddess was gentle, even if she was as stubborn as mule. If she was ever violent, it was never directed at Persephone herself.

She did not relent, and instead pulled her daughter close to her. Her nails dug into her daughters supple skin. "How dare he act so vulgar in front of me! I've had enough of this, we're leaving!"

Persephone finally found enough strength to yank her poor wrist out of manic of a mothers death grip. She emerged victorious, but a small scratch from where her mothers fingernails had dragged against the top layer of Persephone's skin began to bleed. "Mother, stop it." Her voice came out as more of a whine than the strong command she wanted it to be. She was weak against the woman, even after years of her constant complaining.

Her daughters feeble attempt to end the conversation did nothing to diminish Demeter's rage. She could not punish the God of the Dead, so her willful daughter who insisted on protecting him would have to do. " Either you come with me right now, or you'll regret it Persephone. I swear by the River Styx, you will regret it."

As if Hades cockiness had finally rubbed off on the Springtime Goddess, Persephone took a step forward and raised her chin up . "Or what? You'll put me in time out? I'm not a little girl anymore and I'm done with you treating me like one." Her voice wobbled slightly at the end, but the proud look in her eyes never diminished. Her husband would be proud had he not still been in the kitchen along with her father.

See, I can stand up to her, she thought to herself as a brief smile flickered over her face as if she had already won against her mother.

Seeing that triumphant look on her daughters face had been the final straw for her. If Goddess's were able to have mental breakdowns, than this would be it. She had spoiled the girl too much, and perhaps her daughters attitude was due to her bad parenting. The reason why didn't matter as much as the present.
Demeter took a step forward and threw her hand back before letting her palm and fingers hit the side of her daughters face. Unlike this morning, she felt no guilt for the slap.

She shuffled back, nearly toppling into Bernard as she struggled to maintain her standing position. It was deja-vu from this morning all over again, only this time her mother had an almost satisfied expression on her face. The painful throbbing of her arm lessened as a even harsher pain lingered on her face.
Unlike the last time, she did not run away. Her blue orbs stared straight into her overbearing mothers and she charged. She put all her strength into a shove that would hopefully make her mother land on her ass.

Persephone's attempts at violence were similar to a kittens. She rolled her eyes and shoved the girl back. "Oh please. Put your back into it at least, that was pathetic" she taunted, placing her hands on her hips.

She never used violence as the answer for anything. Her husband did, and while she had begrudgingly accepted his way of life, it wasn't something she was fond of. Instead of a shove, Persephone mimicked her mother and laid her hand flat to her side before raising it up towards the sky where only seconds later it would come plummeting down to strike her mother on her left cheek.

Demeter clasped her hand against the burning sensation that flooded through her face. "You hit me," she said surprised, rubbing her hand now against her left cheek. She had never really expected her to retaliate, so the surprise of it all left the woman again as still as a statue.

With Hades return, Persephone attempted to hide the scratch her mother had given her behind her back. The sleeve of her new coat was almost long enough to hide it completely, but the end of it was still exposed; red and raw, despite her best efforts. She shot Bernard a look to not say a word. There was no reason for anyone to interfere between her Mother and herself, and she would have hated if Hades were to threaten her mother.

All she wanted was a simple dinner.


“You know why I am here, you're rather subtle message to the Olympians was clear enough. You wish to start the old war again, and instead of biding your time you've struck the first blow against a single building of little worth for even less gain.”

He slammed the door closed with a bit too much strength. The door hinges loosened and a small bolt fell onto the marble flooring. Cronus cracked his neck and turned to follow his nephew as he walked somberly into the house.

"Nice to see you again as well." Cronus replied, mimicking the same tone his nephew had used with him. He let the strongman ramble on with his questions until silence was finally between them once more.

"Despite what you may think, burning Ambrosia does have a purpose." Cronus answered, walking past his nephew in order to lead the Titan to where his brother and father were sitting along with the others."As for your last question, Iapetus and Epimethius are among us. Your..."other" brother has not yet joined us." He shrugged his shoulders back as if to say the younger Titans whereabouts mattered little to him.

The other Titans rose in their seats as Cronus reappeared along with the younger Titan in tow, back in the dining room. The others only took their seats once Cronus himself had found his own chair at the head of the table and sat down upon it with his usual Kingly grace.

"I have to say, I'm surprised to see you here."He admitted,leaning forward to take a sip of his water he had left while opening the door for Atlas. It had become lukewarm but Cronus drank it anyway, still not taking his eyes off the Sky-Bearer.

It's too bad he isn't still holding the damn thing. At least that would keep him away while his betters go to work.

He waited for the man to rage, complain, or to finally have some sense and listen to his Lord. After all, it was the only sensible option if he planned to survive all this.


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Ares, Zeus, Hades & Hephaestus

Outside Zeus's Mansion


The motorcycle hummed as the god sped through the city. The speedometer was between 65-100mph as the orange light of the streetlamps passed over his helmet and exposed arms. He had put his hoodie away, preferring the wind darting coolly through his sleeveless, black-T. His shirt rippled like a flag; parked cars and pedestrians were but smears to his left and right. As he weaved between moving vehicles, drivers glanced out their windows at the motorcyclist breaking the law and the beauty clinging to his waist. To gawking men, her hair was a banner of champagne locks, waving extravagantly in the wind. With how reckless Caeleb drove, she might have thought that he had forgotten all about her. He was prone to get lost in the adrenaline. The slightest error could have him in a car crash and that was the challenge he always fancied.

As the bike neared an intersection, the traffic light flashed red, but the signal wasn't about to stop the war god. None of the lights had stopped him previously and the one before him wasn't getting any special treatment. A bus tore through the intersection and the passengers gazed in fright out their windows as a motorcycle made a relentless approach. Caeleb reached back with his right arm to hold Aphrodite against his back protectively before he slammed his left foot upon the asphalt. The strength behind the kick caused the bike to leap into the air and soar in an arch over the bus. The roof of the lengthy vehicle hissed beneath them before the motorcycle cleared it and landed hard on the other side. With a few recovering bobs, it continued on its path towards Zeus's mansion and Caeleb couldn't resist an arrogant grin. Releasing Aphrodite, he was curious if she would ever ride with him again. Of course, he would probably have a different ride. His occupation often required him to hijack numerous vehicles.

The ride was near conclusion when they left the city into a forested area. They rode down a gravel path and up a hill that was nowhere near as steep as Mt. Olympus, but Zeus's love of elevation and being close to the sky was seen. The gravel became solid as a black paved road appeared beneath them. In the circular driveway were vehicles from several gods Caeleb immediately recognized; and for the first time since he left the apartment, he slowed down.

The mercenary glided up to the walkway before he lowered his booted feet and glanced out of the corners of his eyes at the black Ford with thuggish gentlemen standing around it. Removing the bike helmet in one motion, Caeleb leaned back as Aphrodite dismounted with a dangerously-excited grin.

"Hades is here. It seems we're just in time. I hope I didn't miss too much. You survive all right, Princess?" he questioned, not too concerned for her health. He was certain she handled the ride just fine.

Setting his helmet on the seat, the war god set the stand, removed his keys, and dismounted next as his vixen started for the doors. "Hold on a second, let me put on a better shirt."

Caeleb crouched next to one of the bike compartments and opened it to start rummaging through several shirts. Some could use a wash, having been used for countless covers in the past. Drawing his shirt up and over his head, he set it on the seat as he continued his search for a descent shirt to wear for the occasion. Pulling out a plain-old, solid-black button up, he stood and turned to follow after Aphrodite as he slipped his arms through the sleeves. He walked until he was next to her, his fingers busy buttoning the shirt from his navel to his sternum, when a sudden aura caused the hairs on the back of his neck to rise.

Caeleb froze and stared at the door. He then followed with his eyes along the wall to the god signature he was sensing. The aura was unbelievably hot like a forge, like Hephaestus. As Aphrodite reached out to take a hold of his wrist, Caeleb lowered his hands and snorted like an affronted bull.

"Your husband is here," he informed with a scowl. The fuck, he doin' here? Shit...

Cael yanked his wrist from her clutches as he turned from the mansion in a low simmer. He didn't want to be seen with Aphrodite when the smith was around, it was a good way to get on his bad side. He didn't give too shits about his brother in all honesty. It was the weapons he cared about. Grasping his jaw in thought, he stared absently at the Underworld thugs as they smoked and conversed amongst themselves. The day just fucking sucked. He had planned to have Aphrodite all to himself and nothing so far had gone as planned. He would have her by the end of the night, and he would make sure of it.

Lowering his head, Cael dropped his hand and closed his eyes. He was in no mood for drama--at least not the non-violent kind. "You go in first. He probably doesn't even know we're here."

I think Ares is here guys.

Anton's focus broke from the TV as he abruptly rose from the couch. He walked over to the nearest window and twisted the blinds until he could see Caeleb standing outside with his wife. The smith lightly frowned. The sight of his brother made him sick.

Cael sighed in defeat. There was no use fuming about it. It was only for an hour. The dinner wouldn't take any longer with how dysfunctional his family was. He faced Aphrodite again and walked over to take her delicate hands within his rough ones. He rubbed his thumbs against the back of her knuckles and looked into her eyes.

"Just give me another kiss. Just one more before I'm forced to hear my retarded sister preach to me about how weak and dumb she is. I don't think I could survive this dinner without it, but you better bet your ass I'm gonna have you tonight. I hope you've been practicin' your yoga 'cause I'm gonna have you sore in the morning."

It bothered him how the moment felt like he was saying goodbye to her. She wasn't going anywhere and neither was he, but they were going to be rather distant the whole night and it was probably wise. They were interrupted, and if he found the love goddess sashaying anywhere near a closet, he would snatch her into any room he could find.

The war god grasped her hips and tugged her close until there weren't even inches between them. He gazed into her sea foam eyes. He smiled softly at her as he teased her lips with the brush of his own before spreading them apart to envelope them. His fingers gripped and stroked her hips as he sank into the oozing vat that was his lust.

Anton's lips rolled back to bear his teeth in anger as his uncle's words passed through his mind again:

Those two would fuck on your damn desk if you gave them the chance and they wouldn’t give two shits if you were watching, you know why? It’s because they both know that you’re not going to do shit about it.

Oh, he was going to do something about it this time. Anxiety nested in his chest just thinking about it, but he had to do something. This had to stop. Slamming his fist against the wall, Anton turned from the window and started for the foyer.

Cael suspiciously broke the kiss when he heard a dull thud and watched as pieces of paint crumbled from the wall where the imprint of a fist protruded.

Zeus and Hades.

Brandon stepped from the kitchen to watch Anton leave the living room to cross the foyer swifter than he would expect a gimp to move. Following that spectacle, his brother Hades returned to Persephone, and his daughter was looking like a boxer fresh from a match. He saw her hiding her wrists that were pink and covered with welts and the red, irritated mark of what could only be a slap against her cheek. Did she really think she could hide such marks from his brother? The dinner hadn't even begun and the reunion was becoming a time bomb that would go off in seconds if he didn't find the right wire.

Seeing as his brother's situation was the most dangerous, Brandon approached the four of them, and stood next to Demeter in case he needed to protect her. He gently took her by the arm and attempted to lead her to the living room until he could rally his family about the banquet table.

"You really did it this time. You know she's not a child anymore and that Hades is absolutely nuts about her. Did you have to be so rough?" Brandon grumbled. "If we're both lucky, he might overlook it. If not, then this one will be on me."

Brandon had a solemn expression on his face unlike his usual merry one. All he could imagine was Hera saying, "I told you so," and he was in no mood to hear it. He was not expecting the Persephone situation to be this bad. It was only one night damn it!

Bernard was wearing a poker face when Dmitri came before him and Persephone. Deep down, he was extremely apprehensive to the point that he didn't know what to say. He had kept the young goddess company and yet her mother managed to lay one on her face in his presence. He was just a minion and crossing Demeter was suicide. Already he was contemplating on whether or not he should have died trying to protect Persephone from her mother's strikes for here now his lord stood before him, and there was no use hoping that he wouldn't find out. Hades ALWAYS found out.

Dmitri smiled when he saw Persephone do what he thought was shy away. Her hands went behind her back, and he didn't think too much of it until when he neared her the faint scent of copper touched his nostrils. The dark god stopped. He knew that smell almost better than Ares. His caramel eyes peered at Persephone from over the rims of his glasses. No words were necessary for the look he had given her spoke clearly.

Bernard's jaw tightened as he found it difficult to retain his stoicism. Just as he had predicted, from his look alone, Hades knew something was up.

Dmitri reached out to snatch Persephone's wrists from behind her back. With firm and controlling strength, he held her arms out and stared at her one wrist that portrayed her marred flesh. The mafia boss's eyes widened before they darted to the young goddess's face. He tilted his head to see her red cheek and the fury that surged through him could have been seen and felt from his tightening grip on her and his shaking hands.

"Who did this to you?" he demanded on a quivering voice. He was trying to keep his cool for he had let his temper already slip once in the evening. But wait, he already had an idea who. Dmitri turned a feral eye over his shoulder to see Zeus walking away with his sister.

Brandon stopped when he felt the icy eye of the god of the dead on his back. Dmitri hadn't been as angry as he could have been until that moment. The last time he had seen that look in his eye was in the Titanomachy, and it was reserved for his enemies. The lamps around Dmitri were already beginning to flicker the deeper he sank into that mood and the marble floor was softening into powder beneath his feet as his body began absorbing the nutrients, life, and energy from the objects around him. His skin became as pale as a sheet as Dis Pater near spawned from his mortal shell.

Standing before Demeter protectively, Brandon growled, "Look the other way, Hades. Just let it go. Whatever happened happened. If you harm our sister, I won't be able to forgive you; and I don't think Persephone will be able to either. Just take my daughter and enjoy the dinner. I promise Demeter won't bother the two of you until it's over."

"If she bothers us again or even harms Persephone again, I will kill her and drag her soul to the deepest depths of the Styx. I swear it!" Hades hissed. He pointed a long and hooked condemning finger in Demeter's direction. His whole form had turned as black as a shadow. His eyes were white, his irises outlined in black and his blazer rippled as ominous beings shifted beneath his clothing, whispering devious plots amongst themselves. The dark face of an infant peeked from his coat. It's blood-red eyes gazed at Persephone and Bernard, its tiny horns protruding from its forehead. Winding along Hades's arm was a black serpent. When it reached his hand, it hung its bulbous head. The numerous spikes upon its skull formed a crown and from its mouth extended a hint of a sickle-like weapon. The blade was a brilliant silver that reflected the god's grinning face and Brandon's fearless scowl. It was a fragment of the scythe of Thanatos.

"Don't play with me, Demeter. Persephone is no longer yours. She is mine, and as soon as you acknowledge that the longer you have to live. Please, try to keep her longer than six months. Try please. I need to practice my swing."

Dropping his arm, the shadows melted as the lamp light caused the nightmares to disintegrate around the mafia boss. He regarded Demeter and Brandon for a few seconds longer, smiling at his brother and how suddenly protective he was over her. He should have known that if he didn't have control over his visitations with Persephone that he wouldn't be able to stop him from killing her mother. Persephone would get over it. Her mother was second to him after all--so he believed. Dmitri gazed sternly at his wife.

"No one will lay a hand on you again. God or mortal; family or stranger; I will kill them. No one has the right to mar your beauty," Dmitri declared.

Brandon breathed a large and deep sigh. He was afraid that he would have had to fight his own brother. He hated altercations and tried to use reasoning to ease them. He turned to Demeter and smiled reassuringly at her.

"He's just mad, but you must leave them alone for the rest of the dinner. You will have Persephone back soon enough," said Brandon. He rested a warm hand against her back and rubbed it soothingly. Like his relationship with Hera, he sometimes wondered how he had loved this woman once. Demeter was indeed beautiful, but she was a rose with thorns that gave birth to a lily. Maybe one day, Persephone will learn how to defend herself and not have to rely on Hades too much.

That altercation had been the first he managed to stop. Unfortunately, he had forgotten the issue in the driveway.

Ares and Hephaestus.

The mansion doors abruptly opened and Anton emerged behind Aphrodite. He saw Cael's hands at her hips and he thrust his palm against the war god's chest to separate them.

"Get your hands off my wife!" Anton growled.

Caeleb staggered back and spread his arms to catch his balance. "Who the fu..."

The mercenary stared at the giant standing before his girlfriend. There was something familiar about him, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He looked the giant up and down until he noticed the iron cast about his leg. His brows rose with recognition immediately. The god signature had been radiating from the mysterious gentleman before him.

Grinning, Cael laughed, "You almost fooled me. You must have worked pretty hard on that body. Touch me like that again, and I'll fuck it up!"

Anton frowned, but didn't once doubt Cael's threat. However, he wasn't there to deal with him. Now that he and Aphrodite were somewhat alone, he had to talk to her.

"Aphrodite; we must talk. I know that you've been seeing Ares behind my back. Why? I have given you everything. There isn't a jewel on this earth that he could give you that would ever be as immaculate as the ones that come from my forge," Anton explained.

Caeleb grinned impishly and grasped his crotch. "That's because I give her a different kind of jewel."

Anton growled and held his hands out to her. "There is nothing beautiful about him. While I create, he destroys. He takes women, children, fathers, and heroes without discrimination..."

Caeleb shook his head. The conversation no longer amused him. "Tell her somethin' that she doesn't know about me. Hey," he called to Aphrodite. He pointed with his thumb over to Hades's Ford that had the minions around it. "I'm goin' over there for awhile. I'll see you later."

"You will not!"

"Huh; stop me mother fucker."

Anton felt powerless, and it was mostly Caeleb making him feel that way. Aphrodite was in love with the killer and as much as he wanted to be and act like a husband, his role depended entirely on her. Would he have to fight him? As the war god sauntered over to the Ford, Anton sized him up and silently weighed his chances. He had heard stories of Ares's ferocity. Even Athena spoke about him, but in their rivalry it was never too highly. If Ares was as savage as the legends told, to challenge him at that moment would not be wise, but he was certain that he could craft a device that would rival even his might.

Anton scowled at the floor in defeat. He had every desire to call out Ares and challenge him as he imagined himself being stronger than his handicap permitted, but it was a dream. He would have to change his tact.

Cael had asked one of the minions for a cigarette. He wasn't a habitual smoker, but tonight, he was going to need something.


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Hera attempted to mask her amusement while watching Demeter and Persephone's scuffle. A few pathetic smacks and fistfuls of hair summed up the majority of the brawl. This was the perfect opportunity for either side to get all their anger out on one another, but they both threw the chance away.

She lingered near the front door, her slender body leaning against the door frame. The door was wide open and she could see the long awaiting confrontation between her sons. Hephaestus's anger with the God of War was justified, and for once she planned to stand behind her child. How could she be the Goddess of Marriage if she allowed the illicit relationship between her two sons?
She stepped from the shadows, the bright porch light illuminating her hard features. "Boys," she began, her voice as chill as the evening air, "the meal is about to begin so it's best to get inside soon." It was more of a command than suggestion, and there was the slightest hint of anger behind her words, even though she did her best to forth a charming smile. When her sharp eyes locked onto the blonde's, her charismatic grin became less inviting and more deadly. "If you're done toying with my children's affections, perhaps you'd like to join us as well Aphrodite?"

She looked the blonde harlot up and down before giving an audible sniff and turning on her heel, walking briskly back into the mansion and leaving the door open behind her.Not long after she could feel Apollo's presence It was not long before the raven haired goddess had found her way to her husbands side once more. Demeter was with her husband as well, with Zeus's hands on her back. Hera bristled, but contained her sudden anger at seeing her husbands hands.

"Darling," she purred, walking up behind him and running a hand down his own back, "I think everyone's arrived. Perhaps we should have everyone seated?" She maneuvered her body so that she was now standing beside him ,with her right hip pressed against his own and her hands roaming still from his upper back to lower waist.

"I'll go get the staff ready to start the first course." She murmured sweetly, right before her hand wandered down to his left buttock and gave it a playful pinch. She shot Demeter a look that needed no words to accompany it. Fuck off.

Hera ventured back into the kitchens and her sweet facade began to evaporate as she began barking orders to the chefs and staff fumbling around her. "What are you standing around for? Go out there and set up the first course!" She commanded, while most of the staff mumbled a series of "yes ma'ams " as they took turns exiting the kitchen and heading out into the dining room.


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#, as written by vinyl

Hades threats did little to quell her simmering anger, but she held her tongue. Hitting her child was not the solution, she was already aware of this.

Thankfully Zeus had the sense that Demeter did not at the moment to lead the Harvest Goddess away from their daughter and brother. While her blue eyes still remained on Hades dark figure, she listened to Zeus's soothing words.

"He's just mad, but you must leave them alone for the rest of the dinner. You will have Persephone back soon enough"

She sighed. "You are correct, but still..." she lifted her hand to run her long fingers through her crimson locks, " to see our child with that Devil even after all these years always makes me feel troubled." Even as she spoke, she could feel her brothers hands kneading into her back in a comforting manner. She did not shy away from his touch, but the sudden feeling of someone watching them made the Goddess take a single step back.

"Darling," Hera's dangerous voice cooed, "I think everyone's arrived. Perhaps we should have everyone seated?" she asked. Demeter took another step back in order to get the full view of Zeus and Hera's mortal forms. In her opinion, they suited one another perfectly. The King and Queen of the Gods were as different as night and day, but their differences are what made their marriage enviable (besides Zeus's countless indiscretions).

Before the Queen left their brothers side, she shot Demeter a look that could have matched Hades in coldness. Message received sister, he's your husband Demeter thought, but did nothing except giving her brother and his wife a brief nod. "I'll go wait in the dining room ." She said quite glumly, gathering long ends of her dress in hand before walking towards the dining hall.

A ripples of goosebumps made their way over Demeter's body when she spotted the final Immortal, and the most important for tonights events. Apollo was chatting with his twin, with no trace of his frightening grimace he had bore in Persephone's shop hours ago.

She could only hope that was a good sign.


“I had to come. I've spent the better part of three millennia free to walk upon the surface of Gaia, and I don't want to wonder if today will be the day that someone binds me in chains beneath the earth or chained to the sky once again, and staying hidden it would be a matter of time before you or your son came for those without a side.”

Cronus could hear the bitterness in his nephews voice as he spoke and his own mirrored it. " We've all had our own troubles Atlas. Need I remind you of your brothers trouble with a certain bird devouring his liver?"

The boy, for that was what he would always be to the elder Titan, was not a favorite of Cronus's. He cleared his throat and folded his hands neatly across his lap before speaking to each and every Titan in attendance. "Brothers and sisters," he began, "we have only struck a minor blow to the Olympians. It is true of course that the burning of my granddaughters shop was not the wildest of plans" he shot a look over towards Atlas, as if daring him to speak, but continued before any could get a word in, "this was only the first step of many to overthrow our foes and to once again take our rightful place in the heavens."

Now he stood, though he lifted a hand to signal he wished none of his kin to rise along with him. He began to walk around the table, his hands now clasped behind his back as he paced.

"We require a sacrifice."

"A sacrifice?" Epimethius questioned, not bothering to raise his hand as he blurted out the question.

"An Immortal sacrifice my dear nephew." Cronus smiled at his dimwitted kin, not bothering to scold him for interrupting his speech. "We need to show the Olympians exactly how serious we are. "

A murmur swept across the table and Cronus raised a hand to continue. "The only question is who should be killed first. Clearly the more powerful of the God's is not the wisest of choices," he paused and his wicked smile began to form over his rugged face. "Atlas." He called out, staring directly with his beady eyes at the only standing Titan in his presence. "Who do you think should be the first to die, nephew?"