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Kitana Yato Noragami

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me... Stranger.

0 · 1,064 views · located in Tokyo

a character in “The Risen Academy”, as played by TheGypsyQueen_13


Kitana Yato Noragami
"I'm not against socializing.. As long as it's not tiring."
Weightless || Ready, Set, Go! || F*ck You || Pumped Up Kicks(Like Me)


Basic Information

|| Name ||

Kitana Yato Noragami
"It is just soooo LONG!"

|| Nickname ||

"Thats better."

|| Age ||

"Am I an adult yet?"

|| Sexuality ||

"Why? Are you interested?"
|| Crush ||

Natsume Asako
"She is pretty cute!"

|| Nationality ||

Japanese & Russian
"I get my eyes from my dad!"

|| Super Power ||

Power Negation
"What does that mean? Well.... It means.. Uhm.. I'M AWESOME!"

|| Face Claim ||

Noragami Yato
"People say I look like someone they know, weird huh?"

|| Height + Weight ||
6'4" and 143lbs
"Call me a beanstalk and I'll end you!"

|| Hair ||
Kit has deep black but thanks to a prank long ago it looks deep dark purple in the sun.
He liked it so much that he keeps it that color.
"Someone put hair dye in my conditioner!"

|| Eyes ||
Bright blue
"My mom used to call me bright eyes... BUT IF YOU DO THAT YOU ARE DEAD!"

|| Tattoos/Piercings/Distinct Features ||
Kit has an eyebrow piercing but it us normally hidden by his hair.
He doesn't have any tattoos.
Kit is covered in small scars from getting beat up as a kid by bullies.
"I like body mods but I'm to afraid to do to much!"

|| Clothings ||
Kit likes to wear black, he thinks it is slimming.
It really just makes him look taller and thinner then he really is.
Dark jeans and a black t-shirt for when he is in a rush or black sweats.
"What does it matter to you what I wear?"

Easily Excited || Anxious || Big-Headed || Egotistical || Impulsive

Kit is a little scattered, he can be very flamboyant and high strung one second and then dull and restrained the next. Some would say he is bipolar, he may be for all anyone knows. Really Kit is just happy to be a live and feels his emotions very deeply and then expressed them to the fullest. He is very easily confused but the simplest things and then over reacts most of the time. When he does something really awesome he likes people to know about it and makes a big deal about it.
Growing up he was a very mellow child and his mother was crazy. She was very happy to have Kit, so Kit reciprocated that happiness. Always trying to keep up with his mothers emotions caused him to become a lot like her.
He isn't really afraid of many things, except cats. Kit hates cats. If a cat gets near him he FREAKS OUT! Most of the time he runs away and wont come back around unless he knows the cat is gone.
Kit seems to thrive on chaos, the crazier a situation is the faster he can react to it and make split second decisions. He probably has a form of A.D.D or A.D.H.D.

|| Likes ||
✔Long walks in the local park
✔Bubble gum
✔Rap music
✔Jazz music
✔Staying up late
✔Being around friends

|| Dislikes ||
✘Going to slow
✘Sour food and candy
✘The smell of raw meat
✘Did I mention cats?
✘Being bossed around
✘Cigarette smoke

Family History
|| Family Members ||Image
Rioko Noragami || Female || 39 || Mother
Rioko has the same hair as Kit but its because of her profession.
She is an exotic dancer.
Alexie || Male || 46 || Father
Alexie doesn't actually know that Kit exists.
He'd had a one night stand with Rioko and Kit was what came from that night.
"I'm an only child, and I love it! Mom and I are best friends and we hang out all the time!"

|| Brief History ||
Kit was born at home and much to everyones disbelief was not dropped on his head at birth. In fact his mother loved him very much. Despite her job, Rioko made a point to spend all the free time she had with her son. She didn't want him growing up to feel unwanted just because he didn't have a father. When Kit turned 10 he started getting bullied because of his weirdness and his mothers profession. He didn't care, he just ignored the teasing and took the beatings with a smile on his face. When he turned 15 the beating and teasing stopped, Kit had finally snapped and fought back, all the while smiling as he beat the kid senseless. After that no body picked on him ever again, there were even a few adults that were afraid of him. His mother could never be afraid of him though, partially because she is terrifying herself. A few years ago Kit got a letter that he had been accepted into a fancy new private school, at first he wasn't going to go but after his mom found out she made him go. After the first few weeks Kit knew there was something very strange about this school, the people here could do things he had only read about in comics. He was packing up to leave when a teacher asked to see him in the court yard, Kit went and found himself in the middle of a brawl. Someone was coming at him, Kit braced himself to get beat up but as soon as he grabbed the kids shoulders it seemed like he couldn't do anything, like whatever powers his attacker was going to use on Kit had been sucked out of him by a giant bendy straw. With this kit knew he was exactly where he needed to be.
"It has been one weird ride, and it is only getting weirder!"


So begins...

Kitana Yato Noragami's Story


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#, as written by Miyer

Satomi slowly opened her eyes at the soft sound of vibrations coming from her nearby phone, signalling the hour to be 5am. Glancing to the side, Satomi smiled softly down at the sleeping face of her husband before making her way out of bed and towards the bathroom that was attached to the master bedroom of their small flat. Both Satomi and Kiyoshi lived on campus in a small flat with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and an open floor kitchen. The flat had become Satomi's home and she loved the comfort the building now offered her, unlike when she first became a teacher at the Risen Academy of Tokyo.

Satomi began the long and arduous task of beautifying herself as she had been taught to. First her make-up; then her hair pulled into a bun with two long, dead straight stands falling down to her stomach; Then came dressing, choosing a long black dress which covered her feet and whose sleeves were tight and full length; Finally, Satomi added a black moon necklace with a set of hoop earrings. Giving herself a once over and ensuring her appearance was up to par, Satomi made her way back into the master bedroom, glancing at her phone to show that it had taken her an hour and a half to get ready, leaving her and Kiyoshi another hour till then were required at school. Moving over to her husband, she bent down to kiss his forehead, shaking him slightly till she was sure he had started to wake before making her way downstairs and beginning breakfast.

It was the start of a new year at the Risen Academy and Satomi breathed a deep sigh at the thought of her students. The summer had been a nice break from the nagging guilt that ate away at the back of her mind, slowly growing as she got to known the 8 students under her care, getting stronger until it became to much to bare. When Satomi had first joined the Risen Academy Program and became a teacher, she had felt nothing, but as she watched her students learn and grow, she felt herself becoming attached to them, and so Satomi did not look forward to seeing them again and the impending guilt. It had been nice spending 6 weeks with Kiyoshi, forgetting her responsibilities for a while. However, at 8am the school gates would open and the students would begin arriving.


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Kikyo Ayoa

Kikyo Had been awake for a while and was now on her way to school, the crisp morning air was refreshing and put a big of a spring in Kikyo's step. She had her headphones in and was humming to her music as she walked, her gym bag slung over her shoulder and her schoolbag in her hand by her side. She made quick time of her walk and was in front of the academy in no time. Walking into the school she quickly put her gym bag in her locker and changed into her school shoes. She walked quickly to her class and when she slid the door open she found that only a few of her class mated were here already. Kikyo smiled at the teacher and took a seat in the middle of the classroom and waved at her friend Ash.

Kitana Yato Noragami

Kit sat up in bed slowly, his eyes still sealed shut. He turned his head toward the sound of his alarm clock and slammed his hand down on it, "Shut up!" He mumbled and laid back down pulling the blankets all the way up over his head. Before he could even slip back into sleep he heard a loud bang and sat straight up in bed. Suddenly the lights flicked on and Kit yelled and pulled the blankets over his head again, after a moment he pushed the planks from his face and held them over his head, like a hood. He looked at his mom who was standing in the doorway, a green face mask covered her skin. "Time to get up." She said as she took a step into the room, Kit sighed and stoop up slowly, the blankets still wrapped around him securely. "What does that even taste like?" He asked hugging his mother good morning.
After a bit of talking His mom finally left so Kit could get ready for school. He god dressed in his usual black on black and walked out of his room to the kitchen where his mom had boiled some apple slices and put them on a piece of toast with some sugar and cinnamon. Kit felt his stomach growl and he quickly ate the toast and apples, after all it was his favorite. They quickly got into his moms car and she drove him to school. Kit said goodbye to his mom and quickly sprinted into the school. He burst into his first class and quickly hopped over to the seat in front of Miiko! "Well hello there!"


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Casey Anabel Vela

Casey's summer hadn't started out great, but she made it through. She was glad school started today because it would give her a distraction. When she got to the airport, Oliver and her parents were there. An argument happened and things went to hell. In short, they found out why Catalina ran away and stopped talking to Casey since then. After that disaster, she just went right back to Tokyo. She stayed in a hotel in Tokyo for a little while. Though, she quickly found a job at a technology shop and then eventually an apartment.

The job was nice. She was just in charge of fixing computers. Casey didn't dare to use her powers. She didn't want to risk breaking any of them. If she didn't know something, she would look it up. The owner of the shop let her have laptops and or computers, which were for the trash. She practiced her powers on them. Casey was happy she could keep the job and still go to school. At the moment she was at the school's gates. She had to take a minute to take everything in.

She took a deep breath as she quickly walked to class. Casey woke up a bit late, so there was no time to dry her hair. She had pulled on black legging, an oversize light blue dress shirt, an oversize dark blue sweater vest, and black dress shoes with laces. The shirt and vest were long enough to pass for a short dress. Before she got to the classroom door, she decided to pushed her red glasses up her nose. They had a habit of falling because of the size of them.

Casey took another deep breath and finally entered the room. She smiled and gave a small wave to everyone. Next, she sat down to the right of Kit. After, she placed her black leather knapsack between her feet. Then she leaned over and pulled out a notebook and pen. She opened the notebook and uncapped her pen as she waited for class to start. Casey placed the pen next to the notebook. She had a blank expression on her face. Her eyes observed the small details of her notebook. Slowly, thoughts began to trickle into her head.