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The Rising Moon

The Rising Moon


Snow is a werewolf that travels in a world around medieval times. She has a secret; she is alone; and she trusts no one. Who will she meet that will melt her stone cold heart?

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Snow Moon is girl that lives in large village, living a normal life. So they thought; really she's a werewolf that has a secret pass. She doesn't trust people easily, thinking that they're only going to kill her. What makes her stand out is her almost white hair, whom the other villagers don't like about her.

Snow has to make sure that the village doesn't know that she's a werewolf, or the Silver-Blade Knights from the central kingdom will come to kill her. One day, she receives an unusual letter with no name, warns her about the Silver-Blade Knights tracking down all of the werewolves to the land where the she once lived; Risen Moon clan, the top clan of the werewolves.

Now Snow has a mission to save her kind. Who will she meet? And who will help her? The mystery starts of the Rising Moon.

I hope any of you guys like to join. I'd like at least three people, including me to start. I'll see you then!

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A figure soon entered the light of one of the torches to reveal a large man with a scar on his eye. "I am first mate Skarr of the pirates who have occupied this city. But I'm not here for small talk, I'm here for the boy in the torture rooms. You see...I murdered his family and I don't like to leave a boy separated from his family." The man began to fake a tear. "Now you don't need to get hurt, I just want to kill him and I'll be gone. And trust me...I will kill you if you stand in my way..." He growled at the last part.

The two men that stayed behind looked inside the alleyway to make sure the job was done, however upon realization that their target was still alive, they quickly ran out of the alleyway to survey the rooftops.

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Character Portrait: Snow Moon
Character Portrait: Shaw-El
Character Portrait: Red
Character Portrait: Andrew Willhelm


Character Portrait: Shaw-El

Black wherewolf

Character Portrait: Red

She's strong after her past. Her blood red eyes make people uncomfortable. And she calls herself Red because she likes wearing a red cloak just like red riding hood as a personal joke.

Character Portrait: Andrew Willhelm
Andrew Willhelm

"I will cleanse the foul and evil from this land"

Character Portrait: Snow Moon
Snow Moon

The main charector


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Re: The Rising Moon

Let the RP begin!!!.

Re: The Rising Moon

The roleplay will be starting soon. So everyone please be prepared to start.

Re: The Rising Moon

To Specmarine,
Of course I don't mind at all. Let me know if you have any other ideas.

Re: The Rising Moon

I won't be captain but I'll be a high ranking knight, thanks for some suggestions!

Re: The Rising Moon

To CutUp,
Sure I don't mind. I'm glad that you're interested in my roleplay.

To Specmarine,
Brilliant. If you like, you can be the captain of the Silver-Blades or just play as one the normal knights.

To, Both.
Thank you two for wanting to join. As soon as you guys are ready, we will chat about the basic idea on what currently is happening; then we can start.

Re: The Rising Moon

I have created my char hope we can see a third person!.

Re: The Rising Moon

Look cool I'll join up guessed it a human!.

Re: The Rising Moon

Looks interesting! I might make me a werewolf, would it be ok if I use a FC? Also I was wondering about werewolves, I been playing The Wolf Among Us, I don't know if your familiar or not, but in it the main character can transform into different wolf forms, a wolf, a more human appearance(think Teen Wolf remake), and a more bestial form(think traditional wolfman). I was wondering if that could be possible?

The Rising Moon

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