Delaney McGavin

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Delaney McGavin
{"I don’t care what you are or where I am. I will survive this." }


|Full Name|
Delaney Alexandria McGavin

Since a young age Delaney has went by Dee. She now introduces herself as such, not particularly liking her actual name. Her sister sometimes calls her “DeeDee,” and she’ll answer to it, yet only when Jessica calls her such. She likes to give nicknames to other people and does so often.

December 25th, 1992
”Yes, I was born on Christmas, and no, I never got extra presents.”

Twenty-Two [22]


She’s a full-time college student majoring in Physical Therapy, however, she works part-time at the local bakery called “Baby Cakes.”


What Lies Beneath
{"There’s more to everyone than what meets the eye. Remember that." }


|Quirks & Habits|
Dee seems to hum all the time absentmindedly. Doing homework? She’s humming. Cooking? She’s humming. She never really notices unless someone calls her attention to it. She also laughs and rambles when she gets nervous, unable to tell a convincing lie. Delaney has the habit of giving a nickname to practically everyone she meets. Like her older sister, sometimes when nervous the youngest McGavin will chew her bottom lip.

|Talents(T) | Strengths(ST) | Skills(SK) |
Dee is fairly book smart, she’s good with computers and can get information easy, for the most part. She is light on her feet and took martial arts like her sister. She’s good with people, able to calm others down and soothe them; she’s always loved helping others, hence the reason she is pursuing the profession she is. She can play the violin and flute well.

Physically, Delaney is not real strong at all. When it comes to muscle mass she could easily be overpowered. Although she is friendly, upon meeting someone new Dee is pretty shy, which can be a problem. She’s not good in uptight situations either, and when she feels pressured or closed in has panic attacks.

• | Reading & Writing | Dee has always loved to read and she likes to write poems, sometimes even song lyrics. She has the guilty pleasure of loving to read comic books.
• | Baking/Cooking | She loves to bake, even though she is prone to burn things sometimes due to being clumsy. Still, she is a good cook nonetheless, which lead her to getting her job at the local bakery.
• | Volunteer Work | Dee tries volunteering when she can at the local animal shelter and soup aKa Love Kitchen.
• | Hanging Out with Friends | She adores her friends and spends time with them whenever she can.
øDelaney fears something happening to her sister. She also fears not being able to finish school for some reason, never being able to live out her dream. Recently, Dee has also started fearing dying herself, due to certain circumstances. She just wants everyone safe. She also has a silly fear of thunderstorms and clowns.ø

Although Delaney was a cheerleader in high school, she didn’t enjoy it. She only cheered to make her sister happy. Plus, everyone expected her to do it.
Dee has never actually kissed before, although it’s something she’d never admit allowed. Her sister thinks she has plenty of times.
She’s fascinated by the vampires, but also fears them at the same time.
Dee is partially blind in her right eye. When she was twelve a boy threw a rock and hit her in said eye, doing such to her vision. She never told anyone because she was afraid of going to the doctor over it.

She dreams of graduating college and getting a good job, buying her own house and actually “finding herself.” However, at the moment her goal is to escape the vampires’ house and get home.

These Things I'll Never Say
{"You can’t keep me here. You think you can, but you are so wrong." }



|Affectionate/Compassionate| |Curious| |Stubborn| |Clumsy| |Intelligent|

Corny Jokes & Cheesy Pick-Up Lines
Old Rock Music
Hugs & Cuddling
Meaningful Conversation
Rude/Cocky People
Loud Noises [like thunder]
Being Scolded
Being Told She Can’t
Onions [she’s allergic]
Small Spaces

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