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The Rising of a Bad Moon

Elmwood, Tennessee


a part of The Rising of a Bad Moon, by LoverLover889.


LoverLover889 holds sovereignty over Elmwood, Tennessee, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Elmwood, Tennessee is a part of The Rising of a Bad Moon.

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Jessica McGavin [2] "I'm Like Buffy - I'm A Cheerleader And I Fight Vampires."

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Character Portrait: Oliver Sullivan
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#, as written by Dumisa


Jessica was up a little earlier than usual this morning. She had been tearing herself apart these past few days as she literally watched her sister being dragged out of their house by those savage vampires. She has been scared that they were coming for her next, or worse that they had killed her sister. Jessie was in a state of shock at this moment. She had tried everything she could. Putting up posters, going to the police department, even though they laughed in her face. It seemed like no one believed her. She was at a lost for hope at this point and didn't know what to do.

She was lost and needed help but who would help her. She tried every single thing she could of - And nothing. The first day of school was coming up and she wasn't even near to being ready for it. Her sister was going into her junior year while she was going into her last and final year. Jessie don't think she can do it but she is damn sure going to try.

Jessie still cringed at the muffled screams that her sister gave off. She never heard her scream before but last night was horrifying. Jessica sat down on the couch and stared out of the big window in front of her. After basically giving up and having no hope of finding her sister, she has never left that spot. She sighed while lowering her head and running both of her hands through those blonde locks of hers. Upon looking up at the window, she seen the mail carrier coming up to the door. She huffed while getting up off of the couch and going over towards the door, snatching the mail from him as he raised a brow.

"Geez, lady. What bite you in your ass?" After those few choice words, he turned around and left. Jessica looked through the mail then threw it on the small table beside the door. Her eyes fluttered up and she seen a police car pull up into her yard. She walked onto her front porch and folded her arms over her chest. She rose a delicate brow then waited to see what this police officer was going to want with her.

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Character Portrait: Oliver Sullivan Character Portrait: Jessica McGavin
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Oliver Sullivan

All day since morning Oliver had been on the move. He woke up around five, went for his morning run, got home, took a shower, ate a quick breakfast which consisted of a pop tart (because, let’s face it, he can’t cook), then made a mad dash off to work close to eight. He liked his job, he really did. Yes, it was demanding. Yes, it took up a lot of his time, but what else did he have to do? Nothing. Pushing through the police station’s double doors, Oliver Sullivan’s signature, lopsided grin crossed his lips. “No need to fear, I’m here. Reporting for duty!” he called out obnoxiously, arms stretched out, causing the woman behind the desk, Millie Kincaid, to roll her eyes exasperatedly- it was, obviously, something she was used to on the daily. The captain, Jeff Richards, then walked out of this office, shaking his head.

“Oliver, I worry about you sometimes, son.” He joked in a teasing, raspy voice from too many years of chain smoking. Oliver smirked, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly.

“You’re starting to sound like my mother, cap.” The werewolf taunted back, voice light and joking as another officer, Daniel Web, rounded the corner, emerging from down the hall. He had a handful of files in hand. “So, anyone have anything for me to get into?” Oliver then asked, leisurely making his way over to the counter, leaning his whole weight against it, looking seemingly bored. Daniel snorted as he walked over to his desk.

“Well, we have a robbery at Mrs. Roberts’ jewelry store again, although a few officers already went that way. You could go for the back-up’s back-up. We also have a domestic violence case. Paul took it, but you know Paul- he’ll probably need back-up. And, of course, there’s about five vampire cases going around.” At the word “vampire” Oliver straightened up a little, arching both of his dark eyebrows. “Jessica McGavin stopped by again today over her sister.” Daniel added with a rough snort, causing Jeff to scoff and retreat back into his office. Oliver ran a hand along his jawline that was peppered with a light five o’clock shadow. Apparently, Jessica McGavin had been down to the police station a couple times over her sister who was taken by vampires a few days prior. The guys at the station really didn’t seem bothered by it, or willing to help.

There were a lot of vampires snatchings going around. It was to be expected once Elmwood caught wind of vampires being in the next town over, so it was no big surprise. However, it baffled Oliver at what little was being done. Their people were being taken left and right, and his fellow officers were doing nothing, along with the government, about it. Were they that afraid? The mere thought of vampire’s made Oliver’s wolf stir. If he was in his wolf form, his hackles would raise and his ears would lay flat against his skull. He had to bite back a growl that crept up his throat and threatened to vibrate in his chest at the simple thought. “I think I’ll go pay Ms. McGavin a visit.” Oliver finally spoke up, causing Daniel to look up from the files that sat in front of him on his desk.

“Really? There’s no point. Her sister is dead, Sullivan, you should know that. It’s a lost cause.” Ollie rolled his eyes, turning around and pushing the door open.

“It’s our job to try and help the people of this town any way we can, Web. Let’s try not to forget that.” He retorted, walking outside and over to his police car. About ten minutes later he pulled up into the driveway that belonged to Jessica McGavin. Putting the car in park, he glanced up to see the person he came to talk to standing on the porch with her arms folded tightly over her chest. She didn’t look exactly happy to see him. Of course she doesn’t. he thought with a humorless laugh, opening his car door and stepping out. As soon as he did he nodded towards Jessica, shutting the door and slowly making his way towards the porch.

“Miss Gavin.” Oliver greeted, clearing his throat as he hooked both his thumbs into his belt loops, stopping in front of the porch steps. “Another officer told me you made your way down to the station earlier, and no one was able to help you with your, uh-.. Predicament.” He mused, forcing an easy smile. “I was hoping I could be of service.” He added, giving a nod.

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Character Portrait: Oliver Sullivan Character Portrait: Jessica McGavin
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#, as written by Dumisa


She looked at the male that had gotten out of the police car and saw his nod but she kept the same expression on her face. Her eyes scanned the male momentarily as he approached the front of her steps. Her ears twitched at the words of this male as she raised a brow. "You look like a rookie cop, first of all." She unfolded her arms from over her chest then walked down the steps, standing on the last one as she locked her eyes with his. "Why do you want to help me anyway? And please don't say it's your job because that is so cliche." She said while folding her arms back over her chest as she started to feel the stares coming from the neighbors.

"Let's go inside and talk, please." Jessie shuddered at the soft breeze that blow over them as she waited until the officer was inside before closing the door behind them both. "Oh and please, call me Jessie." She stated while walking past him and into the living area, where she waved a hand for him to sit. Jessie then proceeded to go into the kitchen and put on a kettle of water. She then set out two cups, along with sugar cubes and sat the tea bags into the cups, letting the string dangle over the cup. Her boots trampled her floor as she made it back to the living area, sitting down with a sigh.

"They dragged her. Through here actually." She started to tear up but sniffled them away. Her eyes fluttered over there towards the male as she raised another brow. "Do you know what it is like seeing someone you love being dragged out of your house? Not knowing whether they're dead or alive? I hate myself for not doing anything but then again..." She stopped talking to shrug her shoulders then looked towards the officer again. "What could I do?"

Soon, the kettle started whistling and she got up from her seated position and walked into the kitchen, pouring the now hot water into the cups, adding at least three sugar cubes to each cup. She also put some Ritz crackers and cheese on a small plate then waltzed back into the living area, placing the tray in a reachable distance for the officer. "Oh, what is your name? I read your name tag but it says Officer Sullivan. What is your first name?" She asked while popping a cracker into her mouth, eying the officer to see if he was going to tell her or not.