Andrea Hanover

"Why can't you people see that they're lying to you?!"

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Name || Andrea Hanover

AKA || Andie

Hometown || Las Vegas, Nevada

Age || 21

Role || "Princess" to the rebels

•Pushing her fathers buttons
•Working for the cause
•Swimming in the caves
•Cliff diving
•Adrenaline rushed
•Her brother being in higher ranks than herself
•Heavy Artillery
Although Luis will never admit it, Andrea has assets that are valuable to the Resistance. Extremely acrobatic and light, Andrea is able to fit into places many men can't. She is great at climbing trees, scaling rock walls and buildings. Although she has an accurate and consistent shot, Andrea's weapon of choice is her knife going in for the silent kill. Her expertise is in discretion and stealthiness, and is used in missions such as collecting information from the tents of the generals, in and out before they can even call for help.

Andrea is perhaps the only person who challenges Lou daily. Sometimes she is unable to trust her dad, since he has lied to protect her in the past. Some of her fathers associated may see her as disrespectful, but truly she's just a younger, more feminine version of Lou. At times she tends to be blinded by her issues with her father and may let it obstruct her input.
While participating in missions, Andrea sometimes is appointed as leader, but because of previous missions where she hadn't stayed keen to details people had died or been captured. She knows she is human and therefore prone to mistakes, but naturally she tends to beat herself up about it.


Because of her childlike tendencies, Andie's father often accuses her of being immature or "not ready" to join the Mercenaries. However there are two sides to the girl, as there is to anybody. With her father Andie can be stubborn and pig headed, occasionally hot headed. He tends to stir the child within her. If he didn't treat her like a child though, perhaps she'd stop acting like it.

To others, Andie tries to be the person her father taught her to be. She treats others with compassion and respect, kind to every one of her fathers people. Because of her fathers position, Andie has been nicknamed the Princess of the people. It isn't one she particularly favors, but it seemed to have catch on well enough that even when captured, Big Brother had chuckled and cracked a joke of how it was about time they get themselves a royal catch.

Andie is far from a princess, she is considered as "rough around the edges", most of her life spent competing with her twin brother, Andrew. She has a loud and dirty mouth, the type of person who most people love to hate. A very bold and strong personality, she's the type someone either loves or cannot stand - no gray area.

She finds beauty in the small things in life, and tries to remain uplifted and keep Hope. The people she keeps around she cares for dearly, Andie tends to care too much too quickly. She tends to dive in head first into situations, and more often than not Andrew ends up saving her ass. The bond with her twin is closest than her bond with anyone else; except her father which of course is a different kind of bond. She has been trained and taught for years to fight for The People, and until the day she takes her last breath Andrea will never submit.


Born to Anaiz and Luis Hanover, just minutes after her twin, Andrew Hanover was born.

So begins...

Andrea Hanover's Story

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Andrea Hanover

"Keep your chin up and have an effective day." Andie said in a mocking tone to the girl next to her. The guard just a few feet behind them gave Andie a warning glance, as if to tell her to cut back on the smart ass remarks. It's not like she thought about them before she would say it, the running commentary was uncontrollable, it just would come out like word vomit. The ankle bracelet she wore supposedly was a precaution, she wouldn't be electrocuted unless the situation positively came down to it. But Andrea had a feeling she would push them to push that button.

Luci's expression of amusement made a grin tug at the corner of Andrea's lips. The stares of the civilians were burning with questions, hell so was Andrea!

Like why did they let her and Luci live?

Shouldn't she have been tortured mercilessly like Jude or Karen had been in one of those death factories? She supposed that would all come in due time, Karen had been gone for two years when the rebels found her. She didn't talk much anymore, just sort of sat around. Once the woman was a blazing warrior, now she barely had the spirit to burp babies and kiss booboos. Crippled, that's what they were now. Atleast that's what Andrea's father had told her. The NWO had crippled her mind and then tried to force the details out her. There was no telling what they had done to her.

Just like there was no telling what they planned to do to Luci and Andrea. For now she had to play the game. So Andrea ate the food she had waited in line for twenty minutes to get, looking down with dissatisfaction.

Although in Utopia they didn't have much, when the women cooked they used herbs and spices to flavor the food. The mushy consistency and bland taste reminded Andrea of the time she volunteered at a nursing home with her mother. Anaiz had said the food was soft so that the elderly could chew it easier. After forcing down a few bites, Andrea pushed away her tray. "I'm not eating this shit." She announced.

Frowning, her guard stepped up so that he was on the other side of her, pushing back her tray. "We do not let food go to waste, you will eat what you have served yourself."

Sneering, Andie laughed, pushing the tray back again. "Look, baabaa white sheep, I don't know what to tell you. This isn't food, this is shit...I'm not eating it." As if to further push her point, Andrea folded her arms across her chest, glaring to the guard. She could feel the curiosity of those around her, watching her and the guard. They probably didn't see much defiance around these parts. Luci had tensed beside her, and although Andie knew she was probably pushing her luck she stood to her full height, using her hands as support as she leaned across the table to look the guard straight in the eye.

They were both silent for a moment, a stare off taking place. As if money were on the winner, people began to gawk at the two. Sensing that he was losing the power of the group, the guard attempted to force Andrea to sit, one of his hands pushing her down by her shoulder. Maneuvering from his hold, Andrea spun so that he would fall forward and face plant into the lap of Luci, causing laughter to echo through the room.

While she had the attention of the room, Andrea hopped onto the table, kicking her tray of bland food to the ground. "Food fight!" She shouted uncharacteristically.

As if the room was already prepared, immediately food began to fling across the room. The tension that was worn in every expression lessened, carefree smiles visible as one was hit with tuna salad or chicken fried steak drowned in gravy. It was total chaos, and Andrea had spurred it. Kicking the guard back so that he would land on his behind, Andrea grabbed Luci's hand and pulled her onto the table. "I will work to enlighten the ignorant." She cited from The People's creed.

Luci would know what it meant, so in admist the chaos Andrea took off, her guard scrambling to his feet. Her small stature made it easy for her to disappear into the crowd. She began shaking people, forcing them to look her in the eye as she repeated the phrase, "You're living a lie, they want you to be ignorant, fight!"

And although some people seemed curious for more, for the most part all Andrea got were blank or confused expressions. But she didn't stop, she just kept running and trying to spread the word. A voice telling them to calm down spoke over the intercom, but everyone was having to much fun to want to stop. 'I did this.' she thought victoriously.

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The Hanover Men

The conference room had a slab of carefully crafted redwood oak, chairs made by the people pushed in around the oval shaped table. Of course Lou was at the head of the table. Connor and Drew faced the man as he spoke, the only other two at the table who would be joining Lou on this mission. Lou insisted they had to go over fine details and brief those who would be in charge in his leave on what to do in his absence. Of course they knew what to do, they had done it before, however Lou's picky nature made him fret over details.

The clothes they had were worn, old and from styles that went out years ago. But beggars could not be choosers, the clothes they had were what they could salvage when raiding abandoned homes or stores. Lou normally had the standard cargo pants, belted in place and a tee shirt or tank that hugged across his broad chest and tucked into the waist band of his pants. His boots, laced up, thudded as he paced - scratching the scruff across his lower half of his face. Tonight he would shave the scruff and what little hair he had grown out off before going to sleep, where as Drew sported his five o'clock shadow with no intention of cutting it off. His tousled dark locks fell messily over the tips of his ears, and while his father turned to face him, Drew habitually picked at his hair. It was an insecure twitch, whenever he felt on the spot light Drew couldn't stop the compulsion.

Lou's baritone voice continued on, "Conner, Drew...you have to understand how important your role is. The report is that there's an electric fence around the area - three buildings. One is a mess hall, the other an office, and the third one is the supposed entry point into the bunker. This will possibly be one of the most tragic missions we will execute. I'm not going to lie to you, it's very likely some of our men will be killed, but it won't be long until we join them.

"Conner, your team is pure stealth. My team will hijack a truck down the road, and load your team in. Once you are in the gated area, your primary purpose is to get down the electrical grid. Remember stealth is key, anyone who may compromise the mission is dead where they stand.

"Once the grid is down, their back up generator will most likely shut on, but most of their security defenses will be down. This is when Drew and I bring our troops in, Drew you will come from the left, I will bring us in through the south. At that point the objective is to get underground. Andrea will know what's going on at that point, it won't be long until he find her. Help who we can but remember saving Luci and Andrea is the primary objective. Kill all opposition."

It seemed simple enough, but sadly there was plenty opportunity for things to go wrong. If Lou was right there would be three levels of clearance, but hold the gun to the right one and he might be able to bully his way into the bunkers. The only thing the People had on their side was numbers and the element of surprise. The men they would fight, although equal in size, had weaponry that were a vast advancement from the guns the Rebels used. If they moved quick enough it could work, but there would be way too many of the rebels for all of them to be detained as well, surely.

Drew chuckled, drinking from his cup of water that had been mixed with berries and mint that were mashed together to make a concoction. "Dad, no offense but Conner and me have poured hours upon hours on going over this plan. Trust us, we got this!" The once stylish sweater he wore was a dreaded gray color, but a orange patch over the right elbow took away from its drab colored. Drew stood to his full stature of 6'3, stretching his toned limbs and making noises of satisfaction, "Come on, lighten up- the festival is tonight, we have the entire journey to go over tactics. Tonight, lets live!" With much gusto, Drew embraced his father so that they danced for a moment before Drew spun out, hopping just out of his fathers reach as he playfully struck at his son.

The tension in the room lessened as people began to pack up, Drew took it as a cue to leave before his father could see anything else. "Conner, wingman tonight?" He joked on his way out, Drew was anything but smooth with ladies, Conner was much better than himself. With most rebel girls though, they all wanted to settle down and start a family. There were a few, like Andrea, who couldn't even fathom bringing a innocent soul into such a horrid world, or a mourning widow was frequent enough. But tonight was when people would let their wild side out, there was no telling what would happen at the festivals the Rebels would hold. Hundreds of people would dance and laugh and drink, new faces be introduced and new friendships made. Within Utopia the people were constantly changing, although the entire underground city within the mountains was considered Utopia, the head quarters was within the largest mountain with the waterfall shielding the entrance. This is the mountain that Festivals were always held at.

Excited for what the night had to hold, Drew decided to stop at his room to get a change of clothes. Surely Lou would stop back at the Hanover household after the meeting. Andie, Drew and Lou all lived within the same "home" - three bedrooms chiseled around a living room and a dining room. But Lou normally avoided going home now, it felt empty with Andie being gone.

From his pocket, Lou withdrew a beaten brown Leather wallet. It was a relic from the world he used to live in, now used as a time capsule of sorts. He pulled out a picture of Andie posing for her softball team back in 2012, her hair braided into pigtails. She was little more than skin and bones then, now developing into a fine young woman. From time to time Lou had to remind himself not to kill his own men who gawked after her.

Glancing back to Conner, who had remained at the table, Lou showed his comrade the picture. "She'd kill me if she knew I showed you this, but she is just too damn precious...even with braces." Although his tone showed humor, there was evidence of compassion and care for his daughter. Shaking his head and burying his face into his hands, Lou groaned a plea of guilt. "This is all my fault." He said to no one in particular, unable to look at the picture of his girl again.

Drew didn't have any pictures of Andrea, so instead he just visited her room. Much like himself she had a hammock for a bed, and although to some that may have sounded uncomfortable, the hammock could easily hold three of four people, and with the tempurpedic pad Andrea had been lucky enough to salvage and colorful pillows complimenting the beige comforter made the hammock more inviting than any bed Drew had ever seen. Notebooks filled with her lyrics and poetry were stacked onto one of the shelves, along with books she had read. The whole room was a reflection of who she was, and damnit Drew missed her. She was his twin after all.

After washing up using the bin of water, Drew changed into straight leg khakis and a racerback white tank that both flattered his trim figure and defined muscles. Completely oblivious to his own good looks, Drew felt as if the stares the women gave him as he walked to the festival was because something was wrong. Perhaps he had something on his shirt, or face, and as he walked Drew checked himself, seeming a bit like a bumbling fool. It wasn't until he could smell the food that his stomach growled. "Damn," he murmured to himself, following the smell. It seemed other men had done the same, letting their stomachs lead the way. One enthused expression stood out from the others. "Bojangles! What up, brother?" The man was brilliant, although strange. But the brightest minds normally were. Some people didn't talk to Bojangles because of his strange out bursts or inappropriate behavior, but Drew found the man fascinating and hilarious. "I saw the new solar panels, dope. Wind power is the next innovation, Bo-boy."


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It had been an interesting day for Bojangles. He got to experience heights again. A crowd gathered to watch, and he wasn't so sure whether their interest was in the solar panels or the one putting them in. Why anyone trusted Bojangles with such a job was in the air, but he thought it was because not many others knew how. His curiosity took advantage of the altitude, and he wondered "how long it'd take before a 'splat.'"

Bojangles was wrapping up his day, and changing out of his work clothes. It was really just swapping into something not as dirty, but he still wanted to look presentable. He doesn't always wear white shirts, but when he does, he wants to show off that he didn't make a mess. With a white t-shirt and denim shorts, he was ready to roll out into the crowd.

Food had been a priority from the get-go. He'd gotten his meal, but he still hung around to see if they'd feed him more. He'd been trying to tempt them when Drew came by. "Bojangles! What up, brother?" Bojangles turned to his name. "Oh hey, it's 1980." He shouldn't really be judging, since no one else says dude or "sweeeeet," but he didn't mind his vocabulary. "I hear ya, there's quite a draft in here... but you wanna talk about dope, my brother had the dopest pants man, I swear. They had like some samurai comic graphic shit going on on the side. Pretty sweet. Ah, miss my brother... then he got converted and haven't seen him since." Looking down, then back up he changed the subject. "When's your sister getting back? Miss Andie..." Andrea and Andrew were some of the few people who'd talk to him. Drew was still here, but less people to mess around with was a slight disappointment.

"Whatever, let's go. You know, when you all leave, someone'll have to keep all these ladies occupied. Don't worry, Bojangles's got it covered." He paused, looking over the crowd. "Aah... lets see what we got here. Widows and their daughters. Or another way to look at it: milfs and amateurs. All about perspective."

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Luci moved her hair out of her face as Andie and her were led to a table where they were suppose to sit and eat the food they were given. Shes been here for about nine weeks, after the first week Luci only took a small spoonful of the mush, because of this she has lostmore weight then needed. Looking over to Andie she was glad she was no longer alone but she wished it wasn't Andie that got caught. There was always a guard following her, looking behind her slightly she could feel the mans eyes on her, she hated that.

As Andie spoke she let out a small chuckle, shaking her head slightly. The three weeks before Andie got caught were hard, she was taken into questioning once or twice a day but Luci heald strong, she did not say a word, even when they tortured her. They knew who she was, they knew she was close with the Hanovers, they bombarded her with questions about the People. They even talked about how they killed her parents but Luci just remained silent.

Everyone that knew Luci knew that she wasn't much of a talker, it wasn't just because she was shy, she just someone that was more of a nonverbal speaker then a verbal one. That day when she saw Andie she was relieved but shocked at the same time, never did she think that Andie would be caught but life is just full of suprises.

"I'm not eating this shit." Andie's brought her out of her head, she looked down at her tray, her food was not touched. She looked over to Andie "I told you not to get so much" she said in a whispered soft tone. Since Andie got here she spoke to her, it was the same in Utopia excpet there were more people there she was willing to speak to. Humored by Andie's actions she watched the girl and the guard have a staring contest, her own guard taking a few steps towards her as if he was telling her not to engage but Luci didn't like to listen to people she didn't know.

Just as she was going to stand up Andie's guard fell face first into her lap, a small laugh escaped her lips as she just looked at the guard. Watching Andie start a food fight in the cafeteria of the detention center was quite funny, she knew rhe other people would probably think Andie was crazy because they for certain didn't have this sort of excitement here. Andie then proceeded to kick the guard off her lap and pull her up on the table, she watched as everyone in the room seemed to be having fun for once.

"I will work to enlighten the ignorant." That was all Luci needed to here, she looked back at her own guard, giving him a smirk before she jumped down off the table and started going around to the others. "This is all lies, what they are telling you all is a lie. You can be free" she said to the many people around her as she rushed through the crowd trying to stay away from the guard who was trying to catch her. She just hoped they wouldn't decide to electrocute her by the leg band that was locked around her ankle.

Most of the faces she saw were blank, she knew most were probably heavy medicated. She felt bad for these people, if only they would be able to go to Utopia. There was so much more freedom there. Her guard was catching up to her, looking around she tried to see where Andie was but the cafeteria was chaotic. She could hear someone over the intercom telling everyone to calm down but she had a feeling that was no going to work.

She made it to the doors and opened one, looking out to the hallway she saw a women with a young girl "its all a lie! everything here is a lie. You need to learn the truth.." she was yelling to them but strong arms encaptured her, a hand over her mouth as her eyes looked towards the child and the women. She struggled against her guard, even bit his hand but it didn't seem to do much. She was not very good at the hand to hand fighting, even with the training shes been through it was always one of her weaker points.

The guard had to move his hand from her mouth so he could get a better hold on the struggling girl, thats when Luci started to yell for Andie and also started to yell to the others about being free, that this was all just a lie.

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Andie Hanover

Andie hadn't expected a riot, no these people were much too tame for that. But all it took was a spark to start a forest fire. The seed was set. Plain colored poorly arranged molecules these people called food spattered across Andie's gray standard clothing, mottling across her sun kissed cheeks, a cheshire like smile worn across her features. To the others she might've look maniac. Perhaps in a couple weeks they wouldn't be too far.

Luci might be the type to allow things play out as they may, but Andrea was a Hanover - and Hanover's took initiative. Her guard came barreling through the people that had rose in jubilation and the streak of spontaneity in their ordinary existence. Flocking through the crowd, intimidating men dressed in white subdued the crowd. She was losing them!

She heard her name being called, and in that instant the man behind her took advantage of the situation, gripping Andie's forearm, yanking her back. Using her training, reflexively Andie threw her weight against him - knocking the man off balance. She swung to face him, swinging her leg high to cut across his arm, breaking his grip and rendering him to gravity to take him down. Two men on the left of approached her - one holding what resembled a bar code scanning gun that couples used to use while creating their wish list for future wedding presents to send out.

Immediately Andie ducked from their path, scrambling toward Luci. The cuff around her ankle weighed her down, making her quite not as nimble on her feet. "Luci!" She shouted, seeing the girl struggle under the hold of a man.

The voice over the intercom instructed all civilians to calm down lest be shamed to privileges being stripped from their record. A mans voice behind her spoke, "Damnit someone hold her still."

The horrified of expression if a young girl, shielded by her mother, stood out from the mass of the crowd. There was something behind her eyes that Andie recognized that seemed so rare among the children here - wonder. Strong arms wrapped around from behind her, clamping her arms to her side. Kicking her legs, Andie threw her head back, hearing the satisfying crunch of cartilage. "Ah! You little fucking cunt.".

A faint beep could be heard, and from the corner of her eye, Andie could see the man with the scanner had got her. Obscenities spewed from her mouth. "Fight! Fight! Do not subdue! Fight! Fight!" Even as she struggled against the man, Andie shouted. The blood that flowed from his nose streaked onto the skin on the back of her neck and onto her clothes. Finally her foot made contact with his groin, making the man buckle over. Somehow, Andie manage to wiggle out a free hand, swiftly throwing it above the mans head and wrapping around his neck. With all her might, she pulled down his head to make contact with her knee.

Adrenaline made her skin flush, and with limited reaction time, she rolled onto his back, kicking both feet into the chest of the man with the scanner. The crowd parted around her, and Andie could hear a faint buzzing from her ankle. Panicked, Andie found the quickest escape route, relying on instinct. Taking strides toward the exit that led into the corridors, Andie didn't take three steps before a shocking sensation resonated through her veins. Her muscles went into spasms, submitting to the electricity.

Her body dropped like a rock, twitching in the aftermath. Her lips shook as if she intended to speak, but instead only drool dribbled onto the floor. Ashamed, Andie closed her eyes, unable to look at the criticizing glares. Everyone was so damn brain washed....

Arms much like the ones that had previously detained her came down, scooping her up like a bride. Her body was limp in his arms, weak from electrocution. "Got her...I think it's time she pay a visit to the infirmary." his grim tone made her believe there was more to his words than he let on. Unable to shudder, Andie recoiled into his hold, attempting to hide the tears that had fallen against her will.

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Lou Hanover

Promises were empty offer to Lou, yet as Conner promised to bring Andrea home, Lou forced himself to believe him. They had to bring Andrea home, it was either that or Lou would die trying. There was no way Lou would return to Utopia without his daughter. Sighing, Lou put away the picture, shaking his head. "I sure hope so."

A large duffel bag was tossed onto the table, and Lou belatedly noticed the entrance of the slight yet threatening Katerina. His eyes lit with surprise and appeasement. "The warehouse was where you said it would be boss...."

Of course Lou was right, he always was. With so many lives depending on his decisions, he had to be right. Pulling the bag in front of him, and as the woman continued to speak Lou rummaged through the goodies. A smile scrawled across his lips, Lou looked to Katerin with approval.

Her request for another job made Lou tilt his head in confusion. Then it dawned on her, Kat had been gone when Andie had been taken. Zipping up the bag, Lou pushed it aside and gestured Conner to the door. "Go ahead, I know you don't want to have to sit through this again." Lou said with a half smile. Once the man left, Lou looked back to Kat with a grim expression. "Tomorrow we head south to the border of Kansas. I have a friend that will help us sneak onto a train that transports coal that we can take most of the way out but I have to tell you, this is the most dangerous mission we've done yet.

"My daughter was taken, but those who returned from her team relayed enough information briefing us on an attack. It will be the first detention center we've raided and it will be a milestone in the Rebellion. You can come or you can stay here, you've done a lot for us and I will respect whatever choice you may make."

Lou stood to his full height, an intimidating mass of muscle pushing 6'7". The children would jump on his back, asking for rides, he remembered when Andie used to do the same thing. It seemed like everything reminded him of her. Shaking his head, Lou looked to Katerin with a subdued expression. "You can have some time to think it over, join us in celebration tonight! We will drink spirits and pretend like we aren't fighting for survival!" Grabbing the bag effortlessly, Lou put his hand on the small of the woman's back leading her out.

"If you decide to come with, meet us just at the waterfall, we will leave before noon." Lou added, walking away with a wave. Although Lou was the boss of the operation, he never enjoyed ordering people around. He felt as if forcing someone to do something was useless when someone who could do a better job would do it willingly. With Big Brother hoping to dull all human brains to little more fight to what they are told than an infant, Lou preferred to let people make their own decisions.

So with that Lou left Katerin to mull over her options, taking a detour through the watering hole. Some soldiers had already began horsing around, cheering as their leader joined them. Raising his arms in amusement, Lou grinned. "Sorry guys, not here to stay - just passing through." Foul torments were called out, all in good fun. It was rare to see his men so carefree, Lou couldn't be the one to ruin it. So instead of reprimanding them for their overly casual banter, Lou just laughed and entered the corridor that lead into the healing ward.

There were thankfully no one inside the makeshift infirmary, everyone was preparing for the festival. Leaving the bag on a table, Lou made a mental note to tell Nizhoni of the new supplies. Perhaps she could grab some in the morning of what she might need. The woman had many talents, and on the journey to save Andie, Nizhoni would be the only person with healing capabilities going along. He needed her to have the essential supplies.

Making sure to leave everything how it was when he walked in, Lou left the supplies at the ward and finally started heading to the festival. As if his thoughts had summoned her, Lou ran into Nizhoni just as they entered the mouth of the celebrations. "I was just looking for you," he said with a half smile, looking to the huskie that followed the Native American woman. "We got some supplies in, you would know better about what we might need than I would. Would you mind stopping at the healing ward before we leave tomorrow?" Lou knew that as loyal that Nizhoni was, she would oblige to an order given by Lou, so before she even finished answering Lou continued. "Thanks, Ni-Ni." He said, using the name the children would call her and winking before making his way to the podium that looked over the whole festival.

Drew Hanover

Quirking an eyebrow at the oddball, Drew chuckled. "Samurai pants huh? Your brother must've been the shit in his day." Sarcasm dripped from Drew's voice, a stale grin worn as he spoke. Drew always found the man entertaining, also from the get-go his name had been a comical relief. It took serious dedication to commit to an alias, and Drew had to hand it to the man - when people said 'Mr. Bojangles', they understood who that was.

As the topic switched to siblings, Drew slumped at Bojangles question. "Hopefully soon, seriously," picking at his hair, the man shrugged in contemplation, "the sooner the better. I saw what losing my mom did to my dad...I don't think he could take losing Andie too." Drew never pretended to be ignorant that his father favored Andie. It was strange because the two would persistently bump heads, yet the next minute Andie would cuddle up to their father apologizing and asking for a favor or Lou would be giving Andie a gift - buttering her up. They were like kids, truly.

But Lou had grown depressed, Drew could see it in the way he carried himself. It was subtle, something only someone very close would notice, but Drew knew his father kept most of his pain buried. It was what they had to do to keep pushing on.

At the mention of women, Drew perked, eyes alert. He may have been grieving the loss of his sister, but men had needs. Serving himself a plate, Drew motioned for Bojangles to follow as he found himself a seat. Digging into the food, Drew spoke with a full mouth. "Bo-Bo, you wouldn't be able to pick up a chick if she thought you were her long lost cell phone." Drew joked, punching Bojangles in the arm lightly. "If you get laid tonight and I don't, I'm killing myself."

Before Bojangles could respond, Lou's voice boomed across the crowd. As if sensing their leader had something to say, the people hushed, watching Lou intently from where he stood behind a podium.

"Americans..Latinos...Asains...Blacks..." He paused, staring over the crowd. Continuing to shovel food into his mouth, Drew had to resist the urge to snort with laughter at the reactions of those around him. Too many people within the rebellion looked up to Lou as if he were a God, which to Drew was absurd. He was a normal human being, just with a little extra muscle mass. Lou had faults as well, but people had the tendency to see past it. If only that's how it worked for me. Drew told himself.

Lou continued, "We are all human, and together we stand as the people. Many people want us dead, because we like to think for ourselves. Most people don't even know what we're doing for them..tomorrow we leave for one of the most batshit crazy mission I've ever conducted. To my men - it will be a damn good time for a damn good cause. Remember the Angels are on our side," he allowed a pause of reverence to resonate through the room before continuing, "but tonight we rejoice out liberty and our free will." Raising his goblet, others did the same, heartily drinking up the alcohol. Cheers erupted through out the crowd, and Drew shoveled the last bit of food in his mouth before scanning the room for Conner. The man was a total chick magnet, and if tonight was his last night in Utopia, Drew was going to get laid.

The setting changes from utopia to Detention Center

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Mera & Summer Perch

Mera stood there in shock as two woman burst out of the cafeteria doors screaming something about everything was a lie and that we were all brainwashed. Mera didn't consider herself brainwashed, she just considered herself cautious. There must have been a food fight going on in the cafeteria cause food spattered on the adjacent wall from the door. Summer nearly clambered up Mera's arm to be held and buried her face into her mother's shoulder. As much as Mera agreed with these two "protesters" this was not going to end well for either one of the young women.

The two guards came out and easily subdued one of the women, a girl with hair so light it almost looked white to Mera. Then the darker haired girl that was yelling the loudest, the one that reminded Mera of her Summer. The other guard got a good grapple onto her but the dark haired girl managed a good head butt to the mans nose, the crack resounded through the hallway. Mera was sure she had broken the guards nose.

"Ah! You little fucking cunt."

The guard backed away cradling his nose in his hand as it quickly filled with blood, as amusing and somewhat satisfying as it was for Mera to see the girl get back at her capture she knew this was not going to bode well for the dark haired young woman. The guard reached for the remote on his wrist and the girl immediately started to convulse and became a lump on the floor.

Summer's head rose slightly but when she saw the dark haired girl go down her face immediately went back to its spot on her mother's shoulder.

"Mommy why, are they doing that?" she whispered.

Mera shook her head and tried to comfort her daughter running her fingers through her little girls long dark hair.

"I don't know baby, they must have made a wrong choice. And now they're being punished for it." Mera didn't know what other terms to put it into so Summer would understand it better.

"Got her...I think it's time she pay a visit to the infirmary." said the guard still holding his nose.

"Did they really do something that bad Mommy?" Summer's head popped up and looked her mother in the eyes.

Mera was at a loss for words, Summer was correct there wasn't anything in this world that warranted the treatment the women was receiving.

"Hey Lady! You need to get yourself out of here. It's none of your damn business whats going on here" said the guard that wasn't suffering from a massive nose bleed.

Summer looked at the guards and before Mera had a chance to clamp her hand over Summer's mouth the little girl spouted off.

"You two are big meanies!" Summer crossed her arms across her chest.

The guard growled at Summer's comment, "Hey you need to teach your brat some respect or she's gonna end up like these two!"

Mera's face went white and she sat Summer down putting herself between the guards and her daughter.

"I'm so sorry she's just hungry is all" she took Summer by the hand and went around the corner with her heading to their quarters.

"But Mommy we didn't get to eat dinner?" Summer murmured as she was almost dragged along by her mother.

Mera stopped as soon as she knew they were far enough from the scene, she knelled down so she was at eye level with her daughter.

"I know you're hungry sweetie but we cant go to the cafeteria today. I promise you can have some snacks at home when we get there. How about that?" Mera said with a smile.

She didn't want to reprimand Summer for what she said to the guards even though she was a little girl she was right. The force the guards used on those women was wrong and she would never punish her daughter for being right. Even at a young age Summer could tell that where they lived wasn't exactly fair.

Summer nodded with a slight smile, the snacks that her mother had hid in their quarters was allot tastier than anything that they would get in the cafeteria. Mera smiled back hugged Summer, then stood and took her hand again.

"Lets go home sweetie and try to forget all about this okay Bunny?".

Summer gave a worried look at her mother "But what about those ladies Mommy? she asked genuinely worried for the women's well being.

Mera looked down at Summer she knew that this was something little girl would not forget so easily. "I tell you what later I'll try to figure out whether the women are okay or not". Mera figured she might take a trip down to the infirmary later to do a little snooping to find out what happened.

Summer gave a big smile that showed she was satisfied with her mother's decision, and so they went along back to their home.

The setting changes from detention-center to United States of America

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Luci struggled against the man holding her when she heard her named called out, she was trying to see where Andie was but there was too much going on amd her guard was pulling her back towards the exit. Andie then came out, guards trailing her. She watched as her friend fought off the impending guards. "Don't stop! Fight within, you know this is wrong!" she yelled. The guards hold then got tighter "keep you mouth shut girl or I will make you" the guard snarled in her ear.

Luci didn't stop, she cheered when Andie broke the guards nose. She saw Andie was going for the exit "go Andie just go" she whispered under her breath but then she saw Andie went down. A small scream escaped her lips as she kicked her leg back into the guard's groin that was holding her. The guard loosened his grip and Luci was able to get free.

"Andie!" she yelled as a guard went to pick her up, she knew what had happened. She knew it could happen to her but she didn't care. Hearing what the little girl said to the guards she laughed and gave a thumbs up to the girl. Two guards were walking towards her "Restrain her and bring her to the infirmary also, these two need some re-education".

Luci went to run but she felt a blow against her head, everything went black as she collapsed to the grou.d A guard picked her up and followed the other guard that had Andie. Blood was trickling down Luci's head, her white hair was now being died with blood, making it look like she has red streaks in her hair.

A team of six were in the forest, making there way to the grounds where a Detention Center was held. "Luci and Matt head up to that hill up there, Mark and Jayson go to the right, Heather and I will go in from the left" Frankie said. Luci knew this was dangerous but they needed to show Big Brother that they were willing to do anything.

Blood and lots of it. There was too any of them, Luci let out a scream when she saw her partner go down. She tried taking out as many as she could with her crossbow but it wasn't enought. "Take her alive" she heard someone say, she then felt herself being dragged. She then figured they were talking about her.

Memories haunted her of when she got caught, she felt like she was reliving the moment over and over again until she could open her eyes just a bit. Her head was pounding, she tried to move her legs and arms but it was no use. Luci had restraints on her arms and legs. Closing her eyes once more she tried to fall back into unconsciousness but it was no use. There was some conversation happening in the room, all she could do was listen and hope Andie was okay.