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"I feel like I'm drowning in mediocrity and no one is there to pull me out"

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Name II Meredith Perch


Hometown II Salem, Massachusetts

Age II 30

Role II Civilian/Inmate

Barcode # II 021619900178

Mera is a kind and caring woman, but frightened like many of the people that live in the underground caverns created by Big Brother to protect them all from the terrible war. When the order was put out for people to go underground Mera went willingly with her husband. Being young and pregnant she felt she didn't have much of a choice if she and her baby was going to survive. Her husband being in the military also made her choice obvious.

Over the years however questions have crossed her mind, especially after the mysterious disappearance of her husband while he was on surface patrol. But out of fear she has kept her mouth shut not wanting to end up like so many other's. She does her best to take care of her daughter, but finds the control the leaders have over them is stifling especially to a young child like her daughter. She fears that her little girl will grow up to be a mechanized cog in the community they live in with no individuality. She has seen what happens to some from the outside when captured and wonders what sort of thing they did to deserve the treatment they recieve. But she feels there isn't anything she can really do about it.

"What do you mean you can't tell me what happened to my husband?"

Mera was a young, newly married, 24 year old, expecting mother when she went down into the bunkers. There had been rumors of the next world war for years and she was sad to see that she lived to see it. Not wanting her or her unborn child to be exposed to the radiation from nuclear weapons and her husband being in the army infantry she saw no other option. Though she and Liam never really had a good relationship he decided to marry Mera when she found out she was pregnant. With promises from the government of protection and a stable living environment how could she even think of staying on the surface to die in nuclear fall out. Nine months later she gave birth to her daughter Summer in the bunkers hospital.

Over the years in the bunker the truth became quite apparent to her, this place was not a true haven it was prison an almost gilded cage that a piece of humanity was put in. She didn't like it having been a dancer before coming it seems like those thing were forbidden. And now her little girl was growing up in this mechanized world were everything was predictable, bland and unimaginative. Also she began to see less and less of her husband, and eventually he went on patrol and never came back. When she went to authorities to ask what had happened she was given the run around of governmental red tape. And eventually a threat was issued that if she didn't stop asking questions there could be dire consequences. Fearing for her life and the life her five year old daughter Summer she chose to close her mouth and meekly walk away. She had heard plenty of horror stories of people disappearing cause they asked too many questions and she didn't want to become another statistic.

Recently Mera has seen new people come into the community that seem almost totally brainwashed and incoherent. She has heard rumors that they are actually reformed criminals from the surface world. She cant believe this, how could anyone survive the harsh conditions left by the war on the surface. She expects to see mutated people, but she finds them seemingly for the most part normal other than the fact they are totally submissive. How can this be, it brings even more questions to her mind, perhaps she didn't make the right choice to come down into the bunkers after all. Maybe she and her daughter would have been better off on the surface.

"This isn't quite what I expected."

So begins...

Meredith Perch's Story

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Mera and Summer Perch

"Mrs. Perch how many times do I have to have you in my office. Summer for the most part is a well behaved child but these things she paints. Where does she get such, backwards ideas?"

The School Administrator set down three pictures in front of Mera. All she could do was gently bite down on her lip. Glancing over at her little girl who was staring down at her feet with a sad look on her face. In a different time and place Mera knew that this type of meeting would never be happening with the school. Summer would be thought of as a creative child and encouraged by her teachers and peers to make the beautiful pieces of artwork she does. Not shunned and scolded for being imaginative and causing problems in the society they lived in.

"Administrator Connors honestly it's very hard for me to believe that my daughter is causing so much of disturbance in the class that it requires you to bring me into your office again. I know she has some learning disabilities, but she's a well behaved child."

"That is another problem with Summer as well, it is hard for her to keep up with the other children if her writing skills do not improve we might have to hold her back. I'm sure if you would agree to the Acclimation Training Program these sorts of learning problems will no longer be a problem."

Mera knew what that meant, Summer would be put on a regiment of medication and drugged into submission like so many of her peers. She didn't want the beauty of her daughter to be stifled by medication and brainwashing. Summer was unique and as far as Mera could tell that was the only problem with Summer in the leaderships eyes.

"No that's quite alright Administrator I'm working with Summer at home with her writing and she has improved has she not?"

The man with the thick black horn rimmed glasses didn't look amused with that statement, and proceeded to to tap his fingers on the desk in front of him. Mera knew he wasn't happy with this he wanted all of the children in his school to be just as they should, meek, submissive and conservative. Summer looked up at her mother with a pleading look in her eyes that said she didn't want to be like the other children. And Mera nodded acknowledging that she knew this fact and tried to smile at her reassuringly to let her know she would do her best to prevent it.

Administrator Connors let out a frustrated sigh, "You are correct she has shown improvement over the past few weeks, but if in the next six weeks Summer has not improved enough I'm going to have to take things to Dr. Hendrix. And I will have him seriously consider prescribing Acclimation Training for Summer."

Mera swallowed hard at the sound of Dr. Hendrix's name he was well known for his experimental drugs and "therapies".

"Thank you Administrator Connors may we please be excused I know it's coming onto our turn to go to the cafeteria and I know that Summer is probably just as hungry as I am." she said with an uneasy smile.

The administrator stood up and ushered her and Summer out the door. Summer looked up at her mom and smiled then reached out and squeezed her mother's hand.

"Thank you Mommy, I don't want to see the doctor. But...."

Mera watched as tears formed in her daughters eyes she knelt down in front of her then took her in her arms embracing her tightly.

"Don't you worry Bunny I would never let that doctor anywhere near you."

Mera wouldn't allow it they would have to go through her first before she would let the do anything to her little girl. They continued on through the corridors, of the bunker till they were just about to reach the hallway that led to the cafeteria. But there was such am uproar coming the cafeteria, Mera could hear the intercom telling everyone to calm down.

"Mommy. whats going on in there?" Summer looked at her mother puzzled.

Mera looked down at her daughter just as puzzled, "I don't know Bunny."

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Luci moved her hair out of her face as Andie and her were led to a table where they were suppose to sit and eat the food they were given. Shes been here for about nine weeks, after the first week Luci only took a small spoonful of the mush, because of this she has lostmore weight then needed. Looking over to Andie she was glad she was no longer alone but she wished it wasn't Andie that got caught. There was always a guard following her, looking behind her slightly she could feel the mans eyes on her, she hated that.

As Andie spoke she let out a small chuckle, shaking her head slightly. The three weeks before Andie got caught were hard, she was taken into questioning once or twice a day but Luci heald strong, she did not say a word, even when they tortured her. They knew who she was, they knew she was close with the Hanovers, they bombarded her with questions about the People. They even talked about how they killed her parents but Luci just remained silent.

Everyone that knew Luci knew that she wasn't much of a talker, it wasn't just because she was shy, she just someone that was more of a nonverbal speaker then a verbal one. That day when she saw Andie she was relieved but shocked at the same time, never did she think that Andie would be caught but life is just full of suprises.

"I'm not eating this shit." Andie's brought her out of her head, she looked down at her tray, her food was not touched. She looked over to Andie "I told you not to get so much" she said in a whispered soft tone. Since Andie got here she spoke to her, it was the same in Utopia excpet there were more people there she was willing to speak to. Humored by Andie's actions she watched the girl and the guard have a staring contest, her own guard taking a few steps towards her as if he was telling her not to engage but Luci didn't like to listen to people she didn't know.

Just as she was going to stand up Andie's guard fell face first into her lap, a small laugh escaped her lips as she just looked at the guard. Watching Andie start a food fight in the cafeteria of the detention center was quite funny, she knew rhe other people would probably think Andie was crazy because they for certain didn't have this sort of excitement here. Andie then proceeded to kick the guard off her lap and pull her up on the table, she watched as everyone in the room seemed to be having fun for once.

"I will work to enlighten the ignorant." That was all Luci needed to here, she looked back at her own guard, giving him a smirk before she jumped down off the table and started going around to the others. "This is all lies, what they are telling you all is a lie. You can be free" she said to the many people around her as she rushed through the crowd trying to stay away from the guard who was trying to catch her. She just hoped they wouldn't decide to electrocute her by the leg band that was locked around her ankle.

Most of the faces she saw were blank, she knew most were probably heavy medicated. She felt bad for these people, if only they would be able to go to Utopia. There was so much more freedom there. Her guard was catching up to her, looking around she tried to see where Andie was but the cafeteria was chaotic. She could hear someone over the intercom telling everyone to calm down but she had a feeling that was no going to work.

She made it to the doors and opened one, looking out to the hallway she saw a women with a young girl "its all a lie! everything here is a lie. You need to learn the truth.." she was yelling to them but strong arms encaptured her, a hand over her mouth as her eyes looked towards the child and the women. She struggled against her guard, even bit his hand but it didn't seem to do much. She was not very good at the hand to hand fighting, even with the training shes been through it was always one of her weaker points.

The guard had to move his hand from her mouth so he could get a better hold on the struggling girl, thats when Luci started to yell for Andie and also started to yell to the others about being free, that this was all just a lie.

The setting changes from detention-center to United States of America

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#, as written by RPGRosa
Andie Hanover

Andie hadn't expected a riot, no these people were much too tame for that. But all it took was a spark to start a forest fire. The seed was set. Plain colored poorly arranged molecules these people called food spattered across Andie's gray standard clothing, mottling across her sun kissed cheeks, a cheshire like smile worn across her features. To the others she might've look maniac. Perhaps in a couple weeks they wouldn't be too far.

Luci might be the type to allow things play out as they may, but Andrea was a Hanover - and Hanover's took initiative. Her guard came barreling through the people that had rose in jubilation and the streak of spontaneity in their ordinary existence. Flocking through the crowd, intimidating men dressed in white subdued the crowd. She was losing them!

She heard her name being called, and in that instant the man behind her took advantage of the situation, gripping Andie's forearm, yanking her back. Using her training, reflexively Andie threw her weight against him - knocking the man off balance. She swung to face him, swinging her leg high to cut across his arm, breaking his grip and rendering him to gravity to take him down. Two men on the left of approached her - one holding what resembled a bar code scanning gun that couples used to use while creating their wish list for future wedding presents to send out.

Immediately Andie ducked from their path, scrambling toward Luci. The cuff around her ankle weighed her down, making her quite not as nimble on her feet. "Luci!" She shouted, seeing the girl struggle under the hold of a man.

The voice over the intercom instructed all civilians to calm down lest be shamed to privileges being stripped from their record. A mans voice behind her spoke, "Damnit someone hold her still."

The horrified of expression if a young girl, shielded by her mother, stood out from the mass of the crowd. There was something behind her eyes that Andie recognized that seemed so rare among the children here - wonder. Strong arms wrapped around from behind her, clamping her arms to her side. Kicking her legs, Andie threw her head back, hearing the satisfying crunch of cartilage. "Ah! You little fucking cunt.".

A faint beep could be heard, and from the corner of her eye, Andie could see the man with the scanner had got her. Obscenities spewed from her mouth. "Fight! Fight! Do not subdue! Fight! Fight!" Even as she struggled against the man, Andie shouted. The blood that flowed from his nose streaked onto the skin on the back of her neck and onto her clothes. Finally her foot made contact with his groin, making the man buckle over. Somehow, Andie manage to wiggle out a free hand, swiftly throwing it above the mans head and wrapping around his neck. With all her might, she pulled down his head to make contact with her knee.

Adrenaline made her skin flush, and with limited reaction time, she rolled onto his back, kicking both feet into the chest of the man with the scanner. The crowd parted around her, and Andie could hear a faint buzzing from her ankle. Panicked, Andie found the quickest escape route, relying on instinct. Taking strides toward the exit that led into the corridors, Andie didn't take three steps before a shocking sensation resonated through her veins. Her muscles went into spasms, submitting to the electricity.

Her body dropped like a rock, twitching in the aftermath. Her lips shook as if she intended to speak, but instead only drool dribbled onto the floor. Ashamed, Andie closed her eyes, unable to look at the criticizing glares. Everyone was so damn brain washed....

Arms much like the ones that had previously detained her came down, scooping her up like a bride. Her body was limp in his arms, weak from electrocution. "Got her...I think it's time she pay a visit to the infirmary." his grim tone made her believe there was more to his words than he let on. Unable to shudder, Andie recoiled into his hold, attempting to hide the tears that had fallen against her will.

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Mera & Summer Perch

Mera stood there in shock as two woman burst out of the cafeteria doors screaming something about everything was a lie and that we were all brainwashed. Mera didn't consider herself brainwashed, she just considered herself cautious. There must have been a food fight going on in the cafeteria cause food spattered on the adjacent wall from the door. Summer nearly clambered up Mera's arm to be held and buried her face into her mother's shoulder. As much as Mera agreed with these two "protesters" this was not going to end well for either one of the young women.

The two guards came out and easily subdued one of the women, a girl with hair so light it almost looked white to Mera. Then the darker haired girl that was yelling the loudest, the one that reminded Mera of her Summer. The other guard got a good grapple onto her but the dark haired girl managed a good head butt to the mans nose, the crack resounded through the hallway. Mera was sure she had broken the guards nose.

"Ah! You little fucking cunt."

The guard backed away cradling his nose in his hand as it quickly filled with blood, as amusing and somewhat satisfying as it was for Mera to see the girl get back at her capture she knew this was not going to bode well for the dark haired young woman. The guard reached for the remote on his wrist and the girl immediately started to convulse and became a lump on the floor.

Summer's head rose slightly but when she saw the dark haired girl go down her face immediately went back to its spot on her mother's shoulder.

"Mommy why, are they doing that?" she whispered.

Mera shook her head and tried to comfort her daughter running her fingers through her little girls long dark hair.

"I don't know baby, they must have made a wrong choice. And now they're being punished for it." Mera didn't know what other terms to put it into so Summer would understand it better.

"Got her...I think it's time she pay a visit to the infirmary." said the guard still holding his nose.

"Did they really do something that bad Mommy?" Summer's head popped up and looked her mother in the eyes.

Mera was at a loss for words, Summer was correct there wasn't anything in this world that warranted the treatment the women was receiving.

"Hey Lady! You need to get yourself out of here. It's none of your damn business whats going on here" said the guard that wasn't suffering from a massive nose bleed.

Summer looked at the guards and before Mera had a chance to clamp her hand over Summer's mouth the little girl spouted off.

"You two are big meanies!" Summer crossed her arms across her chest.

The guard growled at Summer's comment, "Hey you need to teach your brat some respect or she's gonna end up like these two!"

Mera's face went white and she sat Summer down putting herself between the guards and her daughter.

"I'm so sorry she's just hungry is all" she took Summer by the hand and went around the corner with her heading to their quarters.

"But Mommy we didn't get to eat dinner?" Summer murmured as she was almost dragged along by her mother.

Mera stopped as soon as she knew they were far enough from the scene, she knelled down so she was at eye level with her daughter.

"I know you're hungry sweetie but we cant go to the cafeteria today. I promise you can have some snacks at home when we get there. How about that?" Mera said with a smile.

She didn't want to reprimand Summer for what she said to the guards even though she was a little girl she was right. The force the guards used on those women was wrong and she would never punish her daughter for being right. Even at a young age Summer could tell that where they lived wasn't exactly fair.

Summer nodded with a slight smile, the snacks that her mother had hid in their quarters was allot tastier than anything that they would get in the cafeteria. Mera smiled back hugged Summer, then stood and took her hand again.

"Lets go home sweetie and try to forget all about this okay Bunny?".

Summer gave a worried look at her mother "But what about those ladies Mommy? she asked genuinely worried for the women's well being.

Mera looked down at Summer she knew that this was something little girl would not forget so easily. "I tell you what later I'll try to figure out whether the women are okay or not". Mera figured she might take a trip down to the infirmary later to do a little snooping to find out what happened.

Summer gave a big smile that showed she was satisfied with her mother's decision, and so they went along back to their home.