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The Rivalries

New Orleans


a part of The Rivalries, by RPGLoVeR213.


RPGLoVeR213 holds sovereignty over New Orleans, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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New Orleans is a part of The Rivalries.

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Katherine "Sparrow" Blackwell [0] Betrayer's Kiss's Drummer. "Guys... just shut up. I've got stuff to...*snore*"
Hanna Darling [0] "Is this the part where we wear funny hats and yell surprise?!"
Spencer "Spence" Daniels [0] "Yeah, I have an accent."
Sable Blackwell [0] "1, 2, 3, 4....I dont care lets start a band war!"
Donovan "Donnie" Andrews [0] "I do it to sing, and scream my heart out."

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Donovan "Donnie" Andrews, for the first time in his life, was nervous.

Sure, he'd been nervous before, but not as much as this. He'd auditioned for The Betrayer's Kiss the week before, and the guitarist looked ready to sink her freshly-manicured nails into his puppy brown eyes. Though the other band members were, let's just say, different. The drummer didn't seem to care what people thought of her and the bassist was all bouncy like she was hopped up on Monster.

It was 3:38, a minute after school ended. The girls wanted him to meet them in The Garage, the school's basement. His bookbag seemed ten times heaving as he tossed it on his left shoulder, straightening out the red polo with the White Academy crest upon it. He pulled out his black beanie, carefully putting it on his head. He grabbed his favorite guitar, and headed for The Garage.

He pant leg started to vibrate, and he pulled out his Motorola Droid Bionic from his pocket.

Littl Kat: Yo Donnie Fisherman, what's up man?

Donnie smiled at his friend's text, quickly replying as a teacher walked by.

Donnie Fisherman: First band practice, wish me lucky.

The teacher stopped him, asking for an afterschool pass. He showed her the one his music teacher made for each band member, and the teacher looked dissapointed. "Ass..." Donnie muttered once the teacher was out of sight. He took the stairs to The Garage, where Spence was already tuning her double-neck guitar.

"Donnie." She stated, not bothering to look up and acknowledge his appearance. She didn't want him here anyways.

"Spence." He replied, pulling off the strap of his guitar case. He put his sleek acoustic on the stand, pulling out his microphone. It was a silly little microphone, made to look like icecream. "You know no one's going to take you seriously with that, right?" Spence asked, chuckling softly.



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"Miss Blackwell? Miss Blackwell!" A hand slammed down on the desktop. Katherine "Sparrow" Blackwell, jumped, eyes snapping open.

"Hu-what?" she muttered, eye's focusing in on the annoyed face of the librarian.

"School is over. And I'll have you know that there is to be no sleeping in the library," she hissed. Sparrow just looked at her with indifference, nodding all the same.

"Sorry, my bad. I-awhh..." Sparrow yawned, "-just drifted off. Won't happen again." A false promise if there ever was one. The librarian huffed, walking away. Sparrow stretched, cracking her neck. Desks weren't optimal napping spots, but hey- teacher's yelled at her for bringing her own pillow to school. She stood up from her table near the back shelves, and looked out the window. Kids were flooding outside, catching rides. Sparrow caught her reflection in the window and smiled.

Her glasses were knocked askew, and her blue and violet hair was all over the place. Righting her glasses, and making a half-assed attempt at fixing her hair, Sparrow deemed herself acceptable. She slung her navy blue messenger bag over her shoulder and left the library. Sparrow padded down the halls, wearing an old pair of sandals, white cargo pants, and an over sized MCR tee that fell off one of her shoulders. Sparrow looked down at her leather wristwatch. 3:55. Crap, she was late again. Spence wouldn't be too thrilled.

Still, Sparrow ambled along down the halls, taking her sweet time. Finally, she descended the staircase that led to the Garage. She strode into the room, nodding in greeting.

"My apologies, Spence. I fell asleep again in study hall. Not that you'd be surprised." Sparrow choked back another yawn. She slipped off her messenger bag, laying it on the floor. Sparrow reached back and pulled a pair of black drumsticks from the waistband of her pants.

"We ready to get goin' here? I wanna see if Donnie-boy remembers our songs."

((Apologies for any heinous errors. It's pretty late where I am. X/ ))