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Tommy O'neil

You seem tense...Have a drink!

0 · 294 views · located in RMS Titanic 1912

a character in “The RMS Titanic”, as played by tayah12


Full name: Tommy O'neil
Age 20

Appearance: Tommy has dark brown hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. He stands at Five foot nine inches tall and has quite a slender build although he is not built like a bean pole. He has an angular face with thick eyebrows, a flat-ish nose and thin lips. He is usually seen with slight stubble on his face before he decides to shave and is rarely seen without a navy blue flat cap he wears a lot. He most of the time, basic shirts which he has probably owned for the past 3 years and have had buttons sewn on numerous of times. His trousers are either mud brown in colour or black and the bottoms of them are a bit tatty from days of walking through the rain and mud to work. He wears worn black work boots with laces usually tucked in messily. He's also commonly seen wearing braces and tatted jackets. He tries to look after what he wears and would rather buy new clothes but his lack of funds poses problems.

Personality: Tommy is a dreamer. One minute he is on top of the world as happy as anything and the next he can be knocked down and depressed moping about in a sulking fashion. Usually, Tommy has a cheerful demeanor about himself, and he likes to enjoy himself talking to women and drinking with his friends. He tries to get on with most people but if he does not like someone he finds it almost impossible to make eye contact. He doesn't plan for the future, except from forming his dreams. He works in metal, and is fascinated by the reason why he is venturing over to America: so he can pursue a career in making Vehicles. His many bad habits include gambling away the last of his money and playing poker well into the night. Sometimes he's lucky, but more or less he usually fails at his attempts to gamble. His care free nature more often than not lands him in trouble, and he usually finds himself being threatened by other men a lot larger and more powerful than him. When he is drunk, he tends to think he is invincible and will pick a fight with anyone. He is a persistent skirt-chaser, and usually has extremely bad luck with the ladies.

History: Tommy is travelling aboard the Titanic alone. He was part of the construction of the boat and made many rivets and bolts that were used to put the ship together. He comes from Ireland, and has a very thick Irish accent which in some cases, can be hard to understand when he speaks quickly.

He has a humble home in Limerick, Ireland. He was born to Margret and Jason O'neil with 5 other brothers and sisters. His two older brothers Jack and Ken had moved out of the house with their wives while his younger siblings, Margret, Mary and John remain at home. Tommy spent his life helping out in various places, his work ranging from working the plough horses on the local farm to fixing pots and pans for the local village. He learnt his trade from an elderly man named Barry, who knew Tommy was quite talented in the metal business and thinks he will go on to good things in life making himself a good wage. However for now, Tommy has not been able to find a job apart from on the Titanic. After hearing about the prosperity of America, Tommy decided to try his chances at life and wished his family goodbye leaving for the Ship.

Other: Tommy loves his native Gaelic music and spends a lot of time in pubs listening and dancing with a lady (if he can manage to pick one up)

So begins...

Tommy O'neil's Story