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Stella Garnim

I have been led astray...oh my, oh my...

0 · 244 views · located in The Road

a character in “The Road Ahead”, as played by fallout539




Name: Stella Garnim

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Stella, a long time ago, was a beautiful young girl who loved her father very much. You see, she had no mother to love, as she had died in childbirth. Yes, yes, this story is a tragic yet common one. Stella never minded much, but her father was very heartbroken. He never took out his rage on his daughter, instead he channeled all his grief into his job. This job was the head mortician at the local morgue, in the town of Coldslate, in England. He would prepare corpses extra carefully, be gentle and diligent, and all those things. However, his longing to see his wife grew to insanity. The desperate man delved into arts blacker than the night. Forms of necromancy that would get him burned, and his ashes locked away and purified. This led to him letting things into his body that shouldn't be there, and he killed himself shortly after beginning his research. Although, saying he did it would be stretching it.
Stella was 8 at the time. Her heart was broken in so many ways, that she barely held it together. She went through her father's study, looking for some kind of reasoning for his taking his own life. The young girl soon found his dark research, and...was awfully fascinated. Slowly, she gathered body parts, bones, blood...anything, really. The books said that if she were to create a device to harvest souls, she could put her dear sweet daddy back together. Maybe even mommy. Oh, did Stella work diligently. She carved spirit controlling glyphs in her skin, forged vessels for spirits, an d completed her hallmark achievement: Created a soul-reaping gauntlet. By the time she was 13, it was time to so what she set out to do. By now, the poor girl's mind was frayed and broken. People began to wonder, began to mutter...what was little Stella doing behind closed doors? Murders had been taking place, and they feared for the girl.
Oh, they were going to know. Those fools knew not of what the orphan was capable. In a ritual too gruesome and horrifying, she had stitched her father's decaying corpse together and filled it with a mass of spirits, and the body walked. It talked. But it wasn't daddy. Stella did not care, and she put her leash on the creature she now called father. The townspeople eventually found out, and threw her in the prison and burned Daddy. This was to be her fate as well. Stella was happy, though. She'd succeeded, and she now knew of the power necromancy held. The spirits of Coldslate were her vehicle out of prison, but now...she wanders like the beings she commands. It seems as though her purpose was fulfilled. What would an insane little girl do? A question she's asked herself for three years....

Along the way, Stella led the spirits of the damned along, as if she were the Pied Piper leading lost children. Some saw this girl, whom they now deemed The Witch of Coldslate, as a dark angel leading the dead to paradise.

And they just might be right.

Stella isn't stable. She'll say she is, she'll swear up and down, but in the end, she's out for your soul. Literally. It's an addiction, really. Sure, she's sugar and smiles, until her fingers are tearing your essence out. Underneath that coating, Stella's emotions are a gray mess. What really dictates her actions are the many spirits that battle for control of this young vessel. "Stella" died at the age of 8. What walks now is a husk that shares her voice and body, This is why she is mentally unstable. Most spirits are generally sickening sweet, and secretly vicious, so this is Stella most of the time. Sometimes she'll get a nicer one that just wants to chat, or maybe a boring one that is just blah.
However, when faced with a fight, Stella will just go blank. She won't blink. She won't even breathe. The spirits are done messing with these trivial features by now. She will move like an animal with a purpose. Stella will feel the pain of wounds, but she won't care. Fresh souls wait, and Stella is always hungry.
Of course, Stella's field is who said the old Stella couldn't come back? The sweet, kind little girl that once graced Coldslate? Hopefully, that will emerge from her broken brain once again...

Stella stands at about 5' 10". She is thin, as she is malnourished, and as such also has fragile bones. Her skin is white and but up with glyphs and stitches. Stella's eyes are aware yet empty emeralds, and her hair is black silk. It just so happens to be the only part of her appearance that she cares for. In terms of clothing, Stella always wears her black Victorian dress, with a mortician's apron and straps adorning it. Her gauntlet Styx is always adoring her right hand, and it may just be fused there.

Equipment: The main piece of equipment Stella carries is a brass gauntlet, which is fingerless, called Styx. When couple with enough souls, long blue claws sprout from the fingers, and they are then used to rend flesh and souls. The gauntlet is covered in dried blood circles and has glowing circles all over it. She also wears an obsidian ring on her left hand which holds the last shreds of her father's soul, as well as her original soul. This was a pre-cautionary measure. Stella's "tenants" won't allow her to return her soul to her body, though. The last bit of equipment she carries is a tome of necromantic spells and vials of blood ink.

Necromancy: Stella commands spirits with the use of black arts. With about 8 years of experience, she is quite adept. She can't necessarily raise corpses on the fly. Her power and rituals center around molding spirits to her whim and controlling their forms. She can turn them into semi-solid matter, high energy spells, and create spirit puppets. She also knows spells that funnel energy through her body to turn her into a hard hitting glass doll. Meaning, her bite is all she has. Be wary of your soul around this one.


So begins...

Stella Garnim's Story