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Sébastien d'Obéron

When they next wake, all this derision shall seem a dream and fruitless vision...

0 · 263 views · located in Freeze City

a character in “The Road to Paradise”, as played by Treize Khushrenada


Approximate Age: 27

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 154 lbs

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Light blue

Complexion: Pale

His skin is flawless. There are no scars or tattoos, no blemishes or scrapes. He is always dressed immaculately, occasionally inventive in regard to what he considers stylish. Those eyes of his seem empty, masked, except for those occasions when they roar to life with inspiration, rage, or some other intense emotion.


The fourth lord of Oberon is tenacious, capricious, curious, rapacious, and yet quiet. The life of a noble drags men into outward idleness and reserve, but his mind remains buzzing with the machinations of a passionate artist.

His outward appearance leads others to perceive him as remarkably placid. In the privacy of his chambers, however, and with those he trusts (of whom there are too few), Sébastien can launch into fits of passion concerning whatever is on his mind. He combines those traits of the artist and the scientist, at once both creative and methodical, pursuing each of his ends to their realization. He is enthralled by the concept of physical and emotional beauty and deeply laments its lack in a barren world crawling with selfish insects that grope amongst themselves for some way to survive. There is something dark at the convergence of these attitudes and beliefs.

Likes: Art, literature, fine dining, experimentation, cold weather, violence, sophistication.

Dislikes: Individuals whose sole aim is to "get by," ugliness, gracelessness.

So begins...

Sébastien d'Obéron's Story