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HELLO!! My name is Sonic and I like Butterflys!!!!!

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a character in “The Rod of Seven Parts”, as played by Setsugie


Name: Sonic, Shadow, Green, Silver, Zero

Race: Human

Gender: Sonic-Female Shadow-Male Green-Female Silver-Female Zero-Male

Physical Description: (A picture is fine, but tell us what you look like! Are you a tall, statuesque nomad, skin tanned from the desert sun? Or are you a frail old woman, who trembles with every movement?)
Sonic, standing at 5'3 Sonic is a 12 year old girl, weighing about 98 pounds; she has shoulder length spiky blue hair and crystal blue eyes, her(and all the others) skin color is light white -No bust-.

Shadow stands at 5'9 he's a 18 year old boy, his weight is 147 pounds, with black spiky hair and red highlights and red eyes and has noticeable muscles.

Silver stands at 5'9 she's a 19 year old girl, her weight is 118 pounds, she was silky long white hair with grey eyes and wears glasses -small bust-.

Green being the eldest of the group, she stands at 6'0 she's 21 years old, weighing at 134 with noticeable muscles, she has shoulder length green hair, and dark green eyes ~Large bust~.

Zero, his exact age,height, and weight are unknown though usually takes the form of Sonic with black hair and black eyes.

Homeland: Jikon the north area of Amaluar

Class: Storm Rider


Sonic: She is a happy go lucky girl, with a sunny disposition she is utterly carefree, her mentality is that of a 6 year old girl not caring for anything and with a short attention span. Though she can be serious when the situation calls for it though; Sonic loves butterfly's and above all else eating preferably candy.

Shadow: Shadow is more serious, he is a confessed pervert and I quote "What the problem in having a healthy interest in a Woman's body?!" thought he himself said that he has no interest in Sonic,Green or Silvers body's, he has and eye for photography but only photographs cute or hot women, though he is utterly afraid of Green because he gets severely punished and scolded by her.

Silver: Silver is the smartest of the group, usually seen reading books, she is calm in any situation preferring to think before acting coming up with complex strategy's and such.

Green: The mother figure of the group; "she's is your average street punk tomboy girl" as Shadow say's, she has placed the duty of protecting each of them and cares deeply for each one of them as if her own children, willing to kill anyone who dare harm any of them.

Zero: He's a depressed teen being born of the hate, anger and fear of the others he is kept "Locked away" in Sonic's heart only coming out when Sonic is near danger(I brink of death) or is incredibly angry.


Sonic: Being a storm rider she ride "Roads" with their own characteristics such as the Over Road, the Bloody "fang" road and the Sonia road.(See for info on said roads. )
(Fight only using Legs has no upper body strength.)
Shadow: Fights with boxing style has great upper body strength but no leg strength.
Silver: Counter fighter wait for the opponent to attack first to counter attack though she has no strength in upper body or legs.
Green: Brawler has great stamina and resistance to blunt attacks.
Zero: Fights like Sonic but more serious and merciless.

Weapons: none

Equipment: Sonic basic clothing is a white T-shirt with the Sonic the hedgehog logo in blue on the chest area, an orange straight jacket( ), she wears blueish jeans ragged at the bottom leg part, her ATs, white Sunglasses and normal frame-less glasses.

ATs or Air Trecks: ( ) Sonics ATs are custom made by her; Basically they are 4 wheeled ATs they are extremely potent and can withstand any kind of beating, her ATs also cover from her feet till her knees in metal plating.

Magic: "Cannot harness the raw energies that produce magic."


Biography:Sonic was born in Jikon, it is the north area of Amaluar its a large city ruled over by a king/governor; Jikon being the "badlands" of Amaluar its the poorest area and most brutal as well. Sonic was born into a abusive family even though she was a excelled student in her school, she was starved of food and abused by her mother (her father died shortly after her birth.). Sonic was an only child though her mother hated Sonic for no apparent reason, but Sonic loved her mother until one day; Sonic snapped after one of her mothers "beatings" Sonic blanked out waking up to a puddle of blood her mothers... Sonics mother was brutally killed by her that was the first appearance of Zero her first alternate personality.

Days passed Sonic was sent o a psychiatric facility where there she live out most of her life there she developed 2 more personality's Shadow and Silver and Sonic herself gained her sunny disposition. After months passed Sonic broke out of the facility and continued to live her life on the streets where her last personality was born Green, she was the mother Sonic never had. Sonic then Took a liking to ATs which where very popular in the streets of south Amaluar, getting enough money from doing odd-jobs Sonic brought herself a pair tuning it and fixing it with any part she found making her own one of a kind AT or so she says. Know Sonic spends her life traveling with her other personality's....

So begins...

Sonic's Story

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“T’was horrible, it was! Thay lit’rally came from nowhere! I mean, yeh they’re orks, but yuh kinda expect some sort of warnin’, y’know?” Seegert said as he trembled in the meadhall known as the Staggering Dagger. By sheer fortune alone, this human male of about thirty years of age had managed to survive an orc raid upon the caravan he was traveling with. Seegert had explained in gruesome, grotesque detail the raid itself to the patrons in the hall who quite surprisingly were interested in this tale. Orcs having killed everything that wasn’t one of their own, stripping bodies of every worldly possession they had on them at the time… including clothes. Seegert was offered a flagon of mead by the barmaid as he continued his story.

“Wot ‘appened then?” She asked, brushing her curly strawberry blonde locks from her eyes. Seegert immediately perked up and took a lengthy drink from the flagon.

“I got out by the skin of me teeth, I did! I wasn’t gonna tumble with a few dozen orks all by meself, so I did the next best thing… I played dead!” Some of the crowd gasped and continued to cling to Seegert’s every word as he drank his dead comrades weight in alcohol. "When they was all lookin' through the waggins, I told meself 'Self, you'd better think fast 'fore one of those orks puts a knife in your throat!' and think fast I did. I used a bit of a grumbly voice to throw their attention elsewheres, sayin' that there was a big ol' ruby in one of them carts. They all went runnin' and when they was distracted, I snuck off into the woods for safety!"

Seegert sighed and looked around the tavern, his bragging having got the better of him. Some folks were now looking at him as a coward, others found his tale to be a little lackluster at the end. Despite it all, they gave him either a nod or a raise of their tankards for having been as brave as he could been in the situation. Most of the others surely wouldn't have fared as well as the wiry braggart. Even the barmaid seemed to have lost interest in his tale at that point, leaving the man to wallow in his recent cowardice.

The man slumped his head down onto the table, visions of the previous nights onslaught replaying in his mind like a bad film reel. Over and over, sound and all. Never once had he seen so much crimson. He was about to stand up and retire to his quarters when a young boy, one of the stablehands, rushed to his side.

"What about the treasure, sir? All the treasure in those carts?"

Seegert patted the boy on the head, looking out towards the tavern as he slipped the boy the last of his copper coins. "Prob'ly with them orks in the mountains. I ain't goin' after it, but sure as the day is long, a good batch of men could get it all back. I promise you that, boy." He smiled and rubbed his scruffy face, waving to all the patrons before heading upstairs, leaving his words to linger in the air for a few scant moments.

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Green who was currently in control of Sonic's body, was sitting the table in the bar alone drinking her 9th pint of ale hearing the stories and conversations of others, hearing a very interesting one about Seegert's Caravan being attacked by Orc's this peaked Green's interest. The others though didn't care that much until Shadow one of the male personality's of Sonic heard that there was a large loot, though the other still didn't care much about it.

Green's thought it through 'What do you think children?' she thought, 'Personally, I think its a waste of time.' Silver said within their mind, 'It be good to kill time.' Shadow suggested, ' Then its up to you Sonic.' Green thought, 'Then let's goooo~~' Sonic concluded. Green smirked standing up, leaving a gold coin to the bartender to pay for her drinks, she headed outside; where Sonic took over, the 21 year old green haired woman shrunk into a blue haired 12 year old girl.

Strapping on her straight jacket, her hands being bound behind her as if she was supposed to be in a mad house, Sonic slightly skipped towards the direction of the man who was followed by four other robed 'men' each carrying a shield and a sword. "Do you mind me accompanying you Mister?" the blue haired girl said catching up to the 5 men. Already in her mind there was a discussion about talking to strangers which Green did not approve in Sonic's case, but she nagged the feeling off.

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Drakon’s ‘men’ acted first, spinning around their plate mail clanking as they drew swords. Drakon too spun around to find himself staring at a child. He had to blink a few times to be sure he wasn’t imaging it. Standing there was a small child who appeared around ten, she stood quite short with blue hair.

“Come on you four, I poured more than enough magic in you to know a real threat. Blades away, tis but a child,” Drakon hissed. He had no problem killing a full grown man or woman, but children were off limits.

The four slid their blades back into their sheaths before straightening up and standing like statues.

“I apologize for my companions… dedication. They prefer to hurt people first and… well actually they don’t ever ask questions,” Drakon said with a chuckle.

“Now then, where are your parents young one… Why are dressed in that, child?” Drakon asked curiously, he had taken notice that the small blue haired child was dressed in a strait jacket, “and aren’t you a little young to be adventuring, or wearing a strait jacket for that matter?”

This had Drakon stumped. Here was a child with blue hair dressed in a strait jacket. The colored hair was an oddity as far as he knew. He hadn’t heard about children needing to be locked up in mad houses which were numbered few and far in-between. That and as far as he knew this area had no place to keep such… oddities. Some places let the mad run free; others put them to death, a sort of mercy killing.

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Slightly stepping back as then men started to draw their blades, "Scary~" Sonic mumbles, then the man stared asking questions it was fine Sonic didn't mind but she slightly frowned at the first question about her parents. "I don't have parents...." Sonic said looking down at her feet, bu the cheered up "I wear this because it make me feel comfortable, and the others like it too." Sonic said with her normal smile.

"I've grown accustomed to be adventuring, and the straight jacket I like it it makes me feel 'at peace'." Sonic said, and it was true the straight jacke made her more confident for which ever the reason even her other personality agree it helps keep "Him" at bay. She looked at the four armed men then at the other one "Just so you know I'm no mad or anything like that...." Sonic said puffing out her cheeks.

'Though said you where.' Shadow said within her mind moments after he felt the bare fist of Green to his head 'Don't say that.' Green said in their mind.

Sonic slightly chuckled, "So? Do you mind my accompanying you? By the way my name's Sonic." Sonic said.

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Drakon shook his head. Usually not one for conversations it was hard not to talk excessively when the one you talked with had so much to say and ask.
“Well child, I am parentless too,” Drakon said with a crooked grin. He had no real feelings about his parent’s deaths. If anything theirs deaths had allowed him to become the master of the dark arts he was.

“I don’t think I will ever get children,” Drakon mumbled shaking his head. How a child would find a strait jacket comfortable. Although it could be possible that the child found solace in her strait jacket in the same way Drakon found his peace in his robes.

“Child, no one said you were mad. Only the insane and crazed are put in those… homes,” Drakon said shaking his head.
He knelt down in front of the child, “I must apologize young one. Despite what others may think, I do value some life. I cannot in good conscience,” he chuckled, as he considered what a large chunk of world viewed the ‘monstrosities’ behind him, fools and their failure to understand pure magical genius, “allow you to come with me. These are not the things of children’s stories. These are large beasts; they are masses of green flesh and bulking muscle. They hunger for blood and don’t care whom they kill, if they are bored they are known to turn on each other. They would feel nothing if they lifted you up and spun your head till it came off,” he said with a grin. He had never really been good with social norms, where a normal person might just explain that Orcs were ‘bad’; Drakon felt the need to make sure people were well informed. What point was there in knowledge if you only told someone half the story?

Drakon followed this by standing back up and stretching. Despite his young body, it always helped his old mind to stretch.

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"Mister don't you think your underestimating an experienced hunter?" Sonic said with a giggle, Sonic has been alone for most of her life so she knows how to protect herself given that know she has help from her other counterparts. "I mean, I'm not as weak as I seem." Sonic then added.

"Sonic aren't you getting ahead of yourself?" Shadow said within their mind, "Nope!" Sonic thought, and only a small laugh erupted from Green, "Sonic you know, it just about time for you to take a nap you haven't slept in a day." Green added in a mental note.

Sonic smiled, "Well I'm sorry Mister my times almost up, I have about 5 minutes." Sonic said then she saw it, a butterfly flew by her eyes she stared at it before she tried and grabbed it with her mouth, after a few chomps the butterfly ran away upwards, "Darn..." Sonic mumbles returning to the robed man.

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Drakon chuckled at the small blue hair child. Of course he had heard of child assassins, but those were children that had been trained since they could walk. Than and they didn't start 'working' until they were around fourteen, fifteen. So he couldn't see this... odd child as a killer, at least, not one with experience.

He was very well aware that the child didn't have to be as weak as she seemed. Unless she was magically gifted, and she didn't appear to be.

"I didn't say you were weak child, just that someone like you would not fare well against the evil denizens of the mountains."

This child was one of the weirdest things he had come by in years. Almost as weird as the Ork that tried tricking him to leave a road by holding a large chunk of rock with a crude person painted on it. The Ork had called in it gruff voice that there was 'humies trapped unda a waggin,' and they 'needed a humie with shiny t'ings on 'is arms and the shiny bits in his flappy t'ing,' Drakon of course just chuckled before he magically flayed the beast alive. The cries of death attracted the rest of the beasts, as they charged out Drakon began heaving balls of dark energy killing several. The beasts were still coming until he magically lifted the largest one in air and ripped it in half. Blood and gore showering down on the others. Realizing their big bad boss was now in two large chunks, they fled, that didn't stop Drakon from finishing off the stragglers with more dark magic.

"What do you mean five minutes," Drakon asked, "five minutes until..." he was going to continue until the odd child began trying to eat a butterfly mid flight.

"You are quite an odd one child," Drakon said, and this was coming from a man who preferred the quiet of the dead and undead to living breathing company. Unless of course it was a mage, he could talk for hours with a fellow magic user. If the situation called for he could also talk for a while with a normal person, such as now, well maybe normal isn't the right word.

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Drakon's 'men' reacted before he did. Of course he had sensed a magical energy approaching before he saw anyone. His minions had drawn blades and formed a wall, ready to advance and kill on a whim. Of course the offer of two beings to assist him in his current objectives was too good to pass up. Ordering them back into formation he silenced the odd blue haired child and took a step forward.

He was sure that if his 'men' still had loins they would be alight. Although he was only looking for a partner of magical talent, he found himself oddly intoxicated with the woman before him. He felt some form of magic at play, although he could not be sure, he was only well versed in death, fire and earth magic. If there was some sort of spell to increase ones attractiveness he was sure it was at play now, for this woman seemed to radiate light and beauty. He forced such unnecessary thoughts to the back of his mind.

His eyes quickly were drawn to a trinket that was around her neck. He could feel magical energies radiate from it. How she got ahold he couldn't be sure, it felt like rare artifact indeed, although it did not look to be of value. Had she sold her body to acquire it from an unknowing peasant? Magical artifacts were always worth huge sums of money. Although with her looks she could be a noble. But if he remembered correctly, and he did, she was in the lanky tavern he had come from. Questions and possible answers swirled in his head, his entire thought process taking place in less than two seconds.

"My name is Drakon," he said with a slight bow, "these are my companions, their names do not matter," they had once had names, but that was also back when their lung still held air and not dust.

"I would be honored if you and your friend accompanied me and my escort. I was just about to ask the two in conversation behind me," he motioned towards the Drow and the woman, whom were around thirty or so paces away.

"I am ready to leave as soon as you are," Drakon stated, "although I do have one thing I need to take care of."

Of course it was that we was at a crossroads with the small child. He might enjoy his line of work, he had no problem with killing and maiming whether it helps his research or not. He held a single part of his old humanity for children, for it was the man who spared his life that allowed him to be the master of magic he is now. He would gladly spend a few moments of his time or a few coins if it opened a chance for future generation of magic users.

Although he was aware the child seemed to hold no magical abilities, chances were she had a wizard somewhere in her family tree, if she settled down with a magic user, chances were she would birth a child with magical ability. Of course that was mainly wishful thinking, but even one versed in the dark arts could use a bit of that every now and then; even if that was usually while trying to bring a grotesque mockery of humanity to life, but that's a story for a different time.