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Isidore Blackwood

"Just because I'm dark and evil, doesn't mean I'm, y'know, dark and evil."

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a character in “The Rogue and the Sorceress”, as played by WendyDarling


Name: Isidore Blackwood

Age: 24

Race: Mage

Occupation: Unaligned Sorceress

Appearance: Red hair, gold eyes, 5'2", curvy. Likes wearing black, especially black leather and tall high-heeled boots. Magic can make anything comfortable enough for the kind of walking she has to do on her jobs, although she prefers to ride.

Personality: Isidore is always up for a good round of drinking, flirting, and general carousing. Her temper is as hot as her hair when riled, but she cools off quickly unless a touchy subject has been raised. She's also quick to curse or hex those who tick her off, but since she's been trying to reform she's been attempting to keep a shorter leash on that sort of thing. On jobs, she tries to be dispassionate and professional, keeping her own desire for a good time under wraps and her temper as controlled as possible, but that all depends on what she has to deal with during the job.

Powers: The Blackwood family are legendary sorcerers, usually of the evil variety. Isidore's particular branch of the family are Battle Mages, which means that Isidore is great in a fight but not so good at some of the other branches of magic, like healing. She knows a good amount of spells by heart, and can make a lot of basic potions (including healing ones) but her ability to do magic is limited by her own personal reserves. The amount of magic she can pull in one particular encounter is impressive but not limitless, and after she uses many powerful spells she needs time to rest and restore her energy.

So begins...

Isidore Blackwood's Story


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Tarin had ended up joining in one of the card games that the others had been playing, and didn't get to bed until early in the morning. Not that he cared, if this man really wanted him to do a job, he'd get the job no matter what condition he was in. He still got up at a decent time, and was certainly not late yet. He donned his usual outfit, a traditional Elemental garb, complete with a cloak that had three blue crystals hanging off it. Crystals that just so happen to strengthen an Elemental's magic. Lightning magic to be specific, the element that Tarin controlled.

Tarin made his way down from his room in the mercenary guild to the stables where they kept all their mounts. Not all of these mounts were horses, there were plenty of other things in there as well. Giant cats or birds, objects enchanted to fly, even a dragon or two. Tarin just had a horse though, nothing special. He took his horse, a white colt by the name of Zephyr, from his stall and quickly put his saddle on. He would ride bareback, but he needed the saddle bags for supplies. Especially on dangerous quests.

The Elemental rode through the city to the address given to him. At the house, well mansion, he was greeted by the same man who had meant with him the night before. He didn't say anything about the fact that the Elemental had been slightly late. Tarin gave his horse to the stablehand who arrived to take it, and then followed the man inside the mansion. The moment he stepped inside he was hit with a wave of dizziness that could only be explained by Celebeam. "My apologies Elemental, when the mansion was built Celebeam was used as decoration in the walls. We've covered it the best that we could, but you're still going to feel the effects of it."

Tarin sighed, not because he was angry about it, but because he wasn't in the mood to deal with it. "Its quite all right, you made the effort to hide it and that's all that matters to me."

Tarin followed the man through the house until they arrived at a their destination, a library. Inside were a man, whom Tarin assumed was the client, and a woman with shocking red hair. "The Elemental has arrived." The man who had led Tarin here said.

Though it seemed like bad manners to a human, to Elementals it was the proper way to introduce them. Tarin didn't know who had come up with it, but he liked it. And he was happy to know that the man had done his research on his kind. Tarin moved forward so that he was standing next to the woman with red hair, and gave her a polite nod. "Ah, you have arrived. I would offer you a brandy as well, but I assume that you are like the rest of your kind."

Tarin smiled, the man really did do his research. Elementals had notoriously bad alcohol tolerances. "And I assume you have a job for me. Well you must know that I expect a quarter of my payment up front, and another quarter must be sent to the guild. As a holding fee for both of us."

The man laughed. "That is agreeable. Now you both must want to know the details of the job."


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Lord Ackryn set down his snifter on the mantel and put his palms together, fingertips against his lips. "What I'm about to tell you is not well-known. It's been kept a secret because, to be frank, we're worried that it's going to cause panic. Lord Mamelud, the Duchess of Coryx, Lady Selcci and I have met about it several times, and we've agreed that it's better and safer if we hire professionals and get this done right."

The three he named were famous at court, connected to the King. The Duchess of Coryx was the Royal Wizard, Lord Mamelud a well-known strategist that was employed by the King during wars, and Lady Selcci was more or less intimately connected to every power player in the kingdom. If Lord Ackryn was meeting with them about the job he was offering, it was not only serious but had the potential to garner some better clients after this job was done. It was certainly something to add to consideration, but Lord Ackryn was continuing on.

"A dark power was sealed after the last of the Great Wars, centuries ago. It was used to lay waste to the kingdoms in the west, turning them into the deserts they are now. No one knew exactly how the wizards of that time managed to defeat this power and seal it away, but it was done, and for a time the world forgot. But in the last few decades we've been noticing... certain changes. After research and consulting some very advanced wizards, we found that it was being caused by this same dark power, which was sealed into an orb and hidden away."

"We found it, after much expense and time, hidden away in the Caves of Abul Deer. I need to hire the both of you to find this orb and bring it back to us. This power needs to be resealed or many more could die. I'm paying you one hundred bags of gold each, 75 up front. This needs to be done quickly, and further complicating the matter is that, well, I'll be very blunt. The orb is guarded, according to the research we've done, by a hydra. Your reputations were such that we wanted to offer this to the both of you, first. We know that you don't typically work with partners, but this job is complicated, and we wanted to make sure that it would be successful."

Isidore's eyes widened. Hydras were a bit beyond her experience, but they weren't exactly impossible to kill. Just... insanely difficult. "What's the deadline?"

"You would both have until the next full moon." It was a full moon tonight, giving them only a month to get all the way to the caves and back. "I know it's not much time, but it has to be done then." He crossed his arms and looked at the both of them. "So, will you accept this mission?"

Isidore considered it. Dangerous, with a quickly approaching deadline? The money was good, but more importantly, it was a heroic mission, one that was a complete turnaround from the jobs she used to do. What better way to reform than to save the world? "I accept, so long as we are given an additional bag of gold for expenses along the journey."