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Montana Reichs

'I look scary, but I promise I'm cute!'

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a character in “The Room Mate”, as played by Maerorem-Caligo


✖ Montana ✖

Montana Olivia Reichs
21 Years Old
17th of May
Brisbane, Australia
"I'm actually cuddly, I swear!"

✖ Personality ✖

Image Montana has the outside of a goth rocker, with dark hair and straight bangs, with black clothes and sharp, cold staring eyes. But truth be told she's a lamb in wolf's clothing. She's very childish, and very, very giggly. She loves to laugh and she likes to have fun. She's not confident enough to live by herself, and so moved in with others. She's a graduate of University, with a Bachelors of Secondary Education and a degree in fine arts, majoring in dramatic arts and music.
She is smart, but not exactly genius. She's got a bad habit of spacing out a lot. She's scared of being alone and as such, if she ever is, she needs to turn on a television or something of the like to make sure she doesn't feel alone. She's always jumping at the noises you hear at night, and while she's ashamed to admit it, she's afraid of the dark.
If you make a friend with Montana, who also goes under the nicknames of Tana and Montie, then you've got a friend for life. That is unless you call her names. That's one thing she cannot stand for. Name calling, teasing, bullying. She's very sensitive to that kind of thing.

✖ Flaws, Strengths, Likes, Dislikes ✖

"It's just, sometimes I get scared..."

✖ Flaws ✖
☞ Scaredy-Cat :: Montana has a terrible habit of getting scared at the slightest thing. She hates being alone because then her imagination goes nuts.
☞ Procrastinator :: She's always putting things off, whether deliberately or because she got distracted (which isn't uncommon).
☞ Overly Dramatic :: She was known by many as 'The Drama Queen' because she makes a lot of noise about nothing. It always ends up comical, though.
☞ Sleepy :: She often stays up late at night, which means she's always sleeping during the day. She's a heavy sleeper, too.

✖ Strengths ✖
☞ Giving :: Tana doesn't like to keep things to herself, and so is often buying things for other people or offering food, drink, etc.
☞ Happy :: As well as being dramatic, she's always laughing. She's bright and bubbly, and has a contagious giggle.
☞ Passive :: Montana avoids arguments at all costs, and is often the mediator, calming everyone down and finding a democratic solution.
☞ Cooperative :: Because she is so naiive, she is very pliable. She'll do as she's told with little to no questions or fuss.

✖ Likes ✖
❧ Acting ❧ Stage Technology ❧ Small animals ❧ Goth clothing ❧ Pastel goth ❧ Music ❧ Playing the drums or keyboard ❧ Drawing ❧ Children's films (Disney/Pixar) ❧ Fluffy pillows ❧ Friends ❧ School ❧ Being around people ❧ Playing games ❧ Watermelon ❧ Popcorn

✖ Disikes ✖
❧ Arguments ❧ Being alone ❧ Noises in the dark ❧ Dreadlocks ❧ Stereotypes ❧ Rude, loud people ❧ Neon colours ❧ Horror films ❧ Horror games ❧ Just horror in general ❧ Blood ❧ Crying ❧ Her lack of sleep ❧ Crime ❧ Manipulative people

So begins...

Montana Reichs's Story

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Nicholas was enjoying his time off, it was, after all, a Saturday. That meant no school, and no school meant no having to go into work at an ungodly hour in the morning. It meant he could sleep in, and lazily enjoy his day. It amused his that he had the same attitude about going to school as his students did, and he felt like a student himself when every Monday rolled around. And here he was now, behind the counter in the back of the ship and leaning forward onto it, his elbows resting on the glass display below. In his hands rest a copy of 'The Naked Lunch' by William S. Burroughs, a novel he was teaching about in the English Literature class he was currently subbing for.

He had just reached the portion of the book where it leapt through time and space to an area called the 'Interzone' before a female bustled in with various forms of luggage. He lowered the book to watch her as she approached the front counter and placed something down, beginning to say something as she looked up and noticed who was behind it; Allen. He let out a chuckle as a terrified expression crept up her face and she stumbled backwards from him before sidestepping that counter entirely to head in his Steven's direction.

On the way towards them, she had knocked over a stand of tees, which provoked another chuckle from him and he lay the book out flat on top of the counter and braced his palms against the glass to steady himself as he leaned forward to watch her pick it all back up. The girl was cute, but something was off about her. Something foreign, maybe? She muttered her sorry, but it was too much of a mumble for him to understand. It reminded him of his more socially inept students, and he found it quite endearing.

It wasn't until she had finally made it to the back counter and started fumbling through her pockets for something before he finally caught on to what seemed so off about her. He was correct in his assumption that she was foreign; Australian, from what he could place. She held a slip of paper out to him, and he snatched it with a smirk, letting his gaze linger on her face before casting his glance downwards to what was written on the paper. He had barely enough time to register the address written on it before she tried seizing it back from him.

When she tried to snatch it, he held it up in front of him and stared at her as she struggled to pull it out of his two finger grip. A smirk once again stretched across his face as one of her bags got caught on something, but it quickly faded when she slipped and smacked her knee against the front pane of glass of the display between them.

The sickening crunch of cracking glass pulled him into a more serious state of mind and he dropped his gaze once more to observe the cracks spider-webbing outwards from the point of impact. He raised an eyebrow and returned his glance back up to this foreign woman, extending a hand to silently gesture at what she had just done. It was an exasperated gesture, and exaggerated to make her feel guilty about it.

He sighed before rounding the corner of the display and grabbing her loosely by her wrist. If she didn't offer up any resistance, she would be pulled behind him to a series of stiff plastic chairs that were seated in front of a large window. He held up the piece of paper in front of her and used his free hand to point at it. "You're looking for this address? You're sure?" He asked, scanning her face for any indication. "Because this address is right above us. You're here already. See?" He jerked a thumb over his shoulder, pointing it in the general direction of the staircase in the back. "Those stairs lead directly too it. You must be the new girl." He acknowledged, looking over her bags as if to confirm his statement.

"Right, then. Don't worry about the broken glass there. It can easily be taken out of your rent." It was said in a joking tone, and he hope the smile he cracked directly after would only allude more to that fact.

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Steven finished up looking at the remainder of the shop, grumbling to himself he followed suit after the newbie, who knew what she'd do once she got up there. For all he knew, she would just dump her stuff onto the sofa, causing the cushions to go out of place and then result in him having to sort everything out because of her carelessness. Striding across the room, though executing his exit quite femininely, he reached the stairs and then placed one dainty hand on the hand rail. "If I'm not back in a hour," he called to Nicholas, "I've had a temper tantrum and won't be seen for the remainder of the day. If that is the case, good night, and feel free to pop any left over food in my room.... ON the counter this time though, not my floor,"
Bracing himself he began to climb the stairs, jumping the 13th one as he went. I don't know why I stay here... I mean look at this place... he looked around at the peeling, greyish stairwell that lead to the somewhat better looking apartment, though the thought didn't really settle his stomach. The moment I have enough money I'm moving out..simple as.

He reached the top of the stairs and turned the door handle, leading his way into the apartment. His fears were confirmed once his eyes settled on the dumped luggage and he sighed, rolling his eyes and waving his arms around again. "oh girl, seriously?" he strode across the room, not even looking at the newbie "first rule, no dumping," He picked up the luggage and held it at arms length (his expression that of he was holding a piece of rotten garbage) back to her, the first time his eyes had properly looked at her. "Is that understood?"

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#, as written by Naught

Allen B. Frazier
"Focus on the Bright Side to notice there isn't one.."

Allen B. Frazier only slept when it was necessary, on the weekends he usually slept for a few good hours, it wasn't the matter of energy. He just didn't think he needed it. Waking up or staying up early was -what he thought- a important part of his day. He didn't know what would happen, all he knew was that someone was going to be added to the small bunch living here.

"What do I want to wear?" Saying that in a deep and soft tone, that even a mere mouse scattering around would not hear.

He stared into the wardrobe he himself grew all of the years he's lived in this world and chose the first thing hanging on the hanger. If one were to know him, they'd know what he wore wouldn't really be of a surprise. What makes him feel comfortable and what he feels the need to wear without caring if it's acceptable or not, is likely what he's going to be wearing.

Not bothering to look in the mirror he turned towards his rooms door and went out of the room. Walking down the hallway his feet touched it lightly because, he doesn't really drag his feet. Walking out of the apartment part of the building and down the stairs,"Good morning shop, how do you feel?" Yeah, telling a building how it felt wasn't in the ordinary but, even in deeper thought a building could grow old like a human being and die like one as well. So, he'd found it weird to ask, it was again ordinary.

Licking his lips as he lacked the feeling of nicotine in the morning, he'd have to go to the store sooner or later. Just not right now. Walking up to the double door entrance into the shop, he unlocked it so, that both of the doors either went from the outside to the inside or from the inside to the outside. Not even checking if they were right out not he walked to the front counter and grabbed a book from under the counter and started to read from it.

Looking up ever so often at the few customers looking and shopping around. "Welcome to Fangs." He'd say that every time he would hear the door open. Saying it softly but, it was enough for everyone that came into the shop to hear. Newcomers jumped, regulars smiled and greeted him back. After it became 1:30 he put up his book and said his welcome to the girl that just walked into the store. But, that was all of the attention he gave her before staring at the front door.

"Okay," He scanned the item and took the money given her the change,"Would you like a-" He was interrupted by her giving him a terrified look and back away. "Um, ma'am." As he held up the choker and the change she sidestepped him to talk to the other two; Nicholas and Steven. It didn't really offend him because, these type of things happened often. Well, it was nice to know people knew of his presence.

Hearing something crash he looked over his shoulder, he chuckled to himself as Steven went berserk and started to pick up the glass before turning to a costumer who was ready to check out. Hearing a sorry from the clumsy girl walking up the stairs, he nodded and said farewell to the costumer that just checked out. That must have been the new girl, since he just noticed her suitcases and such. He turned towards the front and laid his head on his folded hands waiting for the day to end.